Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 9, 1955 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1955
Page 16
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Colorado GOP In Hands of By CORDON C. GAUSS · ·..Ataocla'tM Press StaH .Writer A bloodless revolution'has'put - Colorado's Republican parly .chinery back .into, the hands of the which , found tlie going_rough eaily in 1952. .'^ The. overturn' was 'accomplished when'Sen.-Edgar A.^Eliff of Ster- ling'was'.elec'ted^state chairman. H means that--without question .--U.'.S. Sen. Eugene D. MUlikin ill In'the'key party position-rather-.than 'former Gov. Dan Thornton. Millikin can say how.the 1955 campaign in the state will b» run and who'll run it. The 'senator, of course, never was really in the party ·doghouse . even 'thugh he lost his effort to · have Colorado support the. late Sen. Robert A. T a f t ' at Chicago ralhi Si called out of the picture now-- bo her tjian Dwight Eisenhower. Similarly, Thornton can't: p.arty leaders -are talking- of him grcssman, J. Edgar £henowcth' 'of Trinidad, would go for the U. S. S e n a t e if Millikin doesn't run. Chenowelh toyed wllh the idea of sacking the Senate spot last year. He Knows, parly workers all »;cr the state, from* ihe clays he was executive director of the parly arid he has the nucleus ?! an' organization ready made. f ' - ' · Mayor Will F. Nicholson of Denver, who was GOP schalorial nominee in. 1948, conceivably might'gel into the picture: The general belief is, however, : that he wants to run the city administration' for a while longer. Certainly the Kepub- licans, who didn't have a' Denver- mayor for 20 years,-want him to slay where he-is. Leon.Snyrlor of Colorado 'Springs, Republican na- iofial committceman,- also is-be- ng mentioned for the Senate. A good- long shot gu :ss for the senatorial.' nomination would be Hattield Chilson^ of Lovcland, a former, -district · attorney ard now counsel for the Colorado Water Conservation Board. Brotzman. generally gets the nod for a return go as Republican candidate for governor if he wants it--unless Thoyul,on i decides to make · a "comeback! It's unlikely Ihey' would run-agaiiist each other for nomination. I.t neither: runs in Uniform as. a .favorite 1 son president. candidate for The new pirly leadership just ·.about clinches it that Millikin can . have the GOP nomination for a new- 6-ycar term in the Senate . .next year simply for ,'i.e asking. keep these names in mind ·'And there is every indication right now that he intends to ask. His appearance in a wheel chair this 'fall--due te an arthritif ail- · ment--has'caused some lifted sye- browi among political workers, buObviourly the'senator doesn't consider thn' this will be any 'oar to' performing' his "congressional duties'. There is occasional Malk -that Thornton might'oppose Millikin in - s primary,-but/Thornton never has .encouraged 'such speculalioh. . seems more .- probable t h a t Thornton decides to seek a Colorado office he'll- jid to regain .the governorship.'- w quished. voiunla relin- w h .i.c h he irily .a'st election. if Miilikin should decide against going after another term, there will · be plenty of Republican aspirants--but none of them-has · ny intention of running _ag'ainsl him in a primary. .. ' It wouldn' too".surprising U State Sen. Donald G. Brotzman of -Boulder, Ihe GOP gubernatorial , nominee (n 1954,' shows up ui '" is category. He.might prefer lie senatorial · ii6min?tion to trying for the governorship again. His surprisingly strong showing against .unbeatable Democrat.Kd.C..John- son a year', ago makes him a serious- candidate for anything he goes after." - - . . ''It's 'L -strong possibility that . the Third , District's veteran con- o Sign Blue Pad possibles"--Sen. Frank L. Gill- o! Hillrose, former Sen. Don C. Co! lins of Kit Carson, Sc . Willian Albion' Carlson'- of Greeley and Atty. Gen. Duke W.'Dunbar. Dun bar, however, is mos 1 - likely U run for re-election and is mor likely to seek a State -Supreme Court berth than to go 'for gov ernor. . ' -. -. Mostly, Republicans expect thei two congressmen--Chenoweth and Rep. William S. Hill of Fort Col lins--to nm for re-election and t be nominated without difficulty.. 1 Chenoweth doesn't run-, Stale Sen Vernon A. Cheevcr of Colorad Springs might try for the Thir District seat. Either Hous« Speak er David A. Hamii of Atwood. or Brolzman-rnighUgo for Congress it Hill should vacate the 'Second District seat. Stale Sen. Ranger Rogers of Littleton also' might make the run." In the first district,, Robert Alc- Collum, former Denver councilman and 'now a special aide to Mayor Nicholson, looks like the I most probable 'candidate at the moment. The 1952 nominee, Mrs. Ellen-Harris, and Slate. Sen. William .Powers are oirtslde possibilities. Clyde P. .Fugate of Grand Junction, recently director ( the GOP Slate Central^Commitlee, is the Ikst early guess for trw.GOP con-' gressional nomination' in t h e Fourth District. State Sen. Howard M. Shults of Grand- Junction--who Congress pos- Dick Dwain Humphrey, abovt, son of, Mr. and Mn. D. W. Humphrey of 1419 Fiftsinth «v«- ,nue t was appointed platoon Itad- ·r of hit rs'croit tompapy «t ths Grtat Lsk*^ Naval Training ten- tr. .-. · ..'. ' A i ; a recruit p«Hy officer he will wtar « miniature rating in- signa as a badge of authority during the remainder of_his nine weeks of boot c'arnp. - . . ' . He 'was. chosen -for the posi iion in recognition, of leadership qualities' displayed while undergoing recruit training. Humphrey is a gradunlc of the Greeley Higl class o f l K i t ' a n d was employed by Stroll's Construction before "enter ing the service on Oct. 6. ' :v Sarnoff Sr,. Retiring. - NEW YOfcK m -- Brig Gen David Sarnoff. is relinquishing th chairmanship of the Nations Broadcasting Co. to Sylvcst L (Pal) Wc'aver, president of th company for the past two ye.ars Weaver; 46, J 'will be-succecded i uic presidency l;y liobcr! V, r . Sarr off; 3?' Geii. Sarnoff's. son, wli served with Weaver as NBC exec utive vice president. DENVER Wl ^ Signing o( Col- rado's Blue .River wa^er agree- neut will be celebrated, Saturday 1 7 p.m. at a dinner in the Dener Chamber of Commerce dining com. * ' -; : The- affair,- sponsored by · the south Denver Civic Assn., will *e ttended .by'several members,'of he Colorado congressional detega- ion and water'' experts from all eel Ions of Colorr J "' - mgton; D. C. , , . . Gov. Ed. C. Johnson, under doc or's orders to attend no piinlic unctions until after.'Jan. 1,' will iddress 'the meeting by telephone rom.his apartment.. ,.'.' ·Plaques will be : presented to iigners . and negotiators who worked out the a g r e e m e n t . . . . . id r«diimill»n'poi«ct for w'ntra* A m o a a - u n U l | conflicting ' wtter claims .of 'California snd Atliont were settled. ' '. .' .1 /. . Northcutt Ely, «sslst« general of California, said Arizona and' the. federal gbvernmenl. have made wa'Ur claims ihat affect th« Upper Basin states and which tan- riot he adjudicated without them. ."The".decision, would ' be futile a'rid based on fallacy unless'the *Ui- er states-are ; joined and made Iknm'd'by the outcome," Kiy .asserted. ' · , \ ' - i ' f io Melon CAB :".'' ixperis irom an .. ., *. :· ··^-«^W« 1 '.- longest ·rc'^ntlal ,,.,,,,' ,,' .i'^'^1 Willi.'m: Henry Ha: Franklin DjHooie'vtli, wil\ more -"'- : ' office, had.the GETTYSBURG, Pai '(*'·-- 'President Eisenhower' Thursday named G. Joseph Mlnetti'to replace'for- mer Democratic Sen. Josh Lee »« * member of the Civil Aeronautic* Board.';'; ;';. ' ' _ ' ' . Minetli,. Y New Yorker,. presently - Is" .'s '· member ''! the - Federal Maritime Board., Eisenhower gave him a 'recesi' appointment to the CAB posi,' effective wheh^Lee'i t'cfni expires' Dec. 3t' . . - · " Minelli,' a · Democrat, has held 'several official jobs'In Wow York administration. the'past, including that qi Jarrison, who serv'- commissioner of the Dept. of Maed'-one month,'hid the'shorte'st. · · rine and Aviation (48-49) arid of dejiuty ''com'mlsiloatr bfthe Boird oi TrihjporUUon.. . . . ,.'. - /. : Lee i'orraerljr. served as i Dtrno- ' ' ' ' - - *" i;; ''Ca[|)W-^n^i:;5laK . 6ritic\!«'n'»tor from' Oklah'orist. Eisenhower "also'" approved ihe designation of Rear Adm) 'Jato D. Glover cJr.-.iijlll/s. .deputy naval commander-m-chlef, -.-. Medlterran- taa, ind hU' promotion to ,th« 'rank of vice admiral. · . : ' , , ' " '.'- '· Glover has been serving ai chlei of naval'tir advanced training." Switzerland- Is amorist the · countries that have acquired merchant fleets since World War-H. Othfra are' Liberia, Ireland, 'Costa. and Ecuador. : - CHICAG{'.'in ''.-^ 'Alex , Ixjia GreDberg, reputed financial brain o( the old Capbne syndicate, was shot '.to ·death in gangland-style M .the South Side Thursday niftt. . :-Mis'wife,":Pear),' said VhViiid Greenberf had just walked ouf'of a restaurant.when walked lip to her husband and ^opened fire, V. Greehberg. : wa5 sironounced dead · « few minutes'later at a hospital, · where.doctors said a "quick examination disclosed two bullei wounds -one, in the left'side of the head and another in the chest. .'·'* : - ,, " WELD COUNTY LIVESTOCK FARM SALES USE THE TRIBUNE'WANT AD Arizona Asks Court : o Keep Upper Stales ·- i Out of.Waler Dispute ^ . WASHINGTON L« -- Gov. Ernest V. McFarland of Arizona' Thursday asked the Supreme Court to seep the four Upper- Basinlstates out of the California-Arizona controversy over fhe Colorado River. He said it has already been ''three long'years" since Adiona filed its' suit against California and predicted it might take.,15.-years to get-a final'decision if Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming are involved. "By.\hat lime,", he said, "the economy of Arizona probably would be ruined." · The-Arizona governor, a former U. S.-senator, sppk'e during four Rours of argument on California's motion to bring all seven states of the Colorado Basin into the Su- prcmft Court=action... -.-. -. ...... : Nevada and the federal govern: menl already have been admitted to the-case at their own, request. Mc'Farland said 'Arizona filed its suit because a congressional com- MONDAY, DEC. 12th-l:00 P.M.. W« will it Colorado. I for O. M. Truesdell, located / t mile'south ;of Peckliam, 1850 V/ 2 ton 2 speed Chevrolet truck with beet box In A-1 condition; 1943 John Deere tractor In extra good condition;- 195r VAC Cast tractor In At condition; 1949 DC Case tractor. In good condition; John Deere 16-ln. hang, on plow; John,Deere beet and bean cultivator; John Deere single row beet puller;-John peers 4 row fertiliser; Case 4 bar side rake;, nearly new 2 wheel Case manure spreader on rubber; Case 16 In. h'ang on plow; Case 7 ft. power mower; · H..EZ flow fertlllisr drill;'6 ft. IHC. tandem'disc; John Deere single .row spud digger; Oliver finger weeder; Ferguson NKO'cultivator! 2. floats; 3 sec. harrow; two 2-sec. harrows; Mollne 4 r o w ' b e e t drill; Cope hay stacker; ditcher; IHC dump rake; Heathouse'rs for DC and VAC Case tractors; 4 wheel rubber tired w a g o n ; - 2 In.'-and 1/z-ln. Aluminum -irrigation tubes; Guernsey cow 3rd calf springer; Brown Swiss cow 5 yrs old; 2 yearling Brown Swiss heifers; nearly new 20 cubic'ft. International Harvester home fr'eeier; table model MW cream separator; stock tank; Propane.,weed burner; small, tools and miscellaneous. All of this machinery is In'o/ood-condltlon;. bs'sure to attend. · . . . TUESDAY, DEC. 13th-12.30 P.M. · Wt'vvlll teU for Oliver Hill, located 3 miles louth and \ ml{ tatt of' LaSalle er 4 mile* list of Pttkham, Colo. '· ' v · · : · ' , .LIVESTOCK;. ,'; · _ : · · ' - · _ ; v- :-Two Holat«ln cwi 6 yn; old, one : milking, arid on^ springer a'v« gal. wh«n-freah; 4 yr.-old HeliUIn cow'jU»t fr«ih glvlnff 7 gal.;. · ; Monday, D«c.l2ih-l:00 p.m. · : ' RICHARD WE.3ER;.2 rn1l*V north,; l$ mile* cut of^AulV *"lC. ; : POWER EQUIP. 'AND MACH.:' 1Mfi 2 Ton 2. »peed Ford .t~ri.J.V, good rubber and a n«W beet box; 1951. pilvtr.77 tructori 1949 .Fo[d tractor/ good rubber, «*ch In very good ahapt; 12 ft. Eversman land Jev- el«r, like new; 10ft. MoLlne'double bar unl-tll.ler, new; 7-8'ft. AO doubts diic; 14 In. 7 Me tunable plow; Davleon vye«d burner; Me 'marHurc-apread- «r on rubber; Gate manure ipre'acfer on/ubberj.12 ft. wooden float; 'Me 4 bar aide delivery r*k* on rubber; JD; No, B mower; dual wheel trailer and. beet box; 4 row Oliver bean cutter; corrf and ipud :eult. for Oliver 66-77-8B; Btratmanjoader, A headi, gravel .plate: HarlEion*Vatne ft row cult, bar 3 point; r«w cult, bar J point; 3 point V ditcher.on whieli; Oliver 3 ate".harrowj Oliver 2 a«c. : harrow; Heat Hauier-fer Oliver 66-77-88; 'Hett KaUsar for 'Ford,tractor; 2B. 1|/ 2 -in. ,lrrlgal;(«n lub*«; 300 gal, gat tank with pump; cultivator toeli and small fools, All'machinery !· In good working condition,- · */*"· LIVESTOCK: *yr. old HolattIn cow. ' - . ; . ' - ! CARD OF THANKS CLEMMONS . . ' ' . . . ' ' . . ' We wish to 'eipresa our appreciation to Die Weld County Goa- sral hospital slatf and to. nil who so generously showed their kindness and expressed ' sympathy during pur recent loss and be- reavem^nt.^ ' ~ ' . . " . .T: E. .ClVmnipns and . -. · 'The Cowan children I N l M . E M O R I A M ROSSMAN' ; Jn. memory of Marie Rpaaman, w h u " pfi*aed -away 2 - y e a r a ago, JJBcember-10, 19^53. In o u r - h o m e srie is fondly^ remembered, . . ''Sweet memori«8 cling to her name;- ( -_ - '·· f Those wlio loved her ID Ufa sin- .cerfily,'. " ' ' ' * , ' ' Still love her in death just the same. , Sadly missed by Mr. and Mrs. Clarence . RosBinan, H a r r y RoBBinan, Mr. and* Mrs, A l f r e d Oreenwalf,' Mr: anri Mrs., Elmer Rossman - a n d ' grandchildren. . - i lost a. pholo finish for j n 1952--has" to he rated sibi.ily until he "take, himself.out. Stale R«p. John Vrnderhoot ol C.Ienwood Springs might get into the race but most Republicans tab iim as congressional material at some future election. INRXT-Fa'rra. Prices .seem to ho the big issue. " ' · Denver Io'Pul 1,000 Men. on'Dillon Work in Spring DENVER' in--About 1,000 con. struclion workers will go into the Dillon area" on Ihe Western Slope early next spring .to :egin work on Denver's Blue River water di version project. ' ; . Water, board officials saifl me workers will open a new Western Slope face to speed construction of the 23-mile long Harold D. Rob erls Tunnel under the Continenta Divide. Blue River water for Den ver is scheduled to start flowing through' ihe tunnel by I960. The Water Board said it ha: purchased outrlghl or has option: on nearly every building and trac in Ihe Dillon area. The entire town which will .be inundated by im pounded waters, will be moved Ic a new site at Ihe expense o£ Den ver taxpayers. The Dillon reservoir and lh Roberts TunneU.are key parts o Ihe »100 million water, projec' Iha will assure Denver of enough wa ler for a population of 1,500,OOC persons. AUTO GLASS yr. old Kolstslh springer glvss b; cow iprlnger . gives ! a1. .with .first .calf; 4 'yr. l.; 3 yr. old .Holstiln old Guerniiy cow giving springer Qiv.a p g a i . - w n n .iir.i c a n , t 71. viu \WEI »··/ -vn u i»»). 6 gal.: 2 yr.'old Holitcln.spr{ngcr;'coming 2 yr. old Guernsey hfr.; 2 long ysarling Guernsey heifers^ Shorthorn hfr." snd stser, « mo. old; 1 uuernse'y and 1 Holitcln calf. MACHINERY ^ 19B2 Ferguion 30 Ifacto'r In At cohd.; nearly new 18 In. FerjUion p l o w . Independent 4 tractor In AT cl ft. one-way wl ly with 3 point hookup; n e w ' A l l l i WARNOGK SALES Thurcday, Dec. 15th-l:00 p.m. 1H mile's west'of JOHNSTOWN, and'1 mile north. 1949-M-M 'Z'.lraclor! M-M .'R 1 tractor, dual rear wheela; M-H 17-28 Twl.l City'tractor, good 13x40 tires; 1939 Ford V/z ton truck', '62 motor, leet box, stock rack; Boyce manure loader;' M-M beet cultivator; M-M jorn cultivator; Weste'rn land roller,-good; 16 hole Van Brunt drill, metal box, DD, PW, seeder; Rodrlc Lean tandem disc; 2 manure spread- era; M-M trail mower; McD blnjer; 12x20 float; 2 section spring tooth; M-M 14 Inch tumble plow; rubber tired wagon and rack; Ventura heavy duty 2 section harroVr; Ulndeman beet loader; fresno; JD 2 row corn planter; fieet puller;'2 section harrow;' 1 walking .plow;. : V ditcher;..300 gal. gas tank and aland; .dump rake: mower"; barrels; shop equipment a e nd tools; forks/.shovels, arid-mlsceilbneo'us articles. LIVESTOCK: 'Yearling Jeraey bull. ' Rasmus Is moving to town. Please plan to attend, RASMUS JORDANGER, Owner \V; A. "BILL" E. R'.-BETZ, Ringman 505 Cleveland Avenue Loveland,.Colorado .Phone 482 o We have some good'open sale dates, ' WARNOCK, Auctioneer C. E. CARVER, Clerk I Chalmers tandem disc; nsw Allls-Chalmers 2 row corn planter'with point hookup; IHC 4 bar aids raks; nsw Dempster cultivator with 3 point hookup; Z stx row Ford cultivators; Allls-Chalmtrs 4 row bean cutter; 1937 Chevrolet truck with .beet box and atock rack; Dearborn 7, ft.-power mower; JD one row. spud /digger; JD horse mower; 3 sec. harrow; 3 sic. spring'tooth; grindstone} Van" Brunt grain drill with sieder attach.; 12 ft. float; JD manure spreader; 5 ft.-stock tankf 7 milk cans;, small, tools and misc. - '.-i. - -. . ·' · · ; WEDNESDAY, DEC. 14th-12:30 fM. We will s.ll for Mat Mares, locaW 2 miles north of Ault'to ths Stage Beet Dump 1 then. Vz mils fast and % mile jiorth. 1153 Oliver'77 tractor; 1»45-6llver W tractor!-1950 1 ton Ford truck; 1953 Ford'[/a ton pickup; 1S49 Ford. car;. Oliver tractor cultl vator; bslt cultivator for Oliver tractor; tumble plow; tandem disc ditcher; finger weeder; grain drill; :3 JD manure spreaders; phcsphal drill; 300 gal. : gas tank; land rofler; beet loader; one John Deere an ens McCormick side rakes; IHC. 7 ft. ; power-rtower; dump rikertuck rake for Oliver tractor; grain binder; dump'rske; farmhand with'ma- nure and hay forks; renovator; scraper; Fresno; 6* SO-gal. barrels; 2 brooder houses; small house on sled; horse moweri corn planter;.2 turkey range houses on whfels; turkey.feeders, waHriri, buckets and brooder slovea; 7 rolls of woven wlre;.-rnljl( cooler;, can rack; waah, vat and ID gal. milk cans; 2 oil heaters; tin'granary; 25 steel posts; sto'ik sadille; Bucksxln saddle mars, Well broke; bay aaddls mari.'well broke; Jersey milk cow and calf; 16 White Rock hens; 4 stacks, of · Ifalfa ah'd-so'me ensilajs; small tools and'mjsc.' · - · · · · :.. - _· , f u«*day, D«c*mb«H- iJOth Starling at 9:00 a.m. · Lunch at noon by the Barnesvllle Ladles ·'. , ' . HEAt ESTATE, DAIRY CATTLE', VARM EQUIPMENT' ·We will-sell for A. C. Lester, located 2.'mlles north of Greeley to Lucerne, then'11 miles east o r ' 1 nille west of'Bar'neivllle, Colo. . ' Tuesday, Dee. 13th-10:30 a.m. ·- '· ROY SCHNEIDER: 1 ml. eait, 1 ml. north and /, ml. east of Eaten, Lunch.; ' . · · - . - ' · . ' . ' · - · ' -M v -TRACTOR'AND MACHINERY: 1553 JD «o with power iron siid line'shaft; 1952 JD B with single front; 1950 Chev. 2 ton 2 speed truck; new box, with side hoist; JD 2 way 2 bottom 16 In, plow WUh. cylinder; new Ferguson heavy duty apreader; JD spreader! JD 8 ft. tandem disc, |lke new; 3 sec. harrow;.^2 sec, harrow spring.tooth; float!'- Everaman leveler; 4 row"'JD beet a n d ' b e a n 'planter with phosphate attach.; JD No.'65 b s s t - a n d beati planter; Van .Brunt grain, drill tb.D press with seeder attach.; corn planter! 12A JD combine with bean Attach.; roller; dump-raXe; Heberleln ditcher; JD 7 ft. power mower; Me 4 bar rake; dump rake; JD combination corn and beet-cultl. lor ' JD B tfaciop; 4 r°w JD «u(t«r;-M»pu4 J!aB«r; ttfaw.raek; .stock racks for truck "and pickup; 300 gal gas tank; Forney, welder- and all small tools and misc. Items, Steel wheels for JD tractor; heat houser for JD tractor; 600 chick electric brooder; 7x9 brooder house;. 1961 V, ton Chevrolet pick-up In good condition, . - , . . . ^ ' . FEED; 110 ton of corn ensllsgt In the pit; 10 ton 1st cutting ground iy! 10 ton of 2nd In'stack; 20 acre straw pile; some,labor 1 'furniture. A nice sale of.-xlesh' and up to date equipment, dcn't miss thls'one.- · . HOUSEHOLD GOODS: 9-plecs dining room suite; Silver King namel cook stove; fi-ple'ce chrome breakfast, set; 2-plece living ropjn ulte; 6 room oil heater; nearjy new Crosley freeaer. ., . '' ' ' . t D«c. 14th-l:00 WALTER BTEViNG: 1/ 2 mllei e«t !/ 2 mile 'north of Peckhm, TRACTOR AND MACHINERY: 1949 Chevrolet ith Oj .he»tp, MONDAY. DEC.12tK-l:30 p.m. ANNA M. KARRI'S, 1423 8lh Street . " ' New bedroom ict complete (light oak); new dining »et, extenilon table; new Frigldalre electric rjnge'(imaU *lze); new Frlgldalre electric box, freezing compartment, late rnodel; coffee tibia; lampi; itandi; wall cases; cabinet; -camode; bract bed complete; drenep; «quire dining table; gate leg drop leaf table; odd' chair* and rocker*; trunk; twin it'atlohary vyath tub*;. benche*. tubs etc.; .dlihei; cooking uten- "5; hand and Mawh 'tools. All icITs. Mrs. Harrii lold her home. You will find all good and many pieces-are new. Attend. , TUESDAY, Dec. 13th-1:30 p.m. CAROLINE QUEEN ESTATE,. 315 Sth Ave. Kenneth Colwell, attorney for Estate, - , - \ · · HOUSE, LOT AND FURNITURE SO.- 30 FT. of E. 76 FT. of LOT (1) BLOCK (1) CITY OF QREE- LEY, COL'O. 3 ROOM HOUSE, sheets, fenced, ' . " 'This should save someone a lot of rent or make sbmsons a good Interest on Investment. . 'i Studio; rice bedroom'suite; : chrome'breakfast set; radio; clock; Frlgidalro; coa! circulator; gas range; cabinet;-rocker; bedding; trunk and contents; 'hasp; 2 suitcases; m lrrc T pictures; garden: cult, and mlsc items.- Dishes* etc. All must sell. Be hers on time. Tirrns cash. SAM KING AUCTIONEER REALTOR Licensed In Both; J. E. Summera, Clerji Greeley, Colo. '-Phont 1538 j . iub*l«n tires, h*i only 47,000 mllfli, run* like 'new; 1945, Ford 2 tpred axle, 8.26 tlret, beet box, very good; 1950 A JD wide front, Un« powir-trol; 1942 Ford tractor; 10 It. Ezee l.ow, [Ike, new; AC 2 row corn planter, 3 paint, like new; Me 2 row spud planter;. 12 ft. Evtriman.'6n rubber; 10 ft.' Freeman float y'S ice. Cite harrow; 2 B«C harrow; 2 iec- tton iprlng tobt^; NKO culth; Ferguioh 7 ft. f dlic, 3 point; B antTjB cultl. bar; Me; 4 bar tide rake; Mollne' 14 In. tumble'plow onTiibb"er; Ford 2 way plow; JD dualYr; JD No 50 hydraulic/manure loader! -3 point hookup for JD;:.dujl .front for JD A; Chrmplon 1 row.apeed dig. ger/ 'Olfvcr w«*der,^3 point- .hookup; Sargent 'haybaiket; AC 4 row bean cutter; Heath blade (icrapar); Curtla air compressor, 20 gal tank, l/ 2 hp, motor;. 100-2-rn,- tubci; 66 V/ 2 -\n. tubes; «0 1^ T ln. tubes; 120 Wn, tubes; BO 1^-In. pipe; 40 1-in. plpej Ford flft-type-awfnglng drawar; 9x32 In. duaFs for Ford, fi.OOxTfl wh'eeli and tires; Boo IT) for Ford; tlm- ~icr f amall tools, 4 ; ft. »lock, tank; Hblitcln family, cow, Real e'stale cdrislsti of 240 acrss'more or less;.120 acres are under cultivation and. ths balance .Ic. pasture. Improvements consist o f ' 3 bedroom home, fc room labor house, pressure water system, large .4 cow milk parlor, 80 ft. x 30 ft; loafing shed and large corrals, barn and'chickeni house, 600 ton'pit silo,'electricity, telephone, school bus by the door,"one mile to school, ' · ' ·'.' ' LEGAL DESCRIPTION, »WH and *»i/i or NWH s'ec. 13 T6'R84, together with 'A right.ol No. 2 ditch water, 2 rights of Fossil creek and 240 acre f t . ' G r a n d Lake allotment. One-fourth. mineral rights go to the'purchaser.' ' ' ' · - : ' TERMI 10% down da'y of .sale, -balancs 'of .purchase price In cash on or before 30 days from day of sale or purchaser, may aeiume present first and second loans of approximately |20,000.00.' . _ ' 80 HEAD OF DAIRY CATTLE . . 6 4 - h t i d of Holsleln, Brown Swiss and Ouernssy cows, most of which, ars In production now and the balance are heavy springers. cle'an'b?li of hea'llh. There Is .« 45 Ib.'dally Denver ml e'are all good .young cows and were selected for heavy production, hsve^had aood care and are In good condition. All will, have a - - · * - · -- · - · - · · -·- n h k bass to be s of 5 or more THURSDAY, .DEC. 1SU1-00 P.M. ^ ,. .HERBERT KIM08HITA: !/ z 'ml)s.north, 2 mllci.weat, 1 mile north . Plattivllls. ' : · - . ." · · · ' ' . . . - · · POWER.EQUIPMENT AND MACHINERY: 1950 I H O ; C lrac?o; 1952 .IHC Super C tractor; 1964 IHC.Super MTA tractor (uted'vOy llttje); 1952 IHC TD 9 Crowle. With 1000 hrs.; 1948 IHC KB 6 truck with 6 speed trans.;M937 IMC D-30 truck; 1964 IHC beet harvester; Everainsn No. 289 leveller; Case Nb, 100 side delivery rake; .Eversman 6 ft. ditcher; Caie. manure spreader; Guitafson (choke proof) B row 'duster; heap cutter for Super C 4.row;-2 beet and bean cult. for\Sup'er C; Brilllon pulva m'ulcher roller; '3's'ec. IHC har'c'ow; 2 sec.JHC hii^ row;' 12 (I. IHC No.'35A wheeleontrolled tsndem disc; IHC 14 In/No, 34 roll over p l o w ; ~ ~ drill;. 4 row 1HC . . . . . . row IHC:hana on beet drill; Oliver dump rake; Tor'rlngton'be'et loader; Jsyhawk stacker; IHC beet puller; IHC F-12 beet; cultrand fertilizer attach.; 40 hot b.d ahed; 170 2-ln.: Irrigation tubes;' 25 'l'-ln. 'Irrigation 'tubes; heat hauser for Super MTA; other, smslj tools. ver plow; 7 ft. IHC tandem disc; ;4! row Planet Jr. Vegetable row IHC fertilizer drill (with-split itreajn)' for._ Super C";"4 .FEED; 770 bales of straw; 600 bales of snapped corn.' . sold with these cows. The cows will with 1 Ib. base per cow. The balance ' will ,bs sold In group N«w and U*od for ALL CARS and TRUCKS New and Used Auto Parts BLACKIES 312 Etevanth Av«. Phone 1324 Build Your Own Home in EDWARDS' HOMES ADDITION One Mile Welt of Greeley on Highway M at Franklin Road LOTS ««.6« by 100 ft. Each *9QO ; City Water «nd GM Arailablt Choose Your Own Contractor or · Build H Yourself! . ' . , FOR DETAILS INQUIRE . Weld County Realty tvit i8(h Street Phone 951 EHRLICH'S SALES TUES., DEC..13. 10:30 A.M. Closing Out Sale. 2'/, miles north, and y z mile east of Ft. Lupton'. Equipment--1950 IHC 'M' tractor, with wide front; 1952 IHC Super 'C' tractor; 1946-Ford tractor; 1952 Ford F-6 2-ton truck, 2 speed axle and new beet bed; 193S Ford truck; IHC beet harvester; Case 6-ft. combine; beet cultl. for 'C'; corn culti. for'Oliver, new; following for Ford: 2 beet cultivators, NKO cultivator, ditcher, finger weeder, mower,- manure loader, 2-bottom plow, like new, one-way, llHcjncw, Heath terracing blade, . rear loader, 5-row Planet Jr.; 2 Fo'ra'ge King farm wagons, nsw; Moline tumble plow; J.D. spreader; Western roller; Ciiltro cultivator; dump f rake; 3-sec. harrow; OW beet thinner, hswi Hardle - sprayer on rubber; 2 2-wheel trailers; Implement trailer; IHC'8-ft. tandem disc, new; old tandem disc; anlon sorter'with motor; P.TO manure dump. · Miscellaneous--scrap Iron; 200 .bu. baskets; nitrates; phosphates; syphon tubes;' forge;'anvil; · small tools; CO White Rock hens, . · ' · ' ' 1 .. CHAS TAKAHA3HI, owner Tf-IURS., DEC. 15. 10:30 A.M. Closing Out Sale. 6 miles east, 2 miles south and y 2 mile east of PlattevIIIe. 7 miles east, 7 miles north and 1/2 mile v.esc of Ft. Lupton, Livestock--30 Head dairy cattle. 9 Holsleln.cows with 7.85 Ib..Denver base; 8 Guernsey cows with , . . of the cows will be sold Individually. Mr. Lester shl'pped 173 Ibi. surplus In last 3 rtio'nths. 19 head of ysarlln'g'and 2 yr. old Hols.teln helfera, lan'gs'Vac.; one 3 yr. old Kol- stain bull; -tint registered 2 yr.'old Black Angus bull; yearling .Hoi- stein steers; one yearling Holsleln- bull; 200. gal. stainless steel bulk milk cooler; 3 unit- Surge milking machine; 200 tons of ensilage, J .'.' ' · ' . ' , - · · FARM MACHINERY; · - · · - - - . \94\ International truck with Farmhand box; 1M1 Z Moline tractor; 1937 JD model D tractor; 1945 U Mollne tractor with Butane' hookup; Case combine with pickup attachment; JD Held harvester with corn and cult.; 12'ft. JD rod weeder; Dahlmsn spud, picker; float; IHC beet puller; biet loader; 300 gal. gas tank; 320 gal.'Butane tank; beet box for truck; 2 cow rubber'tired trailer with melal box;' rubber.-tired Wagon; 2 wheel rubber tired feed trailer;'2 ditchers; -I slock tanks; tractor fresno; 12 ft. stock rack; ties and planks; Irrigation tubes; gas engine; Forney welder; paint sprayer; Ion "of 'shop tools; scrap Iron; lots..of misc. , ' ' · . ' ^ ' ' ·' . . '. /WEDNESDAY, DEC. 21«t-10:30 A.M. · . Lunch at Noon .' ' '·We will sell for Cclo'mon Heh'lagel -lecated «'/ 2 rnlles toiithsast of Kersey, Colo., on Klghwsy U then 'A mile east on the old Moser farm. 1947 Chevrolet truck with ntw'beet box and side hoist; 1952 Model A John Deere tractor; ,1944 modal B John Deers tractor; IHC row beet and bean planter c-h'rubber wlth^fertillzer attachments; Brilllon . . . . . . 6 rowTand roller; 6 r o w mulcher;-4 r o w John-Deere bean cutter;- a 7.00 Ib. Denver base'; 3 Holsteln and 1 Guernsey cow, sold Individ- row-John Deere beet cult.; extra John Dsere back bar; MM 19 hole press FRIDAY, DEC. ie^9:3Q A.M. , 5 : JIM XAVENY: 1 mile w'eit »ntf 1 ml(i 'north' of Ealbh.- : : -.''^ TRACTOR AND MACrf,: I960 Me: M with ilnafe and wWe'frtnt; Me 1BB3 Super C'with elngle front;* Me 1947.*ctor; 1952 A;JD wlth^ilno^ front; 1952 Fcrd; 1947 Ford fractor with itep-up 'and'itep down irinjmlifllon; 1941 Oliver with, 41 Dodge engine with · Hy"Jro loider mounted, on It; 1M» Chev..1!/a ton truck, good rubber;-1948 Chev. with Z spied, new box with »ld* hojrt; Chev. 1949 T /2 ton pEck^p; 193 No, 26 JD combine with 2 bean pick up; 1 9 5 3 ' A C .green forage harvester; 1953 JD bnet harveeter; 1949'Gall Harvester ^with .corn/in^ nay headi; power weed burner; Farmhand power box with feeder attach.; JD ft row beet and bean cult, for A; 6 row beet "Snd-bean'cyit. ' For Super C; 2 tpud cult* for Ford; 6 row Ford barf 4 row bean cuuer for C; 4TOW bean cutter.for Ford; ;front. divider* for Ford;-F,ord fresno; Ford hydro minure loader; Vltath blade; Forcf poit hole^digger. Ford rod weeder; Ferguion.2 ie,c. rotary hoe; Ennei bean wind- rower; Ford potato vine beater; J D . 2 r o w spud digger. level, bed; Chap In 2 row ipu'd digger; Iron Age «pud planter; 6 row JD. beet and bean planter; 7-13 M-M grain drill 1 DD' pr«»a; E-Zee flow fert. · preader, new blue sfde" dnsier fert. attach., never.ui*d;* Kfng Wy* beet loader; pud cutter; Howy. Berg efevator; Shoxo grain "auger wltfj rnotor; AC tandem disc 8, 18 ft; Me tumble .16 In. plow; 3 aec. harrow; 2 sec, harrow; float; 2 'rubber tired hay wagon; 2 rubber tired beet box wagon'*; Mollne renovator; 50 2*ln. Irrlgl tube*; .60 V/ 2 In. tubei;-24 1^ ln tubes; overshot stacker; buck rake; Oliver 4 bar rake; Chatln ditcher; 1111-N-pack roller; weed aprayer; all small .tools and misc. I term. Jim has rented his farmland Is quittlngj all, telji. A large ail* of up to date equipment. On« of sales of ihe sear sorr, be sure to attend. . ually; yearling heifer; 8 Kotsteln calves; gray saddle pony, gentle for children, Equipment--1946 Oliver 80 -tractor; JD OP tractor; 1946 Dodge LWB truck with beet bed; Farmhand loader with 3 heads; JD 16x10 single disc drift on rubber, with presi vvheeTs; JD duckfo'ot on rubber; JD PTO fjefd harv/iter, corn head,'good*; Moline No. 69 Harvester combine; Oliver 12 hole grain drill with ·eed^r, like new; 2-whecf Molfne ; spreader, good; IHC 4-wheel ' spreader;' cultivator for Ofiverf Ford -ditcher, finger weeder and * hydVaul.c loader; 2-wheel iraHer on rubber; Mollne tumble plow; v · one-way; G ( ehl ensilage cutter and blower; Papcc ensilage blower; A - wagon;.bld'Chev. truck; 2 model T r truck*, iron; corn ttalk drills; old, machinery'and scrap Iron. · · ' -', Feed and Miscellaneous--20 ton. baled 1st cutting hay; 35 ton ensilage, 3 unit Surjpe milke^r, complete; 4-can Aero Flow ctofer; milk J O H N S C H L E G E L , owner , ^ " EHRUCH SKARS3,' Auctioneers and. Clerk · Phone Brighton 222-W, 813-W or Ft. Lupton UL 7-9900 I \ f o r inftwmalion . , . · " · grain drill.w fork' and' '1th grass Meder; LiurJdsfn JoadeV wi arfe; :1S-ln.' Oliver 2-vtzy- plow; fHC ith straw and manure 4. bar' tide, rake;' 2 Chattln ditchers; dump rake; IHC 7 ft. 'tandem disc; 7 ft. John Desre power mower! fertilizer spreader;. Casa 2-wheel rubber tired manure spreader; IHC 8 ft grain blridsr; Ws'sfsrn hay : ew«ep; wooden'float; 12-ft.'Evenman land leveler; J-ssc. Case harrow;.] s»c, JO harr«w; finger wesdcr; 2 scrapers;- manure. Ibader; bset loader;.beet puller; air compressor; 100 Hi In. Irrigation iubos; M.2-ln. Irrigation tubes; IKC else, fencer and M steel posts;. 1" '- -- -·-- " *- ial. gas tanks and stands;.50 f*l . , . . '" mare,'tfentle for children; s a d d l e - a n d . bridle; , Hofsteln cow ' 10,, giving g.I.; food Hamilton piano; large sun,Hams oil d other HH goods; 0 bales of straw; 35 tons of balssl 2nd miles of «ltc. fence wire; 2 300- gai barrels; 3 doa. chickens; bay SATURDAY, DEC. 17-1:00 P.M. · W. R/HA3S: 24 Cotlonwood »lr««t, Ealpn, Colo. . ' " ' H. H. GOODS: 'Davenport and chair; davsnport; 2 platform rock- en; Duncan Phyfe tabla and 3 leaves; end table, blond; coffee table; 2 card tables; 6' Samsonlte folding chalra; pair table lamps; desk; floor lamp: 3-rugs; telephone 'table; 2 dressers with mirrors; 2 e'ntsts of drawers'; child's wardrobe; single bed; 2 double beds; single mattress and sprlnos; well lamp; Wettlnghouse 9 ft. refrigerator (new unit, 6 years guarantee); Monarch electric range; 3, kitchen tables; kitchen step chair, Casco; dishes, assorted; kitchen utenftlr/ vartoi^s; meat grinder; 2 Ironing boards; Westlnghouse double hot plate; el«o- trlc air circulator; clothes hamper; bathroom scales; string Christmas trsa JlQhrk; ' llflhtsd Santa; 3 dozen -tree ornaments; 2 metal ^tres stands; gallon Ice creim freexer; Moisberg 22 rifle '(excellent). lawn mower with grass catcher; 3 garden hoses; 50 fi. lawn sprinkler, piss- tic; nozzle Tawn sprinkler; rotating sprinkler; nozzles, various; 3 gal, pressure sprayer; garden duster; 3 rakes, various; 2 hoes, various. ' tnow shovel; electric jigsaw; 2 baby beds; youth bed; high chair; combination high chair and junior chair; .play pen; baby car/lage; slide; swimming pools; nathenelte (table top style); sled; S tricycles (3 sizes), . like nswj - combination tricycle and wagon, Ilkt .new; toy bucking- fresh 2 m hesffer a'ne «nd'3rd cutting alfalfl; *crap Iron; »mafl tooT* and misc.. The equipment 'oh thl« SJl*. Is all In very jood condition. Mr. Schlagel Is leaving . th* farm and *verythln| ttlls, Aitl, Ralffc While, dark lnni| MiMltloft, H|r. . Taylor Tot stroller; potty chair; child* training seat; lndo,or - s l or bed; 2 chllda rocklnj chair; child's r«klng duck; 2 plastic s ming pools; nathenelte (table top style); sled; S tricycles (3 si like nswj - combination tricycle and wagon, Ilkt .new; toy buc horse; toy. spring horae; small toys and dolls, uncounted; .Westinghouse automatic clcthes dryer; Westlngheuse laundromat; 5x12 rt. elilldren'a linoleum. " ' "~? AUSTIN AND AUSTIN AUCTS. ·NATTE E. AUSTIN x "KID" AUSTIN _ Ft. Collins 682 ' F(. Collins 661 RAY LARSON Gr**ky S707-W .' " . 1?

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