Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 26, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Thursday, April 26, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN Cavil Air Pali-ol cadets from Las ' Cruces may be afforded a lligh honor. Two of them have been selctced to represent the city at a state International exchange meeting. ' V. ' :-.»:. News VOL 71-No.- 19 »H HMfeMOmTUHCr HMD ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE stuvm sourvgxii NCW mouco THE WEATHER, HAS CRUCES AREA: Generally fair today tonight and Friday with sciittered nigh cloudiness to cloudy tonight and towqrro\y; Lust- 2-1 hours: Las Cruces 84-45; State College 81-15. MacArfhw Will Not Be Gagged, TrumanSlafes, WASHINGTON, April 26--l/Pl-President Truman said today he will not "pull the strings" on Gen Douglas MacArthur but will let him say what he pleases, when he pleases and .where he pleases. The President told a news con Terence that under legislation set ling up the rank of Five-Star Gen. oral and Admiral, lie could pull Ihc strings on MacArthur, but.that he does not propose to do so. In response to a reporter's question whether he could "pull the ·strings" on the genera] he ousted, the President said that MacArthur may go where he. pleases and say what he .likes to say, now that he is back in this country. Arrives In Chicago. Meanwhile General MacA'rthur and his party arrived at Chicago's .Midway Airport at 12:20 p. m. (CST). The General's big. plane, from · Now York, was guided through an 1,100-foot overcast by radio. MacArthur came here.for a big civic ovation. It is the fourth such celebration since he returned to the United States from Tokyo. The city's millions and thousands fi-om nearby cities were expected to join In a 10-hour celebration. It was expected to draw some 3,000,000 spectators. All public buildings were closed 1 . --and most of the loop stores will be closed during the parade. DiHible Celebration It will be a double-barreled celebration--the formal parade down Michigan Avenue and State Street this afternoon and pageantry, fireworks and a talk by General Mac- A r t h u r in Soldier Field tonight. Placards bearing greetings, "Hi, Mac!" were on display throughout the city. The the ^Merchandise Mart, the world's largest commercial building, had the biggest 'greeting for the General. Across the front of the huge building in letters 20 feet high was the.-;saltitirtlon.'':"Hi k Mac".' A big- American f-lRg will be flown from each letter. Show Appreciation Mayor Martin H. Kennelly said the demonstration "will be ojr people's way of showing In a' gt eat swelling chorus of acclamation their appreciation of the contribution General MacArthur has made to. nur nation by his military exploits." At the Washington news conference. President Truman was asked the status of Maj. Gen. Courtney Whitney. MacArthur's chief aide. He was told that Whitney had made a' number of statements re- i specling the controversy. Mr. Truman, replied that he (Continued on page four) LAS CPUCES; NEW MEXICO. THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 26. 1951 Michigan Senator A REPORTER. 49-year-old Blair Moody (above), Washington correspondent of the Detroit News, succeeds the late Senator Arthur Vandenberg. Moody, a Democrat, succeeds a Republican by appointment of Gov. G. Mennen Williams, also a Democrat. (International) hannel Awaits TrumanJ5o-Sign Construction may start in the the San Marcial salt cedar area above Elephant Butte Lake this fall if a federal grant, is made available, according to John Thompson of the Kureau of Re clamation. The announcement name on the heels of a disclosure here t h a t BI- ephant Butte Irrigation district and El Paso Water Improvement association directors had appropriated $20,000 toward the emei CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES gency channelizatioi the Rio Grande. The program would program .of conserve Democrats Fight Public Hearings For MacArthur WASHINGTON, April 26 (rPl -Senator Russell (D-Ga.) rallied Democrats today against a Repub. · lican demand for televised public hearings Into the clash behind the ouster of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Krom another quarter. Senator Piilbright (D-Ark) defended President Truman's strategy of limiting the war in Korea, although.he attributed to Mi-.' Truman "misguided loyalty in . unworthy friends" whom he did not name." Fulbright heads a Senate Bank- ng subcommittee which has looked into alleged influence of Wldte louse aides on government loans. -Ie said in .a Senate speech that MacAilhur's proposal to cany the var to' Red China might "set trongly against up nearly the vhole .free world." ii'lleves In Truman Obsciving that Mr. Truman "of- en has thought me wrong and un- peakablc while 1 sometimes have nought him wrong and incomprehensible," Fulbright said he believ- REDS LAUNCH THEIR BIG DRIVE down vo weelt. Margaret. Truman To Star Tonight. On Radio Drama HOLLYWOOD, April 5fi tfP)~- ^argaret Truman makes her professional acting debut tonight. Tlie president's singing daughter will have a vast unseen audience as she plays opposite Jimmy Stewart in "Jackpot." on the screen directors' playhouse, over NBC. (S p.m. MST). Miss Truman has been in rehearsal since her arival here Monday, ant! there are reports that she has taken considerable pains lo see that nothing gets into the script that' might in any way reflect upon'ljer famous father. She succeeded in -having the name of one of the characters in the play changed from Harry, be- o.iiise i t might have brough t a laugh in the wrong places. A gag used in the movie version of "Jnck- pot.", which starred Stewart and Barbara Hale, was taken out because it involved General MacArthur. water 4ost through absorption and evaporation in the San Marcial marshlands north of here. 5 r 3IHft Umnnel Thompson said the proposed channelization 'money,, now awaiting presidential approval, would afford a. 35-mile channel throug-h the swamplands. · ·The '$20,000, granted by the atev officials here will be used in addition to. 570,000 already appropriated by the State o f ' New Mexico' 'toward the conservation irogram. The federal grant. Thompson said is a total of $1,463.000. He told the Associated Press in Albuquerque that the Reclamation bureau is now at work on design data* for thfe channel. · Oesoribrs Swamps The area described before groups studying: the problem is the marshlands near San Marcial, south of Socorro. · Salt cedar growth in the area causes dispersal of watershed waters flowing from ( ,_ olia(:muion Her the upper reaches of the river re- j In Albuquerque suiting in rapid loss from sorption ami evaporation in area. es the President was right in firing .MacArthur as Pacific commander. This support came as -Russell met a GOJP drive for an ull-out, open-door inquiry into the Mac- A r t h u r case. Any such inquiry method would risk the security of fighting men in Korea. Russell said. Chairman Taft of Ohio announced the Republican policy committee will fight for public appearance by Mar.Avthur and others. He said questions involving' military security could he reserved Tor .subsequent private- sessions. No Objection MacArthur made it known yesterday through an adviser he has no objection to the televising of his May 3 appearance before the Ken- ate. Armed Seivtccs and Foreign Relations committees. Russell, who heads the combined groups, said he ^vill^torce a'rfiow- vote at a meeting early next UN FORCES "rolled with the punch" as they fell hack before front-wide onslaught of (he Communists' 400,000- man offensive in Korea. I! began as foe forces waded the Imji'n river near Korangpo ()). Then-it fissioned straight across the front, with attacks exploding north of Yon- chon (2), .south o'f Kumhwa (3), west of Hwachon (4) and north of Yanggu (n). Jn general the first attacks were being contained, the Reds losing heavily in casaulties The flag is Chinese Communist. Convent Gunman Started Career By Apple Stealing Arthur M ac Arthur \Cun Only Sity'Gcc' On Yankee Visit Agriculture Office Site Offered Here Continuing- to push the Las Cruces bid for location of state agricultural offices here, Chamber of Commerce Manager Clint Smith this morning announced nn a d d i - tional available office building 1 . An option for use of the Carillo building -a 125-129 W. Las Cruces street has been secured. It would be rented for a little more than $1 per square* foot'per year. , · The building will be offered to Martin V. Compton, chief adminis- '· trator, sen-ice division of the. Soil Conservation service, which is now \ , . In Albuquerque and amonp the at) - -agencies ^affected under proposed ALBUQUKKQUE. April 26--f.-li Desperado Homt-r Go.-isctt KIIVK he's been in- trouble since he .stole an a p p l e - i n thr f i f t h grade. The 3-i-ycur-old Kansas City convict shot one man here Sunday night and another when he broke into u Jemez Spring;.'? convent Monday night. day night. Tiic next night ha broke into Villa Mater Cristi convent and shot 75-ycar-old George Allies Abandon Posijion, Move Toward Seoul j TOKYO. Friday, April 27--Wi United Nations troops on the west , central Korean front withdrew I again Thursday before Chinese j Red masses. This extended t h e i r ' pullback in t h a t si-ntor lo 27 miles ! : in five days. " | 1 U. N. stragglers fired a r t i l l e r y . at pointblank range to ho!d back ] 300,000 Reds pressing tnwa i-d ' Seoul. ! The new w i t h d r a w a l wiped oiil j every western front U. N. foothold north of the 33lh panillol. K r l a l n Itfscrrolr I3nl the Allies still aiv in Xortll I Korea along the Mwacliou roKcr- I volr on the nasi -nd of the IfK 1 - f mile froni. They bent b.-ic-k Red [ a t t a c k s on both sidf-s of the reser- ! voir Thursday. The wi.'stern w i t h d i - a w a l fi-om above lhe parallel came as Chinese ;;dvanced w i t h i n 20 miles of Kcoul. Kightn Army headqiiarti-rs utiid the Allied troops won; "fiyhlitijf ! a m a f j n i l i L O n l delayini; action", j | * M n n s u n fell to Chiiu-sc driving j .down a main, highwav from the i nortInvest. The town. 'Ji mtlua ! : from the wur-hatU-n-a capital, was : the site of an American p a r a t n m p ' ' landing luri m o n t h . ' lii-ils Cross SS i Fifteen milos tu lho K t - d : ! musses .s-iiryeil ucrurs ;;« and duwn ! lhc YoiR-lion-Uijunyhu road k'.uling · j In rft'oiiJ. Atlii\s pulled bad; .south ' | nf Chan-,;·'i, four miles below { h o ; ! bordi-r and 1C5 miles north of Ui- j PRICE FIVE CENTS Truman Proposes Higher Taxes, Tighter Controls WASHINGTON', April 26 !.«-, President Truman, saying Infill- liuriu'ry 'pressures "have not yd .·acheJ- their p«ak" asked Con'-Ms tcxluy for h! K hor lasea. tijliter credit fontrols and "f;ilr ceiling" on farm and other pro- duets. In :i special me.raafre to the lawmakers. Mr. Truman urged sporty tt.MWn.'lIe ' salil "the world sltiia"- lion could explode at any time, and uv must make every day count." The (.resident's request for - f a i r ri-Mirxs" on faun and other pro- i iiuets is aimc-l at pennittlng I t;,1''ter controls on food prices. ] Krlli-vi-s I'ufalr I "I t . i Wlieve that for prire li-oniir.i purposes, the partly pile,.. : fci . a,-ii conimciiily prevalilii|f t i t ll'j; s i n r i of Its normal nmrkpt- ,, .-.- ins Mason soiilil he applied ( I n t C ' f n n t i D J i a ! ) i l h t o u r ^ h o l l t Hi,* lialanee of the "f Hie i n a r h f l i n t - spasoii. JUKI aa is lhe in most of our a K r l e u l l u r al price support pro^rjuiis. ! "I rerommend that the defense i production act he amended to pto- i v i . l e for this. Unler tlli.'i IIRIW. ! m e n t . the parity price will" continue ] lo he. a m i n i m u m standard t'oi j each price ceiling." He said this sort of control would suffice to stahillz,. food prices tor the time .;in|;. llarulil Wilson "THE CABINET is disintegrating rapidly," one Lnn- dup newspaper reported w i t h news of resignations of British Labor Minister A n e u r i n Bovin, a left-winger and Board of Trade President Harold Wilson in budget disputes with Prime Minister Clement Alice. i\'e\v eleet.'"n3 will be neces- sarv ,th(.' Labor roL'ime- fears. Sealing Victim's Grandson Held A jiiand.-;in (if .Mrs. I w m n LozU-r Si), has been jliilcd and i-harpi-d w i t l i beinn ilu assnilant whu s-.- vt-u'ly beat l h e a»od v m i n n hi-n- Tuesday n i f - h l , n-»I**ori-nt A. Lo/ier. Mrs. T..O- was chafed u'ilh ",',,," it ,TM " """ ' l ' l ' iin ' t TM CuI)J j.. 0! . s - th '- P'''«i- E. Barker, a retired Rochester, N. Y., businessman. A'isit Din-Kilter Barker aml.his'wHc were visit-1 cnp aml took ]]im lntQ the ^^ ing their daughter, a mm. at. tlie-. i n f f rn0lll to mecL Ulp , b tiny, mowntuln convent.. He l n e d l f o r e t h e y a n koe-Athlelics'-arie defend h i s wife a n d t h e three I - « - - · nuns there, and Gosselt shot him · ·iiiiinj; and entering with i n t e n t Chinese tries to k n i f e down an ' l n c o i u i n i t a fi-Iony cm n complaint undefended strip between this { signed by Chief of Pol in- .Santos highway nnd Munsnn. Heavy ar- ! Romlrrz loilay. Ho will be arraign- A1 ^5; | tillery fire ripped into them \ ?d this n f t o n i o n n un the iVlonv ' | throughout Thursday. ! The U. X. withdrawal towant L'ijongbu yielded about six miles lo the Red. 1 ; their biggest gain of the day. II almost wijk-d out the western side of the Kapyung bulge in the ccuU-r of the ItiO-mile ront. NEW YORK. April 26 Thirtf-cn-yuar-uld Arthur Arthur probably will bat in the dressing room of thu work! champion New York Yankees. The son of the General went to Yankee Stadium yesterday. Drin Topping president of the J i r o n x , . . . Bombers, gave .Arthur a Yankee I Hlmv \Vltlulriiwnls Slow wiUnirawiils wei:e X. Xevarer.. Ramirez said his i revealed t h a i yminj; been (It-inking Tuesiln; and a witness had H- n IVaco alteiiioon, n him at- the bnlgr, about 3U mill east of .Seoul. One U. made in f: norUi- X. u n i t , in thu thigh-am! fled. his shy reserve for a moment af- Uie thigh, ami fled. j e r ]]e ,^, ,, n , (| fr , JOL . ^ Hospital attendants said neither Magglo. A i t l i u r and Joe had nu-l in Tokyo when DiMaggi and a group of ball players toured the and victim was wounded btidly, Mullenix was released aftei aid, and Barker was disc-hnr^-d Paci f ic mimai . v bnsp3 . · Ve f, tei ' d /y- , ·'"« Save the boy nn niito fi ra;.Ji- Gossett is charged in the Albue ,j }j a t * Aithur's eyes sparkled. "Gee. for me?" bp ciie;l. "Gee, thank.-.-/' The quiet, courteous A r t h u r lost | countcrat'.acke.t,. but wus ordered to fall buck to a new defense Hut 1 . A slow wilhdrawaf also mis ]··.·- gun to the northeast in tin chon-Yangpi .--alienl. Tbi.s seTM. iii-Red Korea hud held stvidy sine* the Communist sprint; o f f e n s i v t i Continued nn pni»- t'ourj ti-inpt to enter l h e w i i m n n earlier in tin- aftermmn. A f t e r thy nttacK J , Iwozior'j; shirt bmv blood slains and ho h i i i l . n deep scratch on one hand. -Mi-H. l.oKiL'i; was n-ported resl- ini; cnmfdi lably HUH afternoon. Her phy.-iician .said imtoxa cnntpli- | c a t i o n arose, slin .should n'L'over "inehlding l i m i t e d Atod Hulxsldien to proven[ ni'ci-ssary farm price increases n-oni being reflected in rises in the cost of liviny." In the field of credit control. Mr. Tinman asked authority to regulate itM-m.s "on the sale of oxi.sit- ing.houses, as well as new ones." Thu Kovurninent '- ow HKCS down payment and other terms of sali- nf iiiivv. houses but older dwellings mi are not iimlt-r the iTgulatifms. j Tlu'Si- riiK'.s i aiv uiineO to prevent U'Diild-be buyers' from bUkiinif up the price nl new hoincs offered :it easy ternis. A»,k« Tax lllkn On tiLXCs. the preKident n-pc, ·at- I The near-r i tained srveri -yo:,,..,,!,! ,,-,,,,,»,, .s,:. head i:m[ fare bud shooting with assault with intent to conmiit armed robbery and nssauit with intent to the The new channel will also be an aid to perennial flood conditions which have existed, in the genera] consolidation. Lack of space reasonable prices has hampered the Albuquerque bid for permanent location of the offices. Meanwhile, no decisioi area since the town of San Marrial has yet been forwarded by Sccre- \vas wiped out -in a flash flood tary of Agrirulturc Charles about 30 years ago. ! nnn following a recommendation by The 520,000 appropriated by lhc * stal ° Agricultural the local and El Paso grojips was a result of a meeting between joint bodies here at the Temple of Agriculture Wednesday. me?. Springs yesterday ami *, I American Editor _ o ^^;;||;' r ;IsArresied,Held ' s l n F u n c i p L . i B y C 5 Recover ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.».,,,,,.,.,,,,.. From "p. - n s ,,, 1J, I Wrecked Airliner He told this story: j WASHINGTON, April 2G f.-l'i -"The first time 1 stole, it waa j More money from fnnyrcss is n apple from a teacher's desk ! needed for the proper eni-p of In! dians, Rej). Morris ( D - O k l n ) ninin- Kansas .City. "The kids niade fun of. me .be- use of the clolhtis I had to wear, started phiying hooky because I was embarrassed." ul-n. Germany, /irril 20--(A* - -Cuminunist Cx.echn;;lo- valtia announced today il has arrested AssoeiuU'd Prei:.-? Coires- ponrlent Wiltiitni N. O:tlis. Jt h i n t ed he would be tried for ' aetivjtic.-i . ( hosliU- lo tin; stain". gre:;s lias not been providing j Oatis. ,-lnel of tiie A l nough funds for the care of X a v a - . -jim-aii vanisbetl Monttav ei7iployc of t h i i i bun-m - n _ . _ Regents Seek Cut M I},,;! J i n ~. .DllllUinCf Tiie chairman of the House n l - dJiin Affairs fonimittee said Con- ':, I'rasiie j - l h e f i f t h i io i i t . s i i p - 1 -- »h.H. flnvi-riiim-nt · M c W h i i i i'.; Shortage Of Farm Workers In Cotton oeasonroreseen tion committee that offices he located here. BICYCM3 STOLEN" A bicycle owned by Henry Guti- ene?., 120.South San Pedro street was reported stolen sometime Wednesday night by the owner. He i eportcd to police that the bike was taken from his yard sometime after dark. SANTA KF-. A p r i l 1!(1 i.-T) - New Mrxiro A ..M n-Bcnls arc trying lo ical,- hiils ijy f i v u fii'ms nn two c'.-iinpti.s :ilRK'iiin\s .*·« as lo leave money for furnishings. . . . , K t a i t : punrh.ising ngmt (;. T. pear in thrct 1 weeks. C,nvcrnnn-iit McWJiirtiM- said t m l a y t h a t is wltal sEatementK secnif-d to indie.iU- lhe I iK :;niiiiii|r a delay in awar.iinj; other empiuyeit, all Czech N a t i o n - ' w i n t r n U for llu- b u i l d i n g s - an a d - . .. m |u j m i n i i i t n l l n n budding and a l i b p i r y j left He stole his first car when he j jus, Hopis and other Indian ( r i b was 13, and his.Cirsl, escape, from j particularly for education and U stale t r a i n i n g school at Topuka, ! hoallh. Kana fiillowod. j .Mo,ris saiil the House A p j M O p r i - . uul ,,. (!lllpl(lVC!ti .,,, U7(M ,, N a t i o n . . c u n i r a i B m Hw.4vrd I'arnli- j at ions .ommiltee bad rut funds | ,,,, wmi| /, ^ p i v w n t w , i n ,,,,, rfj] ' nnnislnUi,, Caught with another stolen car. | (nr t h e Indian Offic from $75.000.-! O f wilnc-ses -iWinst Onii building he waa paroled a f t e r - i . . y e a r s , j 00-J to 565.000,000 for t h e fiscal j Thc n^^ h ,i ( ( ( , m j McWliirter said the regents w Ho went lo pnaon agmn fot yc:.,-befimnin,- July 1. And p l a i n e i l lo llic a g Em , m ,. sy t i m l j com. to an agreement amon-, shootins LIB s epfather for "in- ,-d t h e House to make no f u r t h e r hc was , wi Bh . 1(Iowc(I 24 \ ourK th.Mnsclv.s and 3, c ,, get in tmich MiHinif my mollicr ami heahnir ,m c u t . ; a d a y - A p p a r e n t l y he was poum-! ^^ liis office for confirmaln,,,. Oin-in^ his spfi'rli yostnixiny, j ( .,| n j Mori is .s:li(i tlio b.-isic tiling v.'ronj; I ni r r],i w i t h thn IiKlian p i u f f r a i n \\-as i h M t l u ^ . I h n money nilolted Hip Iniliitn Of-1 ^-,, ^ i liec. I just \\-ouiKlcd him." Ho was freed in IMS hut roiild- r.'t get a job and landed in Missouri .state prison for theft. He escaped, but a federal cnr (Continued on pa;?o 1'o'ir) A p p a r e n t l y ho was poinu- | »'il!i his :n by siivret police .Monday j HL ' fla ' 1 ' le n;ls '"'"'civcd no \vnrd said Hie t i a n s p o i l plain- "lutik :ia In- put his oar In his jjnr- ' ''""" ""' roRents siurc the v n r i m m l lilu- a J u n h pile on the IHHIDIII." i i KICY WEST. Flu... April IT, i.Ti l i m n Navy dlvurs rwoviMtil mini! ilny f r i m i shutteri'd jieotlnns of :i j O n l i a n n l i l i n i M - nnd a Nuv.v l i n i n I IT plan,' u-hli-li riilljilcil ami liillrd j V persons. Uy Id n. m. IKST) 1.1 bodies liiul l)«-n l ) i i n i K h t to the sinlacf i and t a k e n to mi.rpira. .Vinvteeii were lornti-il yesterday a f t e r the ! crash. Divers worked in relays, two lit a lime, over snvished pieces of (he 'I'onr-en^ined lnins|oit. seauered over lhe siimK- biilloin I'd fee! be- lnw- 11^' MII face. l..i.'ate TmllliT Othei divei.s loeaicd u-},at was )f tlio Navy ( m i n e r plane tw.) miles away. The bip wheel., the boat i::;ed 'for fishing M i p s by President Tiiiiniin. found t i n - ivnvkiicn w i t h Krappllni; iron.-:. N'.-.uv diver .lames A. A t k i n s o n il | ids we,e turned over to The largest serti.n, far was part of thu I eiiivel'ed so Tlvieves Break Inlo Cafe Through Door ! Burglary Wednesday night of four cartons of cigarettes and an undetermined amount of cash was reported to city police Wednesday . night hy the Daisy cafe, West Pi- I cflrhn. i The was discovered early today \vhen the proprietors opened the restaurant for business. Entry si pained by forcing n door. - COTTON MARKKT [f'fliirtps.v K. T. llnovi-r Co.) Illrh Low C.\mr y . 4S.M -I5.S9 y ^5.25 -15.18 :.' .W.9S r. 30.HO w.DM. 39.5 iV Mny "0.20 New July SS.SO Oct.' 39.03 ,19.33 . 39,45 31). 17 33.75 45..10 ' 45.22 30.03 3D.35 .19.46 30.1S-1I! 3S.72 38.70-nom AUiuyUEKQUB, April 20 UPi-- I irJUx^lUxm/ LJloCUoaCS ,Ort7lC FinttnCeS* VylXCS I ' ^ C z w I i f o r t l K n ministry. Today, Services will he held at " p m I ;)lv ''l-' : ulM) l i i u n d a ' s h n l l witl Maurice F. Mto',1, executive direct-i j- - I I I rT 11 Tt £ /^ ' ^ T l l :."' S ' Cm ' ) ' 1S '7, 1 "'" naL '' l " r Tvl " . tonioiyow In Graham's fm,,,-,,i' l "'' ll '*" '""i mviiy; iippjmui, ^°cXS onEl sr^^t u a Legislature In Talk Before Cruces CZuftsjiWh.^^ shortage of 24,000 farm workers . i ---- - · --- - i "" "" Tt ' 1 - ll! "'K"-' i : I He WSM w or the few l i v l n f i '- vll « :ii| lassen R ois and five new. in New Mexico during the rotton Before a joint meotins of Las j rec( , iVMl incri . nscs , nlu , ralgll n o t ' Ulose j cllools . . - ' I ... ' ^ ^"|* 1 '''''"''" '^ «"""' i rl-:,,, war velerans in '""" ?"" Mlmnl lo Havana, a,,. picking season. Crncos Rotary and Knvanis c u h s j WM[ [hpy ,, q ,, Mltl| H o m « ,,, Ul ,,| Thc fl ,. st , mttK)( , ,, | , MCr|b(; , I , 5 I .^J,:,,^"^;"'. !^" " "'""':! H"' c,:,,,.y. « ^»vy plane, u tw,n-,,,ot,, u .,, picking season. Mier.i said the forecast was the result of a recent analysis of farm labor requirements prepared by the Farm Placement Division of the state Employment Service.' The 'executive director said the demand for seasonal farm workers in the stnte will reach a post-war peak of 37.850 ( l u r i n g ' t h e 1951 harvest. ·' Cotton picking; alone will demand .10.000 workers in late Optober and early November, Max R, Salnzar, stj\te director for the New Mexico Employment Service, reporUd .that agreements hnve been made with other state employment nci-vtcn to dlrct workers into the Mate nnd help nllev- nte the shortage. Salazar. wild that shortages which cannot be met by domestic workers will he ccrtirioil as 10 quiring foreign workers, probably Mexican farm laborers. "; j 0 receiver* increases although n o t , Cruces Rotary and Knvanis clubs w h f t t t , rpq!lca i Cl |. Som( . of l h l , J yesterday. Gov. Edwin U Mechem . 9m|lMcr i n s t i t u t i f i n s (Hd not paid tribute to the members of the' e - vc state legislature far their work and discussed possible, ways and means for obtaining more monies for t h e general fund to aid "the I institutions of higher learning i n | what they wanted quoted. There were some plninta rejjisterod. , Im'n-Jiso Tuition r c ' i i u M f t l o t com-: method is taxes. T )i c second j dnlng a. bettor job of m n U o n ( f taxes. Thi* third nu-thoil i is I.hc elimination of car m a r k i n g the state. Govemor Meehcm pointed out that requests this year hy various state Instilutlona totaled approximately 520.000,000 while the '\ er, he plated, thp two! of fumfc. state schools collect the maxi- i He then described what roiilil nuii-i in tuitions. It was felt some j tinppen if some of tho car mark- of the sn'nlk'i- si-hools which do; ed funds were not givon to the not make any diffcronce in tho j purpose for'which they arn now in 1-nnrRC ran increase their i dcdiciited a n d admitlcd tlu-re i rtrvcmie.s hy following the rule! would 1;c plenty of rom- laturfi only had nbottl | o f 'Vhc^Uv-o^arger^stntn'suho^jpb we.c lo occur. If all taxes are collect- ,,., p o f n l w , olll u n]so ilp p cml | U) .si SolulKm ' ' Sniiii- of thr funds now d to he distributee! lrfi-lvui'H Tho InstttiitiojiH of higher learning in the state alone requested bc- tupc. $11,000.000 and $12,000,000 this y«hr. Every effort, ho sUted. 10 be- fnir- in lhe distribution of furnl.i uas made but it was im- sihlc to provide all of the money requested. Both Now Mexico A * M roltoge and llio University of New Mexico . - f i nrding the Czech Ihroiigh illcgnl new. i i - K i i n s . fin I'll r i t i K i - U K . ' ['tuiily I.liniiii-ks "Activities against Hit- slate" in Communist d u i n i n ' i t m cunntrii's c:;m mean a n y t h i n g f r n m cspipnagc down l» .spreading piiipag-iiidn. TlniK, almost any p e n a l l y rnuld In 1 i'mposed. will be in Ntii.-ninlc i-en. j tt'i-y. Ou i nf town rrlalivi'ii aUciid- ing suivia-.s liiclmli! Mr. and Mrs. II. K. Mi..iglin K . Wlrbita Kallti. Trvii-i; .Ifilm Tnirluvr, V«Mi»n. Tr.vns; ami Jt-js-- and J.UIU'M Tnnv love, ixilb rif Hnlc-ll. C l u b Mcels Toniglii A i Col An o i K f l n l x n t l n n M mt'i-tlng o( tin- Dona Ana county Agyit* dub i-vrnlns receiving more tl re than their i KUU-K taxes foi atito tOJichers f u n d ; j .igninni, Oatis. nf slate funds [ liquor taxes, and liccimo fcon for | W.-.sleni .'ioinre.s In Prague nald j h u n t i n g ami Hulling. 'porlers snid I t i ; .»ii.i h ., assistiuil chief of lll(' (,/.i'cri mi" I«NI:I j\nn cmiiuv A t, 1,0 t h o (fonml opinion t h a t , hnm,. of thf funds now P«,-| ,,,,...,,,,, m | nisl ,. y ,,,.,,,, ,.,,,.,,,, ,,,. | w i n ,,,. ,,,.,,, ,,, 7 .., r / u ,|, cv , »on,f m thr .smaller schools hail markril IncluiU- ,;«« for lil(!lnvay«., f,, a( ,| lo clnlmralo on th rharKi-s I In M i l t n n hall louni:,. ,,,, l|,,. ,,,l han their ( suh-s taxos for ,,nto teachers f u n . l : j ,, K ,.ln»t Outis. . i, BO ,,,,,,,,,,,,. , nv |, ( .,| ,,, ,,,,,. ,, 110 lntf f l l m l u ' H l l l l n l - t d v e t ; n i l , I t l f n n u n r....c, r... ' » i / . . . . . . . . , ' . . m i n t .in a l u m n i , former students, wives, huslmmls, faculty, aiul rrlrniU of the eolk'KO. n t t e n i l i n p will meet the school's new coarhin^ s t a f f , see an AKKlo-Mainlliii! ha.ilethall film, elect o f l i e i M B . Cieoi'Kii MrCnMy will o u i l l n u nilili'tlc pinn». Kieo pic and coffee, will bo soi-ved. | n,e arrest of Oatis may" he dc- _ s may e c- Oovcrnnr Meehcm dcclaicd that iljjned as part of a propaganda Irir- prr.j,o:tionnto ah.iro bci' o' political pressure. Wlll Conllmio · · · · But these ilcmanils for more j lhe. liest solution Ui tho |roliltin , ni'^o tu «ul lhe. slaije.'fii'i iiii" iriiil funds for the institutions of hhjhiri appears to he lo ,lo a bettiu- . i o h ] n r ' v i n i l l m i r Ck'inentis former lenrnlnf;, he salil. will Increase. | of colleclinf; tnws. Home In t h e ! Uneeh forel(;n inirl.sti-r 'who has All arc out of lho fcen-islate are not now pnyinc I h e l i i h e e n nrreiile,! ou ciiiirKe'i of heinc prnl fund, There are Ihiee po.islhlej :liuie nf laxes. Thla Is p f i i t l r u l n i l y lillnlnyul to Mosrnw. heinr a Tilo- ways to secure more money f o r | (Continued on page (oiiv) ] lat-imd spyinB for (ho woal Hoecherall w i t h four uli'ianl Ililuil with a nnlnc Illii- i nolnu lilast. Then, in full view of hundreils of Mimhathers and resldenla of ihe i Uy, the airliner power-dived into lhe ocean at a speed eslhnaled by witnesses n t BOO mOe.i an hour. II landed half a mil,, off shine not far from President Truman's "l.ltlle White House." Marine I'fe. A r t h u r Ciilogoi'it of .leisey City, N. J., saw · tile plnnes conic down with vnejues loarinc ami notified antlioillles ct lhe Navy submarine brtso'here. dipt. H. S. Qiiaekenbush, Jr., eommnnder of'liocn tyival Air stn- Uon/.ial dthc nr.vy plane may h « \ p heen pngfiKctl In "hlihil flying" piiictlce, bul In sueh a ease "uim of tlio pilots lian cleur visinti oh- servntlon at all llinc.i." The airliner mis on course nnd flyli'.K at tho pi cacrlbeil 4,000 feet altitude,.'- i

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