Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 30, 1961 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1961
Page 19
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Cats Win Northern Cross Country Title (Scandinavians To C h a l l e n g e A m a t e u r R u l e s OSLO (AP) -- Scandinavian jlrack and field officials agreed Sunil Jurgensen Fills Eagle Bill at Quarterback By MIKE RATHET Ihal n r e s e l l I amateur. Associated Press Sporls Writer 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . t . ^ -_!!-,.+ ,,, Green Hay kept rolling wilh a 28-10 thumping of Minnesota for LONGMONT -- Greoley's crack cross country team won the Northern Conference championship Saturday here edgitig Aurora by one pint. The Wildcats finished with 23 points and right on their heals wero the Trojans with 'M. Wildcat Frank Delgado remained unbeaten in conference competition winning in 7:43.3. Saturday the Wildcats will seek the Stale championship ot Boulder. The meet is scheduled for 10 East Denver Is expected to be as .Irong as last year's team. Other team scores Saturday were: Knglcwood 43, Boulder 58. Longmonl 78, Lovcland 107 and Sterling 125. Fort Collins didn't score as only three men finished the race. Grecley's Albert Munoz finishec fifth while Raymond Delgado rai sixth. George and Lewie Tellez finished 17 and 27, respectively. M. Iloogendykc, Knglewood was second, Dave Sage, Ixmgmont Stale chanipionship « ; i s _ i n l'.'51.- juslifv ,' os[ i]lcom( . There will he Ihrec .Ijvisions in ; ,,.,,,; , %1 s^j,,.^,,, a.m. Dcfciuling Slate champion'thlrd; Ted McKnighl, Aurora Houston, Boston Can Be Thankful for Top Scorers ourlh: Lam Ma.Arlhur. Aurora, 1 """ eventh; and Chick-Strong. Kn-i" :ii .1........J -i-i.n, 'lengc ;lcwood, elj-hlh. The last time fircclcy won th for alhlctes nre ouklnlcd! ;olcd unanimously the International icd| ~ Sonny Jurgciisen,- ivlw collected its sixth consecutive victory since al-.splinters and experience wlillujan opening game loss and majn- Amateur Norm Van Brocklin was direct- lainc'cl a one-game lead over Ihe c' h a n i Mnn., Ocl. 30, 1061 G K K K L E Y Tit HI UN IS Page 19 lie Slalc run Salurday UK! A. \ i - l e l i c Federation UAAFi to ing Iho 1'hiladclphia Eagles, has Chicago Bears, 21-20 conquerors Ihc rules i) order lo'sloppcd in lo guide Ihe ilefeiidinglof (l:c llallimorc Colts, San H'an- INalional Football League cham- eisco fell back, losing lo Pills. .... .,,. _,,.,,,..,, Trackipiens lo Ihe lop of the Kastcrn'bmgh 20-10. Detroit whipped lxs AAA, AA. . i|1( | ,.. ic](| congress-attended by Conference. -- - - - . . . . . . _ . , 27.ycar-old former .officials from Donmnrk, Finland. The In Ihc B-lfum division Smurclay.|Iceland. Nonviw nml Sweden -- ;standout passed the Eagles inlo irecley placed lliird v.itli a lolal |W ill submit a proposal lo Hie next! solo iosscssion of first place in remaining nftcr the hapless llcd- of 51 points. Englcwooil won w i t h j U A K calendar congress in Hcl-'the East Sunday with a Ihrce- Angeles 23-10. Juri;i'iiscn .slarlcd the Kaglos 1 ik'Sjwraliun drive witli 60 seconds skins, who list their seventh in 18 points jnid Aurora was sccoml'prade next year in coiuicctionjlo»chd.own performance--Hie last succession and 15th over a 'wo- "f thai league, wilh 22. with tlic European Track and.a 41-ynrcl heave to Tommy Mc-| S eason span, had Inken Ihe lead IJuil McKadin. C h a r g e r s Draw Varied Views SAN DIUGO, Cnlif. (AP)-How n defensive lackle with Denver, good are the San Diego Chargers'Msaid of the Chargers' 37-0 margin Two opposing players in Iho in- over (tie Broncos: "They're good defeated Chargers 1 victory--llicirjlmt they're not t h a t good. I ciglilh in (he American Football,thought they wero lucky lo Inter- Ix-aguc--over Denver's Hruiicos|ccpl all lliosc passes." Sunday offered ditforc-nl views. · [.'cur interceptions, nil by dc- Arl lluuscr Denver's vclciaiijfcnsivc hacks, figured largely in defensive end. said aflcr tho'llic Son Diego win. Two were game: "They're head and shunl-lcaughl by Chuck Allen and Bob Jcrs nlwvc'lhc o'.her teams in l.araha. who ran for touchdowns. this league.". The victory put San Diego 4Vi Ilouser, n former National Fool-games in front in the leagues hall league player, added thai lK'|Wc.°,tern Division, with only 6 hclicvcs the Chargers w o ill rUix games left lo piny. measure up ngainsl tho lop learns' · ' John R. Chuckran, former Perm fm-mor Slalc (ithlcte, is foolhall coach ot another Randy Toiis'.ec finished seventh-field Championships, ! Uonnld wilh 1C seconds icmainingl 0 n a seven-yard flip from rookie fur Crcclcy. Other Grccley finish-' The main" reform in (he Scan-,lo beat the upstart crs: .Jack Dickinson. 11; Alan : div;vian pvoposnl-- originally sill)- Iledskins 27-21. Meyer. Oi Terry Hughes, 20:,uiiUcd here by Sweden-is that The TD toss to McDonald was| Charles Carr 29 lalhletoE should lie granted a dailyMurgcnscn's 14th of tho season- In last year's btale competition, rdlownnco of 5 pounds (nlxwt SM|l°P mark in the Ic ague-tin d jjayo Frank Dolgado finislied sccnndlfor lost income and fur and Ray Delgado seventh. iminn o( 2» days n year. Washington'Nomi Snoad to first-year Iback Jim Cunningham. National league player and now Allegheny College. By HAROLD V. RATLIFF Associated Press Sports Writer Coaches Mike Holovnk ot Bos- ton, starting back up under new coach llolovak, scuttled Buffalo 52-21. Sunday ho ran his season Ion and NVully Lemui of llouslon.jlotal to ICO points, far ahead of ljusy getting their teams inlo the 1 anybody else, when he won for American Football league's up-JBoston against Dallas. Gino per echelons, must Hunk Ineinlroltcd oul and kicked a 24-yard lucky stars every nighl for havingificld goal as lime ran oul and such scoring machines as . fiino Boston had an 18-17 triumph. Cappcllelti and George Blanda. | Dlanda, a 12-year veteran ol Cappellelti, particularly, is a professional football, has been one-man point wave. He scores in every way imaginable and it the defending league champion. performing similarly for Houston. doesn't matter whether it's in the clutch or not. Gino comes through'fe resurgence. Tho only (lit c is that Blanda doesn't anyway. He scored 16 points when Bos- Syracuse S t a r t i n g HB I n j u r e d in Auto Accident SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) - Pete Brokaw, starting right halfback for the Syracuse football team suffered a ruptured spleen in an' score as many points personal! --he makes it possible for others In the Aurora Invitational ear- 1 this year, l Denver. max- Ihc delencling lillisls n 6-1 record land a one-game edge over New Ihc most York and Cleveland al the half- Grccley dcfcalcd|othcr n a t i o n s of Ihe IAAF willlway mark of Ihc expanded 14 support us in this question." said game schedule. Alice Mocst. chairman of Ihe Nor-1 The Giants dropped oul o i 'i wcyian Athletic Association in an first-place tie when Dallas' Allen "linlorvlow Sunday nighl. Green kicked a 32-yard field Jl "Rules for lost Income has heon|wilh I'M remaining for Pro Football Tlw Eagles licgan from their own 2(1 after Ihe kickoff with Jur- ;ensen firing 1!) nnd 20 yard slrikes lo Hobby Walston, missing once, Ihcn arching Ihc clincher lo (lie speedy McDonald. Green's winning field goal against Ihc Giants (5-2) came after New York had conic from behind to lake a 10-14 load on a ^"["g 1 five-yard touchdown 'pass from Get Your Gar Ready For Sticker Inspection By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS National League Eastern Division W. L. T. Philadelphia Cleveland New York Dallas SI. Louis Pittsburgh [Washington Western "'"' .0 do i(. He Ihrcw three touchdown j passes and kicked a 53-yard fie)d| Gvccn B:1 ' ;oal in Houston's 38-7 conquest of clllca go . Dallas. Sunday he passed for (our ^ an *TM KK touchdowns and scl a record of 2 n Division i; i 5 2 Detroit 464 air yards while sending J!ous-! BoUinlorc -Ion to a 28-1G victory over Duffalo.! Mlnllesnla Today Boston is "tied with New York for the lead in Hie Eastern Division of Ihe AFL while Hous- .mtomobile a c c i d e n t Saturday' 0 1 1 ' 5 night and probably will not play B amc again this season, the university announced Sunday night. The 200-pound senior from Nyack had replaced injured Co- Captain Dick Easterly in Ihe Orange lineup. Easterly, also n senior and a former quarterback, has been Pet. .B07 .714 .714 jpraclkert by other intciiiilional|Cmvl»y victory, and the Brownsi is|K)rts bodies for a long time, andiinovcrt U]) by healing the St. l-oms · it is high lime t h a t the IAAF fol-'Canlinals 21-10. low up." Mocst added. | i" the Western Confcrciicc, Swedish lop middle distance! Irunner Dan Wacrn rcccnlly was bv icrn rcccnlly VV;1S \A/;[ o ,r ie IAAF on chrii-g- TM ' I c y ''"Jos lie has broken the present ain-j r\ p { p r m e n ¥ R j f J S 'TM : !ilcur rules. Since long Wore Ibis! ULIV fill tMl I L M U b action sliook Swedish track "T"r» ield circles, tl'.e Swedish alcu IAAF in Ihird place, just a halfback. Houston hasn'l ilaycd as many games as Boston. New York slayed deadlocked or the lead with a 14-6 victory over Oakland. H was the first ime in.21 games thai Al Dorow didn't pass for a touchdown but Bill Matin's look up the slack--he tVngeles 1 C Sunday's Results Cleveland 21, SI. I.ouis 10 Dallas 17, New Yqrk 16 i Athletic Association has advocated a common Scandinavian ac- l^lijn to jjel Ihc rules changed. !':i "Sweden also has suggested ilhal each nation sliould fix their Jj! own amateur rules, but this dras- J. lie reform was not discussed al ' !all here," Moesl said. WASIIhNC-TON (API--Aides of Sen. Alexander Wi 1 c y, H-Wis . Gaiters lo oto and 1'al SummcraU's icld goals. Eddie LcTJai had fired TD passes of 14 and 1-1 yards to Frank Clarke and Dick Bielski as the Cowboys (4-3) buill a 14-0 lead. The Drowns (5-2) struck for Iwo touchdowns wilhin 35 seconds in Itiu first quarter,.Bobby Franklin racing IS yards on a fake field goal attempt nnd Mill Plum hilling Hay Tlonfro wilh a 12-yard pass after the Cards (3-4) fum- said Mon. Wiley made no rcmiest hied the kickoff. Army-hound for deferments for two members Hobby Milchcll, playing in his of tho Green Bay Packers who last game, ramhlcd 56 yards for have been called for military Another Cleveland score. I duly. ' Wiley's o f f i c e said various: naiie Iwo running. The Weslern Division of Ihe Detroit 28, Los Angeles 10 American League Eastern Division W - L ' T ' Pct -,six wed New York 4 3 0 .571 Caldweli Begins jRoad Toward 24 B a n t a m Crown By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS j The world bantamweight litlej Green Uay groups had asked the senator (or help lo ohlain defer- jnicnls until the end of the season 'for halfback t'aul Hormmg Ilinebarkcr Itay N'itschke. and i\ Wiley aide said the requests were forwarded lo (ho Pentagon without comment from Wiley. llornung was lo report to Fl. Kan. Mon. but received u Paul llornung, ihysical today to Safety Belts Anti-freeze Transmissions Battery Jump Cables Tires, Tubes Batteries Tail Pipes Brake Shots Auto Glass Tail Light Lenses Sealed Units Beam Hunters' Scooters Ideal ^or Deer Hunting who' gels determine his itness for the Army, scored on a one-yard plunge, passed 10 yards :o Ron Kramer for another touchdown and kicked four convep sions as the Packers belled ttia Vlkingi U-6). Hornung, the league's scoring leader, now has 102 points. Get Your Legal MUFFLERS at Hackles ut of action for three weeks be- ^ause of a broken bone in his left iaix!. Brokaw was hurt when his car and another collided at an intersection a few blocks from the uni versity campus. He underwen surgery later «t University Hos oiial caguc has reached that ho-hum stage. San Diego refuses lo lose a game or give anybody any hope of winning one. The talented Chargers ripped Denver 37-0 Sunday for their eighlb straight victory and a 4'/fe game lead over Dallas, the runner-up in the division. 1.4.' ' f 1^1 *f* Boston ....... . ..... 4 3 louslon ............ 3 3 Buffalo .......... 3 5 Western Division VI. L. .,,., cording ' 'Caldwe . . . IKilcy, Kan. iiun. UUL rtxeivuu u, w he cleared up «;"l"i| lcml , oral . v s l a v w hcn he was or- quarter ;s if things proceed ac- _,_..!., ._/_ _ i._,..:i»i r«,. ,,' lo plan. Ireland's John A pass interference moved the Bears 5-2) to the 17 in the fourth (|crc(( inlo a | losp ii a l for a'and against the Colts (3-4) set up the winning touch- n ll|oro , h physical cbcckup. I down, Hick Casurcs got il on defends his Luropeaii| Ni , sc ,, kc is dno (0 Icporl al Ft, five-yard run and Roger LeClcrc of the crown Tuesday in| Lcwjs Wash- Nov 3 tor a (0 ur kicked the all-imporlanl cxlra - - T. Pet. London against ex-champ Iphonse llalimi of trance. rno I aclive duly wilh Wisconsin's point. The margin of victory was 32ml National G u a r d Division provided by linebacker Bi 1 San Diego ____ ..... 8 Dallas ............. 3 THE AT JONES SKE SHOP 928 8th Avc. CO. Featuring The World's Top Names In Skiing! - SKIS "HEAD" "NORTHLAND" "KNEISSL" "KASTLE" SKI CLOTHING "BOGNEH" "WHITE STAG" "SUN VALLEY" SKI SWEATERS "MEGGl" "WHITE STAG" "JANTZEN" - SKI BOOTS - "KASTINGER" "HENKE" "LA DOLOMITE" 4 Denver 3 5 Oakland 1 6 Sunday's Results San Diego 37, Denver 0 New York 14, Oakland C Boston 18, Dallas 17 Houston 20, Buffalo 16 ·-[George, .block a 0 01000 | W '| m C r i S , S U P I f S C ( i?. , «' Iwluch earlier this fall was 0 420 |Elcr · T ° frC ' l ' C !sall ? nalnBMing dered lo aclive duly. " -^lAssociation champ, for Ihe un- ,, As Q ..^or, 1 am oflen asked Sieve Mhyra. 'l43 llls ' ml . C(1 .V 41 . 0 01 \P^P' ?· . ,. . iby conslilucnls lo forward rc- ·1«! rnl,U,nll hn a l Hnl.m, Mav 3« ,n, ^ . fm (lcfcrmont tn mc clc who broke conversion through allempt New and Used 306 llth Ave. Auto Parts EL 2-3122 by Caldweli beat llalimi May 30 in London for European recognition.! 1 j llalimi once held l!ie crown but Was knocked oul twice by Mexico's Joe Becerra, who announced jl Wiley sale in a statement. He said 1 that in forwarding such NBA By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS National Basketball Association Eastern Division liis retirement iast year. Alejandro Lavorantc, the Argon- lino heavyweight who has moved up lo No. 4 among Floyd Patterson's challengers, gels oa TV Saturday AT!C) in a match with jrcquesfs lo (he defense tlepart- Jmenl bis sole purpose has betn lo 'obtain prompt and fair considcra- W. L. Pet. G.B.Billy Hunter of Detroit at Boston 2 0 1.000 -New York 3 2 .COO Philadelphia . . 3 2 .000 Syracuse 2 3 .400 1 Western Division xs Angeles ....5 1 .833 Cincinnati 2 2 .SCO 2 St. Louis 2 3 .'M 2'.! Chicago 1 3 .550 3 Detroit 0 4 .000 4 Sunday's Results Cincinnati 139. Syracuse 132 Tuesday's Games New York vs. Cincinnati at St Louis Syracuse at St. Louis American Basketball League Exhibitions Sunday's Game Hawaii 93, Chicago 83 Saturday's Game Kansas City 87, Pillsburgh 78 Today's Game Chicago al Los Angeles Angeles. In his last two starts, the Ar- gcnline whipped Alonzo Johnson inland knocked oul Mat Jackson. 'liunlcr hasn't started since April _'4 when he was knocked out in the; Bowlers First At DU jciglith round by Brian London in Manchester, England. Floyd Patterson is his New York area [raining this DENVER -- Colorado Stale Colleg's bowling team defeated six other schools Friday in a bowling match held at Denver University. The CSC learn, composed ot Al Wise, Roger RydScrg, T o m Markle, Jerry Bown and Gene Yost rolled a high learn score of winding up: 1016. ·SDcrs (4-3) on a 30-yard TD jaunt y John Henry Johnson, an yard pilch from Rudy Bukich lo ^om Tracy and the first of Lou Michael's two field goals. Jon Arnct of the Rams fl-6) an a kickoff back 105 yards, one ard shy of the league record, hut !;c Lion's (4-3) well-balanced a[- ack got Ihe job done. All four Detroit touchdowns came on short tins with Dim Lewis s c o r i n g wice and quarterback Jim Nin- wski and Ken Webb once each. Rydbcrg rolled a liigh game ol week and soon will move on to 233 and teammate Yost had a 237. the Toronto area to complete work [for his heavyweight title defense j Nov. 4 against Torn McNeeloy of · Boston. THf SPORTING GOODS 92^4-28 8th Av«. Phone EL 3-3333 Fights Bruce Stuart, Famed Hockey Star, Dies Sat. OTTAWA (AP) -- One of hockey's nil-lime greats, Bruce Stuarl,!. died in a hospital Saturday after',! a long illness. He was 79. Yost also had a goorl series, rolling a OH. O t h e r schools participating were: Adams Stale, Denver L'ni verily, University of Colorado Colorado Mines, Pixblo Junior College and New Mexico Univer sity Other high scores for Ihe Bears were: Bown, 213; Markle, 200 and Wise, 181. The Steelers 12-5) raceu to i?-0 first period lead against the the sign of dependable, GUARANTEED car service Wo GUARANTEE our brake rellning work lor ona faar--up io 30,000 MU.ES BRAKE AND FRONT END SEJWCE Ehrlichs Bag Two Deer Saturday Karl Ehrlich and his son Wayne of 2-103 6lh Ave., each got their first deer Saturday morning. They were bagged in Indian Meadow at Poudre Valley. Ehrlich is tlw owner of Bel-Air Elcclric. GUARANTEE We x u n r n n l o e ou bf»« rclimn^ n*tvie lor tho (pacified nu ber cf -mllr* (or fff year (rtxn dale ol i a l . l U U o n . A d . u s xnenl* pror»len mUeai* ind bawil lilt prk« cunent ot adjuatment FREE TRIAL OFFER! DELCO SUPERIDE SHOCK ABSORBERS Take a 90-day ride FREE l^i us inaUll a «t of new Uolco Supcride shock nboorbers on your car loday. Try them for 90 days. If you're not fully satisfied, return them foe a fnfl refund BIX! re installation of yoin- ok! shock*. BUY NOW ON EASY FIRESTONE TERMS COMBINATION OFFER · Adjust brakes 'Add fluid ; ---_ · Align front end to manufacturer's specifications · Repack front wheel | bearings · Balance {ront wheels Authorized Dealer for S ARGENT Head Skis SHOP 1016 8th Ave. EL 3-4567 ria, I32Vi, Mexico, 8. 'f I HEAR HD LET ME TELL YOU, SIR E PSACTICALLV. NEV/ USEC CABS YOU GET AT BEETHAM AUTO SALES HAVE THAT SHOW ROOM LOOK ANDgERFORM PEgECTLY.' By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | siuarl. elected last June to Manila -- .!uc Brown. 135, Hous- Hockey's Hall of'Fame, had beenj Ion, Tex., outpointed Bert Somo-'j n failing health for several years.' dio, 135, Philippines, 15 ifor world n c | W rl hepn confined to the hos-| lightweight title). Ipital ahonl two months. New York -- Farid Saliin, I601j one of his final public appear- Argentina, o u t p o i n t e d Ted- n nccs was to attend tlie official dy Wright, 136 V :, Delroif, 10. 'Opening of the Hall of Fame in To- Tokyo -- Kenzo Kliiraamura, jronto Aug. 26. There he saw his 132',i, Japan, slopped Antonio Co- nnmc enshrined with that of his late hrolher, the legendary \Yil- liam Hodgson Stuarl. | !l«l was a dcfcnscnwn and' Rrncc left wing in the seven-man game they played. The two helped the Montreal Wanderers to the Stanley Cup i n j 1907 just before Hod's' death in a' swimming accident, Bruce al?o helped the Wanderers lo the cup in IOCS and wns a member of the cup-winning Ottawa (cams of 1909 and 1911. BE PREPARED WINTER WILL SOON BE HERE ' Restore braking capacity · Stop uneven tire wear · Smooth out your ride J/MB££7HA#f Seald-drarge BATTERIES SQ95 NHL SPECIAL THIS WEEK 1059 Ford V-8 Country Sedan, 9 passenger, Automatic Iransmis- 5ICQC sinn. radio, heater, nowcr steering. A Clean Car to Fit the Job.._.. I W t f U By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS W. L. T.Pts. Montreal 7 ALL, SIXES IN STOCK 12-V Exchange 6-V Exchange $13.95 TWO Y E A R GUARANTEE N'cw York 5 Toronto 4 Detroit 2 Chicago 1 Boston 1 Sunday's Results National Loig'je Montreal B, Detroit X Xew York 4, Tnronlo 2 Chicago 2, Boston 2 (lie) Tuesday's Garna I New York at Chicago ANTI-FREEZE PER GAL. $169 | Not Installed RAPP'S GAS * 2601 10th St. * 2445 8th Ave. Your U. S. Royal Tire Battery Distributor NEW TREADS applied on sound tire bodlet or on your own tires COMPLETE SET of TUBELESS WHITEWALLS ANY OUT NfW Treads, identified by Medallion and thop mark, are G U A R A N T E E D ' 1. Against defects in woik- tnanship iral materials during lite of iread. 2, AfAinst nomul road hflt- attis (except Ktuifabla everyday paAVTifer dr use (or 12 rwKifhs. Tlffairi tnido without chflrgo. repl.tCMTK/1 Ls prorated on Irrad w«ar and histd on list prices current at time of adjustnKnt. 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