Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 15, 1969 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, October 15, 1969
Page 6
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1 1'nge 6 GREELEY TRIBUNE Wed., Oct. 15, 19G9 [Sidewalk Must Be Cleared I Of Snow Within 24 Hours I Assistant Chief of Police Cari roll Ix)ng Wednesday 'reminder. Grccley citizens of the ordinance whicli states that snow shall be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall. Persons found in violation ol the ordinance may be fined up 1o S200 and be subject to a jail sentence. The ordinance slates that, "It shall be the duty of all persons within the corporate limits of the city to keep the sidewalks in front of and adjacent to the tenements and grounds occu- County Roads Reported in Bad Shape Road conditions in the area east and north of Ault have been pretty chaotic as a result of Ihe 18 inches of snow dumped by lasl Saturday's storm. County Commissioner Glenn Billings reported Tuesday. Billings said all of Road District's No. 1 employes and equipment, including four huge 3'/4-yard loaders with snow plows, have been working al- since the Ihe roads, iisvc been pied by them clear of snow and ice. . '." The ordinance also stales that, "Where premises or parts of premises arc not occupied in any manner, it shall be Hie duty of Ihe owner thereof to com ply wilh the requirements. . ' And, the ordinance says, "In the event (he owner of any such premises so unoccupied shall be a nonresident of Ihe city or absenl from the city, y resident agenl who shall have charge of such premises shall comply wilh the requirements." Wherever houses or other buildings shall be occupied by several tenants, it shall be the duty of Ihe persons occupying the story or stories nearest such sidewalks to clean the snow and ice from the walks. inosl continuously storm to open up Some of the men working 12 lo l(i hours a day, he said. "We're cleaning up everything asfaslaswe can."Billings staled. However, he reported the snow in some places is so heavy .it is difficult for the equipment to gel. through it. The fast the ground underneath is still soft jilso lias caused problems, forcing motor graders to stay right in the road. Billings said nine of I lie 31 missile bases in his road dis Iricl had been isolated by drifting snow closing the roads It: them. He anticipated, though that all these roads would be reopened by Tuesday night. The District No. 1 commissioner .said that he had not received any reports of anyone being without food or other necessities bccnusc of tliL'.slnrm. However, there have been a num- 37 Mill Set For Downtown Improvement A mill levy of approximately .37 mill was set for the Grecley Improvement District No. 1 in the downtown area by City Council Tuesday evening. The district was created last year in connection with plans to improve the downtown area and a bond issue was approved lo finance a planning project which is being carried out as part of Ihe comprehensive planning for the city. City Clerk Barton Buss reported to Council that the assessed valuation of the district for 1969 was $5,908,720, accord ing to the assessor's office. H said $2,147.50 in revenue woulc have to be raised bv the mil natural resources. Eckles did 24.50-25.25; 2-3 270-300 Jbs 24.00- ONE WILL BE QUEEN -- One of these three girls will lie crowned as the Windsor High School Homecoming Queen during the game scheduled Friday nighl wilh Highland High School. The candidates selected by Iheir fellow members of senior class al Windsor High are, from the left: Vonda 1-Iemmerle, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Valdo Hemmerle; Ruth Ca'sten, 17, daughter of Mrs. Virginia Casten; and Debbie Alles, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alles. The queen will be announced during the half t!me ceremonies of Ihe foolball game and Ihe crown will be presented by Dave Schlothauer, captain of the. Windsor football team. (Tribune photo by Paul Edscorn) levy to pay off one bond am the interest on it. licr of reports of persons being tm.fble l» get to lo feed Ihein. their cattle Brighton Man Is Sentenced For Slaying BRIGHTON, Colo. (AP) - A Brighton man was sentenced to 12 to 15 years in the Colorado Slate Penitentiary Tuesday following his conviction on a sec- rnd degree murder charge in Hie shooting death of n woman Buss Resigns companion. Judge Clifford J. Gobble imposed t h e prnlenco on Dan Sim (Continued from Page 1) hope you will provide for smoolh transition. 1 would he willing to assist if needed, after Nov. IB, in n consulting or advisory capacity." City Manager B. H. Crucc said he would slarl looking for a replacement for Buss im- nediateiy. Under the City Charter, the city manager appoints both the city finance lirector and city clerk with Hie advice and consent of the 'My Council. Buss was appointed city clerk and finance director in April, 1959, following tlie resignation from these posts of fhe late Mori Balch. Buss began work for the city as deputy city clerk and assistant finance director in March, 1958. A native of Nebraska, he came to Grccley about 1955. He was employed by (lie Fnrr Co. By PAUL EDSCORN Tribuno Staff Writer WINDSOR --The meaning of Zodi.TC of the Wizards may be obscure to any but students of Windsor High School. For them it's (lie theme for the Windsor High School Homecoming cele- iration. Tlie Homecoming game is scheduled for Friday with High- and High School as the opponents of the Windsor Wizards. There will be the usual Homecoming activities of bonfires, rep rallies and crowning of tlie "lomccoming Queen. But the highlight of Ihe ac- ivilics wifl be the dedication of the high school foolball field is the Dr. C. W. Sabin Field. prior lo going to work for the Jcity. nions, 25, in the slaying of Mrs. Estclla Moore, 48, of Denver. NEW (AP) New York Stock Exchange closing index: Market up 3 cents Index 55.311 tip 0.04 Industrial 56.31 up 0.01 Transportation 43.21 off 0.03 X'lilily 40,-ill up 0.19 Finance 72.17 off 0.02 Buss and his wife, Leola, wlio is a realtor associated with Stoll Keally, live at 2400 W. 20th SI. They have two daughters, Carolyn and Denise. I Carolyn is married to Michael i Anton who is in the Army and (presently attending an electron- iics school al Fort Mnnmoulh, JN. J. The couple is living at 'Long Branch, N. J. Denise, who is 12, is a student at Heath Jun- |ior llich. Deaths and Funerals j .lAronsox 2 Men Hurt n Accident Two employes of Cowan Concrete Products were injured shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday when a load of utility poles St.. lin'pji'y. Kiill C a l v i n O o n i t h y ) * n l i » . SuriiiRs. S l e p f i i t h e r of Mrs. Mewey ( O p a l ) Ward r i p of Kusimt'. lire., and r l K U i r i c lleyt'rs of Lowis- I n n . Idaho. Also s u r v i v i n g »n- f o u r t e e n ' r l i i l i l n - i i and CIS 23rd | f o j ( | ]e Home L jg hl an( Tp" owcr ("iii'sof Co - '-'"H"? 5 '-' 11 llluler tllem The poles were being unloaded from a railroad car on Homecoming Friday At Windsor High Wyoming Man Dies Tuesday Funeral services for William ·liint of Jelm, Wyo., will be held Dedication ceremonies will be held during half time honoring Dr. Sabin. The diclor, now semi- retired, has practiced medicine in Windsor for 37 years. He lias attended lo (he injuries and ills of Windsor foolball players each year and lias seldom missed a Windsor game. Tlie Ihree senior queen candidates are Vonda Hemmerle, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Valdo Hemmerle; Ruth Cffsten, 17, daughter of Mrs. Virginia Casten; and Debbie AUes, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robern Alles. .Junior attendant candidates are Jean Erbes, 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Erbes; and Kay Metcalf, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Melcalf. Sophomore attendant ..candidates are Mary Schlothauer, 15, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin at 1 Friday at Ihe Rice funeral Chapel in Brighton. Hunt died unexpectedly Tuesday ill his rniicli home southwest of Laramie, Wyo. lie was he owner and operator of fhe 'ormer Boswell Ranch. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Nona Velter Hunt; and two sons and two daughters, all living in the Laramie area. He was .lie son-in-law of Mrs. Eslella Vetler of Hudson. Chestnut with the pep club, student council and school band taking part. There will also be a car smash- as part of the bonfire activities. Somaiiland Prexy Slain NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- Dr. Aboirashid AH Shcrmarke, pres- denl of (lie Somali republic was shol dead Ibis afternoon by a man said to be wearing a police iniform. Radio Mogadishu interrupted Is programs lo broadcast the ews. Tlie Somali Republic is on the eastern horn of Africa, bordered on the landward sides bv Ethio- parade will be held at 2:30 p.m, with the parade proceeding down Main Street from tiie high siding in the 1300 block on 6th P ia i" ld Kenya. H became incle- Avenue. A Cowan Concrete crane was Sorvici's 1 :3U p m. day from tin* Adainson Mei n n r h i l Ch.npi'l Iutiniu*nt L i n n d i n v o Oiin i terv. r-si' "im \^ em S use( ' lo ' ift " le I' nles f'' om iiiiiriMi "' e cai '. ^ s " le f' 1 ' 8 ' I 10 ' es were Tliiirs- jbeing removed the side posts on the railroad car reportedly I ENDURING BRONZE MEMORIALS For a d e p a r t e d loved one, let our CO years of exp e r i e n c e h e l p you to select a m e m o r i a l for a garden 1ype (.emetery. Our s e l e c t i o n Is c o m p l e t e , our prices modest. Pre-need s e l e c t i o n nlso a v a i l a b l e , plus a payment plan to fit every budget. CO Y E A R S EXPERIENCE broke allowing the poles to cascade to the ground. The two employes, Lloyd Collins, 127 N. 23rd Ave., and Don Bcrnhardl, Windsor, were said to have been on top of the load and fell with the poles. Bernhardt landed on the ground among the heavy poles receiving arm, face and possible back injuries. Collins was pinned by his legs under some of the poles and was freed by firemen, police and Home Lighl and Power Co. employes. He received injuries lo his led leg. Both were taken by ambu- ilsncc to Weld County General ! Hospital. Open Sundayi by appointment Ki«-r tx.-r(: i*ni« m-m n. 1 J i l l 7KI.HOO Itlb -'-1.50; 81IIWM) l!,s I ! CARLOT DRESStD MEAT | CHICAGO 1API lUtSDAI-Tradl rather ^lov^, Mcrr, hriler anrt cow l,ecf fitendy. 1 Ijiinl, .steady to 1.00 lower than last ·kl cln: 45.00: (JUEEf-EV MONUMENT WOHKS, Inc. Ralph Hollisier John Dalton 1015 7th Ave. 352-1807 .'.'! 8M IDs 43.t»i tyn UK 4a.0f,: standard 5l/) - Too ll,s 42 .W; Oct l\:.t:r U-pf: rhdire 5W ;,o |j id 5(«-?iV) lh$ 41.M; Cow beef: com'-lrVb pendent in 1960. Shermarke had dent since June 1967. been prcsi- Colorado River Basin Meet Set In Arizona PAGE, Ariz. (AP) - Waler problems of the Upper Colorado River Basin will be discussed here during a three-day meeting starling Thursday. About 90 persons, most of them from Colorado, are expecl- led for the meeting of Ihe Colorado River Congress and the Colorado Water Conservation Board. DENVER CASH GRAIN Wheat No 1 hard winter ordinary 1.16-1.20; No 2 owl sorghum no offerings; yellow corn no offerings. CHICAno (AI) -- Kutnres trnrtmu on the Chicago Mercantile Kxohar.fie Wednesday: Council Adopts (Continued from Page 1)' being given them in the 1970 budget. Referring to the council's pledges in adopting the sales tax, Wells added, "I also think we've shown our good faith by reducing the property .lax levy another mill. But I just ran '! : sce h ° w TM can rcduce il another mill without jeopardizing some city services." Both Councilman Tom Rapp and Councilman George Hall indicated they agreed with Wells and also said they Ihoughl the council always should be prudent hit he way it spends taxpayers' money. Cruce agreed the council should seriously consider every emergency appropriation proposed and possibly delay a decision in each case in order to get the public reaction. Centennial Criticism Pcrchlik contended, however, 1U 1V1L3. J Y 1 V 1 I ! jt · - i - r I- Maxlnc Con- tlle P rlori "*. for . s P c " dl "6 surplus lhal sliould he set now so people could come forward and argue the priorities. He said otherwise the council would be setting the Sclilothauer; 15, daughter of Mr. Mrs. Max Contrcraz. The queen and her attendants I'ill be announced during the liiilf lime ceremonies with the foolball learn captain, Dsve Sclilothauer, presenting the crown. On Thursday there will be. _ D _ rr _, a bonfire at 7th Street andigiven first priority To con- priorities itself as a need for board said a total of $527,705 funds arose during Ihe year. Tlie Committee for Fair Taxation chairman was critical of Hie council's having apparently lributin $15,000 to the Centennial Committee if any excess revenue was received from the sales tax. "We've already BPW Reschedules Kickoff Breakfast Because of the Inclement weather the Fellowship Breakfast of the Business and Pro' fessional Women's Club, scheduled for Monday, has been postponed to Wednesday, when the group will meet from 7:15-8:30 a.m. at the Hospitality Room of the Weld County Bank. Court Order (Continued from Page I) Judge Horan, probably Thurs day, and would ask the sports men be required to post a bond of $31,000 -- the amount of the high bid. The sale price was more than 15 limes the minimum price o $50 an acre set by the state. The purchaser was David Ru min, 29, of Denver, who told reporters later he hadn't seen the property and he hoped to use it as a wildlife preservi open to children. The property, recently ac quired by the state from the federal Bureau of Land Manage ment, was put up for sale a the request of Richard T. EC kles, former state director o not attend the sale. At one point during the bid ding Rumin interrupted to as! if anyone would join him. Later he huddled with Archie Gran berry, who gave-a Denver ad dress, but apparently no firm deal was worked out. After the sale the two said they would hold a conference Granbery told reporters he was bidding because "I like to hunt." lie said'he-was in the cosmetic business. Rurnin said: he is associatec with his father in painting ant decorating. Before bidding started, Gene Cervi,' Denver business paper publisher, announced he was willing to pay 30 .per cent more than the appraised value of the land and would turn it over to the Game, Fish and Parks De 28 - 5l) - partment "free and clear." Game, Fish and Parks Direc tor Harry Woodward, ,also at tending the sale, told-thfe crow the state agency was interest in the property but did not have money:,to -get into the bidding f o r it.. . . - · . - · V ; Woodward; warned the cfowc t h a t - t h e land, hear-. Masters was -open to duck shooting 'b'uj not to goose .shooting. ' ' Commissioner/Howard Shulta who '.'conducted 1 .the -auction stressed. that the..stale does noi guarantee: access, lo the .proper ty and' made no;- claims abou its condilion. ·-He" emphasize! the land board- is : required Ib sell property lo the.highest bid mighl develop der. Money from the sales goes into the public school fund. Ru min said, he might'fly'young slers to the land: ··-. After the auction, the land On Friday the Homecoming .-535,000- to Hie Centennial Cele- jrado will be held at 2:30 p.m. oration," he said. "Personally school at pre-game staged. 5lh Street pep rally where a be Hospital Dismissals Dismissed from Weld County General Hospital on Tuesday, October 14: Thomas Norton, 2635 21st Ave. Ct.; Michael MetzTer, Yuma; Mrs. Molly Martin, 1416 8th St.; Anthony paid for Hie half dozen Sracts -of property offered in eluding the $31,000 for the Weld County land. Simpson said the interest to the land board on the Weld County property will approxi male $06 ' an acre per year Purchasers are required to pay committed j only one fourth of .the sale price "~'~ 'at the lime of sale. A land board source said an adjacent tract is now leased by the stale for about 30 cents an acre "annually. The largest land parcel offeree was 800 acres which land boart members said was on the fring- A woman from the north part es . O f the Pueblo West urban Personlly I feel if any surplus comes from the sales tax, a swimming pool on the north side should have priority over the additional $15,000 for lee." Hie Centennial Commit- of Greeley questioned if ?35,000 wasn't a lot for the cily lo spend lo celebrate 100 years "Aren'l there other Ihings lhat arc more needed to the city?" she asked. Storm Drainage Cruce explained $50,000 had beet put in the budget to build Ave Martinez, 300 Lesser, 820 17tii I linez, Evans; Monica GnlleDosj*!"!TM; TO R l h SI · T.mre n,-nnn Ifi'K ! Slr6elS 523 10th Pierce; Mrs. Lawrence Brown. Brighton; Donald Wiiite, 2205 NW C St.; Hatie Helmer, Windsor; Helen Hergenreder, 3625 :,:j inrt 15th Ave.; Edwin Biers, L a i , , " 5 . Salle; Mrs. Richard Gesick and daughter, 200 10th St.; Mrs. Tony Virgil and son, lit. 5; storm drainage system in part of the city had been costs of paving area where slreel Ihe land also lhal the proved Oct. 7 concerning pro$25,000 for the Cenlcn- Commiltee in the 1970 budget "with an addilional $15,000 to be paid if money is available from revenue which may development. McCulloch Properties, Inc., developers of Pueblo West, had asked the property, be put up for auction. One 160-acre tract, carrying a minimum price of $250 an acre, was purchased by R. B. Millay of Denver for $405 an acre. The other tract in the Pueblo parcel, containing 640 acres, .was purchased for $202 an acre by Kenneth King, an official of Columbia Savings and Loan Association. The Iract carried a minimum sales price of $175 an _, ., ,, ,. , acre set bv the commission. The council then discussed One hul ; dred . nfty acres of meaning of a motion ap- land irl R 0ult Cou ' nly) soulh . west of Hayden, was purchased by Burton" Tuttle of Platteville at $63 an acre. A fifty-three acre trad in Moffat County north of Jul ter, 23247th St.; Mrs. Cecil iam, .111 16th Ave. Ct.; Mrs. W. Ray Good, La Salle and Anita Ibarra,, Rt. 2: Tossie Wins 200-Lap Race UIVE SEE'F CATTLE 1 "* Ck " c '""i t'"ns. Other entries were Rick nsim and Lerov Damian. . . . 29.25 2!M2 23.23 29.3ft 29 25 Craig sold for $53- an acre to the Tri-B Association. The same Jgroup paid $45.0 an acre for the south half of a section in Douglas County. The north half of the section was purchased by Clay Keene for $465 an acre. Gov. John Love said al his news conference had been asked lo halt the sale of the Weld County land, but did not identi fy persons making Ihe request. He said he talked to Shults, who felt the sale should go ahead. He said he talked to Shults, who felt the 'sale should go .ahead. He said he told Woodward lie was free to go ahead and bid for it on behalf of the stale agency. The Izaak Walton League al- Kext scheduled race at Don's CHICAGO (AP) -- Wheat No so notified him it wanted to bid, Sevcral councilmen indicated! they believed the motion was confusing and implied lhat $15,000 had been given first priority if any excess revenue developed. Councilman Wells, who made the motion, said "That was not my intention." As a result, a motion 200-lap "B" kit slot adopted amending the previous car race Tuesday night, Gary motion to simply provide $25 - Tossic won first with 196 laps. 000 would be included in the Carla Kersbcrgen was second 11970 budget for the Centennial with 192 laps and Jack Sheets Committee. The city cave $10- third with 183 laps. """ - "·- : "-- " ·- ' Tossie was also the fastest qualifier with 10 laps Hi sec- In the race to the committee this year. Cash Grain MARKETS "DENVER AP - no«» TOO; ·nil Hilts fully 50 lower; 1 ana 2 200-230 l» T 35 25-25.50; 2 ami 3 155-240 Ito 2S.73- 1 25.00; 3 . 4 266 lb» 24.25; win 25 Stock-Market Closing Priett (Associated Prru) KEW'YORK (AP)K«i«r 'ITH *3 -- T«lw'» MtecMKMcott 44V4 . . lower; 1 to 3 30MTO Ibj 2!.25.24.00; 400. CO CatUo and c«lve» 1.500: slaughter coiyj and bulls steady; ouier classes rot established; slaughter steers choke -1010 Ibs '.725; slaughter hellers choice 8GO-WJ5 Ibs £6 30-26 95: slaughter cows high cutter and utility 19.20-21.50; high dresslnc utility to 2200: cutter 10.50-20.00; slaughter bulls co'mmcrcial 24.00-24.70; Utility 22.20-22.50; feeder cattle good and commercial feeder "sh 3 ecp'600:'«laughttr and feeder lambs about steady; slaughter ewes' scarce slaughter lambs choice and prime 90-110 ibs 28.90-29.30, package IwlBIIjs 20.80: choice 90-95 Ibs 28.00-28.50; feeder lambs choice aid fancy. 50-95 Ibs 28.00-29.00. - U OMAIIA CK (AP -- Catlle 6500, calves iO: steers steady to weak; heifers 25 lower; cows and bulls steady; slaughter steers high choice and prime 1125 Ibs 29.00; choice 975-1250 Ibs 27.25-28.25; good and choice S50-1225 Ibs 27.00-27.50: good 2500-27.00: standard and low good 23.0025.00; slaughter lieilers high choice and prime 930 Ibs 27.25; cows ulility and commercial 20.00-21.50; canncr and culler 18,00-20.00: bulls utility, commercial and good 23.00-24.50; feeders high good and choice, 900-1000 Ibs fleshy steers 26.50- Sheep 1000; slaughter iambs steady to ig: slaughter ewes steady: shorn New York Stock Ex-Kerry W -fU4 change prices: Kraflco 41%+lVi Clow Chl.Kresm Mtt Admiral 20Mi+ H Lltty IH+ js Alcan Al 2IH6 Litton 53%+ n Allied Ch 31 + % Locknd avi-r- Vt Allied Sir 3H4-- Ti Lone S C 23%+ V4 AUis Ch«l 2414+ Vi Lone S C VVt Alcoa 73 +1 M«cy 3« + Vi slaughter lambs choice wilh end prime SO-110 Ibs 29.00-29.25: wonicd slaufihlcr lambs choice, some with end prime, 86112 Ibs 28 25-28.75; shorn slaughter ewes cull lo Bood 7.50-8.50. lloss 7000; barrows and gills moslly 50 lower; 1-3 200-250 Ibs 24.75-25.25; 2-4 weak; 1-3 300-400 Ibs 23.^-24.00, 2-3 400000 Ibs 22.75-23.50. CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Hogs 3,500; butchers weak moslly 25 lower; 1-2 205-230 Ib butchers 25.75-26.50; 1-3 200-250 Ibs 25.25-25.75; 2-4 240-270 Ibs. Am Alrlin 34 M.d Fd 2744 Magvox 41 -- 1,4 Am Ilrnds 35V«-- Vi Maralhn .3* -- V, Am Bdcsl Ktt-flK Marcor 4BIi Am Can 45W-HMi Mar Mid 371i+ T, Am CySg 2W-- Vt Martin 1954-- « Am Cyan' 29Wi-- Vi McDon D 26 + »i API ELP 30%+lVi Merck . 101ft-- Hi Am Fdy IBBi+UA Minn 113ft-- n AMct Cl 30V4+ Vt Mobil O 52!i-- i Am Mlrs .10M+ Vi Moiuu.. »%+ W, Am Smelt 3»i+ Vt Mont D U 30 + Vi Am Std 33 --Hi Mont Pw 27 - V, Am TStT 51(4 Mt St TT 21%- Vi Ampcx 47»+ 4« Nat Cash 144Vi-4Vli Anaconii WYt+ Vi Nat Dist 19Vi+ Vt Armco Stl 2TO-- V« Nat Gyp« 37H Annour 47y4+»».Nat Ld 31%+! Armsl Ck 39VH-iy« Nat Sll 44V.4- « All Rich 100%- V Niag Mp U%+ y, Atlas Corp n't-- Vi Nor P»c 4314+ Vt Avco Cp 28V5+ Vt Nwst Air 32V5-- "Si Avon Pd lCOVi+ % Nwt Bane 3311-- Vi Beat Fds 38W-- Vi Occident 27V-- 3 ,k Ileech Air 20%+lVi Omark 239i+l Bell How 71W+ M Oweni (H14- Vi Bendix 42^--1 Pac G B 33V4 Beth Sll 29V4 Pac P L 20V4 Booing 3.151,-- Vi Pac T T 10?i-- 14 Boise Cas 5Wt-- Vi Par Am lirist My 68M+ Vt Parke D Bninswk 18'/«+ V4 PTMn C Bucy Er 20V* Penn Dix Budd Co 16W-- V4 Penney Hurl Ind 355H- Vt Pepsi Case JI 15% Phelps Caslle Ck 31 + '/i Phil Mor Caler Tr 44%-- % Phil Pel Celan Cp G4Wt--1 Polrid. _ _ .. Cp aSHi+HS Proctor 10V4+ Vt 2 5 + 0 6 Pub S Col 20%+ li Cessna A 26 -- Vt PuB Spl 23'/«+ *i, 24.75; sows steady lo 25 lower; 1-3 350-400 Ibs 23.00-23.75; 2-3 500-600 Ibs 21.75-22.50. Cattle 6,500; calves none; slaughter steers high choice and prime steady lo 25 higher; slaughter heifers steady to 25 higher; prime 1,200-1,450 Ib slaughter steers yield grade 3 and 4 30.75-31.25; high choice and prime 1,150-1,400 Ibs 29.7530.75; choice 950-1,350 Ibs yield grade 2 lo 4 28.50-30.00; mixed; good and choice 27.75-28.50; high choice and prime 900-1,050 Ib slaughler heifers yield grade 3 and 4 28.00-28.35; choice 825-1,000 Ibs yield grade 2 to 4 27.0028.00; mixed good and choice 26.25-27.00. Sheep 200; wooled slaughter lambs steady; few lots choice and prime 100-110 Ibs 15 + 1 35%+ 37%+ v« 50%+ ·! 2SV4+ Vi ZBTii Chrysler 39%-- V 4515-- Vi '43%-- Vt Cities Svc 43 -- Vt Repub Stl . 3BV£t Coea Cola 70 Key Met 36 + V ColK Pal 42 -- !'/ Hey Tob 45%-- Vt Colo Inlsl 41%+ 1H Hoy Uut 45 -- Vi Colu Cas 25V6-- Vi Safeway 27-54+1 Coml Solv 23'/j+2 St J05 Ld 351'.- '. Comsat 5M- VSt Keg P 40 +1VS Con Kdis 28%+lMi Sa Fe Ind 28T-1+ 'A Con Foods 44VB+ 7 , Schenly 24%+ V, Cont Airl 13 + V4 Schrins 5514+ V, Cunt Can 77!4+-Ti SCM 30%-1% Cont Oil 20l'« % Scott.P 30-1S+ 14 Cont D 148V4--1'A Sears CorKvcs 111S+ '.i S'lell O 67?i- 54 50V1+ Ml Crow Col 31'/j- A Sou Cal E 33 - V Crwn Zcll 37%-- Mi South Co 26%+ »« Curliss W 18%- '/, Sou Pac. 3Hfe- !i Dart Inti 511 -- »k Sou By 48»,1+ % Dccrc Co 3614-- Vi Siierry 44'/i--- ^4 Std nrnfl Del Mnlo 27 Dnow ·-' Disney 18M+ Vi S\i o'cal 56%--'v« 103 +l%Std Q M a . f i * D 0 w dim 71 - Ti Std O NJ 70V4+ «j Dress Ind 3U'A+ Vt Std Pack 12 + Vi Air 17V4- W i" 29.50; choice 80-100 Ibs 29.0027.00- CinCAGO AP) -- Chlcaco Mercantile Exchance--llutter steady: wholesale buying prices unchanged; D3 score AA G7!i; 92 A 67H; 00 B C5. Eggs blcad.v: wholesale buylni; prices unchanged lo 2 higher; KO per cent or |M.'[. pr grade A whites 45; mediums 4P/ii; standards 42: checks 34. KANSAS CITY (AP) -- Calllo 2.000; calves 150; cows iteady to weakf E Kodak 75'A--Hi Sludclh Eaton Va 42Vi-- tt Swift ElPaso N 13 -I- % Tektrnll ISvans I'd 42 + % Teldync Evrshrp 2-IV6+ 'A Tenneco Falrch C «2%--1 Texaco 4114+ 4H.+ ii 28% 89%--Hi 39%--IV4 25W+ V4 32% FooT'Fiilr 22i+"'/« Tex Ins 13214+ Vi l-ord Mot 44'i- 14 Tcxlron 29%+ J4 For McK 2!11fi Thiokol 12T«+ (4 Freep Sul 24%-- *ft Timk Kb 31V«+ V« Fruell Cp 42 - % Todd Ehp 48V4+1T4 Cam Sko 2.TO+ V, TWA 28Vi- 54 Ron »yn 25 + % Trans Am 27V4+ % Gen Klcc CCV4-- Vt Tri Cont 33V4+ Vi Gen Fds 76%+ Vfc Tnv 3BTH+ tt Gen Mills 35%+ Vt UAL 30%- 14 Gen Mot 72Mi+ VH Un Elec 18^4+ Va G Tel El 34V-+ Vi Un 0 Cal 43Ti+ Vt Gen Tire 1'JMH- % Un Pac 43 + Vt Ga P.ic vn'n-- ^'K Unlrj-al 21V4-- V4 Gillette 45W+ « Unit Air Glen Aid 9 % ' Unit Cp (kiodrch 32'.4- « Un Frt Goodyr 2914+1 US O.vp Gi NnrRy 42T4+ Vt US Ind Gt WnUn 48 -- »S US Ply Gt 31 - Vt US Smlt nrej-lind 18!4+ "4 US Stl Gulr Oil 34 + ',4 Varian 45 11%-- V4 5014-- W 681,4-- tt 27,ifl» 45 +1»4 3H4- Ti 34%-- Vj " _. . - i l J l U l l ) ..... ... olencd steady: l a t c r l Hoineslk 22Vi Icedcrs early snicsi Honywl I4fi74+t steady; cows ulllily and commercial 19.75-21.25] high drrasing ulllily! feeder steers choice 525-725 Ib 30.oo-33.0f): 750-900 11) 28.00-30.00; good 500-750 Ib 27.0030.50: feeder heifers good, and choice 51)0-700 Ib 2.'i.nO-28.0fl! high choice 255 ]l 2H.M): slecr calves choice .100-350 Ib 36.00- Int Pan 38.00: 350-450 Ib 31.00 37.001 450500' Ib .Inl TIT .. . Zenith ., 4.114- i._ ,... ._. S1H4--M Total N.Y. stock Jewel .Co 52 . + »1 Sales: 15,740.0M. ,. JoancI, 22I/J+. «4 , ·-· . EGGS . - . . ,'DENVER (AP) -- Market-steady,.'do- maad good, offcringe adequate, · Prices, paid for .consumer Krnde eggs delivered in ' Denver loose or- in cnrlons (earUins -furnished hy buyers) -cases included: large AA 40-15, inosliy 42: me- diuihVAA 37-41. moslly 37-38: small AA 24-29.'moslly 26-27; large A 39-44, mostly "11; medium A 3Mfl. moslly 30-37; large 28-31. mostly 28-29.' DENVER (AP) -- U.S. rail shipmonls 157; Colorado 3, no arrivals tir unloads. Trucking' Colo 18, Idaho 1. unloaded I, diverled Vone. on tracks nnnc. Marlict'ifirmv ino Iba U.S. No l size A washed unless otherwise stated: russets ».]4 117. Colorado 5.50; 50 Hi earlnns PJ1- [00 count Colorado-Washington 3.60-4.00, Idaho 4.00:, Cnlorndo rod McClurcs . STOCKS IN THE SPOTLIO C ^4- rVEW YOHK (AP)--Sales, closing price and net change of the flltccn most active slocks traded on the NY .Stock Ex- ·hanKe. Xerox Cp in 4.50-5.00: 2i,4 In minimum Colorado 10 Ib sacks round reds 5253 cenlss russcls Colorado 55-58 cents, round reds Colorado 20 lu sacks U.S. No 2 Ancll Hoek 133.300 ttli --Hi Inu CVP Am ._..:...117,700 16 ' " SCM Curp - -- · BEANS DENVER (API -- U.S. No 1 1W.9 crop inlos 6.75-7.00. No 2 6.25-6.50 FOB Den- L'r rale basis; Great Northerns U.S. No 1 1969 crop 6.50, U.S. No 2 6.20 FOB Nebraska rate basis. Chicago Grain Market CHICAGO (AP) - A wave of juying attributed to the vfeath- a 1 sent soybean futures.2 cents nigher late in the session on Ihe Chicago Board of Trade loday. Corn futures advanced almost as much, also on buying attributed lo Ihe possibility of rain overnight in sections where corn and soybean harvesting is well under way. At the close, wheat was up to 1% higher, December 1.37 7 /s; corn was 2 cents higher, Be- eember 1.21%.cents; oats, were "ractionally higher, December 63% cents; rye also held small ?ains, December 1.14 :l /4 and soy- jeans were nearly 2 cents higher, November 2.44%. CHICAGO (AP) - Wednesday: Prev. llfi.HX) 3IW4 Polnrnlcl "' '...'.....110.600 1Z6M, 80-85 Goodyear 109.300 29Va Lillon Inii 108.800 5314 Lykes Yngs 108,300 15^4 Cily Invest 10fi r 100 3334 C.\'A Kin] 10.1,800 28 Hcela M 28 + 3J, War Lam 69 Sutf 23I.4-- "4 Was Wat 2171+ «« " -- ' Wn Air L 25',4--.!'« Wn Bane 30'A+ a .'t Idaho I'v _ Ideal Bas-I2V4 W n - U Tel' 47-54- '. Wcslx El '5S5i- "1 38!l- V 3004-- V, .Weyrhsr 354 +1 White M Int Il.lrv 20»i Woolwth 40 --1!4 Int-. Nick 3r,'i+V4 Xerox . 105H+2H 'KEW'YOBK (AP)ArkLGjn 23 + U - Wednesday's st'-AKmra Oil 2254- U c t e d n c k American Cdn Javln 13%. Vt ExchnngcCinerama ll',fi+ Vt Data-Cut 10%+ r Close Chgc.Aero.icl 17V4- Vt Aerojet 17-- Vt SN155pmil Oct II .; 417,000 '27 0..247,700 23V4 .'.193,700 27V4 160,500 38 159,400 34 156,200 105W .+ H +2V« -- H4 + 1 + 14 NEW YORK (AP) -- 'Assodattd Prm Stork price average range of W Blocks ' High. tow^.Close. N.C. 30 IndU3t 430.9 '430.7 4343 --1.6 15 Rails q... 154.0 1S2.I '153.2 + .4 15 Utils 1.17.2. 134.5 135.8 .+ .1 GO Total ._ 20-1.0 28R.G 291.0 -- .3 - ... - STOCK AVEIIAGF5' Compiled by The Assoclaled Press : 30 15 15 W-. - lndust.Kails.UUI Slocks ... D1.6. A0.4 -AO.f D0.3 434.2 153.2'135.8 291.0 .... 435.8.152.8 135.7 291.3 41H.4 149.9 131.4 281.8 429.B 153.0 135.3 289.2 512.9 211.8 147.7-355.0 Wednesday Prcv. Day Week Aco Month Ago Year Ago NEW YORK (AP) -- Dow Jones' Jtork averages -- Open. Jlieh. Low Close. N.C. Indus : 830.85 (B7.1Z 823.13 830.06 - 2.37 Rails 198.34 '199.53 196.78 197.89 --0.13 Ulils ' 111.71 115.7dell3,53 114.S1 +0.28 65 Stocks 270.97 282.60 277.45 27B.67 --0.37 · Transactions in" stocks used In nvM-ijlcff Industrials ': .... l,009,Wo Hails- : J .. . :... 196,200 Utilities : ; · 226,500 " Itocks 1...L .....; L:.... 1,432,300 Wall Street NEW YORK (A?)-.'--. The foiiixiay. stock market rally lost its. momentum in 1 'moderately active trading late.-today. ' ·Advances held a fairly good edge over declines, on the ..New I I - U T nt TM 1 - U 6 U U V U I uciiuica.-uu l l l c - . l x u t i High Low.Close Close York Stock. Exchange but the averages had fallen. At-2 p.rri. the D.ow Johes average-.of 30 industrials'-showed a loss of 1.65 lo 830.78. Analysts said that; profit takers had moved' into the market to reap the harvest'of the quick, WHEAT Dec 1.37% 1.36% 1.37% 1.36'A War · ' 1.41% 1.39% 1.4H/4 1 40 May 1.42% 1.40% 1.42 1 41 1.37 1.35% 1.36% 1.36 Sep 1.391/i 1.38 1.39'A 1.38% .CORN Dec 1.21% l.'19% 1.21V, 1.19 Mar 1.26V4 1.24 7 /s 1.26* l,24?i May Jul Sep OATS Dec rtar May Tul Sep 1.30 1.28% 1.30 1.32% -1.30% 1.32. 1.27'/4 1.25% 1.27 .63% .67% 69% .67% .63% .67% .69 .67% .63% .67% ,69'/ 2 ' .67% .69 1.211% 1.30% 1.26% .63% .67% .69'/4 .67% .69 -RYE ' Dec · 1.14% .1.14'/4 1.14% 1.14% Mar ·lay Jul Sep 1.19 · 1.18VS 1.19 .1.1814 1.2314 1.22'/i 1.23* 1.22% 1.21V4 1.21% SOYBEANS Sfov 2.45% 2.42% 2.44% 2.43'/ 4 Jan 2.50% 2.48% 2.50'/i 2.48% Jar 2.55% 2.53% 2.55 2.53% May 2.58% 2.56% 2.^4 2.56% Tul 2.59% 2.57% 2.59% 2.58 \Ug 2.56 2.54% '2.55% 2.54% Sep 2.45% 2.44% 2.45% 2.44V4 strong advance. This,', they said, was. ah; expected. action. .Among the most actively traded issues-'.on the. New York ex- cliange, Xerox advanced 2% to 105%, Polaroid fell .Hi'to 129, Litton Industries 'gained- 2% to 55%, Goodyear gained 3 /i to 29'/4, and U.S. Steel lost'% to 37%. The. state of. Delaware Is 35 broadest. point. Local Market (Corrected to October 15) .Pinto Bean Crop: x New Ci;op __ ________ $6.75 Old Croft ______ 600 Wheat _\__- __ 1.04 Oats _..._ ___ 2.00 Corn .__! _____ 2.15 Barley ____ 2.00 \

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