Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 1, 1975 · Page 34
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 34

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1975
Page 34
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The Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune, Saturday, February 1,1975 - R-12 Our Man on Broadway Duke and Katie avoid a feud Hy Dick.Maurice Surprisingly, KATHAHINE H E P B U K N and JOHN WAYNE got along great while filming "llooslcr Cogburn." The main reason probably being Dial Katie, never one to be a "yes" lady, told Duke in no uncertain terms dial lip couldn't smoke on the set while she was there. They alsndidn'l discuss politics, .-.ince they hardly see eye-lo-cye cm die subject. T till all is re-ally over between KTHKI. K K N N E D Y mid ANDY WILLIAMS, how come she got brolher-in law TEDDY to fly her In Andy's concert? And it was just days before JOAN got out of the hospital, ii lime when Ted should have been home wilh the kids, Okay. I'm just asking. . . KI.VIS PKKSLEY may soon be DIP star of ;i stirring new courtroom drama called "Paternity. . .?" Don't forget (hat question mark, for that's the question to be Jcltlcd: Is he or isn't he the father of three- year-old .lason. the son of San Fernando Valley waitress I'alricia Parker? Actually it's a re-run: 1'at has been arouml with her complaint before When Jasoti was just an i n f a n t , she filed a charge and Elvis was compelled to pay temporary support. He even submitted to ;i blood test but the results were inconclusive, proving nothing either way. Now Pal's attorneys say she 'and the boy are undergoing more blood tests, am) Ihe.v hope the results will force another test on Elvis which will provide a final answer. Pat- claimsshe met Elvis ami fell for him in Vegas when she was visiting friends there. She has taken a lie detector test on her story, but t h a t isn't being allowed in court as evidence. . . . ( . ( . + . . . Now I can tell you what I've been hinting about Aid ONASSIS for (be past year. Kemember when I said that he was ill. had trouble with his eye. and that lie was trying (o keep his illness a secret? Well, now his daughter Christina has confirmed that he's sick w i t h nxulnr myasthenia gravis. This is an incurable, paralyzing disease which firs', affects the muscles of the eyelids and can spread down the faee ami into the body. Hotli of his eyes droop FRIDAY'S TV 6 JO 7 7 30 8 8:30 9 9:30 10 10 30 II 1 1:30 17:30 Ch. 2 K B C I ( C B S ) Family At'a-r Hawaii Five O Fnriay H-9M Wev.f C6S Laic- Mavip .. .. Morning Headlines Ch.4 KAID(PiS) Siflrenowse Reparf Aviafmn Weaker Feed Forward VJa-ihington Wrik Wall Sircot week MaltMpicte TheaUe Kup's Sho* Ch. 6 KITC(ABC) Tl-c N.qM Slalhcr Hofl BjJl.mar? Tlip Odd Cojplp Ba'cira Combat Friday Nighl MDV,« Ch. 7 KTVB(NBC) Lei's Wakp a Deal SaMard and -ion Chuo 8. The Man The Rockford Filc-s Dean V.arlm ffoatti Ncw*beat 7 Tontghl ihow Midmghl Special | Program Highlights \ closed, and he's forced to wear adhesive tape on his eyehrnws and eyelids to keep llu-m from closing. He jokes to friends that lie wears Hie tapes because lie's "bored with the company and he's afraid of falling asleep." -r -i- l III spite of t h e TV cancellation. KODDY MCDOWALL stands to make a million from " P l a n e t of t h e Apes." His contract calls for a full season's payment, plus a percentage on al) subsidiary sales such as posters, toys anil so on. 0. + .,. Mere's a can't name 'em [or you. lie's a super-superstar and he's on a w o r l d w i d e loin 1 showing off his talents. For those who're wondering why lie would exert himself so much at t h i s slate of bis career, the answer is simple. M n n e \ . or r a t h e r t h e s h o r t a g e o f i t . KvcT.vniip t h i n k s he's fabulously wealthy, but lots of bad jri- ve.slmeiils anil some bad w o m e n have done him in A l t e r years'n'years as the (laughter in "All in the Family " S A I . f . Y STHl.'TIII-.'KS ' i s growing weary and wants lo pursue a f i l m earner w i t h more variety. So far she hasn't actually said she wants out. luit |he implication is ;lierc -r- ·· r . Something I only learned «:»i !2i f-'AiMII.Y AI-TAIK"Alberline" T:OI) Hi) K O L C I I . V K : THE N I G H T STALKED "Chopper" Kolchak discovers a link between a series of gruesome deattis and an i n c i d e n t i b a t happened twenty years ago during a war between two motorcycle gangs. 7:00 (-1) AUATION WEATHER -- This is an official FA A visual and aural aviation b r i e f i n g , i n c l u d i n g l o c a l forecast inserts for flight p l a n n i n g purposes. A f t e r each briefing, the program deals w i t h pilot education and information. 7:W ( 2 1 H A W A I I FH'-O " S m a l l Witness. Large Crime.. 7:30 (4) FEED FORWARD'"I-and Use: Values Old and New" This is the second of five programs on land use. B:(X H WASHINGTON' WEEK IX REVIEW - This series gives Ihe insights and observations of v e t e r a n Washington correspondents on (he major stories of the week from the n a t i o n ' s FRIDAY »:tlO (2) CBS F H I D A Y M G H T ,MOVIK-"Uir(y Dingus Magee" with Frank Sinatra. The western adv e n t u r e drama revolves around a wild renegade who has the cavalry on his trail. Die law at his throat, outlaws at his back and women on bis mind 8:110 Hi) THE ODD COUTI.E- "Two Men on a Hoarse." Despite the loss of his voice, Oscar-with unsolicited help from l-'elix- makes a guest appearance on the Dick Cavelt program. H:30 ( 4 ) WALL STREET WEEK -- Slock market authority andhost Louis Rukcyser and a panel of economic experts examine market activity, answer viewer questions, assess economic trends and quiz guests from Ihe f i n a n c i a l and business community. !i:(W 17) [KAX M A K T I N ROASTS-Lucille llall is the woman of the hour on tonight's roast. Among the .show business personalities on Ihe show will be the late Jack Kenny. It was the final television appearance of Ihe famed comedian who died 3:111) (4) MASTEKPIECE TlIEATRK-'The Higgler" Harvey Willow, a "higgler" (a dealer in produce), is offered a perfect farm, a secure life, and 3 lovely woman. Harvey can't believe Ms luck in this A.E. Coppard short story adap- tion. 10:00(4) KUP'SSIIOW-This is a timely uninhibited Ihought- provoking talk show tapes in C h i c a g o . P o l i t i c a l dignitaries, leading scien- t i s t s , corporate heads, educators and nearly every celebrity in the entertainment world arc numbered as guests. Mi:3S ( 2 i CHS I.ATF. MOVIE"Doctor Phibes Rises Again" Vincent Price. Terry Thomas, Robert Quarry. 11:0(1 ( 0 1 KHII3AY N I G H T S P E C I A L M O V I E - - 1 I Came from Beneath the Sea" starring Kenneth Tobcy. An atomic submarine encounters an u n k n o w n object in its shakedown cruise...a giant octopus affeeled by an H-Domh. U.S. forces search and finally locale it just as it enters San Francisco Harbor and starts recently C A R R O L L O'CONNOR (TV's Archie Hunker) wrote (tie lyrics for "Remembering You." the closing theme for bis co-starring series, "All in the Family." h + -t M I L T O N H E I i L E has all Hollywood trying to guess the identity of (he illegitimate son Boric admits in Jiis autobiography. t + -f M E A T I. F. G E 0 K G F I I A K U I S O . V ( r a v e l s w i t h ;i mobile Indian kitchen so's lie can eat his favorite frozen TV curries all the t i m e . -f -· i- Ciirrenl fad in Hollywood is t o n g u e - t w i s t e r s and between scenes on Ihe set, case and crew p r a c t i c e t h e m . LORD l.At.'KK.N'f'l-: O L I V I E R says they are great for one's dicli'.in. Mis favorite short one is "Sinful Caesar sippH his s n i f t e r , seized hi.- kiHTx .-ind Miecml." i. .» .( M I C H A E L I H H ' G L A S . K i r k ' s k i d . who is looming w i t h Uremia V a r e a r o s a v s t l K i t u l i e n lie has a l i g h t wild her he makes up by "trawling i n t o her room on all fours and t h i s m a k e s her laugh " I I h i n k he's about to have a larger S J K I| «j|], |jc ( . t , t | ; , Minn t h a i iml even c r a w l i n g in on bis belly w i l l h e l p . She's looking I" m a r r y dim and his c o n t i n u a l refusal is ,'«! loo funny [o her a n \ mure. Top of the shelf L'PI - Publishers' Weekly! Fiction Centennial ·- .lames A Micliencr S o m e t h i n g H a p p e n e d - Joseph Heller The Scven-Per-Cent Solution - John II. Watson, M.D. The Ebony Tower -· John Fowlcs Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy ·· .John IcCarre The Pirate - Harold Robbins Harlequin -- Morris West Lady -- Thomas Tryon The Dogs of W a r ' - Frederick Fnrsytb Watersbip Down - R i c h a r d Adams Xnnfiction The Bermuda Triangle -Charles Berlin; with J. Manson Valentine Strictly Speaking -- Edwin Newman All T h i n g s llriglit a n d Beautiful - James (k'rriot The Palace Guard -- Dan Kathcr and Cary Paul Gales Tales of Power -· Carlos A. Castaneda A Bridge Too Far -- Cornelius Kyan Superstiip -- Noel Mosterl The Memory Book -· Harry l.orayne and Jerry Lucas Ileltcr .Skelter - Vincent Rugliosi with Curt Gent IT The Ultra Secret - Frederick Winlci botham MOVIE RATING GUIDE For P a r e n t s and Young People mov* come*, l a , viewing hy lheil chMfen ALL AGES AOMITTED General Audiences P A R E N T A L G U I D A N C E SUGGESTED PR- S o m e M a i e n a l M a y N o l B e *-* S u ' ' a W e F r . RESTRICTED Under 17 retiunes accompanying Parent or Aduti Guardian NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED (Age Umit may vary in certain areas) ALL |3 |S| AND [H] FILMS RECEIVE THl'ssEAL ®*' OF THE MOTION PICTUflE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA.

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