Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 29, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 29, 1951
Page 2
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' PAGE TWO LAS CRUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Sunday Morning.:April.28, 185': " Tliu i f f * u I n r tmiriUtly meeting.ol · ill.' A t u j t i f f j a : I'-TA Cub Scout " pmio^! W, ,tlje jijtnllnp "w;aT to a^rrt-'viirioils badjjfcs and 'achievement awiiirls to the Cub Scouts. . -Dr. T. V. NiHson,' chfiirmnn of ·flu- Alnmcila 1'Hrk pjPHided at the .··!minnlcs. W'r'K.' 'Glen Pflnk-ncr ·u-ii4 inlifirliirfil' to the'Culi.s and tliL'ii -jiii i cuts H'H the iiou* ' Den MMImr of Df.i\ fi. Mi-s; K t a n Onlhtp will a^Hisl MvJi. Pitnlnnpr. ··· ·'· D/.ctoi 1 Ni.lson called upon Dr. .Inn Kf/dj-'Wick. P«ck trvafiui-er ;or i ·'a fimiticlal rt'poit and fi iopoj-t of the uctivitk-K jilanncd for the sum- · ini'i 1 fiiunlhs. fjoctor Sudgwlck nn- nounfcd that tliu Cub Scouting in'o^'Him would {'omlnuc through "out tin.- summiT' with tlm Tm;k i.-mevLin^ Jit leiiHi once a munth, with Hie Dr;iin inHhiK at lcH«t ,;.*u]t" ii month. A pack picnic or u u t i n j j will (ejituir tho .TicctlnKri ...dljjjIiiH tlic MitnmM-. Jnlin Chnnillpy. DiHtilcl orgttO ;;.W(ii*in mid ICxtfimlon Clialnnan ''or the Y'liccu Cnuricll was -nlrnduceil })},·· .Dotloi' Xf)HOii. Chandlcy prc- ponied tin- tenth cl^ii-tci 1 of Cub Krroutlnj,' lo L. J. Vmhcr, jii-lni:l- jml f Alnmi'da Hdinol, Vt-rcher IH ,i jjj niLTiiiH'! 1 of the I'aclt eoinniitti'f. 'Duvlni,' HIP ct'i-Rinony ChanUlcy ' pointed.(nM lliat lifnulltig .t'ncllim the hoy l i H i m o n y / l l u Kitid duvuldii- t lny ,Cuh Scuuls In the Hist »t«p In (ItVt-)upini; ilrpL-ndHljlIlty In the In/ · dividual hoy. A f t "i- pH-Minlatloii »f thi: dim,. i«r tut liupujhslvi- cnndln-ll^lit ortv- iimny WIIK ruiuiiictcd by Chnnillty l i m i n g which toininlfl.MiotiH A"i\ jiii-Hi'iilcd lo v a i i i t U H HCoiilinf! offi- i - i n l N ni i he 1'ncli. UfHi'lalH ri'cojr i i i l t i n i WIIH Hivrn during th 'jcurc- inoiiy lo L. ./. Vi-rcliL't 1 . neighborhood commi.HMloiier; Dr, T. V. Ki'I- Arthur, Drnncr Stripe; Russell Enziu, Dtniicr Stripe; Wehlon iOu- prlcst.' Wolr Bfld(fcr Tommy Gur~ cid,. Wolf Badge; Augustine Red- wlne, Wolf ·· ii/idfjc; · Jack 'Underwood,' Wol/ Rnd^n; Paul Verchct, Ii/)hcaL Piri; D«nny PadillfC Bob- cnt Pin; Krcddld Bflrncastlc, Bob- hy Alvnrftr., Jimmy Ilnlrd. l-rfirry Pickclt, Gone Bentoh. Richard Thiirp, and Jamvfi Boulter ill re- ruivecl Gold Arrows. Bobby Alvarez and Jimmy Balrd nlno received Dcnncr Strlptu. Pa rents presented tlmlr :«JHH with th« awardw. Doctor Nelson and Al Duitmtui a-sulstcd Pennington with thp, award ceremonies. Grenville FFA Wins Second In NalionaKonlest The Grenville FFA Chapter 'A'on wr.tmtl In the hlgli «chool livi»ion of the National Dairy Judging cm [{·Hi HponHored hy the Hoavd'H Dniryinart. ThlH wan the. H i n t A n n u a l Cow j Judging contest .sponwired hy vhiH nuiK'izinu. Them wnrr l.'iriO hlffli Nchoolti n?piCHi'ntin(; -17 Hlalos In the contest- -The rntirc class it Gnintlllc parliclpiitcd' in the contest which- cnnulfitcd of judglnK K!X calvrw _of dairy cattle by plu- tuiTH of diilry catlln. The HL'oni of the loam which won first was -iOfi.O mid the 'Zlrunvilln score wan '100.0. Thp Grcnvillo Chapter wll) rifuclvr a cnHh prUc $2^.()0 mid it tiopliy foi their win- j A coinplcte nccouiH uf (his ton| l«»l will be In the May 10 Iloard'o ! Dairyman. Scouls Ui Troop 62 Visit CUy Police Slalion Scouts of Troflp B2.' who are working tn n mei'll badge in CM-; zttlHhip in. the trommunity, were; Ijuenta of the' Police,Department i Saturday, where they received In'' 1 it ruction in Ji'ph'dBc'df'community' government. Scouts received detailed'explan-' ationK on accident reporting' pro- ecdurms, utep's for care of InjtirciJ, and accident prevention. : ' i ' ' Part lof the instruction covered the master plotting chprt on whicj} all aocidcntH occurring I n ' t h e city are charted. It WHB explained ihk\ the chart JH iwed-as a bania in de : t n r m J n f n r (he location for .stop Bigns and HCtting Hpectl limits. ' . Hcouts then vinitcd traffic couri.. Hore, they witnessed a r'cpj'esent^- livc swimpllng of offcnaea 1 which come before the court. They.were plvcn a brief ouUlno ^f. a citizen'a rights before the court, Ihf pro* tcction.s afforded by Jaw, 'and pic citizen's duty to uphold 'tlio'lnw. ' Another intcrcsilnfj feature, of the visit came when (.wo state po : HIT cars, worlting Ihrougli thil l#s CrueeH Police Radio, un'iipged arid Vxcctited a rnld-higliway rendnx- \l)ll!l. ' - ' · InfUructlon WHS giyun by ,lJcsk Bgt. Mi lie Lope/, n IK! Judge C. G. Curry. The ' following ScoulH' .were gut'.sU of Ihv.flep-jrlmcnt:, Delb'erl CHrbine, l-oulB BH|-HO, Ilppert While, Harold Oldukcr, Dicgp-'rjop: zali-K, tinry Griggft, Rudy Ap^dacu, Alfred Mcnduz and -Ilobert T^r- nur. ; '· ·' · ' HcoutH wuro. cicconipanlmJ by .lONCpli Fandey,,f5couUiiaf*tor... Hal Klce, mitlieiucr with the fit. LoulH Cnrdinal.i, wa« HcrioijHly In- jurrd in m i l l t a i y nerviest when i land mini; exploded taflea(h a'Jeop | ho \VIIH driving. · ' ' _ ' tlnie ally , q{ ^he. weaL" anii'-l^ .the fpw years after the war; other help she obtained through enpionage. Soviet satellites already are using. Jfonie of' these', ultra new weapons 'against fighting 'men of th.e west. · · ' ' ' '·'·' · ' ' -·,·.. ' ·' Have Aided Russian In lira Arsenal Of 'Secret Weapons' . Soviet military ftclentistH.V pro- tjaWy would be fronr,tWQito five years bphind those. oMhc.lf.§; and firi^ain in atomic bombs and fighter p^na development \S she^jadn't pilfered, nuclear ses^elK ancl Ji.adn't been handed pro(b typos bf'.Horhe of the best jet engines In exislahce. -. Rep. Clarence 'Browii (R'-Ohio) lp ^ho HguHe tw'o-days 'ago 1 that enemy pianos. shot] du'wn.- it? Korea were 'powered.., with'. Jetc.engine.H made in t»rea,t .Britai^. ..,,·.. : i The record- indicates ..that the engines ip the' Mlg J5S being flown 1 ' by someone for the, phineac Communists ".w'cr^ not ' actually pi«de in ^rHain. · But ; they ' un-' (jdubtedly:'are : phrfected- models of one. of Iwo-BrltJsh-d'cHfffned engines i by Britain 1 - to -RuHsla" in 1940 · . In this irwUnqe, the Hu.s8la.nB ob- taiped..' malarial,, and infprnia.tibii |n. ; an.-ro^ficialV,f\rrongcme^t . -; wfth another .(pp'wcf,.. ','Thfii' ^ f f o r ^ fronrljer method of -gaining, --by yelqpniipht. 1 sWrets of a Ipmic ' ' " "" de- of the British-designed Rolls-Royce Nene," . Kussia received from Britain abut "ub engines, part of them Ncnes, Uie.pther Dcrwpnt engines. The Red air" force designers are believed to have decided on production of the Ncne and from it to have produced an engine capable of substantially more power than the models they received from Britain. "Very Good" The United States air force, in cautioup comment on Rep. Brown's statement, says.the Mlg J5 has a "very good engine, one w h i c h , is equivalent 1 in performance to the best.of-American engines In production." On the'basis of statements by air force pilots, the Mig 15 seems to perform in combat as well as the U. S.'s F-86. But there are some notable differences. The range of the Russian fighter seems to be. shorter than the U. S. design. The" Migs dart up from their bases in Manchuria close to the Yalu river, engage USAF planes for a ' few minutes, then head for home. No Auxiliaries One explanation of their short range seems to be that.they do not use auxiliary "tip -tanks" on Lhe. wing ends which give American planes their long range. Moreover, there IK suspicion that Russian pVoduetion methods and maintenance troubles which the mysterious "Red" air force in Manchuria may encounter probably provides 1 , a short life for their jet* engines. ,- Air force officials .say that all Wigs shot down so'far have fal- avallublo hcrii in. d|c»t«i'th*t.thc Mlff-lG probably Is po^ircd ^t^p^^lpioved' version len in enemy territory and thus there has been no opportunity for examining either the pilot or the wreckage of the downed'planes. Analyst Predicts Bevin Attempt To Seize Leadership '., By DeWITT MACKENZIE ..'AF Furrijcn Affairs Analyst ..Resignation of Alneiirin Bevan, Britain's fiery left wing minister of labor, has. precipitated a political crisis which may have far- reaching consequences. 'This dramatic move "might easily result in the downfall of Prime Minister Attlee's'Socialist government and the return of the Conservative party to power under leadership of former Prime Min- Real Estate Loans w. J. LITT:,E ^ Improved City Property Farma -- Ruichet nnt National Bank Bldg. Phono 270 or 1305 sler Winston Churchill. · · Dvupcr Meaning However, I believe Bevun's project cuts a good deal deeper than hat.,' ' . . Sevan's long range aim would seem to be to capture control of the Labor (Socialist) party which, mdcr the moderate leadership of, AtUee, has -represented a rather conservative type of socialism. Bevan would swing the party further left. . It should be emphasized that, in speaking of a swing to the Jeft, one refers to a mere extreme socialism. Communism is not an ssue in England, although it has ts followers. , Thus the question rather is how much "socialism" the country shall nave. All parties in England arc pledged to a welfare state of some sort. Bevan is regarded as being an orthodox Socialist, on a con- stitutional basis. Explain^ Move In explaining his resignation Bevan declared- he quit becausr. Britain has been "dragged too fai behind the wheels of American diplomacy'. 1 : .-. . ' ; - ' NEW/ SELF-SERVICE West Side's Valley Laundry Most Cornplote 'and . Coslj.No.More . 945 North Illli St. 1 block N.'White Dot Qufe Phone 9S4-W I N S U R A N C E ' FIRE --' LIABILITY - PROPERTY DAMAGE WINDSTORM - HAIL - AUTOMOBILE - BUILDING CONTENTS - PERSONAL PROPERTY LOANS PERSONAL - COLLATERAL - COMMERCIAL STATE FINANCE CO, INC. 117 East Griggs · ,. phon » 968 Kxprrt InKnrancc Advice . . . Chiifmi i,oan £ insurance Co. ton, i luiliinnn of the cunmiltU'c; Lion AIiuliiH-/. puimiiltu-emnii; -J. j A. 11 a v r ii \» r I, cnmiiiltU'.'lnftll; j c;imili'N IViimMjrton; Cub Mauler.! Upnii pirM'iilittlon of the romliiin-i f i l l - f l n m 11 llii'gv cnndll! Which irpti.'M'iilrrl thft Spirit of Hcoutlny. l l n i miitliriTi 11'frlving cci'tlfl* i-nli-a WI-M.: Mm. L,. F. t!l«tl, Mrs. Vnill Hiiiinus. Mrs. Jim Bcdltwich. All;) .Siiiaiiion Alvfiluz, Mrs. Ull- IIITI I'lu.-lmlni. iind Mm. Civil J'aiV IMIIT. · , ' Chin lie I'l-'iiiiiiigUiii vim In {·lian*r u[ [iwnullnif^ilnci! ni\J .id- vuiii'cnit'lH i:t'i tllll'(itr to the fol- t j i u i y C:illil|i. .frfiliciit'pln; Sieve Ti'ii'hin-1, Hiilacnt' : p'"i DouglnH /.Iminci n. Gold Arrow; Donnlti Dinvnpnit. Hi'iir Initial', 1 gold ir- HIW. 1 nllvcr in-row; Itu.wcll 1'lntl, I fold mid 1 Hllver arrmv; Hay no^urt. 1 Kold nil-nw: Hvilly Nl^h. l" v 'iiiilil mid 1 ullvor itrrovv; .lot; PROMPT StTTUMENT OF CLAIMS NSURANCE ACFNC 1 I FRUjDIMHAl , MASONIC UMPII i r ' N f 44 ^iA^ralirlK u Mfv GOOD MORNING Pleasant Listening K O B E Nt-WH Sunday Sm'iwde I^Xls four Quaitcl BlWc.Tliiio MiO On'Your DU1 .SUNpAY A . M . 7:00 7:1,1 7::iO 7:1,1 8:00 Qlnirch of Clliinl -S::io ifA^viiiMy of find li:on p llarli lu Oiul louio Win. Hl!lm»a News iflflri P'nink A- Ernest moil First llnpliKt Church I'.M, -' 12:00 I'hiluildphin vn Bunion 2;:i(l Mi,Ulii Knni' :i;(»0 Tin- shmlou-n :i:;iO" Tnu- Hcter.tlvc 1:::0" N'li-k ("iirlpr ,1:00 Oo-spr) HiuiulctlKl »::i(l Kuptlut Hour 0:011 Spnl'ls New» li:llJ\ Ul' Nv\vs KOlllC fomifil Hour III 1 No«» Philadelphia vx Huston DnnKili Hunyoit Tlu-Alic Nw.1 ' Hftir'H Ti Vot'Tini* Wild Hill Illrko.-k · Mutinl News STEP INTO SUMMER WITH SMART SUMMER WEAR FROM ANIMAL GIRL SCREEN PRINT MEN'S POLO SHIRT Rib Knit Cuffs and' · Waistband Summer Comfort Skew Cotton LMO ^.^. SPORT SSIRT $198 I Crew neck . . . ihort sl6cve'pe!o shirt with tcicen'printed pnlnvi O.'rli . .'. Tiger,.Panther, Lcop " ord olrjs. S, M, L $|98 All cotton sheer Leno cloth sport or semi - dress shirts. Two woy collar . : . . two pockets. While and pastel colors. Sizes sm. t med:/ med. Ige., and large. SHEER SANFORIZED SKIP DENT of, :JuuL SJJiaw fitoaiti 8:20 li:i)S ·7:00 8:30 11.00 !l;lli tl:;iO . 8:5(1 10:00 . Sinn Off K 0 B E Vinir Kilfiiill.v Hlultun A MI1TIMI. NKTWOBK SPORT SHIRT Sins S, M, L $ 1 49 Short Sltcvts Two Way Collar Sliccr cool skip dent summer sfrort or work shir I. Iri while and.poslcl colors, tosilv (ubbcd ond easily Irontd. 'Two-way collor . ,', two, brcost pockets . , short sleeves. Urge .Sly'li".';; Soleellon Irvganuipe Ponamo) and straw braids , . . genuine leather twcat boddi . . - novelty and · plain baitf' AI1 Sb^s to Give Her the BEST in Diamonds D I A M O N D R I N G S "exq liatit to Kee/isate for isite design and krtl- fashion styling." 200.00 Her love deserves the finest . . . and the finest costs no more when you choose a Keepsake Diamond Ring. The famous Keepsake Certificate is your written guarantee of highest quality. Take it from us ... she'll be. happiest with Keepsake and you'll be glad you chose th'c best! MONTICtlLO Rina W.ddtng Ring 115.00 400.00 '/* Gumonteodby £\ i Good Housekeeping J and. o£ tpad. Quality. Straw braldt, Icxlita b l.o Ids, mcih, twilled cord fiber ... In pit-Wockerf pinch Iron* sty'e'v While, cocoa, tend and other colon For MOTHER'S DAY APRIL 13 Give the world's Greatest Mother the. ·world's g're«/csf Gift "Jewelry". Afe.iO stock of Hamilton Watches, Elgin. Longines and lielbros lo choose from or a beautiful gem stone, occasional ring'. 'We -will engra ve the inside of your wedding ring free of charge from now lo May 13th. Work done promptly. , Lenox Jewelry DON'T MISS THE LIONS'HURLY-BURLY REVUE OF 1951 MAY 3, 4, 5 Tickets On Sale AI Tho L E N O X Jewelry 211 N. Main St. Las Cruccs

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