Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 9, 1955 · Page 5
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 5

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1955
Page 5
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SYNOPSIS'. B.inlc run: iwiy from horn · with ht» ilit«r'» cliy m«n cillfd · DumdKWy. He . m»li Sinla In etl«»ulM. SinU brlnsi'the Dymdlddy t* IK* l» witch ov«r B«nl*. In « blfl city, Bxnl* **i i redhtidcd hunch- bick t»ln« chiMd ^y e min, Bunk tripi tt»' min : «nd .Hw hiMichbicjc ' CHAPTER FIVE " THE ROBBER Toe man' shouted at Beanie for gripping him and letting the redheaded robber escape. T h « n he angrily brushed off his trousers and limped] «'way. - "Whewl" gasped the liltle Dum- diddy from Beanie's pocket. "That was a close one!" - - · -.· Beanie strolled on down the street gazing. at the sights. Bright Christmas lights {littered above him. Givethe real pen that NEEDS NO INK C»U«IMI-FnllCi FOUNTAIN HH **· AlMEnbloMliful g';fti»H $r QE ' . «i» C/f Ciy.rint. n»«" ' ' V . - ' Brooks Jewelry Duward B. Jackson ; 906 Eighth Ave. and- By Lucr«» Hudgins B«al* arranged.- Nextjyearj t. University jjon't^ know h'ow'. you live'. An ,'tjc- ol Colorado sturfent will attend · change of students I n . « neulral, Yugoslav, university. "Americans friendly atmosphere will do much ' do not know how we live,' and we | to bring about iaot red and white itoekings hung rom 'the lamp-posts.- A fit card- oard Santa stood at every comer. ·Beanie stood admiring a particu* irly fine Santa sitting in a card-. oard sleigh. Suddenly he felt ug at his arm. Turning, he saw the edheaded hunchback. He had glittering green eyes and rooked teeth aod short red whisk- rs sticking from his chin. 'Thanks for saving . me," he buckled. . - . · . . . . "1 only did whit you asked me," aid Beanie. "It is true that you re a robber?" ... "The best there is," boasted the unchback. "And now you're » robber, too."' " ' · v - . ' . Why?'i_cried Beanie^ in 'astonishment. / ' ";" ~ r ~ ".:·'. 'Because you helped me es- ape.'t But I've' never robbed I'' ex- lained.Beanie. . ."What's; the matter?" said the unchbackVgrowing angry. " A r e ou'afraid of being a robber?"' "N-no[" stammered Beanie. -"I'm ot afraid of inythirig!." "Good,"-replied the' hunchback. 'I'm going to let yoii.'iri'on sorhe- hing big I've planned for tonight. '11 do that because you saved me rom''that man. How'd you like hat?" .;-Beanie's heart flultered wildly. Us throat-was dry arid he. could lardly speak. At last he managed VANDY'S 1015 8th Ave. ·«.. Phone 857 O p e n 'Saturday N l g h l i 'Til 8:30 Give A Portable Typewriter- ·'For Christmas '. .8 Monthl To P»y No Carrying Charge HI. «n »wi »f Friday, D«. 9, 1955 · GREELEY TRIBUTE P»«e 5 tween'. o'ur two.njtions,", Hartle concludes. · Hiltl'fiis '·' small but: windmill manufacturing loduetry in Port-aU-Prince. . He followed o nod his head. "F-fine," he whis-; tered. ,' -.. . The IHUe ))umdiddy, leaning far iut of Beanie's packet, ' saw Ihe lod and heard the whisper and his icart fluttered. · -' "\ "Oh, Myl Oh, myl" he moaned. 'Now .we're -in for il," The robber pulled Beanie into a dark alley and sat. with him on a irbkeii box. "Listen," he whispered, putting his" arm around Beanie. 'Did you' ever get all you wanted or Christmas?" - ' Beanie shivered under the robber's arm. He'.shook his head. "Not ill," he said. ' "Well, this year you're going to [et all you'wantl" ; . ..; · . Beanie's eyes.popped 'wide open. 'How?" he gasped. . · . " "Because," said the .hunchback, 'you're Eot going to wait for some- me to give you what you. want, you're : going to Santa's Workshop and take' what you want. Unless, of course, you aren't brave enough!" "Don't worry," snapped Beanie though' his teclh were chattering. I'm as brave as you!" i "We'll see," said the robber, know this slore called Santa's Workshop. .They make all sorls of toys there. .We'll just go in and help ourselves.". ' · ' . - ' Beanie swallowed hard. · "Let'i go," he said..He hoped'the robber wouldn't feel him shaking. ?'No;,we won't go together,'1 said the robber. "I'll go first and leave a trail of'arrows for you to follow They'll lead you right to Santa' Workshop! -You'll-. find me there.' He pulled a'piece of.chalk from bis pock'et and drew a small arrow on the sidewalk. "Now, you stay here for one hour and then follow the arrows." With a wave of his Kand be 1 dis appeared. Beanie, sank 'back and hugged.himself with his arms. He was ihlverin^. so .he, could h'ardl; stay on the box. · . ^ " "But I tan do anything he can!' he told himself fiercely. :_ ' Meantime,' the Dumdiddy In SHAVEMASTER SHAVES CIRCLES AROUND AIL OTHER SHAVERS! ShtTes circles around all other electric shavers because you shave-in » circular motion^ Sunbeam's smooth continuouj-rbuncl head is screened with a network of round holei that are closer together than ihe.whiskers on your fact. These round holes pick upvyhiskers from »H directions the way your beard naturally grrfwj, so 'that shaving in circles picks iip all the whiskers. 5 YEAR FREE SERVICE GUARANTEE owance for your o4d Razor Regardleti of Make or Condition) fay'Sl.OO ff ·' no infer«tt or carrying .chargt STARTING THIS SATURDAY ; OPEN EVERY NIGHT ; , TIL CHRISTMAS j , . : 806 8Hi;St., Grteley eanle's pocket shook himself. Veil, kilcheroo," he muttered.' "I tier get busy and do something." He climbed oul of Beanie!s Jtj jumped to the ground and 11 flat on his lummy. ''Billiklns!" he thought as he rajgbtened himself out. "I wish y legs h a d ' better feet lhan csel" He glared at the little clay urnps on the ends of his legs. "01), ell, I'll have to make Ihe besl of em." ' . : ' · - . And away he hopped,' following .e arrows of the redheaded'rob' ?r.. . . . · (Tomorrow: In Ihe Workshop) reedom of Expression airis in Yugoslavia, . xchange Student Says · BOULDER--Freedom of,expres- on is on the upsurge .in Yugo- avia, according to Milos Marlic, rst Yugoslavian exchange studenl n-the United States. ·- : Marfic, 25| will enroll in the Uni_, crsily ol Colorado'Graduate Schoo o work for a Ph.D. degree in po tical science. ' · ; The drive for more freedom o xprcssion actually began before Yugoslavia's split with the USSR,' ays Mnrtic.'Since. 1S48 when -lit' plrt with the'-Soviet more freedom as'neen evidenced in many fields Martic maintains; This freedom ex ends to journalism, the arts, pol ics, foreign policy and industry Martic has worked for the lino: iclal Yugoslav news agency, Yugo rures, since 1954. Although the gov eminent has an. official- new agency, Martic says there is als an unofficial · agency Iwhich sup ilies news for the press along wit' he .American wire services..' "Most Americans don't realize it, ays Marlic, ?''but the unofficla igency'ls free to, and does, com mcnt and disagree with the gov Tnment's policy." Americans i orhetimes have a false idea Yugoslavia's politics, according t Marlic. It is tjrue that there is onl one party--the Communist--in Yu [oslavii. But, Martic. says, no iveryone, belongs to this party-ati andidates who are not Communist lo rim for : office and are some ime selected.'Marlic, himself, i not a member of the Communis iarty. , - * · "Yugoslavia . is a small- natio which has often been the victim o mperialistic nations," Martic says 'Especially since t h e - b r e a k wil he Russians, Yugoslavia has bee developing'her type of system. adds .that Yugoslavia's struggl against imperialism has a signif cance heyond the nation itself be cause this struggle stands as example to the world that a sma nation can win out against imperia ism.V ' . T h e Yugoslavian C o m m u n i s party has t a k e n the lead in bring about a feelin«;,if national unit and no. longer do the "Serb. an Croat peasants · struggle again: each other, according to Marti- Other reforms the Communist parl has brought about are a feelin of independence in the people, grea progress in literacy' and induslrl progress.- . . . . . - ! · '.'Whether .our people, are men hers of "the Communist parly o ion-Communists," says Marlic', ' feel t h a t each man and woman no has great hope for Yugoslavia." Martic says he has not been the. United Stales long enough make loo many comments. He say he is impressed with the we Icon he has been given and by th friendliness of everyone. The frien ly relationship between America students .and 'professors- amaz him. "I notice students' in the Un ed Slates voice their own opinio: to their professors," he says. " . . Another observation of Martic is that Americans know very litl about .Yugoslavia, whereas Yug slavlans' read and study abo America. He says he agrees wi other-£oropeans that often Amc: c a n s ' t e n d to believe their v;ay doing things and their customs a the only right ones. · Martic is happy that an exchan, 61 students between th'e Unili States and Yugoslavia lias be MIXMASTIR * MIXMASTER JUNJOR Americo'j most^popular food mixer. Has all tht marvel- oui features that give you higher, lighter, finer-lexlvred cakes, creamier mashed potatoes, etc. 'Available In either rich baked enamel or chromium finish. If It's a ' junior-size mixer--the Sunbeam MixrnasteMs Ihe belt. . Also available In.baked enamel or rich chromium. . ,.'. Cxcluilve square design cobkt 20%'more. You get perfect reiulli with' eontrolle'a heat for bacon, eggs, pancakes, chicken, 1 meals) potatoes, etc.'Exelujive WATER- SEALED element for'easy washing. You" set the dial for the heat you want and --no more cooking failure*, · Available In 1O'/a", \ 1 Vi" and 12'/j" tizes. Only'SUNBEAM SHAVEMASTER hat the. big, SMOOTH, single head that gives you closer, faster shaves than any other method,' wet or dry. SHAVEMASTER ihavei CIRCLES around all other shavers because you can shave with a circular motion. Available in your choice of handsome gift cases. ' ~' · - · · The only electric shaver signed for women. One tide of the thav- '' Ing head for legs; the other- ildt for underarm use. Small ai a compact. .niceuion, mnua tmu t TU IMKIR Whatever kind'of coffee you like--vacuum, percolator or "instant"--Sunbeam has.the'automatic coffeemaker ' for you. The famoui Sunbeam Coffeemaster (left),is .a favorite of millions. Sunbeam Percolator (cenle~r) 8-cyp and 10-cup size makes delicibtJS coffee every time. Sunbeam instant Coffee Tea Maker (right) heats up to 10 cups of water fast, yet will not boil over. For the "Do-it-Yourself" man TMSTII Has ' e x c l u s i v e . RADIANT CONTROL (hot ^adjusts, if-,' self." automatically to every kind of b r e a d , f r e s h or frozen, rye or white, thick or. Ihin to give you the iame, uniform toast eve^y tirpe. ' ··octti · . Doet more thingt better.' Deep fries potatoes, chicken) doughnuts, etc. Alto the per* feet cooker,chafing dish, cas- s'ero|e, steamer/ bun wanner and it-blanchei'Vege+obles /or home freezing, ELECTRIC TOOLS IRHUUSTII. Hos Waximum ffafe-Power to^drill all types of molal, wood and to drive other labor saying dtfachmen'fs. Does home and workshop jobs ea'sier.. UECTtlC SAW : The qu'aHly built 6'/i" Saw with plenty of power, fot faster cutting--powerful 1 '/V hp. motor. Cult 2" dressed lumber ot 45°. · . .-. -.·· / , . $unbecim Th^ Sander that stood up over 1000. hours In continuous' use test. Saves time-ogives professional resultl. lightweight-- only 4/i Ibs, : I ME RoiM'br Black ami Brass or Ghrpm*. All Colors and Sizes OflEN SATUUDAY * . and , ' · ' - , MONDAY . Ey,ENIN«S . Ey,ENIN« H A M I L T O N - . - · · · - · ' FURNITURE CO. ;. 917 8th Avenue - ^- k. 50ft

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