Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 30, 1961 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1961
Page 9
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Shame, Heartbreak, Drama Unfolded in Police Scandal Kditor's Note--If a safccrackcr I Nichols said prostitution and gam-'goini on. And this is what hei could take all the time he nccd-jbling were involved as well as'gcls for it." | ed on the job, commute in per-,burglary. The Denver Post csti-l District Judge George McNa-| feet safely in a patrol car .indjmalcd that 120 of the burglary.mara went far towards crackiugj rclurn next day lo the scene o! offenses could involve SlW.OOO.ithe scandal las! month when liei the crime to destroy any evi-One job alone, a supermarket sentenced one of the patrolmen lol deuce, he'd probably,makc a prct-llhoft, netted over $35,000 in cash, a maximum of 32 years in a 47,25ll ly good living. Thai's what some McNichols said the ring hadlbreakin. | of Denver's finesl thought, too. been operating (or some lime, i "Alter that," said one aiilliori-l Then came that one little slip., j "11 was something that de-!ly, "it was practically standing Ivcloped and kept rolling," said Gil-]room only in the confessional." Bv LOUDON KELLY | ucrl Schnabcl, 40. from his cell.] A sluiraed city lias asked itself ,;,,,, , ,, , . i"'t went from one man to anolh-what it can do now. Cily falhcrs DtAVLK (AP) - A cop. one |c| . .^ OMS gelling have declared all guilty will be, Witt's been around a while, makcs| wlth .,_ ^ ^ ^ olhers'punisl.ed. * point of noticing things. | j n , / i Bu , 1(ceder sai(1 , |]al b0me ot: Grey-haired Patrolman John D.. ii, crc wcrc .,{ least five scpa-l.he departmental brass miialsharcj Bales had IJCCD around for nearly, r a ( c 5 afecracking teams in the part of Ihe blame. "The men who\ 20 years on llw Denver palicci( 01 . CC| S | 10 governor said. Theylbhould liave known aboul it could] force. So when Bates, last April. w o r k c ( 1 independently of oiicjhave blocked Ihe police burglary saw a small safe tumble from a , nnol | 1cr B U I j us i as i n 'tl, e most scandal before it mushroomed into. coursc fellow officer's car, he tlwnghl ilidichc-ridden TV drama, there was'.its present proportions," ho said. Sp - rvi( , c peculiar enough to tell his su-| a j] r jjjg supervising o'.er a!l.j"A man can't accept n posilion , , . _ _ , - i 1,145 Prospective Frosh Students Refused Admission ce care .f .his ly,*.f i iMnii.. Od. 30. l O f i t ( J U K K I . K V DENVliU (AP -- Colorado'silowrd In slate supporled'colleges and uni-.slwlcnl. 'vcrsitics refused admission this 'ilic committee received the iv- 'fall lo 1 143 prospective frcOimcnjpoil Mote licginnins a 2-day dis- In ,.,,,_,; ' ( gating Joseph W. Tiirgcou. 50 'an cin|ilnye of the Mi-Hi Ranch. Mr will also 'w arraigned Nov. S !un a charge of receiving stolen 'property and U'ing an accessory In burglary. He has already plead- U 1 .j rll ul innnciT.I lo f i v e other charges ,1 will'," 1 '"''·'iviri^ ."'"If" property. I tetl schools «,n, ^p'unlay^h^-.he-commillee will Wed U«. 4. 'lion for MR other sliuk'nls wl'Oi"!))""". 'did nol mccl the giadc levels up. granlii'K 4-year degree-' Urimmer had been scheduled lo ,, stains for' Kurt l.cwis.go on trial Nov. 27. i\£M College al Durango. I Urimmer is charged in the S V Morlormian. junior college shooting of Richard Marline/.. 21 '"· ^«TM-* ^\$7m$io^oMji-o , U mmi,,ee, m __ underclothes were being slolen director " r,,,...,,,,, ,,, .,,,. F i s h i n g Areas Revised TOKYO-Tlii.' map of Japanese f-il-il (It '' c l'' s;:1 f ' s l l i "H :nu:is is ^'"o The situation was rc,H,r.c,l to _*_._v- ^ h ~^^ of .lulcsbnrg, Colo. on.ilanlly revUc-d. 'I'he industry 'ins gniwn cnoi iniinsly in the posl- war period iind shifted Education nevonil ..,*. --·,,·-.. , ,, Sclraol bv Harry S. Allen. sli.ffM s ml! '' 'TM v(1 . ... ·,,f Ihe Association of ^f" "I assigninc, I liisiilnlioii-! ..fifoU'WS :11ul J u "TM' c " llc ^' s lo (1 fron 1 ·oaslal to offshore o[cralion'; anil Hun offshore I" deep-sea. Tn- Slale Supported RECENTLY COMPLETING I an oricnlalion course was Army First Lieutenant Nichols A. Jamison, above, ton of Mr. and , . "- A l o x J a m t a o f ^ T l h ^ / ' r b c Marline/. w;is shot in Brimmer's toward ··divcrsi-TM-!;*'"! wllil( ' Mrs - U''""'TM"' m "^!;±t 1 *t,:sH,ur'" h ,*..,«. ^ »-^ ; ^ ;,,,e lulal job of hlphcr cducalion.l The first deg,TM murder trial call,es averaging I..1U.OOU tons . . . i i i . ) ol Cue 0. KlcckmT. oil, of Sun .1 i'-"- andards. Al one point, he warned ll'.tj,,.^ wi| , , )( , lw|(| immc( iialcly . call for a Colorado student to lx. : 'l'= nc ^ S ^ lllcl '^ |Co l orl !' 1 ;' ^'aflor Ihe Urimmer trial. Kleck- Epicurean touch for company: '-''--rr^^^^ :lic upper-one!' 1 "exceedingly difticnll I" keep lul | 'High Learning. The new admission « i . c .. periovs about it. JHe has nol yet been identified, of control and evade Ilic rcsponsi- Tlicy thought it peculiar cno^h] wi|h , hc "pri nc j pa i hazard of|bility lhat goes with it.' to advise" him to see a psychia-. so f ecrac kj n g_||i c police-- climinat- 1 But. said Mrs. Elsie Miller, a 1 trisl. Bates did. Tl.c psychiatrist 1 ,,^ ti, c burglars in blue could o[- Denver resident, '.'we need good said Bales seemed lo lie lelliug. cra ( e 3 t their leisure. Off-dutyipolicemcn for our own protection Medical Center, Fort Sam ton. Tc.\. The 27-year-old officer was graduated from Grecley I' 1 ' 1 , High School in 1(152. from Colo- lul sUlrtcnl Slate University, Fort Collins, . . . ,. --- ., , in liiofi and from the University a straight-story. A quiet mvcsti-' co ^ u . ou | ( | , nl |] j,,|,s while on-dulyjanri condemning all of them be- o{ K n n s a s cit ., , Mo ) u cr ,i a | gallon hegan. ipatrolmen stood guard. Patrolmen cause of a couple of bad applesj Sc| ^ : ( j ' ml He js n mcn ,b ci The result was a |»licc scandal who t]lc nighl fci mc had ^ r .\m Ihe barrel isn't going lo solve 1 . f x j ,, si '^ ;m] A , hn Tal] of such size and audacity that tliis^].,,.^ a storc E0 mcliines were as- anything." ' Ave. lie received Ihe eight-week "' -- 7 "I "rcb'sTii^-'emiihasizing ils al the Medical Field , ^ ^^' ^ "^ffL* after it becomes ., four; School at Brooke Army · {g ^ ^ ,,, ,,,. year ,ollege granling degrees , " U b " 'dividual cases where it feels the; I'ruf. Homer Ttamcy ol Ihe Um- apnlicant may become a success- versity of Colorado said Dial 501 'percent of the freshmen cnlenng ! Klcckncr cooked iro^cn nrtichcikc l-.eails in Krcnch dressing and add auised of falally I" n tnssed green salad. Allen said Ihal a subslanlial number of slndenls rcjcclcd would' 'TM' 1 B» 19c BURGERS 19c · HARRY'S DRIV1N o ._ proud mountain city blushingly!sjg nc j ( | lc ncx i ,j a y ( 0 investigate, finds Hsclf ranked witli some of Some citizens have pruposo higher wages or slitter sentences J Ompga fralcvnllies. - ^".'.mnking sure lo dispose of any in- higher v the seamiesl examples of munici-. c r j n l j n a (j n g cv ;(f rn - e they mayifor police criminals as possible, pal corruption in Ihe nalion's his-jj,.,^ ovci-lco^cd jCurbs to cop crime. I *"··- , ,. , incomplete or 'erroneous rqiorls. 1 ^ ollell " !lcss "'f, 1 ' 6 ^ somc \ Nearly two score policemen of submit(cd of investigations, "'jngs money can t mend. | Ihe city's 7BO have been arrested, Thc b , ars even , 15C(J prow il Winslanley, behind bars for charged with operating a l'm-gla-1^^ and (hc ^ ^ nclwork |from * lo 8 years wrote an open, ry ring of such bra/.en proticicn-. · mll thcil . thet , s . letter recently to the Denver Post cy as lo embarrass Ihe most dell! A|) ..,,' b , lizc , - saill McN i c hols, askl "R P llbllc understanding, professional safccrackcr-or un-.^, ^ a ^ (he|] conlacl ,,,,, "The next time an officer goes reslramcd scrip! writer-by com-, u . o] cn[ . jn , hc a| . ea (o s t a n d i by your home or place of busi- P alison - , . ... 'guard while he called out the safel 1 "; 55 '«* a ' h ' m - "« ' s / TM an One of the latest officers ^-i^ ng who5e pal ., icllla r skills would wll ° ? -l11 rlsk , ., h , ls llfe today for reslcd was picked up as ne direct-:j^ TM u i rc) i one o( ' our children, yet lus head cd traffic al 17lh and Broadway, ' ' I is hung in shame." accused of burglary. His name:!, Sometimes the safe crew would drive to a rendezvous in a pn John D. Bales. The sJi c r i f f of neighboring Adams County, a former FBI vale car where a patrol car would pick them up and carry them Ihe rest of the wav to the safecrack- Windsor agcnt, has been charged with bur- f" 1 - »' " c ""-' lu '"* = x "-- By !OLA B R A N C H glary and conspiracy. I ln 8-. . WINDSOR-Thc Windsor Lion's 1 T1ic Denver police chief resigned. In the big supermarket job, the SDons o ri ,,,, , Halloweenl just a few day, afler he sat, police look 90 minnfe, lo cut open^« " S ^"to "tta' cMtoTn rf stunned, while a line of his men the safe, pouring the ^«^ s | ^/ a '''i 'V, vear passed by dropping their gun bcltsjmilk all the while on their culling «_'«*£ ·«»'"_ '|j« 5'ear. and badges on his desk on their.wheel to keep it cool, way (o jail. . I Then came the curious case of "I just can't take it any more,"lthe tumbling safe. male Ihe Of those rejected, he said. s of many of Ihesc students al.'o would help out man were of Colorado I'iBW^;^^TM ^ol^e Train schools and 487 weie horn out-,. , ., lx: ._ : ... side the stale, allowed to enter Ti:c persons colleges cvei ing now. he said. Discussioi , n ; lurncd lo ll:c ijiicslion of wficlhcr .though they failcx! lo meet stand| i l a r d s ineludel 2r,7 from Colorado! schools and 71 from out of stale. the slain should continue lo urge 'creation of new junior colleges and lo whether il should take over complete supjwrt of junior col- Allen said many uf Inc^sludenls,| C( , CS 'f\ l( . S i, ar (. locally su|iporl- siibse(|iiently may have l)ccn ad-, milted lo junior colleges. He estimated llierc arc about |5,OCO freshmen in all statc-snp-i !( , (| |K)W No c i ccisiol , was , T achcd durjng thc monl i,,g fession. Contact Lenses! and universities New Old Town KAIKLAND, Wis. ( A P I -- Lead- .icis in Ihis lillle norlheaslcrn .^Wisconsin community have pro _ R- re-creation o( a Dclgian said 69-year-old James E. Chil-| jj a j es ' (;p i c d to the arrest and dors. He added that accepting thej convjcl j on 0 [ patrolman Arthur badges from bis men, many ofUyi ns ( an j e y | 25. Free on an ap- will be held al the Windsor Thealer, Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Graves, who spent (heir vacation in Colorado left Wednesday for their home in Los Angeles, Calif. They spen some lime in the homes of Glcm self trying lo enforce law in a't^cd. cily whose respect it has lost andj j (1] wilh officers whose morale lias' firs[ id Joe Stewart at Den coming to Windsor t iwmosor 10 visit Graves' parent. ! Mr . and Mrs . claudc L . PGrave , ays o( Janll . 1 . rhey , e(t ^^ T(]esday JQ been jolted. "Can you think of any good rea- . -. son for working here after this?",^^ ( said one cop. "As far as I'm concerned Ihe ary, eight more policemen were| Brign | on lo vjsit wil |, Mrs . Po suspended and charged with bur-! [er ' s b r oiher, Wib Poiler and fam ' ' " " " HOME ON LEAVE is Airman Third Class Frank Galindo Jr., above, son of Mr. and Mrs. Krank, HI. 1. Eaton. ported colleges jlliis year. j Hep. Clarence Quinlan, .Anlonilo, commented, "I'm 'sure we should have Ihe same. jadmission standards for ""iy,,,!,,,,,,,,,! si , ni i nl . (o those of Ilic schools. Their purposes are dit-' r) 1(y . 0s ' f °Anolbrr committee member. A'cash gift of^150.000 to bull,'. 'Sen. Renn Mary Taylor, R-Pali-|a convnlcscenl home or persons, 'snde, also said she did nol thinkjo! Belgian descent already has THEY BOTH WEAR LENSES . . . ilicrtc l i g h t w e i g h t , u l t r a - Liny rontaoL lenses can jrivc your eyes freedom and sill - (hiy comfort. Ask about thorn ! HAEFELI and HAEFELI OPTOMETRISTS ilondards should he they would deny adn' so inflexiblcjbecn pledged, idmission loi Hackers of Ihi c project also en-| lilUV \UU1U IIUHY OMiiuJJi"" ·" i i r i I · I .students who made poor records vision the building of log cabins Galindo received a M-day leave early in their high schools en- a reslaurant "'-f ^fgian hod from his Technical Training recrs and did well the final year, and exhibits of Ihe sell cis f n n i - CoTMse at Keeslei AFB/Miss !Allen said Ihe excenUoMjmejJ-lu.rc and cquipmenl. 1 He is attending a 32 week coursa * * * * * of inslruction in I.ight Ground police around this town aren't worth a damn," said a serviceman. Somewhere between these extremes Denver's Police Depart' ment faces its tarnished badgi Over » hundred More names were investigation bore on. Then last summer a sergeant on the staff of Robert M. Roberts of neighboring Adams County contacted Denver detectives. He had joined a gang of safecrackers, he said, to get evidence. The ser- ily, before reluming to Iheir home. Karen Lee is Ihe name of the daughter born Oct. 24 lo Air. and Mrs. Robert Pope of Grceley Hi the Osteopathfc Memorial Hos- pilal in Grecley. .Mrs. Pope is the former Dorothy Heinze. The I V C 1 3 J W J I ^ G l_*c|,a.*- · ·- . - J * the job of repoli^hin"! i c ant, Allen J. Reynolds, saia grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. I badge of honor. " Roberts, a former FBI agent, was Hen ,. y Heinze of Windsor and have been uncovered so far. Gov. Me- nd Mrs. Mollie Pope of Grceley. in the ring as well as four Denver _ policemen and a former officer.|r,reaf-grandparents are Mrs. Ka- The detectives planted hidden listening devices in Reynold's house. They learned the ring's next job was a suburban super Radio Repairman, and afler his | upcoming graduation he will | either be assigned to a Combat Ready Wing in the Zone ol Interior or at one of the many Air Force Bases overseas. Galindo graduated from Galclon High School in 1959 and atlend- "ed Northeastern Junior College at Sterling for a year prior lo entering the Air Force, March 13, 1961. Gad* Horn* On Ltava A i r m a n Second Class Mike C. Garle, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hoss of 2539 18lh Ave. is home on a 30-day leave prior lo being assigned lo Misawa Air Force Base, Japan. Mike was promoted to Airman Second Class at his recent gradua-. Iherine Heinze and Adam Martin of Windsor, and John Kaiser of Grecley. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lind of norlhj a i Keesler AFB, Miss., which he his lion from Horse Intercept School HURRY - HURRY - HURRY - HURRY - HURRY - HURRY - HURRY ... SELLING OUT... - OUR 1961 MODELS - market. A trap in Ihe..darkenedi 0 f \vindsor announce the birth! a (( cn( i c j f or 26 weeks after slore caught three policemen. Rob(0 f a SOI1| David .Henry, born injbasic training. erts was charged in the case, as-jweld County General Hospital at He graduated from Grcelcy : Nov. 3 - Frank of Denver. Two monlhs ago the governor j ; . entered the probe, appointed A. S.I · . . Reeder, 52, another former F B I | U t a h P e r m i t t e d agent as special investigator. A Training Reactor Air Force in January. Mike will be in Japan for Iwo years doing classified work for Ihe Air Force, after which time he will return to thc Zone of Interior or he may he assigned lo another overseas area if he so chooses. Bacteria Ails Feet ELECT Kenneth E, (Ken) White Councilman Ward 3 Reilttent of Greeley 9 Yean Bullneisman -- Qualifitd Register by Oct. 31, 1961 Election Nov. 7, 1961 month and a day laler Ihe gover-l TO nor ?h«ked the city by announcing at i televised news conference that 23 more men--19 police-, men and 3 former officers-were, WASHINGTON' (Al) - The involved. Additional names fol-'Atomic Energy Commission E2i! OW ed: ; Friday it will permit the Univer-! CHICAGO -- Three Florida doc- Patrolman Carroll Prince Jr.,.sity of Ualh to relocate a training- | 0 ,. s h ave isolated a rod-shaped 32, nine years on the force, mar-.reactor on its Salt Lake Cily cam-. bacleria , v!lic |, tn( , v say j s die ried and seven children; Patrol- pus. . I cause of athlete's foot, hcrcto- man Richard Kalber, 33, five! The reactor, a 100 milliwal mod-] fore a5Eocia ted wilh a fungus. years a cop; once he and his el AGN-201. has been licensed! T1) say thc ^ lxa ^ restwr ,d s oailner killed a fleeing burglar; since Sept. 12, 1957. for operation^ a n l i b a c l c r i a l antibiotics. Sgt. Robert Lament, 47, for l o i n the university's fuels lechnolo- BRENTWOOD 9 Lovely Brick Homes Move In This Week No Payments Until 1962 Save Your Rent SHERWOOD 10 2 and 3 Bedroom Brick Homes $14,200 to $19,000 Many Extras ROYAL GARDENS 4 of Greeley's Nicest. Remember- No Payments Until 1962 years a policeman, former presi-jgy building. The university pio-j U S E T H E ,,, IL _ dent of a police union local. All'poses lo disassemble the reactor! were charged wilh burglary. ! and reconstruct it in the newj, Bates' arrest came 11 days lat-.Merrill Engineering Building on- er. He said the charges were all the norlh side of the campus. , wrong. · The commission said the author- I His°wife, Lillian, cried bitterly: ity to make Ilic move will be of-; '"He was Ihe only one in the feclive in 15 flays unless, in the i whole deparlment with thc guls meanlime. the AF.C receives a rc- 'to come out and say what was quest for a formal hearing on the WANT ADS FREE * FREE * FREE * FREE AFTER THE BALL IS OVER . . . CLEAN YOUR Formals NOW! Be Ready For The Next One! U S E O U R C O N V E N I E N T D R I V E - I N and 812 I H h St. T EL 2-5062 roposal. J.S. Less Liberal WASHINGTON-Teslimony he- ore Congressional committees indicates the United States has he most restriclive machinery- depreciation policies of all the ig industrial nations. France, jermany. England, tlaly, Sweden, and Japan all have more liberal allowances -- and more efficient new plants. HEY KIDS! Take Mom and Dad To Sal/.man's WK H A V K A WIDE SELECTION OF CHILDREN'S COWBOY BOOTS Shoe Shop '* Shine S Parlor 911 8th Ave. Shoes dyed to match Gl FHA Conventional FINANCING WIN ANEW CALORIC KITCHEN Will Trade Will flea! Will Make It Easy For You Never Again Such Values Greeley Plumbing and Heating ICompanyi JOHN C. TAYLOR, Owner We Specialize In Repair Work E i t l m n t e t Furnlthed PROMPT AND EFFICIENT S E R V I C E 1009 9th St. T e l e p h o n e E L g l n 3-1962 Grecley, C o l o r a d o NO PAYMENTS UNTIL 1962 ^daa^ ^^^ TE=T=T« A T L.- .i 010 N I N T H A V E N U E · E L g l n 2-54O7 NO PAYMENTS UNTIL 1382 t

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