Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 25, 1976 · Page 3
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 3

Nampa, Idaho
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Wednesday, February 25, 1976
Page 3
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rap By Larry Gardner Ed/for, The Free Press The sad state of the media Tne Idaho Free Press, Wednesday, February 25,1976- 3 , p r 'lively to Ihe noise of the keys the paper, and you don'l have any inspiralion to '^Tr'tHe n','' d "' Bing ir ,' 'r 11 " """"ehta. I shall turn lav s ind f i n i I , MmM '" read for lhe lasl CTU P^ «* "js ana imbh it m quiet contemplation. ^ "-UcVilself, written bv James J. worth rn Cbmary isslle of Nalion ' s «TM*s is worth repeating, or portions Ihereof at least. S bOI ' inS '° llle reader whcn we lalk atoul . ometimes I thin* it's good to create some for f a " « *ade through, s'me conation of 8 ?" "* P rinted P a ^- Kilpalrick. nalionallv hi, H" f n --u h ° Washin 8""« Sl ^. soys we are in trouble, and hy "we." he means the American press. He s right, of course, and he's not the first one to say il I'm explored t h a t issue several times in Ibis column. [ have also offered some explanations including one of the reasons he subscribes to - t h a t the bearer of bad tidings l a n d lhe press has been reporting bad news about America for some lime now i is Kcver lovcrt. Bui there is also another fact lo consider. We have been bringing bad news to you for many, many more years than W a t e r g a t e has been synonymous wilh scandal, and we were nol so reviled in the past. Kilpatrick cites our lack of objectivity as a possible reason out that doesn't wash any truer than the messenger theory Jusl t u r n back to newspapers of the 1920s if you want lo read some purportedly objective news stories that read more like opinion than Ibis column does today. It could be t h a t where several newspapers flourished in a cily when usually only one does today, rivals were expected to balance each other out. Kiipatnck bases his theory nf contempt for newspapers today on this three-pronged formula: "We make too many errors and do not correct enough of them; we too often blur the line between straight news and editorial opinion ; and we have acquired a reputation of being rather too big for our britches." I have talked many times about the miracle of just getting one of these small Free Presses out everv dav Jet alone contemplating t h e awesome (ask of making a Los Angeles Times, or a Kansas City Star each day. In t h a t mad rush to print, we make bunches of errors, some insignificant ( blunders t h a t don't affect the truth, only our image of carefulness; some significant (hat need retractions or corrections We try lo make all the corrections thai are necessary but sometimes mistakes in fact are never brought lo our attention and people only comment among themselves about the newspaper Irving to cover up or some such epithet. Although KiJpatrick. Mess his conservative heart doesn't believe Nixon was houndedout of office hy the media, he slill believes we should pull in our horns. He says: · "Nevertheless, an impression persists thai lhe press -- and here I would include tv also -- is abusing its power. We are (bought to he throwing our weight around. Instead of reporting the news, we are said lo be shaping Ihe news; we are not spectators, but actors. Reporters have an obligation to persist in their effor's lo dig out lhe news, but there is a fine line belwcen persisting and bullying between aggressive journalism and insulting conduct. The Lord did not mean reporters lo be celebrities or prima donnas. A little less high-and-mighliness would be marvelously welcome " f i e also believes we fail lo sell the concept of'a free press. It's Irue and ironical. Even television and radio far surpass newspapers in promoting themselves. The electronic media are alw.jys looting their horn.s, not only to sell the en- t e r t a i n m e n t aspect of their product, but even lo tout the veracity of Iheir newscasters, something we in the print media distain to Ihe poin! of disgust. And that's probably to our detriment, rather than advantage. K i l p a l r i c k has some cogent comments on ihis concepl also: "A free press is vital lo a free people. Unhappily, this f u n d a m e n t a l conviction is nol universally held. To believe, in freedom - really, truly lo believe in freedom - is Ihe most d i f f i c u l l of all political theologies. It demands loterance and tolerance is among lhe rarest of h u m a n virtues. To pul up wilh lhe other guy's misguided ideas requires patience, and when lhe other guy's ideas are not merely misguided, bul rude, distasteful, blasphemous, or evil, it's d i f f i c u l l to pay even lip service lo ihe First Amendment. My guess is that not ten percent of our people believe absolutely in a free press. "Sad lo say. this also seems to be increasingly true of judges. The most insidious of all threats to a free press -- I h e threat of "prior restraint" -- is creeping through (he bench. This notion holds that judges have the power to issue orders. enforceable by prison sentences for contempt, lo prevent newspapers f r o m publishing certain material. Such orders, whether issued in Ihe name of f.iir trial or national security. are becoming more frequent. This is lhe path thai leads ullimalely. far down lhe road, lo despotism. "1 do nol mean lo cry gloom and doom. Our press is still lhe freesl in lhe world. Legions of young people slill hunger for newspaper jobs. We still sell an awful lot of papers. Hut the troubles are (here, and we who love Ihe crafl and believe in ils survival had lietlor gel off our rumps. It is not enough to l a l k lo each olher at professional mcelings: w e must talk to lhe country, loo. I realize I h a l we do have our supporters and I jusl want you io know t h a t I love both nf you. Tumor center picks director MOISI-: c l ' I M i Dr Charles F. S m i t h , r a d i a t i o n oncologist .mil d i r e r ' o r of the special procedures laboratory at the M o u n t a i n Stales T u n i n r I n s t i t u t e , has accepted an app o i n t m e n t a s I h e i n s t i t u t e ' s medical director Dr. Smith, was in Ihe private p r a c t i c e o f r a d i o t h e r a p y i n Taeoma. Wash., before coming l o I h e I d a h o i n s l i l u l e . H e received his medical degree from \orlhweslern University and served a r e s i d e n c y in r a d i a t i o n o n c o l o g y a l I h e I'liiirrsity "f .Minnesota. _ _ Tne Idaho Free Press. Wednesd; Nampa's planners express dismay over decision to rezone 12th Avenue Mv Rachel \icliolson NAMPA -- Dismay over I he c i l y c u u n c i l ' s decision to rezonc 12lh Avenue Koad lo allow for commercial b u i l d i n g was expressed by members of N a m pa's p l a n n i n g c o m m i s s i o n Tuesday morning 1ml a 20- minute discussion of tlie issue failed lo produce any consensus on action winch sho-.ild lie taken. The 1 p l a n n i n g commission heard arguments on ihe m a i l e r last f a l l and voted to recommend that Ihe council deny Ihe request lo allow the building of a grocery store amiss Ihe roan 1 from Merry Medical Center. At tlie c i l y council session a week ago. Ihe council okayed the r c z o n c and c h a n g e of the comprehensive plan. C n m m i n i s s i o n e r K r n . i Williamson seemed to speak for most of tiieoilier members alien lie said. "I h.-.M ,i fear of what's down lite road." He said that w i t h the cily council's aclion last week. Ihe precedent has heen set lo allow the same type ol commercial buildup along other major roads iit N a i u p a , including Midland Avenue and Karcher Koad, where he said (here has already heen some pressure for development. "This is a landmark case. We're going lo open up M i d l a n d and .ill these o'.hcrs," agreed commissioner K a l h r y n Sage. Several modes of action were suggested, i n c l u d i n g the i n d i v i d u a l m e m b e r s nf I h e commission speaking lo cily -iniiicil members; a spokesman for the coinmission speaking al the nexl council meeling againsl the change; ora letter listing Ihe reasons for apprehension be sent to the council. Mayor Krnesl Starr said that il isn't loo lale yet lo change Hie course of HIP council's action, because Ihe ordinance allowing the commercial yoning must go through Ihree readings and lie approved before it becomes e f f e c t i v e . In the end. however. Vice- c h a i r m a n K i c h a r d U n l l c r moved Ihe coinmission on lo other business, without any concrele decision on aclion lo be laken being made. T w o r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s f o r denial of requests were voted after the close of separate public hearings al the meeting. The first was on an ordinance which would prohibit lol-splilling on approved subdivisions, including those now existing and those hiiill in ihe f u t u r e , w i t h o u t approval of Ihe mayor and city council. No one in the audience spoke lo the issue and the vote was lo deny, after the feeling was expressed by several of Ihe memlieis I h a l there is no very large problem w i t h l o t - s p l i t t i n g , it was noled thai people who split lots must meet Ihe frontage and s q u a r e footage requirements. A recommendation for denial was also made of Ihe re|uesl for a conditional use permit lo t r a n s f o r m b u i l d i n g s al 172(1 A m i t y i n t o t h r e e a d d i t i o n a l duplex u n i t s The request was from Albert lierriochoa, who already owns four units on (lie land Two neighbors of Ihe parcel of land in contention were present lo ask I h a l Ihe CUP be denied. Fred T.iylor. 172(1', A m i t y , [old Ihe commission t h a t Hie only road i n t o the back o( Ihe property legally belongs lo hiiii and thai I'.e could tenee it off al any t i m e . Efe complained n f c a r s from the- duplexes parking n Hie road and blocking Ihe en irance to his home. Mrs. Dave I t a u . t a t s A i i n t . said, "I don't think t h a t street (Taylor's p r i v a t e drive I is w i d e enough lo verify I h a l m a n y people driving in and out " She also said thai Ihe duplexes were Around about the Nampa area Ann Kiemel College Church features speaker N A M P A - "It's not w h a t we leach t h a t changes people's lives, it's what we are." said .Miss Ann K i e m e l . f e a t u r e d speaker for lhe Ault Leadership Workshop being held al College C h u r c h of the N'azarcne ibis Friday and Saturday. She also is .speaking al 7 lonight and Thursday n i g h t at College Church of Ihc'Nazarene Kiemel. a 19ii7 graduate of Northwest Nazarcne College, is presently the (Jean of women at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy. Mass. She has published Ihree books: "Hi! I'm A n n : " "I'm Oul lo Change My World" i bestseller in Christian books for l'J7r»: and "1 Love lhe Word Impossible." Asked how she chose her career. Kiemel said "I really didn't choose it Themollo of my l i f e has a l w a y s heen 'Yes. Lord.' All Ihe things I've done up u n t i l now have prepared me for today." K i e m e l added thai this at- t i t u d e m i r r o r s h e r b a s i c philosophy of l i f e t h a t find has "a unique plan for each in- d i v i d u a l ' s l i f e . We must be w i l l i n g lo be the best at w h a t e v e r (lod phices us al. al any given lime in our lives." N e x t week Kiemel w i l l speak al Ihe N a t i o n a l Bicentennial Luncheon in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Holly Kord will be Ihe honored guesl al lhe e v e n t . C o m m e n t i n g on Mrs. K u r d , Kiemel .said "I admire her honesty I always appreciate Mimcone who is candid and honest. I don't have lo agree w i l h everything she says. I like her fresh spinl and basic s i m p l i c i t y . I t ' s easy for us to be in touch w i t h her. even though she's Ihe K:rsl Lady." Kiemel (ravels on speaking e n g a g e m e n t s t h r o u g h o u t ( h e United Stales every weekend. She spends (he rest nf her week being the dean of w o m e n al K a s l c r n N a r a r e n e College. "! love being a dean of women," Kiemel said "It's a job t h a t is totally involved wilh college-age people ivlio are fresh and alive and have Iheir whole lives stretched out ahead of them." Kleiners plans for Ihe future include working on a fourth book and continuing her speaking engagements. "I really have no personal a m b i t i o n s other t h a n lo belong lo Jesus Christ and be a vessel to change my world." she PKK-SCHOOL STORY H O U R - Tin 1 C h i l d r e n ' s Depa r t m e n t of N a m p a P u b l i c Library will hold story hours for pre-schoolers Tuesday m o r - nings al l u : : i D and Thursday afternoons al 1:30. These programs usually last from ;tO lo -15 m i n u t e s . While Ihe children are listening to the slory, i! is suggested I h a l the p a r e n t s remain in lhe library in case of emergency. Movies arc shown cniite often and special holiday programs are planned. NUTRITION PROGRAM The Senior Citizens N'ulrilion Program weekly dinner will be held at Ihe Community Center T h u r s d a y at 12 noon. The building will be open al 11 a.m. andsenior citizens are invited lo slop in early lo meet their friends. Persons GO and over are invited. Donations to cover lhe cost of the meal are accepted. Bus IVansportation is available by calling 4C6-3511 aflcr 9 a.m. MUSETTES KEHEARSAL - Musettes will rehearse Thursday from ;i:30 lo 11:30 a.m. in the Kranlz Educational Building at the Church of the Brethren, 323 l l l h Ave. S. BARBERSHOP CHORUS The Nampa chapter of the SPKBSQSA barbershop chorus rehearses Tfiufsd"ay'eV\;ffin'g at 8 al Central School. 1215 Fifth St. S. This chorus is open lo all males who would like to sing good close harmony. Call 4672158 for more information. N E K O R U M M A G E - T h e Nampa Nigh Drill Team needs rummage for Iheir fund-raising sale on March S and 6. Anyone wishing to donate items in good condition, working appliance 1 :, dishes, clothes, toys, whatever! may c a l l the following for pick up: Mrs. Swindell, 4660344 or .loan Deal at 4GB-:JIB4. NAUW drive tops goal i Continued from Page 11 C n . ; l l o n s l e . i d M o t o r s ; K d t n a r k Clievrolel: Dan Wichnld Kurd. Ornybill Wholesale; Lnekengn Construction; Lloyd Lumber; Town and C o u n t r y Klcclric. Western Block. First Security H a n k ; Idaho H.nnk and T r u s t . Home Federal Savings and Loan; Idaho Kirs' National Bank; Insurance I n v e s t m e n t C o . ; N a m p a F i n a n c e ; Provident Savings and Loan. Albertson's: Consumers M a r k e t No. I; Consumers M a r k e t So. 2: J.f. Penney Co., K-.Marl Case H n m i u r c : M a l e ' s F u r n i t u r e . K a l b u s Oflicc Supply; N;i(?.iger's Men's Slorc; Rogers Hrolhers; Idaho Free Press; Idaho Power Co.; I n t e r i n o u n l a i n (las Co.; Mnuntam H e l l ; Pacific Friiil Kxprcss Gem Fuel. Hob Nichols Oil Co.; Haskins and Sells; . J U U K n g i n c e r i n g ; Nampa Vision Clinic. Aclion R e a l l y ; l l r a n d t Agency; Hake Young Really; Grange M u t u a l Life. Sample Palmer Agency: \V. W Deal Agency; Alsin Funeral ('Impel, Squires Harlxr Shop FKF.I-: DOC - This neutered male dog is parl-Samnyed and part-Collie. 1 ' j years 'old and very good wilh children. He needs a good borne in the country where be can run. Call 4GG-:iOia a n y t i m e or -167-3972 nfler il p m. TOASTMISTRESS CLL'H - lurlher information call M i n n i e K e i m -166-090H or Florence Taylor. -KK-7891. S K N I O R CITIZENS - On Thursday, from I to ·( p.m. the Canyon County Assessor or a represenlalive will be al the C o m m u n i t y Center l o h e l p The N a m p a Toastmislress Club senior citizens who are eligible will hold its annual speech lo ' ile claims for properly contest Thursday evening at a exemptions which will be due by 6:31) dinner meeting at (he March 15. Papoose Room on Highway 30. TWO FREE DOGS - A L- Kive contestants are in com- month-old male part-Chihuahua petition with assigned subjects, and a 2 y e a r - o l d f e m a l e Ethel Scbul?. will preside as C h i h u a h u a - F o x Terrier mix loaslmistress; Becky Amenl is need good homes. Call -IGi-fi»-i speech contest chairman. For aflcr 6 p.m. Fire damages loafing sheds a downgrading factor in Ihe neighborhood. In Ihe commission discussion, Hutler noleri ( h a t (he area is joned r e s i d e n t i a l a g r i c u l t u r e and said Ihal w h a t Berriochoa was asking for seemed lo more likely fit multiple residential. C o m m i s s i o n e r Wesley Sleek called for the r e c o m m e n d a t i o n of denial s a v i n g "ibis (his m o t i o n ' has !o do completely with lard me and i u t u r e planning." lie said I h a l !hc area should lie changed w:lh w i d e scope p l a n n i n g a n d n o t piecemeal · In oilier biKi'.rss. The einh- mission * - Refused lo lecommend ihe v a c a t i o n o: ! i feel of c i l y r i g h l o l - u i i y on N e c t a r i n e Street as requested by K i n m e l l Wriglu. -- Referred developers nf t!ie proposed Tie. lor S u b d i v i s i o n No. 2 lo the city eiiRiiurr's d e p a r t - ment in order ;n p r e p a r e basic applications nei-i'.-.-ai v brlore the conirnisHfin eai: cnrsider :i. - t i l a n t e d a p n M i c heal ing on Ihe w a l l e r of a l l m v i i m C an:t J r a c k i n g C». to build 7,l'l»i square leet on li, 'heir |rc.scnl faci'li|ii-s in order lo comply w i t h federal s p e c i f i c a t i o n s Charles Tackell. r e p r e s e n t i n g the c o m p a n y . to'd the commission (hill the specifications IIHISI he me! hy Oct. 31 nr ihe company will be forced lo close 1 . At tin- present time, he said. Ihe company uses three mobile vans for storage and the regulation's r e q u i r e p e r m a n e n t f a c i l i t i e s . " W e w a n t l o e x p a n d t h e b u i l d i n g , but u e utm'l w a u l lo expand Ihe business." he concluded. -- Ijiscussul enlarging the commission size or t h e adding iif a zoning c o m m i s s i o n , but decided t h a t the present size and combination planning-zoning function of Ihe group is the best. WmU Wide PkUro f said. On the record V J .MACilSTItATE COURT Mag. Milton Hirnl;ium Benjamin Ervm Darker. 3124 Chicago,; preliminary Hearing will be set on charge of possession of marijuana Feb. TOPS MEETING - TOPS Club. No. 69 will meet Thursday al lhe Zion Lutheran Schooi. Weigh-in will be from 7 to 7:30 p.m. wiih a meeling to follow. Call Marie Sloneker. 4CG-70S8, or Joan Evans, 46(1-7493. for more information. ( MIPCC fr i in TI r- ^iii^oo LL.UI* i ne Lanyon County Chess Club meets everv Thursday al 7:30 p.m. at the N'ampa Community Center. All iges are invited. Rring a chess b n'it-H Utirfi. CHINA PAINTING - The .il' arro to. charged hy Nampa police. Nampa Recreation Denartmciii (Men o. iiovig. 160-1 1st S.. asks any persons interested in Nampa .· pleaded innocent m meeting for china painting to charge nf driving while in- come to the Community Center loxicaled Feb. 22: proceedings Thursday from 10 a m i o 4 n m continued lo Feb. 27: charged by Id.iho Stale Police. ROYAL NEIGHBORS MKF.T Jlorif! .\cives Jr.. also know, _ Kov:ll N( , i( , llhnri of Amcr [ c j ns Nerves Morm Jr.. 'If, Ht«2fl4. w ,n nnW j t s rcBU | ar m e c l j lalrivvcll: arraignments con- Thursday afternoon at I::IO in linued lo March 17 on two lhl . Veterans c larges of failure lo appear for court arraignments: defendant ordered lo spend :tO days in Building VHKK CAKDKN SPACR county jail for failure to appear A | mlll w sr!11 , m -"fcefof g'ardcn for jail sentence: pre-senlencc space is available free to anyone nvestigalion ordered; charged wishjns ,,, ,,,.,,, f)lW( ,. s m with tailing to appear on vegetables on'il. Call 466-2237 or Caldwell police citations for sco il( r ,, 9 Oiestnil S | N'amn: operating a molor vehicle wilh expired driver's license and lacking without due caulion Skyscraper CQV6 lml -· l975 ST ANTON Mo U'Pli - \ Dale McDaniels, «, Parma; sign at Ine Mci.miec CaviTas ileadcd innocent lo charge of proclaims: "This is Ihe world's icliug as a bartender without inly SKYSCKAPKH Cave - lermil Dec. 6; charged by file sli.rics iiiHlerL'rniimL"" .itjnnr Law F.nforcemcnl. Mat hew 1, McComish, 10 "ortland. Ore.; bench warrant ssuc'l for failure lo appear for 'milinuni arraignment ni) jhargc of possession of narijuana Feh 13; charged by 'ily-Cnimly Narcotics Division. David \ny HcC'ormick.26, 516 \. ()nk. Cnlrlivell; arraignment ·onlinued to March on charge of Iriving while inloxicaled; iiir^jcd hy Loltlwcll police. 50th birthday FKANKFURT. West derma- iy tl-PI: - The Lufthansa lerman airlines ohscrved ils Dth aniiiver.sary on Jan. fi. "EVENING SPECIALS" Van SEW YORK iTEAK (C ·»: io °' )J.ZD s»»». uoi J5.25 AEO P I Q S T E A K f.. -,. no, $4.50 TKURS -ID^S'RlOlH · r « Sio.KlOO*. .-$4.50 f-RI - RAiNfiO* T R Q U T fit -jr SAT - DEIMOMCO STEAK »i *.. * -»l J ,.,.».n,.«Ol. . .. $4.00 AiiOin:t!jtitd So-p. Sji*rf. Oi-on SUNDAY PAN FRIED t195 CHICKEN {. NAMPA CHIEF RESTAURANT I LOUNGE ·l2-]rd$1 5 rj*n'pj-U6-16^S 1 1 I IB · N A M P A - Damage was estimated al $ 2 , l O D a f l e r a fire in several loafing sheds Tuesday n i g h t . The fire d e p a r t m e n t ' s farm truck responded lo the call about onc-fourlh m i l e south of Kuna Koad on Southside Boulevard. R e p o r t s i n d i c a t e d I h a l 700 gallons of water were used lo iUHUtSjHsrfi. wh\cb..appeavcd lo nave started in the. center siied and spread to the others, all belonging lo Dave Clemens. In one complaint to police Tuesday, liiissell E. Lewis «3 filh Aye. S., reported dial a vinyl suede jacket and a pair of prescription glasses had been taken from his locked car while it was parked al Karcher Mall. The ilems were valued al $125. Two people were arrested Tuesday. Stella Rodriques. O n t a r i o . Oregon, was charged with petit larceny; and Roland A. Negrelle. 1012'lst SI. N.. was charged wilh contempt ol courl. Several persons have heen a n d charged w i l h d r i v i n g w h i l e i n t o x i c a t e d recently. These included lioss K. Gregory. La Casa Trailer Court No. IS; Jesse Salas Jr 211 1st Si. N. K x t . : Dale W Donaldson. 2 1 f D e a r b o r n . Caldwell: Raymond J. Lambrecht. i20 fll'h Ave. S.; Tito Limas. 128 12th Ave. N.; P a u l S. Breach. N a m p a B o u l e v a r d . Dale H. Larson: -FruiUanrt-. Lawrence F. Adamson. 32;t lOlh Ave. N.; Mark S. Tracy. Nampa Route 7: Lee W. Young. 103 2nd K o a d X . ; Rhonda R. D i m i c k . 7 2 4 W i n l h e r B l v d . : M a r l i m i a n o F u e n t e s . l 5 l 6 1 s t S l . N . ; Michael J. Sherlock. 911 Holly: Charles A. Flanary. Nampa lioule 4: and James A. Stewart. Caldwell Houle 5. Arrested and charged with peiil larceny were Corma I.ou Sheets, Caldwell R o u t e G: Christy L. Forler iCrosbyi. Caldwell Roule 8. Eileen A. Yerby. H2 C. Rowena; Robert B. Burke. N o t u s : K u l a E Cannon. 412 -)lh St. N. K x t . : Chrisline Justice. 128Shoshoue. Astoryofjesus: sung and told by johnny Cash FEBRUARY 29 7:00 P.M. 90J-6tti St. N., Nampj FIRST MENNOKITE CHURCH icorK»eoBeoaooooooeooooa666ou66SSgg8B?Kxg.MMIM«hxKjuuLu( SEE US FOR... "ACCLIMATIZED GREEN PLANTS HANGING PUNTS TERRARIUMS" "GREEN PLANTS THAT KEEP ON GIVING" OUR GREEN PLANTS WILL DO BETTER BECAUSE THEY ARE "ACCLIMATIZED" "WE PHONE FLOWERS ANYWHERE NAMPA FLORAL Nsmpa Phone 466-

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