Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 12, 1957 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1957
Page 16
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Randy Turpin, Floored 5 Times Retains Crown LEICESTER. Enjland tn -Randy Turpin lot up off tht ean- vai five times Tuesday oijht to retain hit Britiih light heivy- weight boiiat title with a 15 round decision over Arthur Howard. Broad-ihouldered Howard swung wild rijhts that put Turpin down for counts in the second, fifth, seventh, eighth and 13th rounds. But Turpin kept coming back. Turpin was down twice fnr rounta of eijht and once for nine. The nine count came in the 13th round and more experience on Howard's part probably would' M to a knockout. : Turpin weighed ITZ'i, Howard 1T3W. Dooiey Dismounts- by Pap 1 Who'll Be Sal Maglie of This Baseball Race? By WHITNEY M A R T I N NEW YORK W - It would be Favorite Beaten in Women's College Golf at Champaign CHAMPAIGN, 111. Harris Whips Willie Pastrano - TV edd if. for the tecond straight Women's Collegiate Golf Tourna- ytar, a major league race w a « , m e n t moves into the quarterfi- decided by some supposedly fed nal round Wednesday without one I-Von'Th t,\ 2:. w " h . e ?.^.' 0 S?". p ." olh "-:« f th « '"'' " voril "- . .. isetdeeisio, La Salle 1 Lions Shutout Greeley Optimists, 10-0 lion Uon pitchers alle jun I-arry and Howard Mayer handcuffed the , b , l l j n l | f , dmni Causion in Pacific Coast Hitting Lead ly THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Bill Causion of the Hollywood Start sports the Pacific Coast league batting crown Wednesday -- at the eipense of Vancouver ilountics pitching. While Causion was collecting three hits and dropping Vancouver's Buddy Peterson out of the Work Begins on Winter Olympic Site in Weeks Wednesday, June 12. 19X7 GREELEY TRIBUNE Pigi 17 h . pon Tuesday nisht, Roue was pitching steady 8 hit ball and the Moun-!"' 1 »"*'· SACRAMENTO, Calif. UP - Construction is eipected to start on the I960 Winter Olympic site at Squaw Valley within the nest sev- »ere m a k i n g bloopers. Re- Sen. Harold T. Johnson, faculties by the first of next wttk. i vious appropriated, comes n I After that, it'll he just a short i'° ln (rom ·'«(« park funds, time to complete necessary paper I Johnson's measure was opposed work before construction actual- '" "" *')' b ' Wayne Poulsen, ly begini, Johnioa added. ! l h « valley's major land owner, as Johnion's bill gues the state 1 " 11 " . olhfr PTM?'") owners, limited to condemn land i Thf '' ob) ' r "' d '" both thf ·"'· for the games plus the $299n000'""" d o m l m r;i permanent park to make the Sierra Nevada Val- i P rovl »'» n «- -r. ley ;nto a permanent winter park . Poul " n ml . l h f "mmJilsion after the g a m e s h l v c hefn "Z 0 " 1 '"'* '°r months _ i , 'over some 3J acres the agency The legislation went to (Jov. ,,,, ',,, DttM ,,, , he £%,; ,,,,,Goodwin K n i g h t s desk Monday Thf noseville senator predicted I after the Senile concurred in mm- .eltlcment o( , h , d , , f wotlld v,ho or Assembly change,, eliminate the nece«itv of usinf Greeley Optimists, 100, on two hits Tuesday here. Renke worked the first four in- ^ nints allowing only two Optimists :, ul ",. \'£ 3 rom'p'fo/t'he'jrd'pllVe successfully guided a $2,990.ono No problem, are eipcrted in his bill's eminent domain feature" to reach base, both on walks. SUr ', t u m bli n g Vancouicr out if °'' m P' c bl11 through the Legula- getting the bill sisnod as the gov- Mayer hurled the final three in-, t n e \ ttfut Ind i t u r f ' llil) Tuesday the S t a t e ' e r r o r recommended the it!r)ition-l Girl with a Wene!, a Leonardo nings, walking two and issuing two Bill Renna's lith inning pinchhit 0 1 ) ' m p l c Comm '"' on intends t o i l appropriating The $2.590,000,' da Vinci paintins. is shown on i scattered singles. Each I-a Salle h o m r r gave the San Francisco j °j" n bicil ' or work on tne lportl lfat *' ilh 5 m ' llio n dollars pre- nrw Polish stamp. pitcher struck out three. 'seals a 5-4 triumph ever the last! miiiiiiiimmiaim^imf^iS^ii^^mmm^^m^^mm^^mmi^^^m^i^^S^m^^^^^Sm U Sille got Renke nine runs p ] lr , sicramenlo Colons and the In the first four innings, enabling |,,j uf leadership by half a game the Uon hurler to win his second i over the Mounties. victory of the year against no de-| San Diego heat IM Anscles 4-2 feats. RenVe aided his own c a u s e ' m d Portland's John Cirmichael by collecting two hits in two trips hurled a 5 hit 90 shutout it Seto the plate ind by driving home iltle. one runner. Don Brown sparked La Salle w i t h three runs batted in. Coach Georce Sase used e \ e r y ' I.a Salle player in the game in preparation for Thursday nicht's ' encounter at La Salle against the Art Mllnali club of Denver, stile Legion B chimpions. I,a Sille will open its district 3 season Sundly agiinst the Greeley F.Iks at La Salle. The Optimists will travel to West Demer Sunday for Shorts CHICAGO HOUSTON, T«. in - Roy Harris, the backwoods belter, moved wise messed hi - . b Min " woraen '' 11 .1 "/ . . ... « . _ _ k. "·-· " ' "· amateur i planted himself right on the door- n ' v , f J !«.../,,,»,? ,,,!!'"«'"?'"' of w " Virginia, was ,, epl o( Heavyweight Champion Barber of Seville, no doubt-and , d( ,, fltfd -T^day by Marcia Rand I Floyd Patterson his 13 victories, qmte jinexpected ; ;,,{ ohio Wesleyan, 1 up in 19 holes. ] Accomplishing' provided "the d i f f e r e n c e Brooklyn won the pennant. This year there is even a possi bilit; that both races might bi deckled by athletes who suddenly found themselves after practically Miss Rand Wednesday- one of three qualifying medalists, Ann Rutherford of in two years meetsj what many fighters have tried tor round;a lifetime and failed, Harris, the school teacher from little Cut-Aud- its first leuue tussle. Optimists (0) H. Maul. 3b Brass, Ib Otero, p Artii, p . . -R. Haggard, e R. Long. i Schroeder, If _ M. Miller, rf _ M. Long, 2b Walker, cf -- The Chicago ox Tuesday signed two including a t'CLA slar, ' f o r their Holdrege, Neb., affiliate the Class D Nebraska State Earl '(Flash) Kordham, 1,'CI.A's ^most valuable senior thi« spring, was one of the two si;ned. The other, also a richthanded pitcher, was Gerald Andre«s, from Pensacola, Fla. Ab R H E 2 0 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 ° °; CHICAGO in - Cliff Jsffe. pub- n ° ° lie relations director for the Chi- 0 1 1 caco Cubs. Tuesday announced ft 0 0 his resignation effective July 1. 0 0 0 Jaffp, C u b puhiicitor since 1916, will join a Chicaco business firm. Penn State. Also surviving Tuesday were Meriam Bailey of North- Shoot, Tex., whipped Pastrano, the fast-moving No. Z rated man from man or shunted from club to club . . western and Judy Bell of Ariiona. [New Orleans, before a Teias rec- J!!i_ ".i! .1 J !II!.i! Both tied Miss Rutherford in thejord crowd of 10.000 that paid qualifying round with J-over-par i S46.t62.JO. It was Harris' 21st vie- as unneresisry baggage. If -- or should it be when?-- tht Yankee, wrin the pennant they | ^^r^nsuVfeated might have to bow to Bobby , ^ m Co]] , Shinti. th« dime-sited gamester 1 who, plagued by a sore arm for three or four years, was a gamble La Sallt (U) Weber, rf .,,. Vannest. rf -Brow-n, 3h -Howard, 3b 79s. i tory in 21 fights as a professional. In another close match, Jean | About the only person who dis- Karinisented in the screaming crowd up in was Angelo Dundee, manager of 19 holes. | Pastrano, who yelled, "We won j ^ orrj ', 1B Other winners included: Miss the fight, they gave it to him. Wil-1 Ro(h ', b Bell trimed Carolee E v e r t s e. iie carried the fi?ht." And Dundee K. Miller, ss Busch, c Burke, c cf 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 ids I j t h Junior Co ,. 5 , id Htrri , would fi ht nobo( , , j ^ 2 d c ^ saw-.else but his boy. "We got a con-i ' P u r d u ^ dt , fltfd yLindl to fight him again in M day, | when he was acquired from Kan tas City, to say the least. Art Ditmar was supposed to be the main mas in the deal as '» r jn^'rjhio'state". 3 and Z, Cynthia in Miami Beach," snapped Dunas the Yankees were concerned. : SuUivJm Cckcr College, beat France. "We want to chop him up and He was slated to be a starter, ; . mi · A i , rf 4 , end him b , ck hon , le ^ faf with Shanti a relief pitcher. Now """""· *"«TM«. ' ·"" '· ShanU is the starter and Ditmar is in the bullpen, and right now you have to rate wee Bobby as top man on the Yankee staff. Should Brooklyn win in the National League, it eould be because Gino Cimoli has been eoming through in a manner least eipect- ed. He had been a supernumeray last year, sitting on the bench and inserted in the lineup primarily for defensive purposes. He'a atill quite a fellow on defense, and is hitting around .327, proving he can be quite offensive. So far he's at least partially off- Columbine Rookie Loop Is Affiliated with NBC WICHITA, Kan. tional Baseball -- The Congress nounced the affiliation of another fights nobody before us." The referee and the judges saw it all Harris. Referee Jimmy Webb said it was 97-K fnr Harris, Judge Bill Cornelius made it 98-U and Judge Ernie Taylor voted »89o also. It was tht fint defeat for Pa- 0 0 0 0 1 HOLLYWOOD IP -- A Match- 2 4 maker Jack I*onird of the Hollywood I-esion Stadium Tueday 0 0 wired a $75.000 guarantee offer to 0 0 0 World Welterweight Champion 1 1 0 Carmen Basilio to defend his title 0 in an outdoor ficht here against 0 Gispar Ortega of Tijuana, Mei 0 ~ 0 3. Alles 2, Norris, ItcnVc. SB- 0 Weber 2. Brown, K. Miller : 0 Busch, Alles. Norris, Hagcard 0 Sac--M. .Millor. LOB-Optimists 6 0 U Salle 4. D B - R e n k e 2. M a i e 0 2. Otero 5. Artir 3. SO-Renke 3 " M a y e r 3. Otero 6. Artiz 4. HO" Renke 0 in 4 innincs. Mayer 2 in 0 3 i n n i n g s ; Otero 3 in 4 i n n i n c 0 Artiz 4 in 2 i n n i n c s . II and E R -- Rer.kc 0 and 0, Mayer 0 and 0 27 11 T 0 Otero 4 and 3. A r t i z « and 4 Optimists 000 000 0-- 0 Winner--Renke (2-0-) l/er--Otero La Salle . J10 601 i--10 (0-1. Umpires--Stern and Conlin Runs Ratted In--Busch 2, Brown iTirne-- 2:10. 2b . If If _ Renke, p . Mayer, p II 0 Ab R H E _ 1 2 _ 1 _ 2 _ 1 _ 1 _ 3 _ 1 _ 3 _ 3 _ 1 ._ 3 _ 0 _ 2 _ 1 _ 2 _ 2 Unmatched Quality - Unbelievable Savings W*r' vTM-» . \**r t SSSEl T vl C-* Ml" ft.** IV! July4*h strano since 1933 and his first as Colorado league, the Columbine'a heavyweiiht. Rookie, in its 1957 national as so- Harris suceessUlly evaded Pi- eiation. 'strano's famed lightning left and League members are Brighton, j was holding a slight lead in the Wheat Ridge, north Denver and : siith when he ran Into trouble. Aurora. .One of Pastrana's hooks opened Fred \eher of Boulder is league ! an old cut over his left eye and a preside nt. aet the loss of Jackie Robinson. ! Bri h ' u , ecreUry Should the Redlegs win they have a couple of pushed-around Wiliam P. Ga.schler of "butt in one of their frequent dash- id Donald es brought a gash above Harris* G. Shirk of Denver is treasurer, 'hairline. Both wounds bled freely Franehised leagues are eligible in the seventh but Roy's seconds patched him up effectively that. The remainder of the after fight GOOD THINGS ARE GOING TO playeri they might thank Two; |0 plr1icip , tf ,,, t h e Colorado years ago Hal Jeffcoat, the r »-|tournament program to determine formed outfielder, threatened to (he officil , |U(e non . pro fejsional! belonged to Harris as Pastrano quit baseball when he was traded ; bls , b , n championship. 'tired. to Cincinnati, although hcd had _ --_ . an !-« season with the Cubs. Now he's a mainstay of the Redleg pitching staff, and last Sunday turned in his first shutout, blanking the Dodgers, no less. Don Haot came to th« Redlegs from tht Chicago Cubs with a good-field, no hit label. Birdie Tebbetts needed someone who eould stop balls at third base without wearing a ehest protector. Hoak hit .:i5 last year. Currently he is over .115 and helping to Riv* the club one of the tightest infields in the league. Several players on clubs which don't figure to win pennants hive come back thii year to play better than they were figured In play. Kansas City has three such athletes. Bob Cerv, the burly outfielder w-ilh muscles in his fingernails, was a part-time performer with the Yankee!, with a nagsinr: habit of striking out, although he hit pretty well when he played regularly. Now he's fourth in the American Leigue with a .J«i aver- ale or thereabouts. Virgil Trucks ar.d Ned Carver, a couple of Detroit graduates lup- posed to be n \ e r the hill and fir a w i y , havt been doing bet'er thin allright for the A's. Carver has won four and Trucks had a S-0 record list timt wt looked. Then there M Jim l^mon of the Senators, who set a leigut strikeout record last year. Now he it hitting around .311 It's a year for comebacks, ind no mistake. OATESHEAD, F.nglsnd - I Hughie Callacher, one of Bhtsin's most famous soccer players. Tuesday wa« found dead on a railway line. He was S4. He was due to appear in court Wednesday to aniwer a charge ef assault, ill-treatment and neglect of his younger son, Matthew, 14. CHICAGO UP - Brig. Gen. William T. Young Jr. of Chicago Wednesday was named president of Arlington Park Rice Track. John D. Allen who had b e e n president of the trick since !»!, wis nimed chairman of the board of directors. NEW YORK * - T. Wilier SuJivin, in end it N«nh Ciro- lina State 17 years ago. 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