Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 19, 1972 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1972
Page 20
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from J4A :he prettiest rust color that you can imagine! Love, Heloise oiSe By HELOISE CRUSE I All correspondent* pertaining fo Ihe'Heloise column shook! b* nailed directly to Heloise, King Feafores Syndicate, 535 E. 45th Street, New York, New Ywk 10017. mmm Dear Folks: As I was peeling carrots Siiid potatoes last week for my pot roast, it dawned on me to go-on-ahead and peel some more for the stew I would be making two days from then. Know what 1 did? . I just put the carrots ami potatoes in a big fruit jar and filled it up with water. Then J put the lid on the jar. and set it in the refrigerator. They were the best carrots I ever tasted. J grated some in the salad the next night. So nice and crisp! . Some of the potatoes I grated for cottage fries for breakfast. H was easy -- they were already peeled! The third night, instead of the proverbial stew, I just cooked the potatoes and carrots separately and had hot roast beef sandwiches, Sometimes I mash the potatoes' and cut carrots in chunks in it. Great, too. SNA Involved With Activities During Student Nurse Week The goodest thing about cutting more carrots and potatoes at the same time and putting them under water is .that they never turn black or shrivel up, and are always ready instantly. Why make two messes when you can get by with one? Another thing that my mother lias been after me about to remind you all is tiiat if you have no garbage disposal, take a newspaper and put it on your drainboard and peel your vegetables, etc. on it. Then all you have to do is roll it up ami slick it in the garbage can. This way you are killing two birds with one stone. Why peel it in the sink and then have to pick it up? Heloise Dear Heloise: The next lime you pee! yellow onions don't throw away the outside brown-colored skins. These brown skins, thrown in the water while cooking hard- boiled eggs will result in the most beautiful dyed,eggs -- a real treat for the children. It will enable you to distinguish them from the raw eggs in the refrigerator! Mrs. Frank Getz I tested this in my kitchen, and, by cracky, it really worked! Those eggs turned out 3ear Heloise: A a devotee of crewel em- Jroidery, I would like to share wo hints with you that make the work even more fun by removing two sources of worry. First -- I was afraid the edges of the material would un- ·avel. 1 cut narrow strips fy- ron-on mending tape and ironed them onto the edges of [he wrong side of the material. Sven with all the handling, it eeps the material from raveling! Second -- having worked my ay from four-color kits up to one with sixteen different shades, 1 was worried about ·cceping them all separated so I wouldn't use the pink when a light rose was called for! After trying many different ideas, I finally thought of spring-type clothespins. They nave a' small slot that fits a wire coat hanger. Put the righl number of pins on a hanger. "Jlip the yam on the hanger in order of shade or use. They stay neat, separated anc visible! The hanger can be hung oul of reach of small hands anc the yarn is always easily avail- a b 1 e for those snatchec moments during the day! Suzanne Robertson Copyright, 1972 King Features Syndicate Inc. The Student Nurses Associa- ion (SNA) at the Univesily of Northern Colorado 1 will parlici- «le in National Student Nurse Veek from April 23-29. The home for the week, "You can reak through, you can," involves the idea, that more ninority group members should enter the field of professional nursing. SNA on campus has tried to engage in ' activities and pro- ects which affect the.commun- ty. Included this year were col- ecting for UNICEK, a Christmas parly at a migrant council n Greetey, and a Valentine's Day parly al the cerebral palsy center. They are trying to find jut exactly what nursing is about and how they can involve others in the field of nursing. Mayor Richard Perchlik will proclaim the week of April 23-29 as Greeley's Student Nurse about the association, contact SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) Former President Lyndonn B Johnson's heart condition has not been compounded by brief burst of rapid heart beals according to a specialist. Dr. J. Willis Hurst, Johnson's personal heart specialist, sak Tuesday that the former prosi dent "feels quile. good" and was "up and around." Recuperating from a majo heart attack suffered near); two weeks ago, Johnson had a brief heart rhythm problen Monday, but it quickly sub sided. either Marcia Floyd at 353-3345 or Liz Wise al 351-3564. Week. Anyone having questions Mrs. Runnells Is Installed Club President Mrs. Robert Runnells became president of the Greelsy Cily Panhellenic Club Thursthy evening, April 20, in the home of Mrs. Ed Pillock \ynen new officers were installed by Mrs. Hugh Warren. Taking the office of vice president was Mrs. Don Lebsack, wilh .Mrs. Frank Jones as secretary and Mrs. J. Livid'. Johnson as treasurer. .· Bride-elect Honored At Kitchen Shower Miss Joyce Newion of Norlli- glenn was Ihe guest of honor at a kitchen shower at Ihe home of Mrs. Rollie Hays, Saturday, April 15. Mrs. Bill Piel was the co-hosless. Miss Newion will become the bride of Navy Construction Apprentice Edward Hays at the First United Mclhodist Church on Mother's Day, May 14. Among the guests al Ihc shower were Mrs. Wayne New- oil of Norlhglenn, Mrs. Joe Ewing and daughter, Virginia, and Miss Bernicc Ruyle, all of Wiggins, and the two grandmothers, Mrs. Roy Biddle and Mrs. Charles McClure, both of Grceley. Retiring officers ire Mrs. James Dalbey, president, Mrs. 1 Gerald Martens, vice president, Mrs. Olen St. Aubyn, secretary, 1 and Mrs. Joseph Clitheroc, treasurer. The program consisted of a talk and slides by Mrs. Valai Indrambarya, from Bangkok, Thailand, graduate student al Ihe University of Northern Colorado, a nutritionisl working on her maslers degree. Her husband is here working on a degree in irrigation. Any alumnae of a member fraternity of the National Pan- hellenic Conference is invited lo attend meetings. For further information call Mrs. Robert Hoff, 353-2177, or Mrs. James Dirtbey, 352-1577. Parliamentarians Present Workshop The Grceley Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians responded to the invitation of the. Future Business Leaders of America by presenting a workshop on parliamentary procedure at the 14th Annual Conference of the FBLA al Colorado State University in Fort Collins on. April 11. The importance of parliamentary procedure in tin development of competent, ag gressive business leadershi| was stressed not only in the workshop but also in the exami nation given aspiring students and stale officer candidates on Monday, April 10. Over 90 students and fhei leaders were present for the program given by Ihe loca club, which was represented b; Dr. Cecily Grumbine; president Elmer Bachenberg, vice presi dent, and Mrs. Hubert Harris. TOKYO (AP) - Sens. Mike Mansfield, D-Monl., and Hugh Scott, R-Pa., liave arrived in Peking for a three-week visit to China, according lo a Peking radio.broadcast. Mansfield, Ihe Senate major ity leflder, and Scolt, Ihe Sen ale Republican leader, were ac companiccl on their arriva Tuesday by llieir wives and parly of other persons. The New China News Agen cy, in a broadcast monitored ii Tokyo, said the senators fle\v into the Chinese capital fron Shanghai. Wed., April 19, 1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TKIUUNE 21 directions in bolh knilting and (number of limes as specified;:-! rocheting until |aren!lur,es' l) y Ihc number following. ; ;';·'[· md asterisks are used, then I 1 ' 1|0 I 1C tllis cxplajns it lo ave a lime with ,he interpret, ll's Patriot's Day, this April 19, 1972, and since we all have a certain amount of patriotism let us be greatful for this grand country of ours. Recently I viewed a fashion ·--· s h o w i n g o f t w o famous American designers and since his is an election year, it was Minted out that clothes were nfluenccd by the political wndulum -- conservatism wilh ·elaxcd classic apparel. Why? They are comfortable! Knit and crochet wear by 'doing it yourself"! The ayered "look" is the most, with he loveable shrink (short iweater) or the lanktop which is long. The blitlonless cardigan ;wealer or jacket (Chanel style) eing the very top layer is worn over everything. I made some timely notes as I watched, on ladies' fashions, and I'll pass them on lo you. Hemlines are more 'i|. r 1 ong, but tbc short ones arr noi eft out by any mean- · jivlin · ung len? hs arc · ·:· .'· , a:i. with side E'its nr al ur tlic front are a terrific cover-up over shorts, ' Waistlines are "in" whether you accent Ihe natural une at just above to lenji.hen Hie lower part, and give a longer look, rather than being cut in ;ialf in the middle (Take note you shorties!) Pants, all kinds of them, especially Ihc wide leg (skirl look), are really a comfortable garment · for evening wear. Even w i t h sweater ovei sweater, layer over layer, the bottom layer is the ha.v look with the halter that can be won with playclolhes for snorting activities or in Hie evening al gala a f f a i r s , a versatile warm weather garment. Mix and match your garments plains, textured color is the key plaids, stripes patterns -Ihe dooi of fashion. \V;tli vooniion lime j u s t around (lie corner remember that knils travel wel and are easy lo pack. Fashions by Adnlpho C a s p e r , l o p American ensiblc. They admit that they along the "kookv 1 irliclcs for the young, but romen want flallnvii'p, style? md they (urn toward Ihc ·lassies. Caring about fashion s a natural thing, but also fun, ·specially when you are creal- ng the lalesl styles, yourajll! Dear Ellce, Would you settle a dispute act ween friends? We were hav- ng a discussion about our knit- ing and crocheting ami some aid crocheting was fp.-tcr than milting. Is il? Also, which akes more yarn? The Grceley-ilcs Dear Greeley-itcs, J'm not one for settling other jeoples' disputes, we all have roblems of our own, but since Cs about needlework, O.K )epeixiing on what is being made, but usually crochcling Is 'aster. Crocheting will take a illlc bit more yarn for most hings. There's always an ex ceplion in bolh cases, however. Jcar Elleo, I'm learning lo knit lon't know much about differenl kinds of yarns. Could you give me a few tips? Josephine Dear Josephine, First of all, be sure lo use he kind lhal your patterns fall ion of them. Can you help :ii| sym bo!s. onie way? ' Mrs. W. i Keep your letters.coining to; ';-."· Dear Mrs. W., The symbols of the asterisk IK! the parentheses, as well as ny of Ihe other punctuation narks are what 1 call road iigns. Go from one lo the next, mo step al a lime, and you'll irogress along the road lo lappy needlework. The * (asterisk is used to tvoid the constant repetition of one step. An asterisk in instructions indicates the beginning of a repeat and you follow the nstruclions until they read "reo "com *." You then go b a c k lo the * and work the repeat as many limes as specifier! 'which is in addition to the first hue). The 0 (parentheses) are used, loo, lo avoid repetition. When a step is enclosed by parenlhcses, there is always a lumber immediately following ami you work Hie step williir 'he parentheses the exact 1520 14th Avenue ' : Grceley, Colorudo-TOl ¥ii --and we'll help with your-i;!; icedlework probjems, share £;*· lip or pattern, md keep yoi(:' ;; . Informed of current' trends! £"; MANILA (AP) - ihieldjff;';?; Marcos, wife of President Per--?; ' dinand E. Marcos, says she is" · willing to run for the prcsldeh-:';V.; cy next year "if the people?^' want me." '^'x Mrs. Marcos said in aii inter-. · view published today in The · Manila Times that she considers herself an expert on presidential matters and has cultivated many important friends i abroad, a factor that "can be .: considered an asset lo any ' president." ' j U was her strongest staler ' mcnt yel on the subject. . .Her husband's second four- year term expires nexl year. The Philippine constitution for- " bids a president to serve more than two terms. \ WORLD S MOSt ' ·RECOMMENDED - DRVCLEANiriG - 'or u n t i l you become familiar with the weights. Yurns arc made in differenl as you liavc probably noticed, ami are used for different things. The most popular weights are (A) fingering or baby y a r n , light weight; (B) sport yarn, medium weight; (C) knitting worsted, heavy weight; and yarns which are heavier than k n i t t i n g worsted. Dear Kllee, (designers, arc pnpuhr andl I do quite well following We pamper polyesters. Polyosler knils neocJ the-right kind of care lo keep Ihalr good looks longer. Sanilono caro. Hero's how wo pamper thorn: * i 1. Wo know how host to caro for today's libers and fabrics. 2, Wo remove spots and oily stains easily. 3. Thai "washed oul" look Is ollminntod and knlls aro soflr, rnoro luxurious. 4, Wo reshape and put the newness bock into garments. 2800 W. 10th SI. SINGER · ^»*Bi»^*fcBiil mm mm mgsale! 121-1 aih Avc. : r , , j , · -:on · - · - - . . _ . . . -,|,- ink flower price tags tell it all! S5? Come in and see "your budget perk up with these famous Singer values! save OFF Sinter lrolch ·tilcfias PRICE on the Golden Touch Sew* sewing machine intheBakersfield desk! Buill-ln tuiionricler; se-Asin zrppe/s, loo It's the Golden Touch Sevy* sewing machine, our very best, in the Bakersfield cabinet that converts to a desk! This machine gives you Singer stretch stitches for all your springy knits. Touch the dial to switch from straight to zig-zag to decorative stitches. At a touch, the built-in buttonholer starts a round-end buttonhole of any size. And just touch the exclusive Singer* Push-Button Bobbin--watch itwind itself, right inside the machine. Sew up Spring, and SFiis;Bobbin' save now! Styhst* zig-zag portable sewing machine *20 WITH CARRYING CASE 416/574 You get 4 built-in Singer stretch stitches, the exclusive Smge/front drop-in bobbin and a built-in buttonholer, too! Al! at this lowSingerSpring Sale price! Reg. $219.95. Sale '199,95 NEW! Fashion Mate* zig-zag portable sewing machine and af our everyday low price WITH CARRYING CASE Our newest sewing machine has so many great features right in front of you. It switches easily from straight to zig-zag and has the exclusive S[nger*drop-in bobbin! The SlngerlleJJi* Credit Plan helps you have these values now- withln your budget. SINGER Telephone 352-4939 827 10th St. ·A TricJimirk t f l H E SlliStn COWPA'IY Di.imoml Duo 8Di,imomls$75.0[)each Dinrnond Solitaire TrioSel $100 Di.itmmi! Solit.iirc TrioSel 5225 Bridal Sel 10 Diamonds Bridal Set 7 D i a m o n d s YOUK CIIOICI; S8995 Royal Star. ·! Dr.imoruis $90.95 Genuine Opal $59.95 Di.imondSoliuireSct SlfH) Diamond Solitaire Set $395 UridalScI 6 Diamonds S175 G e n u i n e FJI.ick Star SM.95 . 1% . , r il Dr.imoiHl Want proof that our diamonds are superb values? They re guaranteed!" We guarantee more t h a n their q u a l i t y . Their v.iluc is guaranteed, loo. So when you shop from our selection of nnd modern designs, you're sure lo f i n d something special for your particular budget. After all, we have a guarantee to live up lo. ZALES® My, how you've changed SHOPGREELEY Open Friday till 8:30 S M S I h S t , 352-4957 Vie nne of our convenient charge pUns · /jlcs Custom Charge · Ziles Revolving Clurgc · Master Charge · BinkAnuricaril 'I or n i r, cur, c|ui!ilx jnd ^lillijncf, our2i'r AitrfonA nlh« l.ntitin iltp/i« Hnjf. Vour pwie/ bjtl in lull if )eujn(iivi Jtdtrrd,imoftd vjhjf l.n ih( fmt i»nKinH)djifron\4*lecl purh*vf.

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