Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 6, 1962 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1962
Page 2
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GREELEY TRIBUNE Th OT , Dee. «,_1962J Sleeping Beauty's Christmas Story SPECIAL REPORT^ Gooney Birds Head Navy's Trouble List at Midway By ROBERT MYERS sized albatrosses and nav«l planes PEARL HARBOR (AP)-To the «*t the bird population-now es- U.S. Navy the gooney birds of timated at 150,001 -- about 500 Midway Island are slightly less gooneys annually'.' The cost'to the welcome than a common cold and Navy is some JtfO.OOO , y tar j,, I lot harder to get rid of. The outcome of the Navy's long and costly war with the gawky gooneys--their scientific naime is laysan albatross-is still in doubt but the brass continues to claim eventual victory. The Navy has been making that prediction for l 'P chopped d[f. damaged aircraft parts. "Nearly every plane that takes off or lands on Midway is struck by a gooney," a veteran of islanij service estimated. Most of the hits are minor but occasionally a tall section is ripped loose or-a wing- 40 years. The gooneys don't claim anything. They just keep coming back to the Pacific atoll in seemingly ever-Increasing numbers each No- Vember to re-establish squatters' rights. 'Both sides are convinced Midway is an ideal landtag spot. The Navy uses it as a base for radar picket flights in the North Pacific; the Gooneys consider it a perfect nesting ground. - The Navy has called in experts from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the University of Hawaii, and its own research department. Once it" h'inteX wholesale killing if the'birds migh'f be necessary. "This 'brought '('he' ' ' · ' · : - There have been no Navy casualties in this strange war but fliers live in constant 'dread of "what could happen if a gooney hit « vital part during critical takeoff (1^1, and landing perjoijs. The blundering, strutting birds cityy into fhe act-on the sit thVgooneys! The Navy'ma hasty retreat. "' ' ' toilisioris'' between the goose- cause other problems. They walk under the wheels' of cars '«nd trucks, overturn bicycles! smash into each other in flights and fall in squawking heaps on runways. Once several birds disrupted a training exercise' by pecking at sailors taking'cover in the brush. The problem of the gooneys Is a simple onti-the birds itest In the same spot U?ey «'«re torn. They refuse to move or be moved. Midway sailors say so[ne even settle on asphalt" covering theft birthplaces. KJidway and an unknown island -. the"AleuW "(where tie 00 WHERE SERVICE IS RON'S HllliTfi' y C«ntar' For Christmas eys spend. 'Ui« summer) ''ire 7 the Ibnly places in 'the world 'where the' birds gather itf huge mimberj; |The"gopMys'fly'awa]('ffbhi fold- jway -fti Juhc' put" always" 'reiuni jby the end'of'Novem'Ber. ' ·Attempts to lure 'the 'big crea- | lures to other nesting places have lulled. The Navy fliteS lip Green Island, 50 miles from Midway with 19 runways to accommodate Jie gooneys. .The brass figured such a layout would be just wha they wpuld want jf 'jhey were gooney birds. It didn't work. The albitrosses'tpok'j look at their ne;w home and flew rigty back to Midway. ....... ...... 'Once the Navy tried sprinkling pthb'alls aljng fjmways. *'Thi bjjds mistoolf thehi for gppne' egg?' Wf fat en'tfiepi'' Another time fires and sulphur were burned to' smoke them out^Ba zookas and mortars were fired" to scarp'them Wiooneyi seemed ft e n i n e slio* ' ' "' " TOUSCRJKW VVEU. PRESS 1t BLUE R3QHTHE SOU? KCXMIHE «S» ROOM... ASD1HE KNXSKTS'HAl. L. AGO00 NIGHTS REST WU.TX WONCEK5 WOUR WSND, Walt Disney|CoH Move Muikolly NEW YWUi CAP) - four c»U gut special attention dutteg tris;- of "The Sound of Music" from ae Broadway theater to a-wlher. Included among all the dressing om belongings of u cast car-; ed from the Lunt-Fontanne to le Mark llellinger was a catnip an! and watering can to wep it csh. The pungent herb is grown 1 some of UK girl singers as * upply for their feline mascots. "The Sound of Music," now in s fourth year, is one of four' odgeis - Hammerstein shows brush, fine sandpaper cord. and gold | (Cigar box tops or flat pieces of cork can be substituted for th; plywood.) Sandpaper plywood pieces all over. Sand edges until smooth and slightly beveled. Spray with gold or sliver paint, rubbing excess otlj with cheese cloth before it gets' sticky. Allow to dry thoroughly. Cut picture portion off card and rubber cement it in middle ot plaque. Brush surrounding wood with small wire brush (such as a suede brush) to raise grain of wood slightly. To hang, make a loop of gold cord and tape to back of plaque, make (lie Christmas tray and coaster set, equip yourself inexpensive picture rame. a roll of Christmas wrap- ling paper and shirt cardboards. Remove the cardboard backing rom the frame. Cover with wrapping paper and insert under the Weld County Real Estate Transfers Revenue stamps on reil estate transfert are si the ite ot J1.10 oer thouund. .I5TM*S fJARDS are mounted for display. Use plywood pieces, cigar box tops or pieces of cork antiqued in go)d or silver for jinexpensivi! mounts. Frame Your Way for Decor At Yuleljde and New Year glass, ilace. sign studio head at Norcross Gift Ppcn f ridiy Nlghti HOUSTON - OU refiners use platinum as a catjlysj tp filer and rearrange' rnojecules of gasoline .to make'jt i morj fuel. · ' · · · OUTCOME FT.' WARD CATALOG DEPARTMENT 815 IQth 5T- And 9 b y 12 inches), Christmas card: For coasters cut six 3^-inch circles from shirt cardboard. Cul twelve 3!j-inch circles from thr gift wrap. Center design of pa- »r on' each cardboard circle and ·ubber cement to both sides of :ardboard and circles. A red or green pepper makes an attractive container for mayonnaise on your Christmas table. Cut a thin slice from (he stem and fill with mayonnaise. If a red one is used, set it on a green platter; if a green pne, place it on a red platter. BUSY AT *' lEXPBNSlVe PICTURE SRAME serves as the base for a Chrgfmas tray.'Coaslefs'ar'e"cut from shirt'tardboard. They're W 3 . 1 }? lo m 4ch with s'nowflakc-design Christmas wrapping paper. Bend clamps back into State Liquor Tax Collections Up Over Year Ago DENVER (AP) - Liquor lax collections in Colorado jumped nearly $(00,000 last month over he same month a year ago. Secretary of State George J. Baker announced Wednesday. Collecti6ns during November .otaled J756.929, compared wl|l| $689,935 in November,- )%), Bak er's monthly report · showed. .Taxes on spirituous liquors ac counted for $671.351 of the total, Baker said the payments foverci 341,673 gallons. · Beer tax collections amountcc to $129,549 on 2,159,152 gallons' and wine taxes totaled $40,028 on 15!, 94) gallons. '" Baljer'said collecliotis for the year are' '$656,765 ' ahead of t)ic first 11 months''of 196l'. The ll month.' collections' total $6,459,81)6 DKetnbw 4 Emmett J. Kumsey to Uoy W. Humsey and Edna Kumar; the NWW of S\V',. of Section ! the SEU and E'.j of SW!i of Sei lion 4; all in 4-66, Rev. $25.30. Glenn G. Schooling and C Maxine Schocning to Melvin 1 Steadman and Effie L. Steadman I-ot 5, Block 1, Miller's Subd vision, City of Greeley, Ito $14.30. Franklin Land Co. to Duane A Catties and Barbara A. Catties Lot 23, Block 3. Broadview Acre Second Addition. City of Grrelc\ Itev. $15.40'. David B. Emmert and Barbui A. Emmert lo Hob Reese Motor Inc., tlie south 10 feet of Lot l and nil of Lot 12, Block 3. Firs Addition to Kairacres, City Greeley, Rev. 13.23. P. 0. llansvn la Fred Meissli [er and Myrni Elizabeth Mei linger, the NW'4 of Section 8-6-64 iey. $66. Franklin Lund Co. to Rex / Touslee and Marcia A. Touslci xit 20, Block 3. Broo-.lvlcw Acre Second Addiilon. City n( Grcolcj Rev. $1485. Franklin Land Co. to Kdwar I Keberlein and Audrey E. Kcl erlcin. Lot 16, Block 3, Broadvic Acres Second Addition. City Greeley. Rev. $1485. Carl Bucklcn to J^orresl E. Slti and Mary Stutz, Ixit 5, Block iucklcn Sulxllvision. Cily of Grec cy. Roy. $13.75. Shaw'Homes Inc. to John Mue er and Susanne Mueller, Lot 2 Block 3, First Addition to Wcs vood. City of Greeley, Ticv. 41 65 Earl S Martih and Lois V. Ha in to Garland Dunlap and' II )unlap. Lots 16, 17, nnd 18. Uloc 29,"T6wn"ut Evans, Rev. $7.15. Placements Rite WASHINGTON - The liniti States Employment S a r v i c found iobs for 276.377 hand cap'pcd persons in fiscal l%2. l 9'percent over fiscal 1961. among Broadway's five lon(e»t- ruuning musicals. Only "Mr F«ir Lady" Wn-ma!" the ruw -South PttiBc." "ft* King and 1" and "The SoMil if Music." HurHif AMt- -AtW. OPEN Saturdoy Attemocns B A k f a t h il ULilO For Christmas! A SHAVER · Exclusive roller combs (4 of them!)let him stop "shaving," start rolling-Ms whiskers away wifFout pull, burn, or drag. | Radically new shaver motor, with more power than was ever before packed Intb a shiver. OJJU · Exclusive, magic pup* button adjusts rollercombt for a womari'i special ihw Ing needs-gentlest uhdef arm grooming, sitiny-»oft legs. · Convenient on-otf iwltcrrglnchfenewboudolr case. Blue, orchid or gold. ONLY «,,·. , ,1^ '· 'T v^"* it ^--!r.^^~ . ""iW USE THE TRIpU^E WANT ApS ALE'S n i i GIFT VALUES NO P/SYMFNTS 'TIL FEBRUARY, 1963! * COMPLETE KEYSTONE ELECTRIC-EYE CAMERA OUTFIT! you still can Christmas shop by PHONE AWARDS CATALOGS ! Busy with holiday entertaining, Christmas cards, fqmily surprise*, company coming? Then Christmas shop the easy way ... the Montgomery Ward Catalog way, right at home by phone. Select quality gifts, decorations, holiday fashion*, Santa surprises in any current Catalog. Then just dial our Catalog Department and order by phone. You'll save time . . . and your order will soon be ready, SHOP BY PHONE -- 352-8037 ZOOMS IN ' INSTANTLY TO GET EVERY DETAIt NO WONEY DOWN · CONVINIENT TtBMS Coplurt «Tery bit ot your lun -Ihii weeV and! Com«ro oulomo ZOOMS from wtd*-angU lo reQulnr lo UUphoto. 'PIUS FKEE DEVtlOhNO FOJ ONE YCAf on t«iry roll of flm you buy ol Ihii tlOf* item dot* you purchoit yovr K*yttont mov)t 1Z ALE'S J Opcn Monday and Friday Nights NO DOWN PAYMINT-- NO PAYMENTS T|LL 1963 CHRISTMASI great diamond values from The world's largest diamond |«j«n«s - ' surpassed in color, clarity, end tut. Awarrf-wintilhg cnamond uliliiti in uadilional UK minting. u c n I M K J I I I J B TEX* --j^^^VW" - ·* »'i?ii«« of chic fe/,C^yTv^ "Skyllno" »li!»ir. M^^'f^M in rich 2-lone 14K f/ ? ,^lSi5?t ;V\ onlH ...... / / · .-/WsBfsI. -.; No Payment Till February, 1963!

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