Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 28, 1961 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1961
Page 9
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In the Courts County Court Fine for DrunV Driving WalttM 1 DeWaync Juiigc, 40, Denver, pleaded guilty lo chiugcs ol driving while rtrimk last May 5c;tciK'C(i him to !X Hays in county and of having previously been om-ijail. However. UK- coml nisprndod viclcd of drunk driving in Hoiig-jthc jail sentence ami plai-ed Junuc Ins County July 29, 1957. |°" I'fobiilion for not more tluin Judge iioy M. Driggs flm-d llio onc ve: "- dclciiu'nnl $123 nnd costs and sen- Charged With Drunk Driving B y D E N N Y H O L M E S Mel I H u n o is I'ID only TV ji former who Is icuiurcd on two weekly i c l u v i b i o n shows, yot re-' juniiiB unseen. Ho is the voice of Bugs on "The Hu^s U u i u i y ] ' tlio\s'" atnl ill so speaks Tor' neighbor BHrncy Hubble on "The, Flints tones." U'jinior Jlrus. Car-. t u u n Division developed its r a i n - ' oils U U K B dianiclor In J93i! ami neleclGrt Itlnne for the voice. Since then Met ha.s created I t i e ^ voices of alxnu IDII comic; tar-! limn characters. He i-an U m t u t c ' just about n n y l l i i i i f ' , mul does, W o r k i n g in Walt Disney's "Pin-i occhio" many years a^o he v;is! paid JSUO for one hiccup, Ibc only lliinjr. leTt of a cat's l i a - , loguo after editing. He "voices" for such BUpiHM'tiiiK "Bufcs Hunny" series characters as P o r k y Tig, Halfy Duck. Klmor Fudd". MVeGLy nnd Sylvester. Hut the mosl interesting t h i n g Is t l i a t he la allergic to i-iirrots. w h i c h Hups B u n n y f r e q u e n t l y chews on the tourse of his car- loon a d v e n t u r e r Ulonc'a throat lightens U]i FIS IIR U!U:\VR the rav vols necessary to recoid tints chomping.?. So. iho carrot chew- Ing is ihn liist p a r t of H u p s ' sound e f f e c t s or dialogue si-hcd nlpd t n Ite t c c n r d e d . Mel nev«r swallnws I t i o t-lunniied c a r r o t s -- Ihey make liim ill. That's as bail ns working in a b a n k and beitig allergic lo money. The new J H 6 2 IICA" TV sets possess all the latest developments dc.;i£tick lo provide n big, F h n r j i pH'tnre anil perfect sound O t h e r e n g i n e e r i n g i m p r o v e m e n t s m a k e the RCA set even more l rouble-free and easier to serv Ire w h e n repairs are e v e n t n a l K needed. Visit ns so cm and Ic n. 1 ) shovr you the reasons w h von'11 lie ha pi tier with n n e u KCA. liOUYJtiS R A D I O T\ SALKS fc SERV1C1C, 720 1011 HI. I'll. Kl, 2-2005--Adv. Karl llciuy Foster was with ifriving wliilc drunk Sept. 4 LAFF-A-DAY Dd. 2S, Mini C,KKK\.K\ T I U I J U N K Page 9' J//1 A/TV AJ/rTDV 14/71 Df"l f i n n " in'°TMaiion filcd b y charlci MUNTbUMER Y WARDj^K »?'£,« SPECIAL TV TUBE TRADE-IN OFFER T i r e d of watching t h a i old weak, worn out picture t u b e ? C a l l us or b r i n g your «et In and get a t e r r i f i c deal on a: WARDS SUPER AIRLINE 21" TV PICTURE TUBE ONLY S 29 95 UP jail was ret ;il $500. returnable Monday, by Judge Drlggs. Probation Revoked Tho probation granted a Grcc- Icy boy. 16, last Dec. 1 was re- ·oked and Ihe youlli ordered con- fincd in county jail until Nov. H after Judge Driggs found (lie boy had violated Ihe terms of hi: probation. The court ordered that, after tlw jail term has been served, Ihe youth's probation would be re instated. 5 Decreed Juvenile Delinquents A Grcelcy boy, 17, and a Rt. 1 Urceley, boy, 16, were decrcci juvenile delinquents. The 17-year ^- FREEl 1 yr. guarante* on picture tuba. * FREE! W«rds famous 7 point check. We icrvice ill m«kci «nd modill. * Ju«t lay "Churae It"--P»y In 30 d«y». or extend your payrnenti. Our t r a i n e d technician! can p u t iparkle back I n t o y o u r TV p i c l u r c «o t h a t you may enjoy the big gamei, new shows, a n d h o l i d a y s p e c t a c u l a r s w i t h o u t a n n o y i n g distortion! and f u z z l n e s a . Like new r e c e p t i o n it big savingi. Our service Is prompt and d e p e n d a b l e . DON'T DELAY- PHONE EL 3-0204 TODAY TV Trouble? Ph. EL 2-2240 Days Nights and Sundays Repair any AC or DC Riidio--$2.50 plus parts We Give Gold Bond Stamps Bill's TV Service ·135 14th Ave. Radio DUpatch Service cy, tiiri'k'ss d r i v i n g . $10. su.'-jiciHk'd. in connection with a f a l l the sul- kroil March r,. law. at a farm Jiotisc mirth of Platlevillc occupied ;j|K'ratoi''s licehbc, $o. casts, il,) lliu (k-Icntlants. Ik-r cumplainl 0. F, Matfioson'i JP C o u r l ;illc::c! she steji|)C(E lKickwoi'0 on Kddie Casiicr. Ijjiiisvilk 1 . li.v',i iwrch and fell inlo an o|)«n Unbiincc. Kl d;iys in j u i l . cusls. ! stairwell, r e s u l t i n g in serious in- Uetly Adk-r, ClriM-ley. nn 0[ier-| jni'ic^. ntor's lit'fh-sc, ?.", c'oiiS. 2 Divorce Complaints Filed Dislrkl Courl I Mrs. Krancc's M. Kcllty. 1620 54,143 in D a m a g e s Awarded ;ftllt Avc.. tiled a divorce 1 com- A Km 1 ! Cullin^ u[m:m. Cddic p l a i n t against William - - -., ,, - Kellcy. Hastings, wiis fonnil s'lilitlcd to They were i n a r r i v i l in Cheyenne V O W . I I in damages hy a sis-'.Inly 2.V 1959, and h a v e onc child, ·"·vsoii jury in disliid emu I here' Mrs. Dolores M. A n l u n n , 1SH nirsday. .|ih Avc.. filed ;i divorce com- Anlunn. * , "The last time Fred went on a diet, all he lost was three beta that he'd stick with it." old ycutli was found lo have committed a law violation Oct. 15, the 16-year-olrl n law violation oti Sept. 17. 'Hie cases of Iwth boys were continued (01 iTpoils by the court's probation o f f i c e r . Three Grcelcy toys, two 13 and lie lliird 17. were crmrgcn' with being juvenile delinquent? in petitions filed in the conrl. Tlie two 13-year-old youths were accused of committing law violations Oct 15, the 17-year-old Ijoy w i t h a law violation Sept. 24. All of the pe itions were signed iy Police DC- eclive Francis G. Albert. Howard Murray's JP Court Lester B. Green, Greclcy, care- ess driving. $10, costs. Florence M. McKnighl, dice- Jutlge Dale 1C. SlMimun order- I'.sl jialgniL'ii! entered :igains! the tlcfeiuhnils in the a f l i n n . Paul anil I-'ern I. Demos. However, excel!-: linn of (lie judgment was stayed 1 10 days lo jwrmil tile defendiints; to file a motion for a new t r i a l and, if such a inotinn is filed, un- t i l it is heard. : Coldie H a s t i n g s had asked $12,043 in damages in her coinplainl plaint against I'cle L. Married AIIJ;. 13, W47. in Grcelcy, Ihev have three children Gail Hal's Radio TV G u a r a n t e e d Service o n A l l - : M a k e s I22G 1th SI. Ph. EL 2-5715 KRAMER Radio-TV Service Phone EL 2-3782 FOU TUB BEST Radio and Television Repairs CALL EL 2-2113 Western Television Specialists ALL WORK C U A K A N T E E l ) major appliances and TU service Joslin's own service department is s t a f f e d w i t h craftsmen to service ALL makes and models, re gardless of where purchased! We have the most complete and modern facilities in our own servics shop. CHARGE your service costs to your account! Prices are moderate, o f t e n belosv the average. All worK is fully GUARANTEED. Save this number: Phone EL 2.4030 Joslin's TV and Appliance Service Regional Radio and Television Programs for Week: Keep This Page for Reference RADIO STATtONS-KOA fiSO; KLZ 560; KHOW 6W; KFKA 1310; KYOU 1450 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29, 19lil TV STATIONS: KOA-Channel «, KLZ -Channel 1, KBTV-Channel 9, KRMA-Channel f- SUNDAY RADIO 11:00-- KLZ: Church Srrvloe 12 KOA: itaioi League «B KFKA: First Baptist 1 M:.W- K(r.\ AUKU-sUim Lutheran ] KHOW: Musical Memc-nos KVOU: Sunday Souvenir 3 12:15- - K F K A ' Mctorul Miulc KL/: Music lor EvrryoM KHOW: Monry Talks .1 KHOW: .Mutic far , c urrl» T KOA: New* * ,4-KI.Z- Food Fads KHOW: Spotlijiht Screcidf KFKA: Mo(QriiU Music KL/.: Neuj :lS-Kl/i- ITtiiv Explorer i :30~KHOW: Music for Sunday KLX. Hfltelio* * KHOW- Spotlight Percnaile ' :3J-KFKA; Denver llroncoj KYOU: Jack ^riaht Show ' K1IDW: Ne«Sj SporU ·31-KHOW: M-jjIc (nr Sur.daj :W-KOA: Welto o* Mujlc KLZ: Fied Waifnr 3 KOA: McLody Timt 4 KL/.- f'orlralt of f City , 00-- KL/ Nefti · KFKA: Lulrwran Hoot KQ\: iNcvia, Monitor KHOW- Ken*. Spetti 6 : 15-- KHOW. Whit* House Ref-oit KLZ Mili-h MiUei 7 : 30- -KOA Boo I'onsidLne KHOW. Music Cor Sunday KLZ: Sail L*hf CfcMi :« - K O A NdV* KHOW: Serenade in illue 7 KFKA- Smnade In nine : I W - K O A : \BWI i KLZ. ntvival Hour KIMN: Poco I'OEO Shgw 1 KFKA: Ar a Mmla KHOW: Nrui :3r-KLZ- \ c w Tealan^r.t t.lRhl KUOW: [.iff Line f K F K A : LanicrK-L- \\e\ :4i KFKA: Cc«l Stai KNOW- Sporls ^00 ULV. rsu" L SPOILS KOA: NBC News KIMN: Tin* Tim 9 KHOW: Miiiic Icr ii-jn.Uy K F K A * Nararrr.e Church 5 :1S- KUA Uoailor KLZ- Johnny Dollar i30-KOA: UcrJIor t :OO-KUA cnallcrce lo Thought KHOW: Melody Titr.e KM.- CoiK-rrt Hill! KIMN- Colo. SVJWlife :00~K1/ World ToaLfthi KHOU: Aillai Strvc.non ]o KYOU: Gr«le High KOA: iiyins-tiwiy Hour KIM.N: CL Vrescnli 18 K F K A : New ' 11 r 15- KFKA: Stars tor IX-!cne : KEIOW: MI-US KFKA: SiRnS.l rli--!\it\ Ask and Lc.trn * · KLZ Hawaii (,:alli ' liHOrt: Uar.ce Time : 3 0 - K l i l Hour ul IJecLiion KIMN: \rrny Shou ,. KYUU- Siprron :li KLZ: \VortU rum DC ton- ll :WJ~K()A. Mcil Ihe 1'riis n KHOW: Mui. iK-fon- .MMr.ichi 12 KL/: Hn\inM K Smith 1 KIMN: Churcli -Sen-ire :»-KMOW: Dacue Time J 11:14- KOA 41uic at NiR!:l 12 KLZ: Uiblc Studv 1 KL7- Master Control ] KYOL: Music HriunJ .Slars · 11:45- Kl,/.- t'ltis Ktvit^ KFKA: Hrarlbeit 'fc.eater l!:rrt ls[.7, Nevin Weather 1 :00-KYOl): Hcrjr nf rVritiwi KOA- Ne^ica.stfKIMN: Music (or Theater KLZ: News 12 KOA: Nrns. MftiM KHClft: Sicnolf 3 KIMN: 'It-e t^rvxl T J f c :13-KL7.- SiEairfl SUNDAY TV 3 CO-KL.Z: loolball , KBTV; Faith (w Tod.iy 15-- K O A : li'jilrfetjs -Showc.isc * :3J-- KBlVi This Is the Life IS--KOA: F~4h.ill Wnnimp 3 .00-Kim: Cfiaitily Theater ,'.O\'. Fociltall :Sn-KnT\ r ! Pioin-trs i ifJ-Kltr\ - : 52 Theater i^J-KI.Z: Ssr.ny Crap.ikHiuj :3J KOA: F/u.itlms d Failh 6 :00 KR1V: Oral Ilnberts Kl.Z: Ain.iteur Hem 7 KOA: Whdrjm 30- Kl.Z: G.E. Collone Bowl 1 K H T V : tsvjci arxl Ar.wcts KUA. ChrL Hunlley · DO--KI./.- Jutlj Cenluiy KOA: Meet Ihe l'r t ss KBTV: UfMt of Elm^lri 8 J»-- KOA: 1. 2. 1-Go Kl.7.: Mr. Kd 9 K S 1 I V ; Jarlocn Tlnr.i 00-KllA- Elu i:\sink1f KBTV: r'ur.ikiy Funnlw 30-KKTV: TESA 3 Lil^.' i)cnn : .i the .Mcnac* 1C KOA: Hob Hnrp ni-'Kt//.: l Sullivun 1 3»-- KHTV: Follow t h e Sun KOA: Car 51 1 KL/: 1' i Gl'.ry 30-- KD'i V : [.an mm K F K A : F-.m Co\cnanl .Oa-KBTV: Bus Slop 3-K5./: Whal'j My Lini KFKA: Ka*y Listcnin* 00-KOA: IMay ol the Wech KLZ- Boachcomlif-r :30-- Kl./.: On the bpot :30_KOA: Academy Theater RADIO STATIONS-KOA 850; KLZ 560; KHOW 630; KFKA 1310; KYOU 1450 MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1%1 TV STATIONS: KOA-Channe 4, KLZ-Channel 1, KBTV-Channc! 9, KRMA-Channel 4 MONDAY RADIO t 11:00- KLZ: Neui, Ho'Jie Tarty KYOU; Sons Shop KFKA: Markets KilOW: Kay Ho-.u* Show KIMN: Smiling J»tk H:15--KrKA: fashion Bar Show KHOW: Melodv rar,»d« 11:33-- KLZ: Garry MWT* KOA: FTmphasta 11;4S-- KKKA: Want Ads 1I:00-KFKA: Ncns. Markets KOA: N e w s KIMN Mike .Metz Kl.Z: New* KYOU: NCH-I, Weather KHOW; New* L2:LS-- KOA: Farm and Ranch KI.Z: Pal Cay KHOW: (U'D 630 KFKA: Markets L Weather KVOU: Markets t-30-- KKOW: ftlii-'Lc with nrchm KVUU Wcklern Interlude KFKA: News MarkeUi KYOU: CSU Time 1:00-- KFKA: K alt Ho scope KYOU: l.arry Cooper KL7-: .Men* KOA: NPWJ, Ficacc* KHOW: Paul Ifarvfy 1:IS-KU7- Out ind About KHOW: Musk wilh Bcfhm 1;33-- Kl.Zr Bach to Bible KL7-: Ktns K\'OU. Jack Wnjthl ?:IS-- KLZ: Haven erf R«t 2=:J-KOA: Bill Uarlter 2:15-- K17,: Ynur Man in ParLi 3:00-KIJC- NCAA KOA: Don RotwrU KIHN: Hit Parade KHO\\: Joe Sherer 3:15-KLZ: Frederick Show 3:30-- KLZ- Wflls ShOtT X:00-- KOA: Vic Cotlon KLZ: News A:15~KLZ W11* Show 4:4J-KFKA: Katelduvoix 5:00-- KOA: News, Finance KLZ: N*u» KHOW: N««i, i[«KLs KOA: Vic t-'olton KHOW: Joe She«r KKKA: News 5:30-- KIJ,: InJormalion '61 K F K A : Predictor* KOA: Kepoil KYOU: Nevn (t Wcalhpr S:45-KI.Z: Lov.rll Thorn a* KOA: Ken* KYOU: Fultcn l.cni* 6:00-KFKA: Ne«s, Hus:c IO.i: Mujicale KHOW: ^ev^t KYOU: Hinncr Muslr 61 15-- KFKA: Fireside McloJki, KLZ: Neu*. Sporia KHOW: Ales Drier 1:30-- KLZ: UtJivcr at Nixhl KFKA: Coatroveriy KHOW: E.Ue Lines KYOU: South m (he ltord« 6:45-- KHOW: 1'aul Han-ey 7:00-- KL?.: Ner.5 KOA: 'Prxird nr.d Aboiil KLMN: I'ojto |ojto Saow KITOW: Ed Alnr«an 7:15-- KEIOW Spoils Kf,Z- RarncLl l* H3cs 7:3V--KLK- Erni* Ford KOA: News KFKA: Nistl Hme KYOU: ^rus K1IOU: Parade of Time 1 7:«-KVnU: Night Watrh Kl^: Den\er M Night KOA: Monty Talks KNOW; Mua:c with Mirco* KFK,\: NlKht Time 1:30-- KUA: Gteat Dctisior.i 9:00-- KOA: Ne*s f Music Kl^: World Tonl^hl riFKA: MUA:C lor YQ-J 9: 15 -- KOA- Melody Time KLZ: IXmver at NiRhl 9:30-- K O A - CU C o r c c r t KI.Z:' ,\L-VVS KYOUr' Mujlc lh-}cnd Stan 16:15-- KL/.- Sounding KOA: Weather, SnorU KHOW: Llancc -June 10:3iJ-- h»J.\- Wayward Uarker KFKA: Jazz 0:-W-- Kl.7.: World TamDiimir l 11:00-- KFKA: Moonlight Capen KYOU- SigroH K f S C J W Mus. be lot c Midnithl LlilS-KOA. Way^aU l!aik«r KI^- N'ewa i. 5nort% 11:3^ KOA- Wayw;nd Dnkrr KT.Z: Denver al Nishl ll:4i-KLZ. Prtii Review 12:00-- 1U.Z: News R. Wraiher KFKA: S| sii0 ir KIMN- Harry Hnh:1ay KHOW: N««5. -Sicnofi ]:OA-- K O A - NViis Siencff MONDAY TV KL7:' .\( 0 usVnfJithrr ll:li-KI-Z- Ait Con Show U-.30--KI.'/.- As (h ( - World Turns KHTV: Unite A Face 2:00-- KRTV: NewSj Weather l KOA: Academy Maline* ^ %ki tm " r } ^-KS.r-FreT^F,, 12-15-KUTV- Cw^-aLt Dl Uiutheri ' *:4S-KBTV: ShcrUt Scotly 12:30-- KUT.V: Denver Today KOA: Lorrl In Youne KLV,: House 1'aily I2:4-- K R M A : KovUchrr Fkhocl 1:00-KLZ The Milli.Kiair* KRTV: Number rie^^e KOA: Young Dr. Maloc.e I:3O-- Kl.Z: Yrrdicl Is Yourj KBT\": Hf\cn Key* KOA: Frcm These Howls KOA: Kukla t OUle 5:Of-KI.Z: News. Alters KOA: iiioKcn Arrci". 1 ' i 5:15-- KL7-: On-.i fil as K*lwa rri.-i KBTV: Rocky t His friend* ' ^:30-- KL/.: To Ttll the Trill*) K R T \ ' r ABC Hfiiwit KOA: Wkirtybirds 6:00-- JEITV: Kiprdirion 7 " r o ~KI*fV: Qcern r |nr J a !.· «;l.l"KOA- Hw:"lcy-Uriiikl«y KOA: Mnke Hocjn fnr D.i:klv 6:JO-- KI.X: Wfvrloi, un M-nn St. 2:]i-- KJ.Z- Scent Storm K R M A : Ub.n's Neu ! - 3 0 - - K I Z - Ediie o! NTsJ:l ! KHTV: CTuyenre K J t M A : finporluniH S-.irnl KOA- I'rice is KHTV. Uhu Do Ycu Tiust 7:00-- KLZ: Danny Thomas KOA: Here's Holly" nod KR.MA.: 1 J:00-- KIZ- SlP/r Yclla:i:) j KOA: «71h I'reclr.ct K D l V j A^:er:can Handslrti-.d i 7:15-- hHMA: Frcr.cH 1 RADIO STATIONS-KOA 450; KLZ 540; KHOW iM: KFKA 1310; KYOU 1450 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31. Jflfil TV STATIONS: KOA-Channe TUESDAY RADIO 11:00-- KO A: Hello Neighbor KKKA: Mid Alorn r Meiodiu KIMN: Smiling .I*cV KLZ: Ilou- c epariy KHOW: Kay Howe 11:lS-Xr10W: Mflcxly PaiarJe !1:3J-KLZ: Carry Moors Shovr KOA; Emphas:* 11:45-- KKKA: Foshicc Fir Show KL2: Crosby fc Cloonoy KOA: Kev. KIMN: Mike Melf KL'/: N e w s K11DW: fitn* I2H5-KVOU: Market Km KLZ: Pat Gay KOA: Farm and KHOW: RFD 630 11:3»-KHOW: Music wilh Br*hm 12:«~KYOU; CSU Time KLZ News* 1:09-- KL7.: N e w s KVOU: Urry rocpri ' KFKA: Kkleidoicopf KOA: News, KHOW: Paul Haney I:]5-KI,/: Answtr Man KOA; Bill Barker KHOW: Music with Brthm 1:3J-KU4: Back lo BiMe KYOU: Jack Wright KOA: Network Tim^ a:)5-KU,: Haven of Re.u 3:34- KFKA: Kaleidoscope ?:-15-- KLZ: Votir Man In Paris 3:00-KL7.i Nura KHOW: Jo* Sher«r KOA: Vic Cotllo^ KIMN. Hit raratle 3:10-- KJ.Z: Jack Well.i Show KI,Z- News KPKA: Jim Hill Show ·4:15-KLZ: tteIJi Show 4:SO-- Kl.Z: Nf»s KHOW: Nev.*. Sports S:00-- KOA: N e w s , Finance Kl^.: X e v s S:l3--KI.Z: InjWe Story KFKA: News KHOW: Joe Sherer · 5-30-- K].V.: liilnrmation '6J KXKA: Jluiic Tiil Sir KOA: Alex Dreicr KYOU: Wea(b«r, Ntwi S : « - K O A ' iNc\M KLZ: Lovt-rll Thomas KYOU: Fullo* Lew* Jr. t:00-- KOAs'WMther, SporU KLZ: Musicals KHOM-: News KFKA- Youth rt'cch KYOU: Mu»Ec :15-- KOA: Arthur Gaclh K F K A : Firfside Mclodicj KHOW: Alex Uriei 6:30-- KLZ: Denver at NigM KFKA- Coalio^rs* K H O W : Life Lir.ts KOA: Dorfc Day SinRK KVOU: Soclh of [terder *:45-- KHOW: TAC) Harvey 7.UO-KLZ-. \ f f \ t KIMN: PORO I'oio Shew KOA: Ruund arxl Abo-jl KHOW: Ed Morgan 7:i5-KHOW: Sports KLZ: R-jmdle t Hajej 7:33-KLZ: Eralc Ford KYOU: Night Walch KHOW: I'aradl o( 7im KFKA: rVipht Time 7:1S-KLZ: [enver at .\isht KOA: New5 KH()\V: Mut. UJore MidnigM KBT\': Nens ar^J Weather 2:15-- KBTV: Consult D/ BrMhcrs B:(M-- Kl.7 ParJv tjni; . 1J-15 -- KOA Wayward Darker | I2:.l:i Kl./.: Houst- Parti KHOW: Miisk- uilh Miruos . KIJ^- ^e^ss i Sports ' K 0 \ : LoiottA Yc-Jns 9;OO-- KOA: -Vena «.- Finance ' ll-3tt~KO\ IVayisarJ Harkrr ', Kl.7.: Worhl Tonijihl KLZ- Denver al Nifllil 9U5-KOA: Melody Tinie KLZ: Denver it Night 9: 30- KOA! Denver SfhMls KHOW: Dance Time 10:00- KOA : Neus KI.Z: Nens KHilW: N'rwjt K Y O U - ML-.ii.- Bi-yund Stars IB: 15-- KLZ: Kxcmlive EtcrcTl KOA: Wralher. HporLs KHOW- Diuicc Time 1D:35-I(O:\: Wayward liarker KFKA: CoCeie Dare 10:45-- KbZ- Work! Tomorrow 11:00-- K F K A : N'ight Tlrr.e : KVOU: Signofl LZ:00-KL/: News t Wralhcr KHOW. Ne«s, SicrrXF KIMN: Happy Holiday KFKA: SignniF iioO^KOA: Viftli SiRr.frfl TUESDAY TV | : rx K R 1 V Camouflage KOA: Today K1.Z- Ntus, W e a t h e r ' 11M5-KLZ: Alt Cow Show H-:«. Al.Z. WurU 'i:n:s KHTV Vumiw-i I'll a^r 12:M- Kl^,- Mr. ^tlan-^ Eve KOA: .Ian Murray hHTV: Brnvor Today 2,45-- Klt.MA: IliKllMlo or.r-ol KHTV: N-mbcr 1' KOA: Younc Dr. MalLiie. l;30-Kl./ L i n l H ' 1 V" H" KOA: From Iheie Hoots KDTV; Seven KPJS 1:00-- KL7. Pnghtct S3s KUTV- Qjcen r'fH it Day KOA- Make Hocm f^r nartd? ; 2--W KRTV Who He V.n ru KLZ- tJfie of NichKH.MA: Ojipwtanity Scl-nol 1:00 KBTV ^mei Ban*1-rjrd KM- Starr Vellard KO\: Atademy 1:30-- KLZ: Andy C'.TLflilh KRMA: Fails Hist KlilV: k t i l l i r - a 8. DO-- Kl.7.: Hfiirn KOA: Thrill. KUTV Surfsiilt bix KHMA: Four Scnr« B:30--KL/.: DcaUt Valky Oaj* KIIMA: Culiasry \rls 9:00-- KL/.: Tctcr Gur.^ JifllV:' Jl'cn C**ey - -.- KHMAi facts l-irtt 9;JJ~M.X: I've f;X a iiccrrt KOA: BLM M.irlln 0:0*-- Kl./: .VfUS. Ue.ilhcr, Spotti KBTV: Nev.i, Weather KOA: Nrws. her Q:15-KBTV: AUC .News Final [;«.\: J.ick 1'arr KlitV:"coior;iiiia Theater 2:00-- KOA: To.r.crroii News. 4, KLZ-Channel 7, KBTV-Channc! 9, KRMA-Channel * »:-- Kl^,- Frert and Fae KHIVi E»opcb KOA: Kukla A OIL:e KOA: Rto«cn Airon- KHTV: Kock 1 Hu KficncH ! 5:30-- Kl.Z: E \c-i".:U c ltoiorl 1 KKTV: ABC Hi-iwrl KOA: Whir]ybi7(ls 6:00-KL/: DirJc Van l)jl.e KHTV: Yo S i lle.ii KUA: News, Vveatiirr 6: 15 -- KUA: Huntley-nciniiley £ : uo_ [-; 1! [ V : [1"CS bu r,,!y K R M A : What's Ndr j KO.V: HiUhirxV I'rese.iU 7:00-- KL7.: llc-rl Skclton KR.MA: Sr^nuh 11 K l f T V : Rachrlor Kather KOA: DK'A Pwell 7:15-- KIIMA: French [) 7:30--K!VrV: CnLiin tt The Ctlonil KI.7,: Ichabod b Me B:Of~KaA: Cain's [t'jr:irod KBTV: New lined KLfc: tirry Mooru K R M A r Mi-imHr a:30-- KIIMA: Bc^sj:nins Alscbr* 9.00 -- KL/: One i-tep [lo-or.i] KBTV: Bell *::d Hc^t-H Klt.MA: U..N. ITf\!e--s KOA: l.nran:le 5::0-- KLX: M.iwhal Dillon O.MJ-KL/.: Ncu-s. Wcalher KOA: News. VS'onthcr 0;li-KLX: Spoils KBTV: AliC N e w s KOA: Jack I'.iar -: - n.30-t\L/,: 10:13 !o\ie KBTV: Cn^crama Thralrf 2^00-- KOA: To.TiOnciv Neiis RADIO STATIONS-KOA 850; KLZ 560; KHOW 630; KFKA 1310; KYOU 1450 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER I, 19(1 TV STATIONS: KOA-Channol 4, KLZ-Chann.l 1, KBTV-Channe 9, KRMA-Channel 4 WEDNESDAY RADIO j EXB. %f*?, m .,!ni e K rM Il:0^-KFKA: Mld-morn1njt .Melodic* KOA: Hello .\tiRhbor KVOU: Song SH=P Kl.7.: Houwpaily KHOW: Kay Houe Show KIMN: Smlllrg Jac-lt 1I:1S-KTIO\V: Melody T a r a d * 11:3fl-KLZ: Garry Moor* Show Il:4t-KFKA: FashlOT Bar K1.Z; Crosby AT aoor.«y 12:00- KOA: News KFKA: Newi, Markets KVOU: New* KLZ: Nc«s, Pal Cay KIMN: Mike V«l* KHOW: News 12:19-KYOU: MarkeU KOA; Farm antl Ranch Kl.Z; Pat fjay KFKA: Nc«s Weather KHOW: RFD $30 i::30-hl'KA: Newi, Marked RADIO STATIONS-- KOA 850 THURSDAY RADIO 11 .00- KFKA: Mid-Morn- Melodies KOA: Hollo Nfigfcbcr KVOU: SoriR S^rP KI.X: Hfl'Jifparly KHOW; Kay Hoive Shon ll:la-- KHOW: Melody ParaJe KFKA: Fashion Bai iihow KFKA: Vani Adi KHOW; Newi KIMNi Mihe Metz Kl.7.-. Pal Gay KHOW: RFD «0 11-JO-txVnL': We»lcrn Inlerlm!* KFKA; NCMI fc W»rk«U RADIO STATIONS-KOA 85 FRIDAY RADIO ll:Oo-KOAi Hello Neighbor KFKA: MfrJ-Mrm. Mr'odiM KVOU: Soajf Sf.op KHOW: Kay How* Show KIMNr Smiling Jack KLZ! Houii I'ariy |]:30-M.£: Garrj- Moot -Sbo« 1I:1S-KHOW: M*lody Parade ll:45-KFhA: Want Ads KOA: News KHOW: M»J '""^KP.^LN: Mike Men 11:15 -KOAi Mrm ft Ranch KHQH: RFD «SO KI.Z: t'al Giy KFrfA: Market* IS 30-- KHOWi Mid-Day 51e)odi*J RADIO STATIONS-- KOA 85 SATURDAY RADIO 11:01-- Kl 7.: Netri t "toord KOA: Mcm;iw K F K A : MM -Mora. MrlndlM KYOU: Don KfP? f : KHOW: K*y HOV.F Show [ I]:1S-KHOW: XTelod* Parade ! 1l-W-K"KAr fcp FawriiM 1 Kl./: D-Kk to the fliil« L II;W-KOA. Nru.t I KIMN: MiVe Melt J KI7,: New* KFKA: Nr*i V 12:15-KFKA: Music _ . »j KOAi Tim *rwJ Ranch 12:1-KFKAi Feeder Mnrkrls Kl-/: KYOU: C.SU Time 1:00-- KI.7.: News KOA: Nem, Fir.arre KFKA: KafeiSoworf KHOW: Paul Harvey KYOU: Lirry Coop*r 1:15-- KLZ: Oct ar.d About KOA: Bill Barkct KHOW: MuAlc with Brehm K F K A : KarkidoscDpe J:3*-KLZ: Back to Bible KOA: N e w s K F K A : KalfUojcop* KYOU: Jack Wright 7-35-KL7,: Haven of Rest . KHOW: Jot Sherer * KLZ 560; KHOW 630; KFKA KHOW: Miulc with Br*hm KFKA: Kaleidosenp* 1:J5-KLZ: Anjwer Man KOA: DuXe KiBI K)IOW: .M-Jiic «ilh BrcfcK) 1-30-KL7-: Rack t o Bib!e J: 00-- KLZ: N«*» KOA: Ne»i KFKA: Siale Tourrry KYOU: Jack Wrighl MS- KLZ: llavrn rjf Reit 2-5-- KL7-: Yo-jr Mm tn 1'aris 3:00-- KL/: L*Sufjr N'ews KIMN: Hit Parade KOA: lcn Hoberlj K F K A : Stale lotirnfy MS-KLZ: Frtdcrkk Sho* 3r3»-- KLZ: Jack Welts Sho* ; KLZ 50; KHOW 430; KFKB KYOU: Viwlern Citerlune U:«-KFKA: Ken a KKOWr Mujic «ilh Brfhm KYOU: CSU Time KYOU: Larry Cooper KOA: Ne«*, Finance KFKA: KaT*Wcwrop* l:li-KI.7: Oul and About KOA: Bill R a r k r c KHOW. Music with Urtbra 1:30-- KL?.: Kack to Bib:« 2:00--KOA: .News KFKA: Kaleldoicop* KVOU: Jack Wricht 2 -15-KI.Z: fUicu o( Rut 2'*5-- KE^.; Ycur Man li F*ril 3'00--KLZ. Leiuf'jr N*'**. KlMNi Hit Paradi 0; KLZ 540; KHOW 430; KFK 12:J»-KFXA: Wrjthei KHOW: en Varietlei Kf.X: Cail From tendon 12:4S-KFKA: Neft* KYOIT: Foohatl KHOtt; Fool ha!] 1 :W-K:-"KA: Molcr Musir 1:3A-KI^.: fwihsll Warmup I:43-KI.X: Football KFKA: CU-M«. F.B, 2:io-- KHtfA: MO VanetifA KV'OUi Jack WriinV Show 1:00-KOA: Mor.ll or KTIOW: Jot Shtrtr KIMN: H,t Parade SMS -KLZ: Fredrrkk SJiou- 3:30-- KLZ: J*cl£ Wtlls Fho\f 3;U-- KOA: Pepper Ynuca KFKA: GCA Spdl^hi KLZ: New* 4:13--KLZ: WeJU Show 4:30-- Kl^- Kew* KUOW: Kew*j Spoils KFKA: Faih-oo Har Show SiOO-KOA: News. I'inarK-i KFKA: Kaltidorccpe KLZ: News KL'/,: Enst-lt .SlOi/ KHOW: Joe Srhcrer KFKA: NeiTi *:30-- KYOU: Nc«i *f Wealhrr K F K A : Miufc Till Six 1310; KYOU 1450 3:45-- KOA: Vic Ccrtla.l KFKA: Jim Hill Show :00-- KOA- Vk CcKon Kl.Z: ,N"C'*S K F K A : Jim Kill Show KHOW: News. SporU 4 : W - K F K A : Kaleidoscope 5:00-- KOAr News, Firir.e* S:«-KLZ: l^mvll Thnmai KOA: .\e«s KYOU- Fwlion lf\\\s Jr. KFKA: M«?:c Till £ 6:00-- KOA: Weather, Sport* KL/: ll-jsicale K F K A : Nivn KHOW: Ken i KYOU: Dinner Music IM5-KOA: Arthur Glelh KFKA: FirtJiiile Melodies KLZ: NC«A, Sports ' KHOW: A l e x Vntr KYOU: F.\cnlnrf IJler.!a« «:3-KI.Z. T)en\er at NiRht KFKA: CoTtrovfrsy KOA: Frank Sinalra KHO'.V: l.'Jc L;=PS KVOII: Kouih nf Herder t^l-KHO^: Paul Harvey 7:00- K O - 'Rounsl ard About Kl /: NEILS KlinW: Ed M or tan KYOU: South tt Border THUKSDA 1 K F K A : Muiic Till 6 KYOU: Fulton Lewis Jr. KIMN: PVRQ I'02D .Stow 7:lj~i\HOW: Sports KYUU: F;.niii \\or.ship Kia: Burncli i- KRJI:, 7:30-- kOA: Hound rt r.U Arw-jt KYOU: Nitcwaich KHOW: Parade ^ Time KLZ: fclrnie Foid 7:45-K[,X: Demer al NigSl KFKA: New* 1:00-- KLZ: Party Line KHOW: Musir with Mircns KFKA: NinMtinie 9.00-- KOA: News, Finance KI.Z-. The WoiW Tc-n.«ht K F K A : Music foi YCJ 9:1S-- KUA- -Melody Tirr-r 9 -30-- KHOW: Dance lime lu:«j-- KOA .SPMS. Weather KYOU:' Music Beycr.d Mars KHOW: New.-; KHOW: D.irc-i- Time KI-KA: College Show IC-:1J ,\l-/. rtViil-j - J r n n n r r m v U ; U O - - K K h A : .Moonlijhl Capers KOA: News KYOU: Newa ar.J Siur.ofJ KilOW: Mus. bffore Nhrtr.ijhl 11: ]j-- KOA: Dill Uarkcr KLZ: S'e^s 5)01 1 J l] : 3n-Kl.Z: IJcnver at Nicht 11:15-- KL/,: Prpj? Rev'ew 12-fKl-XFhA Sitinolf Kl!0\\: News. Sisr.^f KIMN: Happy Holiday Kl.7. Ne-vii. UfJlher KTIOW: SlRflOll 1:00- KOA: ^'ev^s, SitncH WEDNESDAY TV 11:00-- Kit T V : I'arro-jnaif KOA: Today llr 5- Kl.7. A r t Go-* Show I1:W-KLZ: World T^rr.s KRTV: Numbej r-lt-j.'.e 12:00-- Kl.Z: People KOA: Jan Murray Show KR1V: News ami \\i' 17:15-- KliTV: CcrjuH Dr. Brolherj KO.\: I^irctla YO-JIIC KBTV: IJcr.vt; Today j ! w i Kl./, .lliMinrairt KBTV: Number flca.-c KOA. \ou,iij Ur. ilaltn* 1:3U-- KLZ: Vcrditf L« Yn-jr«a KBTV: Seven 'Keis KBTV: W-K-CI lor n Uiy KOAs Mafce Hwm '·;[ 2:15-- KLZ- Secret ^lorm 3:30-KI.7 Krtce o- Vl,!hl KRMA: Oppntdinity Sih-':! K0\: Here's l«]].v«oxi hi,/. 1 ^ta:t Y e L i a n a hUA : At flJi m Mau.-.e* 1: 00-- tu./. : f'rt-o a no r' at KBTVs i'opcyt *;*5-- KB1V: Sharif 1 Scelty KOA: Kukla t 011-6 KOA: Itrokcn Arruv Klil'V: Rcclty R His Friendi S:3-K1.Z: Ahiii Sho.v K B T \ : ABC lUp-ott hUA: IVhirlybird's 6:0-Kltl\": Uuith Ur-v- W t G c a w KOA: News, Wcalfccr f,: IS- KOA · Hur/.!ry-BrinV:cv 6.30-- M-/: Cr.eckrr.HUKIITV: Sieve Allen Show KIIMA: V.i: at'* New 7.11-- Mt.M \: 1 icn:;S I KL/.- NLrs. G. Gv.i 10 Col KIIMA: New Fror.ticr S:00-- KOA: Br!i Nefthail Shovr KBTV: lla.'.ailin Le Kl./.r L". S. -V.ed H=L:r KRMA: t lent a EC 8:]£-KHMA: HLSlury KOA: Burnley's S.OO-- KL/: Eti-v-hide KHTV: Nr-ked Cily KOA- ttauon Train Klt.MA: S.-n^Il f!'Jiii:cii IO:CO-- KL/: News, Wi-athcr KBTV: News. Weather 10:li~KOA: Paaj- KL/: Sports KBTV: ABC Final 10:30-- Kl.7.-. !0:30 S!ovic KBTV: Who lo Yen Triust 7. 00-- KOA: Pcuy Cun:i 12-'v-hOA: To:norro« Nc'.ii i r , NOVEMBER 2, 1961 TV STATIONS; KOA-CK,TM* 7:1S-KTIOW: Sports 10:IS-KI.Z- Wf*rM Tomorrow I KBTV: .\uniixf l'i»-d» KL/.- Hurnvllv t Hairs .ll.OO-KOA: Ne«a, )2:lw-KI7 Au. Adam 4 E\r 4, KLZ-Channel 1, KBTV-ChanncI 9, KRMA-Channel A KO-\- Acsrtt-rnv ^TltineB 1 KRMA: ("n'o ^LMILf* ' 4 JKV-Kf.Z: fr«l and FJC 1 K O.\: Hdid iJ?^. W ^"f^S' r »' ' KFK ' V Klil " r ' mt : "-XA- JSi^rnL KYOU D" M ! KHOW: Piradc (/ Imie 6:li-- KOA: ftrth-jr Gaclh KLZ^ ^ e f t A . Spcrti KHOW: Ale* Drier KLZ: fs«"* 6:30-- KLZ. Denver al Nijjht i:15-- KF,/: l»*io Stcry KHOW- Jcif Scher^r KFKA: Nen* 5:33~K1^- Inform alien 'ftt KHOU: N**i KOA AI« [lr*-rr KFKA: Prrdklloni KYOll: N**1 -* * V«falb«I 3:5-KOA: N e w s KL/: l^-A-:i 'niMnM 1310; KYOU T450 KHOW: Jo* -Shcrpr 3:1S-KL/;: FrerietiirV Show 3:30-- KW- Jack Well* Show 4:m-KOA- Vic ffttloiv Kl.Z: Ne«.- :15~KLZ- Well. ^.(w 4:30- Kl.'/. New* KHOW: Kev^J. Sport* 4;4A-KFKA: Fa*bion Bai Sho« ' 5:00- KOA .Sen*. Finance KLZ- Ne*» KFKA: Daskclball 5: IS-- KLZ- lo-'kle Hlory KOA Vic Cotton KYOIJ. Ne*s- Wealhei K F K A : Muiic fill Six 5:45-- KLZ Ixiwel! fhcma* KYOt:' Fulton Le^is Jr, A 1310; KYOU 1450 KIMN: PO|0 ?020 Sh.ow 3:30-KYOU: Larry Cooper 4:30-Kt.Z: Radio Activr 5:{»--hi-/ Spftrw. S'f«^ KFKA: All Kindi nf N u.ic 4:15 Kl,/- -S«H* KHOW: Jo* Sfcerer K F K A : ^c^l 5:10-- KLZ: Football ^wrlwAre KFKA: Mu.-ic -til Six KOA: Double Pleaiuri »;«-KLZ: Colorado Speilu KOAi Ne%i KI1OU: Li/c Llnei KOA. Penny Lee Sirjts KFKA: Controversy KYtHI: Souih rw Bwdcr «:»!- KHOW: Paul Haney 7: 00- KOA. Rojriil ard \bmjt Kt./- N C A A KIMM: |'OK- J'c-ri« Sb^w KFKA: Conlrcver^y KHOW: Ed Morea.i FRIDAY ft;00-KI.Z: CU Football KOA: IVrAlher. Sports KHOW- S c u s KYOU: Djcner Music KFKA: Nei\j fi:15 - K O \ Arthur Caeth KHOW; A!fji Drier KFKA: Firrsidc Mrlodies 6^30-- KHOW; MJe I Ants KYOU: So. 0! Iftr BoiiU-r KOA RiR Racd Sound KFKA: Conlro^ KIMN: Pcgo PORO ShOv^ 7:15-- KHOW: Sport* KFKA: Ault F B T:i«-KVOU: Nifih! W a t c h KHOW: Parade ot TL-ni I:00-KOA- ^ev^* KI.7: Party IJne SATURDA I:DO-KHOW: Ne«J KT.Z: Hawaii Tails KFKA: NMS KIMN: Hit Para 7:*5-Kl./,: Denver at M«ht . »:OO-KLZ Parly Ur.e KHOW: Music uith Mircns A . 30- KOAi ITiAOT) Itocumerl 9.00-KOA: Ne»ij!. V - c a n r « Kl.Z: W«W Tor.isftl 5:15-- KOA: Serenade KL.7,: Denver at N.=ht 9:M-- KHOW: Dance 'Ji^-c IU.CMJ-- K O A : NCUK, S;w:lH ^^^·OU: Muve H"\Td Sun 10:15-- hi,/,: C'Vpitol Clo^kri-om 10:30-- KOA: Wayuard Barker NOVEMBER 3, 19f KYOU: Football K H O W : Muvt «ith Mi;co 8:30-- hO A: Monitor 9:a)--KOA- N e w s . .Mg^-r KLZ: World ToniEhl 9:1$-- KOA: Gro::eho Mai\ 9:39-- KOA- Dftl Inter kv^?!rr K F K A : Sccrcboard KL/.: Uenvrr At .\icht KNOW; Dar.ce Time 10.00-- KOA: Newi KYOU: Music Heiwrd S'ara KLZ: New* KHOW; ,Nev* 10:15-KI.Z: l^vi'.* lo Uirn KOA: WcAlhcr. Sports in^O-KO\- WAyuard U-rher IO:4*-KLZ- Work) Tnmarro-v |]:no-KFhA: Moonlijtl-l I 4[H.-r« · ll.l.S K O - \ : Music al NieM K1JC- Ntn.s L ,SpcrL-= 11.:U-KLZ Denver at .Siijht 1I:^S-- Kl /: Pr«s Keilew I2-I.4V-KFKA- News t Siccoff KIMN: Hippy Hn'id^v KllllU- News. Sitnttr* THURSDAY TV ]L'.Ii--KBTV: Conitlt DJ. Blethers KBlV ShcnM *-L-r:ty i KB1V: My T h r e e Son.* ]2:30"KI.Z: House F'Mlji hfA: Knkla I Ollie K1IMA: A;c of Oierklll KOA: Loreita Vnurjt S:PO--KI./- Nm» M(fj* KBTV: Denver Today 1:00- Kl./- Millionaire KBA': Numbor Tle^se KOA. 1 iiicx Special KBFV: 5;ien Keys 2.00 . . . li. ,n i j aj KU Make Room ir.r narldy i li hi. 7- ^ in i storir- KOA: Broken Arro-.v KBTV: Rockyi His Friendj KOA: .Milch Miller 8.30-- KBTV: Margie , KRMA: B-'i;innir.)E Alte'jri | 9:00~K(^: In^c^ti^lcrs KHA: O.:tlans KBTV- ARr'liopo-t KKMA: nrrn Err] 6:00_KHrV'i lluc'klclx-i/y Jlour.d 10:»-Ki:/. N'cus. Wrdlhf-r KOA: .Nevis. Weather KBTV: -S\, Wrath* r 6 . 3 0 - K F T V : o//:o i Harnrt K I I M A - What's .\ow l..l Kl./, fcJK» oi Nighi . KL/: Fatniiy Ihcaier Kl.Z .NC.IS «ra Weaiher Il:Ji KL/ An (Jow sann ll:irv-KL7,: WnrM Turn* K 0 \ llfrr* Koilvkbu- ' K R M A . Sra.ii.^h II liftn- KBn-. 4m erica tt Har-rlstand '. 7: li-KJLMA: Vrrrrh II 1 M^: iiati ' Yellana · 7:30-- KBTV: Real McCoys ] TV STATIONS: KOA-- Chann KOA- N'cui U:IS K K T V : Dr. Rrothcrc KHOW- Mus. before Mnln ghl 1? w Kl./. H-iJ-t- P«t , t l : t S KOA W a i « a r t EUrker . KP.TVi IV ni f r Tcxlay K1J-: Denver at MEM K O A : Loreda Youn* ll.1i-Kl^- 1'reii Krsk« 1.00-KllTV: Number Please K O \ : \ows. S:^nwf K F K A SianoH KIMN: Ilappy Holiday KHOW- Nt»b. SIKRMI 12.1i-KL/; S:jzr:fff FRIDAY TV KI/ Mill'maiit hU\- Yocn'^ IN Mai one 1:30- l.f./ V F f d n - r ? vcnir* KinV: Se\en Keys M'A Hue' h.-Sf rtroU 2:00-- K U f V : tfce-en lot a Dav Kl./: RriRhlw Oay e 4, KLZ-Channel 7, KBTV- KRTV: Poprje 1:45-- K H T V : Shenji Scotty KDA: Kukla fc Ollif- KOA: RioXen Arrov^ Kim*- Rorkj A 1l« S *'ricj:Ji 5:33-Kl-?.: Jeff's tW.e KOAi WMrl)-b:r(!* KBTV: A R C Repoil 6:W~KBTV: Denver Btoncoi KLZi Mr. Matoo KOA: News. Wtalh«r . k . mftdlne ! 2 1 - 1 - K I - Z : S?ritl S'.nim f'y, \ t t \ - Ii,-i ^-i-iri hY ,\ T^Tv ' ' -'·' " K I V lSr " '* » " lr * iv : KHMA; W h J t ' s N f . i n!/ Nr^-i . W e a i l f f ; K l ' w -' " % " R t ' K H T V ; Sl/^irhlaw.iv JJ:IS- M^: Art tkiv. 1 Il-Tft KL/. ivcrio fut.i* K B T V . \iunrfi F'leiii K R T V - \rts *nrf WValh«r l?:frt-- Kl.7: P«p ' KO-\: jAn Murray Shoi» Y, NOVEMBER 4, lilfil 8:00-- K0: Grand cT Opty |tn : *S-- KOA: Frank S-.ratra KFKA: CSC-Tdaho I l] :CO ~!j?5; v . T \ ir j 0 ^|jgM n r"p r j i 9.W-KO\: Monitor = KYOIJ! Sicrtrfl 1 9 W-KLZ: Panorama KHOW: Mas. brlrvr .MWn k | KTiMA: O.-norl-jn:!;- .«-\h(xi] 1:00- KL/ ^J" VHIinfl hi i ^ li-adr m M alir.i-e KP.TV- *mei Kinrt^ar.d i-.nn KLZ: ficd a,r.n f a ^ TV STaTION c .- KOA-- Chan KT./T Cayt. Kangaroo KRTV; Ktdrfte Kor Time 11 l!-K1tTV: M'AA Kofllia'l j,^ 12:CO-liL7: E-'rrd sml t'nc : IS-- KOAi Mor.ilor KHOW; Jot Sherer KFKA: Hcre'j to Vrt.t 6:30--KLZ: l!eactbe«t Thralcr KVOH: S. 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Weather KOA: New*, leather KLZ: Spccli hBTV: ABC Nc«s Final 10:30-- KLX: 10:30 Movie KBTV: Colorama Tf-ealer 12:00- KOA · Tor/.crrow News KBTV: Million Do'.lar MOT. --Channel 9, KRMA-Channel * t:W-KRTV: n»rinx T«enl;eJ KLZ: Sea Hunt KOA: Wells r'»r*o 9 30-IU./.: M.inh-jnt K t » A : Srcp« n:li--KUTV: l'.iU.Lln:n S2 Theater |0-l-\- 1-!.'/ ll-e in -So Mnk'» K O A : It-rap 10 [· KM: Aca-.lcmy Ihraltr , ll:JU. K U I V j Mill! 0.1 MOV!» l2i4S-KRTVi N«w» «TMp Uj l:00-KOAi Nllfctcip Newt

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