Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 30, 1961 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1961
Page 8
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Pace S (JUKKLKY TU1KUNE Mon., Ocf. 30, I9G1 Bing, Kathy Parents of 3rd Child T.OS ANGELES (AP) -- A son was born Sunday night to singe Hiiifi Crosbj's nctrcss wife, Kalh; Grnnt. Tlio baby, weighing 9 pounds work. 2 1 7 nuiiccs, is tlie lliird born li the couple. The Queen of Angel Hospital said mother and chil were doing well. Mrs. Crosby returned from l/: don early Ihis ninnth to await the hii-lli of the child. Crosby Is In England making a movie. The couple's oilier children are Harry l.illis Jr., 3, ami Mary Frances, 2. Crosby is 57, and Miss Grant is 27. They were married in 1057. Crosby bas four grown sons by Ills first wife, llic late Dixie Lee Crosby. They have made him a grandfather several limes over. 'LONDON (AP) -- Bing Crosby pnsscd out cigars Monday and said lie and bis wife wonlnd call their new son Nathaniel Patrick "Nathaniel after great-great grandfather who was a clipper sh'ty captain," said the singer . "I don't guess I have to explain jibat Patrick's for," smiled Bing Assistant Denver : ire Chief Dies DENVER (AP) -- \Yilliam S Bryan, assistant Denver fire chlcl ·wd n fireman for 58 years, dice! n a hospital Sunday at Ihe age if 81. He suffered a stroke at his ionic Thursday night, a shor lime before he was to rcporl for "ork. Said Fire Chief Ollic Feidma of Ilryan: "Us "Idtimers Ihink he was II greatest fireman Denver eve ever had." . . CENTER PIECES NAPKINS NUT CUPS ' rrTT "Evorvihlng for the Otrlcs' 1303 Eighth A v e n u e Guide to Books LIVING FREE. By Joy Adam son. Harcourt, Brace and \Vorl' If one lioness (in Ihe best se er "Born Free") can caplu: lousands of hearts, can tho sam oness and her three cubs ca urc thousands more? It's likel The lioness Elsa lived in two vorlds. The autlwr and her hus land George, a gamekeeper, wise y decided lhal Elsa, a hand- raised, tame cub, should be given in opportunity to become the wild creature lhal nature inlcndcd her o be. So Elsa reverted to the wilds :or « time and finally--when she was ready, and not b e f o r e -brought her three cubs back to the Adiunsons. As the cubs grew (lie Iwo families kept in contact Tlie offspring were. Jespah, £ male who was tho boldest of the liller; Gopa, another inolc who was jealous of his brother, and Lilllo Elsa, Ihe timid female who had wiles of her own. The bnsic Iheme of this sequel lo the original Elsa slory lies in showing how the lioness, day by day, decided where and how to draw the line between her two worlds. Her cubs, unlike herself, grew up almost entirely in the inimal world and sometimes it puzzled Elzn that they did not seem to fit into f h c human world. The photographs, s p r i n k l e d liberally through Ihis volume, arc DWARF CLOVER of Ihe alpine (above lim- berlinc) areas of Colorado is truly a "belly plant," as Life Magazine once described the Trail Ridge (lowers by (be posture the flower buff must assume lo see them. This true clover, a memlicr of Ihe legume or pea family, differs from the general notion of a clover. The flowers of the clovers (Ihe Trifolium genus) are usually in donse heads of numerous pea-like flowers. Tlie dwarf clover, the Trifolium nan- um. literally Ihe three-leaved dwarf, is different. Its leaves are basal, the stems are so short as to be almost nonexistent. Tlie flower heads sometimes have no more than one tiny pea-like flower, never more than three. Tiwse flowers have no involucre, that is, no group of leaves just below Ihe flowers themselves. They seem lo be entirely stemlcss flowers singly or in pairs coming up through a green mat,. They typify the alpine plants along Trail Ridge in (he Rocky Mountain National Park. They slay well down out of the wind and weather, and many have larger and apparently huskier relatives at lower alliludes. Few have relatives that have contributed more lo Colorado economy than Ihosc of dwarf clover. They include all members of the legume or pea family thai brought the natural fertility to flic Colo- '· rado plain, and also tl» important crop, alfalfa. This is iiie 60th of a series or regional wild flowers, (he pictures made from color siises.--Photo and comment by Floyd E. Merrill. ederotion of Jind Slates )enver Meeting DENVER (API--The Colorado cderalion of the Blind will hold s seventh annual convent ior ov. 4 at llic Cosmopolitan Hotel i Denver, Preisdcnt William E, Vood announced Monday. Featured speakers will be Waren Thompson, director of the Stale Department of Rehabilita- ion, and Robert Keating, a Den- ,'er city councilman. Officers will be elected lo two- year terms. |John C. Wilson Dies NEW YORK (AP)-John Chapman Wilson, 02, Ihcalricul producer and director, died Sunday. Wilson, who had hecn in poor health for a long lime and once had suffered a Iwarl attack, had given up a career on Wall Street for Broadway. To Aid Cyprus NICOSIA--A development bank will be sd up in Cyprus with United States aid aflcr a survey now underway. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Fort Collins Gets Record Moisture FORT COLLINS (AP) -- The vcekcnl snowstorm brought a racord for moisture to Ihe For Collins area. Moisture from the snowstorm totaled .67 of an inch, and brought to 27,63 inches the total moisture here this year. The weekend storm pushed the figure past the old moisture record established in 1923. Query: What Is Your Position? Answer: Seated TllENT, Holy (AP - Th* occupation question in Hie Italian census asks "what is your position?" "Scaled," was llic reply written by a village shoemaker in nearby 'crginc Valsugana. Ike Campaigns · *~ f football team. He received a BA degree in 1B31. Rev. Sicfkes then attended Wart- jurg Theological Seminary at Diibuquc, Iowa and the bachelor of| SAf . ANTONIO, Ttx. 'AP) -divinity was conferred on him in'. Koi . mcr p rcs idcnt Eisenhower 1555. throws his influence info a con . s He served pastorates at irst g ross j ona i racc Mon. with a round Lutheran, Galveslon, Tex., 1035l o[ c . ln] p a ig,,j n g f or Republican and '56 and at Anomosa. Iowa, c . l]M j i(]ate John w . Goxle Ji'. 19Sfi to 1M1. flic latter having . cotigregntion of 1.000. He acccpl- church's South-Central who returned Sun ww..(,.-,, · day lo Ibis south Texas city cd the call as (he regional ni-| wh( , rc i, c wooe d and won his v . . rector of stewardship in »"!l MamiCi 1915, climaxes his cf- Rc B'°"jforls with a public address at the Rev. Jumei A. Sieftet Loyalty Dinner At Our Savior's Church Nov. 1 The Rev. James A. Sicfkes will he guoit-spcnker at the "Loyalty Dinner" for all confirmed mcni- jcra ly through his volume, arc " " -- , . , 1 ,, " . vital part of the book. The slo- "« ° f Our iavror s Lutheran A ry's main appeal, as Julian Hux- G:3 ° Pm - »*«lnesday. ley points out in an introduction. is lhat Mrs. Adamson was successful, in "eliciting in a lioness a p s y c h o l o g i c a l organization which basically resembles a muman personality." The evenl will include a fellow- in March of 1051. Alamo. --' He also has o news conference, rj [a coffee meeting with veteran; D U r n S i g r o u p s , luncheon with Republican __ _ i r- Headers and workers and a parade To Death as rirejon MS schedule. Gooile, 38, is (he lone Republican among five-men running for tAi-i--rii-e de- " le congressional seat. Slate Sen. ;lroycd a house trailer early Sun-.j^ D^Yj^'i '" "" Loris Franklin Billings, the vie- resigned to tiin, worked'for the American Gil- sonile Company. Wickstrom Gravel Pit Northeast of Pierce · Fill and Cement Gravel · Also Top Soil Loaded and Delivered- Reasonable KENNETH WICKSTROM Owner and Operator Phone NUNN 20R3 WIZARD BATTERY SERVICE Put REAL Power in Your Car phone EU 2-2321 -- D«y EL 2-6032 -- N i g h t WESTERN AUTO 91V 81h Avc. Scat Covers, Too! Destroys Trailer FRUITA, Colo. Helps you sleep like a kitten, all night long ... Limit; v,uin}jii,». · Two deer hunters driving past has attracted the attention (he trailer court at the cast edge The special election Saturday President Kennedy, Vice Presi ship meal and singing, under thc| rcninn nts of a bed. dircclion of Randy Hunt, senior! -phe cause of the fire was choir direelor. Erwin Chell, ch man of the STEP Program, Miles A. Smith. PHONE EL 3-0204 30-40-50 GAL. GAS WATER HEATERS [U.S. Stages 1st |Mock Amphibious Battle Since War MAAIJVEA BAY, Maui, Ha wan AP--Seven thousand U.S Marines swarmed ashore Monday in Operntion Silver Sword, the first amphibious war game in Hawaii since World War II. The operation, which began Friday. Involves more than 10,000 Marines and sailors. serve as toaslmaster. William Osborn will explain the Stewardship Proposal of $72,000 for 1962. of Fruits on U.S. Highway 6-5fl dent and Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson spotted the fire and called tlrclJV. Price Daniel, Sen. Ralph Fruit n Fire Department. ThelYarhorough, D-Tex., and severa Iman's bodv was found in charrcd'of the state's congressmen, all o ' jwhom have endorsed Gonzalez. Sen. John Tower, R-Tex., and Rep. Bob Wilson of California, Republican congressional campaign Ichairman, have endorsed Goode. Rev, SicfVes is regional director of stewardship for the American Lutheran Church, Dal las, Tex. He is n graduate of Trinity University, San Antonio Tex., where he served as stu dent body president and captain . . . . . , An Inside Job McALESTER, Okla. (AV)-TNvo USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Oklahoma penitentiary inmatcS| were sought by guards and blood' hounds for four days. Then they were found inside the prison walls, hiding in a hole they had dug under a shower stall and stocked with food and water. VOTE FOR ROBERT G. CUMMINGS NEW SHIPMENT Barbers To Offer PermanentWaves . . . B u t to Men! DENVER (AP) -- Men, we're in deep trouble. | The word has just gone out ·from the Associated Master Barbers and Beauticians of America, meeting in convention here. And the word--well, fellas, let's face It--it's tragic. Barber shops across Ihe country now are offering permanent waves for men. Children's SHOES Poll Parrots-Buster Brown Robin Hood-AH Styles SAVE 33^% to 50% Infants' High Tops Sizes 5% to 8 . Sizes 8V 2 to 12 . Sizes 12% to 3 . Sizes 3y 2 to 6 . NO MONEY DOWN Provides a depend able supply of hot water for aH your household ieftds,G»Cf*5-fmed taric, automatic controls. X O T I C K O F F I X A 1 . SBTVIiKMKXT th* Counl)- Court in »nd In the rnntity of \Vrld nmt EstAtf o r ' L O T T I E WAGNEB, Xotlre I* hereby K l v e n l h a t I h a v e f i l e d m y f i n a l r c p n r t I n t l i e C o u n t y C o u r t of Weld Cnn Colorado, and t l m l a n y pci le.'irlnpr to objccl to t h e 5 .-hull f i l e w r i t t e n o b j e c t i o n wH h Ihe fA\A Court on or b e f o r e Nov e m b e r 3", 19fil. A D A M WAGNF.Il A d m l n i f - t r a t o r C h a r l e e A . K a r o w n k y A t t o r n e y f o r K s t a t e S07 G r e t l e y BuSMinj? 4 r e e l e y , Colorado T h e G r e r l e y J i a i l y Trilmne. Oct. 30, Nov. f, 13, 20. 1961. Old Safeway Store ALLEN'S 10th St. p^i*«*^"i hand it to Wards » mm% He is aggressive and interested in the e c o n o m i c ! growth of Greeley. Committee for Gumming* A glass of Fresh Colorado Milk just before bed is "nature's own nightcap." rt calms nerves, soothes hunger pangs, helps you drift off to sleep quickly ond soundly. You wake up refreshed, ready lo go. For the resf of your We, moke it milk at bedtime! Wofc* "feelMl wMl 5»Bity OraiHtHui 5vn4my vff*r»o«flf foHewing th* NFl'C f r. F»ofk«fl O.W.. (C1I-TV, Cfc«Ml 7. D E N V E R M I L K P R O D U C E R S Styptfert of Freti Qo/o.^do MM INCLUDING PRODUCERS IN THE GREELEY AREA THE QUICKEST WAY TO A rAANS (AND A WOMAN'S') HEAR.T...E.Z~ SAVES THE WX.Y AMD EATS HAPPILY EVER AFTER HI, HOMEY! WHAT FDP. SOPFEK? GKEAT! *WHAT FLAVOR? BeFWNV.-.IT'S STEAK 1 . NEARLY BORNEO TO A CRISP! THE BEOILCT.O»4TUlS l! in FOR CONVINflNCI "CHAROr 1 YOUR FWCHAHf NOW AT WARDS Apply for your charge plate at Wards credit desk today. You then select what you need and just say: "charge it". Costs nothing extra if you poy up bills monthly. Only a small service charge if you prefer to take more time. foi Further Information, Ph. EL 2-1112 Mr*. Helen Sfong, Credit Managir OKAY! OKAY! i DIDN'T ^r P6ALIZE. FIXING MEALS WAS £0 TD06H FOR VOO. I LIKE FOOD THAT TASTES LIKE FOOD, SO I GUESS TWE ONLY THINS TO DO IS GET YOU A NEW AUTOMATIC GAS KANSE F:SM Gf?eeL£Y GAS. GO DOWN AND PICK OUT ONE ^ TONOORROW! j AH, A STEAK. THAT IS STEAK... WHAT FLAVOR! OF COURSE, SIULY! HOW CAN I CO WRONG WiTH THE SMOKELESS BROILEK IN A NEW GAS PANGE, IT'S COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC! YOU'RE A, JEWEL "TO GET IT FOE. ME! MRS. E.Z.UIVW is RIGHT! A WEW AUTOWAT1C GAS RANE HAS EVERYTHIN. StAOKtLESS CLOSED-DOOR BROIHN6...AOTOMAT1C TOP BORNER CONTiJOL THAT MAKES CCOKIMG FASTj CLEAN, COOL AMD LOOK CUE* 1 THE SELECT10M OF LEAD1M

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