Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 1, 1975 · Page 17
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 17

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1975
Page 17
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^ jnwniir JFRELIABLE.FIRMS "Best Carpet Buys htheValef ,,TM BEFORE YOU MY.,, (8£^N Cfcek MT treat Mltttm ·( earnfe., WILLIE OUR PRICES, TOO! Pile Hhtclwh Visit our beautiful new tiiovroom Hearing completion no v a I 807 Main St., Caldwell CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES Floor Covering Division 807 Moin, Caldwell 459-0054. or 4S9-0111 ' ICP 10% OFF! ALL LABOR Juil Mention This Ad! LA AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR "Fighting Inllalian" FkEE LUBE WITH OH i FILTER · Tune-upi · Corbureto/ Overhaul · Broke! · Olher Gtncrol Repairs 1524--1st St. So., Nampa 467-3802 MILLER'S VACUUM REPAIR r -- Compad -- Kfrby -- Electrotux -- Eureka Sunbeam -- Rainbow and orheii. - PARTI IN STOCK- four Authoiiud HOOVfR Dealt, FILTER QUEEN SERVICE 8, PARIS, Caldwill, 459-6378 SAND * GRAVEL ASPHALT PAVING 466.8971 HEATING SYSTEMS Furnaces of All Typ«) -- Sal«t Service CALL466-8401 for the "dirty furnace cleaners" OWYNEE SHEET METAL 1050-lst 51. South, Nompo 2514 E.Cleveland. Caldwell, J59-1697 AUTO PAINTING "Specia/fsls" ROBERTS MOTORS 616 · 12th Ave. Road, Nampa 467-4872 SAM and WANDA'S VACUUM SALES SERVICE · Ramfcow « Ro r al · Kirby · Comport · lltciralux . in,*, Ki ng 28I6E. Linden 459-2562 WE'VE MOVED-WE'RE REMODELING BUTHI'RISTIUOKN... "B«f Corpef Buys in flit Va/f«y" OUR NEW LOCATION IS 807 MAIN, CAIDWEIL Construction Suppliei /.· nn m. floor Coveting Division 409-UU04 ICP mm I-~. ^..-si S t t A I A t . . . PEOPLE'S DENTURE LAB All Work Guaranteed -- Repairs While you Woit ' 1 8 Ywars al Same Vocation '·fours 9 10 5 Wtelo'ayi 466-4205 nrjiri t E»s. bj Ippt. 30t-12lli rWe. St.. Kimpj FUEL BILL HIGH? Cut heating Cash -- Save Energy STORM WINDOWS AND DOORS Gloii and Screen Repair -- Financing Available ·PMU« M ·ftWai* WWDOW AND STEWART S ANNUM v 388 Nampo/Cold Blvd., Nampa 467-1961 Evtv 466-J397 Gag e's TRI-COUNTY CARPET "We'reoutlo floor you" 411 Hjmpa-C«ldw«ll Blvd., Namp» 467-4991 STORM WINDOWS LOW MONTHLY MYMIMTS ^--rffr SHIELDS ENTERPRISES EVES. 467-2875 H1BBARD BROS. CONSTRUCTION Custom Built Homes and Remodeling. FREEESTIrVMTE? Call Bob 459-7048 or Bill 459-6515 'LAZY J" Sales Service · Af limp · 454-1251 Good Ktltci STANDARD BLACK PIPE I" 38' h., I'/.- tr h., IV," 65-ft., 1"»}· h. W' SI .34 h., }" »1.59 ft., 4" $2.77 (t. QUANTITY OI5COUNTS AVAlLAtLf CROOKS INDUSTRIES, INC. 1731 Indmtiial Rd., Nampa 467.4443 IDAHO FREE PRESS' 466-7891 NAMPA P.O. BOX 88 The NEWS-TRIBUNE 459-4664 CALD. P.O. BOX 1179 Reaching more than 63,000 readers daily . . . in /he Nampa-Ca/dwell trading area. TRANSIENT CLASSIFIED RATES (Effective June 1,1974) MINIMUM A O - 3 LINES FOR 3 DAYS $ 5.25 ($1.00 Discount per od, if paid m advance or w.-Inn 5 days of fir si inse/lion] No. of Lines 3 lines 4 lines 5 lines 1-3 Times 5.25 6.00 6.75 4-6 Times 7.00 a.oo 9.00 7-1 0 Times 9.00 10.25 11.50 IM'S Times 13.00 14.25 16.00 19-26 Times 16.00 17.50 19.50 CLASSIFIED DEADLINE - 11:45 A.M PRIOR . TO DAY OF PUBLICATION CARD OF THANKS $2.50 Bpx NUMBERS $1.00 ADDITIONAL AUCTION ADS $2.30 per Col. Inch Daily SERVICE DIRECTORY 2 COL. X11NCH PER CALENDAR MONTH ... $69.00 The idaho Free Press and The News-Tribune reserve the right to determine classification under which all copy shall be published. In case ol error, the Idaho Free Press The News- Tribune will be responsible lor the FIRST INSERTION BUSINESS OFFICE HOURS 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 12 noon Saturday. S4Kvce Directory The Idiilm Krcc I'ress i The News-Tribune, Lost t Found 5 M«llF»m«l*Hlp 12 WOODY'S TREE SERVICE Removal, trtti, stump lemwctf FREE ESTIMATES licensed. Iriswed. 409 6533 LOST: Small female, part Pomeranian, "Heidi." Last seen \ / U/ 75 on So. Black Cat I. Greenhurst Rd., near Kuna Reward. 692-1103 or 411-UI3. Income T»x ' 6 S K I R T I N G E L E C T R I C A L I A P I N G I n s t a l l a t i o n on Ir.iilers/ homes. Phono 4596954 Personals "if COMMUNITY M E N T A L H E A L T H C E N T E R S Counselling 8, Emergency Aid Days 4««'8J8I · 4590091 eves weekends,Phone 459-00*1. P A R E N T S ANONYMOUS Help lor parents who lose control. For more Information, Ph. 466-2272 days, 467-1635 or 459 1766 eves. "CAN DO CADETTES" Can do whatever you need done Clean a bsml., garage, or attic. Go to the dump, pick up deliver, chauffeur Care lor your animals, look for a special gift or antique. Plan a birthday, wedding, or dinner parly for 2 or 200. For Info, or estimate; call "Can do Cadeltes" 466 0598 466 20B.B or 466-5097. NEEDHELP? Don't Know Where to Turn? D I A L H O T L I N E A N Y T I M E 466-3511 or 459-2311 We have a few exlra 1975 Calendar Books, 8" x 12". Excellent lor business or home use, wilh ample space for notes and appointments. . . SI.25 plus lax. Call at the Idaho Free Press Oltke in Nampa. _ INCOME TAX SERVICE VIRGINIA BLOCK 1923 Hlrd, Coldwell -- 4590448 Individual Income T a x Service. Call .167 2720 9:00a.m. loJiOOp.m. INCOME TAX - Reasonable rales. Marilyn Harris, Greenleal. Phone 459 6055. . H R BLOCK America's largest lax service. Nampa: 12072nd SI. S o . 466 6331 and M4-]im A»e. No , Jrjr) 1301 Caldwell: 1020 Cleveland J59 0539 and i.i Sears, Caldwell. MELBA TAX SERVICE Call Mrs. Rottnson, 495-2755 W E S T E R N EMPLOYMENT S E R V I C E . Taking applications. Special need lor bookkeepers, tune up man, general mechanic and salesman. Phone 454 I?8t. 104 So. K i m o a l t . S u i t e 10, Caldwell. B E A U T I C I A N wilii clientele needed. Aggressive lake charge 3-151 or 467 4637. The Nampa Civil Service Commission will lest qualified applicants lor Police Patrol positions al 1:00 P.M., Tuesday. II February 1975 at the City ttall. Applicants must have not less than one year ol potice palrol experience and have c o m p l e t e d a POST Basic Course, being eligible for a Ba»ic Police Certificate alter one year employment with the Nampa Police Department. For application lorms, coniacl the city personnel ollice or the police department Bring proof of experience. Saturday, February 1, l!i:ri-A-., Money to Loin or Wanted 17 If inllalion has your budget doing flip HOPS, t r y N A T I O N WrDE FINANCIAL CORP The "people people" T e r r y , Art. Dale Men will help you put it back together with a con : sol«dat:on or home im provemcnt loan. Lnans lo Across Irom Karcher Mall. Call 466 2407. DEBT CONSOLIDATION Loans up lo S2S.OOO. Pul your equity 10 work. 1st 6. jnd merl gage. Real E s i a i e loans. Associates Financial Services. '14 Cleveland. Cold INCOME TAX SERVICE BmeiRosJahl.215Hjdson MANY H A P P Y R E T U R N S ! Neva Chapman. 26 years ex perience. S5.0D up. 813 N. Illinois, Space 30. Phone 459-1774 Income Tax Service by Eleanor Hursh. Trained under Federated Tax Service. 467-1754 MIDWAY ACCOUNTING Taxes Bookkeeping Mrs. Shirley Jordan 459 4822. I N C O M E T A X S E R V I C E We come loyour home. Reasonable rates, 376-2865 Service Directory 1 gervlce Directory Soon will be the time to install your sprinkler system in your yard. Call now lor estimates 459 B349. Build your new home · or fix up the old one. Call me at 3S9-B349. Q U A L I T Y Concrete driveways, sidewalks . 8. patios. Call Earl, 466-1594. Landscaping, shrub trimming -yarn work. Now is the time lo get t h i s ' w o r k done. «7-5i)4 MOORE TREE SERVICE Licensed, Insured S Bo/ided 467-1100,343-4522,919-6700 'NEED MORE ROOM? B a s e m e n t s e x c a v a l e d 8, cemented under existing homes, hall the- cc-sl of building on. Also concrete work. Ph. 466-2369. Beat those rising fuel costs' Call Quilily siorm Window ·Products for F REE ESTIMAT E 466-16?2 alter 5p.m. MOLKO'S MOBILE MILLING S E R V I C E . Grinding, rolling, mixing 8. molassilying. 446-5564. * ELECTROLUX * Vacuum cleaners. Repairs Supplies. Al. Inoba J5J 0777 J64 6627 459 820B Carpenler Framfng Forming. Or (inishing. Dial 459-7720. INTERIOR PAINTING Most any room S37.50. e s t i m a t e s , insured. R i c h a r d Clark. Call 585-2289. Burnett Plastering Acnuslics. Specializing in quality, radiant heal, thin coal, stucco repair. Call Homedale 337-4143. Excavating Landscaping Leon Hell, 459-4126 or 459-8388 Top soil, fill dirt 4 lerlilizer. PETERSON CONCRETE CONST. Free e s t i m a t e s . D r i v e w a y s , Patios -- sidewalks -- steps -euros - chain link lence. For quality work call Gary, 459-3740. B J TREE SERVICE Topped --Trimmed--Removed Licensed 8, Insured. Free Estimates. Ph. 466-5500. CONCRETE WORK Basements to llalivork. 459-9764 . EXCAVATING Backhoe, Landscaping 8, Trucking, DICK N A Y L O R E X C A V A T I N G CO. Ph. 454-0351, evenings 459 7613. Remodeling repairs. Skilled craftsman, lor home or business. Prompt service. Ph. 466-5968. SS, S E X C A V A T I N G B a c k h o e C a l W o r k . Jack Stiles, 457-2301 Ken's Loan Jewelry loans money on anything of value. We also do jewelry repair, diamond selling and mounting, too! 1226- 1st St. So., Nampa. 466-9647. FEELING BAD? Try Rellexology, portable water stills or pure water or '/ibra- quill. Phone 466-2552. Donations of furniture appliances needed. The Salvation Army needs your used furniture, appliances, etc. For pickup call 4592011. Card of Thanks 3 "Thank You" lo Iriends and neighbors, lodges, churches and every one for floral arrangements, lood and the many expressions of sympathy at the passing of our Mother, Zella Brassfield. Mrs. Nadine Shellon i Family Mr. 4 Mrs. C.W. (Pauline) May Family Mr. 8, Mrs. C.W. Brassfield Family · Mr. 8, Mrs. M.D. Brassfield 8, Family Mr. 8, Mrs. Ervin IDonna) Hope 8. Family Mr. 8. Mrs. Bill Brasslicld Family Mr. 8. Mrs. Bob Brasslicld Family. Schools Instruction 8 OLD FASHIONED PHONIC R E A D I N G LESSONS Read, spell, automatically For the rest of your life in just 3 lo 6 wks. or it will cosl you nothing. Terms. 467-1597 SCHOOL-Complele home sludy high school c o u r s e s . A l s o secretarial subjects. Write lor a Iree brochure thai explains. American School ol Chicago, Box 1316, Salmon, Idaho 83J67. ENJOY Y O U R PIANO! ; Private lesson wilh exp. in slruclor. All ages, beginners Ihru a d v a n c e d . M A R J I ' S PIANO STUDIO. 4665194. ART CLASSES Day or evening classes. Muriel Pooley, 466-0372 or 466 1316. Female Help Wanted 11 FABRIC CONSULTANT Parl lime position lor mature individual wilh good knowledge ol sewing capable ol meeting public. Musi be able lo work varied hours. Apply Discount Fabrics, 15V4 Caldwcll Blvd.. Nampa. Mon, Feb. 3rd. 10 a.m. lo 4 p.m. Elderly man wants housekeeper (bet. 50 701 who can May over- nighi. Large house. 1 466-7078. P R I O R S E R V I C E M E N e a r n exlra money on weekends in the Idaho Army National Guard. Needed in floise: HELICOP T E R P I L O T S - o f f i c e r , w a r r a n t ollicer W E A P O N S SYSTEMS SPEC. - enlisted. A R C F T . FUEL H A N D L E R S enlisted. C O M B A I IN P A N T R Y M E N -- enlisled. Enlist at same grade you lefl service. Good port time pay. VV2's lly 120 hrs. per yr. Earn more than S2500 annually. E x l r a benelils: PX privileges. '.· col lege or trade school lees pd. in addition JoGI benefits. Fulltime SGLI coverage. Army Guard Recruiting. Boise, 385-5226. SEE FOR YOURSELF Local Amway distributors ore enjoying extra Income. We show you how. Phone 454 0416 MONEY Aggressive married man or woman who wouldn't mind really hard work il it would provide opportunity for S175- S250 per week. Position requires quick thinking. Wrile in now! Box 764], Boise. Id. B3707. HAVE 3 O P E N I N G S . Opportunity lor S180 w e e k . Bonuses. Insurance. H a r d goods Commissions. Apply 9001 Fairview. Boise. EMPLOYMENT PERSONNEL is NOW LOCATED at "TOP'SOIL · Special Notices 4 Male Female Help 12 Siluatlons'Waiiligd Fill dirt, excavating, all kinds ' 466-4360 or 466-4011 HOUSE MOVING Also buy and sell houses BOB RICHARDSON, Ph. 4W-W39. * VACUUM REPAIR * Hoover, Compact, Eleclrolux,- Filter Queen, Royal, Eureka, Kirby, Airway. Bells, bags, motors, switches, all kinds of parts. Mel's Repair Sales, im-'2lh Ave. SO., 466-2541. TREE SERVICE I D A H O P E S T C O N T R O L (Formerly Brassfields) Spraying of all kinds, Complete tree service. Licensed, bonded a insured. Lorry Rails, 466-9376. WALLPAPERING AND PAINTING. NOW's a good lime to painl inside. FREE esli- males. 466-7112. Les Canady Quality Cabinets 8, Carpentry, Painting, all phases ol remodeling. No job loo small. 467-1907. Painting, roofing, cement work, stucco, brick laving, dry wall paneling. 4596954. Custom Building remodeling. Reasonable. Free e s t i m a t e s Jack Hall, 459-6281. EXCAVATING Backhoe work, any kind. Scplic tanks, drain fields. Dean Lit- llelield Excavating. 466-3725. Paul's carpet installation. Q u a l i t y work at reasonable prices. Guaranleed. 466 4755. C A R P E T U P H O L S T E R Y Cleaning Service. Free csl. Work nu.iranlecd. 467 5475. VAN'S CEMENT WORK Patios, driveways, steps, curbs Iraclor work. Free estimates. Phone Star 586-7543 or 286-7419. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS- Nampa charter group meets thurs. 6:00 p.m. in the County Bldg., 9th A v e . 2nd St. So,, P.O. Box 1024, Nampa, 466 3312. P A R T S M A N - 'Auto dealership cxp. needed. Local i m - mediale. S a l a r y is OPEN, D.O.E. CANYON PERSONNEL SERVICE, 21sl 4 Arlhur, Cald 4S4-14II. SEWING Drop in baby sitting and sewing in my home. All types ol sewing. Call -166-4167 Alcoholics 8. Al Anon, Nampa meets Mon. 8 p.m. Mercy Hospital. Sup. S.-30 a.m. Community Center, Caldwell, Wed 8:30 p.m. St. David's episcopal Church. Kaley Med. Center, 10 Logan. Wed. 8 : 3 0 p.m. J66 5476 466-3325, 459-84BO or 459-2152 UNHAPPY wilh your presenl Child Care job? Time lor a chance? Call Owen at 454-1411 or come in fo C A N Y O N P E R S O N N E L S E R V I C E . 21st Arlhur, Cald. All applications confidential. 15 A g g r e s s i v e Real E s t a t e Salesman. Contact Perk C W R E A L T Y J 2 0 S o . 7 t h . at 4J8-1838 FOUND: Black and white male puppy in 300 block on Canyon; also Chihuahua-Terrier type puppy; SI. B e r n a r d found behind Karcher Mall. Canyon Pet Haven. 466-1298. LOST: Man's gold ring w/ ruby sel. Has sentimental value. Reward offered. Call 459-7918. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK Immediate lull time opening lor Accounts P a y a b l e Clerk. Minimum 2 years experience in accounts payable. Apply Personnel Ollice, Mercy Medical Center, 1512 12th Ave. Rd. Nampa. New portable r Gets carpets professionally clean. Niw RINSE imC It thiportlW, (38 Ibi.) pOMihwii thit cteins, ^* ilntii, xitfvKUiiffli out dirt finht your cupeli prolusion illy dun. RINSe H VAC dots lh» Job only grgfasfguf Htm ctainvs could do bleu. At t Irxtlon ol tin coil. In... JtmSE X V»C cltint cuptti cteirm... keipt tt«m ekmr lon|t(. · 1 RENTAL A A CENTER. 823 NMTtpi-Cild. Blvd., Ntmpa ' 467-3375 Here's an idea to WARM youf" heart! At a lime when thermostats are down, and everyone seems to be looking for ways to warm things up, why not turn to the Want Ads and generate a littlo action that will find » happy buyer for those unmed iterm around the houie and put a little cash in your pocket. Now, that's a good way to warm your heart isn't it? IDAHO FREE PRESS The NEWS-TRIBUNE 466-7891 459-4664 LOVE CHILDREN! Give hot lunches, story hours, lotsol TLC! Call 460-2901 Excellent care r for your child. My home. Hot meals. Play R m. lenced yd. Reasonable. 467-4506. Child care in my home. Mid- dlcton area. 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday thru Friday. S3 Per day, 4 to 1 yrs. old. Games, stories, lun, play time, lunches 8. snarts. 585 3406 alter 6 p.m. B A B Y S I T T I N G Any age under 3. Call olleM p.m. 466 9393. BAD" S I T T I N G Widow v/ill babysit in your homo. Occasionally. 466 9353. EXCELLENT CHILD C A R E Oak SI.- College area. s?Perday. Phone-159-6120 DAY CARE Humply-oumpty Center. Hoi lunch, slale licensed, pre school program certilied teachers. 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon. thru Fri. 5)1 NampaCald. Blvd. 467-3652.or 466-2679 K I N D E R G A R T E N Kiddie-Koop Kindergarlcn 8. Child Care, Caldwell. 459 4216. Misc. For Sale 19 Garage Sale 18 Garage sale (warm inside) 716 18th Ave. No., Nampa. Runs conlinuous. Good clothing, etc. G A R A G E S A L E , m i s c . household goods, e t c . 560 Ceniral Canyon. Nampn. 466 6321. _____________ 19 Misc. For Sale Caldwell 459-6321 Bob Potts, Owner Mary Wener, Office Manager Dee Neston, Counselor WANTED: Babysitter in my home. SIOO Mo., 5 days a week.. Pro-school children. 467-6603. icvy J « Ion w/'9' bed, new engine [nave r e c e i p t ) , - portable Holpoinl dishwasher, white, 3 cycle, excellent cond.; G.E. S" portable TV w / digital clock alarm, weighs 5 ibs..- gold swcg lamp. 459 77!7. For Sale: Boy's bive, girl's bike, man's 3 spd. Dike. Honda 3 wheel ATC 70 8. Arctic Cat Kllly Kal Snowmobile. 459 9677. New Spring Sportswear arriving doily. Missy sizes 6-20. hall sizes 12' -i 26 1 ?. See at Betty's Henny Penny Shop. Old Mill Slock, N. Kimball, Caldwell. 459 7512. New C A S T R A T I O N Tna D O C K I N G device for installation ol rubber bands on lambs'. T o ellect ihe bloodless, painless casiralion 8. docking. Fasier faster installation. Only si.00, solo only by C . E . Burkey al 1111 3rd Ave. N. P.O. BO 565 Ntimpa. Ph. 467 6393. LUMBER SPECIAL! Ulility 2x4 K.D. 8', S82. 10', S90. 12' 14' 16'. S10S. 10CO' or more SIOO. Per each, small lols · 8', 45c 10', 65C. 12'. 85c, 14' SI, 16'. 51.20. Call allerS, before 8, Kuna 692 5281. L I K E NEW: Antiqued wedding ring sel. S550 value, sacrllice for 5200. 446-5366 or .167-5618. DRY F I R E P L A C E WOOD Mixed hard woods. Delivered. Phone 466-9375 '74 skiroule snowmobile, S800. '67 Honda Trail 90, S250. 12 Ga. Remington Wingmaster, 580. 446-8323. Dog house, insulated. 4' Long X 3 1 ; 1 wide, $45. 2V Long X 2' wide, S15. Call 467-4116. Corn Fed Calves 500-600 Ibs. - 30 cents Ib. · «59-2859 Y E A R - E N D C L E A R A N C E SALE I Buy now before prices go up. 20°x oil on painting needs, painl," palrtt brushes, thinner, etc. ALSO,, a l l . - s t y l e s - , ready made framed mirrors, 25H 1 off, andwallpaper20°iofl. Superior Painl Glass, 123 Blaine St.. Caldwell. Olfer good through February 28, 1975. ^975 P F A F F Open A r m , aulomatic. May be purchased lor balance owing. 459-1123. 2 Camper shells: 1 long wide 1970 insulated 1 short-narrow, both good cond. 30" Free standing fireplace, Homelile chain saw, spare tire carrier for camp frailer, 2 T. electric chain hoist. Call 459-3461. Q U A D S O U N O Component slcreo, w/ 8 track tape player, i speakers. 467-1095 «!RCOMPRESSOlT S P R A Y EQUIPMENT S225 .Call 467-4952 ' Reasonable! New lurniture, '65 Chev., camper, boat, 35 H.P motor, trailer. 459-9766. Green Love Seal 1972 Yamaha Enduro. Call ailer 4 p.m. 466-9393. Rocklord lalhe, 14" swing, 6' bed, 3 4 jaw chucks, and taper atlachmenl, center rest. Call 459 9441 or 459-7297. BOISEOLDTIME A N T I Q U E FLEA M A R K E T Has moved from Ihe 7 Mile Ballroom to Ihe Western Idaho Fair Grounds. Much larger much b e t t e r . F e a t u r i n g : Primalives, old glass, clocks coirjs thousands ol other old S, unique items plus many added features. REMEMBER Western Idaho Fair Grouna, February 16. For space 8. information. Call Boise 344-1348. WEEKEND SATURDAY SUNDAY, FEB. 1st 2nd DOORS OPEN 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Come Early for Best Selection! * FAMOUS NAME BRAND CARPETS HRo Primed Kitchen Carpet - Commercial Weaves I FULL ROLLS - HUUM SIZES - SMALL PIECES" Compare ai S129S10SI6955C yd NOW $ 4" - ^99 . Jg99J SMALL PIECES AT fiu/M-WAY PfCESn_ NO-WAX LINOLEUM « « O . S « 9 9 S Q y d ONLY $-|99 TRI-COUNTY CARPET 411 Namp»-C«lJ. Blvd. NAMPA 467-4991 \ «

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