Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 28, 1977 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1977
Page 23
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1? V n ' u TM i5hed 00 Commercial *) £ Apartments JO Rpnt^ fnonm.Dain.ciillSMiaasklbrFtxn' Wwtendjand after J:»p.nv, 353 7S71 TWO Bedroom -- M7J. »u $t«t Farm Road. Available June Is). No pets. After 34 Rental OH to Share 6 FOR 5 - ClMSllled finer Mi pt«ed on Saturday morning win receive 1 free day {commercial ads excluded) wtitn ordered to run 5 consecutive days wlm no cancellations. No ads taken after 11:00 a.m. 3520)11. FEMALE To share furntsned 1 bwroom apartment-- with one other female ISO p«r month, utilities Included. No pen Near UNC. 354 4759. WANTED -- t roommates, for houw In Evans. «i. Call 351 4513, after 5 PERSON to mart q u |« 1 bedroom apartment wlm middle aofdoenileman. FEMALE Graduate or upper- undergraduate to ware 2 bedroom apartment. SlOS/momn. ft\t Willow* 'TM"TMTM K ° Sat., May 28, 1977 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 23 45 Miscellaneous WINDSHIELDS - Plait still, window - «C Garage *7 Household ?D sale! HI Goods 0 PLUS Squwt Ytrrfl Cirpttlng -- New WOVEN Wowrt -- Ofapwltt, ttvetort, 8!s*tow bfwn ihlfl Orls!R4t co»t. JU 35% eH. f=r« Mllmetei. 1 to t *«k jq. yard Wilt ucrll'ct fx W». HI JW3. dflfvenr. OJint'l Driwrlei. 153 Mii. * ' / m ' / J iSfl/IW BliH.newor vwd.Ktrt'jGfMliyGlaw GARAGE Sail -- Everythlna you canvu WATER8EDS -- Mio to ordir. .'.' / Center. 1103 «h St. 353-2113. from ctetfiei lo lurnltuffc and ip- Unbelltvabtt prices. Call anytlmi. · i p · pllvtcH. »J4 HI Avwut. Ho. HI. Rural Space Wc-xfwofki JW 6m Loc.ited directly on West lOlh St. v.ith your O.VP. ittenlilka lion. OHice of various »i/« iind combinations On ind off street parking with scr vice street in (rout of office cuilding. Call: Polly Bright or Anita Warmbrod. 35V6611 or 354.3311 at Adventures Awaiting Travel Service. flfi Farm Tract *" Rentals "ARMER wanis to lease good farm ground with adequate water. Located In Greeley area. Have own equipment. References. Write to Box Q-10. c/o Greeley Tribune. T" to Buy Reasonable. 354-4141. frwen. Rewaro depends on cond. 912 -- ~ Ith Ave. Koenlg's Appl., 3J3M34, HOME In Private rcslrtrnf Summer 351-8574 after 5:H. FURNISHED Apartment -- J97 SO, no utilities. Call Greg. 354 1208. WOMAN to share house this summer J75monlh, Including utilities. 353-5405. OC Rooms J 3 (or Rent Saturday morning wilt receive 1 fre* day (commercial ads excluded! when ordered to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads taken after 352-7200. 45 Miscellaneous Q rTMr MT u' *K W ^TM*K«* wnlMm NEWSPR| NT roll endt. 2Sc and up. Greeley. U.S. Motel, ma Tin St. Greeley Tribune. S Hf* E0 ThP R ? 0[mformen ~ NEED a "M fence Installed? Call Koehn 7i69insireer. Co (or (fw est i mflles 357.491;. QUIET Single working gentleman - 160 month, WO deposit. No pets. 815 12th Street. 352-4411. CLEAN -- Quiet, private shower, and close to downtown. 352-7950. FOR 5-- Classified liner ads placed on Saturday morning will receive 1 free day (commercial adi excluded) when ordered to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No adi taken after 11:00 a.m. 351-0211. 15th Avenue. 351 6475. spacftl |f| Sunw , Memorla , Gardens ^ MEN - Prlvale bedroom. Snare Kltcnen, Pflvment plfln ' Ca " msm or ^^ sitting room and baih. Fall, winter and spring. 1 double, 1 single. Single 1115 s quarter. 3i3-S5Mor 352 9493. OC Mobile Home GUARANTEED used vacuums, salet and service, all makes. 351-0466. 708 lOlh. WILL Buy good used furniture, work no appliances, and other Item*. 1 will pay cash and move It. Phone 356-4533. 00 Rentals P1 ,,,,*,,_,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 FOR 5 -- Classified liner ads placed on " ll - Excellent condition and excellent Saturday morning will receive 1 free P rlce - SM' 24 *'ordered lo run 5 consecutive days with SWIMMING Pool sales - Solar heating. no cancel 1 aliens. No ads taken after Service and supplies. George Bargell 11:00 a.m. 351-0211. and Company, Inc. 353-8888. TWO and three bedroom mobile homes for rent. Furnished and unfurnNied. Come by 200 37th Street or call 352 I50u. MOBILE Home forrent- 3531732. north of Winters?! told. Utilities Included. 354 2928. for rent. Phone 353-7064. BEAUTIFUL. 3 and 3 bedroom, furnished. To see call 3SMSH. TWO and 3 bedroom mobile homes for rent. Phone 356-9352 or see at 2280 1st Avenue,: Space 11?. TWO Bedroom furnished mobile home In quiet park. Cooler, carport, storage TO RENT -- With option to boy. Clean 1 bedroom mobile home. Completely furnished. Washer/dryer, air conditioner, private lot. 353-9440. TWO and 3 bedroom mobile homes for rent. 1034 1st Ave., 354 0711. THREE Bedroom home with tip-out In plus deposit. Unfurnished or furnished. 353-4347. KEN'S Lawn mower repair and sharpening. 3114 12th St. Rd., 3J1-0730. SUPER Snooper -- Ultimate In radar detection. Rod's T.v. IKl Bth Avenue. TWO Choice lots In Garden of Devotion, 3M-643B. TWO Wooden side boxes tor pickup - Lots of storage space. 115. 353-7331. CASH paid for all scrap Iron and metals -Open Monday · Saturday, 8 to 5:30. 1st Farmer's Iron and Metal. 353-61S1. EATON Country Club membership for nit-- Golf, ttnnli, activities for family. Moving must sell. 352-5323. MACRAME Supplies -- Budget prices. Budget Macrame, 1115 Bin St., 351-4749. BENCH seat tor Plymouth van -- 353-601S. . . TURN your unwanted clothes Into money -- Bring your clean clothes (on hangen) to: The Clothes Line, 1013 17th St. Daily from 3 to 6 p.m. HO Train set for sale 352-0907. TWO Bedroom -- No pets. S148. 353-05!!, 4 WOMEN'S PHD robe and hat -- Person 5 p.m. References. feet, 1 Inch height. Call 352 4317 between Close to college, no pets. 352-0700, or 3567333. TWO Bedroom -- furnished. Near college. 356 1421 or 351-1101. 07 Mobile Home J/ Space SPACES for adults, 1 car off-street . parking, plus mature shade trees. Mobile Manor, 1107 30th St. Rd., Greeley. 352-3452. WELL Located -- Reasonably priced spaces available. Mobile West, 2601 9th SI. 352-49BQ Pldttnvllle, Deluxe spaces available. Call end comeseeour new park. 5 blocks LOOK Around -- Then come see Greeley'! finest park. Full facilities, social activities, walk to Greeley Mall, UNC. Best deal In town. Holiday Village, 3102 17th Ave., 353-7741. Reasonable rates. Call after 2, 353 4150. FREE Rent -- Large landscaped spaces, playgrounds, school buses, adult section. Country Estates Mobile Home Park, 3500 35th Ave., Greeley. 353-2490. TEAR Down, move and set up free, rent $45 month. 351 1500 or come by 100 37th HALF karat diamond ring for sale -- 356- 7B96. . MARBLE Slab -- B foot by 30 Inch by 1 PORTABLE Electric heater -- tin gallon water heater, 4 tires and rims, HTM 4. 351-B576 after 5:30. 4xB UTILITY Trailer -- oood quality, 1150. 353-9950. REPOSSESSED 1976 stereo In Mediterranean style cabinet, sold for over 1300, full balance, 1116.30. Terms available. This beautiful stereo has AM- FM rai'o, 8 track tape system, professional size turntable, full range speaker system. Call 351-5544, ext. 16, anytime to see. MICROWAVE oven -- 1200. Air conditioner, 25,000 BTU, $300. Btack/Wtlltt T.V., MO. Akal realltor reel, GX 345, J3SO. 352-1302. department keys, [us! over-hauled and cleaned. 1150. Call 354-9764, S a.m.-lQ 9 INCH Montoomtry Ward color TV -- COlf clubs, ISO. 353 7756. DRESSER, chest, large oak dining table. chalrs,-hammock, gas dryer, wheel for one wheel trailer, misc. 414 1 Wi Street. CAMPER -- dealer. 351 4992. FOR SALS -- 7KrtS 2 year filtf i2)YS. ft^I C Arabian and half Qiumr horu. call 353-9904, keep trying. We art moving. PORT-A BUILT Shed on skids -- 1x19 foot storage. Call 353 not, kwp trying. W* t ners, 7 ovens, rotitserle, and extras. truck. Call 354-5470. i WELDING SHOP Under new management -- Complete tint of custom made wrought iron products don* fo your specification. Brogan and Brogan, Inc.. 103 East ISth Street, Greeley. 351- FOR SALE -- Playpen, car seat, size u '· ROUP Gi-':« sis -- Wt ST.: Setunj** way » and R M. Qoillty wwl qutntlty ,1 bargtln prlcfll. Evtnr"iln9 from furniture to plant!. 1413 mh Street Road Jult louth Cottonwool Park. ARAGE Sale -- Refrigerator, portable humidifier, Interior ivitem), bedroom lulte, recliner. baby Html mlfctllaneout. At 3OT and »! ]li Street In Willow Wood, Saturday. 8-3. COMPLETE tine - UiM furniture, appliances misc.. clothing. Buy, Mil ant) trs. Lprry'j U»3 Fvrnaurt. SW Ifeh St. 3S474W. SWAP SHOP -- Buy, Mil, tradt used furnltiH* and miscellaneous. 31 Hi ijtn Avenue In «!liv. Phone 3i«iS, Bixtoit Macrame, 111! Ith St., Jil-flfl. conditioner, 30,000 DTU. Llkt niw. 3J2- .V.. radios, dlihei. electric (ani. mat- M07 - trell and frame, appllencel. vacuum cleaner, mlicellaneouj. Satoroay, » DUNCAN PHIFE dining table -6 chain, a.m. to 3 p.m. u» 5th Street. "»· Tw » « in "i ww '"«. «». Mat- tr»tt. 1M lfl-?7ti L£A MARKET -- 3311 lOlh Street, from V to i. Saturday and Sunday. 3iHm jARAG E SALE -- 3415 Mnd Avenue. 9 to 7. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. FOR SALE -- Whirlpool gas dryer, 1100. Kotpolni refrigerator, 1200. stovt with continuous cleaning oven, 9 months old, H50. 1ST05O, ask for Rhonda. .wedding dress, and formal. Both worn once. 353-W41. YARD SALE -- 1H3 Stti Street, Space 6 HOTPOINT Refrlgerator/Freeier -- 117 Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from* to coble feet, avocado, (150. 11)7 27th 5. AVinm. 353-4173 att«r 5. AC Garage 90 Sales GARAGE Sail -- Friday from 9 to 5 and Saturday from 9 to 5. Clothing and \ miscellaneous. 3505 Magnolia Street, In GARAGE Sale -- Pillow furniture, plants, b cycle, miscellaneous. 3510 Pueblo, Evans. Saturday, Sunday. GARAGE SALE GARAGE SALE ,awn mower, 4 Chevy pickup vheels, children's clothing, otsofmisc. 8-3 -- Saturday, 28th 161931st Avenue CLOSINC KSTATK Miscellaneouffurniiu're, por- Unusual Quality Articles, table baby bassinet, 3 speed Lin . ens - dlshes - bnc-n-hrac. and 10 speed bicycles, crib antl( l ucs - matiress, sheet rock. Games 1827 2(itli Avenue Court and m scellaneous toys. Sat.. Sun.. Won. 3405 West Ath St. Rd. GARAGE SALE Saturday, May 28th 2502 10th Ave. ; CB an enna, 10x16 indoor/outdoor carpet, 12x12 umbrella tent (needs repair), Ford Pinto tires, s alom wafer ski, lots of m sc. Tons More Miscellaneous! Friday and Saturday Twin beds that bunk or trundle; portable TV; dishwasher; game table; storage units; 1964 Plymouth;' 1967 Rambler; ce cream chairs; mahogany drop leaf table. About 6 blocks east, P/2 south .of Evans stoplight at 3820 Pueblo. YARD SALE Friday and Saturday !) a.m. -5:30 p.m. 37 South 5th St., La Salic 3aby and children's clothing, ays, small appliances, lawn weeper, recliner, homemade loodles, baked goods, riding awn mower. GARAGE SALE . 504 7th Street Saturday and Sunday 356-3812 3aby walker, car seat, all jaby clothes 25c, chairs, dish- vasher, AM shorl wave anc ock radios, electric motors, alternator and much more. NEW twin bed -- Sealy mattress, asking . Mi. Call 0544715. FOR SALE -- 1 full bed and tirasser with box springs, 3 twin beds with box springs end mattress. Call 353-3154. lixJS GOLD Carpel -- Matching drapes. Excellent. 351-417. RECONDITIONED Refrigerators ·- Freezers, washers, dryers and ranges. Guar. and delivered. 1507 fin St. FOR Sale-- Frlgldalre window mount air conditioner. 1150. 354-1843 after S. FOR SALE -- Bedroom set, walnut color, complete bed, triple dresser and chest of WATERBED -- Queen. All you need. Deluxe frame. 357-1449 after 6. ELECTROLUX Shampooer for sale -Cheap. 35i-39ll. QUEEN Size bed for sale -356.0404. TWIN Sl« mattress -- Like new, J25. «4 9th Street. MO Gardening HO Needs blades, hedge clippers, hoes, spades, garden tools. Alklres 1211 9th Street. 49 Antiques 4 FOR 5 -- Classified liner ads placed on Saturday morning will receive 1 free day [commercial ads excluded) when ordered to run S coniecutlvi dayi w Ih no cancellations. No ads taken after 11:00 a.m. 351-0111. 9X11 ORIENTAL Rug -- Stained glass windows, oak table end ifand. 351-4015. *** **·:» $*'X":»:»:- .*«*.;..·. n 7 Household | lim j ot The Old Shed. 1*» 7th Avenue. « .·. "/ Goods .5. IflUViriU unit V WASHERS, dryers, refrigerators, freer £ V ers, ranges. All guaranteed. Kotng's rn Office * HVERYTHINGMUSTGO £ Uied Appliances. 911 ith Avenu.. QU Supplies t 8 Y 5 A T U R D A Y · SEWING machine repairs on al modes, ADDING Machlnei - Calculators, * ,. . , _ , . _ _ , A '«' SErvlce wlttl ""Of* 0 '* rit "- typewriters. New, used. All mattes. · Items include: brand new .:, Bernlna Siwlno Center, 823 llth Ave. sales and service. Ed Feldhaus, 1331 * washer and dryer, new · 153-55*9. mi, Avenue, aszoow. ·new Admiral two door re- £ £ r gerafor, furniture, * · amps, rugs, CB . radio X X equipment, etc. etc. ' *·* £ Please call anytime for * * prices or for directions. 1C . *£Sale will be held from · Friday-Saturday. ):* | 785-6348 t r-S^ WANTED L©J OLD or NEW ^^SALEABLE ITEMS The Optimist Club of Greeley will be conducting a "Tent Sa e" Sal., June 11. The proceeds will be used to help the young people of the Greetey area. We'll be glad to pick up your clothing, dishes, anything of Va ue. Remember us at Spring Cleaning time! To have anything picked up, call: Keith Koiir 352-0253 Pete Thompson 352-1212 Gordon Smith 352-5726 Maurice Ladenburger . . . 353-9332 17 Household *t/ Goods Jj^ R frtw?to« L ta.1Salkr^me d sSe'lSm? EIGHT FwUwy leedjr^- J ^ JJJJ ^f ^^ . 353 ' 3732 - tanki. 10 foot and 8 foot heavy duty Bvco fiSP ^13 ^^R fi YOU Save money now-- 135 per monlh for first 4 months. Then, ISO per month. Lots of room. Nice neighbors. Secluded. Storage shed. Near tth Avenue and 16th Strut. Scott Realty, CO. 3SM11J. $35.00 PKK MONTH For 3 Months Limited off IT ·VILLA WEST 271HITSI. ni.:ttl-8H!l9 00 Commercial 00 Rentals NEW professional and commercial office space. Bittersweet Square, 16th Street at PRIME office space available. Eaiy twenty Building. 122011th Ave. 352 1707. 1010 Wh St. -- 1,400 sq. ft. near downtown and post office. Off street parking, all services Included. Can divide. 356-3030. DOWNTOWN Offices --- 600 sq. ft., can divide, off street parking, ail utilities furnished, very attractive and reasonable. Farm Fare Cafeteria Building. Call 454-3450. square feet. Minimum lease 3,000 sq. ft. 353-6345. COMMERCIAL Building for lease - 750 iq. ft. office area, 1,400 sq. ft. service area. Fenced yard. Overhead doorj. By- Pass exposure. Only 1500 per month. Call Larry Sean at 354-7700. ENJOY Comfortable office space -Nicely finished, and available at only $3.00 per «). ft. Ample fr« parking. 1,400 K). ft. Call Larry Sear* at 354 7700. RETAIL Space -- next to Albertsons on West 10th. 3000 square feet. Excellent location. Call Ray Martin. 354 7810. OFFICE For Rent - B«or 4M square feet in Greeley Plan building. Call Ray Martin, 354'7I20. Pavlakls and Company. metal gates, 1 heavy duty chain link gates ( S foot wide, 6 foot tall] and 1 Inch self-propelled Lawn Boy lawn mower. Call 353-9904, keep trying, wi are moving. iO A ffegfe AO W W BAG Homeguard Pouring Insulation Save energy! One bag covers 20 sq. ft. 4" deep. Non- selllmg. fire resistant, quick and easy to install. IN STOCK \$T 352-9187 710 10th Street Eg S ^ff B SALES COli Saturday morning will recc ue 1 frw day (commercial ads excluded) when ordered to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads taken after 11:00 a.m. 352-0211. Needs repair. JIM. Call 353-60M. DESKS, filing cablneta and calculators for sale. Phone 353-5601. Fur£r d e"?M Sh'/w/ra'-Si?' Nude C1 Sewing Machines JI ft VBnmms WILL Buy good used furniture, working " appliances, and other Items. 1 will pay PERRY'S Vacuum Center. Rebuilt Kfr- cash and move It. Phone 354-«3i. bys,15019ih.Sl.353-008J. GOOD USED MERCHANDISE Air conditioner, SOCA 11,500 BTU YOU Air conditioner, r« C n 6,000 BTU lOU SeH-propelled rotary 5-1 oc lawn mower 1 JJ 2 swivel rockers .. 4jeach **.., '198 fSifr 352-9187 \y 910 10th St. r\ ^ i IMISSiON i · WE AT BALDWIN i COMPANY ARE CELEBRATING OUR 4th · · YEAR IN GREELEY (ORIGINALLY COLORADO AUCTION CO. · · AND STILL THE SAME OWNERSHIP). AS A SPECIAL OFFERING I · WE'RE SELLING FURNITURE, APPLIANCES, ANTIQUES FOR I H 10% COMMISSION!!! B 9 *10% for furniture, working major ap- flj H pliances, antique furniture and large H m consignment pieces. 20% on all miscel- H ·j laneous, knick-knacks, small items. B H Truly a bargain, since B m maintained the No. 1 H area since 1973 with top OPEN MONDAY-FRIDf ANDALLDAYSATUR TO RECEIVE Mi BAldvviN AUCTIONEERS- 5564i 105 II AvtMiE J S (Originally Colora Htirlrff^nWStHBBi ildwin Company has! suction market in the dollar results. IV 8A.M. to 8 P.M. DAY FROM 9A.M. RCHANDISE CoiMpANy - twokeus 54 GitEtlry,CO«0651 do Auction Co.) §HBHHBi PARTS for vacuums, hos*s, belts, brushes, etc. Perry's Vacuum Center, 353-0084, iSOl 9th St. PARTS and service for all makes of sewing machines. Bernlna, 832' Illh AVE., 353 5549. FILTER QUEEN, factory authorized sales and service. Perry's Vdcuum Center, 1501 9!ri Street. FOR SALE -- Used Klrby vacuum cleaner with all attachments and Shampooer, $150. Call 334-72*1. UNIVERSAL Sewing machine -353-7715. C9 TV -- Stereo Ji. Radios 6 FOR 5 -- Classified liner ads placed on Salurday morning will receive 1 free day [commercial ads excluded) when ordered to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads tflkwi after ll:00a.m. 3520111. CB RADIO and Antenna sales and Installation. Hasp or mobile. 354-5M5, after 3:30 and weekends. BIG Savings -- on all TV's, stereos, 1:pe decks, end radios in our snowroom. Everything Is reduced 10% during our anniversary sale. All sets have Television Marts' exclusive 90 day warranty. Service Division featuring 20% off the price of pans on all repairs, sales, service, rentals. Television Mart, Inc., 41425th Street. 351-7MO. and DTR 1000 speakers. Call 357-2113, before 4. After 6. 357-5949. Pioneer speakers, S90. 353-2578 after 7 p.m. FOR SALE - Kenwood Amplifier. UOOG Pioneer turntable, PL-12 D L-12 SBS speakers. 354-0070. KENWOOD KS-505P am-fm, turntable, speakers. In excellent condition. 352- 174R. CO Musical */0 Instruments Used pianos, all kinds. 2 year guarantee. Custom moving, refinlshtng and 10th St. 351-0*44. CASH for used pianos -- Suitable for rebuilding, reflnlshingor parts. 351-0444. 6 FOR 5 -- Classified liner ads placed on Saturday morning will receive 1 free day (commercial ads excluded) when ordered to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads taken after ll:00a.m. 352-0211. service. Carrot Conn, 356 *B95. FOR SALE -- Black double bass drum set . Has 11 drums and 7 cymbals. Must se 1 for 11,000. 3S147. 3M Hammond organ -- Excellent condition. 3534015. PIANO end bench -- Practically new. Call after 4, 454 2543. LUX VISA Accordion - Used, J115 or best offer.CallJean,351-(M07. Rent A Piano Try before you buy. Rent a new Story 8. Clark piano for pennies a day. NATURAL MUSIC CENTER Greeley Mall 353-8976 CO Musical */*/ Instruments FOR SALE - Tromas seranade electric orcan. 1 manual. l'/t wive bta. W4- M45. CC Building j j Materials SAW snarpenlng, al! kinds. One day SHOP worn lumber, lOc per board foot. King Lumber Company. 715 7th Strttt. 357-2131. FOR SALE -- Barn w»a paneling. Prone 4*43041 Windsor. squares or part, ISO each plus delivery. 352 4313, USED Portable storage buildings and off Ices available. Free delivery. We wl 1 lease, sell or finance. Morgan Portable Building Company, Ft. Collins. Cal collect, *a 7S17. RAILROAD TIES Wholesale Grade A. Grade It Pioneer Sand Co,, Inc. Colorado Springs 1-5M-8IUU CO Fruits JO Vegetables PINTO Beans -587-2700. Cft Pets DU Supplies WELO County -- Pet Assistance Foun- neuter, distemper and rabies for all pets. Phone 353 0312. TROPICAL rlsh, gold fisn, aquariums, filters, air pumps, aerators. Frank's Seed Hatchery, 70910th St. PROFESSIONAL dog grooming. Reasonable prices. Satisfaction assured. Pet Emporium. 353-5/77, FISH, Birds, small animals, and complete line of pet supplies. Pet Land. 7001 9th St., 353 4844. 4 FOR 5 -- Classified liner ads placed on day (commercial ads excluded) when ordered to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads taken after ll:00a.m. 352 0111. THE Poodle Shoppe -- Pro. grooming wl h ovlng care. Thelma Hager, 454-2581. AT STUD - OFA certified. BOB winner. DOG Obedlance -- Classes thru Greeley Recreation. Start. June 13th. 353-4123. AKC German Shorfhalr Pointer puppies-10 weeks. 353-9277. AKC GOLDEN Relrlever puppies -- 4 weeksold. 834-2393. · STUD Service -- Purebred white Pekingese. Call 353 2994. FREE Kitiens -- To good home please. 354-1951; 357-4151. K 5i«f*. s Free " 83 3M ' · i FREE Puppies -- Call 284-4275 or 351-6079 SIX week old German Shepherd pupp es. Call 83-H49,aft era. BABY Boas-3546205. AKC Registered Siberian Husky female pup for sale. 354 0131. TWO AKC German Shepherds -- Snow quality. Outstanding pedigree and termperaments. Large boned, 12 weeks. 1200 and 1300. 354-1721. FOR SALE -- 3 year old gentle female Daimation dog. Spayed, call 2M-5352. Stud, 150. 737-215Bor3Sl 44M. AQUAR1ST Moving -- Must sacrifice all fish and supplies. 55 gallon with stand, 35 gallon hex, 10 gallon, all complete. Many accessories, some free. Discus, angels, and more. Some fish free. Saturday- Monday, 6B4 2751. ALL Fish under 15 -- Buy one, get one 9th Street. 353 4846. PUREBRED Irish Seller pups -- 353-7901 or353-fil?3Ext.I77. after 1. lovable pups are good with children, make excellent com pan Ions, snti are good hunters. AKC yellow Labs with papers. Puppies shots and guaranteed. Come quick and get your pick. S100-I125. 1-484-2981, Fort Collins. TWO Poodles for sale -- Male toy pood e, 2'/i yearsold. Femdletea cup, 1'A years old. Call 3540698. 354-7074. -- Whelped, April 4, 1977. Quality, home raised pups'. 356-1579. f-REE Kittens to good homes -- Box trained. Call afterS, 785-4345. CO Poultry DO Rabbits 4 FOR 5 -- Classified liner adi placed en Saturday morning will receive 1 free day (commercial ads excluded) when ordered to run S consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads taken aftir 11:00 a.m. 355-0211. BABY CHICKS Tuesday and Wed nesdays. W.R., N.H. reds, C.R., B.R., C.H. Laying Croii. Also started chlcki. Frank's Seed and Hatchery, 709 10th Street, 352-1094. Qq Livestock LIVESTOCK spraying. Over 20 yean ixp. Brantner. Phone 351-8823. 4 FOR 5- Classified liner ads placed on Saturday morning will receive 1 free ordered to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads taken after 11:00 a.m. 3520211. HEREFORD Bulls for tale -- Horned, FOR SALE -- Feeder pigs, 6 to 11 week! Old. 1-B97-243). CKAROLAIS Bulls -- 1 year old. Fully guaranteed. Call Joel. 1-B4J 5257. FOR SALE -- 4 mixed Ewn. 125 each. 3537474. TWO 700 Pound steers -- two 450 pound steeri for sale. 356 0372. FOR iALE -- HDQI. Fall and feeders. 353-01M. I m Trailers ; 3 lamicm.-ixle ST.II a o fully deluxe Sl.:::n 3 O 3 ° Stuck No. :i--:)Xl(islnck ° o iniiler. brakes. . .Si.:i7« ° Slock No. 7-iix2i ° o Gooseneck SJ,7:m I § LONGMONT LIVESTOCK ° H Trailer Sales ° 3 lOSo.Main |o 3 Longmont, CO ° 3 1-776-2116 3 rc Pasture 0 V For Rent HORSE Ptltur* for rent -50-0178, PASTURE lor MO Item -- Pnont 3077442031. PrXJft* Orln Carr and he will thortwavi to Don AUImbtfD- SJ MM, evtnlngs. HOHSE PaSUrt tor rto! - 52 ffienlft. 2 mllM norm of Ktrtey. Call 154-J4TO. *£ Horses 00 Equipment COMPLETE llnf.of tack, new end used saddles. Woods WisternWaar. Ill llth Ave. Phone 3i2-7730. NEW and Uied -- English «.-id Western saddles. Complete repair service. 357 lit i FOR 5 - Classified liner adi placed on Saturday morning will receive l r*t day (commercial ids excluded) when ordered to run 5 consecutive dayi with no cancellations. No adl taken *ffer 11:00 a.m. 3110111. NEW and Used-- Stock and horse tralleri. Howard'i Trailer Sales, 3JI4 E. 18th Street. 353-9418. STANDING -- Black and white Toblano paint itatllon. Peter McCue bloodline, 1 miles east of Eaton. Come look at him, you'll like him. Call 454-2337. STANDING -- Rocket Bars Appaloosa stud. Three Bars and High Hand breeding. 175 stud fee. Live foal guaranteed. 313 3W4, after s p.m. BREED to e Quarter horse of a different color --Standing Tuff Tom Cat. APHA.41 National points In 11 Jhows In 1974. Standing 2 miles south of Kersey. Jtx Burbach. 354-109]. Jonn Braddy. 153- 3«$. TWO Shetland ponlei for sale-- l Shetland pony, cart and harness. 35M944. BUCKSKIN quarter horse mare -- 15 years old. Not registered but both FOR SALE -- S year old half quarter ha f thoroughbred mare. Needs T.L.C. 1200, Call 3J4-M14. WANTED-- Large, gentle lack to service more). Also wanted, used, 2 horu tandem axle trailer. Phone 4B4-;043, Windsor. geldlngi. Well broke. 737-2312. Well broke and gentle. 354-7894. 404 40th Avenue. 333-7JS3. LAKE ARROWHEAD Stables - Boarding, barn liable, outside runs. Hor- stdrawn hayrldts. 354-7090. ONE Gentle Brood mare -- Bred. Good looking and young, one Appaloosa Leopard ttud. Slurp gentle and broke. 354-7MO. SEVEN year mare, well broke; i year AppatooiB POA, well broke gilding; 3 year Appaloosa POA, gentle for little kids, stud. 354-1975. Arabian and half Quarter horse. Cel 353 W04, keep trying. We are moving. trailer, tilt bed, long wide pickup box. 351-7541, call alter 4 p.m. 1972 IMPERIAL 2 horw tralltr -- No brakes. IS50. Call 352-4351. r WELD COUNTY^ SADDLERY CO. Now open for business. Complete line of 'English and Western lack and -accessories. Cusfnm saddles and repair, Bill Hill rodeo products, horse and stock railers. Everything for the discriminating horse. 804 23rd Avenue Greeley/ CO ^ 356-0802 ^ C7 Hay, Grain, O/ Feed Straw FOR SALE -- Sun-cured alfalfa cubes. Maynard Carsey, 331-1433. 4 FOR 5 -- Classified liner ads placed on Saturday morning will receive l free day (commercial adi excluded) when ordired to run 5 consecutive days with no cancellations. No ads taken after 11:00 a.m. 3520211. M. Carsey. 3S3-1433. WILL Buy ear corn and silage, Allmir's Feed and Grain. 355-4483. GOOD Horse hay -- Stored Inside. 785-2139. NORTH PARK Hay -- Alfalfa, straw. Evenings 353-7514. WOOD Shavings -- Bulk or balei. Saw dust, wood chips. Pick up or delivered. 31? A Street, Ault. B34-9919. alfalfa hey. Phone 184-7939. 40 TONS Ear corn - Phone 353-1181. CQ Farm 00 Equipment 4 FOR 5 -- Classified liner ads placed on Saturday morning will receive 1 free day (commercial adi excluded) when ordered to run 5 consecutive dayi with no cancel latloni. No adi taken aftir 11:00 B.m. 352-0211. JUST Received -- 1959 John Deere combine. 14 foot header, motor utt overhauled, 1 owner, field ready, price UB50. 303-344-705. 70 Real Estate / L For Sale QIMIG tjcene HHMIUHU GREELEY'S FIRST Calls Low, Low Do To Qual fi Qualified purche our sales associa Vanita M. Rousar, 353-0954 Betty Orr, 353-2854 Joanne Gilbaugh, 454-2337 Bert Van Zante, 352-0148 Connie Benker, 356-7132 Gehlen Miller, 352-2371 Ivan Gilbaug £JO Farm 00 Equipment ONE i row John D*«ft bttt Mfirxr. Lett modtL llkt lltn. 1 K3W-7C45. ONE * or 1 ro* Wlllltfx. Cuttlvitx. Ltkl MW. 11,130. 1 KJ JW JMJ. ONE Evtriman bMt IMnntr ~ mi model, t row. tiki ntw. tl.SJO. 1 XO M^ 7W5. OSE Jc!ai Detfft )5 tt. t» turn-packer, lIKi ni*, $1*3; ont John Durt **5 Line Plain, i!ke niw, J?,»JO; on* Mod*) 11 , 3 row John 0**rft*etdlS9r; 194JAtal*l, RS»; on* Jonn Dttre 6 row bMt tninnir, like niw, tlild rudy, I3.*50. 303- 1U-7DU. CONVERSE Irrigation boot). Livl'i and Red Wing shoes. Lee. Jotinitown Clotning, SI7-4501. 1171 JVi TON International truck - with 3J1 cubic Inch engine, good condition, five ipetd tranimliilort with two ijwri axis, 14 foot Met box with tide Mlt and corn boards, 71,000 mllti. 5!7 CM liter 4:30 or evenlno*. SIX row IHC corn head 743, quick detach, like new. Ultt. Walt Kleweno, }tt-7U5. Juit uwd on 150 acrsi, 1974 modat. 13.950. Walter Klewem, 1-303-3U-705. like new, elwayi ihedded. 13,150. Also, 197.5 U30 John Deere. Phone Brighton, 1- INTERMEDtAL Feedir House for 91 John Deere and t row corn head. 113-30 Inch. WHY Pay for custom combining wnen you cm own thli m? IHC Bean Special Comblna model M3. Headi foi grain, beam, and corn. Excellent condit on. 153 «M. HE5STON WO Wlndrower - U foot gai, cab, air conditioned, llgtits, clean artd WANTED -- Corn cultivator, uwable condition. Double hydraulic lift for IHC H Farmill. Call 3M-1701. Hydraulic unit, excellent ihape. Implements include!; J section harrow, rotary mower, cycts mower, blade, 6 Inch disc, spring tooth. Call 3J3-J90J, keep trying, we are moving. ALLIS-CHALMERS G tractor -- rum and looks good, includes front and rear tool ban, let ot cultivator tools and 3 lection harrow. Call 353-9904, keep trying. W* EIGHT Foot nay feeder - 8 (otf metal grain feiden, several stock v.M*r ranks, 10 foot and 1 foot heavy duty Byco metal Dates, 1 heavy duty chain link gates (5 loot wide, 6 foot tall) end 11 Inch self-propelled Lawn Boy lawn mower. Cill 3Jl-n04, kiep trying, w* iri moving. PORT-A-BUILT Shed on skids -- IxlO foot with window. Used one ysarfor box storage. Coll U3-9904, keep trying. We are moving. SILVER Jit Weed burner -- Phone 333-1181. W6? 4130 JOHN DEERE Tractor -- 4X1 engine. Approximately II hours. 3 point, cab, cooler, duals. Al Nlckerson, New Raymer, J37-5W. garden tractor, cattle squeeze chute. CONCRETE Pit illoi -- 0 L Gunlte Co., 3J1-W70. NEW and USED FARM EQUIPMENT New White and Steiger Tractors New Crustbuster Grain Drills with double offset discs New White 10-bottom plows Used 4-78D White 4x4 with Cab and Duals 2 Used Oliver 1955 Tractors with 3 point hitch Used 32 ft. Crustbuster Grain Drill Used 9 ft. J-D Front-end Dozer Used IHC 806 Standard Turbo-charge Tractor with Cab and Duals Used AHis Chalmers XT190 New Triple KKK Farmhand Corn Cultivators Used Oliver 1550 Utility Tractor Used Versatile 145 4x4 New Lilliston Rolling Corn Cultivator MAMMON'S IMPLEMENT Inc. SALES SERVICE PARTS 2349 4th Ave., Grcoloy 352-7688 £Q Irrigation 03 Systems IRRIGATION Pump -- High prewuro. Good condition. Phone UJ 3465. 79 Real Estate / 1 For Sale will either purchase your home or guarantee the sale. Any type propuny considered, regardless of condition For details wltrtout obligation, call Stol Realty, 3S2-5687. COUNTRY Living, single family, custom built nouses on acreage. From 1.400 sq. ft. to 3,000 sq. ft. 4 miles north, I m le west of Windsor. 7 J .*H money now available. iMi-3707 or fifli-7945. 79 Real Estate / L For Sale rTREALTORS\ ' '352-7037 1 V 914 8th Avenue jf" ' :T V-- ^ 24 HOUR REALTOR 1 52-7037 wn Payment id Buyers! isers call one of tes for details. Sally Blain, 352-4084 Albert Eisenach, 454.2354 Albert Swanson, 686-285! Charlotte Mitchell, 356-6141 Debby Otto, 4S4-2646 Ralph Henkel, 353-5078 h -- Broker

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