Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 28, 1961 · Page 1
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Saturday, October 28, 1961
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Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, first in house decorations. Bclford Hall, first in residence hall competition. Tri-Sigma, Belford Hall Have Winning House Decorations Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority at 1925 9th Ave. won top place for house decoration's in Division A Friday night. The winning house decorations were based on the gic Chimenti, Albuquerque, N. M.: Leila Lewis, Lusk, Wyo.; and Jeananne Olsen, Orchard. Dr. Ross Present! Alumni Aw»rds At the outset of the show, Dr. uta-Ui uiiuiia »vi t uu.».u «*· "·- - -- -- theme, "We'll Be Coming Into William K. Ross, president ol the Victory," and were a feature of the J9GI homecoming celebration at CSC. Topping Division B competition was Belford Hall, with the (home, "Teddy Bears' Picnic." General Written by Horace Greeley In 1871 college, introduced the honored mint and presented their ards. They were Mrs. Virgil (Emma Lou) Purvis, dean of rls at Marie Creighton Junior High School in Jefferson Coun- theme of homecoming decorations ly; Lloyd E. Gaskiil, teacher and ach at Limon High School; Wair D. Humphrey, principal ol nna Louise Johnson Elementary hool, Denver; and Ewald Turn- was me smma TM vt ,« -- - · president of National Educa- 1723 10th Ave. with decorations on lion Association, Washington. D. C at Colorado State College was "The Sound of Music." Sigma Kappa Second Placing second in Division was the Sigma Kappa house the tlwme, "The Wizard of Or." Second in Division B was Trox el Hall, with the theme, "Teddy on the Bongos." Other competing houses in D vision A, their addresses an themes were: Alpha Phi, 928 20th St., "Music Music, Music;" Alpha Gamm Delta, J7W lOlli Ave., "Swing Em Bears;" Alpha Sigma Alpha, 172 10th Ave., "Slaughter on Ten Avenue;" Alpha Sigma Tau, 17 10th Ave., "Smoke Gels in You Eyes;" Delia Zela, 1717 10th Ave "Pound Em Down." Girlt Dormitories Entered Girls dormitories entered in D vision B in addition to the winn were: Decker Hall, "Nutcrack Suile;" Gordon Hall, "Don't Fen Me In;" Hadden Hall, "Can-Can Hays Hall, "Teahouse of the A gust Moon;" Sobin Hall, "Magic Touch;" Snyder Hall, "Gone Fishing;" Tobey-Kendel Hall, "It's All in t'hc Game;" Wiebking Hall. "I Get a Kick Out of You;" Wilson Hall, "Give 'Em the Downbeat." Concern Expressed For UF Drive Here The Grceley United Fund Drivel Four workers received prizes has now reached 78 per cent of for work during [lie week. Un goal, but officials voiced concern Mooso of Ihc payroll division re- Saturday that collections may fall ceived a dress shirt from llibb's Both Post O f f i c e Lobbies Will Be Open on Sunday Lobbies of both the new post office, lOlli St. and l l l l i Ave., anil he old post office will be open rom 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday short. A broom parade, pep rally and cllzaslidin dance followed the aricty show. Saturday's schedule included a arade to the downtown area and football game with Adams State College. The big homecoming anee will be held in Gunler Hail and a pair of gloves from H and On the surface the drive appears P Surplus. to be surging ahead of last year. Ted Funk of Ihc mcrchantilc A bigger percentage of the goal division received a sports shirt has been collected than at this from Mikel's. Fred Tuck of the lime last year. However, a high- food two division was given twc er percentage of contacts has been T-shirts from Otis Brothers ant made this year than last. a dress shirt from Pcnncy's. Nqrm For example the drive thus far Noe, chairman of the payroll di- las netted $H,20l of the ?81,938 vision received B pair of house oal lo date, but officials esti- slippers from Florio's. mate 93 per cent of the contacts The men were awarded the. priy.- . By CARL HARTMAN or those wishing lo pick up mail BE KLIN (AD -- Soviet and Tom their boxes. American tanks withdrew from The post office will move tallies Sat, after runfrouting each Soviet, U.S. Tanks Moved from Border Saturday night Homecoming have already been made. festivities will nd with an open house on the campus Sunday. Queen picture, pje 3. Other pictures p*g« I. es for turning in conlrihulions Residential drive is lagging f u r - from- each ot their assigned con- ing Sunday morning. its new location Saturday night |j ncs today after confronting each (tonight). Thus those unable to other all night long at 200-yards get their mail at the old post of-i v ange. (ice before the lobby closes at Tension was cased tor the mo- 10 p.m. tonight may get it there mcnt, bul less than two hours Sunday. Mater the United States sent an Mail will be sent out from Ihc Air Force transport plane over old post office until 9;30 tonight, the Communist section ot the cilj incoming and outgoing mail opcr- twice in defiance of the Soviets alions will begin at Ihe new build- The flights appeared . !,, .L.i.lni.linn ll'llut Ihf Ihest behind. lacls. itcndei lo underline wiial Ihe Wcslcr Allies consider one ot their Friedr.hstrasse cl ,eck r oint It was walched by Brig. Gen. to the Easl Germans. ^United ·rederick 0. Hnrlel, U. S. troops Stales rejected the protest, say- commander in Berlin, from I h c j ing such flights were n accord unander in Berlin, from ( h c i i n g ~ . , . . . , ,, ,, l l l C ,-icnn side of the border. wilh "long-esiabhshed usage Less than an tour later, anolh-| The flights could extend the Less man an iraur uuci, uuum-i . ·.- ... b ...~ ----;- cr flight was made. This lime, ajdisuule over rights m Berlin to Ihe C47 flew deeper into East Berlin air lanes, where East and West and at a higher altitude. II made arc also at odds. Western planes a wide circle over the inner part use tin- : "'"" h " tl " f "" 1 of East Berlin and then flew back I isolated to Ihe West. IWeslern corridors between West Berlin and the world. Traffic through The Soviets, in a letter dcliv- them, across Soviet-occupied East UF captains and officials held Anyone not contacted during the.ofjice after Sunday will be trans- - .. . Allies consider onu ot u«.-ii nw" Any mail left at. the old post D M ,,,,, ri( , hl to fly over i- _ _ _ r i _ . . f !,,·. i i . L l i V i n t i - n T i c . 1 *-"-· "n v. n , Cross Ha the theme The Alpha Kappa Lambda float, built around the idea of His Master's Voice, and entitled, "Indians Meet Your Master," won f i r s t place in the A division of the Colorado Stale College homecoming parade Saturday morning. Second in the A division went to Tau Kappa Epsilon with a float how their regular report luncheon atlregular residential drive BOW un-|[orrcd to the new office, the Camfield Hotel Friday noon derway, is invited lo contact Mrs. I 'lo discuss the drive's progress. Robert Cummings, chairman ot 'the division, at El; 2-3GG5 or the United Fund office at EL 3-4300. ^Vorkers will be sent out to pick up donations. Breakdown by Divisions Following is a breakdown o Ihe per cent of goal collected t AKL and Freshmen Win Parade Honors '«-.^l S --^± U£-°Tne^s 1^ fo°m of a show boat. B Division Winners Winner in the B division was the Freshmen class wilh the theme other men's dorm in competition. Newman House, at Hie corner of 10th Ave. and 18th St., was Ihe only entry among the religious houses, wilh the theme, "Requiem [or an Indian." SRO Sign »f Helliabruin "Torrid Tempos," (he 1D61 Hell- zabruin variety show, played to a standing room only audience Friday evening in Gunter Hall a; another Iwmecoming event. Fifleen numbers were presented. The show's program ranged from acrobatic dances lo vocal solos. The Viscounts provided the orchestra background. Thornton Coed Named Queen The show was highlighted by the presentation of Queen Freeda Swanson. junior home economics major from Thornton. The 1961 queen is now serving as treasurer of Angel Flight. She is a Wilson Hall officer and dining hall hostess. Miss Swanson was crowned by Carol Secdroff, last year's homecoming queen. Her attendant, the four other finalists for the honor, are Elaine Bolander, Grecley; An- Helhabruin. The Inlernalional Relations Club and the Human Rights Association combined efforts to win second wilh a float with B United Nations theme. A crowd estimated at 5,000 lined the streets to watch the parade which passed the judges' staw for nearly an hour and a half. 1 was one of the longest and mos colorful parades ever held on CSC homecoming. Many Bands pared by Alpha Kappa Lambda, Theia Chi, Theta Xi, Spurs, GDI, Sigma Chi, Acacia, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Rodeo Club. Oilier parlicipants in the parade included the Iwmecoming queen and her attendants riding in convertibles; Dr. William Ross, president of CSC. and the honored alumni; Ihe Air Force ROTC Color Guard, CSC cheerleaders, Spurs. Joanelle Baton Twirlers, Ihe Angel Flight, Ihe CSC Model- ng Board. date by each of ll;c divisions. Agriculture, 8fi per ccnl: Aulo motive, 84; building construction 55; commercial, 115; commercia Iwo. 138; /inance. Dfl; food, 57 food two. 1W; government. 107 mercantile. 8D; professional, 38 professional two. 7G; professiona Ihrcc, 80: Heal estate and insurance. 102 real estate and insurance two, 55 services one, 77; services two, 88 transportation. 85: advance gifls 97; payroll, 100: hospital, 68; Icl lers, M; residential, 72; schoo district, 91. rural 58. _a Salle KAan Dies of Crash Injuries Bashir Returns Home Without 'Big Head By ZAMIR SIDDIQI iVice President Lyndon B. Joh KARACHI, Pakistan (API -|Son, was spouting "okay" and Ahmad Bashir arrived home Sal.iothcr American phrases as lie ex, i i.:.. n/uin+ruinon nlt/wllu in\t{ fripnds nf the tl'ID. ny part of Berlin, on the basis f postwar agreements. The tanks had confronted cacl other Friday night at Friederich strassc -- checkpoint Charlie -After the Americans tor the thir straight day had reasserted an other right claimed by the Wcs Ihe right lo move inlo and o of Hie Easlcrn sector without b ing checked by East Germans. rnc aovieis, in « ii^^-i ^" s .i^.., ... · ered Thursday and made public'C-cimany, is controlled with bo- i day protested nights over Easl'.vicl cooperation by the Berlin Air J l ' 'safely Center-one o£ the few I remnants of Sour-power control in .Germany. The East German Communist [regime claims air sovereignly lover its territory, and "Moscow |has threatened to recognize it by .signing a separate peace treaty. As 'back Controls Relaxed .soon as the lanks _ pullet .,...,, (he Easl Germans relaxed jthcii- stiff controls at the border sAargery Gets Washington Assignment WASHINGTON (API-- A woman whose post r.ird to off a furor aboul Ihc Peace Corpsi . The East Germans demanded lhat the Wesicrn powers negotiate yo ," n f/«-jUi Item tor continued use of ! " c ' icrf 'liie corri rridors, out (he West rc- Francisco Lara, 65. of Rt. 2.| .a Salle, died at 5:10 p.m. Fri 'ay in Weld County General Hos- lilai of injuries suffered in a one-K^i" wam | Imvder ar accident Monday morningjt| i r o l igh wilh a smile, outh of J'rospecl Valley. J A reBU i ar ] y scheduled U. S. Ar- Lara had incurred a hack in- m y sightseeing bus passed into ury and had been reported in East Berlin wilhoul being hailed. «or condition since the accident. ] t c a r ricd 22 officers and men, ·'ivc others were injured in lhc| n |] j n uniform. Last Wednesday accident. jtwo similar buses were refused State Patrol officers said a right [entry by the Easl Germans and us :,gimc or have any dealing with it. : Although there was a relieved announcement Friday t h a t ',,., | n , a t i| le Fricririchslrasse n Nigeria. corps--in Washington. The announcement I- Margery .Michelmore, 23, would , p n m!, an angry crowd of tire blew out causing Ihcjlhc Americans declined to make nito to overturn as i mg soutli on Colorado 70 it was travel-Jan issue of it, saying they four ( not and a half miles south of Prospect Aboard. lo endanger women , be assigned here came shortly : West Bcrlincrs surged around a a f t e r it was disclosed lhat Presi-ig^.j^ s(a [[ cm--carrying twu of- cut Kennedy hod written her aj iccrs aiu ] a uniformed driver -oriel letter of encouragement. i a m l trie ,( ( 0 turn it over as it Miss Michelmore of Foxboro. -cruised on the western side of the Mass., was among a group of border. eaee Corps teachers assigned lo The Soviet car, making frequent Nigeria. She wrote a posl carrtjcrossings at Checkpoint Charlie [escribing living conditions in the] without stopping, ran into the Uiican country as primitive and | \\'cst Bcrlincrs on one of its west- apparenlly dropped ii. Nigerian n - ar ,| irips. The crowd booed and Valley. The Soviels were the first to Lara was Ihe 378th person lo die pull back their tanks. Ninety mm in Colorado Iraffic this year com- utes after the last U S . lank left pared with 308 in tho correspond- a U. S. Air Force C-17 lew m c.rcled for 1 students at Iljadan University isho'.ited insuhs and several youths came in possession of the card in th and promptly demanded ouster of tried all corps teachers. crowd seized the car and to heave it over. Others their period of I960. Lara was and tlat assured his his high-style trip to the United State's has not given him a big head-or big ideas. They had feared it might . countrymen citedly told friends of the trip. 01 ,«». ^.« -- .'-lEasi Berlin and circled for 10 c passengers who werelminutcs over the area where 40 thrown out am! struck by the tanks are parked, overturning car. mi icoicu ji. j,.,£,".' i t "I would not change my pro-jwhich are coming later, wiiu. "i sn'i A number of high school band added color to the pageant. The Colorado State Colleg Band led the parade. Other par ling bands were the Gree ley High School Band, Meeker- of it, and ^ Valley High School band, the Ma- back plelon High School band, ^ton^U-S.^ Junior High band. Sheridan irienas 01 urn m ' . . , T his children he had| Mary Castillo, 19 also cf La - " icriously injured in the He told bought cow them and jhave given me so many presents Ula VILUUL tn 't- in*** | * f ,boy suits and shoes forjSalle was serious!; that "Ihe Americans accident ar.d was 1 The Weather DaylightSaving Time Ends Sun. In Eastern Areas Ambassador W.lliam M. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS P was amone the crowd The effort to get the most out ' ,,^^,,_ - Jater transferred o Colorado General Hospital for] rassihle brain surgery. Eve Cas- .illn, is, and Juan Castillo, 59. were also admitted to lire hospilal suffering shoulder injuries. Two others were Irealed and released. F,ara was born Oct. 10, 1806 in Mexico and grew up there. He came to Texas in 1959 and La This plane [lew at about 600 feet, banking steeply for better vision. 11s wing lips srere painled a bright orange. The plane cir- Mi?s Michelmore apologized for.fists, the incident, offering to resign,, hen lefl Nigeria. In an interview at her home Foxboro Friday elmorc said she inngcd on the side " j B o d y of N i n t h v al her home m 1 ' . ... . . nigw. Miss Mich- 1 j-|unting V i c t i m e hoped Ihc post! _ . J cled the immcdiaie area bchind|gma. elmorc said sne r.opcu me j i u a i i . card incident would be forgotten.11 g She said she was disappointed at r.ot being able to continue in Ni- ilouni Fallout Cloud Heausg Toward Great Lakes WASHINGTON (AP)-The high-lsaid "if we get any more debris n.,_., ,,iu,,, ,, n ,M fmm Tiussia's'from this than any other Russian, MONTROSE (AP) - The body of a liunler missing from his --home since last Thursday was found late Friday night near his - ! -'uip truck, mired in mud on Uncompahgre National Forest jtrail. [ Officers said George Morland, J61, of Nucla. Colo., died appar- ienlly of a heart atlack as he tried . had a history of heart The temperalure at 2 p.m., Sal urday was 54. Local for 24 hours ending I a.m., Saturday; Greal Wesicrn. High, 67; low, 39. Public Service: High, 68; low, 38. College Weather: High, 63; low, 42. COLORADO - Partly cloudy east, cloudy and cooler with snow Junior nign uouu. one.."".. -·· ion High band, and the Platte Val- a« «*e ley High School band. r llh snouts Floats in the parade, in addi-jl^ ^ iiu and four cnnami. i -Bashir came hack alone, keep-iing Time a month ago '« ThaTgreeted himiof a day ends Sunday. Eleven "Zindabad!"-long ! stales, parts of seven olhers and |lhe District of Columbia return too were Bashir'silo standard time, ir children. ; Some areas ended Daylight Sav- Stock Warnings ssued for Rocky ,thers, ilaro and Lojin'o of Mex-lsouthcastcrn Canada. .N'orl i K unit o ...v..... ··(,- | it;0 . onc s i s t el - Mrs. Andrea Tre-. The Weather Bureau made Ims ann line'thc'prami's'e"thai heI would not, Slates going off Daylight Saving ^ o{ ^ A n l o n j o Tcx ., am! a estimate lodav and \ O t . .. . r - - ' ~ headed lovrarcl the c p r o m s e a e wou , back an American wife. As Time Sunday include Connecticut, repealed I i s ScSis%a^|h:s »^- ( TM- :icwis ° f radi ° KANSAS CITY (AP) - ThelV^V^lornary for Pakistanis^- Jersey New York· ^iff^^^'al Weather Bureau issued a warning lo (a , k to lhcir wivcs in, Rhode Island ana |" r TM clc . lo stockmen and travelers Sat. L n(j the COU p] 0 avoided meeting [Vermont of strong northerly ·^"'^ anrtl ...u ..i_._ :-.u. _,«, n ^o nf nnt-i · . j Co5imo ot La't n c r c is no cause for alarm. Fall- Great! Unidentified h u n t e r s came I across Morlnnd's body about 45 ·miles fo'.ithwest of Monlrose. ! His Iwdy was brought here. "?it oll a Football Scores O ther in the presence of out-| snow tonight and Sunday si()( , rs n mountains and rain mixed with , ^ central Rockies this morning is br tains; windy und much colder to night and Sunday; low tonight 10 20 mountains, 15-25 northwest, 23 35 south and east lower elevations high SuraJay 25-35 northwest 30-W soulheast. WYOMING -- Cloudy and colder tonight with snow in mountains; snow or snow flurries lower el- evalions central and west por. lions spreading eastward tonight and Sunday; windy over stale tonight; locally heavy snow in mountains; low tonight 5-15 in mountains, Ms lower elevations; high Sunday 25-35. cenirai nw-Mua nu. ·"" o iprougnt lor my wuc: out causing snow from Montana south know wnc n I reach my hut." ward into Wyoming and Utah. Bashir said he was t, ap p y to , p . _ p remicr Heavy snow is forecast for moun- ] e a r n , hat h j s camel ]ia(f ,,. MOSCOW (AP) i remicr tain areas of Wyoming and Colo- comed from the shock of his ! Khrushchev says that world ap- rado continuing into Sunday. High m ., r [ er ' s i on g absence. Ipeals to the Soviet Union to can-^ winds and blowing dust is fore-J T[](! carnel d r |ver, who visitedl cc) cxp | os i ons O f a M-megalon nu- -- clear bomb are just "hysterical." Clearly implying that Ihe Kremlin would go ahead wilh the arclic Khrushchev Hints Russia To Go Ahead with N-Test activity as were w i l l r | s and that it was possibly jd with some ot the earlier COU pi c O f hundred miles ivide. . bomb clouds. ! predictions of occaiional r a i n ] surprised," he'on part of the course of Ihe cloud, icoiild bring sonic of the debris to earth. List said. The bureau had| forecast occasional rain ot showers from Missouri throiigh \\is-j .,,,,,, ,, ... - consin this afternoon. It also p r e - j Missouri 3, Nebraska 0. dieted rain or showers with some Kansas 28. Okla. State 0. jsnow in the higher mountains .from the Rocky,Mountain Stales ' the western portion of the Half Adams State 7, CSC 0. New Mexico 7, Air Force 0. Wyoming 6. Utah 6. Utah Slate 14, Idaho 0. Third Period Iowa Stale 17. Kansas State T. lo the 22nd Congress of the Communist Party Friday jusl as Ihe the northern Coin in over th* Central Plains late to- WASH]f ;GTON -- United Slates , ast lari!es t ac- larations made in the United W T I . I . «.- ~-H WAonlrt" l "" ~~ iin%tw .J......O mil iMuiiuaj' ui in^^vjt.j, "^ «-- night and Sunday an. condi ions ejtpande d b y 1,083 square nounced as "strange logic'' dec may become hazardous !or trav- r _. . , . .^. ,T_:..J »·« elers, with strong northerly winds and snow in western Nebraska and western South DakoU Sun day." by Kansa* City, Ho., and miles by Oklahoma City. 22 East Germans Escape Friday lest Monday or Tuesday, he de . re miles lions and elsewhere that such a -» 149 test would be immoral. Khrushchev made his commen i i i i i u im- " ton-i J i !·«·-·-- J.N. General Assembly ncarcd an xorth and Central Plair.s. 87-11 vote urging cancellation of; . .. new tests. BERLIN 22 AP, - ast Germans No Undue Alarm j Spo k csmen for Hie Weather Bu The text of Ihe premier's slale-| rcau an(j me u.s. Health Service ment was withheld from publica-i s a y they saw no need fr: undue lion unlil this evening. The pre-ialarm or for any immediate ac- mier said that opposition to the lion lo protect heata. Ls was nothing but a "clamor, "We don't think the levels of l » i _ j i o "i ^ o i ___ ir..N«. t.-;il 1m c i a n i F i P ^ n l l v Okla. 14, C. U. 10. FINALS l.eliigh 14, Columbia 7. Penn State 33. California 16. Navy 14, Pitt 6. Syiacu;'? 34. Holy Cross 6. Princeton TO. Cornel! 25. Purdue 9, Iowa 0. Michigan Stoic 3i, Indiana ». Rhode Island 12, Brown 9. West Virginia 7. Army 3. Northwestern 12, Notre Dame and wire barriers encircling West Berlin, police reported. Three of Ihem, including two young girls, swam across canals or rivers. tnc firouna mat uie u m i ^ u un-w.. ....... - .. - r i had dropped the first two atomic viet bomb tests," said Dr. Lesten bombs on Hiroshima and Naga-|Machta, V.'oathcr Bureau fallout. saki. specialis'.. Tenn. 20, Challanooga 7. Georgia Ifi. Kentucky 15. Cincinnati 21, N. Texas Stale ».

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