Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 30, 1961 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1961
Page 4
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Military Mobilization Costs Up $210 M. Since Last Summed * ~ lac By ELTON C. FAY cunlnincil in rrcsi(lcnl| \VliiHc Ilic government is cf-,'TM'' been made to achieve,TM* WASHINGTON (AIM--The I'cnl-lKetnicdy's autumn budget review polled lo provide more and more' H' 0 oRon's estimate of w h a t it will'compnrcs with the original $«.Kmuncy (or defense, Kennedy says spend in this fiscal year has crenl'|,i||j ml proposal by the Kisenlww- in his budget r.-vicw made ·····- up $210 million since l:«l Mini- C r administration. Thai estimate 1 '' 11 Sunday nighl that nicr's calculation of Ihc probablcvas revised by Hie Kennedy nd- f u l l s added COM for military mouiliza-.mmiiiraiion last March to sw^s'il'slant'"' savings 'by making tiun. ,hillion, then raised again when the TM r defense establishment loan, Mos-t of the incrcasc-fiom IhclBerlin crisis began developing in!' 1 ' " ml efficient." ^^ M6.61 billion estimate of l.ibl July the summer. i He said Ihe^reviscd '[Uilgcl sub-| to the 540:85 billion figure now-1 "'"' apparcnlly is accounled for by the ^ which art being scrapped, with a Page saving estimated at $100 million annually. Defense otficidls emphasized ',lhiil Kennedy's urging for econ- my in employment by federal ogencics would nol affect in nny linkway tire milH.nry force level. ' . ".·" spending estimate of 4 GREELEY TRIBUNE Mon., Oct. 30, 1361 M O D E S T M A I D E N S ' j :l , new revisi u ion is bawd nil Ilic'" 1 '"^ hut March reflected iay-| m!llioll o{ ill.'nus of more -Ilian $700. million serve call-up, dratt increases and AH indications arc that this too; In anotbcr field of savings, Ken-: ol |, el . categories ·ddilionnl weapons and equip-.u-ill be based on the assumplionincdy said the Defense Department; ncccssar y. menl. of continuing tension and the need has launched ,1 program lo re- . The new estimate for detcnsc'lo keep armed. claim spare parts of aircrof WHERE WILL YOU BE ELECTION DAY? Will you le one of (he more t h a n 80% of firecl'ey's cili/.cns who fails to cast his vole? There's slill t i m e to register and vole. Go fo C i t y Hall before Oct. 31s(, q u a l i f y to vole and VOTE on Nov. 7th. Elect Richard A. (Dick) Boettcher Councilman, Ward 2 Committee for Hoellchor for Councilman wi-itlcn or printed, instructions listing specific onlidolcs. Home painting is best done from secure, wide, stable,scaffolds. If you MUST try lo paint from a ladder, moke certain it is secure · . . and that children and others arc kept well away from the area -out of range ol paint buckets or spray, brushes or oilier tools. First-aid cmcrgcnck kits should be kepi bandy -- in a nearby garage or brought to a porch 01 veranda station--when ANY outdoor hobby or work Is lo be per- |Rusk, Members Take Off for Japan WASHINGTON (AP) - Secre- iry o! State Dean Rusk look off for" Japan wilh a high-ranking delegation including nearly hall lie U.S. Cabinet. The group will attend nn economic meeting wliich Rusk said will lay the groundworl: for settlement of trade problems be formed. Ghana Publicizes U.S. ACCIIA,' Ghana -- United Slates UU1I It l i t vi » * * · « « |-- tveen the two countries. Flying in a jet with Husk were Secretary Stewart Udall, Slcrelary of Commerce L u t h e r H. Hodges, Secretary of Labor Arthur Gold,,,,,, -.- ; iborg, Undersecretary of the technicians working in northern rrcasury Henry !1. Fowler and Hurricane Veers Toward Mexico MIAMI, Kla. (AP) -- Dangerous Hurricane llallic veered weslward Mon., and was expecled lo strike Mexico by Monday night. Hattie was lashing Hie north western Caribbean with winds ol 140 miles per hour. The hurricane grew in intensity Sunday night. The Weather Bureau reported its center at 5 a.m. at 225 miles cast of Chelumal, Mexico, anc .about the same distance foulh of 'Cuba's western tip. ' The change in direction lesscnec Haltic's threat lo Cuba and the JU.S. mainland. . Hattie's course had hecn north erly until she ran headlong into a strengthening pressure front dur : ing the nighl. IT: MONTGOMERY WARD P h o n e EL 3-0204 Store K a u r i 9-5:30 O p e n Friday In The NEW BARGAIN STORE NEXT DOOR LIMITED QUANTITIES Men's Car Coats (ur Ke s»es) R*. »·**. NOW 7.98 Ghana since 195? have helped build 60 dains and 350 miles of access and market roads, clear 10,000 acres of land, plant 00,000 trass, and established a tree nursery. Their work was recently described in a mass-circulation Ghanaian newspaper. l l l u a u i j »!».·",· - - - - Walter W. Heller, chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisors. undsriiand this courss hai quit* a warw (Large Sizes) Men's Parkas Men's Ali-Weather Coats Men's Sweaters Men's Sport Shirts Ladies' Cotton Slacks Girls' Lined Jackets Baby Sleepers ______-- ________ Reg. 24.98, NOW _____ Reg. 16.98, NOW 13i5o __________ From D ·«! / t o I »«l I 2i77 Reg. 3.98, NOW Men's House Slippers Children's Shoes Aluminum Storm Door Reg. 4.98, NOW 4.00 From 2.97 to . R C g. 4.flS, NOW From 2.97 to Fro, 1.00 lo 2.49 Reg. 39.95, NOW FURNITURE BARGAINS - HURRY FOR THESE! Chaise Lounge Table (Matches Lounge) Table (Matches Lounge) Snack Table Lawn Chair Three-Cushion Sofa Three-Cushion Sofa __ Sofa Bed and Chair Overstuffed Chair Upholstered Side Chair End Tables Reg. 23.95, NOW . Reg. 13.95, NOW Reg. 15.95, NOW l«)iJL*) Reg. 169.ff5, NOW Soybeans are one of the world's most versatile crops .A new fire- figbting material is a foam made from soybeans. CAMERA REPAIR EL 2-241Z · i ·-* -^ - y ^si^7 .S! Livestock Auction Every Wednesday SUNSET SALES YARD 1730 1st Ave. EL 2-7812 Wed., Nov. 1 Starling at 12:30 ON THE ALERT AT EAST BERLIN BORDER - U.S. ..Army (inks «nd (wrsonnel carri»r» art shown on H» «l»rt it- American control point at Friedrichstrasse crossing, known as "Checkpoint Charlie" in Berlin Oct. 26. This picture was taken before a private sedan with a U.S. Army license moved into the East Berlin sector. Booth for the checkpoint is in center background. Ar Wirephoto via radio from Berlin) Reg. 5.39, NOW 4 i / 9 ___________ Reg. 3.98, NOW 3iiO .._· _________ Reg. 259.95, NOW 175i5lb _______ Reg. 209.95, NOW 151*95 On the House By ANDY LANG AP Newifeaturas A high percentage of Ihe nearly 4 million deaths and disabling injuries in American homes each year can be traced to carelessness while indulging in hobbies around the house. Most of these accidents occur and around the workshop and ic garden, two places which or- inarily contribute so much to njoyrnenl of leisure. In order to iclp cut the toll from home hob- ics. Dr. John Henderson has is- ued a safety check list in con- ection with "Emergencies Don't Vait Week." (Oct. 8-15). Here are ns suggestions: ' Make certain there is plenty of room for equipment, tools . . . ind Ihe hobbyist. Cramped quarters lead to accidents. Keep workshops free of litter at all times. Floors, particularly should be cleared of scrap, oil shavings and any obstacles tha could cause tripping or uncertain footing, or fire. Sweep or mop up refuse as you go along and dispose of it safely in metal covered containers. Keep all tools in a specific, planned, easily identified place when not in use ... and replace Ihem after use. Disconnect all power lools'when t in use and padlock them if ssible. Workshops with power wls should be definitely out of unds fo children unless an adult on hand fo supervise. Locate power outlets convenient the user -- but out of the easy ach of children. Paint,- acids and other Inflam- ables should be locked safely in can, dry cupboards when not in se . . . and should be non-occcss- le to children. Any loose clothing--particularly ecklies, flowing or loose sleeves nd cnffs, should be removed or oiled up before workshop tools re used. Clothing caught in powe ools can cause fatal accidents. Goggles should always be usec ·hen there is danger of flying plinters or metal shavings. Never reach toward cutting edg s of any fool until power has been urned off and the machine ha slopped. Don't stand in front of a power saw when culling. H?n.d ell rfreclions -- and follow them. N'ever try to experiment by using tools for jobs which they were not designed lo do. Vary tasks lo avoid fatigue. Monotony leads fo carelessness-the prime cause of accidents. Take advantage of every built- in safeguard which comes with your equipment--and add more if necessary. Be certain lo have immediately available--in the workshop,itself --a first-aid emergency kit. Garden lools, no less than workshop lools, should have a specific place for storage when not in use --and should always be returned lo that place after use. All power tools All consignments appreciated whether they ar« large or small. Last Wednesday's sale was a fast-moving auction with good competitive bidding on all classes of livestock. We work just as hard for small consignors as for the larger ones . . . always a fair and square deal for bolh consignor and buyer. Some of the consignments for the Wednesday Sale: 200 hd. Angus and WF Sirs, and Hfrs. 375-425 Ibs. 82 hd. WF Hfrs., 375 Ils. 55 hd. WJ' 1 Sir. and Hfrs. 400 His. 78 hd. WF Sir. and Hfrs. 350-500 Ibs. 12 hd. WF Sirs. 550 Ibs. 14 hd. WF Sirs. 650 Ibs. 54 hd. WF Sir. and Hfrs. 350-400 Ibs. 22 hd. Klack and Black WF hfrs. 300 Ibs. 30 hd. WF h£rs., 500 Ibs. 24 hd. WF sirs., 500 Ibs. 42 hd. WF Sirs., 650 Ibs. 18 hd. WF Sirs., 750 Ibs. 85 hd. 15aby Calves and Veal Calves. 35 hd. Holstcin springers and milk cow*. 27 hd. WF Stock cows, good ages. 54 hd. WF Cows, one brand. 31 hd. WF Cows, one brand. 12 hd. WF Cows. 25 hd. Mixed weigh cows. 25 Fat hogs. 50 good feeder pigs. Several bunches of ewes and lambs. such as mowers -- have safe operating nslrudions attached. T h e s e ^hould be read and not, deviatec from. In parlicular, children ant pels should be kept safely out o [he area where power mowers are being used. All insecticides, fertilizers anc Ihc like should b locked in sto age compartments when not in us and guarded'when in use. Pois ons should be plainly labeled wit Listen daily to KXOU, 1450 on your dial at 6:45 a.m. for the early market reports and late consignments for our regular Wednesday liveslock auction. Many lots of mixed cattle and smaller bunches will b» in for this Wednesday's sale. The net dollars are what our consignors are interested In. We urge you to check the commission and selling expense on bunches ant. carloads at Sunset Sale Yard before you send your stock to market. There is a difference. IRVING MIDDLETON -- Manager DALE MADDOX -- Auctioneer _____ Reg. 84.95, NOW OOiUU ... Reg. 27.97, NOW 22i35 Reg. 19.95, NOW Ji5i«Jt) Up LIVE STOCK MAN ")ue to our expansion program nvolving national and local T' programs, we are tn need of man to act as sales co-ordinato for t h i s area. Agriculture or fee supplement background hel fill. Income In excess of $2,00 a montn. For personal Interview jitione Denver PBAFU 3-Si; or write W. I/. Blddle, P. O Box 1415, Denver ], Colorado. _ , j I L -- ^asviaBSiSSSSse-; · Wfd rather have money . . . so we can start ' s savings account at. .. The First INDUSTRIAL BANK 8th Avenue at fHh Street of Greeley

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