Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 1, 1975 · Page 16
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 16

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1975
Page 16
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The Idaho Free Pressi The News-Tribune, Saturday, February 1,1975-A-4 Dr. Lamb Endometriosis is problem Berry's World Says Farm Bureau president By Lawrence E. Lamb, .M.I), DEAR DR. LAMB - Please write something in your column about endometriosis. Is there danger of this re-occuring 10 years after a hysterectomy in w h i c h both ovaries were removed because of this condition' Sliould one take female t hormone injections regularly or could this cause any en- domelrial implants to activate again? DEAR READER - This is one of the more interesting diseases ttiat affects women. It is caused by smalt, or not so small, areas of endometrial tissue growing in the wrong place. The endomelrium is the lining tissue of the womb. This specialized tissue undergoes c h a n g e s in response to a woman's menstrual cycle. It must enlarge and prepare for the implantation of the fertilized ovum. The overgrown tissue is shed from the womb by m e n s t r u a t i o n if pregnancy doesn't occur. Endometrial tissue may be transplanted outside the uterus, within (he ovaries, (he colon, bladder or even in distant' places l i k e the lungs. The transplanted tissue responds to the menstrual cycle in the same way it does in the uterus. It enlarges to a maximum amount just before ovulalion. then degenerates if pregnancy doesn't occur. How does the endometrial lining tissue get into the ovaries and other locations in the pelvis and abdomen? There are still disputes about this, but one factor in many cases seems to be discharge of the endometrial tissue through the lubes off the uterus. Normally the menstrual flow is out of the cervix, but in some cases apparently the Hints from Heloise Dish-washing system shared t Dear Heloise-. ' A visiting friend so admired my dish-washing system that I use when I have lots of company ; that she urged me to send it in to your column. The main thing about my '- system is that I use TWO dish drainers. When one becomes v filled with dishes, I move it 1 away from the sink drainboard and put it on the nearby counter on thick folded towel. Then I start to fill the second drainer. If I'm working alone, I let the o dishes soak awhile in the sink '- while I'm putting the food away, 0 etc. Then I wash those dishes and put others in to soak while 1 x- continue the clean-up. By Die '* time I finish the dishes, the first drainer has air-dried completely and can be put away in the cupboard. If I have help in the kitchen, I 2 start to wash the glasses, plates °;and silverware right away, ' while my helpers dear the table vand put the food away. " When he or she is ready to dry ''the dishes, I move the drainer Vonlo the lowel and they take the dishes from there (which are already half-dry), while I'm ;,' filling the other drainer. This way our arms aren't getting in each other's way and * I'm not dripping hot water onto ;. the dish they were just reaching .j for etc. 1 We do very little dish-drying ''in our house! Elaine Woodall * * * .Dear Heloise: '. It's really frustrating to know there's lots of hairspray in a can and no way to get it out! Half- used spray cans filled with any , product, for that matter, can be a waste of money. I have started saving all the little spray gadgets off "good" spray cans for just such emergencies. I just pull them off the can when it is empty and toss them in a draiver, ready for the next lime thai stubborn WIN AT BRIDGE spray doesn't work! Mrs. E. Hurlbul P.S. I loved Ghost Jon. Whenever I go home for lunch to sit in the sun, it goes under a cloud. I think he and I were born under the same unlucky star! » * » Dear Heloise: For more accuracy wilh less spillage, save a squeeze-type plastic bottle lo fill your car's battery. Works like a trick! Lewis Dawes Bet we'd check them more often if we had something that convenient! From all us novice car "servicemen," a big thank you! Heloise tissue and blood are forced headward or out through the open lubes of (he uterus directly into the abdominal cavity. The ends of the tube are normally open so Ihe ovum can enter (he tube after it is released from Ihe ovary to be fertilized. If the tubes are not open, pregnancy can't occur. Most of (he tissue is im- planled in the ovaries or in (he pelvic region. It becomes attached and is really a tissue transplant. Il may invade (he organ it attaches lo, but il is not a malignancy or cancer. There has lo be additional explanations for the implanls in Ihe lungs and areas outside the pelvis and abdominal cavity. One idea is that the tissue cells a r e p i c k e d u p b y t h e b l o o d s t r e a m o r b y I h e lymphatic system and circulated to distant spots. We know cancer cells spread this way. What effects do these implants have? The most striking fealure is pain. II can be severe. The location of the pain depends upon Ihe location of the offending implant. It may affect the ovaries, and often does, causing pressure which c a u s e s t h e p a i n . Characteristically, the pain is jusi before Ihe onset of ovulation, the lime when Ihe en- dometrial tissue should beat ils near maximum development in the cycle. Implants in the bowel can cause intermittent obstructive symptoms and pain. If Ihe invasion of the intestinal wall is deep enough it can cause bleeding into the bowel at the time of the menstrual periods. This can be separated from cancer by examining the tissue and noting this response in relation to the monthly cycle. Invasion into Ihe wall of the bladder can cause bladder pain above Ihe pubic bone and also may cause periodic blood in the urine. These are jusl a few of the symptoms that can be caused by the mulliple variations in implanls of endomelrial tissue throughout the body. Painful bowel movements and painful intercourse can and do occur in some cases. Dear Heloise: I read with interest your reader's views on how to hard- boil an egg so the shell will remove cleanly. If Ihe egg is really fresh, it can't be done no matter how many of the secret tricks are used. An egg, at least 10 days old, should be boiled for 15 minutes in a nonrolling water for hard- cooked. Pour off the hot water and immediately flood with cold water and the shells will remove easily at your con- venince. Of course, most of your' readers cannot get fresh eggs and have no problem. Occasionally shipments are fast and shells stick. That is a fresh egg. If you didn't boil them all, you are in luck. Fanner E.M. Pinkerton * » * I have long thought this to be Ihe ease. I'll treasure the next egg I get that "sticks" when I boil it! Heloise Deception is self conceived NORTH 1 A A K 5 + 874 A K S 7 6 5 WEST EAST A 9 7 6 2 A J 1 0 8 V 7 5 4 3 V 9 + K Q 1 0 » A J 5 2 A 4 3 A A J 1 0 9 2 SOUTHlDl A Q 4 3 V A K J 10 8 6 4 9 6 3 K + Easi-West vulnerable West Sorlh East Soulh I V Pass 2* Pass ?.V Pass 2 NT. Pass 4 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead -- X » JBy Oswald James Jacoby George Coffin lists loday's land under 0 for deception. It ;eems that East won the third Diamond in order to lead the jack of spades. · South played the three: West (he six in order to give his partner a count and dummy's ling won the trick. ] South promptly led a low club and the moment of truth had arrived. East pulled out Ihe ace; pushed It back; pulled it but again; pushed il back once frore; and finally played low. East blamed his partner for playing the six. He was right about that. In that particular situation the high-card play should be reserved to show the queen, not the number. East also explained that he had decided that South held thiee small spades, seven trumps and no clubs. East was really wrong in that last t h o u g h t . ' W i t h seven trumps, a void suit and only eight high-card points. South would not have opened one heart. He would have made a preemptive bid if he did not pass. The actual rfcceplion had been (hat East deceived himself. AKUsl-Al'tiK KMUIl'KhK -'.S.'A · The b i d d i n g has been: 1 West Norlh Kasl Soulh 1 « Pass 1 V Pass 1 A Pass 3 A Pass ' You. South, hold: A A O . 7 6 V 2 t K J 5 4 A A Q . a 2 What do you do now? A -- Some slam try Is indicated. We recommend lour clubs. TOJ1AVS QUESTION You do bid (our clubs anil your partner bids (our diamonds Wliat do you do now? Answer Monrja Send $ 1 lor JAC08Y MOOERH tinok to "Win al Bridge." (c/o this newspaper). P 0 Box 489 Radio City Station. Now York NY 10019 Astro- Graph B»mice Beds Oaol For Sundiv, Feb. 2, 197$ ARIES (March Si-April 19) Persons with svtiom yoo have strong emotional lies are most anxious now to appease your interests and a'ms. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You'll be lucky today in s i t u a t i o n s that call tor . teamwork. Your partner will backstop anything slipping past you. GEMINI (May 21-Junc 20) There are things you can do. II you're industrious enough, that will save you money later on. Gel oul the repair kit. Go lo work. CANCER (June 21-July 22) It has been a trying week. You're entitled lo relax and let yourself go. Arrange something that's tun with a few Iriends. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) There'll be lots of activity around your house. 11 will be action you're comfortable with and personally enjoy. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepl. 22)This is not a day lo slay home and stare at lour walls. Get in touch with people you like. Generate something exciling. LIBRA (Sept. 23-00.23) Conditions are developing that aren't yet visible or apparent. They'll have a favorable effect on your finances. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) You're nol the type ol person who goes unoliced. Today, you will draw even more attention than usual. SAGITTARIUS (Hoy. 23-D«. 21) It's best (or Ihe present lo keeo outsiders' noses oul of your business. However, family discuss'ons will bear truil. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jim. 19) You will notice today thai Ihose in your peer group will look to you for leadership. Assert yourself il you leel it's necessary. AQUARIUS Pin. 20-F»b. 19) Gratifying results mail if you direct your full energies and attention to your moil important goats and ambitions. PISCES (Feb. 20-M«rch 20) You're extremely competent today in helping others sorl Oul their muddles The advice you'll offer is sound and tar- seeing. your brthday F«b. 2, 1975 Important goals vn'l be achieved this year, and your standing in Ihe eyas of others will bo enhanced. Youi financial prospects also look favorable - stay on target. "Excuse me, Miss! Are seamed stockings REALLY making a comeback?" Diabetes drugs said hazardous CHICAGO ( U P I ) - Oral diabetic drugs may cause 10,000. to 15,000 premature deaths in (he United Slates each year, a panel of experts has concluded. The Journal of the American Medical Association reporled Monday that experts of Iho Biometric Society have again declared the oral diabetic drugs hazardous. The AMA publication said it will carry (he complete lext of the experts' finding in ils Feb. 10 issue. The journal reported Ihe panel declared that the University Group Diabetics Program study of almost five years ago was valid. The panel said that "in light of the UGDP findings, it remains with the proponents of Ihe oral agents to conduct scientifically adequate studies lo justify the continued use of such agents." The UGDP said in 1970 thai r Vital Statistics itlKTlIS FREELAND-A boy, born Jan. 29 to Michael and Shelly Froeland, Caldwell, al Caldwell Memorial Hospital. ALVEREZ-A girl, born Jan. 29 lo Ramiro and Erma Unda Alvarez, Wilder, at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. I) 1 V 0 U C K 1) E C R K K S CHANTED Kethryn Walters from Darwin Walters, Cecil T. Wilson from Carmen Wilson. LaVon Rector from Harry (Buck! Rector, Marliss Lynn Taylor from Charles Lee Taylor with the plaintiff restored her maiden name of Marliss Lynn Paine. Melody Rohnert from Dale Rohnert with the p l a i n t i f f restored her former name of Melody Corlez. Wathena Bond from James Bond, Candace DeBoard from Roberl L. DeBoard. William H. Crowlher from llala CrowlHer. Vicki Ann Wheeler from Gordon G. Wheeler. Michele Hussman from John Steven Hussman, Carol J Johnsnn from Bruce M. Johnson. Mary Mat Hill from Clifford 0. Hill, Domingo Tangumau Franco from G u a d a l u p e Ramirez Franco. Sandra L. Gates from Edward A. Gates, Randy Jay Bridjjewater from Charlolle Gale Bridgewaler. M A R R I A G E LICENSES W i l l i a m Vern Hughes, Caldwell, and Rose Ella Slolls, Nampa; Cecil T. Wilson and Darlcne Laliec Honey, both of Caldwell. Dennis Hay Pascoc, Caldwell, and Linda Sue W h i l m i r e , Middlcton, George LcKoy Dickinson and Susan Jane Hawley. both of Nampa. David Andrew DuHosc and Tara Lynn Gardiner, bolh of Caldwell. DIVORCE ACTION F I L E D James Frey against Union Frey, irreconcilable differences; married Oct. 0,1973 at Winneraucca, Nov.; plaintiff requests Dial the defendant's former name of Helen Webster be restored. First road AUSTIN, Tex. (UPI) - The first primary road in Texas was established in 1691 by (he Spanish arid ran a distance of 000 mites Export farm know-ho^ SALT LAKE CITY (L'PU The president of the nation's largest farmer group says the United Slates can no longer supply the resl of (he world's food needs and must now export ils agriculture know-how and technology. William Kuhfuss, president of the American Farm liureau, said from 1965 to 1972 the United Slates produced 84percenl of its overall world food aid. "Now Ihe United Stales doesn't have the large supplies the world can use as an assurance, of Ihe movement of a large amount of food commodities," Kuhfuss tolda Rocky M o u n t a i n meeting of AFI! members lierc Thursday. "Now we must supply our agricultural knowledge and knowhow to developing countries so they can develop their own food reserves." The Illinois livestock grower and grain farmer predicted Ihe world will continue lo face food shortages in Ihe immediate fu- holding «,... o - * * i country could slit! help hungfy nations by showing Ihem hcAVilo produce more through methods American farmers have dev^l- oprd. ' Despile world food shortages, Kuhfuss said Ihe American coil- siimcr still has Ihe greatest selection al Ihe market. PIIO.VE ltfr7B9! or 459--JCG-1 place your classified ad. It's fast, easv economical. ! deaths from heart disease were twice as high among those taking the oral drugs as compared to other treatment groups. "We f i n d most of the criticisms leveled against the UGDP findings on this point (heart disease deaths) unper- stiasive," the biometricians concluded. The AMA said the drug most closely examined in the UGDP study was (olbulamide. Of the patients in the study treated with tolbutamidc 12.7 per cent died from cardiovascular causes, as compared to 6.2 per cent or less in the other treatment groups. The Biometrics Society com- miltec is composed (if (op scientists from the United Slates, the Netherlands and Italy, with consultants from the United Kingdom and West Germany. - LEGAL NOTICE ~ NOTICE OFHEARING Case No. IP 1193 In the District Court of the Third Judicial District of the Stale ol Idaho, in and lor the County of Canyon Magistrate Division Section One In the Matter of the Estate of GEORGE RAYMOND PRATT, Deceased. NOTICE I S H E R E B Y GIVEN, That the Pelilion of G R A C E E L E A N O R P R A T T was filed in the above entitled Court and matter on the 23rd day of January, 1975, selling forth, among other things, that on the 12th day of November, 1974, G R A C E E L E A N O R P R A T T and G E O R G E R A Y M O N D P R A T T were husband and wite and resided in Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho, and that said G E O R G E RAYMOND P R A T T then and there died leaving a Will bequeathing al! his properly to GRACE ELEANOR PRATT. That said decedent left an estate consisting of a community interest in real property located in Canyon County, Stale ol Idaho, and particularly described as follows, to-wit: Lot 3 of Block 5 ol Woodview Acres Addition to Nampa, Idaho/ located in the Southwest Quarter of Section 4, Township ? North, Range 2 West ol Hie Boise Meridian, Canyon County, Idaho, according to the Plat on file in Book 5 of Plats, page 32, records of said County. Together with a l l a p - purtenants, righis-of-way and casements appertaining thereto. F U R T H E R NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That upon the tiling of said Pelilion, an Order to Show Cause was made and entered in the above entitled Court and mailer fixing the time and place (or hearing of said petition and directing and requiring that ell parties interested in the estate of GEORGE RAYMOND PRATT or in fhe said described property, shall appear al the Courtroom ol the said District Court, Magistrate Division, Section One, in Caldwc-ll, Canyon County, Stale of Idaho, on the I9lh day ol February, 1975, al the hour of 9:30 o'clock, a.m.. of said day, and present any objections ma: they, or any ol them, may have to the hearing ol said Petition and the granting ol the prayer thereof and establishing (he record title to ihe property described in said Petition in GRACE ELEANOR PRATT, the surviving wife of GEORGE RAYMOND PRATT, deceased, as prayed for In the said Petition, Dated this }]nd day of January, 1975. GRACE ELEANOR P R A T T Petitioner MILLER, WESTON 8. TUNNICI.IFF Attorneys for Petitioner 1801 Ellis Street Caldwell, Idaho Jan. 25; February I, 8, IW JCPenney Furniture Show and Sale KarcherMalt Save S 100 to S 150 on 50 sq. yds. of beautiful broad loom. Sale 10.99 sq. yd. A. Reg. 13.99 sq. yd. Popular low level loop styling of durable,Ansqinylp.q.Heatsetfgrlon9lastiri9b / e^}y,,ln / ,, 50 outstanding colors, coordinated lo the JCPenney.Color Collection of home furnishings. Style 4130. Sale 9.99 sq. yd. B. Reg. 11. 99 sq. yd. Tip sheared level loop broad' loom of easy-care Kodel * polyester. In a striking array of fourteen colors to match or contrast with your decor. Style 1470. Sale 7.99 C. Reg. 9.99 sq. yd. Kodel- polyester cut 'n loop shag. Long wearing and easy care. In a broad spectrum ol striking colors. Style 7070. Sale 6.59 sq. yd. Hot shown. Reg. 8.99 sq. yd. Heal sel Trevira = polyeslershag. 10 solids and (weeds. Style 7250. Shop at home We'll send a carpel specialist lo your home or office with a complete seleclion of broadloom samples. The service is absolutely free. Call Peggy Neumann 466-8951 Reg. $1049. 7 pc. Early American style dining group includes bullet, open hutch, trestle table and 4 side chairs. Set is constructed ol pine veneers and solids. Dark pine finish with antiqued brass finished metal hardware. 'Or29.25amonlh Sale 149 «tg. $189 'Caballero' 7-pc. dmetle set has parkay design top of plastic laminates with accent design on edge. Decorative legs have ebony linish. Chairs upholstered in ebony supported vinyl, padded with polyloam. * Or $7 a month Chargo il al JCPenney in Korcher Moll. Open Mon.-Soi. 9=30.9 T

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