Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 25, 1976 · Page 16
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 16

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1976
Page 16
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Tt^Id.hoFywPressiTheNews.Trbiine, Wednesday, February Z5. WS-A-8 mc.Forsil* 19 Mltc.Fo»S«lt 19 Mlic.ForSak 19 P*»»S«ppH«« 2$ T w o 2 wheel utility trailers, one 23 Inch Dumont color console ANTIOUF-; THE T A U C I o^ e . " ? X h ?^' : , £rl « ll » h suitable for snowca. or cyc.e TV. perfect condition. Moving EFFieVTHE NAME! hun»na doa'Vs9°Bu m GOXl See^.^1020 N. ill,,*,, most sell. Call 466 6828 Hwy 30 Eastln N'm^e'xt to · " "* 1 "' "" Draoes' iiim. ^Ui". hiT77d7 New lawn mows, 'liters s, .- CHIHUAHUA HUMS design beiqe color insulated Ctlain sows - We 5e " 0 "'Y besl HYDRAULIC JACKS Fotafe.CaN459b2(H. inlnrj exc c o n r j r i 03-1 """" y m ««handi se Jr,.,,. BPPiuppn mmg. o x c . c o m i . J^OJji we service whaf w» «n _ aRpnTT-^nTn «IPPI v Rn ,^; n ,-i 5 ,.,,, -. ,.,,.,,,, Heavy duty 6 sealer swing set usually free of charge. 126 llth AvenueNorth able rates. No large dogs an w/ monkey bars in galvanized uyks ra 5 Repair, 24-9th Ave. NAMPA, 466'4»31 boarding. Phone 467-2872 Uor. -»!! jci.oio; No Nampa Ph ^».7I,, : - ^ Gibson J-50llallop guitar with case. Make offer. Call W 5978 "~ B A T H R O D M V A H I T I C C .' Let me order your 1 roy- Bill 8. C A K O L Y N ' S I't. 1 bkUUMINCJ. M A R B i F TOPI rliJtn . "«· Also 8»rden teeders d All breeds, dogs 8. cats! Will ZT 60" Jl?j« i«V cultivators on hand. See sup- pick up and de iver. 446-4356 La " 45H ''"» pi!,* X. h(,nrw narrn*. JM-MK -- ; -- -- -Speed Oueen washer and oryer, J c , p . c a s h .f' s ' ( for "l« political 1200 lor the set. Double bed ^ ' ons - lradc h ' "«"»· « ns. frame, box springs mattress, 9n °' d , '!f mp5 ' rb °° ks ' sword5 150. Ph. 466 7322 after 5 : 3 0 TM' ann "TM- Collector. Wri e P.O. Box 323, Nampa. Idshn CALDWELL HEA MARKET IOOF Hall. Kimball 8. Clevr? land, March 7, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m An iques, furniture, collectibles. For space reservations [paid in advance! call Dorothy Kindall 4S9 72J8or 59 8453 Fight Cholesleroi builo up w Lecithin Kelp Comb Get N walk Leci-Kelp caps. Pen Wise Drugs, Nampa, Ca Drug, Wilder. ilh or nv I's CLEAN cuipels pio'eMio-o'l c ton wi S ne* poriuble i'eam (leo r e*. Ren! B I N S E - N V A C ol Hull Seller L.wrg Or-'f. 2972 E C'e.c'cna. L ncfa's Cloihes Closei, us,:-ci laKen on consignment. Bel. Nampa/ Cald. 45-1-9788 SINGER Zig Zdg v/'th blind hem 8. fancy stilches .. 559.50 full price. CALDWELL SEWING C E N T E R , 416 Main SI , Cald well. Phone J54 9523 1 fV ' easy oTM Ihe bi.dg.,1 Reilo/el f o r g o ! colcri. Se-M e'etlnc ihampccer Sur.ef Thrift Dfugi. 112 Moil/. Na-n ij en 2. 0 E L E C T R O L U X with power nonle. May be purchased lor balance owing. C A L D W E L L S E W I N G C E N T E R . 416 Main St., Caldwell. Ph. 45J 9523 Good, large, groin drill, almost new, cheap! Phone 4596JJ4 deans caraels ueouliluly Re." e'ec iha-ipooe' O*yhee Hardware Ape .ar.ce. 1020-- Ul S' S . Narppo i S l . O O P E R ITEM SALE February 23rd to February 29th Come in early to get best buys! THE C L O T H E S P I N 512 N.Kimball. Caldwell FIREWOOD.S15 Pickup load delivered Middlelon 5 5 5 2 2 7 9 Rocks-Rocks Rocks! Polish ng rocks, table making r o c k s , s abbed s. unslabbed. Y a r d rocK. Phune J59 3795 Sell your items of value "The Auction Way" bring to 120-loth A v e . No. or we will pick up. 466 4237 or 466-OUI me P l a n t a t i o n Consignment Plant Gifl Shop wishes to announce a change in their Dhone number, 466-6631. Ad- jress is still the same, 107 Uth R a o os, T V ' s , chain sav musical instruments, tools of kinds, jewelry, cutlery, a many more ilems at sav prices! Don't forget . . . we he the Bicentennial .22 Rue item. Ken's Loan Jewel 1226 1st St. So. 466-9647 I'S. all nd ng ve er r'^ ry. NAMPA LAWN GARDEN CENTER ' PR- SEASON SPEC'AL 10% DISCOUNT ' en Pcrrs 5 Lc:bc' 01 i Lo/,n Eqj omen; *?eno.' '. · LAWf, i GARCEh StlOS ; ·BLADE SrianPfiM Be an Eorlybira' ; SAVE! * Ope-'' Won ~Fr- S '06 ·Nampa 466-4381 S T O R A G E U N I T S FOR RENT. All t^e convenience ol your own garage. l?'x2J' units and you ave fho key! For more in formaNon, can 459 0016 Save on Paint Supplies al WP 5 - s Weeks old. 1 Brindle f a c l o r y direct outlet. High lemale, $75. 1 long hair, $50. Re- quality - low prices. Compare maining dogs, S25. Ph. 46? 5HS rick Paini, 1731 Garrlty, 467 1515 Tr'nnirAl IKh Po es for f e n c i n g or land- CalN67-1920 scaping 30' S.23' Phone 4S4-08M PQODLF GROOMING J5? 1501 or Slar?86-7431. r-uuuLr unvj^rviirco Tny pnnHle .It ".tllrt. puppiix Sinks airless spray painting 4594216 or .159 1338 Stairway elevator chair. ^V'eWvTo. McGclSr"* POODLE SMALL ANIMAL J6? JH2ori/i-JS?9 Pa nt, 1731 Garrlly, 467-1515. srorjm,-.-) I'lionc 466 8274 ^v/nings. patio covers, carpo-is, mobi e nome skirling, steps 5fcds. Phoni- 466 3681 Rcmocc ing apl. 150 y a r c s o rose be cie carpet 4 pad. Exc. cond S5 per ^cj., all or any p a r t . Call J66 2791 N IG HKR AW L E R 5 W A N T E D will pay SU/ Ttiou. lor large CUSTOM DRAPERIES Spec/oil/ Priced! y NOW/ ^L. 20% o«^ BRING YOUR MEASURFMENTS WITH YOU OR CALL AND OUR DECORATORS WILL COME TO YOUR HOME! SHEERS, LACES OR CASEMENTS Piiced $"1 60 from 1 yd .PRINTS or ANTIQUE SATINS ir M 4{ y Ready-Made DRAPES ! VALANCES Reduced to Clear' SAVE UP TO 60% CONTACT FINANCING RM 1324-111hAve.N.Ext. Nampa 466-8481 "Remember, Rest/me is Ide Factory" m CANYON BUILDING SUPPLY :|j£-*I N. 14th Elgin St. .Caldwell ;U£I 454-8136 - [PSj/ Hon. to Fr . 8 105:30 Sat. 8 to 12 · Economy 4 x 4 x 8 ' Cedar pas' 60 r : Economy 2 x 4 x 9 2 5 8" 45' ; Stud grade Studs 2 x 4 x 9 2 5 8" 85' · Gypsum Wallboard Dritite Waliboord na Is 50 Ib. carton 25.00 YOUR DISCOUNT BUILDING CENTER McLaugW/n'sOWYHEE / FIREPLACE SHOPPE v I] HEART Wood il FIREF /·\ All Matte I l^rVnre^ Price incl 1 HCRAFT r'- STFAU PI I AM* PATTY'S POODLE PARLOR OllJUfl UUJin isnia'lbiccds. 466 5947 vniip num pflrauifcQ n -- »; -- · r. i_«_n .... yum uwii uii'pHWi Poultry Rabbits 27 /Itdn-it-uniHHiffimiete) LAYING HENS, laying 75%. (« SB ;i jouninprisis/ A | 50 , ducks flnd 4 rabbits . R P W T (11 IB f||K(5EMVAC -- |lw new compact carpet cleaning Fruits Vegetables 29 machine thai lilts dirl, grime ^r- -- -- -- w ~ ancl residues oul ol carpets . . . De'tic'ioussa 50 bushel.' ATM 5 and (JOBS Ihe job Fruit Stand, p.i mile easl ol f professional Clean- Homedale. Please honk. ers charge up to a A P P L E S - F A N C Y C R I S P hundred dollars lor W1M Stiver in Nsmpa Caldwell / -=iiim K i nnrpr.r d r o a - '' Buihl?l minimum. / ': .,,*,, ^JL'I,.? ^ J p l i ' 5 - -"»-M2 alter 5:00 p.m. ~../ :o dcscibe (Its fal APPLES ,_, ttjle; e«t'acion pio -Hn . lin , F ,.. , Rrrtl Jfej ^ ol, clean l(0sV ^ 7 ^ aCh 8-':p\- ^ -V^ POTATOES ' t ,''' jfc-'.'iK-*- R E D 5 R U S S E T S ' i ,-' IKj^lHl By It1e 5acK or" truckload. Don , I /-. ^·pPBEil Pruess. Homedale. 337 4486 or \ ·.._. ROY!S REDS YEUOW DELICIOUS WS'iWC \ UH "" FIRtPlACtWOOD ciu-^r, /j tirwly SAKTON FRUIT FARM VUCCTCDy Ullin JONATHAN APPLES nLOicnn HUlU MCINTOSH APPLES ftSSOCIATE STORE RED DELICIOUS 8 1 0 Main, Caldwell GOLDEN DELICIOUS Ada inno Bring Containers 459-1002 ROBISON FRUIT RANCH Hwy. 55, Sunny Slope Musical Merchandise 20 Caldwell Used Wurlitzer Fun Maker or 459-7987 ER P I A N O - O R G A N C E N T E R , c r i . o eads 3Q ??j Nampa Cald. Blvd., Nampa reeas * SeBQS iu IF YOU CAN P O I N T A HAY IN BARN F I N G E R , B R I N G IT TO .VI Jerc-il.,: c,i'Nn9 K1A W I N T H F R Mll«iir ant! wp will teach it to play II Call I6S WHEAT S T R A W 9454 in Karcher Wall. C A T T L E LOADING RAMP. Furniture 4 Apphdiitus 21 Good hav S60 |on A l s o edr Zcnilh o a r k walnut s t e r e o corn, SJ.50 per hundred pounds, console New S8CO selling for Carllon Early, 459-73^9 S1SO C a l l 459 1322 ^ T r = PinF p A R I F V DI1V CCl'l ·'Tb'Kr\D"'-r C c r l i l i e o uncerti/lid. bUl - o L L L ^ 1 HAUD Phone 467'331J ' ·.Vf! it kupliu.ily 406 4 2 J / C I 4 6 6 0 1 4 1 S T E P T O E B A R L E Y S E E D DALE D E I T R t C K ' S Rop ^,^,^86,, ,, J3 UPHOLoTLRl 7003 Bales of Whea. hay. urn. 5320 College. J59-397J O j a | ^57.7345 ACE APPLIANCE NEEDED: ENSILAGE IN QC^DAID THE PIT. Immediate removal. FREE PHONE ESTATES B0t Bun9Cr ' 4M M "' WeservceluTctes.wasi-.eis. CUSTOM HAULING d.yersSrcnges H a y / grain or whak-vcr. Gu^! Richard Daniel. CalU66 554! Phone467-4253 WILL HAUL DOWHS TRADING POST Phone «; HJ * Duncan Phyfe table 8. -t chairs. Mint silage, oood ieed. Reason New 5. used sofas, davenos, able price, delivered reasonable hide a beds. Dinette s e t s , distance. Phone 888 339j CIlL'SlS Of Jl d w t l b, dll k i l l U S , pnnui'rnp incl. antiques. Good selection of WHEAT GROWERS desks, refrigs., freezers 5, beds. For best prices, call Tromburg ALL FURNITURE N E E D S ! Milling 8. M a r k e t i n g Now 1224-2ndSt.S.,Nampa467-1712 writing contracts tor new crop. Antiques 22 H,I/ for sa e in load lots. Authentic Antique furnishings. 1st - 2nd - 3ro cuttings. Beds, (oak. iron, brass), lables. Delivered. Phone 459 J051 hall Irees, tancy sroves, maroie A L F A L F A HAY t a b l e s , d e n t a l cabinet, hall Delivered insemi-loaa lots, mirrors, settees More Call 3d? '46 2255 or 459 5651 »«(inr iop f l i ?m w Rnnnnck Boise, 16p.m. Farm Implements 31 Snrjrtina Goods 23 Selling l.ile mociel wide fron 30 Caliber M 1 Enforcer, 10' i" Phor.e J66 19JBor J66 60Bi masa lines. 5150. 466 1581 For 5 ' 1ll ' : Good loatl " ^ John * rr-nrp M.nrinl A R, in H f. fl) Registered male, white 1966 INT 606 Iractor. c.ill 856 POODLE, at stud. ]j75 evenings or w e e k e n d s Phone 459 4825 Haines. Oregon For s a l e . AKC r e g i s i e r e a 340 Fnrmall, gas. fast hitch, 3 pi Golden Retriever puppies, 6 fl i t , 1: h . 2 pi. mov/er, 3 pt. blade weeks old. Excellent bloodlire, , s c c t ion wood. 3 section slee S125. males only. Call alter 5 8. (, arrov; . A C. wine baler. Phone on weekends. 4596684 ' 444 ISO? Misc. For Sale 19 Misc. For Sale 19 SPECIALS . . . · MALM Corner Model Wood Burning -'·' GM T t ' %AAA !::.*. HKI 5W500 . T T T 1 S A r P · M ALM DUKE 30 " Round Wood Burning LALt Gwr. ,,·«(·.,-. toon jlStkHsh B c ' " " n - S 2 9 J i O . C^J Lties qrate '"" ,,,,_, . , . , , · PREWAY Wall Model Wood Burning $1^0 i:;L%?z* n $4QQ \ lj \J '"-.h Beg 1475 15 *T O C7 :; ...... flREPLACE ACCESSORIES v\ : /i' : .r^ Jqd!» Log Holders · Matches *" ; '"'· Graces ·Bellows · Log Lighters : · Screen Doors* Glass Doors · Corn Popperr, i CHIMNEYPOTS, too! I02 £ i . WOOD HEATERS »£"· $0095 Prices sior) frvn . b. ^ OWYHEE SHEET METAL lampt S«rvlc« 486-51S3 Firm lmpt«m«nl* 31 L i»«.iMk 34 W«nt«JloBuy M' : Apl*. Furnish^J « Oliver loader; Ferguson two For rent: Fine, Grade A Dairy Will pay CASH for Newly decorated 1 "rm. «pt. row cultivator w/ shields; two 3 setup. Artesl»n water, slumber Furniture - Appliances and with stall 'bower on ^ » r «" nd poinl finser wefdersi Ol«o 7' stwJ , cemen , , loors , man9er5; Anl(q«es. ««-«J7or 4M-014I "«"·· Private entrance, no pefv Deere cultivator; two ^^' beet beds; Allis Chalmers 7' blade w/ snap coupler; two-row set planter on rubber w/ galvanized tanks; 3 point PTO broadcast sprayer, excellent · condition; Allis Chalmers snap couple mowing machine. Call 454 1104 or 4599720 John Deere model "H", rebuilt C December, 1975. Would make f good cultivator or small farm c. tractor. 459 9985, ask for Barl. Farrnall H tractor, Farmall Super C Iractor. Both in exc. 6 condition. Sell or trade for older I car or pickup, 459-0340. i ·Farmer's Column 33 \ New hive super Irames. Glued i nailed togelher, 30 cents ea. t Phone 4*6-2316 c 1975 JD 4400 Combine diesel, q like new, 256 hrs. Electric 3 phase molors, 1-5 horse, 1-7V? horse. 3 Speed Brownie trans- C mission. Phone 9396657 W A N T E D : Tractor with loader, ' w de front end 8. 3 pt. hitch. Phone 466-6769 len yard Hannock scraper. Phone 482-6863 ·iO Acres in one lield wilh new home and newshop. Call 459-686.! Large, older two wheel wagon, needs repair, S75. Phone 5853114. 600 Gallon 3A Mueller milk cooler, e x c e l l e n t condition. v Phone 376 4329 8 LAND LEVELING Earthmoving, ditch pads, any sire? of job, reasonable rates... DON C L A R K 454-1563 J I M G U C H E S 467-1018 LEAF CUTTER i BEES Top quality, no spray Prices range Irom S15 lo S45 each board. Elmer Michel, Rt. 1, Kuna. Idaho 6363J. Ph. 922-5735 ( GOOD BULLS FOR SALE OR LEASE. 446-2179 or 4A4-60W eves CHIANINABULL Call 856-3475 eves or weekends rtalnes, Oregon jutstanding pair twin horses, erleclly matched mare elding. Dark bay, no marks. lest offer over S800 takes both. 454-1748 Year old red rbah mare, broke o ride, foal In June, $300. oming 4 year old appendix apered grey mare, started, 250. Coming 3 year old red roan lly, registered Quarter Horse, nippy Sam breeding, S275. oming 1 year old stud colt, orrel. Baldy Cee Salty Chief, entle, papered, 5300. Phone 722-5972 SUY, SELL, T R A D E HORSfc'S MEREDITH Q U A R T E R HORSES, Phone 466 5042 Holstein herd for sale. DH IA records on most. Phone 585-3369 or 585 3579 A PPALOOSA STUD S E R V I C E Registered Stud. Call Jess Armas, 467 1707 HORSESHOEING Correctives. Pathological PhillipMamer. Ph. 466 4779. 1 Y E A R OLD ANGUS BULLS Evenings, Call itl 7650 or 466-9557. Ve'll give lop prices for horses used lack. If no answer, rr , gain, we're in out all day. Phone 4669617. Branding, de-horning, vaccinating, caslrating. Any work with cattle. Don Nixon, 922 4309 ersey cow, feeder calves, pringer stock cows, saddles, ridleSj Ford t r a c t o r s and nachinery. 459-3782, 459 6875 Big range-ready, 2 year old horned Hereford bulls. Cumming's Hereford* Rt.3, Caldwell, J59 3419 H O R S E T R A I N I N G . oils started, ranch roping. PLJIDO O A m n i i O T barrels and rein finishing a Unlro, oAWUUo i specially. Meredith Q u a r t e r Ou:kCCl JjyNcKe. 4675426 Horses. Dia 1466 5042 Chips 1 Shavings by the semi- C load. Also, chopped hay, ensit- r: aqe. e t c . , hauling, H a r r y Staples. 467-4303 f SAWDUSTS CHIPS V (tens 466 095b PROFITT AUCTION f SERVICE Farm Equipment, Construction ' Equipment, General Sales. Openings lor Spring 8. Fall C o n s i g n m e n t s . F L O Y D PROFFIT1, A U C T I O N E E R , ^ BOISE. 376-519/ h CUSTOM FARMING I Precision sugar beel placing, * alfalfa seed, vegetables, lairiy · renovating,- ··corrugafing ·· beciding Work (tone when you want it - the way you want ft ' done. Call 467 6250 \ LAND LEVELING D o z e r s , s c r a p e r s , graders, backhoe. John Redmon Excava ting. Phone 459-6067 CUSTOM MANURE SPREADING S85-27I6 FEED MILLING · Dependable Service, Rolling. Grinding Molasses. MOLKO'S MOBILE S E R V I C E . -165 556 A A L A N D L E V E L I N G , E A R T H MOVING ROAD BUILDING / DaveHec* 459-7902. f W A N T E D ; Leal cutter bees Wendell Chase PlioneJ6ft 2811. · Corral Ibr. 2x» rough . SB9W · Used RR ties, good quality . « Corral poles and pests · Truck bed Ibr.. 5/ 4" 2" fir · Rough shop ply 3/ 6" S3.95ea · Feedbunks S 4 5 e a - · Good rough Ibr.. all siics. · For Steel gates, steel posts, wire fencing and gal. roofing CALL MARSING BUILDING CENTER 896 J 1 55 Open All Day Saturday L A N D L E V E L I N G - C A T W O R K . Catl Larry Paul at 868 1897 or 467 4000 Have iOuder tractors, manure spreaoer 8, trucks available. Will clean corrals. Also, haul ensiloqe. grain or whatever. Phone 159 0340. HORSESHOEING Professional Farrier Richard Dailey. Coll BB8 3005 Excellent garden fertilizer. Will dpliver. Also paint body shop. Call 467-U69or 466 903 CDAPtfC S P AI/CQ or flntxo oMIStn AUCTION S E R V I C E Guy Sparks, Nyssa, 372 3475. Roger Baker, Ontario, 889 580S. A U C T I O N E E R S Aopraisers Sales Manage mcnt. Allen. Allen 8, McGrath, Cald. 459-3334 or NamrJa 466-9140 LAND LEVELING Gene Martin, 888-2456 Livestock 34 Small, select, rug. Charolais herd incl. a son ol Sam 951 8. a polled cow. 466 3027 before 1. 2 S A D D L E S . 2 BRIDLES Other tack. Nearly new. Phone M 2340 6 Year old mare due lo foal April 10, gentle for kids. 3 Year old ge'ding, gentle well started. Call 459 3740 Registered 1 yr. old Appaloosa mare, with blanket. Gentle V Phone 4M-5047 c ? Extra good family cows, 1 3 Jersey, 1 Guernsey. Also, grass ' calves. 467 6659 afler 6 p.m. C 1 1 HOLSTEIN COWS ' C,riSt.v?8674l» s Corrals stalls for rent. Low rices, covered riding area. Call 467 1316 or J66-7054 lall "Rclia-Bull" to have your ows bred. Twice a day service. 'Returns" -- price of semen nly. Serving Nampa, Caldwell I Sand Hollow areas. 466-7770 3aby calves for sale. Heifers, 40; bulls, 525. Vanderwey Dair/, phone 459-9600. WANTED TO BUY lol. shipping cows 8. hfrs. John Hayes. 459-8429 after 8 p.m. op prices paid for all types 01 orses. free pickup. Call collect, iaync-8. Seal Enlerprises. Inc. 467-1141 FOR SALE DAIRY OATTLF 00 ISO Top Hoi. Springer Hfrs.. » Springer cows on hand al all mes. Close up Springers avail. r*oung breeding bulls, (Will buy op Springer Hlrs. cows). Tom Murray, 466 6919 alter 8 p.m. Auction Sales 36 NEW FURNITURE AUCTION Sunday. Feb. 29th 1 P.M. 920 E. C level a no [our nev; ocalion next fo Grizzly Bear 3 izza) \pprnx. $-11,000 worth of new urniture for Ihis sale. Plus -ocal dealer is discontinuing / i c l o r i a n line ol f u r n i t u r e Vatcn Friday, Feb ?7th for omplete listing. Sale Concluded by CALDWELL AUCTION Mel Sines * Auctioneer 454-1532 CALDWELL AUCTION THURS., 7 P.M. FEB. 26th 4920 E.Cleveland (Our New Location) We will have our Rogulo; run ot New Used Furniiure, opplionces and misc. PLUS 5 LOTS OF STORAGE FROM LOCAL TRANSFER CO Items include furniture, appliances and some sealed boxes. PLAN TO ATTEND! · Op«n 0»ily 9 s.m lo 6 p.m lor Consignments. 4920 E. Cleveland Mel Sines Auctioneer Garden Roto lilier, chain saw, tent trailer Phone 466 039 B = rom Private P a r l y : V a c a n ol. Nampa Cald. area, water e, ewer, zoned to accept mobile lome, nominal down payment, jalance on contract carried by )wner. No realtor oilers con idered. Reply, Box 46. c/ 0 daho Free Press, Nampa. WARD'S AUCTION Je Buy, sell or auclion 1 item to omplele house or farm sale, uctioneer. Art Sctimlerer 459' 332, 515-3276 or 983 5479. ASH lor washers, dryers elrig., 30" apl. sl;e dec anges, used couches or love ·als. 447 1712 4*67938 evos W A N T E D : WEDDING GOWNS |d _ r j e mo plus (25 deposit. OR FORMALS. Also, " ' phone 45»-069l COSTUMES. DiaUSHnSO _ MI ,,,,,:,,. PRU-TWCSS^RDWOOD ^^^n^ ·TMr^ ^r:^: ±«.?.srU'.. «*·«» ,. _ ,, ,, .. i Bdrm., all utilities paid, we BUY used furniture and '°,"j SHSMO. + deposit, appliances. OGSTAD'S F=URN- " rp phoned 1512 ITURE, 623 Main 459-16?) - - "W--"- Room Board 39 J ,, ON f 1BED ^°^ cA pJ hc i .t Board and room for senior *» « '« £ d ', d C ,^. C 5!, 0 r l l i 7 o n c a n r f h a n H ; r a n r s o H C 9 l 466'0157 a l t C T 2.JU Phone459-4S97 ) [Jdr . i tfuplcx | aroe nvina Private room, excellent meals, room, no pels or children. Near Lady or gentleman, Sr. Citizen grocery store. Phone 459-9342 Auction Sales 36 Auction Sales i* NAMPA LIVESTOCK MARKETS Near King's Corner on Second Street South EARLY CONSIGNMENTS FOR THURSDAY, FEB. 26th SALE TIME 12:00 NOON 15 Holstein springer heilers, V T, Meridian. 10 Holstein springer heifers, V T, Parma. B Holslein springer heilers, V T, Nampa. 6 Holstein springer heilers, V T, Emmelt. 5 Holstein springer heifers, V T, Marsing. 8 Holstein heifers Open, 603-800 Ibs., V 8. T, Meridian. Last Week's Top Heiler SS50 Top 50 Head averaged S53L50 Nampa Livestock Markets 466-7811 Jack Doan 459-8921 Joe Ooan 466-6279 Dennis Rowland 466-3187 Bud Young 459-2407 GRANT, ALBRIGHT, HOPKINS AUCTION FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27 Sale Time: 12 NOON Terms: CASH Lunch, F R E E C O F F E E L O C A T E D : 1 ? mile west ol Weber Feed lot OR 1 ' j miles south ol Notus, Idaho, then ' , mile west. 8 T R A C T O R S : 1026 IHC hydroslatic diesel tractor; 856 IHC diesel tractor. 140 A.C. aiesel tractor, like new; 544 IHC hydrostatic gas tractor; 3414 IHC industrial loader gas traclor; Allis Chalmers B tractor, very gooo; John Deere A trader, not running, as is; John Deere B tractor, not running, as is; Massey- Ferguson rake, 6 bar; post hole digger; Rhino scraper, super; 277 N.H. baler; 1HC manure spreader, 160; Freeman loader; 900. G.B. loacer. B section harrow; IHC 725 windrower; IHC 55 corn chopper ano hay head; 12 ft. A.C. disc. Eversman 600 scraper; 5 row corn planter; Massey Ferguson grain drill; IHC ditcher, 3 pt.; large Farmhand grinder; 210 Farmhand teed box; tHC land plane; 1030 hay v,-ogon. bottomless scraper; UOIHC plow, 3-18; Pop up loader; grain auger, ripper; K.6. bottomless scraper; 1973 IHC 1600 truck; 800 Dodge tandem drive with 18 It. extra heavy Toft feed box. very good; 2000 gallon superior liquid manure tank wilh Dump, 3 corrugators; very good big diker; weed burner; 1 set ol 20.8 v 38 ouals; 1 set of 18.4 x 38 duals; 1 set ol 14.9 x 28 duals. Owner: JOE COULSON C O L S : G R A N T A L B R I G H T HOPK'lNS J59 7019 466-i6« 722-5007 ClERK-CAShiER Mi o-d.M'i Gecrg? So-ns 459-7233 GU.SIMABTELL ESTATE AUCTION. Monday, MARCH 1 st Sale Time: 12 NOON Terms: CASH Lunch served, F R E E C O F F E E LOCATED: 8 miles west ol Karcher Mall on Karcher Road, then ' ? mile north. Watch lor auction signs. T R A C T O R S : Oliver « 77 gas Iractor; Oliver 55 gas Iractor; John Deere 7010gas tractor; IHC540 diesel traclor, single from, runs gooo; 1967 IHC 656 diesel hydro Iractor, good cond.,- front wheel drive unit for IHC 560; PICKUPS: 1963 Chevrolet =.i ton pickup, 4 speed, v/ 8, long wide box; 1969 Chevrolet 1 ton truck wilh metal stock rack; MACHINERY: ISO gallon Ace stainless steel. 3 pt. sprayer. 650 IHC forage harvester; 2 row corn head; 8 A.C. corn planter unils; Heston 3 row beet harvester; 1500 bushel metal g r a n a r y : 1000 bushel metal granary; 5 row Valley Mound corrugaior. 3 pt.Opel PTO feed wagon; Farmhand feed master grinder mixc-r. pro,- Farmhand PTO manure spreader Farmhand F II loader: Fox PTO chopper, both heads- 3 pt Massey-Forguson 2 prong ripper; Miskin 3 yard hydraulic Carryall; McConnell 3 pt. terrace blade; Farmhand grapnte f o r k ; 2 wheel trailers; E-Z How lertilijer spreader; Fox blower ana pipe. Ford 3 pt. side rake: IHC * 57 PTO haler; Hesston A 750swalher. Brillion 3 section culti packer; 3 pt 3K cultivator- held bale loader. John Deere field cultivator; 3 pt disc · Mulkv 4 0 f t . hay elevator, bale elevator; ACE 12 fl culti-packer · IHC 2800 hydraulic loader, tits late modeNHC; 2 manure spreaders John Oeere 1? fl. 6 inch disc on rubber.- squeeze chute set of 30.000 tb. scales; 15 f t . Travis camp trailer; 2 ho'se traiier IM bed machinery tractor; three 6 row Milton beel nlinb.« CONSIGNED BY JIM A T K I S O N : 1968 IW^^'^m Oiese tractor, good; 1962 . 35 diesel traclor, good rubber mult, power; a y na balance 3 pi. mower. Ma Hey Ferausoii-' spYnTSlowV^ pi. 6 ft. otlsel'disc'; 3 section 5 mc y ta F | C ha 9 r U r S ow 'ike ne^-Tro^l m* CONDUCTED BY- SPARKS BAKER AUCTION CO. Nyssa ^fegon R9 - e ' Ba ker § r ''Everybody's Market" __. .. . _-_._ r LIVESTOCK *B Sell Your Livestock the Auction Way 21 st Railroad, Caldwell, Idaho THURSDAY, FEB. 26th 11 =00 a.m. 25 Wtiilcloce steers, SCO 575 Ibs., Jordan Valley 75 Mixed Whilelace yearlings, 400-700 Ibs Nvs^ 25 Butcher bulls, Diamond, Oregon "Y*-«. 6 Butcher cows, Diamond, Oregon 20 Whitofaw heifers. 700-750 Ibs.. Nampa 60 W h i t o f a c c stec-rs, 450-500 Ibs., Grand v.fw 18 Whiteface and black whitelacc prcg tested rnw. w 45 Holslein steers, 600-705 Ib*.. Marsinq ' ampn 35 Butcher cows, Mounlain Home 10 W h i t e f a c e heilers. 700 800 Ibs., Mountain Hcrre 40 Hoistein sleers, 700 900 Ibs . Mclba 25 Butcher cows, Owyhoc 50 Butcher cows, Murphy 10 Bulcher uulls, Murphy J7 Mixed cows, 300 400 Ibs , Owylice 75 Whileface heifers. 450-700 Ibs , Boise 16 Angus and Charolais cross steers looo nr.n ih, u 30 Whiteface mixed calves, 500 550 Ibs No ,uV Ho TM1ale 12 Whilelace 9rs e in 5 'led«e"r lbS " McD " ml " 10 Whilelace grain ted heifers, 9CO-l0 5 5o"lbs' VM^'II 10 'Whitcface heilers, 600650 Ibs., Green lea! For FREE Appraisal or Selling . . , Call Cecil S Wood

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