Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 19, 1972 · Page 25
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 25

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1972
Page 25
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26 GKKELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wed., April 19, 1972 Television Review ;«;NEW YORK (AP) - Elliel Me r in a n dashed, slightly breathless, inlo the lobby of her apartment building, fresh from a rehearsal for the Tony Awards show. Stie was obviously pleased .with everything--in- attiding the seven numbers she $11 perform. £")t's really a groat honor," sjje said, punching the elevator bullon. "They are going to do a sifrl of history of my show business career." By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television Radio Wrltar Miss Merman, who has lighted the Broadway musical stage for 40 years, will share honors with another veteran, composer Kichiird Hodgers, in a musical salute Sunday night. The program--including the awards- giving, of course--will be broadcast by ABC starting at 9 p.m. EST. It past Tony awards shows arc guides, it will be a s t a r-sludded, entertainment- packed two hours far and away the most interesting awards In The Courts TV Programs j. KBTV, Channel »; KLZ, Oi«nn«l 7; KOA, Channel 4; fc KRMA, Channel * i Wednesday, April 1» 4:00--2: Green Acres 7: Corner Pyle 4:30--2: Gilligan's Island 6: Mistcroger's ·: 7: Maybcrry R.F.D. 5:00-2: Mcilale's Navy ·S 4: News ·: 5: Sesame Street ; 7: News £ 3: News 5:30--2: Hogan's Heroes · · 4: Eyewitness New* - 9: News 6:00--2: Dream of Jeannit 4: High Chaparral 6: Electric Company 7: CBS News 9: Star Trek 6:30-2: Andy Griffith G: Landscaping 7: Arnie 7:00--2: Trulh or Consequences 4: Adam 12 6: Profile 7: Medical Center 9: Sixth Sense 7:30-2: Dragnet .:. 6: TBA :j 7: Movie :i5:00-- 2: Perry Mason :·; 6: Public A f f a i r 1 9: Smith Family 8:30--6: This Week 9: Comedy Machine 9:00-2: News, Wlhr, Spls. 4: Night Gallery B: Vibrations 9: The Persuaders 10:00-2: Movie 4: News, Wlhr., Spts. 6: '.Soul' 1: News, Wlr. Spls J: News, Wtr. Spls 10:30--4: Tonight Show . 7: Movie 11:00--6: I n f o r m 9: Dick Cavctt J2 ; 00 2 ; News ' 4 : News 12;30-D: David Frost I Thunday, April 29 11:00--2: Famous Jury Triali : , 4: Sale of Century '-. 1: News ; 9: All My Children l'/:30-- 2: Iloneymooners 4: Three on a Match fi: Math : 7: As The World Ttirns ' 9: Let's Make a Deal 12:00-2: Blinky Fun Club 4: Ryewilness News ! 7: Love is Splendor Thing ; 9: Today at Noon 12:30-2: Phil Donahue 4: The Doctors 7: Guiding Light 9: Dating Game 12:45-6: News Places 1:00-4: Another World 6: Music [ 7: Secret Storm v 9: General Hospital s 1:30-2: What's My Line ·, 4: Peyton Place 0: Social Studies i 7: Edge of Night c 9: One Life to Live 2:00-2: To Tell the Trulh 4: Somerset . 6: Electric Company . 7: Dialing for Dollars J 9: Ixve American Style \ 2:30-2: Beat the Clock ( 4: Days of Our Lives ( 6: Children s 9: Newlywcd Game 3:00-2: Big Valley ^ 4: Concentration e 9: That Girl 3:30--4: Money Movie c 9: David Frost 4:00--2: Green Acres 7: Gomer Pylc j 4:30-2: Gilligan's Island j 6: Misteroger's ( 7: Mayberry R.F.D. | 5:00-2: Mcilale's Navy ,, 4: NBC News 6: Sesame Street f 7: News . 9: News ( 5:30--2: Hogan's Heroes' . 4: News 6:00--2: I Dream of Jeannie 9: News 4: High Chaparral · 6: Electric Company 7: CBS News 9: Star Trek 6:30--2: Andy Griffith 6: Gene's Junction 7: Aquacade in Acnpulco 7:00--2: Truth or Consequences 4: Flip Wilson 6: TliA 9: Alias Smith and Jones 7:30--2: Dragnet 6: Joan Sutherland 7: ,Me and Chimp r 8:00-2: Perry Mason 7: Movie | 4: Ironside 6: 30 Minnies 9: Mark Twain | 8:30--6: Playhouse Biography 9:00--2: News, Wthr., Spls. s 4: Dean Marlin 9: Owen Marshall 10:00-2: Movie 4: News, Wlhr., Spts. C: World Press 7: News, Wlhr, Spfs 9: News, Wlhr, Spls 10:30-4: Tonight Show C: David LHllejohn 7: Movie 11:00--6: I n f o r m 9: Dick Cavctt 12:00-2: News 4: News 12:30-7: Movie 9: David ['Yost Radio Programs KYOU Hid KUNC-FM »1.5; KFKA 1310; KGRE J2.3; K U A D 1170; show occupying network time. From overnight stardom in tire 1930s "Girl Crazy" to "Hello, Dolly!" Miss Merman has never been in a flop--"Well, 'Stars in Your Eyes' lasted only six months," she explains in a voice that suggests she thinks it was a minor disaster, "Hello, Dolly," actually was written for the great Merman, but she was on the road belting out songs in another 'show at the lime, and not about to be tied into another Broadway un. "Later, though, I went inlo it and afler nine months, closed 'he show," she said. "It was jood--Jerry Herman, who vrotc It, had a couple of songs 10 wanted just for me, so we ml them back in the show. But think that 'Gypsy' was my fa- orile, all-time show--it had a strong story and a great hook ind was a great challenge." Great shows arid great stars y Merman standards don't come along often these days. "I was so lucky," she said. 'I had the great ones, the com- xiscrs like Gershwin, Porter md Berlin, in my corner. I just lan'l t h i n k the scores and the ooks arc there today. I can go '.o a musical and leave the hcalrc without h u m m i n g a single tune." "As for young performers- well, there's Barbra Streisand DISTRICT COURT Dennis Boyd Warner, 19, 4C14 [Yellowstone Dr., was placed on supervisory probation for one year on a theft charge by Judge Donald A. Carpenter in District and that's about it." Audiences, she thinks -hanged but superficially. "When we did a revival have of Call me Madam" in 19G5 and atcr of 'Annie Get Your Gun,' ! found I had a whole new au- ilicnce of young people. Tiicy !oved the shows as much as another generation had." The Tony awards are to stage folk what Oscars arc to movie .ictors and Emmys to the television performers but perhaps liltle more prestigious. 3-State Police Marksmanship Contest Set G I t E R N R I V E R , Wyo. (AP) -- Shooters from Wyoming, UUih, Colorado and Idaho arc expeclcd to compete in the fourth a n n u a l Soulhwcst Wyoming Police 'Combat Pislol Matches May 10-20 at the Western Wyoming College Pistol range. The meet is open to law enforcement officers only. Trniil are nt Itieir hesl in wa- :cr [hat is high in mineral con- ent, hut they can thrive in swamp-water ponds, soft-water akes, and rushing creeks of high r a i n f a l l areas. ?ourt Monday. The court took the action afler Warner waived his rights lo a speedy (rial and consented lo be put on probation with ihe understanding lhal, if ho does not violate the conditions of the probation, (he charge against liim will be substantially reduced or dismissed at the end of the year. Warner and his co-defendant in the case, Joe Gonzales, 31, 1413 35th Avc., pleaded innocent at their arraignment April 3 lo Ihe charge in which they were accused of stealing a 1965 auto 3 e 1 o n g i n g lo Clifford F. Khoades on March 19. Lonny L. Walkey, 30, 1532 9th SI., was sentenced lo one year n county jail on a bad check misdemeanor charge. However, Judge Carpenter suspended the sentence on good behavior by the defendant. The court Imposed the scn- ence afler Jonalhon Hays, pubic defender, reported thai Walkey had made full restitution on checks he had written. Walkey, in the charge, was accused of giving a check in an amount less than $50 drawn on the Grocley Nalional Bank, n which he had insufficient money for paymenl, last Aug. 7 lo procure merchandise and cash and with Ihe inlent of defrauding Woolco, 2626 llth Avc. He pleaded guilty lo the charge Feb. 28. iN'orma Ahreml, 50, 1015 I8lh SI., was sentenced to a lerm of six months in counly jail on a charge of defrauding an innkeeper. Judge Carpenter ordered (he sentence suspended, however, on payment of $174 in restitution and courts costs by the defendant. The Grcclcy woman pleaded guilly March 27 (o (he charge. In it, she was accused ol fraudulently obtaining lodging in an amount less than $50 at the Sundown Motel, 2131 8th Ave., last Oct. 6 with the intent lo defraud Ihe owner of the motel, Fred Chandler. Monly D. Muggins, 23, 2280 1st Ave., was placed on probation for five years on a charge of possession of m a r i j u a n a Judge Carpenter set as conditions of the probation that the defendant pay court cosls anc prohalion fees. Huggins pleaded guilty Feb. 28 in the charge in which he was accused marijuana in Aug. 27, 1971. He had'originally been charged w i t h selling marijuana in an indiclmcnt whid Ihe Grand Jury returned las Dec. G. DISTRICT COURT Given Probation Henry Rivera, '10, of Dacono vas put on probation for one ear on n theft of food stamps ·harge. Judge' Donald A. Carpenter el as conditions of the proba- ion that the defendant make cslilulion to the welfare lepartment and pay court cosls and probation fees. Rivera pleaded guilty March 0 to the charge in which he vas accused of taking food lamps having an aggregate 'alue of less than $100 bctong- ng to the Weld County Welfare Department on 'July 30, Aug. and 10, and Nov. 2 of last ·car. Sentence Suspended Henry David Sehuppc, 20, 2036 si Ave., was sentenced to one ·ear in Hie county jail on a iad check charge. However, iidge Carpenter suspended the .entence on good behavior by iie defendant and payment of lourl cosls. Prior to sentencing Schuppe, he court had been advised by ohn Roehl, deputy public lefender, that the defendant "iad made restitution. Schuppe pleaded guilty March lo the charge- in which he vas accused of giving, in the criod between Sept. 25 and Vov. 24, 1971, a series of checks otaling less than $50 wijh the nlcnt to defraud the recipients { Ihe checks. On 5-Year Probation . Douglas Henry Ziegler, 18, 11454 9lh St., was placed on irabalion for five years on an arson in second degree charge iled against him in connection vilh a fire at the 7-11 Store at lib Street ami llth Avenue here Ian. 1 of this year. Judge Carpenter ordered thai, is conditions of the probation, he defendant pay $1,800 in restitution, court costs and )robalion fees. Young Ziegler pleaded guilty March 20 to selling fire lo and causing the store to he burned ireman at the lime reported he fire caused about 5500 iamage at the store. Charges of burglary with ex- losives and theft which had of having had his possession ACROSS 1. Soft mineral 5.1' i n " D o n Carlos" 10. Ticymul 11. Trimmed 12. Door- man'a shout II."--Got luin" 11. Si ze 8, Wednesday, April 19 4:00-KKKA: KUAD: ·UO-KKKA: 4-.45-KKKA: 5:00-KFKA: KYOU: 5:30-KUAD: 5:15-KFKA: 6:00-KUNC: KFKA: 6:15-KYOU: :' KUNC: 7:30-KUNC: 8:00-- KFKA: : KYOU: : KGRK: KUNC: «:00-KUNC: 16:00-KUNC: 10:15-KFKA: 1J:00-KYOU: KGRK: 1J:30-KFKA: : KFKA: : KUNC: i KYOU: News, Music Voice of Valley Editorial, Music Wanl Ads News, Wtr, Spl News 75 Sign Off This is Greelcy Expanded News Circle JR Ranch South of Border Periscope, J Drum News, Music Jim Cox News Music Music News, Prog. M UNC Profile Jazz Varsily Carousel Sign Off Sign Off News, Wlr, Spls Sign Off News, Music Market Music Thursday, April 20 HiOO-Kt'-AD: KFKA: KYOU: KGRK: KUNC: 11:15-KFKA: KYOU: I1:.10-KYOU: 11:45-KYOU: KYOf ; 12:00-KUNC: KUAD: K F K A : KYOU: 12:I5-KFKA: Bob McBride News, Music News Stereo Music Contemp. Music Music Spls Weather News Macy Allnult News Kxpanded News News Monforl Upt. Music Weather, Kpls. KUNC: iS:30-KKKA: KYOI): KUAD: KYOU: KFKA: KYOU: 12:45- 1:00-- KI'KA: KUAD: 2:30-KFKA- 3:00-."FKA: KYOI:: 3:30-KKKA: 4:00-KKKA: KUAD: 4:30-KFK.\: 4:4a-KFK«\: 5:00-KFKA: KYOI.!: 5:30-KUAI: 5:45-KFKA- C:00-KUNC: KFKA: 6:15-KYOU: :;UNC: 8:DS-KFKA: KYOU: KCiiiB: 8:30-KGKK: 9:00- KUNC: 9:45-KUNC: 10:00-KUNC: 10:I5-KFKA: I1:00-KYOU: KGRE: !2:00-KUNC: I1:30-KFKA: KFKA: 12:CO-KUNC: Conlrmp. Music Farm, Ranch Market, Music Hob McBride I'aul Harvey Salelimc, Mkts. Chuck Wolfe What's l l a p ' n i n j News, Music Don Dell Profile, Music News, Music Jim Cox Spls., Music News, Music Voice of Valley Kdiloriil Music Wont Ads Nt-ws, Wlr., Spls. News 75 Sign Off This is Grcclcy Kxpamled News Circle JR Ranch S m i t h of Uorder Periscope, Ja/.z News, Music Jim Cox News Music News, Prog. Mus UN^ 1 Profile Jim Varsity Carousel Sign off Sign off Sign off News, Wtr, Spts. Sign off Sign Off DENVER RADIO KfjZ: 560--Music, news KIIOW: 630-Music, news KBTIl: 710-Ncws 2f hours KOA: 830--Music, news on 'A hr. IS, Kxctaraa- lion I f i . A l l i a n d 18. Actor JnnninKs 22, Wild tihoepof Asi;i . 21. Fnr Kast M n p l c 2!T. Colffine Cndjiel 2G. Spanish article 'ZS.Hc.nli/o, .is profit 29. Admit fr.tnkly 31. Military assault 33. Russian river 31. Fatly suh-sUnco 35. Historic "Eric" 37. "Nyct" 40, Capllal of anciont l.acnnia 43. Exuclo 44. Sloppy Joo's ]]aco 45. household item not on Iho house 40. Hart or Stephen 47. Mother of Arcs DOWN 1. Wee ones 2. Grandparental S, Uallle silo of Apr. 19, 1775 4.lihtllc- grniiml of 1851 8 5. Aulhor Ambler 6. IJMUc of -- Hill, June 17, 1775 7,Cnn.prov. 8. Aulhor Wallace 9. Chcmicnl suffix 11. April 19 in Mass. and Maine 17."--My Sons" 10. They fought at 3 Down 20. Frozen desserls 21. Latvian 22. U.S.S.K. Jake 23. lie delirious 27. Oltl Chiucso kincdom 30. Mercy Otis--, propn- gandistof the American llcvo- lulion 3Z.Tin easy rider on April 18, 1775 36. liaison d' -S 8. Undersized 39. Cartoonist Snglow 40. Dry, n-; wine 41.Golfc/s Coal 42. Strain -gnat D A I L Y (.'im'TOQUOTH- Here's how (o work it: A X V II I, I! A A X H is F, O N (i F K I, I, 0 W One Icttci- simply stands /or another. In this sample A is used for (he three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single Idlers, apcslrophes, (lie IciiRth and formation of the wonts are all hints. Kach day the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTES B P U A U ' K H L B P X R T KL F L S S L A B J f Q W U M K M K G M W W Q M R V . A M V W ; M Q X T L R U X K M W E M N K X R T M R T U A , E X W K T j U . G X Y R U A Yesterday's Cryptorniolc: CUTUOSITY IS AS MUCH T1IE PAHENT OF ATTENTION, AS ATTENTION IS OF MEMORY. (0 1072 Klnff I'entuics SyndfcMo, Ine.) )een filed against Ziegler were dismissed afler he pleaded juilty to Ihe arson charge. Sentence Suspended Lupc Cascares, 18, 621 28lh f., was sentenced to six nionlhs in county jail on an assault charge. However, Judge "arpenlcr ordered the sentence ;uspended on payment of court :osls hy the defendant. , Tlie defendant plea'ded guilty March 27 lo having made an assault on Uudy Trujillo Jan. 8 with the. inlent to commit bodily injury. Fined *25 Each Kriscilla Ann Noble, 18, 2U7 Mh Ave., was fined $25 oh a bad check misdemeanor charge and ordered to make restitution in the amount of $338 by Judge Carpenter. · Miss Noble's co-defendant, Johnnie Michael Brooks, 19, 20E Snyder Hall, was fined $25. The two pleaded quilty March 27 to the charge in which they were accused of giving last Nov. 30 a check Cor less than $50 drawn on the Northwest Des Moines National Bank, Des Moincs, Iowa, in which (hey had nsufficient funds for payment. Placed on Probation Michael Kelley, 18, 2280 1st Ave., was placed on supervisory irobalion for one year on a charge of possession of marijuana. The probationary continuance was granted after Kelley asked for deferred proseculion of his case and waived his rights to a speedy trial. Young Gelley was accused in the charge of having marijuana in his possession last Dec, 20. He enlered a plea of innoccnl to (he charge at his arraign March. Soybean Exports ^CHICAGO -- U.S. exports of soybeans for (lie current marketing year are forecast at about 400 million bushels, down from (he 1971 record of 433 million. Apollo 16 TV Coverage NEW YORK (AP) Tht three major television net- w o r k s announced plan* Tuesday for extended llr« coverage of the astronauts' landing and walks . on the moon. ABC said its coverage will start Thursday at 1:30 p.m. for the lunar landing, return to the air at 5:30 p.m. for the first moonwalk and again at 9:35 to report the ending of the walk. , On Friday ABC plans live coverage at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m.", 7:25 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. Other programming is for 4:30 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 8:25 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Saturday; 2:36 p.m. Sunday; 1 p.m. Wednesday and 1 p.m. Friday. All times on ABC and other networks are approximate. CBS plans live coverage 5:30 p.m., T:25 p.m.,' 8:15 p.m., 10:30 p.m., 10:5« Thursday at 1:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 11:40 p.m. and on Friday at 4 p.m., 6:55 p.m., . 7:56 p.m., 9:02 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. The network also has live telecasts scheduled for 10:45 a.m., 3:30 p.m., 6:56 p.m., 7:56 p.m., 9:02 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Saturday. Other live casts will be at 2:30 p.m. and 4:34 p.m. Sunday, 12:30 p.m. April 26 and 1 p.m. April 28. NBC will have live coverage 'at 1 p.m., 5 p.m., 7 p.m., 9:45 p.m. and 11:25' p.m. Thursday,'and Friday at 6:30 p.m. On Saturday, NBC will have live coverage at 3:30 p.m. 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Believe/torAW ·Sr . TOWER ON THE IS LANS, of OJsnd, Germanu, · IS THE 6PAVE ., MARKER OP £»· C{ j?g$* WlLHOM. LOBS i EM WHO HAD DESCRIBED' THE GENERAL NICOLAS BRAVO frre4.iB5ft WHILE FIGHTING FOR MEXICO'S INDEPENDENCE IN 1813, CftPTURED 300 SPANISH SOLDIERS WHO HAD JUST EXECU1ED HIS FfflHER, BUT WST05D OF EXEOOriNS THEM HE SET ALL 300 FREE? ~~£W mG OtlTJHW THEY HAD OHLY BeEH OBEYING OKDfes FROM THf/R MUTAKY * COMAMHDEKS C"~ r -- · - · · · , ' . _ * 4.jf RIBBON SEALS ARE ALWAYS MARKED WITH 3 WHITE RIBBONS HENRY By John Llney ARCHIE By Bob Montana WE'RE HAVING COMPANY FOR DINNER/ MOWl WANTS US TO WEAR T I E ' HERE, I'LL VtAVEYOU LEND YOU ONE) GOT A OF MINE / ./TIE. CLASP SO ITVWN'l E.T IN THESOOP? NO/ JUST ^\ 'S OKAY, BE CAREFUL ,')\ ARCH/ IT'S MY BEST TIE/ REX MORGAN, M. D. By Dal Curtis I HAVE AH AFPOIHTMfHT v/nu THE uHivtKsiry PRESI- DEWT THISAFTEKNOON-'-BUT I THINK I'LL STOP BV AND £££ r THERE llWT BE AHYJ LET'S MVTKAT MEED fOK YOU TO -. THERE WON'T BE TAKE. THAT SABKAT1CAL, ) ANY PRESSURE I MOV'T BE H1TH PRESIDENT CAREY MORE THAI! A '(MIT HEREIN WE MR fOR MF- TO TAKE IT-- NcWTHAT IVE'VE DfSCOl'ERCD THE , ANONYMOUS CMLfR.' JOHNNY HAZARD Hcre00 PIWJY CXJ RELIABLE, _. , !-O5e^sV^teEP MWNUOULP THEHALF\W/,«ARK) OVER MBJOS, OORCAE- M LI'L ,\\IXai'!j I . HEKE'A TOUR PROPTHISAT \ FRESH AS Li'l ABNER TITI - B - Lr ' A GOOD ONE?) I DIDNJ'TTELL S ITTOVOO,VET.'.'' ) BOT'I LOVE .-· .YOU.'.' NOBOPV ur-/oo CAN STA/-JD LISTEMINKTO VULGAR I \.lA.'. r -- · ' 3ASP/.'-TH'PILOT AN' CO-PILOT PARACHUTED OUT.'/p-AH WDNTTWINK . TO RING E FO'THEM//

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