Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 10, 1955 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1955
Page 3
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Ken Bell To Wed . r · ...... ·.··"·.-.''·.-.·' · - " : Romantic 'news -lias'. been .received .from Alhambra; On!if. -Kenneth ·}!ell; son of Mr. and - M r s . 'Marvin L, Bell of 1645 -Ninth street and .J951 .. eradunlo ot Grecley . High schoql, will. wed Miss Martho Jean the Holy Trinity 'Episcopal · church ·· of ·'Alhnmbra next August. :His fiancec's-.parenls-arq Jlr. and "Mrs. Charles -,G. Darrach or 703 Vio jet a. drive, Alhambra', . . . j Miss Darrach is a graduate of Ilark'Keppol High school of Alhambra. She is a past 'worthy advisor of Rainbow- Girls. She announced I er 1 engagement by the traditional pas'^ ing of chocolates to members of her assembly. ··..-·· · ·. : : · - , ; : · . ' ' Bell', an electrician's -male, second class, expects to be discharged from the 'navy iirjuly when'he completes his'fo'ur-year enlistment. He is based ! at Bremerton, \Yash\, ·A-ticre;' his 'ship, '.he Pittsburgh, a heavy cruiser,'' is' being 1 decommis- Eiohe'd. ; 'He"has been in -the"; States sujce"'May, after' overseas duty) and was based' at Long Beach and San Francisco prior to his present location. ' · Chapter,Iitftip,-r Christmas Program ··: · t . ·'.'The home ;of.Mrs. John'Woehlcr| 1316 .Eleventh: avenue^rjeauliful in its' Chrislmas'-dress/was'ihc scene of the meeting Frida.'bf Chapler I of PEO. A salad. lurich'epnVwas enjoyed, served by Mrs. Voehlcr, Mrs, EarlSrn'iih, Mrs. Russell Ulac- phersori and Mrs. Harriet Woodward.' ,' " : "·'.·'·':·(.«.·'-·;-, :* 15 .;-."'· '· . "Guests o f - t h e . chapter "'were' Mrs: Richard Marlick and'Miss Mildred Russell of SheriSan, Wyo.v ah-alumna of Cottcy college, X n6w'ttending The :· program was presented by Miss -Josephine Ha.vcs, who read The Littlest'Angel, 1 -'and i Mrs. Don Kinncy, pianist, and Mrs. Wochler, organist, who in.duet played hymns' and-.Christmas selections. ·; - . : ; . - . . One way to size up a)cauliflower 1 head at. your vegetable'-market is to hold it for-: a'fe-,y seconds--the head should seem heavy'for its size. Bell had two- trip's: 'aboard !-thc Roanoke,'a 'b'ghl cruiser,'to the Mediterranean' and' one'- to ''Japan and Hong'Kong. 'His .ship- was a standby off 'the'' coast' of .-Formosa when the islands .were'" being evacuated.'-'. - ;·' . : .'.-·- ·' - Four Kinds Christmas Candy 29 Other to Choose From. SPECIAL , PRICES FOR CHURCHES. AND SCHOOLS!" Nuts-10 Varieties to Choose From! Mixed Nuts '-JL. Ih. 49c Arkansas Black Walnuts Delicious Apples 5.59 Jonathans Florida Oranges 9c Pineapple Juice Del Mont* ^L_M 29c Tomatoes ·Extra Fancy. -.^, _.- Ib. 25c Cranberry Sauce . .Ocean Spray · 15c Kernel, O 1 2 « Z -' Vacuum.Packed .. L · cans/ Flour Colorado Champion 25 1.89 Sugar 10ib,99c STOLL/S Fruits - Vegetables - Groceries North llth Avenue Open Seven Days A Week -- 8:30'a.m.' to. 8.:00 Pji!-' ofrtiah Awarded -Bermuda 'Vacation/ (t '.Mr.-and Mrs'. .Paul-Good of .1821 .Glenm'crc cb'uH seci'lhe sights of Bermuda'on .the.popular motor bikes during''their'vacation'at- the Castle.Harboxir,hotel. Gbodj associated wilh'Grccley Gas company, trayeled'to Bermuda .with his wife via 'British Overseas Airways corporati6n i for; a)five : day'.prize-winning'^vacaUon''-spdnsore'd Bryant Heater .Division 'of the Carrier" corporation: n oelry Workshop Has Holiday Guest Tea One'of'the.'lovelj ; parties .of the -eck was the annual Chrislmas tea t-. the ' Greeley workshop : of-.;the 'olorado Poetry society,, which'was ;iven byMiss-Mary Jo pempsey^at ie u u~e 1207 Tenth UCLI db isted by Mrs, Berlha Gulhrie.and Irs Lew Ray . Guests were Mrs Donald me ilrs.. Charles -Mathesoh T a n d - . t h e it isses .Elizabeth -'Carney,;' Jessie rlabane.'.Shurley ,Brand :a.hd:'Ha7Cl tohnson. Miss Dempsej s home was dec ·rated, throughout- for the-- Christ- mas'''season.' - T h e ' tea table".was covered with-a red-cloth and cen. crcd with a Santa m a gold^ sleigh Christmas b$lls and evergreens Tall .-red 1 :"taperV-in brass .^liold'efs at either, end- added to, the bright setting ' 3 Favorite poems were^read by each workshop member and gues f and Miss Johnson gaye her pop ular program on Familiar and Un familiar Hjstor This 'deals with Greeley and \Veld county. ( apd is "an excellent treatment 'of the subject There will ;be a,guest, icrilic.'.al Ihe next lyorkshop on Jan 7 al the home of Mrs Guthr e 1017 iifteenth street Mrs IJay and Mrs.: Vivian '.Tuck er' will. read f av drite.poems, Mrs J F Dsiuldion ; Auxiliary Host*is Typbgraphical-'-'Union : ' auxiliary was entertained-W.ednesday e'veninj at: the'home "of Mrs/'Jl-F. Donald son. Thirteen'members were pres erit. ' The'group'erijoyed-a dessert,"aft er which the business meeting'wa conducted.-"A'social houf'closed the evening. The Cfiri'slma's parly event of Dec; 21 at 8 o'clock at th» h o m e - o f Mrs."Clark Page, 1129 Eleventh s'tree't'.' : ·' '; · . . ' r It is common in Spain to preseii women with a bottle'of Sherry, win after childbirth.',. , ··'. ' · - . - . . · ' · W*.«iv« "S ft H" GrMfi Slirhpi it your ' frwndly ' R*x*ll : Storri- Gilb«rt-Bilhop «nd W « 1 fl «.r t d 0 Jg'i.--Adv. , . - ' · ' ' . . . GIVE Imprinted Stationery -For Gifts ' . ! y^Jv*,/;' -M'i Ul 1 ":", HOT ** «. WPEKL Y " DECEMBER 7th This, date t' will 'never^' leave : our raiada ; . . In-all tho^ years' - f o - b e , ·. . Because it marks the · fienrJishnesa . . i Of .ha*te ..and ' · treachery/.., .. Juat H years ago, this week'. . '. Pearl HarbpVwa/ aflame' . "/ ."Arid our. defendB'- agalnst th'e foe '. ," .-'Was iHiful - · antd lame .'. :'. WeTriet'th'e chal-' i len'ge.and. we Tought . ..;,\Vith bravery supreme . . . .Until we Won the war and we .'.',''. Ful-' tilled, another dream ..-, , -.?nt we wera .fortunate. Indeed V i' 1 ,' And "we should b* aware -.-. . * That liberty la only ,ourB .· I . = As long as we prepare . .'. Pearl Harbor la " L,- rnlcpr grle( ( ".. ; /T Compared .with .things to- come ' " Rted f. AdamtoH H. Rosi Adomso* , . . T( our defense rnust'strug- , ' gle with';'..'·,'A mere financial" ·- crumT), '.'_ '' - ", ' A d a mls:o n Mprt Uqjry 9th Art. ·» 5th S». 24-Hear Ambulanc* S«rvk« 1636 i Decade Ago i D«c. 10,-IMS Mr.--and Mrs. .-Frank J.--Hum- :ircy o f - . K u n c r . observed : their ghth-'wedding..anniversary Tues ay evening with a parl^ at their ome.- .. j Inez ^ Beardsley was olecled to erve as secretary-lre'asurer of,the ouse .of- Neigliborly. Service, in a oard meelihgVTriursday .cyoning a the office of Park Congregation- 1 .church'.^ New-rmemherS: o f - t l i e oard.'are Mrs. Neil McKee and Irs R J Heckari Mr., and Mrs, Chcsler.S.vHatch E 132J Tenth avejiue announce ie engagement of their daughtft'r, ernice,-· [to: .S/Sgt...'Jorm .'.Eddie lock, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest lock.of.Genesco, Kan. Miss Hatch S i a graduate of. Greeley'high .and ittencied CSCE..Shc,was-emp!pyed it ,the;Federai:.Rcserve, bnk'-.o( ian Francisco locateoVaf I os An jeles, , until /January,, 1945 , when she .'returned from^California..ishe now}s office assistant to the coun y supcrintenilent of schools.-. Sgt. ilock was graduated,from^Gencsco ]igh 'and attended. Fort Hays Kan sas State, college.-He jMlisted.jr he. air corps in March, 1953 anc ·ccently,.rpturnDd from duty.,in-the Pacific. Delta Literary-firoup. Hears School Report*. Delta Literary Mothers club me. Tuesday at the Delta school.'Th resident,' Mrs. * Edgar'-Guslafson con'ducte*d the rhecling. -The singing of "Silent Night-opened 'the. meet nR. J -Reports were given hylfhe fol owing .''chairman': ··-Mrs.- Vernon hot lunch;-Mrs."Burl Baker Christmas -- cosEumes; - a n d Mrs liggs," room^mothcrs.. Irs.;,Waltw · McNulfy; · program chairman,'- continued;the film '.and alk about' the Holy Land and showed picture's of events in' Jesus life "ne of the'ihiporta'rit scenes'shown .'as : the exa'ct'spot where Chris was'born. The Rev. Joseph Simp son of the'Greele'y : Ba'ptist'TempI egan · the: program a t ' ' l h e ' l a s meeting.-'t ' ^ : : : -"- '· " ; '- Mrs.---CarI L'utherl, Mrs. :Marli. William's .- and · Mrs". 'John. Johnslo served: refreshments. V Jan.'S' is th'e,'date ;'for :-lhe:nex meeling.-:At;this time a typical-ho lunch will : be' served foi 1 the p'arenl and children..The parents .ire-irrj d ! to attend to see-what their chi drcn ' eat.'f After,; the - supper- ho lunches-.will Jbe discussedi Parent will have a-cliance to ask-ques'lion and the- two cooks, .Mrs; Charle Fay. and .Mrs'. -Roy .Robb^ -will ex plain-about the'luhches. The.usua meeting and proram will follow.; little, butter..and curr ppw'der -into hot'- cxked_ rice;, ad toa.sted chopped, almonds and cu rants.'Serve 'with'. - curried:la"mb' o chicken..' Six trV'eription chtmlsti to itrv you at your' fnt'rKlly Rt'xall dru '. Giifbrf-Biihtip;.«r« W«ld Di^j*.--Adv.. ' · ' Holiday Dinner, Is , Given by Mizpati Claw: ·' ;'·?;'.·"·' -''.^-r 1 '""":-.;" ' · ' / : · ' .Annual Christmas dinner' of the Mizpah class of Ihe First Baptist ?hurch was" an event of Friday In he lower -temple of the church: Mrs.'Claude' Hanccck, -Mrs.'.Gra,ce Marsh"'arid- Mrs. ·'Florence-' Gfsy served the.dessert and coffee. ·· ; Forty-live were present. Guests included 1 Mesdamcs Duane Barber and Lois, 'Frank DiiricahV Clara Bpyd- and her mother, Mrs. 3. Ricnks, and the Rev. and Mrs. Rob' ert Larson.. · ' - . - . . . ' ..-':,'. 'Mrs. Myrtle Thompson conducted he candlelight dcvolionaL service. Each one .participated.-Thi" pro;ram-.was InVcha'rgc^df Mrs. Edna Drake. Mrs. *. Homci Good ^ gave three readings; .The. Shoemaker's dream, Giving and -The Legend of the Black Madonna. . ' .. . '_: Miss-Lois Barber r.ang two num- licrs, A Christmas Lullabyiand Sil- ver'Bells.. ^ . . . . - . - , . .Next meeting of the 1 class is Jan 27,' 1:30 o'clock.- Hostesses will be Mesdames Cora. \Vorsfold, Ethel Mashburn. and Myrlle Thompson. Mrs. ,Edna Drake- will h a v e , the devotions and Mrs. Robert Larson, the program.'^. Delta Dniicroii.' Founder's Day ':'Alumnae 1 of Delta Omicron, honorary music fraternity for' women, entertained at a Christma-: dinner Tuesday evening at llic Tea House. The occasion also marked the annual Founder's Day. observance with a memorial' tribute p_aid to Mablc'Dunn Hopkins, who died bet 28. She ;vas one of the founders of Ihe organization. . . . . . 'Covers were laid for 10, includ. ing- members .of "'the active.CSCt, campus group and alumnae chap Icr.. ' V ' · - , - . " ' · . ,- A holiday program was arranged by Ihe actives. Grrry Ruhdell, a sophomore from Gering, Neb., sanp Christmas and Silver Bells.'-Verli Bartling, Greeley .'senior, and Bar ara Downing, a 'sophomore from eriver, -playc~d violin duels, Dbuze elite Duets,- Allegro Moderator nd Rondo. -!x)ii'iDaw)o'n's--ypca lection, 'were .Thc^Gift and'-i.Thc irthday-pf-'a King. Miss Dawstui sophomore, is -from Fort Collins The cnlire group Joined in singing iristmas carols'. ' FREE'. ESTIMATE'S-'-. · ; Complete. Drapery, ,and. ' Window' Sliad*. 'Service . PUCKERS ib28.Elerih Ave. -.Ph. 100 Social Dozen Hostess s.Mrs.W.I.Runnells. Mrs. K W. I.-Riinnells of IMS Tnii ecnlh avenue entertained-the Sc ill a dessert Friday, a home. Nine members' wer resent ..-and -four guests,.'Mr eorge Hill, M r s . Ralph Brigi Irs, N. E, Andrews" and Mrs. .W: en Bpaulinot,-. .. · - . ..-...-'^ . The house was 'festively/ decora "d-.-for ; the occasion. ..Beautif Ihrislmas favors were'-given.eac 'he afternoon was.spe"nt J ke ington. · ,..:· .'· '. Next meeting will be. Jan.- 33 wi Irs.-.Ralph Bishop of .-1-731. Six venue. Dessert is to be served :30 o ' c l o c k . . - , ' . ' - . . ; · · ' , - . ' )ixi*;Ccib on. ' ' '. . ' [ Dian's Honor Roll . Miss Dixie Geib, daughter of JJ and Mrs.,Mclvin.F,. : Geib"6t Picrc vas recently placed on.the'dean ^onor roll after trie first nine wee if school at Colorado VVoman College in Denver.. - . · '·. 'To he eligible' for the honor ro stud'cnt must have a grade poi average 'of 3.5 or better.. 3 being B average and 4,being an A. Miss Geib is a senior student m oring in home economics..'. YOUR RECEIPTS $10 Total EntiUsi You « $1.00 in Trade FREE! 1"" HOUR MABTINIZING "The 'Most in Dry 'cieariiiig"' 1527 8th Av«.' . Saturday,'ptc.afcl955. yjGREELEY TRIBUNE;}' Pa«t 1 H^ftffhoollGirls: ^\, Ltarri'of CotieyColleg^. | ' Mr./an'd .Mrs.', Herbert Sullivan f La'Sallc announce Ihc.engagcV iient o f - 1 heir, ^.daughter,'- Alice',' bove, to..Clclus liuerter.-son.of Ir. and Mrs.' Joseph M., Hiierler, f Gilcrcsi.'··" '.-, -. ; ''··' ' · ' " Miss Sullivan is a 1951 graduate, t. College^ High,.school 'and is. crctary for the Robert'E.-'Owens icbme ;-Tax".'and- . Book'k'ceping crvicc. Hucrler allehdcd : Milo igh school, MHo, Iowa and served ur y e a r s , i n the ''navy/He is'as- oeialed with' Huerler and'SonS; ervice s t a t i o n . " - : ' . : V. : W!dding'plans are indcfinile. PEO,chaplers of Grcclcy^ I -BE, CR and EC.-gaye a tea Wednesday afternoon froih.4 to 5 o'clock at the, homo of' MrsV'W! "H.-! Barber,' 1915 Eighth avenue.-The'.affair, for,high school .girfsVand^tlwii 1 ? rriolhersi served'.to prMehf.-information 'regarding Coltey "college at Nevada,' -Mo.I owned by the PEO Sisterhood. About SO were present/ ;V · - - v .The program consisted of pictures of the college,' shown by Mrs, Clark Page, who-was lasslstcdlby'. Mrs. Kenneth Vogcl, a.graduate of.Cot- ley, now ^ living near- Greeley. 1 ^.- \-' - -Mrs. C.,'H: Anderson .presided"at the punch bowl.-The tea table .was lovely in. ils Christmas decoration^ ,Th'e education cbmniiUces i f - l h e aplers .were hostesses'. . . * : · ; !orning- ; TcL · ·' · · · ' ·· Women(s liible llasa Enjoys Dinner Loyal Women's Bible class o f ' t h e ii-st" Chrislian church enjoyed a urkey dinner Thursday! it" the ome of Mrs. C . W . Chamberlain, 450 Ninlli'slrcel. Husbands oMhe lemb'e'rs were guests. . . x '.' .''.'.''. Hostesses'were Mcsdam'cs Cham- icrlain," L. F. Baldwin and T.' E. els. Mrs. A.'J. Frcderiksen assist- d.thcin in 'he serving. '-.. ., Covers : 'were', laid-,' for ; Messers. nd : .iMcsdames' L'.. F,' Baldwin, : A. , An'drews, "Asa-Gam; H; 0. Kiney; S.-D. Holland,- Mesdamcs-Jen- ie Stfaigrit, siell.a'VtttcDury; LiUi'b \-Lbuise Erigel, ffar'ali Tlnhfl ^. W. Chamberlain;-Emma Casscl rian, Marshall," L'.;.T)unhing, -T. 'K ^eis, v Berth'a''LaVnlie 1 and 'guests I r s , - A . J.- Fredoriksen-and.daugh er.'Jbrre, and Sue Hamlet. ' - v ' Santa Cla'u's with'his reindeer an leigh' arrived, bringing: gUis-'ti all. Miss llanllet" assistct' him- ii delivering !he^ packages'. A- Christ nas'card was'signed by llie mem be'rs and sent to Santa.' '"'·'" · ·'.-' Mrs. r S.' D. 'Holland presided "a the m'celing.' The' Christmas Slbr was read by. Mrs; Straight, .who a so' gave a prayer', Mrs; Bertha L Velte gave a reading,'-A'Letter Santa r Claus, : and :\Veather Predi tiori f or Chrislm'as'AYeck'.-'^- " '. Plans' were rri'a'de 'lo"fiil ! a n d . ri liver'Christmas boxes'16 shut-in Nex^ of : Ifi* 'club : will 1 Janl'nr,"2 o''eloe'k at 'tiic' Ko'm'c ' Mrs. H. ; H.-'Harris", '1531 Eleven street. ". · . - ' , ·' : - . - - ' - . Dampnes's. arid-heat: are enemi 0 ot ifffclanl' coffee. .Keep., th'e :".fd of the cotfce jar screwed on ligh ly; put the'.jar in a cool place your kitchen; · ' . , . -' · Nlce"Sclectlon J ·· ' '- · "of Room Lot* of.. ' WALLPAPER :." , . - RMionabiy. ,Prfced,..:... MOFFAT l-aint-A 'Glass 1115 8th Av«.·'-.. . · Ph. 319 Shipment 6f : LftZY SUSANS -820.10(h St.-.-..-'. . Blood donor "parties"- for house-, vcs,', in' the -forcnpon, 1 now are ranged by.the»Blddl Trahsfusion ryice .in' : Port :Elfe'abelh," South rica: Housewives bring their knit- g 'and'-babies,' who -'arc-.looked Icr while.' llicir : mothers ' arc cd:between/cups:oMea." ' . - ' · Friday when motnbirs met a'l'the Masonic .Temple.'';'Mrsl|.·LeonardoLmdblid, president.'! conducted -the'meeting. Mrs.vJ.,1,: Carpenter is : the-l'95g president; ' Mrs.TKcnhth' Cooper, '. first vice i-presldent,; Mrs.. A.; Bi. Stewart,'; second^ .vice-president; _ Mrs.'; Fipyd t jpfinsonVj preceptress';'; Mrs..Irving CannonV.rfcorder^awt/ MVs'.'.Hoin'c'r..Cushnian,' .treasurer.-. -. .Prograni 1 \vas. preserited^by }. C. Wilson, whqhowed pictures,taken pn.'aTj'trlp .to Hawaii.^ The. A. JB. Stewarts and Wilsons made the.-tri^. togcthcrah'd Mrs. Stewart gave trie commentary.'," ; ,] . |.".,',-",';,;''...''-,' t . ' Refreshments were scrved-in the iowcflerr'p'le.fa'y'Mrs... Enoch' Kirk palric.k,- Mrs.' Harold'].Eitiei,'/»nd- Mrs.;Cdoper. .,,··'·"'.'!'.' ' f ',' -." '--'!' ."A'.Chfislm'as'party, is tilahn'id for . Dec;'.23,--wiili' jl.OCT gift 'exchange: Officers ' will' b e '-fa SI ailed '· Jan.'' : 13'. r . Quartered -\appics,-: 'cooked 'In'--»· sugar synip : to whIch;:Sma'U ·'cuina- mon candies havebeen'added,[taste; delicious, with roast-pork..: -r ; '''·-::-·' Get That Out'Oi^The 5ur;e«u' ¥ . ·-·' J -;.-i'-.T ; :-.'-j -·; 'v^-j'i^y ·- Drawer And ; Duward.R.' Jackson '-'_",. ''""' ·'"·· ' '.j'O'e" Eighth' Ave.; '; ^ ! '. V^."-V/: j: ; Listen for th« MUSICAL HORN the finest In coops BAKERY TRUCK Will b« passing your door. , Country Ro^it** - Tuesday* and Friday*. ·City Rout** - Monday*, Wednesdays, Thursays »nd Saturday*'.'' ' ' . BAKERY GOODS OF ALL KINDS W« take special order*. WILL BE CLOSED Monday and Tuesday "--Starts For the Bargains ·

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