Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 9, 1955 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1955
Page 11
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I'ag* 12 GUEELEY T R I B U N E V Friday, Dec. 9, 1355 oman Jonphln« Miller, Edito , 19 : n J / aac r * ' (J Christinas Package 'of Music Is .Title of GWC Program Monday. 1 Music department ol (ireeley Woman's club will present Christ- 'mas Package of Music al the meeting Monday afternoon st 2:30 o'clock at the First Presbyterian church:' The club chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Korval Hinds, will ·fins a cantata, The Dawn of Christmas. Mrs, Don. Kinney al Ihc organ will play the prelude followed by greetings from the president, Mrs. Vernon Card. Mrs. Kinney will also play ttic processional hymn. Guest violinist, W. W. Monk, will play background . music for Mrs. 'Mollie'Kilts' presentalipn of Ihe legendary selling foi Ihe musicale. Mrs. Laurence Burlcy is the featured organisl and-commpanist for Air. Monk. Mrs. Brooks Cole is soloisl. A tableaux depicting scenes from the cantala will be presented by Mrs. N. E. Andrews as Mary, the Mother, and Mrs. niehard Biddle, Mrs. R u i h ' M u n i - a n d Miss Vclina Elam as shepherds. Members of the chorus arc the following: Mcsdames Brooks Cole, John C. Carlson,' George Johnson, B. F. Huckabay, Bessie Castcn, W. J. Bishop, Henry Adams. Chester Adams, Lawrence C. Bower, Irl Mawson, Henry Markus, F. II. Lionel TRAINS · As low ns $l!.f!5 al VANDY'S 1015 8fh Ave. Phone 857 Open S a t u r d a y N l g h t i 'Til 8:30 M a h a n n s , Vcrnoa Card, Carroll Forbes, W, J. Day; Paul Stuart, A. H. R u p x , A. L. Williamson, Sherman Ncilson and Allen Win.low. Receiving hostesses for the afternoon will be p?*t prcsidenls of Ihc club. ' · The tea at Ihc close will be gi by the 'music deparlmeuE of which Mrs. Merle Ovcrslreel is chair man; Mrs. Carroll Forbes, courtesy chairman; and Mrs. Chester Adams, program chairman. Public is invited lo attend lhe musicale. PO Clerks and Wives Enjoy Holiday I'arty Post Office Clerks and auxiliary members, enjoyed a Christmas parly Tuesday evening at the horn 1 of Ihc Gael Spoclslras, 1837 Sev enlh avenue. · , Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Norm as sislcd Ihc Spoelslras in serving the covered dish supper from a buffc table. The green linen clolh wa festively centered with a brightly loaded sleigh, pulled by eight rein deer. A brief auxiliary inccting wa conducted by Mrs. Ted Nowlin president, who outlined next year' activities and meeting places. Al Hinzc acted as Santa Ciaus He distributed gifts from a mai bag. The remainder of -the linr was spcnl playing Monte Carh whist. High prize -went lo Mrs Dave Lealhers and low to 0. 1! Sittler. Twenty were present for the en lire parly and two clerks joinei the group nt 10 o'clock, after thci tour of duly. Next meeting will be Jan. 1C. 7:3 o'clock, al the new country horn of Mr. and Mrs. Hinzc, on Eas Eighteenth.slrcel. The Paul Grcer have Ihe p r o g r a m . Officers will b elected. Sea Bass ______ .,,. Shrimp it, Sliced Halibut _ ,, Catfish : )b . 'We Give H,')C Green Stamps' n,. 98c 90c , F 29c up 85c ,,,,· Sunday's Calendar Share Your Christmas Eve -Bright's Fish Market- · Beta Siixna TK Christmas pary, dinner, Camlield, 6:30^ so- · ciaf hours, Thct'a, Mrs. Dale T*gm a n j X i D e l t a , Miss Rulhlchrkc, ·£00; gift exchange, Thcta, Mrs. Clyde Hinds, Xi Delta, Miss Rosalie Southard. Child .Development group of AAUW. Christmas parly for children of members, Counlry club, 3 lo i:00. WS.CS Meeting .' Held at Church . . The l)cceiiilcr inccting of. the Woman's Society of Christmas Service of '(lie First Methodist ·liurch was held Thursday afternoon in a setting of Christmas ircens, candles and colorful lights. After Ihc business session, IJie ,;roup adjourned to Ihc dining room whore, luncheon was served by Circle H. Mrs. Albert Keys was lunch- eori chairman. lie singing'of C h r i s t m a s carols was led by Mrs. Roy Ulter, with -Mrs. Herman Corsberg al the Mano. T h e ' p r o g r a m looV place in Jhe sanctuary and was in charge ol Mrs. Leslie Grimes, who. was assisted by Mrs. Clark Page. The theme, 1 Would Sec Jesus Today was portrayed in song and story Mrs.,E. D. .Miller, at Ihc organ accompanied the vocalists. Mrs John Wheeler sang This Fragrance and Virgin's Lullaby and Mrs, Corsberg sang The Noel follow ing Ihe devotions, which were given by M r s l ' E d d Cassady and Mrs. D W. Miller. Scriplirre was read by Mrs. .Wesley Price. The trio, Mrs. Utter, Mrs. Cors berg and Mrs. Wheeler, sang from Ihc theme, We Would See Jesus Today. The story of "making the spirit .of Christmas work for all o us as we go about Ihc office, the store, and the home," was lolrf bj John W. Taiil, Ella Eck ler, W i l l i a m ' O . Stewart and LaVcrn Nelson. The program was closed will group singing and a Christma Prayer by Mrs. Lawrence Barncll Open house and dedication Ihe new educational building wil be held Jan. 1. The public is invited Members of WSCS will le in charg of the lea (able al Ihe rec'eption. Next m e e t i n g - o f - I h e society wi be J a n . 12 al 11:30 o'clock a f t h church. A Dfcade Ago D.e. », 1145 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Honnej- were..honored at an open house Sunday aftcrnon at Ihoir home, northeast of fjrccley, by thcis two oldcst'daughlcrs, Mrs. Ted Swanson and Miss Shirley Ilcnney. The a f f a i r cclebrA.}cd the (wenty-fiKh wedding anniversary of the Hen- nej'S. , Garden City chapter No. 3, Order of Eastern Star, installed Mrs. Will jam S. Jiayden Jr. as'worthy matron! arid Dr. 1 Ralph Reynolds, 11 worthy p a t r o n , - a t installation services Tuesday. Mrs. Homer C. Cushman will serve Graphic, one of the cily's oldest clubs, ns president for 181546. She was elcclcil Wednesday al the home of' Mrs. Mabel Mead Marsh, 1303 Ninth avenue. Miss Gerlrude Peterson of Ihc ried. Sterling Beauty sl\op .hai Uken aparlment 3« in the Boyuiu. Slw has been living with her tliitr, · Mrs. C. n. Bcnzel, "of S24 Twentieth ·street. · ' . ' , . . ' James Buchanan vr»s the «ilj U. S; president who never Mir CHRISTMAS TREES . Frtlh Cut Colorado Doujl-t f\r*- Good quali -. BOl/GHS -- WREATHS " . " " " FRED N. AUSTIN Corner 9th,istreet «nd 14th Avenui Til tht night before Christmas, and tht wholt fimily il tglew with ioyoui excitement. Whill kith and kin dtcorat* th* tr««, you can let up I'simpl* l,pp«r to bring th evening to · ihining cloi*. . Pour ireimlm oyiter -lew Into punch-bowl tur«4n. Cups art ide«l, (or buttery slew. Surround turcin with triyi.of gr-p-i; fig; cook- Its; chi!; cracktn. On the night before Christmas . . . all thru (he house . . . there's a warm wonderful spirit we lov« to share with nearest and dearest 'ricnds. ' f a t hundreds of years since the :irsl. Christmas, f a m i l i e s ' from warm Jerusalem to IKc coldest corner of Norway have-treasured Christmas five. This is Ihe chining summit of each year. M a n y fami- ics, in countries round the world, attend a church service. Some folks invite Mends in to "decorate the Iree . . . or sing carols. Whatever the other activity, al niost every home honors .the tradition of celebrating Christmas Eve with a raiiinight .supper. Many times the menu typifies one served n the native country of 'the family , , such as Sweden's smorgasbord. The famous Polish suppers run r roin seven courses up to eleven.. These.include: Pickled herring; i lot soup (mushroom or fish); baited fish with horseradish sauce; baited sauerkraut; fruit compote; poppy seed cake, and a pudding or pastry; nuts and candies; coffee. When you invite guests for supper this Christmas Eve, offer them a w a r m i n g wonderful feast . . . that won't keep you in'the kitchen. As they troop in from the shivery- outdoors, they'll be glsd to behold a punch bowl steaming with soup. Probably most · traditional for Christmas Eve is buttery hot oyster stew. Or you could have the old- fashioned potato soup (now frozen) . '. . or rich green pe_i with ham. Surround (he soup with other holiday goodies like these: Chriitmil Evt Supptr Oyster Stew (Garnished with pimienlo stars Smoked Cheese Crackers ind Pumpernickel Bread Celery Fickltd Peaches Cranberry Siuce Christmas Cookies Figs and Dales Coffee 1220 4th Ave. FRESH SEA FOODS OF ALL KINDS Phone 2336 . Dr. and Mrs. Reynold I. Shwiy dcr and children, Dian^e, Robert an Jnmes,. of 15 Levis road rcturnc Wednesday alter a two week lour of Texas, Louisiana- and Mississippi. They spent Thanksgiving with Dr. and Mrs. M. B. Porter nt Austin, Tex., and visited relatives al Slircvcporl and Dallas. Mrs. Joe Mongold Guild President The only, electric shaver especially designed (o meet the needs of women. Small as a compact and fast, sure, convenient. Choice 'of 6 lovely colors. Eve*y tiuut SHAVEMASTER Shaves circles around all other rlectric s h a v e r s because you shave in a circular motion. Rig Smooth Single Ijeadshavti * closer, cleaner t h a n xnv other method, wet or dry · i mi mi stivia GUAIAKUI on -onbean powtrfj Rial rnoior · 14 Dor H - m « TiTri . . P«Y only $1.00 per wk. No interest or carrying charge. STARTING'THIS SATURDAY OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL CHRISTMAS ' ' §06 8Hi St., Greele'y it. Martha's Guild of Trinity piscopal church elecled officers ednesday evening «t a meeling Ihe home of Mrs. Charles V. onng, 1S5S Tenth avenue. Mrs. Joe Mongolii is the 1956 csiclcnt; Mrs. Jack CcCuyer, .vi;e resident; Mrs. Donald Dcrrington, irresponding secretary; . M r s . ynn Hagcmeister, recording sectary; and Mrs. G. W. Brewer r., treasurer. ^ This marked Ihe C h r i s t m a s pro- am ind devotions were given by Dale Thompson. Mrs. r. L. lland presented The Magic of i r i s t m a s . Mrs. E. E. Benninglon reported i the books St. Martha's guild has cured for the book shelf at the urch. They' include The Bible ory by Egormeier, Lc.l's Keep irislmas by Pelor M a r s h a l l , When s Was a Little Boy and Jesus, e Baby. The Rev. James \V. Brock report- d that a new film series is being artctl. II is entitled, The Living irist. .Mrs. Wilkinson rS'ad a legram fr/im Ihe Hev. and Mrs. ichmond IlulchinKS, now residing I Trumansburg. N. Y. They sent icir warmest Christmas greetings St. Martha's members. Refreshments- were server! ' by lesdames.Young. A:.L. Petenen, olj.erl Singer antl William Martin-. Bookworms sptnt W«dneJiy «ft- rnoon in the home of Mrs. William Ramsey III, 1127 Eighlecnth treel. Mrs. Harvey Wilwcr read 'he Good Knighl of San GabrieL S'exl .meeting will be on Jan. 4 at lie bome'of Mrs. Bernice'George, 529 Eleventh avenue, when Mrs. .awrence P. McArtluir will have rie program. USE THE TfTfiuNF WANT A05 FOR HEALTH Dr. Schumacher Chiropractor 1205 lOlil Ave. Ph. 3865 RoyM Doullon Character Jugs From $2 ip Also C-haracler .Plates for hanging. Exclusively 820 Tenlh SI. GIVE Imprinted Playing Cards For A Personal Gift In the Holiday Tradition ·\ "' · · . r 'Peppermint Stick Ice Cream * Pistachio Ice Cream i * Cherry Gocoanut Ice Cream " Fruit Cake Ice Cream 'Peppermint Flake Ice Cream Christmas Plaques -- A wide variety of designs Cranberry Raspberry Lime Nog (pott led) (Non alcohojic) Punch for Your Parties j It's practically no effort at alt for a sprinter to walk. It's a breeze for a weight-lifter to pick up a child. And so it is with the 1956 Buicks in cruising -- for these are Ihe mightiest powered Buiclcs yet built.' Take the '56 fiuick CE.VTUHY pictured here. It's'almost a loaf for this beauty to cruise a superhighway at a legal 50 mph. At that point it's using less than 10? of fls pedal-lo-the-door power. And that's just the reason forjhc record-high power and compression ratio in your big 322-cubic-inch VS engine. You and your engine can take it easy so much · of l!ic lime. You have no qualms about the response at your command. Your power plant has nouecd to breathe hard-so it saves gas, stays young, lasts longer. '" So when you take the wheel of a '56 Buick, you take it easy, and still Jead the' parade. You know you can call .out the reserves 'with a .touch of your toe. . « ' · - And you find you silk through a whole day's driving GeM-S.oicn Comfort In your new Buik \ with FMCItfAIRt CONDITIONINO-nswolon.wfewpmt 1556 poytr-pacVtd CENTUIY -lhi 2-doorJmim, Moif.l MI (a lop), end Hi! iJear RIvi.,a, McJfl _]. with the flowing ease of loday's new Variable Pitch Dynaflow.* For not only does this advanced new Dynaflow give · vou.stepped-up gas mileage and brilliant new getaway response at only rmrf throttle. Not only does it permit you, to switch the. pitch for full-power safety-surge take-off. : · · . . - · -· It also glccj you absolute smoothness in acceleration and deceleration like you get in no other car in the Drop in on us'this week for a sampling o£ the best performance yet-and for a firsthand look at what else goes with the best Buick yet. ·A'eic Aiknr.c'cd Variable Dijnafom I, lh s onltj'riyna- /foii buiWt lodaij. 11 a standard on Boo rfiiwilf ,, Suptr and CeiJury-aplional at modest cam cost 'an the Special Its U/ e /J «10 Tenth St. wiu MJKS n«M oun

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