Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 26, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1951
Page 4
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, PAGE'FOUR. LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Thursday Evening,, April;26, : 1951 Las Cru*s Sun-News Founded in 1881; published, dally,'except Saturday--weekday after riponB and Sunday, morning*--by the Sunshine,Prcaa, Inc., at 241 N Wulcr SL, LIIS Crucca, N. M. Entered'at Las Cruces poatofflcc aa . jsccond-clasa' matter. ' Stanley Gallupl Advertlsin/j Manager Orvdie E. Priestley, Editor and-Publisher National Advertising JUprcseritatlve: Inland Newspaper Representa^ lives, Inc., Chicago, New York, St. Lquln, Kaiuns city, Omaha, Atlanta. Member of "the Associntad.Prefl!!! The; Annotated Preaa IB en* 'tilled exclusively to the use for republlcallon of all local news printed in this newspaper, as well .is all AP {icws dispatches. TEIjBPHONE '33 . Tills newspaper is a member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Ask for a copy of our.lutcHl A. B. C. Report giving; audited facts and.figures about our circulation. X.B.C. -- Audi! Burciu of Circulallohi FACTS » a mtaiura of XdY«rIl«ing Valua SUBSCnirnON KATBS: Bj^cnrrlbr. in Las Cruses and surburban areas, 38c per week or 7Cc ffcr month; by molor route delivery in Dona Ana county, $8.50 per year or 85c- per month. By mall In New Mexico 70c per month or ^7.iti per year, Outside ,of State 85c per month or $8.00 per year. M»ll subscrlptiona are payable in advance. . j v . Ask Where Funds Go "'"' We are firmly convinced that for for too long for our own j(ood' and the good of our country we have been a little r e l u c t a n t lo ask where certain f u n d s raised by taxes go. II is our right and privilege to know how our tax money "is spent; to kno.w whether budgets set up are exceeded; to know how this money is spVnt; to know w h e t h e r il is a c t u a l l y needed or not. The federal government 1 isn't the only governmental agency which has spent money frir- eleven m i l l i o n oyster forks for the members of the armed forces when no need existed for these forks and when the members of the armed forces never received or had them. The federal government apparently bought them--they advertised them for sale as .surplus war supplies. But we are inclined to believe there are some 'oyster forks' purchased by other government agencies too--the spending of money of the taxpayer for needless and worth- loss things. Don't hesitate to ask how y o u r money is spent , f : i or to be spent. That is your right. ; Who Caused Disunity? There has been considerable comment about the need of u n i t y in our nation. (Concern is* being voiced regarding the division which has f,\ \ resulted over the MiicAi'thur-Truman clash. ' A n d m a n y would like to see the nation forget all of · . \ -._ ! n ' K " m ' '" settle-down lo tlie job nhond. .. . · . I n the first place, of course, it was not j u s t the Mac- .·*.,' A r t h u r a f f a i r which caused the d i s u n i t y -- I b i s was merely .. ; . the climax. America lias,been a l i t t l e unhappy about a good 0\'i muiiy. things for a good many months. tt. i · -.It was this clash'between Truman and MacArihur which -,,,-_ In the situation which prevails today. "Arneric«.nt:;'!are"tirecl'of not only having the 'pinks' in . ·· · wnshingtpal..but of the defense of these 'pinks' by the president o* the United Stales. Americans are unhappy about . t h e president of (he United States d e f e n d i n g those who by · i - i . ' '··Ihvosllgflt.ion have been disloyal to America and have taken advantage, of t h e i r positions lo gain profit for themselves. · a. l i t t l e tired of a president who has many f a u l t s , and fallings nnd who at times has acted like a bail /.r."boy 'instead of a leader, who has tlivrcsnccl of the American .»6sVv citizens. . v _ . . . . :-' i , Presidcn,t.Truman who talks about u n i t y , a milled na- '"·**' " lloni working t o g e t h e r . . t o ' b u i l d ' ' a great defense p l e a d s - f o r ··-: . this biil doesn't ..display the leadership, which will bring it 1 ^ abctyt."- · . · . : . , ' · H.J ' ! -He, w a n t s 'others lo do things including the m a k i n g of , * personal'snci'lfic'cs 1 bin. lie refuses to make any sacrifices i" lr.. He also reserves 1 the I'ight for'hif! 'chosen few' riot to have to niake sacrifices. ' ' · '* ' , ,'t may be. u n f o r t u n a t e ' Ihe'rc is 'division .in our nalior , b u t ' i f this.; division'now b r i n g s ' a b o u t the right demands .««'··,}' 'it eliminates the 'reds' in Washington and : theii' I n f l u e n c e , -. ... if il halts : the selling' out of our nation; If It .prevents the control o( our a f f a i r s by those who seek to do this to benefit .i,.? themselves; if il removes tlie graft and corru'pU6n and the rollcnness.'ln Ihiu day a n d ' l i n i c which has been branded as Ihr 'fix period' in the history of our nation--then perhaps i t . I s just as well. « ' Because it is going necessary for all of Ibis to go and for real leadership t o - b e displayed before we are the united nation we need to be to properly urepare t o ' d e f e n d ourselves. MILITARY, OR POLITICAL? Local Farmers, Ranchers Will Attend Meeting leading f a r m e r s , ranchers, ami heir wives frmn practically every l o u n t y of the state will attend the n n u a l two-ilny spring ^inference (if t h o Leaders Mexico [Fool, Moulii Disease Fighl Nears End ALBUQUEKQUE. April 26 l/Pl-Thu fight against livestock foot anil i n u u t l i JiKCHse, in Mexico is nuiir an end. That la \vliat the livestock in- cliiHliy'.s jitlvisory committee was told at a mcetinff here yesterday. The national t'l'oup also heni-d. however. I hat it may be many months hefore it can lie certain the has been whic-d out. Truman Asks [Continued from Page 1) ed his earlier rcqucsti f or n n increase .this year of ";H lensl" SIO,000.000,000' (li). The Rovcniinuiir.s present ceil- ngs fihd oilier ecunomic controls are tmpoHcd under authority yiven in the defense production net which Congress enacted lost year. In Every School ' Kvcry public school has its problems. Every school has one pupil or a - h a n d f u l of pupils who are always creating a problem for the teachers and Ihe administration. · · . , There are always those into trouble o f ' s o m e kind or other. Sometimes il Is'just minor and other times i t ' I s more serious. ' - · . · . - . . . Bui every school, also Always seems (o'have, one' or more on the f a c u l t y who are just as'imJch of a.problem to parents -,:.. arid lo sllidcnts MS' some sttldciits are n. problem to certain faculty meifibm.' ' · ' , . ' · ' ',". · .;;..- - · There id alwnyi someone who.' run the school al- '··-·· though Ih'ov are t hirc(l -and employed'oriljvas teachers or instructors.'They, se'ern to become'confused about who is the --.- .'boss, or adminlstratorbr t h e - i n d i v i d u a l In authority. They create for themselves- a. tremumlo'us dislike not only on the parl of the students biit on the part of some of the faculty members. · They are not only unreasonable in the class room w i t h j. · certain sturicnls but they display an extremely poor attitude, « lack of restraint, »oor judgment and unconlrolablo tempers. Yet they are supposed to set the example; lo lead the ·way; to show the studtiUs Iho right altitude. They arc supposed to be .the leadcrsJ-lhey are the ones who are supposed to have atlalntjd self control, their educations a n d ' t h e i r ntll- tudes toward life. They arc supposed to teach and to practice fair play, b J t hones y sincerity and -equal and ihV same consideration for all sludqnts. · " '' ... . Tl ! crc '' l f c?u , rs(! ' * rc l i m e s - w h e n most teachers lose - ;· 1 ^' lr ;, t f. n ;P cf6 (mri I )l ' obabl y "wo i s ' j u s t provocation for ·-·· this. Bill there arc times when the student lose thcjr tempers, $ tdo. 1 '-. ·.. ^ .. . , - . · .j.. . t o r s t '' the .satisfaction In so far . H\j- ' i ' . . n n s o a r *f'! l !*;^cully i ls concerned (hit !n three to four years that dlMgrecablp, koublc-. making student completes his High whoo! work *hd is. gone-; but those teachers In the same , c i!«t° r y. vo jljcre .v**r.«/Ury.e«r with the sludcnti having ' ihtAfflc trouble Hut\MiidfrntJi before them had. . . .pyix-n sjuderits'.*ve'r 4 period of years face the same problems amHixyc the same troubles with the tame teachers -- \y*lHl'ls,jir(t.V clear (Hat, U Is not always the students' fault, Facjji thal-hiMt- of tin arc. Inclined to believe that , mayk«.wir»i«h»r I* parity. to btamt. ' - , , ; . , .-.' '+: · -...ii .;.''.,, I , ; -,'.;. 1 ..,. ' Moirt of' lh«"/lnahdali)robltm« which confroutmAnv »I Kfirm nnd Livestock M m c m t at the Hilton hotel, Albuquerque, M;iy 1 nnd '2. The conference, which will be presided over by Delimit- Roberts, Merino, president of t h e .State Kami liureit, Is intended ;is a t r u i n l n g school for county Furm Kuruaii officer.-! nnd lenders in order t h a t tlie ·.orguniKfilion's overall Htiite program niiiy function' .smoothly through Ihe rotinty and community unils, John Augustine, secretary, explains. I^rm IJun-a'u women will have a definite place in tho school program, with Mary Itobert.s, director n f , women's activities of the American Knrm Bureau : Federation lending discussions on women's j)l;uv In the orj;anmilinn, and lutskllng Mrs. I'Ynnlc KcliuJmcIslnr. Hcrnalillo county, .state womenV president, in the s]iici;il women's HpfiHtont) during the conference. j Other representative;; of the im- tionl orKiini'ilUm who will take part in the program will include Hurry BrVKon, AI-W director of Meld Service*, and WllllHiu 1C. -Al- i-xnnder, A V B F director of organization for the Wi'slern Region. U la antictpuU-d that the special SlruriiiK Committee of the joint five cut i niy Pjtrm Bureaus which IIHH born to push tho MlddU- R[« Oramti! cli:innHf7.ntfm project will confer w i t h .Stale Farm Burea directors at n ses-ilon tlie illuming of Mty 1 relative to securing State j Farm Rtireitu roopenilion in buck- [ Ing the proicrl in Washington ! 1, : regulation of speculative trading The eommiUc recently met in , n romn , 0( | itv ^changes.' AlbuqinM-qiie. representing Berna-' lillo, Dona A n a , Sniuloval, Valencia, Socnrro nnd Sipnn county Las traces Civil Air Patrol Cadets Nay Have Chance To Go To Foreign County Unier International Exchange Cadet Capt. William Scoggins, Jr., and Cadet "1st Lt. Jack Boyland have been chosen to represent Ihc Las Crucca Civil Air Patrol Squadron as candidates for the International Cadet Exchange. The two cadets were chosen on merit of work, efficiency, and standing in the local squadron. They will journey to Kirtland All- Force Bane at Albuquerque today w i t h senior officers of the Las Cruces Squadron. At Albuquerque they will attend a dinner given by the Wing Command for Cadets from each squadron in New Mexico. After dinner, all cadets will go before a selected reviewing board. Tliis board will select three candidates from the different squad- Warren Is Elected laycee President; Water Show Voted Charles- Warren was elected 1051-52 president of the Las Cruces Junior Chamber of Commerce last night. He succeeds Jay Druxman. . Other officers elected include Fiahk Gilchrist, first vice president; Sherman Paur, second vice president; Blair White, secretary, and W i l l i a m Sweatman, treasurer. Elected for two-year terms 'on the hoard of directors were Jamie and Earl Stull. Harold Means was elected to fill a vacant one-year term on the board, "Inauguration banquet for the officers has been set at the Organ Mountain cafe for · 7:30 Monday, April 30. In their election meeting at cle cafe last night, Jnycees also voted to -sponsor an "Aqua-Parade" produced by Texas Western college. The water show, which incl"Jcs acts ranging from ballet to the comic, will be held at Monic ! -al swimming pool Memorial rons to represent New Mexico. Each state will supply thu same number of Cadets who will meet In Washington, D. C. probably in August and will be carried by Air Force planes to foreign countries. Those countries will send Cadets to the United States. The trip overseas will probably last two weeks. Last year Cadets were exchanged with France, England, Canada, Switzerland, Portugal, and Italy. This year there is expected to he many more countries enter Into the Cadet, exchange program. Major Wilder states is was difficult to pick a representative of two Cadets from Las Cruces squadron, as, all 65 Cadets "have been ideal" and interested stud- Mechem Speaks (Continued from page one) true in the sales tax and income taxes, he explained. This, he stated, is difficult to do but it would mean a considerable increase in thu general fund if it could be done. Praises Legislature · Governor Mftchem paid tribute to the legislature for the past session, declaring; that on the whole he thought they did a pretty good job. He admitted that he didn't approve of everything they did but lie also admitted they hadn't approved everything he did. But he reminded the club members' that those running for the egislature arc considered' rather crazy when they announce but that they are remarkable people when they reach the. state legislature for" the session. But when they return home, . lie explained, a f t e r the session, they arc just nobody again. Anui/H'd Av 'rimes He declared that he was amazed at times at how many good bills they could pass and how many bad bills they can kill. He explained they have little time to study legislation because they arc pulled ents. Since i ords il \ fine poin Principal. operative check of o'-d.s that ing make scholastic work am Accom ·buquerqu ficers Sc s true tors operation cer Pete 1st Lt. J Lt. Gene and Squa George V Secon Licen SANTA Liquor C Baca yes cense of er charge Sunday. crator of store. Tucscla tion agai prietor o store. f* Kore (Conti opened u] on the ua Eighth T . -i" f tillcrv ani the rear Unit Traj But one rushing C trap nortl was no v Thursday, Since all Cadets'had good rec- as necessary to check fine points to make ft selection. Principal. S. H. Mnselcy was cooperative in making "a -thorough check of Cadets' high school rec- was necessary in helping make these selections in their dings plus their est in CAP- Accompanying the Catiets to Al- ·buquerque today are Warrant Of- tt and Gill, Cadet ; in- 1st Lt. Ilex Harrier, officer; Warrant Offi- Pete Buresh, supply 'officer; 1st Lt. Jack Weiss, a d j u t n n t ; 2nd Lt. Gene Wright, training officer; and Squadron Commander Major License Is Revoked SANTA FE, A p r i l 26 f/PJ --State Director Ktfego yesterday revoked the li- j cense of a second Las Vegas deal- h selling liquor on Tho dealer was Dora Vigil, operator of the Blue Bird package ore. Tuesday. Baca look similar ac- 3n against Esequicl Gurulc, proprietor of the Five Points liquor Day., May ;iO. A portion of the'proceeds from The law expires in June. Mr, j I M C Aqua-Parade will benefit tho Truman's message was first of all j .Tnycr.e Servicemen's club, which is scheduled to open in May. · A t^i'MUve opening date was set iast night for Friday, May 18. a request for its extension and id a listing of the changes he wants in it. v Proposal recommended: 1. lOxtcnsion oi the production act uiAn June ;tO, 195:!. 2. That the government be authorized "to build and operate defense plants, where necessary, to produce essential materials and equipment." 3. Permission to use "differential .subsidies to obtain essential pro-1 auction from high-cost sources of ipply without increasing price ceilings." (Such subsidies -- government ayments from tux revenues-could be used, for instance, to encourage operation of low-yield mines producing essential metals.) Credit Control Provision when Armed Forces day will be I observed (n Las CTUCCK. A delegation was appointed to confer with Women's Improvement association, which has expressed an interest in cooperating on the Servicemen's club project. Wildlife Pictures for controls over credit on existing housing, ""and Freezing the parity price for each farm commodity as of tho beginning of its marketing season Farm and Livestock Bureaus. lo be used for price control pur- Local Doctors Plan To Attend Medical Meeting Two-hundred doctors from New Mexico nnd surrounding states aro expected lo attend the .sixiy-ninth annual n of Ihu New Mexico Modli-al society hero next week, "The imvtiug Li designed to teop Iho physician ahreast of the latest sclent Iflc developments in I he flrld o f medicine, find lech- nlcmc.s In dliiRnosiH ami trcnt- nu-nt," .said Dr. 1. J. Marshall, Ilo.v well, president. Also of Inti'iVKl to phy.sluians is n poltcy-iunkinp- body of tho New Mexico Medical Society, the House of'dolepnKs. which will con- iu 1 on the morning of May 3. For the ttvsl time the selection n Gv'mmil I'lticlltlonor of the i'fir will lio miuh 1 . Ho will b« -i rlor whn linn rendeivd lonfi nnd Kiutl jtorvire to his roninumity. Tho ngenda also includes report* fvom sixteen · rommlltres, iuoluil- mj; tho Hoard of Supci vigors (Rvlfi- '«HL*(» commlttco), NittioniU Knicr- jcuoy Moiltcnl fietvh'P, Rural llh Commltttv. Cnnrer. Tubei 1 - culDHl», ttnd Dltibotfs Commuters. Thn phy ale la its' Inlercsl will be cenlcivd primarily on tlin sclonllf- scflslnns, thn sclcnllflo exhibits nd ttichnlcnl oxhlblii, Tho sclenUflo apssioiiH will begin Thur.Hdny nftcrnoon nml will con* tlnno throiiRh Sntunlny. 'The ,w ilona will fcaluro ten nationally- known Hclcntlflc «pcnkcV8 in their pccttvc ftelits. which will heivt at) A prnctlral pnat-Rrndunt* cour«« for the family doctor," Mnrvhnll i l t f n J l n ^ ihd meattnj; doni \A* i'M will bn: DC, «m! Mr*. J, C. Sfilwlck, Ur, mid Mr*. Ulund ». iifi, Dr. nnd Mitt. A. M. Ii*l)cy. [ poses throughout the m a r k e t i n g season. 0.' Stronger means to enforce price contYol regulations. 7. A u t h o r i t y for more effective control "over both residential and cnmmerciiil rents, wherever needed to stabilize the cost of living and the cost of doing business." The president snid that "moat important of all, we must increase, taxes quickly and adequately-paying for government expenditures as we j-0, Lhrouyh a fair tax program." Air pressure which is 2,110 pounds per square foot at sea level is only 280 pounds, per square foo.t nt 50.000 feet. A series of three motion pictures on wildlife were presenter! Tttesdaj at the regular meting of the Dona county Game Protective asso- (Continued from page one) unday night. Yanggii, nd of the 30-mile sal- ll in Allied hands. Eighth Army divisions in the est were generally falling, back But one unit surrounded by on- ciation. Tlie motion pictures, furnished by the New Mexico Stale Game department were presented by John Hawkc of the game office. A number of families, both boys and girls, attended the showing of the motion pictures, to become better acquainted with wildlife, its care and protection. Titles of the three films were; "The Making -of a Shooter." presented 'to the department by the association of Manufacturer's of Firearms and A m m u n i t i o n ; "Speckled Trout Across Canada." and the S t n t e Game department film "Lion Hunting in New Mexico." The group reported "excellent attendance," considering i ' surge of activity In contrast to the meeting, tho Navy Bund concert and tin 1 . Future Farmers of America dinner. ' Next meeting of the group will be Tuesday. May 22. Greenland is as large as the snrt of the United States which is east of the Mississippi river. and pushed from the start to the finish of the session. He also pointed out that the legislation comes up in extremely bad form and ofl times is not understandable. He also reminded the club members of the pay of legislators -510 per day -- and described just how much it costs to live in Santa Fc. He concluded by declaring he felt they should- be congratulated instead of condemned and urged the public to appreciate them. ;aid Tribute He voiced his thanks f o r . the irivilege of being present for tlic hometown meeting of the two civic clubs. Rev. A. C. Douglas voiced the .hanks for the club for the governor's presence a-nd his. fine message. He also paid tribute to Judge .-1111! Mrs. Edwin Mechem, mother and father of Governor Mechem and^de- cia red that America needs more Ed Meehems holding office. Visiting Kotarians included .Joe Colcman, new head football coach at AM college and from Odessa, Texas and S. Y. Wilson of El Paso. | Among the other guests present were Eddie Herron and Rusty.Po- lisky, Junior Rotarians; L. A. Savage. Albuquerque; Andy Williams, 1 C. B. Woodward. Dave Hover. W. B. Dardcn, AV. C. Whatley, Jack Murphy, Denver; Mr. Boomer, Roy Newlaud, George McCarty, C. F. Moll, Ray Evans, Keith Roinney. Rev. O. P. Maddox and Frank Liimdor. · ' v Judge Edwin Mechem, who has been ill at his home for .1 number of weeks, was present for the Field reports said it was cut off by at least three Chinese divisions. An armored . task force broke through and rescued 100 or more men. It was feared the unit's losses might be high. Other previously encircled units --Turkish. Belgian and Australian -- had hacked their way ' out with relatively light, casualties. Losses HEgh 'Red losses were placed at' close to 30,000 in unofficial estimates.* Heavy smoke and haiic surround- ng the battle area cut. tlie aurial toll. Nevertheless. Marine , and MacArihur (Continued from page one) seems i to be press secretary -and secretary .to . General -MacArthur, arid added there are a lot of things being-said and he does not object to tlielr'being- said. . · '. .- Mr: Truman said'-that at Muc- Arthur's request, he made \Vhi ( · riey a.major general.' As .for Whitney's status, U:- Presldent suggested , tlie . yuofjtii M be put lip to.Secretary of,Defense Marahqil.'.- , " .' ·, The President-brought a gale, of laughter when a reporter said Whitney had reported.AlacArthur didn't 1 have the fa.intest idea why he was relieved. - . . . Kverybody. Knows. . ; .-· .. ' : Everybody knows why, the President, sfticl- ·' ., - '..-·· . t . The President declined to con- J f i r m ' o r deny'a New Voi-k Times | story, last week.concerning an ad*- \ ministration document purporting [ to cover Mr. Trumnn'H conference on Wake Island with :MacArtluir last October. , · ' · · · " . . A reporter noted this Jttpry sflid (J Mac Arthur, had apologized-'to the f President for previous- dqmhicnta |; on the Fonnosa question. ·; ' ' The questioner asked 1 lio\y there happened to be a document'"Cover- Sr_·'; ing the hour in which. Mi 1 . Truman ^ and Mac-Arthur"were Ulone : ln-con- '·.£'·'· ference. · ' - ' T .Mr. Truman wouldn't comment v.!-j ~n whether there 1 was an apolojjy, ;%' but said lie might have documcii.l- · ed an account himself.;!' But, he · told reporters, he w a n t e d ' l o em- *$ phasize that lie might have. Police In vesligdte Residence Ibotin^' i A break-in" a t . t h e home of Mrs. L. C. Campbell. 202 North 311- j randa, was reported to police i early today. The intruders broke ; :il through a door while the fnmi ( ly - 1 was uway early Wednesday evening end stole a quantity ofjewelijy. ; Among; items taken were ;i ' string, of pearls, a ring, and oilier : jewelry, and a n . electric shavpr. . Police arc investigating.'! .' Convent Shooting {Continued from age One) / theft sentence, sent'him to Leavenworth for two years, ..and then he was sent back to the Alis.sbj.iri prison to finish t h a t sentence. · Hidiiap.s Salcsmiiii '; , '. I He kidnaped an auto salesrrian nnd was sent to the Shelby co'iuUy penal farm near'Memphis. Tenri., from which he escaped. ' : A larceny charge put-hiin'in-'ihe Tennessee state'prison. From there lie .was sent back'.io tho pcmn I farm. .He. escaped .Apiilv.8"ulnd Fifth Air Force polits reported TM^^JJ* w«J; to Nuu--M e xfe.= they accounted for at least 550 ' r dl(ln l ^end . to. hurt. , Reds Thursday. Behind the screen of aerial'and artillery fire, dusty columns of U. N. troops rolled toward Seoul. "Oh well," one veteran commented, "we'll fight our way buck by June and then we'll retreat again n September." Ulve Up Seoul There were indications t h a t - i n - ,, icfcnaiblc Seoul would be given no i . f ' ! ". . . , anybody," he said -about- the Mullc'ijix shooting. "He- starteU 'kicking inc." · · · · , · - ' , ' , , ''id-he dodged police, st?\ a car and -drove, to Jcmer Springs. ; '· As for ;' r " Barker siibpting, be ; said. ."I just ':.::ot io sc*r'e\ I didn't mer.u to hit him. K'was a f t e r something to cnt: I didn!t think lliey would '"'vo it Io me-; If I dij- meeting. He is a member of the Klwanis club. It was announced at (he meeting that another joint meeting of I he Rotary and Kiwanis clubs will 1)6 held at i o'clock Thursday. May .11,-at White Sands. At that time the club members are to be served H lunch anil will be guests 'f a possible rocket, 'shoot.' .o the Reds for ;· lliird tinie. U. N; officrr.- .:i thu west, said ·they hiid the power to check the Reds, Just is they hr.ltnd the Cam- munlsts in the center after ;; o.g breakthrough early In the offensive. The center line had held solidly j until realignments began Thursday. ' I Communist night attacks were broken almost before they' were Started. Huge searchlights turned night into day, exposing tho FUxls. [ Searchlights Trap. | .To the northeast, .-searchlights ; at the v.'crteni end or II\vachon| reservoir f.'. ..'. 1,000 Jteds march- ''CQVi'n : road. The arci ' ' ' "d lip like'Coney Island," thfc of:"cial report snid. | Then the artillery let- loose. I '.'The wall of fire stopped, t h e 1 Chinese in their tracks," t h e - r e - ' .port said. "Not one round of in-', fan try fire was necessary." j . A u t o «nir Oilier financial: .",. ChUton Umn * .Itisura'nc^Co. WHEN YOU FIHDTHM.Y6U UllNOT WORD SOMETHIIH. THE BEST THING TO DO IS TO DO WITHOUT IT. W I S T E R H H A B I T They're at "Home 1 On the Range"! Supreme Bqklri brand the» thin laltin* crackers and pack them in four separate units to Iht rope in the.,. FLAVOR · FMSHNIJS · CRUPNIJJ · FLAKINISS

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