Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 19, 1967 · Page 6
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 6

Nampa, Idaho
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Monday, June 19, 1967
Page 6
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Idaho Free Press, Monday, June 19,19G7 -- 6 Vows Exchanged o In Meridian Rites MERIDIAN-Miss Betty Jean girl. The candles were lighted Rowley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, by Helen Rowley and Kenny Rowand Wllard Rowley of Meridian, be- ley. Dan Mark and Marvin came the bride of Earl Wilbur Meyer, Jr. were carpet rollers. Westmark, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Weslmark was bestman Dave Westmark of Nampa, In for the bridegroom and the ush- June 2 ceremonies in Meridian Church of the N'mrene. The Rev. Alfred Jones officiated in the presence of 250 guests. The church was decorated with yellow mums, white pom pons and candles. Phil Peterson, soloist, was accompanied by Miss Dixie Kellum, The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a white satin, empire-styled gown with chantilly lace and seed pearls Beverly trimming the bodice, skirl and Pipkin, cathedral trim of satin attach- Mr. and Mrs. Westmark both ed at the empire line in back, attended Northwest Nazarene She wore a cathedral veil and College. He has recently re- carried acascade of yellowroses turned from army duty In Viet- and lilles-of-the-vallcy centered with an orchid. Miss Jane Rowley was her sister's maid of honor. Other attendants were Miss Judy Garley, Miss Christ! Martell, Mrs. Don Am an and Miss Molly Brow-n. Debbie Westmark was flower ers were Don Aman, Lowell Rowley, Lon Klalir and Ron Robinson. The reception following the ceremonies was held in the Masonic Temple in Meridian. Serving were Mrs, Dan Westmark, Mrs. Lowell Rowley, Mrs, Doyle Nixon, Mrs. Dale Wilson, Miss Sandy Humphries, Miss Sue Stove, Miss Beverly Wilson, Miss Marion Pipkin, Miss Pywell and Mrs. Burl nam and his bride has been employed by Capital Office Machines. For her travel costume to their new home In Fort Hood, Texas, Mrs. Westmark selected a green tweed suit with green accessories. Awards Presented At Bethel 4 Meeting Bethel 4, International Or- The members voted to sell der of Job's Daughters, met P°P corn during the activities Thursday evening at the Mason- Airing Nampa's Farm Day, Aug. ic Temple for a regular session 3 and also the tnird week of July with Honored Queen Julia Dun- during the Snake River Stam- bar presiding P 61 ' 6 parades, Awards for'points earned were Grand Council will be held presented to Cynthia Mower, Ann at Moscow, June 22-24 and the Bodle, Eileen Sessions, Susan Salle, Debra Bow, and Linda Me. Entire. Eileen Sessions was Danner, Nancy Fields, and Debra Bow. Susan Salle and Jeanie Erno served refreshments following the closing ceremony. (Creason Photo) MR. AND MRS. EARL WESTMABK (Former Betty Rowley) following members of Bethel 4 will attend accompanied by Mrs. Jerry Cornilles and Mrs. Dun- chosen Jobie of the Night, and bar; Taml Tiller, Linda Keith- Kristine Coering was honored ecker, Maureen McCain, Julia for a recent birthday. Dunbar, Pam Cornilles Jayne Introduced were: Linda Heith- Childs, Barbara Bennett, Mary pcker, Past Honored Queen and Grand Representative to Nevada; Nancy Montgomery, member of Bethel 29, Boise; Fred Eastland, Worshipful Master, Ashlar Lodge, No. 90, AFAM; Mrs. Ivan F,. Dunbar, Bethel Guardian; and Bob McEntire, Associate Guardian. Maureen McCain wasinstalled as Guide. Vam Cornilles presented the term Scrapbook to Unda Heithecker, past Honored ^^ Queen. The following committees ,y r5 Qi cn Showallr.r wereappointedbyllonoredQueen ,-, . .,, r . f[ . Julia: luncheon for Masons, July brand Chapter UJJicer 1, Debbie Bow, Eileen Sessions, Susan Salle, Linda Erno, Jean Flora; favors for Supreme Session, Linda McEntire, Maureen McCain, Linda Erno, Jeanie Erno, and Debbie Bow. Women I Restore Home's Good Looks With Spring Cleaning Hints NEW YORK, K. Y. (ED) - old cotton gloves for a little lady- a dazzling finish - clean the Spring is the time for evalua- like polish. Dip the tips of the while tapes on the blinds with tion - for taking stock of things gloves into the polishing wax and white shoe polish. Voila! Win- rub it into (tie slats. And -- for daws with lots of lustre. Mis. Glen Showalter of Nampa has been elected Associate Conductress of the Grand Chapter of Idaho, Order of Eastern Star, the local chapter announced. Her election took place during the Idaho Grand Chapter session held recently in Lewiston. Mrs. Showalter is a past matron of Nampa Chapter No. 30 and is currently serving as secretary. THE 60TH WEDDING anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Price, 112 13th Ave. N. will be celebrated with an open house Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. The couple was married June 26, 1907 at St. Anthony. A family reunion will follow the diamond wedding celebration. (Chapin Studio) Josephine Lowman Swimming Is Fun For All Age Groups This is the time of year when women want to make a splash, not just at social occasions or In their bathtubs, but somewhere else like In a pool, river, lake or surf. Water Is always soothing. Even the sound of It Is, whether It comes from a bubbling brook, a waterfall, a gentle wave tippling on a shore, the patter of rain on a roof, or the rhythmic pounding of breakers on a beach. Water is also cooling. H you swim in it rather than splash in it, this builds health and is one of the greatest of all figure molders. By swimming t do no! mean lying on a float and drifting about but using your arms and legs, your abdominal muscles, in fact, practically all of your muscles. Relax in between periods of activity. Swimming isn't age conscious, only you arel This is one sport you can take down the years with you, or begin at a much later age than that allowed for other sports. It is excellent medicine tor nervous tension because it is so ex- from yourself toyourhome. This year, In · solve to restore the good looks of your house by taking aim at problem areas. Put bulging closets on a diet by eliminating paraphernalia you no longer w^nt or need. Take all those old clothes ytxi knowyou'll never wear and give them away. Ditto for old, worn-out shoes, hats, tennis rackets, tattered blankets and ancient papers. If this method sounds a bit too drastic for you, weed out your treasured objects and put the ones you can't bear to part with in boxes, neatly libeled witt^a list of Ihelr contents, This way, you'll have a handy index to the objects you can't see and solve the problem of overflowing odds and ends at the same time. When you've finished, a nice touch for a woman's or little girl's closet Is to hang some scented pomander balls on an extra hanger In the closet. If your dirt-buried carpets have given up the ghost, resurrect them, by giving them agood shampooing. First, vacuum the rug well on both sides. Then, place newspapers under the ri g edges to protect the floor. Fill a rotary shampooer with cleaning ltiuid or soap and water and run it over the nig. n you don't have one of these handy appliances, apply suds with a flat, soft-bristled brush, uslnga minimum of water. Rinse with a all of their lives. You cannot Imaginetheirprlde in winning out over thisleellng. Sometimes just conquering one damp cloth. Whatever method fear will change one's entire you use, be sure to test a small portion of the rug for colorfastness before starting. And to avoid unnecessary work, wash a outlook. These women added a lot of fun and a lot of health to their lives, and they felt younger, and therefore, looked foot-square section at a time, younger. being sure to overlap edges when · Swimming is also a sport going on to thenext section. Your entire families can enjoy logeth- rug will have a new lease on life when you've finished. Curses'. Is there a villaniotis greasy stove In your life? Foil it. Wait until the stove has MR. AND MRS. ALFRED Thornton will be honored on their 50th wedding anniversary Tuesday, June 27, 3 to 7 p.m. at their home, 704 Sixth St. No. Hosts for the open house are their daughters, Mrs, Genevieve Peters, Cloverdale, Calif., Mrs. Eleanor Helderman, Boise and their son, Dr. Shannon Thornton, Healdsburg, Calif. A money tree is planned. Parties Dot Calendar For Area Residents Parties and visitors are Annie Jackson, Mrs. C. A. Jones, keeping area residents busy Naomie Wright, May Jennings, these days. Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Mabe, 115 Palo Alto Dr., CaldweU were hosts at a patio party held recently in honor of Mrs. Mabe's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Maftox of Nampa. The occasion was the Mat- lox's 25th wedding anniversary. Thirty-two guests greeted the couple. Fred Thevinun of Eureka, Calif., visited with his sister, Mrs. Mary Alice Linn recently. Thevinun is a past mayor of Eureka. i wiurs I NEW? Mrs. R.D.Schoorl was hostess I The new broad A SEPTEMBER wedding is planned by Hene Maher and Jerry Canning. The engagement and forthcoming marriage'is announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maher of Homedale. The bride-elect is a 1964 graduate of Homedale High School and is employed bythe Nampa branch of Bank of Idaho. Her fiance, a 1960 graduate of Nampa High din s School, attended Portland State College and is employed by Owens Corning Fiberglass Co. of Boise. He is the son of the Howard Cannings of Nampa. (Bach Studio) for a Pilgrim Luncheon recently · at her home. Lilies of the valley TM and Dutch favors decorated the table. The Mayflower quiz was won by Mrs. Mae Shannon. Residents of three nursing homes were represented on the guest list. Attending the luncheon were Mrs. Shannon, Mary Bickford, it's only a paper wed- summer. A maker of paper dresses estimates that 2,500 brides-to-be will wear paper wedding dresses this 5'ear. The styles range from very fancy to very simple. Homeowner's policy. One policy, one premium, one agent At A.E. (Ed Wart) Agency 116 13* Aw. So. Dial 446-2466 er, from toddler to grandpar. enls. If you used to swim and "got out of the habit" or if you have never learned, why not start again or learn this summer. Don'I put it off! If you want a painless and reassuring way to learn to swim you may wish to have my leaflet, "Learn to Swim!" (Horton Photo) MR. AND MRS. RONALD B. UECK3TEAD (Noe Linda Diane Ross) Reception Honors Ronald Becksteads cooled off, then come to the res cue with a cleaning agent. ham Young University. She has at Program Available EAGLE-- A wedding recep- Once you've gott°en"the fine art tion in Eagle Ward LDS Church been teaching first grade of spring cleaningdownpat, don't honored Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Parma. let Ihe sob story of streaky win- Brent Beckstead after their dows throw you. Moretears have June 6 wedding in the LDS been shed over these trouble-Temple in Salt Lake City, makers than homemakers would Mrs. Beckstead is the former care to admit, but they're easily LMa Dime Ross, daughter of tamed into "show" windows with Mr- and Mrs. EMon Ross of this little trick. After you've Star and her husband is Ihe son vashed the window with soapand ^ Mr. and Mrs. C.ll. Beck- wfttpr rlrv It on thfi in^tds with siGHd 01 Kiriliincl, n, MGX. a sideways motion andon the out- Tn « bride ' s w-edding gown side with an up-and-down motion, was empire-styled with full Then, If any streaks re- length train of re-embroid- carried blue mlng as an activity for children ant! very young (olksonly. Don't you often hear a woman say Service clubs and church guilds are Invited to reserve a main, you'll know Instantly · tremely relaxing. It often acts free booking date for showing a whether they're on the inside or * as a cure for Insomnia. filmstrip on a mental retarda. outside of the window. =' It is too bad that so many we- (ion project. "A Light for Our After your windows are aira.*' 1 TM men have catalogued swim- valley" is the title and narrator sparkly and gleaming, keep Jack is Marvin Miller, well known Frost away on cold days by rub- w ' s TM7° n ,° i p ai «n.? Hollywood persona Ity. Mng alcohol or salt water on the "«"· **""» of Eagle Rosa- The color lilm Is accompanied outside of the window, then 1" Cooper and Connie Coole of something like, "Ch, I used to by a 33 rpm sound record and polishing them with newspapers, swim all the lime, but I just nms approximately 20 minutes. A great defroster! got out of the tabit or, "1 al- it tells the story of one of the The eyelids of your windows- ways planned lo learn to swim,, fastest growing residential the Venetian blinds - can be «» ·-· "TM^TMJTM ways planned (o learn to swim, schools for the retarded, Good cleaned easily, no fuss, nomuss. KOSS Jim KOSS ana wane KOSS but I just never did and I shepherd Home, Terra Bella, First, wipe them with a damp us JF ofl : certainly am nol planning lo California, 93270. M "" "'^ """ rinn » TM' r nf lte Drwc ls learn at my age. Program chairman areinvited ! had an extremely reward, to write "Film Chairman" In ing experience when I was head care of the above address and re- of a department of physical edu- serve any date In 1967, allowing «(ion. I taught a class of at least one month's notice, A middle-aged and older women to speaker will be sent on request, learn to swim. Some oi them There Is no charge, but adona- were truly frightened at first, tion is welcome to defray They had been afraid of water expanses. cap and carnations Mrs. Marie Hoss of Moscow Idaho Falls were bridesmaids. Melanie Ross was flower girl. The brilesgrixm's best man Venetian blinds - can be was K i m Beckstead and Ken clean cloth, then don a pair of Pimitnto, American and chcctdar pasUuilttd preceded riiK-so spreads now nrc packed In 4 3 4 ounce pressurized cans u i l h dccorntlng tips, lo mnke ilbhoiis ftud rosettes on crackers, bread or other liors cl'ocwre or Minck-s. a graduate of Meridian High School and attended Ricks College and Brig- GAR STEREO WSNTHER MUSIC 117-13lhA»e.So. $3995 Beckstead is a graduate of Ricks College and served a church mission in the Northern Stales. He is presently attending BYU. The wedding reception Mrs, William Lamb, Mrs. Donzel Ross, Mrs. Oren Givens, Miss Eleanor Fuller and Miss Kathy Transtrum served. Mrs. Harold Marshall of Eagle made the bride's cake. Following a honeymoon trip to Yellowstone Park, Mr. and Mrs. Beckstead are residingin Provo, Utah, attending summer school at BYU. NAMPA I ennetfi «lAU»n RMST OiMUTV* OPEN TONITE TIL 9 P.M. ENJOY SUMMER FUN WITH A WIG OR WIGLET! VENICE IS CLEARING OUT ODDS ENDS OF DISCONTINUED LINES! HUMAN HAIR " and Ticd Machine LIMITED COLORS SEVERAL LENGTHS 20% u 50% off Offer Good thru June only SUPERIOR WESTERN Beauly Salon 1117-14th Ave. So. 466-8444

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