Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 26, 1951 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1951
Page 5
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Thursday Evening, April 26, 1951 LAS CRUCES (N, M.) SUN-NEWS PAGE FIV1 * if SUN-NEWS WANT ADS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Minimum Charge. .....'. ftOt, Ftrel Time .'... ; 4c per word Subsequent Charge .. ,Sc per word All classified ads must he in by 10 A,M. Monday through FriilH) to Insure publication In that day's Issue. Classified udvertlHlng for Sunday's paper must by in by 10 A.SI. Saturday morning. Cash must accompany order on ull classified uds except to those having regular display advertising charge .uccmint.H. All · classified ailyerttslnff must be scheduled for u. dead Hue period, one, day or more, and II ordered nnd set. 'there will he no refund. Ads must IMS scheduled a definite number of days :iml no refunds will UK made on classified Advertising. Any claims for credit or addi- tional,· insertions of classified ads Uue tu errors occurring* In advertisement" 'must bb made day following publishing of advertisement. · PHONE 83 or 34 1--LEGAL NOTICES New Mexico College of A. M. A., State College. New Mexico, is .offering for sale eJJht Holstcin Jr. Yearling heifers, and six purebred milk cows, they may he inspected at the Dairy Barns, State College, New Mexico. ... Terms and bid information may be obtained by contacting the Purchasing Agent, State College, New Mexico. Sealed bids will be opened on May 35th, 1951 at 30:00 A.M. J'ub. April 25-20-27, 1951 * IX TUB DISTRICT' COUNT OF DOXA ANA COUNTY, NKW MEXICO TURRENT1NE CHEVROLET COMPANX..A Corporation, Plaintiff '' vs. CLIFFORD COPPOCK, Defendant No. 13885. NOTICE OF SUIT STATE OF NKW MEXICO TO: CLIFFORD COPI'OCK, GREETING: Please take notice t hnt t he. above named plaintiff has filed t h e above entitled action against you in the above entitled Court; the general object of said action i.s to .foreclose a.11 your interest, lion and equity in a 1940 Oldsmubile automobile, Scr'.al No. G 3S63-1, under a mechanic's lien, held by plaintiff for work,.labor and pails furnished in Ihe sum of $361.51 due said plaintiff together with interest and all costs and expenses of this jic- tion. including a reasonable attorney fee, and for sale of said 1!MO Oldsmoblle, us provided by law. Ton further are notified that, unless you enter your 'appearance in said cause on or before the 17th day of May, 1951, judgment will be rendered .against you in said cause by default. Garland Sanders, Post Office Box 269, Las Cruces, New Mexico, nT* attorneys for the plaintiff. WITNESS. The Honorable W. T. Scoggin, District Judge, of the Third Judicial 'District of the State 'of New Mexico, and the seal of the District Court of Dona Ana County, this the 4th day of April, 3951. (Seal) Geraldine.S. Mathison, District Court Clerk, Dona Ann County, .New Mexico. April 5. 12. : I9 and 26th. 1951. JT^LOST ANlTFOUND LOST -- ft MO;. srAMKSB KIT- ten, Monday-23-apr. in vicinity of Las 'Cruces Ave. and Rcymond St. If found call 370-W, 13H-W after 5:00. .-· 18-3p-20 LOST - - - 3 YEAR OLD FOX TER- I'ier, male. large black patch on back, lias Midland, Texas license and vaccination tugs. Re- spons to name of Jojo. Last seen Saturday 21st. If found please notify W. P. Bixler, phone 392-W. 18-3C-20 5--SPECIAL NOTICE USED FURNITURE -- BOUGHT and sold. Furniture 'Exchange, 130 W. Las-Cruces, Phone 282-R. 1-tfn ALCOHOLICS A N O N Y M OUS Box 801. Phone 1147-J between 7 and 10.p, m.. 1-tfn WHY BUY IN EL PASO WHEN you can do better at Stevens B--SERVICES IF YOU UKE GOOD STEAKS ·, or good fried chicken try Lcst- crs Cafe, at Lesters Market. Pi-iced by. weight ask our butcher 1246' W. Picacho. ' 1-Tu-Thu-Su-tfn BIG CHIEF GUNSMITH Earl Jones says: Bring in your fired cartri d g c cases. He will reload them at a saving to you and they will shoot better than t h e factory originals. Heap smart thins; to do - huh? LIARS LODGE 108 S. Main Ph. 1020-w 1-tfn Don't let the bugs and worms gain control of your flower ami vegetable garden. Come to your Checkerdale store and get insecticides to stop these' pests from chewing up your plants. We also have another supply of charpcrone to discurage the dogs. If rabbits are eating up your garden we have rabbit repellent too. We got stuff to discourage any pest except your mother-in-law. If you have a mother-in-law for a pest we can't offer anything but sympathy. PAJRA1EHS MARKKT - Ph. 333 Youi 1 Checkerdale .Store 17-3c-19 12--FOR BENT 115--FOR SALE 5 ROOM-APT.. UNFURNISHED. Iileal location, large yard, shade, ph. -167-J afternoons. 39-2c-20 3~RO~OM HOUSE' WITH BATR unfurnished, $-10.00, utilities paid, ph. 0290-R2. 19-5p-23 ONE, . 3 ROOM FURNSIHED apt. and .two house trailers all aii' conditioned, no -pets, phone. ·. 0390R3. lS-yp-22 FURNISHED TWO BEDROOM, modern, brick home. Lease $85 per'monlh, children and pets accepted, apply 31. 1 ) Linda Vista. l'Mc-19 '2 ROOM AFT., PUK.NMSIII2D, ulilities pil. $1)0 month, G2l K. Hudley. * f 3ii-tfn 2 BEDROOM HOUSE, U N F U R ^ nishefl, Kactus Kourt. 16-5p-20 MODERN. NEW, ATTRACTIVE, 4 room apt. Tile bath, conveniently located, bills paid. Laundry facilities. Couples only. Ctil- lonu^ Apts. 315 S. Main. 15-lfn 3 ROOM APT., MODERN, AIR conditioned, stove and refrigerator furnished. Mesilla Park, ph. 02S8-JL ' 3-tfn SEAT COVEH B A R G A I N - S Shook Tire Co. 1-tfi GOOD FURNITURE, FOR room house, year, pi: 038SR3. , ; 15-4p-39 2 ROOM APT. FURNISHED, utilities paid. Ph. OSS-R1. t 1-tfn 1 APT., 2 BKDROOM, KITCHEN furnished, 125 West Las Cruces. ph. 732-R. 3-tfn BUSINESS OK-FJCB. UJCATRD in center of · Business District. Next to Western Union. Call GOO. 1-tfn SMALL 2 BEDROOM HOUSE for rent/ modern, unfurnished. Inquire 641 N. 3rd oi 1 call 1014-R or 859. 1-lfn 14--SWAP 8--HELP WANTED MALE M E C H A N I C WANTED. MAY 1 fit Mesilla Park. Fay Bell's Gar- WILL TRADE 3941 Buick Convertible a n d household furniture for large house trail- MACHINERY:-' FOR SALE 2--CMC G-clyinder Diesel'En- gine Power Units.. Electri-,: starter and generator. 370 hp at 3GQO rpm. Rebuilt; Carries new engine warranty. ' ?3900.00 each. " 1--Allis-Chalmers Model / LS44 Gasoline Power Unit. ' Outboard bearing. Electric staj't- er. ]10 hp. Excellent-Qpndi^on sinoo.oo. ' «M-·-·.» 2-Minneapolis - Moline G-cyl. GUI; Enginu : Power Units. Electric starter. G7 to 94 hp. Good condition. $1500.00*oach. Write J. B. Morrison .. "Stalion "C" Uox 8092 Albuquerque EXTRA TOOLS 4 l ,: cu.-ft. Wayne-Compressor Black and" Docker Valve re facer 1 paint spray gun 1 A. C. Spark Plug; Cleaner 1 Ton Cliain' Falls I Armature Growler . 1 25-ft. Grease dispenser' J Sioux Hard Scat Grinder \ Ph. SS3-R 1003 Picacho IB--WANTED TO BUY HOUSEHOLD F U R N I T U R E . Any condition. We buy anything of value. Phone 931-J. Viaduct Salvage Yard, 924 W. Piracho. 1-tfn Furniture Co. 3-tfn SEWING MACHINES, NEW AND Used. We repair all makes. . STEVEN'S FURNITURE CO. 316 N. Main. Phonfe 677. ' / 1-tfn NEW MANAGEMENT Formerly Fisher's Garage 20 years experience in .into repairing and sci-vice. We Guarantee All Work Reasonable Charges. You Must age. ( !)-Hp-.22 10-- HELP WANTED Female WOMAN FOR HOUSE WORK. Inquire 604 El Prado. 12-tfn encctl. apply Bobs Cafe, 1250 W. Picacho. 16-lfn AVON CTOSMKT1C CO HAS opening fol-veprcHentatives. Part or full time, for personal interview write Mrs. Verona Taylor, Gen. Del. Las Cruces. 17-3p-19 11 WOHK Y/ANTED Say folks, how about some baby gooses. Charlie Ames just bought 100 this week. I'm sure glaid I'm n friend of Charlie's. Those big geese will taste mighty good next fall when the frost is on the pumpkins. Better rail :t.'{3 and get a" few 'o- day or book your order for some later. Our prices are very reasonable -- way below market value other places. We also will have some turkeys this week'. FARMERS MARKET - Ph. 333 Your Checkerdale Store 17-3-C-19 12-- FOH RENT FURNISHED, SMALL AI'T. AND house, phone 0281R3 or 941-W. ID-tin 3 ROOM! APT. AT M K K l L l j A Park. Summer rate, ph. 02D1J4, afternoons. 19-3P-21 4 ROOM MOUKK.N APARTMENT 1109 North Rpymond. call S66 till 2:30 p. m. then 807 Chaparro. ' 19-3|i-21 2 BEDROOM HOME, . UNFUR- nished. 1170 Parker Rd. 1S-3C-20' SMALL F U R N I S H E D APT. Clos£ in, adults, 212 S. Alamrala. phone 727-R. lS-Zn-13 807 SO. SOLANO DRIVE, 3 bedroom, modern, nnfumi.shed house S65.00 a mo. Mrs. John C. Sullivan. 317 Main St., Truth or Consequences, N. M. Phone 61. · 13-3p-20 THREE BEDROOM P A R T L Y furnished home, good locution S100.00 per month. Box 95 Sun- News. VPT. SUITABLE FOR SINGLE man. Mrs. Henry Sloes, 707 W. Court, ph. 56G-W. lS-3c-20 CABIN, FURNISHED, 720 PAR- ker Road, ph. 422-W. 1 1-tfn fllKNISHEI) AITS. AND CA finis, call Las Crnce.s Hotel, or 221 W. Origgs. lf,-:ip-18 ROOM FOR EMI". GENTLEMAN'. 258 W. Hadley. 17-3p-1D NEAR LA .MESA. MODERN er, Phone 007-W or S22-J. 1-5-- FOR SALE : PU-:CK u w x o HOOM SUITP;. Must sell S30.00. 1418 W. Parker, Rd. Ph. 1047-R after 4 p. m. 10-3p-2I GOOD LUMBER. ALSO POWER mkc-off Jeep, Army Store, -112 M. Main. · 1D-4C-22 IS GALLONS ASI3ESOS ROOF BENDIX AUTOMATIC WA8H- er. used three months, $150. Te . 02SJ.M. lS-3p-20 YAM KWEET POTATOE PLANTS and tomato plants, any quantity. Barker Vegetable Farm \'± mile south of Las Cruces on Hl- way. IG-tfn FLOWER A N D VEGETABLE plants. Westside Grocery, W. Picacho, phone 8G4-M. 10-tfn 3l/ 2 INCJ1, STEB1. CLOTHES- line polos, welded, 1208 Klein St. Ph. 1213-M. l!5-7p-21 RADIATORS-- NEW AND QSED. Stewarts Radiator Shop -- junction 80-85, phone 202-K. 1-tfn GOOD USED TIRES. SHOOK Tiro Co. 1-tfn STEEL. S PIECE DINETTE SET, good. 400 S. Church. 17-3p-19 HOTPOINT ELECTRIC RANGE 312 Espina. ]7-(Jp-22 FIRST MORTGAGE, WELL SK- cured, payable 5100.00 month including G/,i. interest, ?S,600.00. I.'hone 1440-R. lfi-6p-21 SULLINC OUT -- FOUR DAIRY cows, 7 calves, bull, marc, Farmull F12 2 row cultivator and planter, overhead irrigation sprinkler system. H. S. Wertz, Doming. New Mexico, phone 546. lG-Gc-21 SEWING MACHINES FOR RENT Embree's, 432 N. Church, Phone 855-W. « 14-Gc-lU DELICIOUS MILK FED CAPON fryers Sl.OO cftrh on foot, 51.20 dressed. Dr. Horton Poultry Fann, 1S20 W. Hadley. ph. 537-M. 1-1-tfn GENERAL CONTRACTOR Hough lumber, planed lumber moderate price, Pee Gee Paints, all colors. Have Brickrcte building block, red buff. SMITH'S Lumber Yard. Cor. Madrid Mesmiito. Ph. 145G-.I. 1-tfn Better stop by Andy Williams home at 221 South -Miranda and see what a healltiful job- One-Cout Dovoe Paint is doing. Chester Hanson HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR used pianos. Stevens Furniture "Co. 316 N. Main. Phone 677. . ' ,. J-tfn 20" BICYCLE IN GOOD CONDI- lion. 323 McClure Road. li-3p-l 1 17-- HEAL ESTATE For Sale BUSINESS HOUSE AND 4 APTS. just across from high school for sale by owner, phone G87-W. 10-tfn oak floores, priv. owner, ph. 1456-.7 or 1150-W. 1 - t f n 3 BEDROOM H O M E , OAK floors, private by owner locates 140 W. Gi ceiling Avenue. 9 17-5p-21 THREE BEDROOM HOME COM- plete bath, natural gas, must Ije sold, leaving town. E. A. Cano, Old Meailla. 17-5p-21 FOR SALE HOME 1 Bedroom, Modern. Contact Bob Shook. Day 1111, Night 0388-NR4. l-lfn SUBURBAN H O M E 3 bedl'boms - 2 baths W. J. Little Hcallor Ph. 270 or 1305 18-TFN 18-- BUSINESS Opportunity SUN SET CAFE FOR SALE OR lease. Call 1451NR after n p. m. all day Saturday and Sunday. 1U-GC2J I! O O K L E S S BOOKKEEPING : new simple system for smai businesses and professional, tuts bookkeeping time and cost to. a m i n i m u m . Complete instructions S100. Box 161 lioswell. 19-1C-J9 Just received a long distance- call from "Red" Brown saving that he is sending us a picture of him and him wife. I know you'll a l l like the picture of his wife, but I'm not. .so sure of him -- he lias a face that only a mother could love-- but believe me he can sure play a banjo and giiitar. He also thinks he can imitate Arthur Godfrey on the ukulele only "Red" says he's a little better than Godfrey. Come to our big birthday party Saturday, May 5th and ymi be th-? judge how good he is. You'll have lots of fun and you may win .some of our fine prizes to )e given away every half hour. FARMERS MARKET - Ph. .133 Your Checkerdale Store 19-3C-21 1003 PICACHO Phone S83-R - 18-7p-2l 6--SERVICES Does Your Roof Leak? . 'CALL 700 ' S Li: W Construction Co. VKKK KSTIMATEH ' ' " - 1 8 - T F N five rooms, $50. Call Anthony M179R2. I7-llp-2 MODERN, FURNISHED APAHT- nicnt, 1425 S. Manznnita south Drivcin Tiieater near Foster, couple only 0295-R2. 17-tfn Kolks, I "wish everyone of you could have been with me last night (Tucs.) nt tlie Future Fanners Parent nnd Son h.-in- tjuet. The F.F.A. hoys a wonderful program and the F. F.A, girls served a delicious dinner. The program anil speeches were vary" iihprcsMlvc -everyone did their part mflrvrloiisly. I wfta very highly honon-d and .surprised when they made im* an honorary niemhcr of ihn Future Fanners of America. I certainly t h a n k all you Ijoyn for the distinction nnd we ail here at FARMERS MARKET will continue to On everything we can to holp you. Oil) on us at any time. Harold Con It Is, at your Chcckordali! SLOIP, pli. 333 is doing the painting, lie wa.s going to start the job last week hut flue lo the rain and h a i l -storm he had to wait until this week. We carry the complete line of Devoe paints hoth inside anil out, also t u r - pentine and thinner. FAIiMKRK MARKBT - Ph. M." Your Chci-kcrdale Store 4 piece Used Bedroom Suite light wooil, inncrsiirinj,' mattress ami springs included 5110.011 1 Jenny Wren Bed innetKfnTng mattress and springs S1. r '.IW (loneral Klectiic Vacuum ('leaner w i t h liltaelmlents $2.1.110 ·1 N'ew Venetian itumi.i, .:fl tn. J.'l^m apiece I 287 Won lladlcy - Ph. 7IS-.I 19--USED CAHS For Salo 2--19SI Plymouth 2-1951 DodKo 2--1951 Pickup · ; - / . Sec D A. WILLIAMS At Romncy Motor 1.1-tfn COMPARE THESE P R I C E S ! HIM Ohcv. $1505.00 , 1049 Chcv. $1205.00 19-18 Chev. $7(l. r 10-18 DcSota Coiiv. $80.1.00 11147 Plymnulh $805.00 · 1016 Mercury J7II.VOO 1040 Ford ?20.1.00 , JM7 Olds 5175.00 Cnllnm Buick Co. ,'11.1 H. Mall. 18-.1-C-20 Legion Suppers Being Given For Baseball Squad The first in the ;:?ncs l of sup-1 pprs to be given by the American Legion post lo raise funds for the | support of the American Legion Junior Baseball team is slated to be held Tuesday, May 1. ' Tin's will be an enchilada r.npper to \ic. sciTctl between 5:110 and 0 oYtock at the Legion hall. The advance tic-ket sale i.-; now underway but who do not buy tickets., can secure them at the door. Expert Insurance Advice . . . Chi I ton I,iait Insurance Co. I9--USED CARS For Sale . Immediate Delivery on THE NEW BUICK In Las Cru:es at ... CULLOM BUICK CO. 315 S. Main Ph. 1016 Auxiliary To Kelp The American Legion Auxiliary is assisting the Legion in the hold : ing of Ihe suppers. It is hoped and oxperted that pome" 1 $500 can be raised by this means. The Leglop hopes to have at least $1000 to invest in the team by the lime that piacticc gets underway. State Chumps They now have 5234 left from last year and n gift or $250 from the Mesllla Motor Company, sponsors of the teiim. They are yoing to purchase new uniform!? for the Htmud and hupn that the $1000 .vill be sufficient to carry them Lhruii}h the .icauun. The team won the state championship last year and many of the members of that squad will ue available to play again this" year. LAST KESOHT .MONKS CORNER, S. C.--t-Fl-- The police in this little town near Charleston have been .lenient with · traffic offenders, but conditions 1 have become so bud the chief of police has issued'this mnrning in the weekly Berkeley Democrat: "We hiive tried everything wo know, inciuding repeated warning's. .Nm\* all we can do is enforce the law. 1 : Model Cleaners Move To Modern, New Building ** .Model Ctannerti have moved to n new locution, it was annpuncod this week by Mr. and Mrs; Lloyd Hufsteihjr, proprietors. The cleaning establishment, operating here for the past 12 yours, lias mcvnl one dour 'east 01* its former ln-::tion. The new udilress is 12!i West GilRgs. SinuiiLdnuously with the move installation of the latest most modern equipment was completed. The firm has installed n Victone Process odorless dry cleaning-unit --· the only machine of its hind in southern New Mexico. The new equipment affords new and more efficient service in the e.stnhlfshment using a new DuPont Porchlothelehe solvent 11 times penetrating than gasolene typo solvents resulting in saving on woar and reducing shrinkage nnd odor. The new solution nan a highci cleaning action iind stops fading Plane Resembling Missiiig Craft Seen Over MoHivlains ', April 26 UPt- A private pilot, has 'told the Civi Air Patrol of seoinp a plane re semblinc; that of p. B. Clame o Grants. hflHd into' r'ough wcathei over the Sandin and Mnnzam mountains Suntlnyr"" , Colame, fi3, hfis neon imsstnf sincn Sunday on ajlight from Kansas City to his home. The pilot, whose name was withheld, said he turned back am i.iimled nt Flying"":? ranch whei the weather got bad. A silver ant red i;rafU such as Calame flew did not. Last direct word from Ca lame came in a radio report fron his plane over Amarlllo Tex. Ten CAP planeH r took off early today to search the eastern slope of the mpu^Uiin, r^ngejj east here. High winds' 'exepected to come un about 1 .p. m. may cut the search short, however. of delicate fabrics.. The plant in itii.nt'w location : open for business this week. by Wall Disney MICKEY MOUSE NOW TO A\EST A\ff. NP ...THE WE by Fran Slriker THE LONE RANGER \OU CAN QUALIFY FOR MY J| Y°U MEAN I'M TO BEJ YO^RE' EITHER GANG BYSHOOTIMG- J-?|L YOUJ? AS5A55IN? m WITVI US OR IT'S LEE/THE GOVERN-A f CROOKS LEARN WHO MENT MAN I HELPED IN rlfl TriEY'LL K THE INCHAH UPRISING] AGAINST US VDC KILL LEE OR WE'LL KILL MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN jK?^. ^ S LOWAR. GOES DOWN 6000 WJO.K, LlTKAfU YES--BUTJ YOU DRO'/L OFT A by Paul Robinsci '£.!''] ' ("DARUNQ-^, LITTLE ANNIE RODNEY by Brandon Walsh r \ |----;-,v -S t;"' ·· -· fTOMM^ClAIHS ME SAW TV/O ^ rjr.--r-' ^.JXAI: ju^n LITTLET GIRIS HAMGIWS AROUND ^E VOU SURE YOU klOS WERE N0r\WArCiilMG ZERO JUT BEFORE PLAY1MG SOME KIMD OF KID GAME, PUrfil^HE RAN AWAY-^ · ^ 1~X^rr»- POOChE tt OM J T r ' ^ l_ V^Sfc^/GlRLS TROM TWE I^t^^ ^.^vyoME,^^ P^W-T--^'V^^ K^tw^ -SA w-/I-VWE MEALL ,-L SURE. ONE OF ME KIDS WAS LOI AN' SKINNY-TWIT OU1EC WAS SHORrAKl FAT- r^j ^t-S- ~WTriiiHiZ"rS ;·.' v I KNOW WHO ,:THEY ARE- ^(W? LTM--^ V.-1X- /PLEASE 1 . ANNIE --OWrSAY 'T! I THINK WHAT YOU THINK IT WE GOrrA BE CERTAIN .r4E BERDRF WE BUME AMVBr.OV WE OHiy THINK 15 TO BLAHE- y _: BIG SISTER WHAT PIN WAVE YC-'J GOTfAVV, WE ROUMD WAT ThIAT MAN COULD v AN 1MITATIOM r POSSIBLY WANTJrr-f DiAMOMDPIM ifSJi V.'MECEDID) \I PUT IT? . -,tr ·jj;-!--L_ ^ry 7.J5A/ , /: pli ilSPSS5:tffi ETTA KETT i'n WISMAN SAW MM , . .. _ PlCKlTUPAWDTOiED,iT,iVAS4GENIJINE by Lee Falk and Phil Davil EXCUSE-ME. \ (OH, NO I'LL LEAVE VUU V % ^r/ -H fcv.i by Les f'orgrave

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