Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 25, 1976 · Page 5
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 5

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1976
Page 5
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The Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune, Wednesday. February 25,197« ^ S Losers look to bright side of New Hampshire voting A BICENTENNIAL WAGON TRAIN gives ground to a ditsel truck on Interstate 25 as both near Truth or Consequences. N.M. The wagons, which hope to reach Valley Forge. Ha. by Cable interception probe July 4, circled for the night Tuesday in Truth or Consequences before resuming their south-lo-nortb trek across .\eH.irevicnloday. U'l'l Photo) Congressional investigation runs into executive privilege WASHINGTON iL'l'Ii While House sources said early- today President Ford would not be reluctant lo invoke executive privilege lo prevent FBI and National Security Agency officials from testifying in a congressional investigation of illegal interception of U.S. cable traffic. But he did nol know whether the procedure already lias heen taken A llnusc subcommittee on individual rights is preparing lo hold another open session on the mallei-, hut reports it is dai-tiig difficulty gelling witnesses to t e s t i f y . The subcommittee, chaired by llep. Bella Abziig. H-X Y'. suljjmeiKifd one NSA employe and one former and three active FBI agents The New York Tunes reported in t o d a y ' s editions lhal Ford already has invoked executive privilege to Today's Weather prevent their appearance, bul Ibis could n.ol lie confirmed immediately. A While IJuiise source said Ihe President would not be reluctant In invoke executive privilege in Ihe case, but could not confirm lhal he already has Hichard ,\[ Nixon's relations w i t h Congress were exacerbated by bis readiness to use executive privilege lo prevent testimony b\ exeiulivc branch witnesses ill a number of instances. The llonrr cnmmittee wants In question Joseph J. Tomba of NSA. FIJI special agents John T l.oinnis. Walter ('. Xink and David (I. Jenkins and former special aecnl Joe H. Craigon Ihe interception and opening of cable messages into ami oul uf the t'niled Slates Bul a subcommittee spokesman said there were indications all five might claim executive privilege in refusing to testify. NSA Dim-lot- l.t. Cen. Lew Allen last jcar leslified before the nimscsuhconimillee and the Senate intelligence committee that his agency monilnred phone calls and nlher cniniiuinicalinns of I.fi7t) Americans and :i,DOU foreigners on a secret security "walchlist" between 19G7 anil 11)7.1 Subsequent d i s c l o s u r e s bniughl oul lhal interception of cables t r a n s m i t t e d by HCA Global. ITT World Cmm'nunica- lions and Western I'nion International were made available In the NSA and through it Ihe 1-'H1 nvi-r ;i :iO-yuar period ending in May of last vear. U.S. prescribes no-blast pledge HAl.V is forecast tonight along the northern Pacific Coast and in the area from Louisiana lo the Great Lakes where it will change to snow. Snow is also indicated (or parts of Ihe northern Rockies. Mostly fair weather should rule elsewhere. Albany Albuquerque Atlanta Bakers field Bismarck Boise Boston Brownsville Buffalo Caldwell Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Dallas Denver DCS Moines Detroit Kurcka Fairbanks Fresno Helena Honolulu Indianapolis Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Louisville High Low 51) 2A r8 27 65 34 64 48 53 29 50 39 48 41 75 54 37 3fl 35 48 51 50 55 29 30 47 47 -28 40 25 ·18 52 63 62 08 62 73 63 .51 59 54 ·8 63 ,W S2 68 70 67 62 69 Memphis Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis Nam pa New Orleans New York North Platle Oakland Oklahoma Cily Omaha Palm Springs Paso Hohles Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland. Me Portland. Ore. Rapid City- Hod Bluff" Reno Richmond. Va. St. Louis Salt Lake Cily San Diego San Francisco Seattle Thermal Washington 71 48 5li 50 60 52 65 57 74 14 73 tlG 52 72 58 -10 49 60 59 55 68 78 53 (15 56 44 75 64 WASHINGTON i UCO - After momhs of consultation with liussia and other advanced countries, the United States has decided to require a no- explosion pledge from importers il American nuclear technology. Potential importers must promise not lo use Ihe technology lo produce any nuclear explosions -- peaceful, military, or otherwise. In addition. Ihe U S government pledges lo "exercise restraint" in exporting such sensitive items as fuel enrichment procedures, heavv water technology, and spent fuel production which could he used in developing illicit nuclear weapons. And it proposes creation of regional, multinational centers for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel to diminish the danger of illicit diversion of pliitonium into arms production. These decisions ~ plus details of an emerging international ·ap [ Valley weather J BOISK - A weakening Pncific front was beginning to move across Idaho early this morning. Rain in lower valleys and snow in higher elevations was observed from McCall northward due to this fronl. The remainder of Ihe state ranged from partly cloudy skies in Ihe extreme southeast lo overcast skies in most other areas. The cloudy shies ,i)«ng with some gusty winds kepi low temperatures warmer than Tuesday morning in mosl areas. Headings ranged from 10 degress at Malad lo 41 at l/ewiston. Today and into lonight. the Pacific fronl will track east across Idaho, but continue to weaken so only in northern and southwest sections will rain and snnw fall. In eastern' Idaho cloudiness will increase. A f t e r n o o n t e m p e r a t u r e s remained mild in mosl sections, with mosl areas rising well into Ihe 40s and a few lower western valleys ranging into the lower 50s. On Thursday another storm will approach the slate, bringing an addilinnal threat of precipitation, this time in all areas of Idaho. Temperatures will continue mild in southern areas, but begin lo cool in the northern portions. The outlook over the weekend calls for a continued threat of rain or snow and some cooling. The sun will rise Thursday at 7:27 a m. and will set at 6:30 p m. n]i]inincli In nuclciir IA,,,,!^ u, industrinli/cri nations -- were millined Mnndiiy and Tuesday to llu 1 Sniulo sulii'ninniittee on arms control by Director Freil Iklc nf the U S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and (Jenrgc S. Vest, director of the Slate Tli'jiiirlmenl Bureau of I'dlilical anil Military Affairs. Ycsl bricfnl Hie panel in closed sossinn Tnc.sdav afternoon on Iho London-based I'imsiillalions among advanced induslrial nations uliirli included Ihe Soviet Union, liritain, Krancc. West Germany. Japan, Canada and the United States. Vest anrt other officials said the agreed guidelines are being kepi secret at the request of some of Ihe participants. Speaking lo Ihe Senate panel before it went into closed session. V'esl would say only the I'niled Slates and other nations have made "substantial progress" on guidelines lo prevent diversion of nuclear technology into weapons pro- diK'lion. KAIN RADIO'S 3rd. ANNUAL HOMEMAKERS' SCHOOL! THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26th RODEWAY CONVENTION CENTER-BOISE FREE EVERYONE'S WELCOME F r e e . . . Va'uable Door Price! Free... Gilt Bag! F r e e . . . Money Saving Coupons! Exciimg Displays · Fashion Shows "COMftAKlY" DOORS OPEN AT 5:30 P.I. SNONSTA8T$AT7:MPJI. rV V PATMMGM MAM'IIKSTKK. N.ll. lUI J l Kvcn Ihe losers talked like winners after Ihe New llamp shirt 1 primary. Sai'Renl Shrivor said his fiflli place showing wasn't all thai hail -- even though Ihoi-o wore only five 1 major contenders in the state. Fred Harris joked alMiul coming in fourth, saying his "lillle people" were luo b'hnrl In reach the voting levers. Tin- winner was happy. loo. .lirnim Carter starling talking liki 1 a nnmiiu'e after iiis easv Democratic victory. As 2,000 of his w o r k e r s chanted: "We're No. I, We're No.I!" Carter told them: "I believe when we get to (he convention in July -- after a lot of hard work - - it's going to be a very quick decision. I Ihink (I'll win) nn Hie first ballot," Carter said Morris Uclall said finishing seronil behind the former (ieornia governor meant he was Iho leading liberal. "My message tonight is .. the Udall campaign look off." Hie Arizona congressmen lolil 200 cheering supporters. He said tie had Iwu goals in New Hampshire: "To finish a strong second ... and to emerge as Ihr leader of Hie progressive campaign. We have reached those goals tonight " lionald Itcagan said his showing " f a r exceeded our expectations" and he ivenl to bed before he knew whether he Ford, Humphrey lead Minnesota caucuses MlXXKAl'OUSiUl'll-Scn. lluhcrl Humphrey led for the Democratic nomination for president and President I'ord led lionald Reagan in (lie Hepuhlican race in reports early liidiiy from party caucuses in scattered key precincts across Minnesota. The Dt'timcratk'-Karmer- l.almr parly's state headquarters said reports from :)2 key precinct caucuses showed 22-t of the county convenlion delegates elccled in those precincts were for Humphrey, wlio still says be is not a candidate. Another 192 were uncommil- led. '2:i favored former .Sen. Krcd Harris of Oklahoma, seven were for Hep. Morris Udall ol Arizona, three for Jimmy Carter, one each for Sen. Kirch liayh of Indiana, Gov. Jerry lirown of California and (lov. (leorge Wallace of Alabama, and two for Kllen McCormick of New York, an antiabortionist. liHlependenf-ltepnlilicaii state headquarters said reports on straw voles in 84 selected kev precincts showed 5:1 per cent of the vole for President Ford, :16 per cent for Ifcagan and 11 per cent undecided. The t o t a l votes in those precincls were Kord 7G5, Heagan S17 and undecided IliO. OKI, Slate Chairman Kick Scott said Humphrey was "clearly the lending candidate" for the Democratic nomination. "lie (Humphrey) knew this was nuiiing and here it is." Scott said. "There is strength for Harris and I Ihink the Harris people are ijuile happy. Harris' name is showing up statewide." Scolt said he assumed about half the uncommitted delegates elected lo go to county conventions "are really for Humphrey." tin Ihe iiopublican side. Harold I.eVandw. cochairman of the Minnesota Ford committee. tv;is pleased with (he President's showing. "This is a clear win for us." he had defeated President Ford. He told cheering supporters in Concord: "We c a m e her* believing t h a t if we could achieve 40 per cent of the votes, it would make us a viable candidate. If it continues the way it is. we of course have far exceeded our expectations." In Washington. Ford's campaign chairman. Howard Callaway. said that since the President would capture 15 or 17 cf Ihe slate's 21 convention delegates, "we've won handily." "Us obviously so close that I dnsi'i think anybody is going.'to call anything. bu c . it appears that we have won" the popularity contest loo, he said. Sen. iiirch Rayh of Indiana blamed Iiis late start for his relatively poor third-place finish and pledged to do belter in next week in Massachusetts "where sail). 'This slims llw President ^M^^^K"'" 1 ' 0 !! ° f hiis strength in Minnesota anil "'" " '"""" ' "'"* ' "" wo are very pleased." any of the candidates" -- and in New York in April Sliriver also blamed his late U'Vnntlrr stud lie doesn't start ,ind said: "When others know ex.H'lly how Ihe slrniv vole have campaigned for two years. will translate into delegate I think I've done very slr^'K 111 keep up with these candidate??" DURING FEB. ROLL BAR SUE! 15% OFF We Have A Lay-Away Plan FURLEY'S 4-WNEEL DRIVE CENTER S19-12thAve. Rd.,NAMPA REMNANTS 50°/ t- AKE MARKED r O OFF PRICE WHOLESALERS AU RED, WHITE, AND PATRIOTIC ROYAL BLUE SOLID COLOR 100% POLYESTER DOUBLEKKITS 49 jj ALL OTHER 100% POLYESTER DOUBLEKNITS jacqusrds. prints, and solids $099 L yd. Entire WINDBREAKER StOCk Of FABRICS while supply last! 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