Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 30, 1961 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1961
Page 6
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Pa B c G GUKKLKV T U I H U N K Mun., Ocl. 30, 19G1 The Greeley Daily Tribune Letters to The Tribune 'accent on lowering our piodiictioiiipoils over imports isn't enough lo'fils ot lower tariffs pnd less cosllyl. MEXICO CITY - Quimka Sol ,'cosls and raising Ihe qualil;, ofjoffset all the other dollars Ihe U.S.'opcrolinn cosl-. Ltd., affiliated with Sun Chemical raising Hie qualilj o jour goods as the best competitive .-.ends This balance-of-pay-j gambit. But that's only a parlial solu- end The Grcclcy R e p u b l i c a n E X E C U T I V E STAFF Trade With Enemy Not Justified by Doing ' It MII.DKV.n lUNSl'.N I.F.O G. K O K N I C _ Bu J A K E r.STKICK, JR. -- . ubll. i III nun MIT |A. i. i'K'ii:nsi:N C\rt. Mtr C1.AHX I ' A U K I n t A M X C.AIT'A fMtr.t Mm Hupl FcbMcd K i r r j IV Mk 111; F.»«.lns bf 7k(!lr«n I'llbllitillie Co. Oftic. Ill KicVlk SI.. Crr'l". C'ln Klr.rl« Siil-cr ridn. po*l e[[[{» th* Art M ivttnd e!»» m a l l t It Grr!e. Col-1; » rch 3. Ifill. *t the aridrr Nfrr.b*, A^tx-l: U.! 1' Vint A'toclitlo:'. l n U · Ai«nr1«llnn. Aartll tloTl. . U»ilr l'r*i u at Circ'lli »lr«ly lo irw thr In;*! r.ev r»l*T KI we vitchti. c of republic p r i n t e d In » 111 AT itlnn ot i ITil »»" copy price price ... - l l j I r«r tllltS. C Rnnltll I' irrlh $1.W El m i l iuUk-!r Colorado. I «t»r JH.On o: · rr.c 11.21. Km«!|n coURlilr- 13 2S mo r r t f r . :.(0 m n p l h It; K O 4 1 J M - I'L'.IV- f^rum nil h« nu lonvct lh'n 450 * Correct i l g r f t t i i m mint U* p r l n u i l ·Ilk lhm. Pause and Ponder God's Steadfast Love "He luiii? a ilcsoii Into pools of water, a parched land into spring of writer. And (here lie lets Hie hungry dwell, and they establish a city to live in". -Psa. 107 35, 35 Ike on the Hustings One Washington columnist asserts fliat, since leaving the White House, the Eisenhowers have been "bored lo dentil" with Gettysburg. And when he was But others arc just as firm In.venlion agenda. |mcnts deficit is also on Hie con- (ion. In Ihc world in general their protests that some Ameri- U.S. manufacturers have lost creatures, "like the terrapin," lave been given a certain amount ol security, a way ot escape from|can industries are suffering badly much of Iheir old edge in world Ihe enemy. One i "regarding safety 1 .--,,-. ,, . ... . ._ one crealure forgotten by G o u v l t h a t if Iho .adminlslralion won'l yrcal strides in mechanization of llhcrc's a big fight brewing. It all things of the earth were created for man, "and they were" would he, could be, be forgotten? Man has been favored with Ihe most wonderful way of escape To Ihe Tribune: Mrs. Arnold Heller to Tribune, Oct. 20.) juslilies UNlCEFs as- sislancc lo Communisl countries lij the lacl t h a t the U.S. Govern nent iias recently senl surplus ;rain as direct aid lo Poland an( Tlie Qinjnessiunal Record o \ugusl H. )%1 lists export lie nses issued lor, among other lungs, machine culling lools and larls, industrial inslrumcnls, pipe :a!vcs and |xwer transmission ivslems, ball Machinery patls, elc. J.S.S.H.; and similor :umaniii, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and olhers. iiul the fact Hint Ihe U.S. Gov- ,, .. eminent Iracies with the enemy (Lord Jesus Clirisl. If he will fol-| does not justify doing so. low Him ' will lake him lo safely] mighl wonder,jfrom Ihe inflow of cheaper for-'markets. In llin early postwar i" il man is'cign goods. They arc demanding .years llicy had the adv.inlagc of USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Co. (U. S.) is building a $1,000,000 chemical plant in Toluca, Mexico, to manufacture products and raw materials for paint and dye industries. DAILY CR'OSSWORD raise barriers against such goods,'plants. But Western Kuropc and the congress should. Tempers arcjjapon caught up some years ago. rising/ and the new session wi!l ; And today production costs in fall in an election year. West Germany, France and Japan ,,..,, _, _,.. The Uniled Stales is exporting are 6 per cent lower Ihan in 1953, from his enemy ot all living more goods this year Ihan il is'whilc U.S. costs are up 10 per things. It however, he does nollimpoiiing. Latest figures show cx-'ccnl. escape his fale will be Ihe mostiporls running at $10.8 billion a 1 Wesl European production is m- year and imports at $15.2 billion.'crcasing, and so arc its exports disastrous of all. Man has been given a mind capable of reasoning of which he 3ul Ihls summer exports were,as well as domeslic consumption, slackening while imports were grading blocs there and in Latin bearings textile must use in making decisions, rising. So manufacturers wlio cx-lAmerica threaten American ex lo lhei ! l i s decision will dclermine whclh-jport are edgy, ami those whosc.porlcrs with being shut out of items lo er or nol he will escape from.goods must compete with Ihollheso growing markets. his natural enemy. He has bccnigrowing imports urc aroused. | Many VS. companies have given a road to take, a pattern The' U.S. Treasury also is un-.opened branch plants within the lo go by, someone lo follow. Om Ihappy because the excess of ex-'trading-bloc areas to gel Ihe bcnc- According to Article 111, Section 3, of the CnnMitution of the United States, this is trcnson. Miss Olive Vivian BO-I 13th Avc. The Lord Shows Way To Everlasting Safety Ihnt will last forever. The old devil is man's natural eivcrny, and he is always trying to tempt one antf when one sins president, there were indications that _D\vight Eiscn · hower was often bored with politics. . i. ' But politics is nol boring him now. lie is in it with «»r!,l are really concerned about ' . . . , ,· T T «hat Hie future holds. They a r e ^enthusiasm, campaigning vigorously for James 1 . ^..^ wi[!] KOM| rc . |son , ]S ' Mitchell,' candidate for governor of New Jersey, and tlmc is .,,, c n c m v u,at tlnfatens Louis J. Lefkowitz, who is opposing Mayor Wagner i n - H i n t freedom. v . · ; The heads of our government isew 101-K. _ . ' , , . , - 'are Irvin" desperately t o Iniild ; The f u r m e r chief executive is d r a w i n g enthusiastic, ; [ n n(I( ; ql ,'. llc defense, 'lliey are crowds and showing a nest that would do credit to'consi.inlly inslrncling (he public H a r r v Trliman. He charges that the K e n n e d y f o r e i g n 'what (hey should do in case of ':·-· ' . , .. . ,. . ., f i ,1;,,,. :.. ;,. jfallout if an attack occurs. Some policy is one of confusion, t h a t its fiscal polic is »- m ., m ,faclurcr S al . 0 bull( i in( , shc |. ...pcrimcnl." Tlin Democrats have l i r c d back, accusing',,,,. | !OUSC ;; | 0 sc || f o r protection, ·-·responsible and I l i i i t the Peace Corps is a "juvenile ex-.We people have a habit of worry- : .-]ke of "campaign oratory" and ignorance of the Peacej^S '^"^^"'^i^f ,"3TM ^"y : 'Corps. They'ai'e as angry as the 001' is pleased. i^"; ,," a TM (1 ' f ,| los ;_ We arc The slakes, p a r t i c u l a r l y in New Jersey, are big. : , )nmc to tfisi-cgurd the most im- Ihc devil is successful. When one does nol follow Christ, ll:c devil is successful, ami he will lead one to destruction, lo hell everlasting. The Tribune- " And lcnr not lhcln wllich kil1 in these .lays people of the free|'|' e ^ b "\ "TM unable lo kill ' ' 'lire soul: but rather fear him wllich is able lo destroy both soul and body in hell. St. Matthew Kor f u r t h e r prool. iddrrii tht edit* "JAMES H. DOpLim A\AD£'fHe FIRST Uoherl 0. Huston M27 10th Avc. many J., election is drawing nationwide interest asjporl.ini things, thai we be concerned aljoul. When I Ihink about The Nov. a gauge of (he Kennedy administration's popularity] and R e p u b l i c a n chance in 1902 and 19S4. If Mitchell should win, one good reason for his victory will be that ' Ike, no longer bored with politics, was in his corner. The Saturn Launching This one was named, fittingly enough, after the sixth planet, from the sun. Saturn, most spectacular of the planets in our system, is exceeded in size only by Jupiter. And Saturn is farther away than Jupiter .Saturn travels its great circle around the sun uearl} 800 million miles from the earth. Saturn is ft fitting name, then, for this giant rocket that was successfully hurtled down-range from Cape Canaveral. Weighing close to 50 tons, lowering slrOllkl shelter jr P '"g .TJ. e r S To The Tribune, After reading the ticles in the Tribune in regard to fallout shelters, 1 am led to believe thai Mrs. Harold Winograd is alxnit right. If one has the money and a place lo build a fallout shelter, the benefit lo mankind of using; the money as she says with DAWN-TO-DUSK FLIGHT W I9Z2 AMD THE FIRST COMPLETELY 0L1HD ·TAKE-OFF. FLIGHT AMD LAUDING lf-1 nises. 1 am reminded of some- cllcck lo CAHE . ° r soltie olhcr .ling I saw a month ago. I was program t h a t would, help some Iriving south of Kersey. By tlici i m f o l ' l u n a l ° person or people to ACIIOSS 1. Song for two G. Haul B. Sliftlit color 10. Plaited edging 12. Color, as checks 13. Bury 14. "-- .and Ihe Man" 15. Encountered 16. Nickel (sym.) 17. "Mother of Presidents" state (n.bbr.) 18. Concealed 19. IAIZOU native 20. Desert chleftaim 13. Dutch meter · 24. Door- opener 28. Greek letter 29. Irascible 30. Hindu goddess Of splendor 32. Cunning^ 33. Green light 3*. Jumbled type 35. Peter Rabbit's mama 36. Suitcases 38. Viper iO. Iroquolan Indians 41 ---Nicholas 42. Scrappy 43. Observe- 44. "Good Queen DOWN 1. Miniature scene 2. E pluribus 3. Incites 4. Golf term 5. Kctr.oved, as moSsturo . Dwarf T. Perform 8. Treaty of 9. Journey 11. Assam silkworm 15. Polar Is, for ono 18. Initials des- ignat- ing Queen. Elizabeth 19. Arabic letter 21. Spirit lamp 22. Shield 23. Before 26. Attempt 28. Miner's treasure 27. Shiny 30. Java tree 31. King with the golden touch 32, Classifies 35. Sand hill 36. French, cheese 37. River Islei (G.B.) 39. Perish 40. Subside 15 44- b IO-3O DAILY ORYPTOQUOTB -- Hero's how to work it! A X Y U l i B A A X B II L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A, Is used for the three L's, X for ths two O'o, etc. Stagle letters, npoa. trophies, the length and formation of the words are all htnU. Each day the code letters are different QuoUHon B O N N S J V S J P C side of (he-road was a terrapin, stopped lo lake a belter look. N'alure had given him a hard shell over his body for proleetion igainsl his natural enemies. When (niifior approaches he has only to Irow in his neek and legs, (lien close (lie door, and he is mighty :iard lo get lo. A person mighl envy the terrapin because of his ability lo 'arc well, would be x'nefil Ihan a fallout shelter. And (hen, who would want lo come out of a falloul shelter only to find one's disappeared and the buildings, trees and animals and olher vege- talion had been burned up, and the earlh dried and cracked from heal. The A. ' M J F G L B R , K G F S K G , N O K C N K K I C K N P G H V G S J V M F S -- S V ' C C A R K C . Saturday's Crji)to(iuot«: HUMAN HISTORY BECOMES MORB AND MORE A RACE BETWEEN EDUCATION AND ' CATASTROPHE--WELLS. (O 19^1. King Feature* Syndic.*!*. Inc.) escape from his enemies, and|tion is very great but Ihe think it would be fine to have peels such safely. Then just imagine if one could have a great big shel- ler house with complete protection from outside with unlimited,sup- more than 1GO feet above the launching pad, d r i v e n by!('lies in side. One might say thai . , , . ,. ., o/\n r\nn ,; ,f n,,.,,i-i ' s impossible, oniv a dream. Lei m i g h t y engines creating 1,300,000 pounds of Uu ust, us J ji|mp ^ co|)cU|s . )lls _ May . this is believed (o be the biggest rocket yet sent alolt. |, e UK; protection could be still Whereup one not impressed by mere size and'better. Let us deviate for a little. power for their own siike might ask:" Well, then, whatl Wg marvcl at h ° w "" ° f now? Of what s i g n i f i c a n c e is it that the United States, now has launched the biggest rocket? Will it be usedJ to heap nuclear coals on Moscow's head; is that its pur- ' would plate. out shelters. says, jFor Biggest Tariff Battle By SAM DAWSON AP Business Nem Analyst NEW YORK (API-Some- 2,000 pose? Happily, the answer lo that is negative. S a l u r n j is the first of a new class of giant rockets whose ultimate function will be to place a U.S. expedition 011 thC| moon. Its successor, generating a million and a half! pounds of t h r u s t , is expected to circumnavigate the day preliminary bout in whal l cnuxmrg. moon and deposit equipment on its surface. Then will should be one of the toughest, American businessmen mccling come an even mightier vehicle destined for the final ITM 5 ' 1 . 1 1alllcs . ot lllc wccks ""d here hope to work out (heir own; . . . .monllis jun Jlic.xl. survival plans. Ihcv also expect task of carrying men to a moonlall not many years At i, omc ,| 10 combatants hear from Undersecretary of hence. Thai is what began at (Canaveral the other day.-ihc advocates cf lowering ourjstate llcorge \V. Ball details of l Hal Boyle's Column Billion Dollars in Bum Checks knoi-kdown is expected when Con-hiere as tlie best way to gel more aress reconvenes. | American goods inlo Western Eu-l NEW YORK (API--Things a home repairs? A survey showed In the world ring, the battle lhal rope, where internal barriers i columnist might never know if lie average maintenance costs on threatens lo grow ever sharper falling lo Ihe likely disadvantage; didn't open his mail 1 .new homes are $93 annually the pits I'nclc Sam against Ihe Com- 0 ! outsiders, such as the United Here's positive proof this is a'first four years. Then they climb mon Market in Western Europe states. country: Americans steeply. tllc British Commonwealth antll Many at the convention here are nfl | c . x| lc d ovc is a Ja t )nl1 - jknown lo favor freer trade all' President Kennedy has just [around as helping everyone m. prosperous country: Americans--,,,. - Commonwealth now pass a billion dollars in bum Nature 'checks yearly. Xo other nalion in,symbol of peace but aclually it . 'history could make this claim. ! is far from l«ing a gentle birr". nlovet1 '» »'" American exporters]*,, long run. They would put lhc| : -Do you _ ', death. get bored coimtingiA dove in love will peck n rival TM a m °': competitive credit i while trying lo go to sleep? 1 - ---' - b a M S W I l h " losc " f "-^ lands ·Then Iry counting stars. Some. u,c letter "E" is Ihc most wl-.o have been laking some of our markets. The Export-Import| ,,: i v · 11 »u P ~ I ., V . V i u i . our marKeis. me txpon-impon BOM stars are bnght enough lo! wld ely used one in M,e alphabet. B a n f c am , . a . u ' ra[icc c ' om _ be seen lo those with average lt , s ako ^ ld , 0 be Ihe most j( , ; , sm ' coo] , Pr;lto in (itlancilll .l lslot1 - lunforlunale letter, because .1 .^' nmi ;.,,,,,.; ' R n r t vclltllrcs h , The 2.000 businessmen and bank-! are bcin^ joined here by Japan has more coffee houses always oul of cash, forever than any other land--more than debt, and in torment all Ihc lime. J50.000. Prices range from 13 (o;0n tl.e other hand it is never in ;i,;^;e r r^u.S UI 'governmcnt''offi ·80 cents a cup, depending on the war, always in peace, it is the quality of the entertainment. ^beginning of existence and the ' 'Memo lo John K. Kennedy: The end of IrouHc, and without it bicnl me'.al rocking chair isn'l^lhere would be no hell or heaven. on (]ic new. It was invented here in 1830 It is the center of hor.esly nnd hy Tetcr Cooper. Of course cv-^l is always in love, erybody remembers Dcnjamin' Wisecrack of the week: "A liltlc f Franklin invented the platform^atlery r.ow and then makes bus- ^ rials, educators, students, and foreign diplomats--at the National Foreign Trade Convention. High. ;cnda is American trade survival against growing economic integration in Kuropc and I.alin: Ihird edition o( Webster's in which Our quotable notables: "A goo^ Odd facts: Lemons contain: scare is worth more lo a man.moro sugar Ihan peaches. The' Ihan pood advice."--?:. W. !lowe. ! sea lily isn't a planl b;it an an-| History lessons: You don't have imaj. Gorillas get circles under to have a college degree to be-|lhcir eyes if they don't sleep 15 come president of the United 'hours a day. The peanut isn't a Stales. At least nine didn'l. They nut: il's a legume. were Washington. Jackson, Van · · Buren, Taylor. Fillmore, Lincoln, MADRID - Barrciros-Rootcs Johnson, Cleveland and Truman. Espana authorized lo erect auto Department slore detectives 'mamifacluring plant in Toledo, have to he p a r t i c u l a r l y alert on Spain, in co-operalion with Bril- Salurdays. Thai is the busies! ish Hoolcs Co. Production to run day for shoplifters. 2,000, 5,000, nnd 8,000 cars in firsl How much do you spend on .three years and 10,000 thereafter, i V of Cambric/gerfebt, KILLED A- 4,500,000 BOTTLE6 Of WHOl£ Bi-OOD THAT WAS 51 HJCHES WHO/ Carl Anderson destruction thai from an alomic bomb is too frightful lo contem I agree there are belter (o use money (ban to build fall- lo help people live today is Richard Scholfield Route 4, Greeley By Frank Robbins J O H N N Y HAZARD Vf W WE1.L.' WXI SIM HSBE A'AKE CAU.1 J PON'T HA'^M TO HAVE IT WITH A'.E.' AW IT'S FQg 5AIE, NOT A VOOK PKiZE-' SO TAKE YCUR HANf Ct/F YCLR POCKET AN YEAH, BUT POTT GET AKY SUPPEN SOl'.OlYCO.VE SHAKE "WE FELLIK6 HE'S CALLING THE IJNVtKTAKcR TO RACE A RESERVATION,.. M THE K-\'.1E Or HWAKfl -VOU OAV VOU HAVE (·iWY PLATE OF PR AGON -TATTOO HAP ON CHEST OF VtK SfA'.Wl COUCTIIEY,..; lion increases, especially if Britain joins the Common Market-France, West Germany, Italy, the' Hv Rob Montana AND WHEN THAT CREEP SLEEPS.... COURSE HE POESN'T KNOW AND YOU KNOW WHY * WE'S BEEN ASLEEP IN YOUR BARN.' OH, JUGHEAO.' V/AS THE BLACKSMITH By Dal Curtis REX MORGAN. M.D. Grceloy High School has been accredited by the North Ceniral A r sociaticn of Secondary Schools and Co leges since 1JS4? I'D GHW iOUND fOOLlS TALKWO TO THE POLICE AT NOW. FOE YOU? SAKE AS WILL ARt F 1 VJO'JLDK'T «IN(i,-STAY WHERt fDil ARt FCS FlVtli M1SU1E5, DR. ,»OiJCAN/ 1 VJO'JLDK'T JUf* -ON A V ORRJD XX1DAV CALLED -(OU OX_D EE IN DOGrWCH,USA.-- WHERE GALS VS A LEGAU.RK3HT ' TO CATCH 4CHEUORS -M t % EM-- THE ONE THING I WES ABGJT BElM FAVOUS iS TriESS BLOOMW'UCWCRAZED' KIDS'.' CHVCOCOOLD EV/OSSEHOFE KftiBEKT- 'trade barriers further and thoselany upcoming changes i who demand more -prolcclionjcial U.S. policy on world trade. { A UGH IE 'against growing foreign compeli- The administration is expected' ,tion. It's shaping up as the big- by most observers to come out STORM DOORS WINDOWS ? ELCAR FENCE ' KOOL VENT AWNINGS CLIFTON'S HOME SERVICE G'REfeLEY, COLO. EL. 2-6008

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