Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 3, 1975 · Page 6
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 6

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1975
Page 6
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ThtjdahoFrcePressTheNews-Tribune.Monday, February3. m - 3 -r, MONDAY'S TV Ann Landers Ch.2 KBCI(CIS) Trjll, 01 ton«qj t ntes 1:30 II 30 "TT~ CBS Laie MOV ir Ch.4 KAID (Ml B l a t k PtTip Ch. 6 KITC(AIC) Ch.7 KTVI(NIC) Children as cause of divorces -- STEREO TUESDAY'S TV 6 30 7 30 I 30 9 . 3 0 10:30 11 30 13:30 Ch.2 KBC 1 (CBS) ftllBir MASH On Ihe kfbctind .,lor/iii | Hr.i1lir.if Ch.4 KAID(PBS) 'aternusc Report l--" A\cril ol \\ftti Wcm.iri Si.iniM..a. . Ch.6 KITC(ABC) Hitjh Craparral f. Q*l1 Mivir """" ·'"""" (onan Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) To Ml Ihi- liulh P M O si,,, J Ihr T3n qhl Slow '"·'OHO* Dear Ann l.anilors: I'm another reader who wauls lo challenge your reply lo the wiininn v.liusc son was allergic 10 cnls. The doctor said She cat line! In jin. Tin- woman's second liushaml i ho brought Ihe cat with him when he moved into licrliomeisnid. "Nothing doing. The kid should go. We can find a nice rosier home for Ihe hoy and 11 will he heller for everybody." The chilli's mother was very upsi'l and wanleil to know if her husband was mils. You said, "Probably." I say the man is far from nuts. All 1 have lo do is look al our friends. Two couples in our crowd (both married more lhan v!5 years I split within Ihe last six months and (lie reason was (heir kids. One couple busied up because of Iheir son's .shoulder- length hair and smoking pol iti Ihe house. The oilier couple had a daughter who moved in with a group of weirdos and her fallier cut her nut of liis will. Al present I see two oilier marriages (plus my own sister's I headed for the rocks. Again Ihcv are all fighting over THEATRE DINNER SPECIAL FOR TWO! Mon.-Tues.-Wed.-Nights $099 Fo,7 WO V Plus Tax Choice of 4 Dinners Dinner at Ihe Thoroughbred and Theatre at Twin! THOROUGHBRED Restaurant-Lounge Karchcr Mall--Nampa Program Highlights 6:311 Ui FAMILY AFFAIH- "Oliver" 7:011 iji C.UNSMOKt:- ··l.arkiii" Newly finds himself in a slrangpalliunri' with a killer. .8;li'l Mil ABC MONM1AY NIGHT ' MOVIE--"Tlie Only Game ''·' iii Town" Elizabeth Taylor and Wnrren Bcally slar as a Las Vegas chorus girl and a compulsive gambler afraid t« face their own love and loneliness 8:ni) 171 MiC MONDAY X1GHT AT THE; MOVIES- "Doclor's Wives" MOHDAY 'J:nn i 2 MEDICAL CKNTEH- "Web of Intrigue" Celeste Holm guest stars. 'J:3u Ml' THE HOMAN'TIC REBELLION - "Blake" William Rlake, the visionary English poet and artist, is Ihe subject of this program. Dlake lived on (be edge of p o v e r t y , almost unknown uniil modern limes, yet is considered one of the key figures in Ihe Komantic movement. 10:00 Ml PRIME TIME - "HeaJlh-Wise" This is a minicourse io health education, hove to cat nutritionally balanced meals on a restricted budget, traditional and new exercises lo keep fil. liuw to gel Hie most out. ..o| t private health insurance, and federal health programs. ll)::W ' 7 ! THE TONIGHT SHUW-Harbara Wallers. TO-hosl of the Today show. is. (Jin-si host. l«:.15 2 CHS LATE MOV'IK- " T h e E x l r a o r i l i n n r y Si'iinian" Uavid Niven. Kayo Runaway. Alan Alcia. ENDS TOMORROW AKtn Shifln Film TIMES, l.-JS-^S-Kl^'''-' -PLUS -- COCUUKA PCTUPE5 MaggteSmith Tmolhv Bottoms D THE WWXE DAMN THING Times, 2:50-6:20-9:50 Program Highlight TUESDAY 7::iO 1 2 1 M H - A + S+-U- Hawkeye has an altercation with Frank tiurns which causes Krank lo place him under "house arrcsl." confining him lo quarters until a courl-rnarlial can he convened. 8:30 14) THE ASCENT OK MAN -- "Music of Hie Spheres" This film traces the evolution of mathematics and explores the relationship of numbers 10 musical harmony, early astronomy, and perspective in painting. Il follows the spread of Greek ideas through the courls and bazaars of the Islamic empire in .Moorish Spain and Renaissance Europe. 9:00 if!) MAKCL'S WEI.BV. M.D.-"Dark Corridors" After Ihe death of a close friend. Dr. Welhy becomes emotionally involved with an inexplicably il! musical prodigy. 9:IH) i 2 i THE COMM A N I) E K S - I s o r o k u Yamamnla. grand admiral. Imperial Japanese Navy Me was Ihe architect of Ihe surprise Attack on Pearl llartxn. 9-iH) 7 i I'OI.ICE STOHY- 1'cnicll Holjerls stars as deleclive Sal Grosser who trails a brazen bin incpi jewel thief in Hie hnpe Jie ivil) lead him to a man-w-ife team who is suspected of planning a million dollar jewel robbery. 9:30 14) WOMAN - "Women and Children in China" Guest Ruth Sidel, who has traveled exiensively in the People's Republic of China talks about the role of women, child care facilities and urban neighborhood organizalion. 10:00 HI SOUNDSTAGE - "Dnnovan and Dave Mason" Donovan performs such classics as "Sunshine S u p e r m a n . 1 ' a n d " M e l l o w ' Y e l l o w " and Mason plays several songs. M:.r. ·ZMI.VTHKKKKOL'M)- W:lh Paul J. Schneider ar.ct HSl 1 coach lius Connor 11.-Hi' 2 CHS LATE MOVIE"Madigan -The Manhattan Heal" Richard Widmark. KonriyCov. Tntiv l.o Ifianca. EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT IS ITALIAN NIGHT At The Country Inn in Nampa "Bring the whole family" · REAL HOMEMADE ITALItN si 66 SPAGHETTI with THICK MEAT SAUCE * 1 · VULPRQVOLONI cm 25 WITHSHIHETT!,. *£.* ucti saro mx uiuc TO*ST t FHSH, ca» rossa cua snuu THE COUNTRY INN 833 lllMre.fAttoiilrtmJIIbtr 466-2181 NOW SHOWING FORTHESAKK (H : YOUR SANITY, PRAY ITISNTTRIJ]-! "HOUSE THAT VANISHED" -- plus -"APARTMENT ON THE 3rd FLOOR" GilesOp-flUS.ShccilMS HELD.OVER The Lite and rimes of GRIZZLY t; ADAMS COLO =i 3V DELUXE' '1974 Sun Intemabonal ProtJuctons, Ire McWIN Everybody WINS With McDonald's Inflation Fighting McWIN Coupon Need More Coupons? Why Not Make Vonr Own? Fee! Free To Trace This One, Use A Copy Machine, Etc.WeWil! Accept All Coupons And Any Reasonable Facsimiles. ^MC WIN Coupon^ This Coupon Enlilles You To Purchase One Big Mac, One ) 2 Oi. Soft Drink ond One Regular Sag of French Fries FOR ONLY 97 C Expires Morch 15, 1975 A Complete Meol For Only 97' (McDonald's m Is Good Only At McDonald's of Nampa 148 Caldwell Blvd. Hie lileslylc o[ (heir children. The happiosl marriages arc (he ones sviihoul children. J am a bachelor, age 41, successful in my profession, free In lo as I please 1 , and I'm having a wonderful lime. If I should ever decide In marry, 1 will gel it in wriliiiR--"NO CHII.DKEN." Just sign me--Sam Dear Sam: I hope you remain single. Us doing so, you are hound In make some. unsuspecting woman very happy. ·hi + I'ciir Ann Landers. I l:ave a lew i hciice words for that lawyer whose older clients asked him lo cliarijje Iheir wills and scratch oul the names of grandchildren, nieces, iinii nephews who "never lirillipr to come around." I am one of those young people and 1 dnn'l care if anybody leaves me otie dime. I have lira well-heeled relatives--bolli linres. I've Iried lo spend time »illi limn, bill il's Ihe same old story: "Why don't I ever see you? I'm sc lonely. I wish you'd call on the phone more often. .My daysaresoemply." Nothing but self-pity. In Ihe meantime, on TO} 1 last visit, four people dropped in and three friends telephoned. So, lo all you old folks who are silling on your money, cither your memory is shot or you jusl like In gripe. To pill il more bluntly--gel out of your rocking chair and call ME when you have something cheerful to say. I haven't heard a good word from you in years. I don't want your money. I jusl want you lo enjoy life and slop com- plainling.-A Relative Dear Helalive: That letter may he Ihe mosl expensive one you've ever written. But ! admire your spunk and thank you I or it. J-~ T Dear Ann Landers: You once said. "The double bed is Ihe cornerstone nf a durable marriage..." Jly husband and I have teen married fo.' 32 years. He has never mentioned twin beds, but about two weeks ago, he said, "Your snoring bothers me. If you don'l mind. I'm going to sleep will) my head al Ibo foot of the bed." He.has been doing so ever since. I feel slightly rejected. Should I say something? If so. what?-Blue Dear B.: You have no reason to feel "rejected." He's slill in your bed. isci'l he? Say nothing, unless of course, you arc bothered by his feel in your face, in which case. I suggest Ivrin' beds with a single headboard-and earplugs. BIG BOY SPECIAL French Fries and It's the real thing. Coke. BIG BOY FAMILY RESTAURANT 1921 Caldwell Boulevard Hexi f o K-Marf OFFER EXPIRES MARCH 10, 1975 NOW SHOWING AT 2 THEATRES! in the year 1843. John Sa^er, a hoy of 13, with his brothers and sisters including an infant set off on one 01 the most incredible journeys in American lusto'ry. This is a true account of their hazardous 2000 mile trek along the IcftyiJary Oregon 1 rail in pursuit of a dream. A TRUE STORY Proudly Presents liven Alone a MTT-DATIOS risasa Slafring DEWEY MARTIN · ALDO WY - WIN COLLINGS OWN SMITK and STEWART PETERSEN as John Sager' stuw *'»l ton Pn TIKES, Hre t U«isH!:OD I KtRCHER TME.S ·i'X^V^S^'WN*'^* DWAYNE FRIEND "Mr. Gospel Guitar" ALONG WITH "The Friends'* Crusade Team Inlernationally Known No. I Gospel Guitarist and Award Winning Song Writer. Winner of the Dove A w a r d 2 Years in Succession. The Most Inspiring i Effective Evangelist in the United Stales and Canada. Dwa.vneand "The Friends" Are Featured Weekly On Their Television Broadcast "Meet A Friend" Dwayne Has Sung With REX HUMJIARD Cathedral of Tomorrow H A P P Y GOODMAN F A M I L Y . * B L A C K W O O D BROTHERS. NAMPA CHRISTIAN HIGH AUDITORIUM JEWETT CHAPEL AUDITORIUM ONE NKHT ONLY February 7 it 7:30 P.M. EVEHVOB WELCOME

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