Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 14, 1969 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1969
Page 23
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Classified Advertising Classified Rates CASH WITH ORDER ON OUT OK COUNTY ADS First Insertion, rcr word Each consecutive insertion of came jx»r word . . Sixth day fw. Minimum charge 70c. Month catc. per line (2 line mi mum) -- - -- 13 Cbusified liners subject to 10% d count, Muh 10 day*. Every other day ada to b« charted one day rate. Blind box numbers 0e extra. Deadlines Classified Display 3 p.m. the day before publication Want Ads 4 p.m. the day before publication CALL 352-0211 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Minimum orn inch - screen borde *nd cuts SI.60 per column inch. (Volume rates upon application! ERRORS TO BE REPORTED A ONCE. The Tribune will muk* no * lowince for mor* thnn one Incorn inaerUon of »ny ndvertliiemrnt. Classified Index AnnounccmenU Auctions Antiques Auto Service and Supplle* .... Board and Room Boats and Supplies BuildlnK Material* Businwa Opportunities J Buelncwj Service* Oal mid Wood Construction Equipment CUB torn Work Education and Instruction Farm Equipment For Rent--Apartment* For Rent--Bulld.nBi -For Rent--I-'jirms and Trnctr_ For Rent--GarJiKr* For Rent--Hoiuca For Rent--Ml. Homes, C*blni_ For Rent--Offict Space For Rent--Roome . Frulta and Vegetable* Hay. Grain. Feed, Straw Hut.ntr A Coolint Help Wanted Household Goods Irrigation System! Let'* Swap Livestock lx*t and Found Mlscellaneoui , Mobile Homes Money to Loan Jtoney Wanted Mot*l« Mo vine and SUirnit* Musical Instrument* Kurainc Home* Pmonalfl Pet Stock Poultry ____. Prof canton a) ServlcM ----~. Real HatitB -Hoofini: and Innulalfon Se»dfl. Plantn, Flower.. .-- Sewlnir Machines-Vacuumii _ SUuationi Wanted ,, Sporting Goods Trailem and Cunpcri. Trader Spaea _ Tram portal Ion Tranh Haul.tie TV-Radio Serviced. Salw TJied Cam and Trucks Wanted to Rent Waihlnz Machine* , 4B 35 SB 44 10 ...36-A -- 68 .. 28 8 12 46 Bl I* 46 Loit and Found FOUND -- Small tnvy cat. 352-MtiO *fW B. \itt n.nrit.njr nn I. LOST -- Red i»i tnct. S5.M.S3G. LOST -- Our NIBO of 1'L 400 jflue. Call SfiZ-HOfiS. FOlWn -- All blnrk fi-nwlr ml. fi months old. IKJX trained. 3M-.02. LOST -- Hrown Ponillo and blark juip- py with yi'llnw collnr. Ht-xviml. 1460 nth St. LOST -- P n l r "f trlnssm In blue cose Tliurt,dny, .lit. Si. lii-twi-on Tib and I'Jlh A vomits. SfiH.lili.HO n ft (-moons. LOST -- A a h n r n c.lno »H your Bcfmiorn. We ithitrprn Vm. I'hikiiw H.ienrii, Ion. Hd-ISOr on n.^nl. Alk.rr'n fill, 8th Avr. LOST -- Lin-Re inir«a at Skylark Cnfo or Gilison'8. Cunt nt »*· rhi-ckn, on-dil cardn, ttoiUlniriitii. jiirhin-h, i-tr. Hr- ·n-«rd. Mr?, lli-ntm Llnyd. afi^-ft'J Par* on alt ALCOHOLICS AnnnymoiiK. Pli. 3 PSB2 for help or mcntinit informnlion. ~FUUnKlTE bruit uiul Klritlvn. 3 fi 2-789 2. IS YOUR *hnver Kiel*? Cnll .he Hnror Clinic. Alkire. 613 Sth Avo. aB2.9I.01. T H I N K I N G of bicycle ro,iniri? T h i n k of AlkirrV. 613 8th Ave.. Sfi'MUlOl. H U M M A G K Mile ·-- MiMl.orliM Women's Society-. OcUiLi-r 17 ami IS. Kraut HuililiiiK- AS~SEKN"c»ii TV (Slim fiym). KHU- ir*t mrlhod of ni'tivr o.xerciiiu. 352- )2fi7. l-'rro home ilcmn, RIDE M-antcd lo South Haven. Michigan or vicinity, Ort. 24 or ?fi. Sim re expense* imd drivinu. Cnll 853-03114. Auto Rental Transportation 3 CAR rental* -- Unily, weekly, monthly. Gretley Lenn.nK C«... 1100 Sth A 362-9174. n f t . hrs. SS2-0127, afia..1G Business Service SAW ahitrpenlnR. All kindv One mrv. Alkirc's. fllS Rth Avc.. aA2. Htlp WANTED -- Man for all «roui rnm-h^ work. Cull Nunn, 807-2526. WANTED -- 120 *«·« of b«f« t* prd and hauled. Phon* *2-937. WANTB1) -· M«n lo drive in... Uiromth h«-i*t hurvent. I'hon* 86S-U7 mllkorA, CASH for U h t l n t m a a nenlHT Cnll 36 '·482 for tain-view. COLLEGE ntudtnU -- part time wor Hoiim t» fit your nchcdule. Averajr _fg t»i ?3 per hour, Phone 363-602 NOW Uklnf appllrAtionii for nai time work. M n l e and female. Apji Downtown Uentrd's. PART time wnltmn. Munt he able I work murninim. Apply Ltndn Jf'l nok. Fnrm Fare Cafeteria, downtown dn.Hi in for NEED Hock Burnt to play for in Saratotrn. Wyo, For more mntion cnll 3fi3-22fi3. ERICKSON'S MoWI. Help wanted, fu time. 20 years or older. Service tfon truck stop. 1st Avf. at 18lh A U N D K O M A T and Dry ClennhiR t c n d a n t . fcniftlr. Tri-Wmt Norse IOOH ^5th Avr. or call 352-9864. WANTED operator, 284-7U02. [·xpcn'enced corn Trenary'd Farm comb in Scr ADJUSTKIl TrMnw: Hpuionnl n r r j Train on kicntion. Annim! rulnei J7.200. Cnll Floyd Fnrmpr, 358.474! Siiflliiig mid Snrlltafr, Heated Bldjt. i PKOI'LK wanted 2f houiB pe month mill $25 per week profii Write Steven R. HnmtnAii, 1329 % lOlh SI,. Grcoley, Colorndo. H I P P I N G clerk:' J'ick up. Dellvei Clerical work. Good hotirit. Knlxcn H.Ono. Cnll Itutli Mcllin, 363-4743 Sncllinn nnd Hn.-llinK. Ileatcil Bldic. MAN nnii wife for dutlc in Kcvrral offic-t? bulldfnttn In tow Cuntncl Loo Sfmon, P.O. Box 610 Grcoley. 353-0346, Ext. 28. tETAlL trnincc: Campnny «t»ff I our office Turfsilny morning.. M u r r j P5.100. CH!| Floyd Knnner, 3CH-4743 Snelling nnd Sn.-llinR. H«at«l Utilg. VE NEED two ambition* full rcnl THtate snlonmon. Modern ... cniulltloncd office. Lundn furnfehcd Hcrdmnn Renlty, 1003 29th Avc. Ct Phone 3K2-0592. sOClAL director: Plan r-.rnfin nnd hob bicd. Rewarding. Permniient. J2RO Cnll Chnrlecne Whitmorc, 353-4743 Spelling and Snelllntr, Heated Rl I A K E this the yenr lo better your self. A rnpidly expanding chnln nntionally k n o w n super mnrkcUi wi| have oiioniiigs in the Grcelcy a Denver area for qunllficd journ men meat cutlont. There ar« al IK^sibilitiwi for apprcnliccshii). E collcnl pny, *tcntly employment, b of working condltionii combined with o p p o r t u n i t y for advancement. If 3-ou win Qualify phont 8fiR-R23fi. WE NEED 2 MEN --Warehouseman-Sal eoni an. --Truck Drlvor-Vardmnn. WINOOUAD'S Street D R I V E R delivtiy: Home nliiliU. Fit rtitibliHhnl I'umjmny, Caj-ecr.. Stnr $3.53(5. CrJI Kloyd Funncr. 3S.474 StK-llliiK and SiivlliiiK. Hvstel lildii. W A N T E D -- Kxprriciicct) auto mi eltnnlc. Insuraiicr, phld vnonlloiu AupJy i n iicroon, contact Kd Bunk er. U'lcklnnd Motom. 817 7l)i St. C L E R K ; Firm will train. Chanc* fo rwpld mlvancomciit. J'nbllc conUic (280. Cnll Donnfi RoRem. 3^3-1743 SncllInK and Snelllntr. lifted Ji " CUSTODlAN-bui' driver wanted fo Eaton School District RE-2. Eaton Colorado. Pteant call 464-2398 fo jtppointment. . PJeannnt echcdul traveling publip 363-4743 RECEPTIONIST: while KroethiR 1800. Call Donn Snalllnt; nnd SnclHtiK. HvHtcd ELECTRIC motor «hoi needs hrlpci experience helpful, not necennary Apply CJrcfley Electric Service, 71 26th St. (VISE women buy Avon -- wiser worn en iell Avon. You can earn in you itpare Unit ncIllnR ncnr home. Ca now -- 3B2-323B. AIi Friday: Wonderful opportunity KkllN open trt'nsnrc chest S303 Call Charlrene Whilmorc, 3G3-1748 SnrllliiK iintl SnolliiiK, Heoled J3ld K . ;STADLISHED Greeley firm requires experienced service xtatlon atten dant. Excellent frinee bencfiu am opportunity for advancement. "Welt County Garage, 362-1313. R A I N E E : Management projrmm Lefti-n new field. Advances! firri carci-r. $7,020. Cnll Ruth Mellin. 853 -1743. Sndilnir and SndlniK, He 4 EN nnd women -- supplcmont youi income with intcrcetinK outnido wort in the area of marketing and theatei roKoarch. Must have car. Write u Mr. Howard Salts, Willmnrk Servici 28rd St., New , System, Inc., 71 Y.irk, N.Y. 10010. WANTED 3) family men who desire an ncome «nual to what they're vorth, not what their job is r orth. Your income will enable our wife to stay home and raise our children. This is only for len who want the best for their amilies. This is a most respect- d position with no canvassing r traveling. For a personal jn- ervlew call Ft. Collins, 484-46GO, loliday Inn, Room 104. 10 a.m. o 2 p.m. for appointment, Tues- ay or Wednesday. MANAGEMENT TRAINEE rain to tako over "wholesale stributing office. Salary am immission $GOO mo. while niniiiK. Income. opportunity Sures and up yearly. No travel Siruitimi W«nt*4 WAN'I'KU Ironlngi. 10 renti a pie 513 35th Ave. 352-8101, EXTKItlOll lialntlng -- or .p, 318-40IIJ.' WANTKU -- Ilaby sltllnB. my ho ufli'r November 1. Call J63-6' after 6.' HOUSE painting. Int.-Ext. work. C loge.student with S yean'experien Cnll Clint anytime. 802.5G44. COMI'LKTE Handyman eervlce. Att Knrnse and bancmont cleaned. 5544. HKOOK8 triinmr'd.' I«,wnn mowed, t'ra lircftrrcd. Fcrtlllxlnx etc. avail. 3i 597.1. A f t r r G;,'.Q, 897-2244; 362-57 DRESSMAKING find men's nltcratio Men's western ohltrta a ·necUH) f:)45. C A K P K N T G K . Expert. Hemodelln rrimirinK. cabinet work. Call 21161 after 6 p.m. CONCRETE and carpenter work of types: general contracting. No ton large or too small. Pho 353-201)!!. ACCOUSTICAL ceilings Initalle homes, offices, etc.; ceramic tile sUIIed, bathi, entriea, counter to] etc. Free estimates. Thone 868-23! MASONRY nnd concrete work at ]e l!inn professional cost. No job t small. Gunninlccd work. For mute cnll 352-8300 or 352-8443, for Bill. WANTED BOOKKEEPING tcnoral ledger through fina cial statement. 15 years'expe ence in automotive and varlou )U8inefiBes. CPA references, Ca bonded. Want to locate ] Greeley permanently. Salary open Female - Single 353-7318 Custom Work IUSTOM Hnnvura, haullnc. Lucerne Inc. 302-3793. V A N T K D -- Corn combining. Cal 650-2330 collect. Ivan Rcdmann. CUSTOM plowing. Phone D88-2108. JUSTOM corn combining, big machini Harold Huderus, 352-7646. M A N U R E hauling, spreading, pioi inc. trucking. J. Bcrnhardt, 362-5037 USTOM ^o"rn combining, rows. 362-3C34. ORN combining. 8 4761; 587-2069. 4 rowi. 112 RENCHING. Central Trenching an Horimr Co. 352-4864. RENCHING. ditch cleaning and lei lines, 2S4-6291. Schaeffer's Digge Service. WANTED nrrlor Boy to cnrry Groele, n l l y Tribune In Ft. Luplon ull circulation manaRor, Gr«e Dally Tribune. 352-0211. ERVICE WRITER o the rl^ht fer cRfMr opportunity, with alntnic tor Bup*rrl§ory Applicant muit hara ·tr- ee atation experience or roca* nfil training In auto mecban- i, good drfring record men- 1, minimum age 18. McArthur dn-Cadillac, Inc. JBM7IO, PAINTING 1)7 collnc* ..tudcnt Call Hob. 352-BBJj. A I N T I N H -- InL *xt. Cull Tim Lippy, 353-8704, evenings. PIERSON'S Rcfric.-. ntcrcitil. domestic. 24 hr?. 353-5030 GREELEV Curtnin Cleaners. Curlntns, drftpw,. tnMecloths. 1920 flth St. Help Wonted D E L I V E R Y man HoRC.'cH for lumhrr yard, Co.. 134 l l l h Ave, WANTK1) -- Puby ^ittpr. n,y hnnu veokdny... Call nfler G, 353-r.2f,5. MOTHERS Kct f r « toys. Have « playhouse toy party, 737-2253. FULLKR Wriifth Cn. iiped» heir. Students wclconie. :U"^-14S'J after fi. ~NEEI reliable baby siller. 7 :;JO 6:30. ft days a wooK. my home. 15 day. 353-SHoO. DISTRIBUTORS wantnl; part Wo w'ani nrtivr, HpRresMVf to tak t - advatitaKf of thi: opportunity, 8,12.04^0. EALKS.MAN -- O p p o r t u n i t y for ntt vancc-mt-nt. (in nip iiiMininrc, i.i.ii vnrmion, lr:iininp iirdKrnin. Cmil Viiint and V n r n i s h Co.. S28 Slli Si 3l^:^-4^^.o. C O M P A N Y roprcsontnlivo: He honn tti.fiOO plus. Cnll R u t h Mcllin. 3S3- 47-13. SncJlinE and KncHinif. Hohtod Buildintr. FULL clinrKP bookkeeper, female. Thorough lucinc^.s i*ltication. Pro- feraltly sump cxi^.-n'oncc. Good salary to n'sht person. Write Itojc Z-'JS, c/o Tribune. WANTED: Truck Drivers Livestock Experience Single Double Operation Paid Vacation Health Insurance Pension Plan Send references to or call Livestock Transportation Express (L.T.X.) P.O. Box 9S2 Scottsblu/f, Kebr. 69361 AUTOMOTIVE OPPORTUNITIES pldly expanding national aln coming to Greoley with a ind new store otters unusual portiinlly for future growth d advancement. Tbeso jobs a available in our Automotive tpartmenu MANAGER TRAINEE 1 siart as Assistant Manager, il train for fast promotion to partment Manager. Sales o: trchandising experience need- Tire know-how preferred. EAD MECHANIC MECHANICS eed a skilled front-end man to lead mechanic. Management lire for a man who is neat, urteous and can handle the op. Rood wages plus incentive alto high earnings possible. .Mechanics also needed, full and part-time. Apply-- WOOLCO Hillfildfl Jlnll 2626 Elovonth Avenue Greeley, Colorado An Equal Opportunity Employer For personal interview Hoi Z-2C c/o Tribune. TVrlti Education and Instruction . 1 P I A N O loachtr who has taucht in this cHy for (i ypnm has time for · mure sludenUi. Please call S52.641U FOB SALE NURSERY SCHOOL Excellent location. Licensed to: 30 children. 3B2-948S or 353-688S Sltuiitio.ii Wint*d 10 BABY sitting. 2 years anil up. Evans area. Reasonable. 35i].8PQtl. LICENSED baby slttinn. my home. H A U Y sittiiiff In my home, days. A-l HERDSMAN for hire. Writs Box 7.-Z4, c/o Tribune. JAHPBNTBR \vork, all kinds. Tillnc flonra. Fife estlmatm. Cal] SBS-6JOS. ^HILD care, my home, two years or older. Weekdays only. 358-7696. WANTED _ Ironlnc, 30 nieces, 2.50. 352-E«8. 1111 Uth Ave. RONING in my home. Ave. 36S-2698. ALTERATIONS 3S2-012S. 2(20 16th dressmaking. RONING -wanKd. Cnll 363-8880. ALTERATIONS an. drCTsmakmB. S5J- J A K E t6 in 30 minutes. Call 363-4874 after 6:30 v.m. W A N T E D --Baby slttinn, iny home. 'A1NTING -- Interior, exterior. Free estimate. C. K. Myrick, 4fiJ-2B17. ALTERATIONS S53-0!I21. ind dresimakini;. ALTERATIONS -- Ladies nnd Men'i Grace's. R\2\f, Bth St. 353-2B73. ALTERATIONS -- Dressmukinn. 170 7th Avc., or 352-7311. NTERIOR and exterior vaintinc. Cnll «venincs. Stanley- Bedan, 234-6396. 'A1NT1NG -- All kinds. Free «t|. jmitw. Dale Tcdtmnn. SB3-0518. CKsTsPciOLsT crenjc trnns. mitnned. Ph. S53-176S. Hot Cnnnincham. -- Residential s specialty L. S. McDnniel. rh. 352-0260. CONCRETE work. Free escimatel Phone 852-0601. ALTERATIONS nnd dressmal 863-3410. USTOM weed mowing, yard and gal den, rototillinc and Invelins. 352 G97»; 362-3753; 897.2219. CORN harvesting, hlfth moisture an pioking. 3 rows. Fhon*. 362-4041 Bill Naughton. ELAM'S cuitom farminir. windrow! bnlinc and stacking. Bud Elam 35.1-3G17. CUSTOM sen-ice. Ronald AUmcr. Plow ing, hay stacking, baling. 368-071 or 353-1824. CORN combining, 28 In. to 9$ In rnws. Dons reasonably. Trenary' Farm Service, 284-7902 or 284.6404 SMALL dozer and carry all work. Bac] hoe w/loadcr. Of., 284-5602. Bob Lar son, 284-5552, D. Frecmyer, 3G2-196 CUSTOM corn picking, man am elevator furnished. Abo corn com binlng._LtiUier, 352-8493. CUSTOM farm scvices. Plowit.1, wind rowing, baling, atacking, green chopping, combining. 863-6684. Dick llehus. 353-8596. CUSTOM hay stacking with «utoma tic hay stacker, bales must be of strings. Also baling. Vcrnon Cecil 454-2G52. TRENCHING and Installation of watei lines, septic tanks or leeehing fields La Salic Plumbing, 737-2916; Jean Brown. 737-2277. FARM Custom Service -- Plowing wimlrowinK. greon chop, baling stacking, corn cutting And hauling R. Tappan, 362-9612; B. Warren 362-5006. Tr«h 12 .F IT'S trash, we haul It. Call John Kline, 362-1073. lONDELL-Bunting Trash Hauling. 362-1105. IBSTWAY Disposal Company THE WAY rubbish removal. S52.6124 10VING and storagn problems. Call Lafferty Mayflower, 362-6680. Wantid to Rtnt 14 10USE or apartment. One child. No pcla. Call 368-2730 eveninus. 1 bedro-om furnished hospital. Immediate )OUPLE ilcsir. juimncy. 362-1276." 'EAGI1ER needs unfurnlshnl 2 bed- mom hollsfl or apartment near Madison, prefer fenced yanl. 853.2943. For »··«-- H- ' I V K room apartment, 2 bedroom*. Modern. No peta. Deponit required. 100 No. llth Ave. 352-2733. For Rent--Kooms 16 ROOMS with batha. Phone aervice. Weekly rntcs. 105 Sth Ave. 562-1093. SLEEPING room kitchen privilege! with or withoi Cnll 352-1120. B L E E P I N G rooms, weekly. El Ranch Motel. 1621 Sth Ave. HOUSE trailer lota for i»!e at .Hill 'N T K A V K L trailer SIMV« for rent. 9 Sl»t Avr. 353-617C. WBJJER'S Antique., 2408 8th Av«. Free- amr(main. 353-7684, Room Iwr4 ROOM, boai-rj. laundry for ile. -104 Uth Aw. 353-05 MiscclUfiMvs WANTED -- Us. altlo. »iil!.!l;!31 after G:30. 11186 Y A M A H A 60 CC. Low . 36U-6J30. equipment D K V K L O I ' I N G Call 3D2-2I5G. KIHKWOOD. Drj- suasoned pine. Fr delivery. 363-8080. FOR SALE -- Meyer unnw plow, h drauljc lift. 6 foot bladr. .152-11813. WANTED to buy -- Dukane projecto --Model U-A-390D. 352-1413. BRIDE'S I'ride 8 dinmnncl set. Hep Box X-Z7, c/o Tribune. PORTRAIT in oil color from .. mpsliot or other photo. $1, 353-832 NEW sncks for sale, bleached hemmed. Call 352-4418. HIGHLAND Aquarium Shop. 2002 50 Avc. 352-0230. *.U 9 p.m. KIRBY Sales and Service fit Hnimley Kloor CoverinK. 1331 Sth fit. AUTHORIZED Skl-Doo Dealer. Fran lin Cycle Salt-g. 352-6992. COOLER, 8tand-up, 4x6 ft., 2 ' K Klass doora. Call 353-1494. JSED addresKoifraph, plate holdc gmphotype nnd etnnd. Good com Hon. ClnrkBon-MaKniiBon. 352-6048 ASSENGKR flats -- £1.25 vulcani7.M repair. O. K. Rubber Welders, 82 2nd Street. IODAKA Yamaha, B.S.A. and Cusl man. Authorized dealer. Frankli Cycle Soles. 2825 S. 1st Ave. 352-699 I U M M A G E sale -- Methodist Worn CH'B Society. October 17 and KrcsH Building. CCA portable stereo, 2 Breakers, Dear Bow 42 Ib. and accensories, $5 Call 352-4462. ' 6 POUND twin basket r«s dei fryer, like new. $80; antique butt« churn. tI7.6Q. 363-4142. 'RAILERS for trash haulint; na lo' as- SI.00 for 2 hdurs. O.K. Trailc RenUln, 820 2nd St. IUST sell American People's Bncyck pcdias and New Book of Knowledge 353-6330. 'OR SALE -- Lady's blue and blac nubby coat, siz« 18^. Never bee worn. 352-3484. NFANT anow suit, 58: drcsBine U {16;.0ct of studded n'now tires rinifl. 8.86x14, 527.HO each. 353-S889 968 YAMAHA 100 CC Trail-bike. Hi trail nnd road sprocket. Only 8C miles. 353-6330. 'NUSUAL Gift itema.'The Gr; Gingham Gift Shoppc. 600 · Pitkin Ft, Collinn. EDUCE safe and fact with GoBee tab] eta nnd E-Vmp "water pilla.' Gibson' NT1QUES, coIJeotor'm Items, z ware, furniture, ironware, misce laneoiu. SIB .E*st 16th. UAL1TY cnnvas work of all kinds recovering of truck «e«t«. etc. Wood Canvas Products, 1939 Rcacrvoir Hd OR RENT--Sport cycles and helmet at Collrgo Mobil Service Station 8th Avc. and 17th St. EWS PRINT. Roll ends. IB to G' Ibe., 80 it pound. Grcelcr Tribune 362-0211. IRE balancing--Only $1.25 prr pas aenper tire. Weights free! O. K Rubber W«ldara, 820 2nd St. OH SALE -- 1967 Hurley Davidsor motorbika 74. Call 284-7SG3 or 284 (S21G. NOW hmve corrnl pole« In stock 11.10 each. Hosaett Ijumber Co. 134 llth Av«. OLLKCTOH'S Den -- Antlqu«; used furniture, books, large asnortmer 926 Central, Evans. Open Sunday. O"NEY to loan. W« buy, iiell or trade RiiythinR of value. Furniture, nuns etc. Greeley Pawn Shop, 402 llth Av«. aBS-4187. OR thfl hunting cnmp -- Campfire ikillctn, pans, dishes, silverware mattress and springs. Also mlaccl- lanooua baby equipment, 353-0353. EED money--Hart Pawn Shop. Buy dell, trade anythine of value. Furn. *tc. Hart Trading Poat, 316 N. llth Ave., 353-6973. 1UFFLE board, 20 ft, long, nolld Uird.ieyp maple laminated 3 inch boHi-d. Would mak« lovely homa bar. 353-5160. ARPETS a fright? Make their jcnutlful lifrht with H]ue Luntrc. Rent electric Bhampooer $1. Ranch "Wholesale. EAR now alereophonio Bound radio and record player combination; Polaroid 210 camera. I year old, used very little. Cull 352-0418. DD1NG machine*, typewriters, all makes, new nnd lined. Sales, service, Kuarnnteed. EJ Feldhaus, 1201 llth AVR. 352-0066. [E proven carpet rlcrnier RiiK-Mnlp a eaay on the hudjret. Restores forgotten colorn. Rent electric ahiun- poocr Cl. Komnc Paint Store. |R better clenninfr, tx keep colors cleaminK. -use Blue Lustre carpet cleaner. Bent electric ahampooer Jl. iestcd's 8th Ave. and Sth St. or 647 llth Ave. .MRR'S Pawn Shop back in bus!less. Money to loan. We buy Rny- liinit of value. Furniture, etc. Fron- ier Self-Serve Gas, 200 N. llth Ave. IB2.277J. Elmer Dole, Prop. better clcaninc, to keep · colorn ftlenminft. une Blue Lustre carpet leaner. Rent electric nhitmpooer $1. Sherwin-Williams. ]EP carpet cleaning problem* amall -- use Blue Lustre wall to wall, tent electric ahampooer tl. A and M tini!. Can HS2-2S04. nnld \\\f. hahy sit ish rnferonces. Cn' Help Wonted CAREER OPPORTUNITY To sell nnd service established accounts. Greeloy, Brush, ;j| Akron area, with one of the largest sales organizations in tho world. WE REQUIRE .Men w i t h good health good character. Desire to be paid what he is worth In 5-flgure area. To be a success, one 1 must be able to manage oneself. Extensive training program. Training salary S124.00 then graduate to salary plus. 2 Weeks Vacation with bonus, above average fringe benefits will be advanced as soon as desire and ability allows. 352-49-13 CALL - Evenings, 352-0973 For nt -- Apt*. 17 DELUXE furniahfd apartment for Rlrla. iSOJt llth Ave. 362-4685. T H K E K Women fi room furnished apartmei only. 1615 Sth Avc,, 2 FREE room nnd board for oltie woinnn or ffirl in exchance for ev nine child care and housework. Ci 352-1420. WANTED -- Lady to share lovel npnrtment. vicinity of 10th St. 26t Ave. Will need own bedroom s Phone 353-731S. nne bodi utilities i [I 1 child. $7 IN KVANS -- Kmnll iipartmcnt. Fnrnijihrtl, 1 or 2 Indies or Ifii'.y nn I't'i* iimntli. Phone ;iS3- TEMPORARY home, completely fur nishetl. 1 to 3 bctlroom kitchrnettea y or weekly rnt«i. Mountain View Motel. 210'.) 10th St, No ph TWO li nlli rooni furnished itpnrtmcn ( U f l i l i M itafil. WorkinK couple onlj No ieta. No children. $130. On ycnr leas* required. SRS-25-11 afte; o :,'i(l only. For Rtnf--BuiUint* 20 BU1LD1NOS for rent or lease. Retai r warehoiiKe stornge. 963-5846. B U I L D I N G "with InrRC lot suitable to. wnrehnusp or Rnrnsc, 3 drive-in doom WinoKrad'i, S52-G722. Offic* Sp«c« 22 STORE room AIR conditioned office space. J001 Sth St. Phone 362-UOO, Cowan Ktalty. idnal for office or bus Sth Ave. Apt. 2. FOR RENT -- 00 Q. ft. of office space, ground floor, private park- ine. Rent includes heat, lights and air tonditioninr with or without jnitor service. The Joed BniidinK, 1002 9th SL Call or las Dr. H... feli. 901 10th Ave. 162-2020. DEAL ground floor, street entrance. ROD sq. ft., professional office for rent, 905 W\ Ave., Jord Corner, Completely reiWornted, sir conditioned and mechanically ventilated. Heat and lijrhts furnished. Rent with or without janitor service. Private and excellent public parking-. C»J1 or see Dr. Hacfell, 901 10th Are. 852-2020. MBER from larce wood construe ion h.otel free to interested party or removal of building. For de tails contact Conrad Snyder, · 352 S093. L K A D K D ulnss windown nnd doom Other itema. Call 3t'M:tOK cveiiinir after C. KOH SALK -- Antique BtMnd. can bottom chiiim, cant back rocker, piece ovcrsluffed, ttiffet, pletur framw, other items. 741-2240, Yunw Page 22 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tuts., Oct. 14, 1969 LivtitMk Houwhoid Goodr 30 KIiKCTKIC Uth Ave. W«ke offer, ,263 L I K E new uroozctone Whirlpool elec trie stove, 80 inch. 352-1)360. GOOD wood and coal cook stove, wU, reservoir: itlso Filter Queen vacuum cleaner. Cull after K p.m., 363-1068 FOH SALE -- S by 12 foot wool ru K dishes, service for K, Moss rose; eil ver dollars. 813 flth.St- WANTED to buy used furniture. Run fell Furniture RefinishinR, 609 1311 Rt. 353-4075. USED Maylac wanhrr WeslrinKhoi-sc refnKor dnire stove'. 362-»27a. and itor\ dryer Frtgi- M O V I N G --. Must sell mined la neous household Koods. 1008. 32nd Ave anytime. BE GENTLE, he kind, to that pensive carpet, clean it with Ul LuHlre. Rent electric shamnooer Greeley Furniture. DIX Furniture StrlppinR--Buy. set and trade uaed furniture. Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. 8 lo fi. 1415I/Q -1th St., Evans. 352-0834 TWO Rattan chairs, table, lamp, set wrought iron love seat: door chairs; table cloths items. 352-4149. steel out- cl kilche; JAHH for your furniture, appliances or miscellaneous. Gary Greenwood Auctioneer «nd Liquidation. Phone 3B2.J822 or 353-5469. 2G06 Sth Ave ELECTRIC kitchen etove, Roper cojp- portone, nearly" new, $60: hood for kitchen stove, Broan coppertone fan and lipht. 520; Rnrb/ipt; dispoan Whirl-away, 510. 3G2-1991 after 6. 1ELLING at %vholesalc and below. N appliniices and furniture. (Due cancellation of large apartment prnj- ect). Livinpc room suites, bedroom suites, occasional tables, occasional chairs, mjittressca. springs, chests, desks, refriKcrators. freezers, rnnjt- es. This is all brand new merchandise. Don't miss this opportunity to save. 524 Main St.. Windsor, Colorado. Hours: 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. wcckdaya, 10:30 till 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. WANT TO BUY Small Cedar' Chest 'referably .in tho .cedar, finish. 352-1580 W E A N K I t 284.64G1. WANTED -- Fall'and winter pai for 100- eowa. Z84-7768. WANTED to buy -- Weantr pin rijpnt 858-1S88. HORSE ahoeiojc and trimminK. Re MarMn. Fhone 368-2392. . Trt« Spriyinr. 686-2800 or IS SHEJGP pasture for rent. Corn. falfa. itrass. Running water. Phon r87-4423. JohnBtown. J« Broker. CUSTOM fpraylnt --.Cattle, «h« Lucerne Potato Growers. Inc. 35 3703. GOOD ureen horse pasture for ren Also private paddocks and ii stall. 352-6836. LIVESTOCK spraying. Over 20 jea cxp. Brantner. Phone 686-2800 352-3900. FOIl SALE -- Hire or trade -small mule -- ride, drive and pac Gentle, well broke, won't kick. 85 S130. ENJOY your horse more -- Keep at Lakt Arrowhead Stables. Plent of room to ride. Come see our fa cllitleB. 352-1688. ATTENTION" hunters -- New Deck er pack saddle, complete: aadd Tanniers, hobbies, .nose bags; ha hags. Several good dependable hor e«. John Brsddy, 1832 .East 17th S TWO servicenble aged Holstein bul for sale from top bred Hires an high producing: dams. Guarantee breeders regardless of the weather Geonie Maxcy, Rt. \. Box 223. Grei Icy. Colorado. Phone 352-8123. High caih price* ptli for fresh, dead or disahled cows, horses, hides and pelts. Weld County Bi-Products Call Collect 162-1788 101J N. llth A«., Oreelej, Colo P«t Stock 'OODLE grooming: also ARC toy Btud. 32-1511. 'UREBRED Siamese kitteni 353-7970. TO G I V E away -- 2 kittens. 868-1871. ·hit for sale short halret AKC Toy Poodles. 150 up. 2640 IStl Ave. After 5. OR SALE -- AKC registered Dach schund puppies. 353-0895 after 6:31 BEAUTIFUL cream colored fcma] Poodle. 7 weeks old. t«. 352-9533. CALICO'.kittens to Kive away. 170 FOR SALE -- Toy Poodles, S colors 786-2444. READ TODAY'S CLASSIFIED PAGE SAVE HALF AND GET BETTER . FURNITURE W. make a Full Line of UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE which li unconditionally Guaranteed FOREVER Attj ierrice« «rtr required on our furniture will nerer cent Op«n «T*olnc« and Sund»ji Jimmie Kellie FURNITURE FACTORT £rani, Colo. Monty to Loan 11 r £ SPECIALIZE; in anmll lortna, S, r ,0, tl.BOO. Most collntprnl ucccpinble. C.F.C. Corp.. Gth Ave. and llth St. Phone 31.2-ni.12. TV--Rfldjo--S«rvret», Softs 46 'E LOAN money--1st' nnd 2nd tnort- ITRKC or buslncaa. Also buy Int and 2nd morUtnRos. Gold-Naiman Investment Co.. Gth Ave. «nd llth St. Thonc :162-OIS2. M*t«ri«l 14 AW flharpeninjt, nil hind*. One day Bervico. Alkirc's 613 8 Ave. 362-9!illl. A T I V E nniKh lumber. Good, stock, setl .Lumber Co., 134 llth Ave. .US-2171. HOPW'ORN hlmbpr. Idcnl and many fa bcr. Co.. 712 9th SU Murphy Lum- Sporting Goods 35-A .06 SPRINGFIELD 'with 3E2-G80G eveninifB. Olt SALE -- 30.06, laminated stock. " Krnina of wood. 352-7816. OR SALE -- Model 70 270 Winchester. -IX acope. 5300. 3fi£'279Z after 5. your shootinn noeds I Clark's Gun Shop, Hillside Center; 3B3-60S6. UNT1NG knives sharpened .o a razor ctlge. Alhire. GI3 8th Avc. ASH tor deer, elk skins, raw furs, atecl traps, trapjiera supplies. laen- hnrt, 616 -6th Ave. OR SALB -- 12 jrauRc pump shot min. *70. Call 352-00-10 or 2520 23rd Avc. Ct. SEE us for all your prc-cast concret needs. Splash blocks, septic tanks well casins. ditch checks, car utop and specials. Rcd-D-Caat Co., Evans 353-7438; eves. 353-5509. GARAGE SALE · Wednesday thru Sunday--1 to 6 Furniture, winter clothing, an llques, camp equipment, misc. 1207 2nd St RUMMAGE SALE SI. Peter's Altar and Rosary Society re-aecheduied for -Wed. Oct. 16. Old Weld County. Bank Bldg. 9:30 a.m. WANTED CLEAN COTTON RAGS Sc Pound Qrwlejr Tribnn* NEEDED ONE LOW BACK PUMP ORGAN ilust work. Need to h« need for 'reduction »t Colo. Ststo Col- ese If you hnv« on«, please ontact Marvel Sweetman, S5S- 3S after S p.m. CLEAN 19BB Jeep, 4 wheel drive Rta tion wagon. Ready for huntini 363-7577. GUNSMITH? It tflko..»ki!I «nd fu · time attention. 2S years experience See an expert. Alkire. 613 Sth Ave PROFESSIONAL Phone 35^-3446. furnace cleaning ,'CE MACHINES and toft servers, i nnd used. 353-5262. CLOSE out on furnaci 140,000 lor izonUl Lennox. Utility 120,000 up flow. 2 new Mueller 130,000 counter flow. One used Mueller 120.000 o furnace. Central HwtinE, 1518 7t Aye. Phone 353-0038. SUPERMARKETS. Good used equip ment for sale; refrigerated displn cases, walk-in roolora. foo cases. food cases, compres sors, etc. Thermal Services. 353-526 17 Fruirt and Vcgitablci 3 APPLES for sale. 2315 17th Ave. MELONS, peppers, BQllash. Monroe miles east. 1 '^ louth of Evana. WESTpfHN~Slopc apples. Dale's Ma! het, 193 5Ih St. 352-0021. Hay, GHMI, Ft.J, Straw PARK hay, graded alfalfa. Wip. cedar fence pogla. Don Kelly. 352-0491. FOR SALE -- Native meadow hay, Cnll Weldona. 645-2211 after 5 p.m, WANTED -- Corn fields, beet top. and hay atuhble. pasture. Call S53 0836 evenings. Liv.ttock 41 WANTED -- Weancr pigs, after 6. 0 EWES bred to Iamb In November J36. Call 887-8078. BEST prices for hides, pelts, wool in season. Is^nhart, 615 6th Ave. WANTED DEAD OR AUVJI Hone« or Cowi For Reward Ph. 353-OiM 24 Hour Scrrlca IVANS BI-PRODTJCTS CO, ARTISTIC Poodle grooming. Puppil and Tor stud. S62.I48B. FOUR weeki old puppiei, |[ each. 3G3.E244. AKC Silver Miniatun 352-1158. TO GIVE away -- 4 beautiful An ora kittens to good homes. 853 REGISTERED white miniature male Poodle, 1 yenr old. Ha* all Call 352-0418. ihots ENGLISH Springer Spaniel pupi AKC. Very reasonable. 853-5899 ·fter 5. AUSTRALIAN Shepherd puppies from registered parents. No papm. HO 362.87C5 atler 4 p.m. BEAUTIFULLY marked Chihauhai Pekingese dog S16.00. Phon. 353 3210 after 3. ntOPICAL fish, goldfish, aquariumi filters, air pumps (aerators). Frank's Seed and Hatchery, 709 10th Street. PUREBRED Germnn Shepherd pups Unusual silver rrei and black color- init. Pups are nnw 4% w.'oks old Must lei! for Professor In Germany J45 to S60. Phonr Mr. Licka, 351 2143 or 361-2277 between 9 a.m. am 4 M6 p.m. Sawing Mxhinii, Vacuum! 44 REBUILT Kirhy. 16S.96. Perry's Vacu. urn Center. 1601 Oth St. .163-0769. for vacuums, hnses, belts, ·tc. Perry's Vacuum Cen- PARTS brushi . .. _ _ tor, 36H.0759. 1601 Oth St. iERVlCE calls. Fix tubes. Used TV's Mount's TV. 852-8620. TRADE-IN sale. Guaranteed black and while portable and console, from · 24.96. Color from J179. Budget terms. Television Mart. 120 North 2nd, La Salle. 284-E666: 352-6130. PICTURE TUBES SPECIAL PRICES ilnek and white picture tubes rom $24.95. Color picture tubes rom ?79.96. Call for free eatl- nate on your picture tube. 284-5558 or 352-5130 TELEVISION MART 120 N. 2nd. ' La Salle Real Estate 48«rvlct«, Sales 46 RADIO repair -- table mode-Is, clock radios, portables. Alkirc's, 613 8 Ave. TV RANCH RELIABLE TELEVISION It RADIO SERVICE Curt Elliott 352-4302 Rear of Coast to Coast Store 2410 10th St. Greeley Colo. Instrument. 47 FOR SALE -- Open hole Hanes flute. Call evenings, 362-8089. WALNUT spinet piano. Good condition. 362-8231. ALTO saxophone. Phone 352-7816. Evette Schaffcr. SPINET pinno. 6 years old. Excellent condition. 353-G680. BALDWIN piano and organs. J. S. C.ble Co.. 714 9th St. 362-4636. TRUMPET with case. Excellent condition. Must see to appreciate. $70. 353-7281. FOR SALE -- Boose and Hiuvkes B- Flat clarinet In excellent condition. »65. 363-4020. SAVE at Campbell's Lout Our Lease Sale. Ends October 25. Spinet pianos or organs as low as $395. Open evenings. Baldwin-Wurlitzcr Dealer, 113 E. Drake, Ft. Collins. Real Estate 43 4 ACRES divided Into It lota with all citr utilities. 85S-E84E. OWNER selling duplex. Consider trado four or more units. Dan Peterson, 362.7389. FOR SALE by owner -- 160 acre improved dairy farm with Grade A barn, adjoining 80 acres. 352-5137. 18 ROOM colleBs rental. 5500 income possibility. Good location. 363-2641 after S;3Q only. EVANS"-- A charminjr 2 bedroom with country privacy. Has earnet, drapes, garage. 511,950. FHA or VA terms. Dick Hout Realty, 358-5123. FOR SALE _ Choice % section 6 mileii northeast Greeley. Pumps, 2,000 gal. per min. No. 2 water, high production land. 2 modern homes. 352-2371. WILL trade unimproved city lots for your equity in 3 bedroom home. Must be, well located. Call 352-6792 or write with full particulars Box Z-10. c/o Greeley Tribune. FOR SALE or trade: Spacious 24x60 ft. mobile home on 14 acres in San Luis Valley. Priced to jell or will consider trade for property in northern Colorado. 353-7359. iUARANTEED annual income Sll.- 038.68. AAA Tiet 20 year lease. Current 7% loan of $106.000. Priced at $137.983. Good tax benefits. Colorado International Corp.. 5321 Dahlia, Commerce City, Oolo. THREE bedroom brick, compact electric kltohen with dishwasher. Cnr- petcd living room with dining L. Full basement. Finished rcc room. One car attached Enrage. Fenced back yard. $4,500 .and assume 5%% loan. 1111 33rd Ave. Phone 3D3-41M'.'. WIGGINS area -- 240 acre farm, irrigated with 3 pumps, 3,100 gal. witter, sandy loam. 160 could be put under sprinkler. 2 bedroom home, corrals and supporting buildings. A real bargain at S90.000. Cull Dave at Stan Williams Realty, 353-4822. Residence, 352-7436. KEYMEN 1402 Sth Ave. 353-2271 PRICE BELOW MARKET 35 acres Irrigated land. 4 good ells, 2 seta of improvements, quarter would be ideal for prinkler. Less tban $420 per ere. 29% down, good terms on alauce. LEASE OPTION n 13 acres, ditch water, 3 bed- oom brick borne, 2 car garage. 2000 down. 5000 ACRES PLUS ne of tbe better cattle ranches n Weld County. Excellent grass, dcqnal.e water. 20% down, ·inns to suit Will trade lor mailer ranch or farm. CLOSE IN 60 acres with wells and water ghts. Comfortable older home, ot far from Greeley. 29% down wner.will help with financing! BILL" WARNER, TAN EMESON, 552-0018 352-6115 IMMEDIATE POSSESSION 2146 21st Ave. Royal Gardens Tri-Level 3 large bedrooms and closets. Living room with fireplace. Large family room. All electric kitchen. Carpeted throughout. Will trade for smaller home in good location. GEO. W. HICKS 352-6839 , 353-0790 AUSTIN AUSTIN 1203 9th Street FARMERS -- FARM All machine leveled; Fields square -- exceedingly easy to irrigate - mom will love this remodeled home - dad will appreciate the two strong wells plus ditch water and his '^Porting buildings we excellent with corrals tor 200 head -- 21.5 ton average on heels for 20 years and frequently m the top 1C. Name your terms on this fine farm J\6n HOMES IN NUNN tW ° " ! "" 6 " t hom68 in N " nn P reasonably INCOME PLUS HOME Business in front - 3 bdr. home In rear. This pronertv has iou ot potent^!. Priced at $13.500. For someoSeTanf- Ing a small business plus boms call Rilla, Member of Multiple Listing Service Chuck Cumberlln, 362-53B6 Ann Austin, 353-8569 Carl Hirsch, 352-2034. Ken 'Doo' Eckert, 353-6643 Roger Libsack, 352-6592 Rin a Underwood, 352-7685 Stanley Furrow, 352-9034 E. R. "Kid" Austin, Broker

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