Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 26, 1976 · Page 3
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 3

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1976
Page 3
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Pet Haven The Mciho Kiee Press. Thursday. February 2t. HBt-j j after car-pole crash A l l KlUIT KU.V,. Bt .' r p goinfi [o make the pitch. If as , U u.biKi.1 onci-said. Ihe Brillanj Spaniel is not only an ex- e knl hunter but a family dog. we should make great pets for wod families because we are HrilUnv mixtures. If iu are mlrrrsleil in selling a famih pel you should rail lanjon Counlj IM || av eii at 166.129^ There are also some evlra nice pels at on, of I'rt Haven's [osier homes - I6MI94 "\1l SIIOH 'em thf profiles, fellas. AM) t a k e a bow.' Today's column is being rtevoled lo t w o tellers which Tom I). Stevens has received from readers in Canyon County. Dear Tom Stevens: After yesterday I felt lhal I had to write this letter. Las I week my boy saw a pool of blood in Ihe road. II was obvious (hat some small animal had been knocked with a car. but there wasn't a sign of one. This was a t ? a.m. Al 3:15 p.m. when the boy came back from school he found a little puppy lying in Ihe'dilch. barely breathing, almost frozen stiff and covered with blood. I wrapped the little guy up and tried bringing warmth lo his body. All he could do was moan quietly and then he finally died. I went home and cried. Thai poor litile puppy had lain oul there for nine hours because the person who had hit him had thought he was dead and dumped him in the ditch where no one could see him. Yesterday we came across a beautiful cat lhal had jusl been hit by a car and left. The cat was going around in circles in a daze with blood gushing oul of his mouth and the area where there was once an eye. Please lell your readers that if they knock an animal with their car isn't jusl unconscious. A loi of people won't even bother checking in case they have lo take the animal lo a vel and fool the bill. Please let me know ifil is possible for Ihe public lo purchase something lo put an animal that is too far gone out of its misery at the scene of Ihe accident I think il would be a good idea to carry something like this in the car. Sincerely. Caldwell reader Dear Mr. Stevens: i wish you could pul something in your column to make people be better pet owners. I live in Nampa and there sre lliree dogs on my block. Two nf the owners are neglectful and one is a good owner. Two of (he dogs.ireInrnei! loose whenever Ihe people think lhal the dog catcher is not on duly. These IA-O dogs are a nuisance in Ihe neighborhood, fin' what is worst of all is (hat Ihey run oul ONLY! NAMPA Whcrp our food s AI good as Real Be«r. BATTER DIPPED FISH CHIPS Served with Cole Slaw and French Fries FMDAY .1" NAMI'A - A Nampa man receiver! minor injuries ami was arrested ;ind charged with driving wliilc intoxicated following ail accident at ihi corner of Sixth Avenue and Sevi'iilh S t r e e t South Wednesday night. Jerome 1). Orlgies. 33. 17112 S. Juniper wns arrested after his car left (In- raid and hit a power polo, knocking ihc pole clown Damage to liis car was estimated al Si.300 and to the polo. S300 Tan drivers were cited for backing w i t h o u t safely in separate accidents Wednesday. Alvnn Ji. Stet-ensoti. 53, 703 Winlher. was cited afler ;i collision on iVimlier will; a parked car rmnrd by fail 1) Hamilton, fill Winter. Damage in Hamilton's ear un^ tl-1 ^ i^r Stevenson's car w a s undamaged. banslcr Kiuikini. 15. 50J 'Jill Ave. S.. w a s also cited for unsafe backing, as well as driving without a driver's license, alter another collision al Ihe corner of Canyon and Smith with a parked car owned by Gary Dielz. '.»:)! Mill Ave N. Kxt. Damage In Dietz' car was ?2UU, while $20 damage was done In Kinikini'.s car. In oni- uiner accident Wed- nt'sday. h'orres; K. Hail. 14. Meridian, was cilcil for inal- tenlive driving after a collision ai C.ildM-ell and ,\tidianci Hmilevards. Damage to his ear was $.150 and lo a car driven hv Harry W. Scliull. 30. :ilu Inlii Ave N. SH. A passenger in Schnll's car. Ceha A. Sennit. Nuclear reactor moved at ISU I'Ol.'ATEl.l.O - Irl.ilio State University's nuclear reactor was recently moved frnm the physical science building into an especially built section of the l.illibridge Engineering l.atxjratnry building where it will he used for teaching and research purposes. Even though the t w o buildings are close together, the plans for moving the reactor weredttuileri and comprehensive and were reviewed by Ihe Nuclear Regulatory Commission to insure that all safely requirements were met "Since il is a low-power leaching reactor, the radiation levels are minimal and (ho move was accomplished with complete safety." said Dr. Albert E. Wilson, dean nf the ISU School of Engineering. He added that the reactor will be assembled in its new location soon and then will bo inspected by a Dallas. Tex., representative of (lie Nuclear Kcgulatory Commission. Eight years ago this reactor was given tn ISU by (hi; Aerojet Nuclear Corp. Keacturs like this one cosi approximately S100.000 when Aerojet was selling them in 1957, Dr. Wilson noled. It is the smallest type of reactor which is of any practical use. Until recently, the reactor had been in Ihe sub-basement of Hie physical science building. complained nf slight injuries. A car was reported stolen early Wednesday morning, but was located abandoned later in Ihe day in another section of the cily, according to police reports Dan L. llirch. :I15 'Jlh Avo. N . told police thai his HI72 yellow Plymouth Duster had been laken sometime during Ihe night Tuesday.!lelalerfound Ihe car parked at 10th Avenue and l-'iflh Street North. More meat was discovered missing from another locker at Idaho Keslaurant Supply ami Equipment Wednesday. Mary Uingen. Nampa Huule 7. Inld police thai she round one-half ijeef. worth $201). gone [ruin her locker when she opc-ned it Wednesday, after nut having inspected il foralxml two weeks The management of M and W Market al Holly Shopping Center turned three insufficient funds checks in lo the police Wednesday. Drawn on separate accounts in Nampa and ('aid- well. Ihc checks (dialed $14442. Employes of Consumer's Market on Caldwell Boulevard also complained of one bad clii-ck, drawn nn a closed Nampa account lor $25. Arrested Wednesday were Ernest li. Hiirlnw. W iilh Ave. S.. picked up on an overtime parking warrant; and Joe E. Heimingfield, Marysville. Calif., charged with grand larceny. Oilier recent arresls include lleclnr A. Ocampn. \ampa Houlo 1. Lewis I), (lil T, V" 4th SI. N. Ext., and Cathy M Case. Stli 2nd St. S.. all charged with pi-til larceny. .lesse Salas. Jr.. 211 Isl SI. N. l'°xl., was alsn charged wild resisting an officer, malicious destruction of properly and disturbing the peace in a second arrest. One nthorman. Calvin 1,. McFadden, Nampa Houle ti. was a r r e s t e d and c h a r g e d w i t h resisting an officer. Fact finders suggest changes in negotiations CAI.DWF.U, - Changes have been recommended in four of nine ilems brought before a fact-finding commission by representatives of Local 1B21 of the International Association of Fire Fighters as matters of dispute in negotiating a contract with the city of Caldwell. While no: considered binding by either city officials or union representatives, the recommendations basically allow negotiations to continue. One rcconuneuiliilio.') is for tin. 1 two (actions to "meet at Ihe earliest possible dale, and in no event later than Monday. March 1, ti)7G, and give serious consideration to the recommendations determined, which are felt by this commission to be in the besl interests of the parties concerned." Caldwell Mayor l!ob Pasley. who Tuesday night released Ihe commission's findings lo The News-Tribune, said some members of Ihe city council are out of town and he was not sure a meeting could be arranged by Monday, but thai "a meeting will take place before any aclioa is laken on Ihe recommendations." He sail! copies would be given lo all council memhcis 'for study" prior to Ihe meeting. After a Feb. 18 hearing in the Canyon County Courlhouse. at which time representatives from the city and (!ie firefighter's union presented (heir cases to a thi ee-man fact-finding body called for by (lie union, the commission found "no dispute remained" in four of the nine areas of contention presented. These were holidays, which remained unchanged: clothing allowance, which was increased by $25 per year: granting a higher rate, of pay lo firemen who are repeatedly required to perform in [insitinns of increased responsibility: and bargaining time. Recommendations included a change in the grievance procedure, a work week reduced from M to 54 hours per week; a change in management prerogative with Ihe addition lhal "no member can be dismissed without jusl cause" and a 12 per cent wage increase in cerlain classifications and ID per'com in others. Not included in Ihc lisled recommendations was the question of additional vacation lime which had been requested by the union negotiating committee, indicating thai no change was suggested by the commission. Serving on Ihc fact-finding ermmiissior, were Ered J. Smith, Uciisc. chairman: Ered Stringfield, Caldwell, appointed by Ihe cily. and Jim Martinez. Boise, unini\ appointee. According to earlier statements hy Pasley. Ihe city's position, particularly in Ihe area of wages, has been thai '"the council can't do for une deparlment of cily employes whul they can't do for all." Al the lime negotiations were stopped by the union's request for the fad-finding commission. J'asley said Ihe council had not had opportunity lo make a salary offer because budget preparations we're incomplete. While officials have indicated lhal all cily employes have been granted a raise, no official statement concerning percentage of increase has been released. The firemen had requested a 31 per rail wage increase. A DONATION of ll,.ilG.H!l from llu Mi'lli.i Community Auction pushed llie Nampa An-a Vnitcil U'a campaign over Ihe lop lo alinosi I"! |»'i mil nf ils goal of 57U,LHtu fur Ilir l'i;"i-;ii ilrh r. Yn a Hlanksina. treasurer of the Mellm rlurili jiriiiip, pn'M'iils Hit' rlircl In J)im Hi,null pifsidriilof Ihe N.U'U. Kiih St;nilun Ml. \ii-r pmiilrm of ihr .YM'IY, and Mjron .Vie. president ullheMi-Iha aiicliun. complete tin- lineup fur llu- ceremony. Heser- ·' valions an- being lakrn for Ihr X.U'W annual · ' ili -r nuTting March II al 7 p.m. al Ihe'' Iliiiailmurr I'miiiln Club. '·' iSlaff Photo) '·' Around about the Nampa area SIJI'AIU: DANCE - The Shouting Stars .Square Dance Club will dai;ccal Up m. Friday at the old Elks ISuilding. BIS Arthur. Caldwell. Classes will begin at 7:3(1 p.m. Hoss and Penny Crispiuo are callers, licli eshmenis will be served. All square dancers are welcome. NEED llt'MMAGE - The Nampa High Drill Team needs rummage for their fund-raising sale on March 5 and 6. Anyone wishing to donate items in good condition, working appliances, dishes, clothes, toys, whatever. may call Ihe following for pick up: Mrs. Swindell, TO-0344 or Juati al -ICC-,'1184. DESSEKT CARD PARTY The Episcopal Church dessert card party will be held Saturday. Feb. 28. al 1 p.m. at the parish ball. 411 10th Avenue S. Bridge, pinochle and canasta will be played. Admission is Sl.sti per person, and reservations may be made by calling Maude Marie Burns. 4G~G-G58S or Doris Wrihlgamuth. 466-3C5C. PAST NOBLE C.HANDS - Kebekali past noble grands w ill hold a family covered dish dinner Friday at ii p.m. in the Odd Fellows Hall. There will be a program and everyone attending is asked to bring a wrapped while elephant anil own table service. SENIOR CITIZENS - Tile Nampa Senior Citizens Club will bosl a pinochle parly Friday at 1 p.m. al the Community Center. All persons 55 and over are invited. Refreshments will be served. For bus transportation call 4CG-3511. VWCA.NEWTOL'SEDSAI.E - The YWTA is holding a newt o - u s e d sole Friday and Saturday. Feb. 27-28 a! Ihe Y. 1417 Second Ave. S COliI) SAM - The Gem .Sprouts Chapter will have a Fun Nile Saturday. Feb 2(t. at 7:30 p.m. It will be held in Ihe Wilkins Recreation Hall. 1703 Third St. N. C.ames will be played. Mctnbeis are asked 10 bring cards, games, white elephant, card tables and snack food, fnflce will he furnished "EVENING SPECIALS" ' · v£, ·"«""··"»' $5.25, !.IS · BDSi t r nr s-.-.. isc. $5.25 K, """" $4.50. e 0; SAT .D 54.50 $3.75 $4.00 SIHDA1 PAMFHIEO M95 CHICKEN L NAIVIPA CHIEF RESTAURANT LOUKGE Boneless - Full Cut ROUND STEAK 29 IB. HAM Boneless. Fully Cooked, Lb. PORK LIVER Fresh Sliced, Lb LUNCH LOAVES 4 Varieties, Bulk, Lb in front of cars and I, myself, have seen them flirt with death more than once. The good owner keeps his dog in a run except when he lakes it for walks or when it goes for outings with the family. I have seen it cry when these other two clogs cut across Ihe lawn and I have fell like saying. "Tao, you arc a lot luckier than you realize. Your owner cares enough for you to keep you off Ihe street and oul of Ibe way of cars. You don't know il bul you are a lot luckier lhan Ihose other Iwo dogs." One of these days cither one of these t w o dogs or both of them will he hit by a car and maybe killed. Then Iheir owners will cry. I hope ibat day never comes hul fin not sure il won I. Sincerely. Ni.mpa reader I 79 25° 79° ORANGE JUICE Old South, Frozen. 6 0:. Cans . ETTUCE · : / ,M Large Solid Heads.. -*"» The remarkable HEAT Fraser-Johnston PUMP DENNY'S LINE-A-DINER TO KEEP YOU WARM IN WINTER, COOL IN SUMMER. The Heat Pump absorbs warm air Irom outside, even nt -20'F, to heal your home. In summer, it draws heal from your home and discharges il outside, even at 115°F, and cools the house. Remarkable. Also energy- eflicient and all electric, very important these days and more important lor the Mure Thu Fraser-Johnston Heat Pump is exceptionally well received by utilities, conservation groups, and heating and air conditioning people who know heal pumps. We know heal pumps. Call us lor riotails or Ireo estimate. Fraser-Johnston OWYHEE SHEET METAL 1020-fslSl.S. Ntmpi Sales Service 466-M01 4M-S193 ^ J £ 1 * * J $ ·i % -w^ J For 1 CELERY Stalk. Large Crisp. Each APPLES , L florae. Delicious, Go'den Del.. .. ^ B CAMPBELL SOUP r TomalocrVegeMbleNo. t \J CHUNK TUNA Treasure Valley, 6 1 /2 Oz. Can . . . APRICOTS Treasure Valley, 2V 2 Size Can .. FLOUR Treasure Valley, All Purpose . . . . 10 l.t LONE SI 135 Lone ··· Ro a ad ^T iflfl m* 39 C ,49° $1 Cans Jb 49' 39' $1 49 FAR MET

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