Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 29, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 29, 1951
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Sunday Morning, April 29,: 1951 Las Cruces Sun-News La Mesilla Pilgrimage To Be Held Hexl Sunday, Hay 6 FoundT-ifln 188)7 piiblishc-cl daily., except Saturday--weekday afternoons, and Sunday mornlnRs-by the Sunshine Press, Inc., at 2« N. WatiT St.. Lns Crilrcs, N. M. Entered at Las Cruccs postofflcc OS .Stanley Oallup, Advertising Manager Orville K. PriPulley, Hdilor nnd Publisher Nntiun:.:" AiIvViTiiiini; HrpicMsntntlvc: Inland Newspaper Representatives. Im-.. Ciilrni;", New York, Kt. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, At- l i n l i i .Mrmljri of UH- Associated Piess. The Associated Press IH en- tltln 1 . cvciii.-iivoly to i h f use for republlcation of all local newfl prlnt- cl In t!i;i i.'-wsp.'ipi'i, us well as all AP ncv;s dispatches. TELEPHONE :I3 Tins M\i-:iinp-r In :i riioiuhcr of the A u d i t Bureau of Circulations. A?l lor n topy of our latest A. R C.. Report giving Mitli'.iMi fnr'.s nnd figures about our circulation, A.B.C. -- Audit Bureau of Circulations FACTS as a measure of Advorlising Value s'l'H.Krj'.irTlON' RATES: By carrier In Las Graces nnd surburban arms. I he p" week or T.V.'per jnonth; Ijy motor route delivery in I i ' i r . a - A n n r o u n t y . SS.r0 per year or Slic per month. By mail In New . M r y n d 7.v- pi:r m o n t h in ?7.riO per year. Outside of K l n t e 85c per ;irr,;il!j ,! ;S.. r (0 pi:r your. M a i l :iubsf:rlptlonH are payable In advance. Broiking Pqlnf ' ' ' T i n - ! O is, a breaking point w i l l i all i n d i v i d u a l s . :i.,mi; nf usV'seumihKly don't. realiv.u and appreciate tliis f a : - t . - W i - imslraml shove 1 people time a f t e r t i m e scumiri t i i J i k : n f ! l h a t n o t l i i n g w i l l happen. V.V «'iitinu(.' to take a d v a n t a g e of them, impose on them !.·' u n f a i r and u n j u s t w i t h Ilium and have the idea wt c a n c - M i ' i i n i n 1 this on i n d e f i n i t e l y . L ' l i i n r l u n a l e l y , however, most folks have a brcakinf ],',inf. 'I'iii'y stand' so m u c h , they lake so much t h e y eon'l f i n d ;,ir. d'Ju.'i way out of a s i t u a t i o n and then they resort U dc-'pira'.f means to defend themselves and to try and pro ' V v ' h c t l i r r we realize this or us w'h" may fci'l we have an (Continuetl from papre one) are (loins. Mr. mid Mrs. Gibbens Ivc In the "Id c-rmtt of. ju.ilk-e in hack of San -Albino's church. , · Turn Tn llon'i,, - . Here onre lefral phranp.i and rern- nantH of colonial Spanish 'aw float- id In and out of the vant op(;n /Inilowa. Here judfjCK came, ind piiKOjRTH were tried. But now Air. and ,M:-K. GiijbenH have turned BUeli dry mulling of history into r-omfortahio and picturesque liomt*. -· ' Mr. GihhanH works In wood and many Mi.-.iilla liomcu proudly exhibit Iiin crafl. MI-H. Gibbons jialnU both in oil and on textileu, and tnd I h e - l i t t l e liademarl; i"Haml- madf by I'ttiiline" can bii found on m a n y cfoth:! and ajuonri in the United Slate.i. 'i'iilii year Mi;;. niMjen will m^l^e a apecial cxhlljit of (.ostunies -- Hllkell wal.Hcoat:) and liiffh liujjtleH ,'illc.h aK .MewillH luiew In'thc '(JO'n ind '70'ii. Mm. Oiltljens will al:to the Libraiy of Congress rer-nrd- I n R the ic.vunllnf; "f the Order of tin! Pui-|j|« Heart for the first lime In A m u h - a n history by^'Gcncral Washington to Ki-if;ejint' l.)an!.el Blssell. Hi-cim.l (Vinni'Clli'llt Hi!Bl- nu'iit nf the Ccinllnental Lines. 'I'he lUfjl plI^rirnaKe -v/ill aKHln f e a t u i e Hi" home of .Mm. Emlmla HISTOHIC FOUNTAIN home in La Mesilla will be a high- l i g h t on the annual I.a Mesilla oilgrimage next Sunday. Now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. A.fbert Fountain, Jr., it was oncn the Uemctrio Chavez borne, and was b u i l t originally by Joseph Reynolds. . , . · the Texas ranker law. Aliened lillc/J year will be, Valeria Dclgado, cousin of Mr. Taylor and nanie- A t t a c h e d to the main house is'fake at Romcroviilo, Valeria Lope., what oni-e was a amall kitchen uutlt l de Uomcro. v,-ho cntertfilncd such for tile exclllHive use of one of .loneph Reynold's dauKhleis. Bhe wauled lo experiment with recipe.H: HO he built lli-r a lanall brick- kttehen for her i^xperiinents. Mr. and MIH. Fountain, together with their friariddaiinhters. Pa- . VHldi nnd i-hlldrcn. Theil home ; , rl( . 1|l ^ nr \ e ,,,,,) ciieri'Ann Suni wan i'liilt in 1STH an th(; parish . r n n J H j welcome travelers this year Demetrlo Chave/. home, built by Joseph Reyn| olds, and occupied Binbe ISfCI iiy ,\i:« nol it is true. And those , ,, ,, , udv.-intngu ami Hint \yc cai · lu use this time 1 u f l o r t i m e i;honld rwilixt? U n i t this i : i n ' t ' In 1 till 1 rase. M i i n y - . i n i l i v i d i i u l H , of ctwrse, n r n a l w a y s f a i r and they : i v id i" 1 honest ami j u s t in their dealings. l . ' n l K i - t i i n n U - l y tiii'i-i- lire otliL'rs who are a l w a y s t a k i n g ad- vai.;ii;;i' and - i i n p u s i i i ( ! »n other people. Wi use t h e m and r i i i i i l i i v t l j i - m I" a(Tiini|))i:;h our jjurpnses. We pusli them i i i n u h i l we li.'ive doju 1 t h i s once or t w i c e and have l l l - c i r f . . l I - ( - i ' ! . S l l l l . In I I ' . M I - I - i n i . i a n i ' e s we feel .sure we h a v e the right to do aV wi' iilcaia 1 ; we feel we have i n d i v i d u a l s over a barrel ;:n t ^ ;,pi-ak ami ii'uiy. can't d" i i n y l l i i n g but t a k e w h a t we dcntli' 1" C i v e t h e m or h a n d m i l to t h e m . rrik-2 C I I K K Tin':-)' are caiics and instanoes, (if course, when these'^ ·"j.'j J f jj| penp'le lei'! I l i e r e is no j u s t i c e when they have mi recourse. "i'iu-re an: l i m e s when they feel they can not gel justice in o u r courts. 'j'hev h a v e lieen crowded as far as t h e y can he crowd' nl. They h a v e ,l)i'en t a k e n a d v a n t a g e of for the last time. Whcin t n i - y reach ili'is'pciinl they hecumt; desperate and o f t e n limes act \vilhu|il I h i u l t i n g t h i n g s t h r o u g h . We', i i f c u i m u 1 . may not k n o w t h i s if we h a v e been re- r p o M M b l i ' l"r i l i e i r m e n t a l a l l i l u d e . And it is perfectly nos- ; ; h l e m a t w h i l e I hey have t h e i r lacks lo t h e w a l l and feel t h i n is o n l y nne pa'lliway open lo t h e m they may (In sorne- \V.- can d r i v e t h e m and crowd 'them so f a r -- l i t - y o n d t h a t |Hi!i-it il i:; eslremcly dangerous. limiw f'-r the priefi'..'! of San A I - | t l J u , c nM Demetrlo Chavez home, bin\) u h n i i - h . ( ' ( I l l t i l l l l l l l l h l y O l T . l l p l l ' l l ·' Aiigu.stin .Morrin wa:l the inli-.Ht to live liL-n 1 . anil it was uon- Cliaves end his Jeeend- antii. tinu.msly ..ecupied by Ih» j-adrc*, n Qn ml lh( , ,,,,,,, h o m c u n t i l when .'lr». \ i ' i l c h iu-| T lri , A n n u l j | p.^rinrnge. ,1 u . i;..c.ntly .-...Iwornicd by | ^ j]n ... iroou , ( , illU , ly :iU , lck .... ni-ti..'. sc,n Hay Veit.-h. tils ^ ^^ of .,,,,,,(,,, ,,,,,, f l l . l,oin,- is unr "^ 11 ';^ i '; ir ;;.|.,," 1 ," ^ " . d u r a n c e of these homes' typically ' ' ' " r "" t '- r -" lrt "- 1 ' m e . ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ( ;arth -if New notables a.', President Hayes and General. Sherman.- At the cloae of the pilgrimage the ' traditional cntretenimiento will lie Ill-Id this year at the patio of El Patio. The program will be made up 'of songs and musical numbers usual in 'the territorial period. The Fountain, GriRgs, and Veitch families, all talented' In the musical arts, will perform for the tired traveler;;. At the. rloss of the ^ntreSe.iimiento. refresros will be I in he: ' her fath-r. A. Hl , ls n!s o awed the I,TM,,- in works of he, fath-r. A.., t ,, mfu ,. tnll!l , conll ar,t to Uie 'i.od J. F.i-ir.;ain, -Sr. Shu also K'kivi . ..,,,,,,..,,,.. ofiidoni-! l«-lill(!wl t r - a t jnun-lmolht-r. Atrosa the way from tin- Old Parish Houhe is "La Alalucda." home of M i . and Mm. C!ll.»tiiv a dp. steel and concrete cflicicncy i o f the n a t u r a l l y cool .in,I easily ' niTnRCil Interiors of tlio .'lo.-neM -if ! the Spnnliili people. . I ·rhc I .n viU-s thi Me.iilU association in- 'i;itercsted In their Third Aiinual Pile;rimage to correspond with their secretary. Mrs. James Gibbons, at Mesilla. New Mexico, for reservations. Tickets may also be had at La Posla and El Patio on the day of the Pil- grimaRe. May 0. W i l k i n n o n , head football Spanish Program Presented; Here Before a large audience of par- renta and friends, Union Hiirh school SpaniBh III students presented a Spanish program Friday night. Included in the program were a play, musical numbers, vocal .Holn.n an dscveral dance.s- Spanish play was ."Rosina Ea Frugal" and the cast ., included Fi-ugal" and. the cast Includes Olga Padilla as Rosina (18 anos); Ruben Alvarez "as Antonia Uio dQ; RoHina); Joe Rivas as Don.'; Luis (padre de Rosina); Dolores!. Carbajal as Dona.Malta ( m a d r e . d e Rosina); Margaret Marin as Teresita (amiga de Rosina); Victor Martinez " as Enrique (nivio cle Tereslta); Mike Madrid Seratlnito. Prompter will be Virginia Sanchez. Othftr Numbers A piano solo wan givei Irene Sanchez; El Retorin, Bertha Ortega; trumpet trio by Lawrence Lopez,, Ray Jaramillo and Jay Ramirez; Jarama^Yuca- Uca by Emma Maynes aXd'Har- mila Carajal; Baile Espanal, Nanl de Prieto; song by Edwaifl''*Apo-- rada; Oitancrlos by Emma Maynes and Hciinlla Carabajl; and El Na- villero by, Estllla Alvarez. The program was under the clt- rpMion of Mario de Prieto, high school Spanish Instructor. Assisting her with stage directions rind settings was Miss Mary Pfister, high school drama coach. Flood Of School I (Continued from I'ege One) than 50 percent of the children counted are between the ages of dnc day find 0-yeura-old. They will IK cntcrinu schools in the ne-:t two or three years, .thus lo^.d'.m and aditional load on alread" crowded rural schools. Whet decision will he made, on the hudyet requests at the end ol the flBcul year will depend entirely on Hie financial condition of the school .system June 1)0, Smith concluded. " In The Service Syt. William U. .Moon, recently recalled reserve from Mcstlla Park, lias been assigned to Great Falls Air Force Base, Montana, Moon lias had 'three years pro- 1ou« service with the Air Force and one year with the U. S. Marine Corps. His currant assignment is' with the 1272 Air Transport squad- ·n at the Montana base. Great Fails Air Force is aruimpoitfint link in the chain of flung M ATS bases. Planes ·d hern fly supplies and troops to the Alaskan theater. Moon's wife, Delia Mae, and daughter. Judy fire residing in Ur- bann, 111. Fort Hood, Texas, April 21 -- (-Specinl)v-. Lieutenant Elmer L. Mwirall, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Modrull, Route A, Box 25, Las Cruccs, New Mexico, has recently been nsslKnail to Fort Hood. Lt^Modrall has been ( in service for over two years and spent 21 months En the Pacific.* He war 'onnerly a student at New Mexico College of AM. IRANIAN ,J'AHU\M 1 ENT TBHRAN^Iran, April'28; .'/P' ~ The lower hous"*!.off parliament tu- tliiy iwkitil Sliiili MolwmmiMl Kir/.l Pahlevi r appoint Di'.-M6hamincd Mossadegh, "76," t h e ' n i a h who hud led the'move to nationalize-Iran's ·oil riesmii;(w.vas the country's new "premier.". /; |f ·. · · _ - ..^-;.. .. City Neglects ~ - (Continued frnrn pa«o on-; 1 f the city. And such a , paix Ight Vhelp... reduce r delimjL'-iicy. f ho UiQ-liccli wanki that to. ha,,- cn? 4\ ·-· ...V^ ' · · ' -· ·' But it i s - a l l feeing;, .to., be dpno nee again.. There.; is. no . law to top it, end n o t h j n f f . c a n . be done bout it this.yeHr. The timUo 'think about next ear and ·-preventing a perform- nrc then .Is.~,nQW. . -. Rio Grande Refugees Stream (·Continued from page one) Allies iravo up Kapyong to the Red.i. ICapyoiiir, 35 air miles northeast of Seoul. Is on the Chun- Chun-Seoul highway. , The Rels cut the highway tot late io trap any United Nation* forces, l-'lghth Ai-my headquarters reports said all U. N. forces had quit the area. · Except on the east coast. United Nations forces were fighting the enemy below the 38th parallal. Lt. Gen. J a m e s ' A . Van Flcei satd yesterday Allied troops tnigh wheel and stop the Red advanc, north of the Han river which skirt! the jHjuthern edge of Seoul. Hou-evcr, the Eighth Army COL. mender was keeping; mum on jus how. far south his troops would £ before turning in their war o maneuver, in -which killing; Chin nse is rioi ? important than holdin estate. ,. - , conch iii Oklahoma. \va.s the quur- worHIng part. of. the A. - f - , teihuck of ' t h e College All-Stai home is distinctly [ , ., - i sc "" ratc from l " e "TM' B p ",' 1 O " - , en,rs by u h u ,,, S|lllll wiu , ,, ls vM N ,, w Orleans and t u t u wfivt-iJ l .Iiinos. Mexico.. Cri.stottiil A M c n r n l f s father, :i Kiimdtjc of K p u i n , icc'iivod' rroni thi' Umg tin; Aacmnlc grunt which i-xli'iidcd troin Imluw El Paso to MininmiHit Uo:k nt-ar Caitulmd. i OrigiiS* f n l h e r , Jamim Kil- uuni! to MftilUa in I valuable historical : and religKiuu Uom; In the Southwest, that of M I H . Aurrllnno' Armendfiriz, daiifihtcr ut Mm. V J - Fountain, fjr., nnd grondduuglUcr of the famoiiH c'Ooncl. The jtcvcnth home of .the pil- j»r!innj*fi thin year.\viJl IPS that of .. Miu-eh of IXlio. He WAS a l r'"''o.- ORGAN DRJVE-IN COMING NEXT WEDNESDAY. - THURSDAY ACADEMY AWARD WINNER. ^ M] . . J; ,.,,,, To y| or . Th e i n n (iiii'lnati- I / i l l n . The 1,,'nuty haiH'e,] by .|. r , lv , 01 ., l ,,,.,, alao residents by Of L,,,; 1( , n ,,,,,, n ot .by birth' of La Itc- silln. having restored '(ill old h o m e ] on Calle Parian ililtinB from up- j . I U l l v-illll- L ill 1.111 cx-nlly ...-ion i;'n«ljp,. ox | mn i 0 iy 1360. ;, -..-TODAY . ' · f .-."-. · ' · .'.-.,:'.:'. Monday ^Tuesday THE GREAT BIG MUSICAL SHOW THAT SINGS.FO!) - '.6ING. .-. CROSBY* OLSON .. CHAfJIFS '' RUTH ·COfiURN*HUSSEY .« ROBERT. STACK. .·« MARGE is GOWER CHAMPION " ..:·.· -,7cuti! tiAw- -j'ji.:--- J.- GROUCKO MARX - DOROTHY KIRSIEn PFGCV IK - THE MERRY MRCS nl j:SO .j- 4:05.-.«j4I^ - 9:21 1 ; md/j'p\vny Takr-s Over: Only Hnll Hpariedly Tin' world- iins sought a way to f i n d peace and happiness or years. M a n y proposals- have been explored; many programs have hri'-n t r i e d ; hlflViy Ideas' h a v e I'.een suggested. B u i we appear no nearer peace today t h a n we were fill, 10(1 or i vou 10(111 years ago. The fad is t h a t ' we are convinced we are f a r t h e r away f r o m peace t o d a y than wo have ever been. ·The league u liations failed -- '1 f a i l e d so we have been nuim-. *i-i mm-n nr,mii m\. (,.»· t u l i l m a n y times because America was not a part of it. "f many o.imlen.'i nnd n cool ter- Tudav ' t h e U n i t e d N a t i o n s is f a i l i n g - f a i l i n g because H»nal portal »r vemnda, will jd- t h o - c u s i n g t h i s supposedly to b r i n g about world peace are ^STM Km"^!*^ lead """ "'''"' r '"" ui n """"·' "·'"'· f. f i x l m e mnipU;lft-with , "·liiiiini-ys hniighl when guti cxikvtyii In McHlllii. In 1S70' Mr. and Mrs. 'J. KllBilr b l n u n h t fiom the [-enlennlal Phlladi'lphlu iiuwl of I ho furnlluri In i'ui'mnU-ucUny, tho plan fol lowctl in alnio-sL-.c^'tly-thc ori ' which now occupies the h'line. Sii-lmli-il Iliimi- ·Ilii- i l t t h hiiiiie on ihlii year's |)lli;rliiin|je will hn Ihe Chavez hoiiu-. occupi'Ml now hy .Mr. anl Mr.i. A l l v l t Fount'jln, Jr. Tills iideil behind the £ . ill L-«hapc. For ' Vvcfy pilrlltlon knocked out, for- every 1 window' or " I iloorway enlarged, they found niRns tJial Ibis, also", liail been the original i'U-V.'An 80-year old locust tree centers Ihe patio with a climbing ng about world p ii'c it lo promote t h e i r own ;:chemes. t h e i r own pro |iai;auda and. t h e i r own countries. H wasn't .the League of M i l l i o n s which failed and it won't lie t h e U n h i d Nnlio.ns. which falls - it is the h u m a n element i u |jlann which f a l l s shnri. H is h u m a n greed and self- i s h i - i s s . our f a i l u r e lo.bc honest and sincere when we enter i n t o t h i s program. T h a t i s w h a t IIIIB f a i l e d -- not t h e jilan. A ' n l it w i l l not m a i l e r m u c h whal the plan or proposal is lo bring about peace in this w o r l d it won't work u n t i l all lhi)..e eriterlnR Into these, discussions and these plans are hone.-.; istid sincere about it. ( J c r i C m l - Douglas ^MacArlhiir in his recent message to congress- fcrrtimi'i-nli'il'lhc var r "iis proposals tried to bring a b o u t ^orlit ]wi\i'?M!p emphnsized thev had failed-- failed beeaiiM.' the. spiritual side had been forgonen. And' hi- tlecbred; t h e r e would he no neace in the world u n t i l ui'e' :i s'|)irituul's'ioV does rule and does d o m i n a t e these activilli;!; and dominate- t h e . hearts of Ihose p a r t i c i p a l i n g in these plnns. Tpca- is l i t t l e qucslion in .most individuals' m i n d s hut w h a t tfiis'is true. Thoy know that, wo have only half hearledly einplnyert Ihe p l a n which Cliv'st gave the world for peace. We k n o w t h a t up lo now we h a v e nol employed this plan w i t h honesty ' a n d 'sincerity. As long as we arc half-hearted in our religion, in our church aclivilics, in our church a t t e n d a n c e -- then we can not employ and use the plan .which was given to the world to bring, ahou'l. goodwill, peace and understanding between all of Ihe peoples of the world. U n t i l lln; spirit ol' Christ rules cw actions and conduci seven days a week in all of our relations w i t h our follow man not 'only in our own c o u n t r y but in the world, there i: l i t t l e hope for us lo iincl peace ruling. As long as we employ such proposals lo promote our mvi r.elfis-h (fitiiriiii'and purposes there 'is l i t t l e hope t h a t we can b r i n g about world peace and understanding. Amc'rlcH hiut clone many t h i n g s h» this old world of ours whirl) have all ihe. ear, m u r k s of Christianity and yet behind all ol this t h e i c has been othw purposes to serve Ihnn merely i,iding humanity, and 'mankind. And m a n y are not very proud of some of iheso purposes. U is also.truc'lhnl many such' things have' been done in so far its our cStrilTj'Hs ; concerned in Iho t r u e Christian spirit but others hav* '-useil. these' acts of o u r s - to' promote themselves, their 1 party and lo take advantage of their own people. II is about time we recognize the fact that we have gone aboui. some of Ihrsn-, tilings only ,half-liearlcdly. Wo have not been honest aboiit'il. anil instead of leU'ng the Church of the World dominate trill 1 rule, our aclions and conduct we hiivo used il when U was convenient and we have forgotten il whci)-it *erv£(l ; our purpose belter. As Uin's mi we 1 are only half-hearted about our religion and nol loo sure ami not too sincere Ihen \ve cim'l' exiled our , religion. to. bring flbcwl peace, hnppines$ nnd good will In this ·',;,, 'world of oun, ,,.., hy wagon Lr;iln )jy Mrr*. ounuin';i (·i-unilfulhcr. Jl:mioii The hall, w h l f h onru scpm-nU'il In; riitiiv!, has hi'fii ihvUl.i 1 '! I I ( M ot l i f t i i m m j i hy (illct'ut'iU.S , ; i - i i u i n t i i i i i i i . 1'hi.s your Ihu t h l u l A. J. Kniinl:ilti will display '» l i t l 1 ! ,;i\vn in hl.s };ni!vir;itlu'i', tlui ia- ( iiinitii Ciiluiirl Kiniiitaln, us a £ r n - ] tun- nl' thimlci for holpinj; f r n m t j foul teen fin ni:, bed with p l e e e . s rn.Ho rtiught.itruiind lU-lptink. llntltls Ad;JHHm : Tin- Taylors have recently added another pint to tlio liuusc, folluw- iiifr tho orJgtimT In nn Inner L - j .^linpu. Hugrt woven in Tru'chfts.' New Mexico. ly the Vigil fnmily rover tho Jiving voom nnd glaH.seil porvh flours,^iid oihoi' purl nf this reciinl addition is u 'hiulra^in: f l n - bhcd in cherry and iniipln. At Liu* door to proci gucsta this THEO V. NELSON OPTOMKTKrST Modern Eyo Examlnallon Ij-nsfs Dujillcutmt r.tassrs Fitted IMnnonln HuUdlnp COME DOWI IND J(5IH THfe CROWBTOtESr Enjoy Dairy Queen's D-E-L-I C-I-Qlf-S Cream! CONES · PINTS MALTS' ':·;·;:·; · QUARTS 640 S. Mnln "Homo Of The Cone'With The Curl On Tho .Top" .·· 1 "- .. · ' 1 cliamps, the Green Bay Packers, at Chicago in 1M7. Auto and 1 Oinrr ClilHon I-tinn Iiisurancw Co, Admlsiitnn /iOc : We - - I 0 c v · · Phone ".113 . o n , - Tues. 2- FIRST HUNS--2 K'cb Under 12 FREE When W.Uh Parents! ADULTS 50; ORGAN DklVE-IN TONITE - f MONDAY' NIGHT! Plus Disney Cartoon . . .TODAY Monday.l.St. Tuesday · i v · · · · i i · i · i i , i LORETTA YOUNG f ! 2 Color Cartoons - Lsiost Nev/sl . . HE SAYS BRUSH OM 8ON06X LIKE ORDINARY -^^ PAINT. . . N O - z= \ SCRU8B/N I N / DREAMED 60NDEX COULD ASBESTOS .SIDING-THIS 8EAUTIFUL' rw f LLIVAN . - " ' Th«;HiUrious BOWERY BOYS" GHOST : - CHASERS' Today Monday WHITE IS BEAUTIFUL II LOVELY COLORSTDO Anno Maxtor "Yellow BOftDEX teali moltlute out of , toot Indoort or oul, me BONDEX lo b«aut[fy and protect brick, itucco, stone, concrete, block, etc. Etuyto mix, eoty to uie -- SONMX Cement Painll J.Ik, phg., whl'., . 33-li. fell, THAM ALL OTHER CEMENT PAINTS COMBINED.' Ami A .Qu.i Ulrlnon Will) WOODY WIKJIirKCIKKIl -- -- - »r f*f th« PHONE. ANY WESTERN UNION OFFICE ·y iwmWr) ANYWHERE in Hw U. $. A. ASK FM "OKKATOR 25" I'honi-siUlo Ornndn Slnlo 4,17 - rim* 114!) SHAKES · SUNDAES Phon. 1561

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