Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 16, 1970 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1970
Page 18
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Cust«m W«rk U TRIBUNE WANT ADS RATES AND DEADLINES CLASSIFIED DISPLAYS R a t e : $1.150 per column Inch. Volume rales upon request. ^Minimum space i col Screen borders it cut used on ads of 2 column inches or more. Deadline: 3 p.m. Day Prior. CLASSIFIED READER ADS Deadline: 4 p.m. Day Prior. RATES M i n i m u m charge (10 words) SOc First insertion per -word Additional consecutive tion.s ot sitme ad, per word 4c Si.\th day free. N o n i h rate, per line (2 line m i n i m u m ) .._ 3 0 r r discount on reader ads if paid within 10 days. Every other day arts charged at one day rate. Blind Box Xumbers _ _ CANCELLATION Ads may lie cancelled by before fl:00 n.m. insertion day. (One t i m e service charge) DIP Tribune assumes responsi- h i l l t v for only 1 incorrect inser- 1 l i n r i ' o f nny ad. Please read your. m! t h n fir.M d;iy it appears. Call! ir. furroction before 9 a.m. day. II DS 5 i.YS t. inch. iches rior. rior. ) SOc Sc Inser d 4c ne $4.00 o he _ BOc ailing day. ge) . Call next ed Adv Help Wonted 7 WANTED -- A naiad girl. Wilt train, HcdlcdB Cafeteria. Sth nnd Sth. MAIDS wanted. Apply in person, Ka- inadn Inn. M A R R I E D man for year around farm worlt. Phone S34-222U. WAITRESSES wanted. All shifts. Apply in person. Kumada I n n . IN or LPN, full or pnit time. 353-0536. TOY lit- pa r t m e n t tniinriKfr wntitvd. of supervision and layout. SS.HUO. WANTKD - Baby sittor, my home 5 day week. 3 month old baby. Call SOBaEONKTo slay with 1 child Friday eveniiiKS thixiuKh Sunday inortiing. Sl'MM"KK~vnIlrfttaca wanted 7 n.m. lo 3 p.m. A p p l y in person. SVcMahan's R A N C H hand, married. Tom Trefny, RI. 3 Box 13S. Fort Collins. 4S2- FULL or part time. 7-Klevcn Stores. Apply 2331 23rd Avn. before noon. Nil phone ually. couiile. Phone 353-0490. MALE hulp nceled for pruduc.tion work In kftchcn cabinet factory. Mac- Kennic Co., 2332 4th Ave. WANT1-TD -- Experienced hired man. .". room mod(?i-n house. 732-43S4, Kwnrsbiirji. position. Phone 352-6082. Bune.ll Re- ELKCTRONIC trouhlc shooter-- Exper- SC.OOO. Cull DOIIIIH, 353-GOCG. D and B. SEKV'TCE sbifinn attendant nnd me- chaiiic. f u l l t i m e . Must be i-spcr- irm-ed. Apply in person. Brent wool Knco. 2304 Res. Rd. II A N D Y m n n -- Mature, well Kroomcd m a n wilh the ability to do minor DiulU'. 3ri:t-nOCG. n and B. H A V E red white blue Califronia reR- iiu-rcd pcdicrct'd ntbbita. Need eonic- Ave. Call Bill Wickwnr. »62-503l. C H I C r 'entioni^t Wlin cnn nk'auc th« 5^(10 plus pom mission. Call J u n e , :!ri3-GOHG. B nnd H. SERVICE station a t t e n d a n t ami nw- in persun, Dale's Texaco, Sth Ave. ertising Help Wonted 7 :OOK wanted, morning shift. Call a.m. only. 362-1622; 2S4-9K. IF.LP Wanted -- Self help housinc Kntup h^der. Must speak Si»«nish and Kin-ilish. Salary open. Apply . to Ctiluiadu Migrant Council, Hox 420, Kvativ. Colorado 80620. AUTO mechanic. Experienced. P»ld va- tuission basis. Contact Ed Bunker, Ucllniwn Chrysler Plymouth. 817 7th St.. CrecU-y, Colorado. _ M f h · k Fxnerienced with «ow-cnlf operation, feeding, ir- r i K a t i n K , haying and mechanically Inclined. Francis Blake, Hereford, ALL AGES buy Avon. Why not sell to t h e m ? You cjill on customers in your own locality, have high earning pot e n t i a l and enjoy life as an AVOI Representative. Call now, 3D'2-323S. MILK HAULER NEEDED If you like truck operation, and Co., Johnstown, Colo. 587-4500 REGISTERED NURSES Stfiff positions, and operating room (circulating) . Top pa and good benefits. Call admin Blrntnr nt Memorial Hospital SALES REP RESIDENT OF GREE- LEY NEEDED. SOME S A L E S EXPERIENCE. M I N I M U M START ?400 PER JIO. PLUS CAR EXPEXSES, PLUS BEN- F 1 H S T NATIONAL TRENCHING. ( llorinc Co. 3 MANURE h»u B A U K U U K . bl« BACKHOB. Ex 1'aul Korman CUSTOM rolotl Kanlcnu. 3f«. DANDKL1ONS oulUi. General iioLTiTAY'^Tri loppiiiK. rt-m CUSTOM plowi 1002. EI.AM'S Cuslo CUSTOM rotot nnd giirdcng. 3S2-I1'J79. 8117 DlanlhiE. Il.i Phoiiu cvcnin F A R M "Cusiim Twpan. 352- CC96. TRENCHINO. Hn«, 2SI-62 Service. CUSTOM plcm lirous nnd fu nS6r2293 days » °r work. 352 l-.rterson. M O W I N G -- nl Sprny Se CONCRETE we rctaintnir u repair. Free or 353-793S. SMALL dozer Ruck hoe w Hob Larson TRENCHING a L» Sollo P) Brown. 737-i WASON'ltY. re Professional sionfll rosl. .S30U nsk for Tro IF IT'S trash, .lohn Kline. \VK dismantle nuirn. Phone ilESTWAY Dij 352-7543. THK WAY ru Wan f u l l , winter. TWO boys nee fnll. w i n t e r . P H O N E 3.i2-U211 71-t Eighth Street O f f i c e Hours S a.m. to 5 p.m. Classified Index Announcements up read Ing, ploy- work, boring. Plitt* C. D3-0!5. atlriK, back filling. t arming. Plowing. service. Plowing, corn anil Larry Alliner. cvpniiiKs, 363-7382. Service. Plowing. R 352-9512. B. Warren, 352- Schaeffer'a Digger plowinff, plow down snhy- nnd fumijiation. Gar- Jeffers, " ' 68G-2S62. ·ofessionnl sfirvicc. l l n v · larpest lawns. Genpi vice. 352-1050. .rk all types, flat worl walls, restoration an Free est. Ph. eves. 353-2079 Duran Bros. r and carry-nil work w/londer. Of. 2fi4-fS02 iraon 234-5^2, D. Frpemyer i ( i ; A l estate eale mnn ~- Must be li-| Creeley. Time Roal- deal ty. :i'iL'-?S:!S. ETlAirLB person for InunHrj- and housekeeping work. ^H hour werk. Hirch A v c n u o M a n o r NursiiiK Homo, " _ \ EXPEim-fNCKI) nilrcFS ore J u n e nntM to l-'rnn's . Call between In ment rurtion .... r , i n ! . - H H ! \V» .._ r,.n-'.-uf:i;!) K q u i p m Work i;.i::.-a:ion and !--:.rrn K'luipment ...... f n r Roni-- A p j . n m e n t s . F, r Reni-- Buildings ...... K - I'en:-- FnrmF and Tracts F,..- Itcnt- Garaires i - . . - Int -- Houses -- ............ i , i r M m t -- Mt. Homes, Cabini y.,t I!, r.:-- Office Space F u r R e n t -- Kourns ..... I 'r u its ar.d Ve^-c tables ^ T1RK shop anil ens bt.-ilion nltondant. 3 Formnnent job for riiilit mnn. 1U- 9 tircmcnt nnd hos|iUili/.ntion. Weld 6 : Co. GiirnKC. (1 \ G !\\ ; ANTP:D "-- Dental JWRiPtant, office I hours S-5 Mnn., Tucs.. Thtirs., l"n**! il:ty. P-1L 1 Wed. nnd Stit. Write C-Ii? 17 DJ'ltKCTOR of Nurslni: Burvire for Ttl "0 hc.l n n r ^ i n n honu-. Cont salary with 19* frinj;.' hcncfitii, with nvw rorporatum. 18 W r i t e or cull Vern Wulic 15 j _A_ J j ' j G O I . n K N *;·; fico noedi BANK BLDR., FT. COL- LINS, COLO. or leeching fields oncrete and plastcrlntc work at below profes No job too small. 362' Bill. Trosh HouMng we haul it. 352-1673. rubbish removal. 352-6124 nted to Rent 14 For *·«»--AjN. TWO Klrls for BUIH UNFUKN1SIIBD apurtnivnt. Ave., hiquht Apt. 2. KOIt COUPLE betlruuiu Gth St. KOll KBNT--housw uim, in Uilcretit. TWO bvdrooin tinfuri in J-plex. 352-9521. COlITKGE flpartmen Cli«w to Univeniity FOR HUNT -- Sm»Il Call after 7 p.m., f ONK bedroom fnrn couple preferred, jjets. 352-6806 or APARTMENTS availa 1 fltudenl?. See at JB3 plionc 353-5988. TWO large bedroom slimmer quarter for 1315 13th Ave. Jtiea furnished. No ONK bedroom trailer, 10 WANTED -- 4 Rirls fortablc IIOUSP near · qunrtar. 3^3-6552 «fi NJGB, clean, rurnlshed TWO bedroom furnish apartment for mimni ities paid. 1921 6th FALL quarter -furnished apartments college girls. 353-3132. S x 4S FOOT trails people. SSO. month plus SS65. F U R N I S H E D 2 bedr Summer quarter, t 352-3105. LARGE 4 bedroom : ment. Summer quart 1700 13th Ave. August. One 4. Near cnnr Education and Instruction L I M I T E D o n r n t n i M f o r beKinninc n) s t u d e n t s f u r J u n e classes. . =tHa. Airs. Fri*d Wcilanri. pring. 352-4273 TWO adults want bouse, apartment or HiipVx by .JmN? «. -l^J-^047, W A N T 8 or 4 bedroom home in coun- 1 try or nearby town. 353-2740. WANTED~T(T rent--Clenn 2 car K n- ruco. fi months to year. Phone 352- PP'.IL 1 a f t e r fi. AVANT ti" FURNISHED »pt. Couple 01 Also mobile home. 302 "" N. llth Ave. 352-7660. ^RNISHED" buffet ulults. N( JUDO inftriietion. Men, women and children. For information call 352- 1GSS. P R I V A T E cuiL-ir initiating iriist. Hick Scheidem u::: if NKiST t--2 or tl bed room home Small pasture arid build' silik-. 353-T9S1 after 4. uusc apiirtn: ''WO bedroom iiiiartmcnt.' Suitable for rio5P to both cam) summer and/or fall. 2 biidroom upar . ,,, dnipiis, ranRr. r ·nsher. $150. Tnk* IJ2-1212. TEMPORARY home, :luit with filudent roommate. Cnll «51!-i!a73. R K L l A U L E sini;lc student -- One bedroom aimrtmt'iit with kitchen. References. :iri3-465'.'. W A N T H D to rent furnished apart ·nt fnr 1 Rirl, fall quarter. J40.-SGO. Frv.1, Straw ______ H . - l p Wan toil H,ni,-ohrld Goods I r r i f ^ i i o n System Lot's Swap Livestock ... i -.-··. ;nid r o u n a M:?cel!iir.eo-J3 ?'.il,ile Hom . mile eafit; north «id« ot road. lonn on?y Wanted . in Mov ins -nd Storase Musiivil Instruments Kur.-ing Homes - I'ersonnls - T'-t Stock _ T.-ultry ____ f rofeasiondl Services '* . S f w i n « Mschines- Pim.-.tions U'.intt'd Epii.-linB Goods _ Trailurs ant! Camp T v n i l o r Si-ace _______________ Truiif portal inn _______ Tr l ; -h Haulir.R . _ . _ . _ .._ T V - R a d i o Service?. Hnlea _. W.-mtcd" to Rent ~ 4l . ~ 27 _4E-A _. 81 __ ^ _ 13 ^ Hircli Manor Niirsinit Home, 3S3-Ori35. ipportunily--Attractive of:i cirl wbo likes to meet d h»vi' a variety of duties, t-xcdli-m beni'TitP. ?'J95. Call HndK 1 . :(.')S-iur.(;. H mul B. \"l~KRTKNCI-:n married mnn for «en- eral farm work. 4 ronm modern house, ]artly furnished. ot Calcton, 4S4-2P70. _ H O K T H A N n anil typInK ekilU trill l.ind you this R to 5, B day week position with prestice concern. $325 plus KOod frince benefits. Call Don- nn. 353-^q6fi. B and II. J A N I T O R -- One of Greclcy'i nicest employers needs n mature man capable of workinp without supervision. Experience preferred but not necessary- $4.300. Call June, 853- 60GG. B and B. · M A R R I E D couple n«d» furnished Business Opporfunitici 9 j a p a r t m e n t near campus, fall, win| ter. spring- 352-4273 aftt'r i. . Good hiisinuss Caf«. 2S4-9S94. nnd ·OR PALP; - - Hnltrn* in Fort Luptnn by owner. Illness forces sale. Ciouil business. Call Fort Luplon. 1-^67- W A N T E D -- 2 home w i t h plan r 3 bedr for hun fnrm i. 454- Situations Wanted 10 T E A C H ER-- Graduate apartment for nine .Irnir 14th. Natu-y I'hiiriton. K i n e m t t n , LAWN mo\vpr shnrpcninp. WANTED 397?. I R O N I N G , baby MttiiiR nnd tinR. 1941 Cherry Ave. 3f: CARPENTER" and mnerrlc i *rnl ccn tract in K, Phone 3f LICENSED"" baby sitting WILL do scwinc. WANTED a"! P A I N T STORE SALESMAN 4 4 : .\iitional cnmpany. Experienced. ^A!Salary nnd commission, Appli- *"_1.". 5:;ic;ttions confidnntial. Send qnnl- to Box C-39, c/o 2:1 il'it-alions 5 Tribune. Lost and Found -- "' REGISTERED OR -- "I LICENSED t ! ' P r n c t i r n l nurses. 3 to 11 Liiln. Bou-nnl/ u lo 7 s h i f t s . nnd part. Ironinc. Phone 352- G AND B Pnintlnc. Free optima Rensonnble. 3R:j-r.74S, 352-3279. ALTERATIONS -- Dressm'kini:. 17-10 "Ih Ave.. or 862-7311. C A K P K N T E R work, all kinds. Tilinc loors. Frre estimates. Cnll 353-6J03. ALTERATIONS »nj drasmnklni. 33:1-0021. LICENSED hnby sittinK. my hoi Pin-k-Wnshincton area. 353-747f. ALTER/.TIOVS -- LnJIes GriM-e's. hl2^ feth St.. 3 md nen s PA1NTINC -- --AH kinds. Free estimates. Di.?ti Tofftman. 353-0518. INTERIOR nnd exterior pnintinc. Cal evrninK-;. Stanley Pedfln. '2S^-fi3.)R. j - n r X D -- [tlr.,'1: femjilc C»ckor ! lol. C u l l .:. :-H'f,-. REYNA tree trimmlnR. Lowest prii Firewood half price. 353-61SO. .Manor, 3fi3-3370.| PA - INT -| NCT _ i nlerior , exterior. Frw itimnto. C^ E. Myrirk. 454-261 iti: L O ; - T - - A Fharp ecne on your scissors. We pharpcn 'cm. T i r . k i n ^ ^heurs, too. Personals LADIES APPAREL SALESLADY .I'iApplicHtions heillK taken. 25-40. 2! KxiiL'rieni'e onlv. Permanent potion. DODO'S, 824 9th St. SERVICEMAN ALCOHOLICS Annnymous. Ph. 3520. ; 52 Tor help or meetine information T H I N K l N ' f i nf bicycle repair.*? Think; i = f A l k i r e ' s . Gil! S'th Avr. :jr»2-aa01.! r P ' l ' U K T T E bras and Kmiles. | IP V O T R shaver sick? C n l l the Razor 1 C l i n i c . A l k i r e . fill) Sth A v r . .132-95(11. i...,f:..e._ _ \\ HPP in need of an indi- SUM ( : ,vr ror frrr hum,- ii.-mo with v i f , n n ] ( . a p ijh] e O f h a n d l i n g War- tn- (.lh^atioii. ph.-nc 1 im Swudlund, ::v.!-^ti;:i nftcr i p.m. j r a n t y service work on mobile Must lie capable of do ing various typos of repair work, Auto Rental Transportation B! in-'uclin K shofit metal, electrical - ·- 'plnnibiiiL,', cabinet and -.,n pill. Only ?!.:i- CONCRETE work, free Plione 352-S413. Jim Morehend. A1NTING -- One who cares. Interior, exterior. Free estimates. 352-23SC. K t u d c i Wilhelrr TO 4 bedroom house responsible local business fiimily. General Greeley 6706H. el h : IKE bedroom unfurnished house in i-wli'v n^^it-il i m t i n - i U a i f l . Dm iiJ irkson, Kt. 1*, Box 67. Fort Morgan WANTED 2 or 3 bedroom iipnrtnirnl or hmise by J u n e 1. ]*«l». W r i t e Il«rbani Williums, Rt. 4, Box IMS fireeley. OCTOKAir student and wife a p a r t m e n t or hmisc, from Senli 1, 1070 lo September 1, 1371. 3 1-2 7 3 7. NEW faculty family neodd to rent to 3 bedroom house or « p n r t m c p a r t i a l l y or completely furnished. Phnn*- 351-234S between 8 to week- mli Cal S:iHo If, 59. N'EW nished. 1 to 3 Daily or weekly u n f u ONE bcdroon. aparimentB. Two l»edr ed apartment. June, pets. I B I S 7th Ave. I EW 2 bedroom apni pet, drapes, rnnire, r wMsher. J1C6 per r 1212 for appointment. NEWLY redecorated mem. Close in. Ui ptovc refrigerator. IHi^ tith St. or CB! S:3n p.m. has washer and dryei only. T) minutes frt E. 16til St., n f t e r 1 TTlTtEE bedroom car mi-nt. New carpet, I K»ra K e included. $: AdullA. No pets. Ca! TWO bedroom u n f u r n .vnilnlilc .Tune 1. ir conditioned. Follywood Apt!".. COS 2ml Ave. Phone 3n3-lt50 or 3R2- ph. 17 emale boarders, cililln. 362-2101. r quarter. 2224 322 after 6. ment. «7V4 8th f bedroom apart* r peti. 362-4924. nmer quarter. 3 363-7964. trailer. 2 bed- tehed apartment for Kitmmcr. 351-2018. abed apartment. . Phon* 352-0733. 1 trailer house. shed, 2 bedroom, Phone 352-8867. itnt immediately. 1 853-3362. tients and rooms. (hod apartment, 10 children, no 362.43S7. blc for summer 39 10th Avc. or apartment for 4 Kirls or boys. oom unfurnished efrigerator, util- peta. 363-2012. 10 x 50 foot. 11 «venintrB. 353- to fihare com- cnmpus, Bummer tcr E. 1 upstairs apart* idy. No students, 2-9501 before 5. ed aemi- basement er quarter. Util- Ave. 353-4217. bedroom clean ts for 4 or 5 2. for one or two Ins utilities. 353- oom apartment, lose to college. furnished apart- jcr. 4 or 6 girla. June. July and odates 3 : other, 3-4016. aple or bachelor. J02 13th St. 722 60. partment In La pet«. J105. 352- Ished bjisrmpnt for 3 nturiontn. puses. Available 352-4652. rtment with car refriecrator, dish f care of ynrtl completely fur oom kitchenettes j. Mountain View . No pnona calli Ishcd and b u f f o droom u n f u r n i s h - Adulta only. No rtment w i t h cnr- refrinernUir, dish- month. Call 262- nt. 'J hr-drnom apnrt- f u r n i H h n l except $90. Clarendon 3r,2-52rl9 Itefore floor apartment pr, utilities paid Rummer q u n r t c i -om cnllcKC. 213G p.m. rden level npnrt- 3rnp«, atove am 160 plus lights !l 352-2S3S twfor? nlfthcd apartment Adult*. Carport Offic* Sp«c« 22 OFFICE space 400 aquan ft. of John- ion Build inn. Id* 10th Avc. Off atrect parking. Air conditioned. Janitorial service. Ph. 362-2639. di?PKJK »pac* at 712 10th St. 800 nq. ft., street frontage. Private of* flcM. Could h»njt «ign. 324I08, itayn. 352-6561 eve». fWO room office, ground floor, 260 Btiuare feet. Utlllllw, air condition' ing and janitor furnished. Very reasonable rent. Joed Corner. Call or aee Dr. Haefell, 901 10th Ave., 3622020. OUTSTANDING -- Notr-new office located in We*t Greeley, featuren car- poling;, walnut ponding, air conditioning, background music, plus separate patron and employee parking. Lishted outdoor sign. 362-6687 days; 353-2921 . eveninr. Phone 3r.H-3068, Troiltr S^ct 23 T R A I L E R spnt-e. $22.50 per month. No pets. 352-1013. HOUSE trailer loin for Bale at Hill 'N Park. Ph. 362-4983. jJMTTED number of new mobile home npar«i for rent. Adults. No pets. 353-fifMB. MOVHLK Home space available in 10 ilnyu. Can take 12 or 14 wides. Meadows Mobile Home Park. Adults only, no pets. 1st Ave. and 22nd St. Contact Mr. Ray, Space 23. 353-5476. Miscellaneous 27 LEATHER bar with stool; synthetic wiR, auburn. S62-701. FOR SALE -- Nice chrome bird case on stand. {16.0U. 362-SB67. FOR SALE -- 3 piece wedding rinjt set, 14 carat. Best offer. 353-3952. FOR SALB -- 1966 Kawasaki, street or trail. 353-0630. BOY'S blcvclv. MO. Please call 3531423 after 5 :SO, '"Oil SALE -- Japan mnde china, service for 8. Cnll 852-3307. FOR SALE -- Rosenthal china, complete, serving pieces. Reasonable. 353-1813. itNAPP shoes for air cushioned comfort. H. C. Smith. Phon* 362-2B37. WE buy used TV'a and stereos. 352-7200. CUSTOMER Satisfaction, my motto. Tommy's Barber Shop, 1115 7th Ave. WANTED-- Old or unusable cars that are towable. Phone 352-9343. PRINTING-- Small jobs a specialty. Lowest prices in town. 353-8327. PORTRAIT in oil color from your snapshot or other photo. 91. 353-8327. AUTHORIZED Ski-Doo Dealer. Franklin Cycle Sales. 352-6B92. LOVELY formats, 1 pink. 1 pale green. FOR your Studio Girl Cosmetics, call 363-1670 after 6. NIGHTCRAWLERS, native and Texas ; earthworms. 1903 Sth St. 352-P021. ANTIQUE -- 1920 bund short wave radio, works Rood. 353-2945. GAS water hoater, Rood condition cuarnnteed 90 days. 363-2291. Phone 353-2099. EXERCISE bike, $30. 352-7S21. FOR SALE -- Top nnil for Burden and lawns. Call 353-1 7CS. We dismantle and haul away taciner atora. Phone 362-8270. K I R f Y Sales and Service at Urumlry' Floor CoverlnE. 1331 9th St. den* in Garden of The Good Shop herd. 353-0156. GAKAC.E Snle -- Saturday and Sundnj Johnstown area. 4 miles so. of Moi linht. l ' - j mile* east. Scott farm. A U T O M A T I C electric ·torilirer, t n f a n ·cat. plastic bath tub. Exrellen condition. $10. 353-503K, 950 H A K L K Y Davidson 46 model. Re built riiKtnt and transmission. 1361 QUALITY canvas work of all kind* reeoverlnit of truck seat?, etc, Woor Canvas Products. 19S9 Reservoir Ri FOir~SALK~^ New O l y m p f . slandar si/e. cli-ctrlc, pica typewriter wit fabric and carbon ribbon. 362-555" HONDA 350. 4,600 ml lea. Heavy dm liiltKaBf ruck. LcavinK for Ala*kn MuM sell. *fiS6. 284-7816 after f.. 'age 18 GREELEY TKIUUINK aai., »my *-*, ^ » Miicfllifl*«ui 27 WANTED -- Junk ears, truckj, true- tor*, etc. Call us firat. w« pay tup prlcM. 363-1006. USED corral pole*. 26e each; uied fence pouts, 16c each ; miscellaneous lumber, $1.00 per hundred pounds, 352-OEi24. LOFTY pile, free from noil Is the carpet clean*! with Hltie Lustre. Rent electric aliampouer $1. Sherwin Williams. ADDING machine!, typwrltera, all makers, new and used. Sales, sen- ice, Kuaranteed. Ed Xcldhau*. 1201 lUh Aic. 361*0066. TWO reserved ticket to Shrine Circus for 1 nint blood donated to Shrine Crippled Children. Hospital. 352-9267. sell, trade anything ot vaiae. Furn., etc. Hart Trading Post, 316 N. llth Ave. 353-5973. BRACE yourself for a thrill the first time you use Blue Lustre to clean riifrs. Itent electric shampooer $1. A and M (lias*. ·'OR butter cleaning to keep colors KlcaiiiiiiK, use Hlue Lustre carpet cleaner. Rent electric shnmpoour $1. Hum-It Wholesale. EGG-0-MATIC *Kg (Trader, two pickup side tool boxes ; cash rt-jrisler : cooler ; compressor and blower; cooler door. 353-7912 days; 353-0267 eve- WINDSHIELDS-- New and used. Plate glass, window Rinss, Kcroens, Evening windshield service for your convenience. Call for anp't. Karl's Greeley Glass Center. 2105 9lh St., 363-2113. »1LE is soft and lofty -- colors retain brilliance in cnrpets cleanec with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shnm- pwer $1. Hested's, «th Ave. nnd fiih St. or 2547 IHh Ave. ELMER'S Pawn Shop and Frontier Self-Serve Gaa. Used furniture. We buy. sell and trade. Come in and browse around. Elmer Dale, 200 N l l t h Ave. 352-2774. KEEP your c«rpet» beautiful despite constant footsteps of a busy family. Get Bine Lustre. Rent electric shnm- JJCKHM- 51. Hested'B 8th Ave. and 8th St. or 2547 IHh Ave. FOK SALE -- Cheap. Lady's new HIM! used cluthintc: baby and tnddler clothing : new mtscellaneouK item* : tie set, extras. J4.50: sterilizer, f 2.0» ; cur bed, $3.76: new car sent. $1.00; carpet tiles, flli.UO, 12D So. 2nd St., La Salle. Antiques 28 A N T I Q U K K -- Sec in Orchard. Colo- WEBEK'S Antiques, 2408 Sth Ave. F U R N I T U R R auction, * mile west of Evans. Every Monday nicht. 7:00 *hflrp Omirnmrnt* welcome. Al- hach Auction Company, phone 3528248. Household Goods 30 USED Hotpoint refrittrator. GE refriKcrator, 17. G cu. ft., roller* ice maker, coppcrtone. 353-5124. l-'OR SALE -- A p a r t m e n t i«ite BUS E l r e t m l u x r p r r i g r r n l n r . J1U. 352-0312 S O F A : d i n e t t e set, 4 chairs ; end tables: coffee Uililc; upholstered cbnir lamps. Kcanonalile. 363-2091. TOP irici-» paid rnr f u r n i t u r e . One Shoji, 363-4137. 19fi!l TOP load t nir automatic Whirlpoo iHshwnahrr. Like new. 3AX-OP1 a f t e r r,. WANTED -- Oood iw*?d f u r n i t u r e nm mlscj-llaneou.". Oary Greenwood, 2GOC Sth Ave. 362-4S22. WANTED to Miy used f u r n i t u r e . Ru* nrll Furnlturu Rt-rinishtnK. 609 13th St. 353-4076. USED furniinre. Open dally. Grrrn wood Liquidation Center. 260G Stl Ave M I L L I O N S nf nuts have hcvn eli-anw with Blur Lustrr. It's A m e r i r n V fin r-ht. Rent i-Wtric nhampooer f 1 (Jrrclry KiirniHin-. CdKON ADO rcfriKvrator, 1 1 00 ; cli-p trie ranKP, $20: Rt.-ri-o. 175; n'dhi rr. fSf, : All in very Kmii condition BM!S SuMllei 3' 26 FOOT Troj«n in-U-unl cabin cruiacr ainl trailer with aci-vss.»ricH. Att- 8655. SKI boat -- 15 ft- CO hp. AM equipment included. Ready for lh« water. 363-6238. 1J FT Lone Star. Alumhiuin with controls, trailer. 25 li|i livitirudc. ?2«5 or beat offer. 352-0718 after 3 p.m. 2513 J*Ut Ave. Ct. FOH SALE -- 12 ft. a l u m i n u m fishlnif boat. Sea Kinx lrollin K inolor, anchors, rod holders. OHM, life jackets stein, DO 31»t Ave., I-ot A-13.' Sporting Goods 35-A FOR powder, bullets, primers, reload- inir equipment. Discount prices, nee Harry, 102 N. l l t h Ave. 352-91W. GUN repair -- Custom «l»wH"R' Clark's Gun Sbop, 4th Ave. and loin St. 353-GOK6. Seeds, Piants, Flowers 38| WANTED -- Free lilac bushes, trees. etc. 353-4920 after 5 :SO. NICEST heddinK ulanta in the ntnte. 64c box. Omniums and vet;ctabl« plunts, all nizes. Open, 11 a.m. SEEDS for sale -- A l f a l f a : Dnw»on. Vernal and Banner ; barley: Hilnnd and Otii»; SprlilR wheat: Crnni nnd Lee; oatt : Russell and P a r k ; srapi- es. All varietirt of irrigated and dryland Brasses. 'Greeley Seed Co.. Lucerne. Phone 352-44B2. Hay, Groin, Feed, Straw 40 HALED hay for sale. C u l l 33-1997. LEAFY green nlf.'tlfa. larcr bale?. f l . I O per bale. S58-4290; 284-fi472. ·100 TONS KnnilnKC ?£,00 ton. 4542501 (ir 451-2563. FOH SALE -- 25 tons nf -«econrl and third c u t t i n g hay. 352-6137. P A R K hay. graded alfalfa. Wis. cedar fence poeta. Don Kelly 352-9491. 1ST, 2nd, ond 3rd cutiint: hay. Good duality. Ln Salle »ren. 2S4-GH3C : 2."4- C410. Livestock 41 FOR SALE-- Pony, mnrc with saddle. $»5. 363( J3iy. i v f l j O M l N O . 3 venr old jrcldinu, broke. $'»fiO. .152-3778. niilo. J27S. l.nir. S3(-22f,?. Call a f t e r 5. 3 5 ',!-:! Got. 60 BRED Kills for sale ynur choice $100. Phone 2S1-7SM5 or aRa-l^S. S K V K R A L well broke Kent IP horses. .John Hrmliiy, 1932 K. 17th St. G R A S S L A N D pasture f'ir c n t t l e for rt-nl. Availnlilo mnv. n.4-^4('i. F"OR"sl\LE "-- Suffolk Inmbs. 5 re K - J'OR SAI.K -- Pairs cwea nnd lambs, Cnll 4M-247:! evcninn*. sTib~ETNGT~noarding. breaking ho»H. Kraiumnlilp. Cnll 353-HS15. C U R T I S Hretilinc Kt-rvicc, 3n2-S."i-l4 : fiUfi-lMflft. L A K E Arrowhend (.table* BonrdinR. exercise nnd cnrc. 352-16S8. HORSE fihnelriK and hoof Inmmine. Dean A n d r r a n n , 353-0355. WANTED -- S p r l n R psnture, ready tnnn. 14 m n T ' a t o r k t r a i l e r . Kxrellent con- d l t i u n . Call 3r,:U77()!'. RKfTlSTEREi) Dur.x; n i l l n nevcn weeka old. KxcHlonl bliKid liiu-s. 3. r i3-fl{t(ir n f t c r G .r wepkonl». W A N T E D -- " P a a t u r r for 30 or more Inirnt-M. Torn Tri-fny. I t t . 3 Box 139 Fun Cullini, 4^2-tri79. KOK""S"ALB~ - P wwmiing P!K«. 45 nmrc in '- weeks. Hamp-Duroe-Vork cn'''^. "'·l-77i;n n f t c r f» p.m. PASTtmK'fur - r i-f. In-all nf r.-ittl.-. I7.. r .ft H m n i i t b per hrnd or w i l l take^-alf L"lVKSTnCK~.prninK. Over 21 yvan rxn. Brantncr. Phnn« BS6-2SOO or - R O O M fur horM-". Jld.illl rni-h n m o n t h 2i:tfi K. i n t h St.. n f N - r 1 p.m. BATTLE K p r n y n i R I'rompl. hinc5t WANTED -- 4 bedroom or 3 iMtlron ·with finished basement. S childre IH, 11. 5. Occupancy in June. Cu Urt Hob Arnold. Rainbow Motel, 3S2- For Renl--Houses 15 ONE and 2 bedroom u n f u r n i s h e d »pls*. Carpet,", drapi-s, electric kitchen w i t h dishwasher nnd !elf rlenninir oven, Adults. No pets. Cranford Place Apt.i. 3S2-I)26C. NEAR "new 2 hedroom npnrtment In 4-plex. l l n f u r n i - i h i s l except ranc* snd refriKerwtor. Complete electric kitch- vr.. WnshinK facilities available. Immediate occupancy. No children or |n-t. Phone 3S3-5532. SUMMER quarter -- One nice furnished a p a r t m e n t , couple w i t h 1 child $2S.'i. nr :t KirlF $300; one furnishei apartment fnr couple with 2 children WflO. or 4 or 6 sirls. 1100. CKSSPOOLS. erense traps, pumped. Ph. 3B3-176S. Mrs. Rex Cunningham. PAINTING -- Resident,"?! K Bpecialty. L. b. McDaniel. Ph. 3^2-0250. CONCRETE work. Free estimates. Phone 352-0601. EXTERIOR puintinsr -- brush ..r spray. THA1LBH hoiiFf in Pierce for eoupln _ j » r _ f n m i l y _ w i t h one child. 834-24TB. FUUN'ISHKD 2 bedroom hniwe. wnsh- IT. ilryfr. Marrinl putiple. No pets. SMS. UritoPit. HB2-0011. SMALL 2 bedroom furnished house. tiumnicr qunrler. Closn to collefif. 3»2-!»10S. CLEA*N 2 bedroom trniler. Trailed 209 N. U t h Ave. Smr.ll family. Rp nce nnd deposit required. Inquire '21 14th St. HOME in Greeley. Three bt-dronm: split level house. Newly mrpetei and draped. RanRe nnd Karbmte dis posnl. Southwest area. Desire couple or couple with small family. Mini mum of one year's lease at $165.00 monthly. Home available on June J PAINTINfi - Interior, exterior, nnd fni-m paintintr. Free estimittcs. CHS- per Hrehon^Chnrlie Brehon. 332-2027. HANDYMAN. Trim. tranHplant ehrub- Jnji/clean up. 352-0164! POWER raking, power uweepinB, fertl- ROOMS day lizinjt. All J153-149. nt a low, low CARPENTER -- expert. Remodelinc. rcpnirinR, cabinet work. Call 6862061 a f t e r fi p.m. S~ANI)" A Painlinc, interior and ex- · i-.tnN -- Daily, weekly, m o n t h l y . i-y Leasing Co.. ] 1011 ^lh_ Ave. Norm Swanson, ,. . , A l l r n Amen. 352-1601. finish nr-i-Ti 353-53-15 ; Professional Services Business Service Q U A L I T Y SAW sharncninc. All kind?. One ri f,crv. Alkire'fi. R l l t Xth Ave. :;VJ-;O(i " _ H f M l S K . W f D K clennlne Fervirc. Hrewer Srrvirrmastor. l-'ree cstim:itiM. 13^41 2 P t h _ S t . _3R2-210S. I JHJ'.VKR s l i n r p r n l n z nri(i rrpnir. A u t h - nrir.ed Torn drnler. Anderpon Sfcd s,.. Phono «- This positiun 'involves oonsidor-j D i a b l o travel. I n d i v i d u a l must hfij L! w i l l i n g to Itii a w a y for at l e n a t i _;t\vd w H K k s at a time. I 6 : Ai)ply in Person Only, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday--Friday CENTRAL HOMES, INC. | Division of U.S. Industries, Inc. 237.22ml (BETTER pnintintf -- Farms, homes. We Ruarnntee all work. 2M- P A I N T I N G -- Dependable for 20 yenra, .·rior and exterior. Free estimates. E X P E R I E N C E D Bookkeeper and : retnry dcsirea f u l l time position in near drreley. Write Uox C-40 c/o Tribune. ILL do house and yard work. Tool: need to be furnished. Call us any time at Acacia Fraternity House Sfi2-08-10. WOULD Tike Renem! office or receptionist work. Srinie experience. W r i t e K t i r t m r a William*. Rt. 4. Hox 19R, W A N T E D -- I-iwn mowing. Preff larcer lawns in Cottmiwnod, ( n; wide. Glcnmero areas. 352-2571 a f t e r · r i p.m. ATTENTION "working mothern -- W- censed Kiddie Land Nursery, 505 17th St. Tlimrfi. 7:30 to B:30. 8537?12. EveniiiRs 353-02C7. l-2,SH-4:u»fi. Denver. For Rent -- Rooms 16 eek. 1521 Sth Ave 101 Itanrho Motel. 353-11*11. college men. ItOO.MS -- S3 nicht. Rates, wk.. mo, Commercial Hotel, Eaton. 454-2203. jLEAN sleeping rooms for mcr». 813 9th St. LEAN rooms -- non amokers only 212!t 9th Ave. JUALITY larne roomR for Rirls. Complete home. 1527 12th Ave. 353-5759 for appointment. MODERN furnished rooms. Utilitii paid. Television. Weekly, monthh rates. 853-2916. R A V E rnom for 4 college women for immpr school. Across from collect" APARTMENTS AVAILABLE 2 bedroom, completely furnished 1 air conditioned. Call 353- C02fi or Gilhaugii Agency, 352037. ·KNTKX Sitntmiitir w i t h f i f l m m f ' 1 . 4 lonn; Mrrnhlil* 162 S r l w t r n n l e f l « - h . |2(W or Itpfit offor. It53-3:iS7. PASSfTNGER flatc -- 11,a« repair. 2nd Si i O K. Rubber Welders, E20 WATCH KS «nd . !*), $25. Gniyhril Jewelers, SIS 8th St. CASE Pcpul soft drink vendor. ISe chanxer. Cood rondilion. 1'honr 2S4- 6. r i.11 n f t e r S :30 p.m. WE NOW have corral pol« f« «tocV. $1.10 each. Hocisett Lumber Co. 13' llth Ave. : c»r«, truck?. tr«c- .way free. We iilso n. 353-6692. LIQUIDATORS ol nil merrtundise. Gary Greenvrooi?, Auctioneem and J^qutdatora. 2606 8th Ave. 3B2-4S22. F 5"RTsre*ncr"«nd healthier lawns with Its* water. Apply Prnral now. 2606 Sth Ave., Greeley. dinette: nlur* ; r m a t t e w en*; K»n Salle 12 unlay. __ S A V E half f- make HODAKA Yamaha, B.S.A. and CusS- man. Authorized denier. Franklin Cycle Sales. 2826 S. 1st Ave. 352-6992. OR SALE -- TMilvrrlied lawn line Harden fertilizer. FMttU'i 101 fith St. 353-5358. ROYAL GARDENS APTS. 2100 23rd Ave. One hpdroom furn., 2 bedroom fnrn. or unfiirn., furniahed buffet. Adults. No pets. 352-0152. rl 0 railroad layout, unfinished. Trnr flwitches, power pack, loco and cai 6 x 10 ft. table. $150.00 3S3-S124. COLLECTOR'S Den -- Antiques: u.««l furniture, books, lanre aflsortm«nL 926 Central, Ersns. Open Sunriar. TRAILERS lor trash hauling an lo« M 11.00 for 2 houra. O.K. Trallei Rentals. 820 2nd St. nd an For Rant- Borages 18 TWO or R oar space jrarafte suitabli for mechnnic or other commercial purpose. Reasonable rent. Call day time. 352-0134. For Rent--Buildingi 20 BUILDINGS for rent or lease. Rftail or wRrehoune atoraze. $53-5846. Office Space 22 TIRE balancing-- Only $1.25 per pas penfier tire. W«J|tnt!i freel O. K Rubber Welders, 820 2nd St. AUTO storage, by week or month o will huy nalvaxe. 718 N. llth Ave 3',2-7r.6fl. W CARPETED nnd air conditioned office space on 9th St. Approximately 800 sq. ft. Phone 352-1400. Cowan Realty. OFFICE or store apace. Air condition' ed. carpeted, paneling and drapes. Utilities furnished. $175 month. 1 " 9th St. 353-8888; 352-52M. For Rent--Apfs. 17 For Rent--Apts. 17 APARTMENTS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY For Summer and Fall Quarters WHEELER REALTY COMPANY 353-034C 2 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSES A i ' C O I . ' N T A N T - h k V p HD.T 2S3. I l r i R h t o n . No BH AM. Help Wanted ·nulr.l. W, i ririvo n r k d u y i . H i l l - . va. .'i'rj-170.1.. K X ' T L L K N T opportir f(ir i Wel.l C". : r-.kf ' ^ p i ' ^ r t u n i l y *.".100. L'.'.l.rt.'.r.i,. H and H. PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD AND HARNESS ASSEMBLERS I)nt to e x p n n d f d oporjitions inn' Company h;xs several o]iiniMi;s for pxpcripiirntl as»Riiilili!r8. Prior experience nshi'inliliiiK and soldfrinK primed circuit boards, con- iici'liirK, :ind linrncssps is preferred. Apply to Mrs. ('rooks. Personnel Office. ITEL CORPORATION Information /Yodurtp Division M i l l \Vosr. 2iith Street Oroeiey, Colo. 3S3-6141 An Kf|iml O p p o r t u n i t y Employer ® f: Ji APARTMENTS Now taking reaervationa for 2 bedroom apartments completely furnislied. Cunningham Apts. 353-6026 or Gilbaugh Agency 352-7037 plinnces. Le»vinK town, must I»HI inc trip June I-/ 2 or 3 weeks. Cnl lo o liuy. .oil trade fnr u n y t h i n i r (if value. Greeley PRWII Simp. 353-1137. 402 l l t h Ave. IBSON r e f r i K e n t t e i l air ritndilioiier. 'OR S A L E - Lu nnd rhiiir. W«. urlo'.li m n l r h i n K · 575". nixv - I I H « , - JlilinLitcry. Cnll SM- ·' iibonrrl: i l l n i n K room t solid oak ch«i rs: :lll in. ranire: ill-nwiiy 1ml: M a y l .«htr: ilryi-i ; v n r n l i rack?.. 41fi Snd Kl.. l.ft to 7 Tunilar thrnnirh Sat- ~~aml tet 1'etter f u r n i t u r e , n f u l l line .if u|ihnlMiTeil i.-h" 1 j 111 ,;, 1 , 1 ,;;, 1 ;-,,^ .rrte'l.TM:'. a u t n - . K ( ) l t SAI.K rjilf heifer n.,rlh. '.. Kny Klliit. ·ale. Short ir all. 312- anil l i i i n m l n c . For n i l H.-y M a r t i n , 3.M- lai illy m ·h : immti m i l k i n g iirnlno o ^ i l k i n v ^tn a n ] i l h r ^OA AppnlooRa r fni'manee. Ke »r,C-911( - W i l I', ·.. Tint. .ml per. r a n m . . i . -were here last Sunday, .limmie Kel- lle F u r n i t u r e Fnclory (since IS'."?,. Now on HiKbwHj- W.. Kvana. Colo-|SlII'FI)l.K ewes and ram Inmbs for rado. I Mile. Si.nit- ^ln-,-p niiiiiinn-iit. .lim __ , | M , i r k h a n i . nr,:,li Nelson Road. Ixinc- HOUSE OF BARGAINS IK FOR RAI.F. -- 2 lo Bankruptcy, slocl, railroad ealvape, color TV's furniture, appliances. 22S llth Ave. Phone 352-5?U red Holstell, bull apt.roval. »S1 weeks iiM calves, ne- per head. S T A N D I N G at si P,,t. Ri-Kistered 1 Mi.souln Puperi cii.. , Fo f u n n e l nd -- Apache .la,'k Appaloosa sired by [.r D r i f t . Dam Las iied by Devi! Red. formation call 8f:i- itmii. nd box included. Jl'jr.. P i a O t h St. USED APPLIANCES Apt. size GB refrlgerntor; KK mobile maid top loading dishwasher; 20 in. BUS range; 5 piece dinette; Airline black and white console. 22 in. screen; RCA Victor black nnd w h i t e portable, 15 in. screen, Ben's Furniture nosi,i Slh Ave. 352-SOSO Money to Loan 31 WE S P E C I A L I Z E In Bmnll loans Sf,0. $1,500. Most collateral acceptable. C.F.C. Corp.. Cth Ave. and l l t h St. Phone 302-0132. STEWINO hens for sale. live. Adam Srhemu, norlh of M i l l i k c n Hay Mill. PORCH SALE Saturday and Sunday in lo i, ! W K LOAN moncy _i»t » n d ;nl mnn. p.m. Baby clothes, new j u m p Kane or business. Also buy 1st and chair, TV, couch. 2 Drexel 2 "'' m ° r "" 1B , ( ?.; j old - Nllim "" 11 !!; vc S!' . , , it. i i - -i m e n t Co., Ave. and l l t n at. chairs, clothes rack, ski items, phone 352-0132. clothing, turnitnre and misc. 1S.18 7th Ave. CENTENNIAL CLOTHES Tailor made, new. Dresses, bonnets, men's vests. 454-2185 103 3rd St., Katon (Will be home Sunday) Building Material 34 SAW eharpcnlnfr, nil kinds. One day service. Alkire's 61S 8 Ave. 352-5501. itojrsett 353-2171. Number Co.. 134 l l t h Ave. SHOPWORN lumber. Ideal for corral! and many farm uses. Murphy Lu-n- her Co., 712 9th St. Miscelloneous AN AUCTION IRRIGATION SHOP EQUIPMENT Tlmrs., .Time. 4, 9:30 n.m.; At Knlsely-JToore Co., Douglas. Wyo.; Approx 4 railea of 4". 5" and 6" Aluminum pipe, plus fittings and sprinklers; (6) Gorman Rnpp A Cornell irrigation pumps; Pipe trniler; Liquidation of Knlsely-Moore shop will include 16" lath, (2) shop presses, drill presses, metal nnnd saw, Sioux vnlve machine, Cnt Press, injector set, welders, sleani cleaner, hand tools, shop tools, nir tools, parts and rnny other items! Also a complete spread of Asphait-Crushinf! Construction Equipment to be sold Thurs. and Fri.. plus Mechanic's trucks, pickups, dumps and Many Other Items! WU1TE-WIUK-CALL, Auctioneers [for Descriptive List. Each Piece Positively Sells -- No Bid-Ins · Buy-Backs! FORKE BROTHERS THE AUCTIONEERS Cosh paid for fresh, dead or disabled cows and horses. WELD COUNTY BI-PRODUCTS 352-1788 WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Horses or Cows For Reward Ph. 353-0929 24 Hour Service EVAN'S Bl-PRODUCTS CO. Poultry 42 BABY CHIX GOSLING DUCKS Meyer Bros. Hatchery 71H 7th St.--332-3401 Pet Stock 43 CUTE I'imillc pups. S2ii. Knml horni -- I mnnlh old Til filVE I I'm-. a. r i'.!- IIICI.P nn unwed mot.her, adopt her 6 week oM kittens. uriL'-iifiOit. FOR K A L K -- P u p p i e s . Small houne do*. 15. Call after B, 352-5C14. SKAT,POINT~ Siamese k i t t e n s for salt. FOR SAI.K Mule. Scotlie. HKAT,THY~kitlen» lo Rooil homes. 3ri3-7fi02 even. SK.VKN (dicker mixed puppies for Bale 7 weeks. :i.=i2-flnfi:f. 2fi32 13th Ave. mths -- Black male I'oodle 3 lonth. 214 16th St. a f t e r fi. 7 MONTH" old Ennli.h Setter. $2000 _S53-Ori34_or_281-fi3SO. ' ' FOH SALE -- Chihuahua mil piinnfeH _ *5. m-27f,l. »i mile we,t Anil. ' AKC lilaclc Lah. Tup trained for field _Mn»l_»cll. Cheap. Call 353-SS93. KOR SAI.K -- Si»me .1264. le kitten*. S52- __ WANTED to huy -- Whit* Poodl. «tud, 352-0897. OR SATTrT-- A . n t r j l i a n Shepherd puppies. «n.0(l. 5S7-21S5. Tft'O male miniatura Sp.hnnujtr mro- pies. 3S2-2649.

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