Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 26, 1951 · Page 9
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 9

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1951
Page 9
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Uhursday Evening.-April «, 1951' LAS CRUCES (N. it.) SON-NEWS [Aspiring Lawyers {Can Now Apply fFor Scholarships E\V YORK (Special) -- Chief Justice Eugene B. Lujan of the SiiTJi'i'me *-' 0 ' ·· °^ New Mexico, Santa Fe; Floyd W. Beiitler, presi- of the New Mexico Bar Asso,- 1H j[)ii, Tnoa, und H.' P. Picluell, Pilitcr of the Albuquerque Journ- Albnquerquc, will interview. · Mexico candidates for the ^2 100 per year Root-Tilden schol- ai ships offered by the New York, University School of Law, Dean Ru.-sell D. Nilcs announced here lust night (Tuesday, April 2-1 J. The scholarships, named for two »iinitiates of 'the School, Elihu Root and Samuel J. Tildcn, will be offered each year to enable 20 young men, who show/promise of f liK'Coining "outstanding lawyers in lie grand American tradition, "to Attend tjie Law school/ Car.:!idcite : rj chosen from'"-Now- ,,ti-xico \vill be interviewed by a committee.for the Tenth Federal ^ i i c u i t consisting of Chief Judge" Orie 1" Phillips and John Evans, fiimrmnn of the Federal Reserve Bnnk, both of Denver, Colo., and William H. Gill, president of Coloja!o college, Colorado Springs, (Solo. ^ndei 1 ; the plan devised by the Dean EmgritUs of the, School of Law, Honorable Arthur T. Van (Mhilt, now chief justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey, the candidates foi''the scholarships will h' nominated by a committee in r a r h state, with final selection to he made by a regional committee in ench of the ten Federal Juricial Circuits, Deari Nilus explained. "Candidates will compete for the scholarships," Dean Nilcs explained, "on a 1 rating of one-third for potential capacity for ^unselfish leadership, one-third for extracurricular activities, and one-third fJVr scholarship. "While the candidates must have good academic records," lie; led "they must, in addition, exhibit qualities of character and personality which will enable them ttf become honorable and effective members of the. profession in liVc broadest sense of the term." fax Commissioner To Visit Local Officials (ALBUQUERQUE, April 2G /Pi-State Tax Commissioner Fred Moxey visits the office of county iiHTCRMir .Manuel 'Armijo today to discuss "economy in local government." YMoxey said they also would dis- ( UKS "expending ..and distribution fir the, tax_"" burden and 'sTiaring through the'levying of taxes equal-. Armijo told reporters: 'I'll be ready for Mr. Moxey: Til shW him where we warned firms here to file a declaration of She f a i r value of the stock on their .·ihtelvrs and received reports on more than $150,000 worth of goods Mint had not been listed for as- MacARTHUR HAS HAD LONG"SERVICE'IN"THE PACIFIC Truman Impersonator Finds Making Living is Hard Now "iring of General Douglas Mac-, r( ,p U ijiican. no longei ^... -Arthur hag had onu unusual i n l * j ] i v [ n g bv i m i t a t i i n g a democrat, jact on the American economy. l t , J ] O W C 0 nftised can the times get? ias made, it harder for a man to j Who can a mnn count on? make a living impersonating; Harry S. Truman. This is on the word of Irving Fisher, GO, probably the president'; r I M I H I , uu, jiiuuuut.t LIU. t /ii..»»--v - j 0[ , j nf? 5[Qiv(i | smiling ami gea'.ui u most successful stage double. For, H){c PreS{1( , nl Truman, more than five years Fisher, a tt ^ Qw ,. gaid Fish(M . ..^ ma! , veteran-actor, has kept the wolf · - .. , NEW YORK, A| lion only more ironic to him. If a And another thing: The ami- icnrn used to break out in surprised applause when he strode out on the stage, smiling and gesturing :rom his door by portraying Truman in Broadway shows and at club " and convention entertainments. But the MucArthur episode- it big political headache, to tlin n iiigger pain in tin- pucltetbonlc to his double. "This whole fuss is murdering iiie," emnpained Fisher. His chief blcf: Since thu dismissal of ,General MucArthur no organization any longer seems to want to pay money to see him give his funny imitations of Tru- . protrays the president in a brief walk-on finale in "Call Me Madam." a musical starring Ethel Mfirmam as a lady diplomat. Ordinarly he also averages about eight outside club dates a month in the same role. 'But every outside ji»b I h:ul man. Fisher currently siss -me. You know, ladies don't i--they siss. And the men? A lot of them boo me."When he walked along broad- way, nuuiy H trim ners--startled nt his strong facial resemblunc» t i the rresidenl--used to snillts anil give him a friendly, "Hi Hurry" not so much today. They shout, "why did you fire Mac?" and they demand, "what are you guys trying to do down in Washington anyway?" "J can't' understand it," said Fisher "The things they say-- ·' ' ' I really Harry." Thu acliir has impersonated the President an long he nlwnys culls hint by his Ih-st name. He first casually imilateil Truilllin in a ch-ris saints and sinners slunr more th:in live years ago. "Nobody ever even had mention This cjune us » result of a ] painstaking sliuly of lire Truman j fill-till movements und gestures. "I've got all his mannerisms down pat--his choppy movement of the left hand, his grin, hu j a u n t y walk.' 'said Fisher. "He's got something of a bigger .stomach that I have. So I jus slick out my stomach and walk semi-stifMeg- god. That's Harry. He's sure of himself. Right or wrong, he's sure tif himself." Fishers foci everything will be all right iigulll when the Muc- A r l h u r controversy illes down. Rut ho wishes his fellow K«puh- lirans would (jiill talking about hniKUiehtng Harry Truman. "What are they trying to do ruin my business entirely?" he sad. "You can't make a career out of impersonating n n unemployed president." J A P A N LfcADK 1KOX IM-POUT GOA, Portuguese India --(JPt-- Japan received the oveV whelm ing portion of this tiny Portuguese colony's iron ore exports during 1950 with a total G2.4SS tons. Western Germany imported 7,000 and Holland 1.500. The United States led importers of Goan manganese ore with 10.235 tons, followed by Belgium, 5.40S; Sweden, 3,500. and Italy, 1,000. Pariinuliiei I To Be Allowed Af Slate JposiLioii ALBUCJUKRQUE, April; 86 ^1 -The state fair txiaiv: and the state racing commission have 'decided the board shall manage pajrimu^u- el betting a't thjs year's "eNposi- lion. . The two groups agreed yesterday to have the fair boai'tl hive key personnel tu operate (he pari- mutucl plant. The commission will continue handling othr track'op- erations. In addition, the board decided to run the fair nine days like l|ist year. It announced tjio rodfd cowboys association has approved a contract calling for JB.OOCMn purses, $1,000 lees than last year. During the Boor War, the British used a huge kite to raise'a man who made military ^ ""-"' has disappeared," Fisher hmicnl- | ed before that 1 look like him," he THE FAR EASTERN CAREER of General Douglas MacArlhur,'-ended by.Presidential dismissal from the post ot Supreme Commander in Japan, started its major phase when he completed duly as Army chief of Staff iu 3935. At that lime he was decorated (top, left) by Secretary of War George H. Dem. Other photographs from the film "The Mac Arthur Story" follow Him as Director of National Defense in the Philippines from 1935 to 1937, wearing a campaign hat (top, riyht) as he look over, and at his desk (bottom, left). On MacArlhur's staff (bottom, right) was the then Major Dwight D. Eisenhower. iSKQ-Pathe Photos from rntcrtinfinuflM Let Mothers And Bosses Frei Abont Spring Fever! Nothing Can Be Done About It, Except Enjoying li A 220pound aquamarine is the Largest gem ever found, says the National Geographic Society. GOOD EVENING i Pleasant Listening K O B E By HAL I'.OVLK | in a[ ] u |t s , too. It's a pause for rc- NEW YORK--(/Pi--A great rpi- newal, an interval for mental rleaning', when the mind has a rliant'c to throw out air the trash of the pant and open the parlors of the mind to : fresh winds and new adventures. Spring fever is so normal t h a i Congress has never bothered to recognise if t and no ['resident. has. over endorsed it. No Imly film s t a r ;ven has posed for an :ui sayhif, 1 . "I Hkc n man with spring fever." · But if m a n k i n d had the com- monsunce of the old Druids it V 1450 On Your Dial TONIGHT -- THURS. P. M. ·f:30 Evening Buyers Guide 5:00** Straight Arrow 5:30** Sky King ij:55 Bobby Benson f:00 UP News (1:15*' Foulton Lewis, Jr. 6:I!0 Let's Walt?. 6:45 War News 6:50 Sports Cast D:55** Bili^enry News 7:00 Navy Store Time 7:15 Concert Miniature 7:30 The Unexpected ,7:45 Errand of Mercy '^cOO A-Lo for Leisure 5:10** I Love A Mystery 8:30 Reporters Roundup *9:00 U1 J News !y:15 Mutual Ne.wsreel \0:30 Starlight Concert ' _ f j 5 News «0:00 Sign Off ·TOMORROW.-- FBI. A. SI. 16:00 UP News [6:05 Kl Conido Mexlcano 7:no*« Robert Hurieigh 7:15 Form and Ranch Mews 7:30 UP News [ ?:·{{ Trading Post f 8:00 Cecil Brown | 8:15 Gather Round Kids 8:25 News '. 8:30 Morning Buyers Guide 9:00 Morning Devotional ·· 0:15 Milt Herth Trio Et:25 News ^ 0:30** Qucon for a Day^ ^ } . 10:00 .lacltpol Jamboree ' J0:2fi News ,, ^ W T J J - . 10:;tO Facts and Fun f o r : J ^ " Everyone '.10:15 UP News 11:00 Cedric Foster i l l ; t r » Stan l.omax Sports News §11:20 News . ' ' ·2fi Boston vs. N. Y. K 0 B E Your KHeiidly Station A SUJTUAI. M-7TWORK . AKFII.IATK clemic is sweeping America today. Millions are in its grip. Have you got it'.' The symptoms: A dreamy lassitude, a growing feeling nf languor, an indiriVrenee to labor, a yearning lit be elsewhere. Diagnosis: spring fever. Cure: There is none.-The delir- um must run its course. Who ever'wanted to be (iure'd of spring fever anyway ? It is a de- irious disease, the most delightful affliction'ever invented by nature for the improvement of mnn. What is spring fever anyway? Tin; doctors ran't define it. A surgeon can't cut it out of you. And even :t psychiatrist can't talk you out. of it. It's a universal infection. Birds feel it. bees know it. Uoes enjoy it. And people just .wouldn't be the same without it. It usually strikes midway between the rheumatism season ami the sunburn time. Spring fever? . It's just a molting of the mind. A melting: of the icicles of the spirit. A budding of the soul. An alarm clock in the blood, saying, "Wake up. hid. There's a wonderful world around yon'--and you're alive in it." It's a hone-deep drunki-ness with the pure sweet wonder of being. If you ilmi't fee! 'it in vtmr bones, you don't have real sprhiK fever. You're jusl lir/.y. Anil the nice thing about f l i c intoxication of spring fever is i! never leaves a hangover. It never jades; it always e\alts. The only people who worry | would "international i spring fever- week". "And everyone *pcnd'it lying on the. south I slope of a sunny hillside .watching I a'n apple tree explode in stow ' Gasoline Tax R e f u n d Bill K f f t M U i y o M u Y . l .SANTA FE, April. 26 /Pi -Tho ll l ol law simplifying the procedure for gutting atate gasoline tax refunds goes into effect May 1. Refunds are on gasoline which the buyer certifies was 'used fo nun-highway purposes, such as in fm-m tractors, stationary engines and aircraft. The new law also gives the consumer six months instead of the present four in which to apply foi rd. "Every booking I had clear up lo next June, has been cancelled In the last few days. What's happened to the country's sense, of h u m o r ? " The fact he himself is n wrong republican makes the situa.? look like him." recalled. "But that's all I've bee lining in the theater evor since." "I know at loust three or four other men who look more like him," Fisher said rrtodestly. "lint have tin; ability to make myself Goodbye Heartburn - Hello TUMS! Quick "lief for tour K«i, iciii iniiijtiuoa ittllonly 10- ' FOR ·THE TOMMY VALLEY LOAN FINANCE CpMJ?ANY 122 West Griggs Ave. -- Las Cruces, N.'M.' -r-'Pl)one (fl? LOANS - DISCOUNTS - REFINANCING' ' " AUTOMOBILES - REAL ESTATE - COU *"*" We Buy All Types of Contracts -"It's Easy To Pay Our Fin«nc« Way" , a -refund. lira] g;is .scut)s in Iran pro an apple tree explonc in slow , vi.lccl fuel for flames which W.MT ·hloon,. M,l experience the okl av.-c ] K":'" ll:l1 . b ' ^oroastors f,r n -wo, .·mil gratitude Uml somn hind pov.-. j _"["" 3 _ 1 ^_^ n _ r "'_ " mcs - cr gave lip foolish hunks of proto- j plasm such a wonderful world to be in and explore. about spring- fever-- whom tiki it Nothing Can Be Done About Mass 01' Keels In Korea WASHINGTON, April 28 (.Pi-The United Nations Air commander in Kurt-'ii reports a big aerial build-up by the Communists nml says there is nothing wholly effective to tlo about the t h i M l as !onjr as U. N. planes must stay south of the Manchuria bonier. Those views of LA. Gen. George rt. fitvnlcmcyer, commander of U n i t e d Stntei! Air Forces in the Far East since 19-19. were reported t today in a L-opywriRhteil interview kill?--arc mothers und boss-1 in the magazine U. S. News and The bosses fret about it bo-1 "World Report. rnnsc the hired help just can't j At the outset Stratemeyer stitle.s arc almost certain (hat the Reds art; buildinj;- up their sfi Your Financial Ituntnn . . :i personal loan from Chilli it Insurance Co. evn can't .settle down lo work until the affliction wears off. And mothers fret about it because of how il affects their children. Little girls gel cranky and .emotional, and laugh and cry in . t u r n - - f o r no apparent reason. Am! | junior? He doesn't want to play : games. He just w.illts around w i t h a dazed moonstruck look. hi the oh! days mothers moil In rush their children to 1hc doctor and dose them had last- in i; medical mixtures liUe Mil- .jdmr :md molasses. Hut mother* and doctors never did understand spring fever. The chililrm aren't "run down". They're, just ulniluiK up for summer. Did o mother butterfly eevr rush her caterpillar son to a physician just because he shed his skin ? Weil, that's all spring fever means in children. They're resting a moment before they start growing up again. That's what spring fever means power in Mam-huria and northern China." Later in the interview lie states: "You ran't stop a determined. · ah" offensive unless you can j', at (ho facilities from which ruinates. Wake Up To More Comfort Wit t Nagging Backncho nK Lnclittcho. Ms of pc pumUni-rfi t-s nnI ilt«fni-M m.iy l-o .liic tn n!.i M.lm-y function. Hoctorn coy r^ function l.t vrry iniixutuni tn K.M 'ni l .nircvr il strnln. c u n c i ' n i i * m v t » . · Bine UnckAchr-fcf I ilcr trrltntl..n* due to r , t* 1)I imiwiimiiL yfflkn»iiiri-rtiaB. nllr. M hif r l.lAd- oii - K K , . n« l-otl«T you. TO' rctlc. U»c.l dtipfwuf IMI"» cive hnppy relief fnn ~t fluih out w**tc. Hct OKI n'Bl'ilbt«Uvi EVANGELIST " Mrs. A. J. Brice Mrs. Brice Is an able, speaker, having it message for our day. Come and hear the Irulh of Gild's Won! spoken wilh p»we,r and conviction. 7:30 Each Evening Beginning- A T R I L 2'1, and Continuing ^ UX-cIis or Limjfpr at tho Peniccosial Holiness Church ' J. \V. l-:dg, Paslor UJHl Solano Drive (College Itnnd) EVERYBODY WELCOME! miration Blended for rtal «iioymtnt ttmpting oroma-fint flavor but most of all for Hi tait«. You - the folks in this sp«eiol part of our nation-you-who want and dtmand th« utmost in coff«« diinklns pl«a«ur« - - ' Every time you buy Admiration you receive a coupon -- eighU«n of which arc redeemable at your grocer's for a free pound of Admiration, the coffee you've made your choice-- · CallU. CJV'JI A COUPON WITH EVtRY POUND THE WHOLE YEAR ROUND

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