Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 1, 1976 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1976
Page 20
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ZO CREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE MOB..Mirch 1,1W6 States beginning to push for balanced budget in Washington By DON BKMAN United Press International Eight state legislatures, fed up with a rising national debt that now reads 12 figures in the red, are advocating an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would require a balanced national budget. If Congress fails to act on their request, they want to force the issue with the first constitutional convention in nearly 200 years, a move opponents contend would wreak havoc in the United States. "I don't want the government spending my grandchildren into the poorhouse," said Mississippi state Rep. David Halbrook. Without a prod from the states, he said, Congress won't do a thing. A UP1 survey shows the eight state legislatures adopted resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment banning federal deficit spending. If the resolutions are ignored by Congress, the states ask that their proposals be considered petitions for a constitutional ·convention, which would require action from two-thirds of the 50 states. "Congress is an ailing, Inept institution," said Ohio state Rep. Alan Norris in advocating a constitutional convention. "The first test of government is to balance the budget, and they Hunk." Convention resolutions have been adopted in Louisiana, Mississippi,Maryland, Georgia, North Dakota, Delaware, West Virginia and Nebraska. Attempts at passage were planned in Illinois, South Dakota, Nevada, New Hampshire and California. Legislators in other .state were consideringsimilarproposals. Many state lawmakers believe in the balanced federal budget concept and contend the government is risking financial ruin with a national debt of $984.2 billion. But many fear a constitutional convention might lead to something worse -- a rewrite of the Constitution. "I can't believe anybody in his right.mind wants to see a constitutional convention called," said Missouri state Sen. Paul Bradshaw. "You've got a · lot of kooky people running around these days with a lot of' kooky ideas on how UK Constitution ought to be changed." Georgia's black delegation opposed the convention resolution, saying civil rights could be wiped out of the document by a convention. Nebraska state Sen. Ernest Chambers, the unicameral's only black member, said a convention might be the catalyst for an internal revolution. If that happened, he said, "the history of this nation may well be written in Russian, or even Chinese." Despite strong arguments against a constitutional convention, supporters contend the near financial collapse of New York city should prove the need to control federal spending. West Virginia House of Delegates Finance Chairman Billy Burke contends the nation already is moving in the same financial direction as New York city. Most lawmakers attempting to. drum up support for a convention are counting on Congress to take the initiative once it learns there is no way out. "They want that (a convention) like they want a boa constrictor in bed with them," said Nebraska state Sen. John Murphy. In other states, the concern was more at the state rather than the federal level. "Who am I to judge? We have trouble with our (state) deficit," said Connecticut state Sen. John Groppo. Groppo's colleagues were considering amendments to the Connecticut constitution to prohibit deficits .and balance the budget. U.S. Sen. Carl Curtis, R-Neb., has formed a special committee designed to answer the fears of Sadat warns Syria nof fo sfarf war t constitutional convention. Curtis is chief sponsor of a proposed constitutional spending amendment he hopes will nourish if a convention movement appeared headed for success. Curtis contends there are adequate safeguards to protect the U.S. Constitution from a 'rewrite at a convention. The first one, he said, is the legislation and the appropriation Congress would have to pass before the convention could be convened. The ultimate safeguard against a rewrite would be the ratification of a new constitution by the states. California State Sen. H.L. Richardson thinks the chance of a constitution convention is remote. "These legislators would no more call a constitutional convention than they would levitate," Richardson said of his colleagues in Sacramento. Nonetheless, Richardsonsaid, he intends to bring the resolution up next year. Nine die in train-bus wreck ISTANBUL, Turkey (UPI) -- They said the Istanbul-bound An express train rammed a bus train from Munich, West 85 miles west of Istanbul today, Germany, hit the bus taking killing nine persons and injur- workers to a nearby factory as ing at least 29 others, railroad it drove over a railroad officials said. crossing. By United Press International Egyptian President Anwar Sadat has ended a muHi mil lion dollar fund-raising journey through the oil-rich Persian Gulf with a blunt warning to Syria not to start a new war against Israel. At a news conference in Kuwait before flying home Sunday with pledges of $750 million in aid, Sadat said Syria would have to "shoulder the responsibility" if it provoked a new conflict. But he promised to join in any battle launched by Israel. In Jerusalem, the cabinet said Sunday Israel and the United States had not yet begun work on a new formula defining the end of the state war in the Middle East to serve as the basis for new Israeli-Arab accords. Sadat noted reports Damascus might renege on renewal of the U.N. peace-keeping mandate along the Golan Heights with Israel when it expires May 31. Such a move could provoke another war. "If Syria wants this as a means of embarrassing (Egypt) and bargaining, then the Syrians should shoulder the responsibility," Sadat said. "But if Israel launches an aggression against Syria, then Egypt should honor an obligation to take Syria's side." The Egyptian leader also warned Syria and Jordan not to let their new alliance undercut Cairo's leadership of the so- called "confrontation" states -those that have front lines with Israel. Fashion Fabrics "The unification of their two fronts augments Arab strength, which is .good, 'but Egypt cannot accept anything being concocted at the expense of other parties," Sadat said. During his trip, Sadat held extensive talks with the leaders of the oil-rich Arabian Peninsula states of Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, seeking both support for his waning political leadership in the region and petrodollars to aid his ailing economy. He reportedly got pledges of immediate cash grants of J750 million, including $300 million each from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and $150 million from the United Arab Emirates. Sadat said he needed $4 billion to tide Egypt over the next two years. The Israeli cabinet also announced plans to requisition Arab land in the north of Israel to make way for new Jewish settlements. It said the Arab owners would be generously compensated for the land. The decision was immediately denounced by Arab leaders, who said they would fight it as a violation of Arab rights. In Damascus, Roberto E. Guyer, U.N. Undersecretary General for Special Political, Affairs, flew to Cairo today after talks with Syrian Foreign Minister AUicI Halin'i Khaddam and Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat. The U.N. troubleshooter also has met with officials in Israel and Jordan as part of effort to find ways of bringing peace to the Middle East. 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