Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 27, 1951 · Page 8
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 8

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1951
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ··' LAS · CHUClE'si. (W.-M.) SUN-NEWS .Friday Ertnlag. April 11 ,19 Las Crips"S|[ii'News Chunky Cuban Pilches Major's First One-Hitter; Slump Irritates Durocher PHONE 3 DEADLINE 9 A.M. Bulldogs Win Championship Match With Anihony, WiH EnlerJTourney IMS Cniri'S Bull«l"|!« will r r p r r j Hi-lit bntll district 10 and d i s t r i c t : 4 In slate l i i R h school bnnuuiill | tournaments -May 10 and 11. , ·Hie liiciils won the p i m i t l i m ' I h r o u a l i virtue of a Kl-S win WIT the A n l l i o n I'anthers Thursday a f - ^ ti-nioiin at Anthony. It w a s tin. 1 1 M't'iiud victory for Ihci Hidld-|;s ovci tin- I'anthers, and the sixth Mi-night bi|;li Khoul win. Fighis Lasl Night Ily tlin AsMiriiilwl I'rcs« ^lier ",,',!" i 1 ^^- '^;iLH^i!r !l 'w^^;o,'; ,.,i ' r h u l ; I t l J ; y l H f; 11 "^^^"^^ -ir,!., s»n Kmnei.s'.'o nuliuilntcd »·«- p n l r of errors tin tlu- jiart of U'lilii- j ' "' ' '_]" J. J' '_ ' l i m i t s roil lh; inokic n couple " f ! « R · Tl" " " lyjn 1 ni I n i r l i n ^ (1 " " 1( -' Ji l "" n( J ' n liis fir" s,,,so, y. rillh"! SP| Hfli |,s frnres I l l l l i r d 11 nils i UlUIJa lICl ·«« InWT-NM iiy JA;K HAND (AswirlnlMl I'ri'Ss S|»rU Wrllc.r) Everybody looks like Christy Ma'thewson when the Philadelphia A'K arc in town. Now it's Connie Miirri-ro, Washington's chunliy Cuban with n one-hitter. Mitrrcro picked up where tile Viink's Eddie Uipat nml Spec Shea left off. The latin missed his shutout lust night on Birney McCosky's fn-sl home run .since 1917. hut pitched the nmjors first one- h i t t e r of 1051. I.lllli. Connie ri'lln-tl till' flsl III A's'ln nrilr-r; McClisU.V, Ml III* liiOTiir in tin- f n u r l l l i "'allied Iwn nml Urni-lt out nine II"' rest uf t i l l ! IVJI.'-. The win over Philadelphia's Joe Colernan hoosted Washington ; nlo n first place tic with the Cleveland Indians · In the American District Track Meet Scheduled Tor Saturday A district track meet scheduled for "tomorrow »t 'i 'on the 'New Mexico AM campus has dissnlvrcJ into a ti'limyular incut. Only Deming. Hatch, and La.s'Crucen will Participate. . - ' . ; , Ti-uili or Consrqucnccs and An- ·tliony have developed no track teams Uit« year. .IL is believed the Hatch delegation will lie small, probably un dcr 10 men. Thus Uic rcfi]--racc will develop between Dcniing and lot four rrrnr-i innlrlMMl with oi^ Jui UH- A n t h o n y nine. j Uy Thr Assticliili-il Tine I'miUier pilclirui M r u r k i , n t f i v t - M i i U i l u g K f l U i l i i j ; the m u l c h c,f Jimmy Bradley, Cnrli:y anil Katnire/.. I'ilchi'l'li fur Illi' fiintlu-K. V'' 1 "' Tin' f o u r flnit division .-IllliH :ire Mrxii-o U.IIKUP IjiuHjbnll i-hiiHi-. Aljllcnc. A l b i H j i K - n i i i r . I ' H i n p r i ; i i n ' l Mibijcrh m i - i;lvHij; iiullui- «inl week nf Hie cHinpiilit"- j ja j,j, i,,|:i I lie .MTnn'l 'liviSKJl w i t h ii .. r i(K) ;i\vrd(;i' un llifec \vins j ;ind tliiri: 1 Despite Critics, Negros Play Pro ' j^'^TM"i;;;i; n Sa:!:t Baseball hi Texas ;;fv;;{:;;ir;;;!:,.;; t:;::^ . rrm;i!n iu Ihe s.-cond division. I . A M K S A . Ti-x.. A p r i l 1:7 i^'i I Alhui|iieriine k i u « l i i ' d I'mnpa Thi'ri: liii.-, hi-eii Home .·rllicism n m l |,,1,1 , i Ihe l e a u u c lead ml" third | ii.imi- fans have sluyi'd aw.iy f r u m |,|ai-r I n i i t ni|:hl. by a i l i i i l n i n l e r l n j ; I he p i n k , but Trxa':i him IIS n i s i ,,,, 11-7 si'lblli'll I" Ih" h-iRin 1 "l«:»- ' I I I . K I I I in p m t r B i i l i m i i l b ' l w b n l l . i ,-r lit Alliui|ni'ri|He. Ahllene vooli Lniiii'sn npi-iifd Ihe M'liuon Iniil ,,ver first plac" ly Imndlni: Ura 1 week wllh three ni'llio plnsvra. In- |;i ; r un 11-2 walliiiih'i; ""id l.llbbiick eludiiiK a pnir of Cubans. Uul ys- j i,uiyeil w l l h t h e pnei- by dowuliiK U'l-day I IIP. Cubans w e i e i.enl a w a y . |,,,-|ile:.:i Clovls (i-l nl Clovis. ·I'hi' |ial! did mil I'l'iiiik en|',lish ami j ( ;,.| s Vli'lor.v mami|;i'r .lay l l i m t y took tlu'in | A l n l i r i l l n K ul Us llrel tasle ·! Iwlh old u f ' i h e n a m e when t-lu-.v ! victory by h l i i s l m K c : ul rum homr I,, i m i i i i i l r i s l a i i d lil.-i I m i l i m H 11,11:1 and downliii: I.amei:.i II-5 - i f If the A's sUEBcrinK is bifc' news in Ihe American, the shuck- inj; f.iilurc of the New York Gia n t s is headline stuff in the Nut i o n n l . .MniiiiKer I-e" Dimx-hcr Is f;et- tiiit' lesly as his (ilnnls conlinnc Ihi'lr Khunu. Asked I" exiilain his bi-iichlnB i,l t.i'1-iiml Irawinnn Kjldli:. Staidly Inr ronlile A r l l e M'llson, Diiro- I'hi'r said: "U'llsoii Is playinj; Hceond. that'll all. Too many writers distort w h n l I have to say so I'm not explaining anythlnj; more." Johnny Snin shut out the Oiants :i-ll with six hits ns Boston spoiled 'sal MiiBllc'a 31th b i i t l n h i y . A t w o - r u n homer by Roy. Hartsfieid, followed by Snm Jcthroe's f i f t h home run. brolie oj.eii a scoreless name in the clliiifn Innirif. II was un Impiirlnnl rtclnry Inr Siiln, Id 1 * H" 1 "! In llu: iniijurs 1 and Nn. I "I II" 1 '"'"' s«isun. liobin Itobens hulslwl the chum- i.ioii Philadelphia J'hlls I n t o a per-1 ciMitiiKC tie wllh the idle St. Louis Cards by whipping Brooklyn. 2-0. Tiic four western teams in the National and 1 American wen 1 not hi'.hedu'led. Athletic Rulings Prohibit Football Spring Practice KOSWKLL. April 27 I/Pi - The New Mexico Ilish School Athletic Association has reminded foolljall coaches throughout the state t h a t no fooball pi-nellcc can be held Dcforc Aug. IS. i The atlcnl.lon of iidmlidstrnlur.H and coaches was directed to lhn section of the bylaws provided Ihc risking Season To Open Nay 1 South Oi U.S. 66 SANTA FE, April 27 I/I'' -- Tile general fishing .season opens in N'cv Mexico south of U-. S. Highway 00 on May 1 and north of the highway May 25. .State game warden Elliott Barker warned that special seasons apply to the EOSU.UC Del' Apache and Hitter Lake Federal Refuges, t h e Washington Ranch waters In l-:ddy county and the 7,uni Indian reservation. . · " ' r The Ziini season runs from May 10 through Nov. :!0. The olhel three open May 'M and run through Oct. 15. The game department reports mss and crappic fishing continues A1HMEN SWAMI' BASE CHAP ·SAN-ANTONlO-rWl--The men of the U.'S. Air Force are uming to religion.-An'average of 12,000 airmen now attend the US services- offered by Lackland __ All- Force Base chaplains in the ten chapels on the base. There are more than 30 chaplains, representing all faiths. Sunday services are held from early morning until ate evening. Because the chapels won't hold the crowds, two theaters and a large assembly tent are used for religious services. good at Elephant Butte and Caballo Lakes, trout .and crappie are biting well at Bluewater Lake. Wind has cut down the trout take from flics in the northern Rio firande, but live bait is bringing results. The southern Kio · is giving up few trout. . . Coach Bud Wilburn. .aiinounccii lodny his squad would be Ihe saim in previous evuntts this reason It includes Al Agirre, Tony Alvarez. Jerry Apodaca, Jimmy Bradley. Juan Chavez, Skippei Corley, Tom Dlcksun, Dan Fndilla, A rile Robertson. Frank Hteele Donald Wiimicli, Adolph Diaz, Bcrli IJurlsariii. Jaek Glover, Cipi Gon- Kiilt'S-, Buzxy 'KendrickH, Johnny McGaw and Ray AlcCnw. Sports Briefs / liv The Associated Press ' FOOTBALL ''·'·'· Georgetown, Tex. -- SoulhwcHt- orn dropped fwillmll for '"duration of the Korciin crisis." RACING liexinKtun. Ky. Mameluke, $13.00, ami Rhuc. $6.80, won ;iplit divisions of lilucgrass Stakes at Keenelnnd. Sun Mnteo, Calif. -- Cltiition. miikhif,' r.rcnnd slnrt of cmnclwc'.i, finished Uilnl to ranclin Supreme, $10. in six rurlonii f e a t u r e nt Bay Meadows. New York ·-· SIciM Blue, 5U.80, tooii feature lit Jamaica. ·1'heic will lie only f o u r .seniors on the 1051 University of Arizona ioolliail iou:n. Ulltc as tile opening of full practice. Under tile ammcmlment approved effeetive for the 1047-48 year, )io K l i r i n p drills are. permitted. LAS CHUCES LIQUORS The Store of Good Spirits ;;. t'llAMTAGNKS - COU) Your Family lockage Store 334 S. MAIN SWIM For Health Ihis summer in a New · S W I M S U I T Jusl Take A Look At The , · Large Selection of Latest Swim Suils ..... Satin - Nylon - Poplin and Knit Trunk TRUNKS OR BOXER TYPE Colors oi Leopard, rainbow, grey, while, navy, blue ·' ' yellow, green. A WONDERFUL BUY from $3.50 to $5.00 Musi swimming accessories fur men and women Goggles; BatHing Shoes, Fins, Masks, Mils COLLEGE POOL ]OPENS SATURDAY, APRIL 28th L I A R S L O D G E ·108 S. Main Phone 1029-W See ALL Of These Staff .Week Hit»i!! , Rio Grande TODAY SATURDAY" Kipling's toorlal Classic -- Filmed In India!!!. .| 'KIM'...One ol the Year's Biggest! ERKOLFlYNNl! ivlHIDYARD,KI?llNC'S ^A Fighting Credo , -- For Fighting Americans " " WHY KOREA Movietone News. "Kim" -ai. 1:30-4: 10-7:00-9:45 V VTnCU "KIM" TAKES THE CAKE I mlJij!! At Our SATURDAY Matinee The Beautiful ."KIM" Cake From The' CORONADO BAKEJRY Will be served FREE to ihe firsl 25 Kids · Attending The. Saturday Matinoe!!!' TONIGHT and SATURDAY FIRST ; HUN!I IN SUPER CINECOLOH!!! STATE 7 MISSION f - w » i U " Pi " l I n l M ' l l l i ' l .1. W. U'lnpllr of lirllll- ,.in,,, H ,, l,i.,lll. iv.i iiiiiln.i. II.' pliiyn tin. i-i'lliir. hiivillt: phiyril "n ss i-liorli-ti'ii ;iud t i i u i i base mid has j . ;J um. t h i i n Clovis. Km:li luis .von p r i l u r m i ' d well In I In: f l i - l i l "ml - i l - j only oiu-e. H i n t l i n t . I I ' 1 i.i n l i n e hs;;c-l miner, j · '^--L~ \VIII (ilvi- 'I'rinl , j l l n n c y n.ild hf wmilil Hlic v n j much lii r,K-c \viiiiyi le a I h i i n m u l i ' t i l u l "He BI'IU ' i i l i i n g splendidly j w i t h I In' ri-Bl uf tin' wl'iad ""id will l l k r l y lir kept on tlio n i s l c r ! foi Rome mill' If Ills pUy i m - piuvi-s.' ·lliin.'y -ulili'd. I .ImlKiUs" f ( ) m nllendiince :ic,urr:ij nl I hi' I l i s t Ilium 1 i.tainl. the u s e 1 nl nre.rn pluyiT:! Inis licit heel! ' : »t- ; I n t i i f l u r y . Tim iipi-niiiK ':«" 11 ' W ( l s nwirly I'.fill Iji'lnw hint y r n r .mil .it- ti'lidlini'i' In oilier Ktune* hlia neen flU- Ill-low llml M'llMlll'.'l nvt'l-lllil'. . l:;i,l w r a t l l r l . howi-Vi'I. MIIN hi'i'll i il f i i c l o i . Tin- n|ii'nlii|: j;iimu Mini! lo In: |)ii:,lliOIU'd ltl".-llll.'ie -if mill.' The li||;r,i'.-.l l u K ' l l n r . c r o w d ivns 1,-. IUO I hnl t'.iilll'd out for :l doilhli;- ht'U'li'i w i t h tJlovl!. \Vl'ilni':iday U i n i l A t l i ' l l i l A i i i i i n b r i nf funs, nuistly in U n - , oldi r n^i: lirui'ki'lii, ha\v dcclliu'-r i i t l i ' t n l lornl citnirn SIIKT Ihe i l u h Ili.-.l linnonilci'd Ilii inH'iiliim.'i ,u llw l i i ' K l u phiyrrs If they iiiran'.liv up completely Ijolll nil anil o i l Ihe lifld. I':IIM. V c i u r MniiiH-liil Itiirdm . . . \Ulll n |icrMiniil hiilll f l i u i l I'ldllull Limn \ Insurnnro C'u, ORGAN DRIVE-IN ACADEMY AWARD W I N N E R ! allahoute ADULTS 50' Iht jaycsl. Irtthtsl cottons yon cv'ei saw..'. just made lor Ira IMS summtr! , Cililotnia sun-splished colon. And how Iliost collons Ukc lo walti! All hive slupj lol S'-vimmlng. _ . /. · . ;. Friday Saturday Also Richard DIx "THE AniZONIAN 3 Stoono Comedy Kids Under 12 FREE Whon With Poronls! ORGAN DRIVE-IN TONITE SATURDAY NITE , A TRULY GREAT PICTURE! JAMUIL GOLDWYN'S unforgotlable "^*S "~ .entirtainment triumph! J r.fMUT.MANGfir-MNIIlYtH , WAN NMK · DONAU COOK . , . Addodl Color Cnrtoon 8 Lalesl Nowi- ' L O O K r o n T i i t y / r i v i N Q r u n f l A r U K t O I N l i f t · S ( V f N T E _r N I 0 0 K · M A 0 r M O I J I I I I Books Closod . . . . Churgo Purchaios Mude Now Wl" Appcur On Your June 1st ·· ' · ' St«l»m«ntl lai ] unlap*A Shop Dunlsp's S»lurd»y Lutt Dny Of Gigiinilc ,' . 1 · . Bld-D.'yl '.'." - , Ail-American. Laurjhs ,, : WILLIAM TRACY ' JOE.SAWYEH PLAZA YANKS AHOY' SATURDAY Telephones - Rio Grande 430 - Stale 457 - Plaza 1149_g: Ai The Friendly . . * RIO G R A N D E STARTING SUNDAY S T A T E STARTING SUNDAY ® xiini i-.ii»iii "**'·--».^7*' / "Romember I?. THRILLS in "THEI MGM STORY" - The Hilarious BOWERY BOYS PlUS "GHOST CHASERS" At The P L A Z A Sunday Monday -- 2 Thrilling Days 'Yellow Sky" · fi"y Granty Girl l Should Be Marrlfd A;T*; ( - ''Ami A (Jiiy; Carioon. Wlh

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