Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 5, 1962 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1962
Page 13
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Weld Cuunty Read Esttte Transfers Rtv«nga atamoa in real «Uti trtniftr* ire at th« r«U tf »1.tO p«r Otis 0. Rosi and Delista C TooM to George Romero and Al cartia Romero, Lot 29, Block "B River View Addition. Town o Fort Lupton. Rev. $5.50. Elsie C. Aicher to Cedric L s«tio, ""SLEEPING BEAUTY'S CHRISTMAS STORY Leo Rohrif and Either Irene Rohrig to The Rocky Mountain Methodist Annual Coherence. all that part o{ Lots 11 and 11, Block Second Addition to Westvww. City ol Grteley, Rev. B6 90. John H. Bailey and Ruby S. Bailey to Carl H. Bahle and Minnie Bahle. Lot 5. 10, Block 5, Glenmere. City ol Greeiey. Rev. 122. Car! H. Bahle and Minnie Bahle to S. Gunnar Swansun and Evelyn iC. Swanson, the south 20 led of Hallock, Marian Hallock. Paul W. Lot 5, and the norta 50 feet of Lot Timm and Louanne Timm. thcje, lloc-k 2. Fairacres Ada. City of ' ~ ' rwi!*v Ru Ml 1C Pl'BLIU NOTIl'K Public liudi.* in liereby K t v t n t h a t on UK- :3nl day of N u v r m - b*rr. 1'jCr, liy in ., r ,l t -r tit tlie r o u i i l v '.Vin ,j' \Vtid fmiut).. Colorado, the name of Gloria J u a n Oiavti was .-liai.erd from Cluna Jttic r|ia%-z '., cloria J*an Bava. anil IT, si-fiirdEiim U l t h aucll order t l i i a notk-0 Ix given. (BKAI.1 C K. WALi.ACB Clerk l t h e County Court of Weld County. Colorado John J. A l l h o f f A t t o r n e y at Law loo: Sth St. r.reeley. Colorad-j The Ureeley Dally Tribune Nov. !7. Ijec. i. H-. m:. . Rev. 81.45. Fairways Living Inc. to Robert Frailer and Violet M. Frnier. be Wi of Section 3-W8, m'ept arts. Rev. $110. Fiorina E. Gittlein as adminis- atrbc of the estate of Paul J. ittlein, deceased, to Boyde Brun- g and Ruth E. Bruning, an un- vided 'i interest in and to the of Section 24-3-68, Rev. (30.80. Adolph Gittlein to Boyde Brun og and Ruth E. Bnining, an un MITICK TU CIII.'DITCItH la tae fuuai) I n u r l I. ».! (ol Ike, ,,l \\,U aaa Ntalr tit Culuraav No n: Kalale of EULilK G. ZTIIACH. De. eaat-d. All tieraona h m l i i E claim- ae*li»l the above namt-d eaute are reaulred to file t h e m for al- 1'iwanr* in the Omity (,'onrt o Weld C o u n t ) , ('..lorndo. on or be fore I h e 3rd day .f June. ly«3 fir Mild f l f t i m n a h a l l be for«v barred K U N A I.. ZYBACH Thomaa A. ICk'tiard^on A t t o r n e y for Katitl *:::'·· Sth A v e n u e l.r^elej. Colorado The flreeley Daily T r i b u n e Nov. 2S, Dec. 6. 1:. 19, ml MITHT, IIP KIVVL M-MTI.K*ii:vr la Ike CouMt) t'tturt In and (i Ike I'ounlr nf Weld aad ·lale of No *T4I llitate ol D K N V K R D. Dt'NS t«-i rased. N n l l i - e I . h e r e b y n l v e n T h a t llave flk-d my f i n a l report In ttl C o u n t y Court of Weld C o u n t y Colorado, and t h a t any paraoi d e n l r l i i B to ohject I'l the lairi ^ I t a l l f i l e w r l t l e n n b j e r l l o n w i t ] t h e laid Court on or befort De ccinber 31, IH2. BiillKKT M. nil.llKllT A d t n i n l a t r a t o C l a y l o n a n d r l l l h e r t A l l n l n e h a t Ijcw H a r v a r d llul|r|| ni Oreele, Color«il.» Thd Ureelcy Daily Tribune Nliv. :«. Ilri i, IS. IS, 1JSI. VOTICK TO 1-KRI1ITURC la Ike C....1I (.an la a« t. Ike I .«»tr D( H rl« aaa Blale of Cntnra« No. SOU l-:.uie of KUHtENCE M. HE1L U A N .^aied. A l l IKTBUIII tiavlhi c l a i m a R j i l n a l t h e « b o \ « named estai are r r . j u l r e d i» f i l « ihein for a l ' u a r i r e in t h r C o u n t y Court t Weld Coijnlv. Colora-lo. nn o f o r e C.« :;rd ilay "f May. 1?U :r w\ld rlalnii ihLll ba f o r t v e barred. A N N A K IlAt.'B K X r , - l ! ! r l X W I I . M A M H. KKI.I.Y A l l u r n e y The Ureeley P a l l y V i l b n n e Nov. ;|, :». ||, C . ;,, |; i s e « . ivided interest in and to NEV of Section 24-3-68, Rev 30.80. By Wilt Disney Wed* Dec. i, 1962 GREELEY TRIBUNE Paje 13 *ONC£SS AU«3«lk AKf HEZ TViZEI FA1KV QOtWOTHtKS CtC^*£ CASTLE WITH HEMLOCK ANP Hffl-LV... CAfJ OOP CHiCST*\A.5 PLANS... faVICt PHIUJC MJNTS A QKEAT aCkWC FOR THE CHRISTMAS FEASTIN6 LCXELY PBNCESS... AM? THE HAM7SQISE tk« It, in 7-M, Rev. HI. Merl Winston Larsoa uA Lucy May Larson to Clyde L. Williams Jr. and Edward j. McMurry. the east 50 feet of Lots 9 and 10. Block 2, Cranford. City of Greeky, Rev $1650. Colo. U. Removes Residence Study Requirements Schneider, the NWU of Section 11*66, Rev. J56.10. MclviD H. Sltadman and Eftie *e Steadman to Mary E. Nicodemus, all that part of Lot 4, ol the NWi. of SWi. of Section 6-565. City of Greeiey, Rev. $11. Bob Reese Motors Inc. to David B. Emmert and Barbara A. Emmert Lot 1. Ellingcr's Subdivision of Lot 21, Mont View Park, City of Greeiey. Rev. M2.90. The Greeiey National Bank, as trustee of the trust of Charles S. Moore, deceased, and Emma G. C'."F. Schneider to Henry A.|Moore, to John G. Moore and Margaret N. Moore, the SE(-« and| of SWVi of Section 32-6-«. Rev. »1JS.50. Cloyd L. Arford and Windon H. Davis to Kenton Nursing Home Inc.. all that part of SW^, of SE ; i of Section 1-5-66, Rev. »13.20. Ray L. Moore and Helen C. Moore to Leslie L. Kuhn and Viola M. Kuhn. the W j of Section 23, and the SW'j of SW-U. and the BOULDER iAP)-The faculty of the University of Colorado Col Section 11, the XE'. of Sectkn|i eg( , O f Arts and Sciences wiped 14. the WVz of EW and the out Tuesday the geographical dis of Section 12. the .N'tj of tinction between the Boulder cam- course offerings for credit, aca- NEU and SE?« of NEV ( if Fcction 13. all in 7-60, the S4, the S 1 : of E4 of Section 15. and W- of NWU, the XWH of NW^i of Sec- bachelor's degree from tkt allege any credits earned la uni- ersity exteasion centers by any student who U officially adrnilted to the university." In the past, the college has re- [uired certain minimum periods of residence study on the Boulder campus before granting degrees. Kenneth Clark, dean of the col- ege, said the revision in residence rules "does not change the requirement for credit hours, major and minor fulfillments and courses of study." Clark said the departments on the Boulder campus "will continue to exercise direct control over pus and CU extension centers. The faculty revised its requirements "to accept as work toward demic standards and faculty appointments al all extension centers." PENNEY'S TAPE , RECORDERS 8 Transistor PortabU TAPE RECORDER For voice or music. 45 minutes recording time on ! 3 inch reel. * PJlO HO TRIX 49" EDWARDS Modern Living, Inc. 827 Ttnrh St. 352-4735 * · K E · Po»t · Picket. SLIDE RULES for today and tomorrow * BRIEF CASES * BILLFOLDS * LIQUOR CASES * PERSONALIZED STATIONERY "Everything for the Office" 1.103 EiRhth TAILORED CONFIDENCE expressed in terms of your appearance, achieved in suits with a 60 year heritage for quality, producing a totally successful impression in rich season- spanning weights ... luxury worsted-silk sharkskins, permanently creased worsted poplins and wrinkle-free Dacron® polyester 'n worsteds. All distinguished by dark shad ings. This is the suit for the man who traditionally spends more. THIS IS TOWN-CUD® $ 55 Counf on Peflney'i. for tailoring fo exprea' your good fart* T o w n c r a f l ® 2-ply i pfraa cotton d r « s s whiles. Easy-care! 3.98 ; Regimental striped ties ot Dacron® polyester v«lour. 1.50 Tie bar and cud link lets. Assorted gold, ollver colors. 3.95 plu« tax B a n - L o n® n y l o n stretch socks. Cushion foot. Cable kait. Marathon® 3X fur felts. Center crease. Bound edge. 7.95 I ien's low «eAm Oiford in black or brown. Siiss 64 to n. 9.99 .Men's sott brushed rayon sport shirts. 3.98 Men'* sport shirts in Fashion designs. 3.98 Men's broadcloth pa- jamss in bright prints 3.98 Men's lenthrr slovrs 'fith tur linin?. 3.98 Men's gift robes in brushed rayon. 9.95 $ Open every night v..i 5:30 p.m. Monday and Friday Nights Till 8:30

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