Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 16, 1970 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1970
Page 12
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12 (iREELEY TRIBUNE Sat., May 16, 1970 int f rom By HELOISE CRUSI oie All cerrtiptndtnc* ptrtalnlng to tht HtltiM column thould b* m«il*d directly I* H*ltlM, Klnj r*t»r«rt« Syndicate, 135 E. 4Mb StrMt, Ntw York, Ntw Y*rk 10017. Dear Heloise: 1 have always loved little painted wooden shutters that are used on the insides of the windows in so many homes, especially those with Early American decor. They seem to give the home such a warm cozy effect. But did it ever occur to you that they have to be dusted? And. believe you me, they are notorious dust catchers. 1 had alwavs wanted to use shutters and now that I have them in my home, it's also my lot to keep them clean. It didn't take me long to discover that the simplest way to clean (hem is to take each li'tle panel off its hinges. Then dip them into sudsy water in the kilchen sink or dip them! In the bathtub, Now. a wordi of caution: Remember this does' while it's still warm! It certainly is quicker than sewing on name tags and not nearly as messy as using a marking pen. Heloise Dear Heloise: Mv mother cut off some of not mean to soak them . . . 1 found that an old vegetable brush was ideal to use :n get- llle^aXevicef ^ Wh^you finish r££ drain t ^ nd I'm gelling lots colored head bands. I take the legs that she cuts off and cut them the width of head bands. Then I put a small doubled,, and that's all there terry cloth towel. Make sure that they are completely dry before replacing. There must be many ways to clean shutters, but, for me, this seems to be the cne with the least muss, fuss and bother. v Mrs. M. L. Dear Heloise: Soon mothers cut several from (lie top and the bottom until you get it the size to fit your head. La Velda Bash Age 9 Social Calendar TuticUy, May 19 9 a.m. Greeley Cal Cutter ! Annual Lei Dance on UNC Campus Uses 'Ports of Paradise' Theme T O P S Center. Club, Recreation 1 p.m. Tourist Club, spring luncheon, Posl 'n Pike. Hostesses, Mrs. W. L. Knies and Mrs. Paul C. Otto. Roll call will be answered with a thought on 'duty.' 1 p.m. Daughters of the American Revolution, Centennial State Chapter, luncheon, Ye Village Inn. Program: ' ' C o n t i n e n t a l Congress Reports." 1:30 p.m. Briggsdale Prairie Queens Extension Homemakers. 1:30 p.m. Evans WCTU. (i p.m. Quaintance Club guest meeting, First Baptist Church. Mr. and Mrs. Ralphj Hargrove and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckingham hosts. 6:30 p.m. Disabled Americ a n Veterans Auxiliary, potluck dinner, One of the most popular annual festivities, the Lei Dance and exhibits of Hawaiian lore, will be presented on the University of Northern Colorado Campus on Saturday evening, May 16, in Gunter Hall. Displays of the crafts and beauties of the Island State will be open at 7:30 p.m., with'danc- ing from 8 until midnight to the Odin Band of Denver. "Ports of Paradise." the 1970 theme, will be carried through the program of traditional songs and dances by members of the lawailan Club. Queen Susan bara of-Kaui and King Ike famada of Oahu will reign over court which includes Marsha wamoto of Kauai, Carole Shi- natsu of Kauai, Kalhy Jensen f Oahu, Kay Inamasu of Maul, licky Tsuchiya of Kauai, Sam a»hanui of Oahu, Juan Lorcn- o of Kauai, and Stan Nagatani Oahu. Tickets may be purchased ati ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) he door. Guests may dress inlGet busy at all those activities casual or Hawaiian style. I you have planned whether at President Visits Local Beauceant Friday Evening Chapter 8, DAV Hall. 7 p.m. Rainbow Masonic Temple. Mrs. John L. Johnson of Idaho S p r i n g s , Idaho, supreme president of Social Order of the Beaucrant. made her official visit lo the Greeley assembly Gj r ] s Friday evening, May 8, at the '! Masonic Temple. 7 p.m. Mothers of Twins Club, Cache National Bank. Dear Heloise: In the past, everylime I wanted to fix a package of brown-and-serve rolls, I never! tension Mrs. Orlando R o t u n d a , president of the Greeley 7:15 p.m. A.M. Duplicate a s s * m b 1 J · conducted the Bridge Club, Ramada frm. mcoll »B' M . rs ' Pa ?' *$· 7:30 p.m. Arlington PTS. ma ^ sha1 ' and Mrs ' J ° ] TM Bluc meeth/featuring .program ^^l^ M ' TM* music students of the school Finall Club. Mrs. Virgi Mason and seated in the East. This was followed by the in- will be getting ; had a tnat was j ust the : meeting, home of Mrs. George "It Tthta J ri S ht size l ° braw " lhem in - I Ly0nS ' little" time and money saver that 1 Th e cooky sheet was too big, might help someone else. .', th 9 bread P a n too deep, Ihe Last year when getting my two girls ready for camp in- cake pan too small, but one day I happened to think of the tray stead" of buying printed labels '» m .v loasl -' r ° ver for their clothes, I bought a Icug', ' t°°k out (tie rack, removed strip of iron-on tape. I typed the handle (it just slips into their name, with double spacing | a "wle groove that holds it on Homemakers ^u.^.^ Schrodcr of chcyenne |Wyo.. and Mrs. Thomas Carter 7-10 n m First 1'nileri PITS '° f Denver ' wno are Presidents v, , · P J . A !f their respective assem- bytenan Women s Assoc.a- iblies-Ej ,, t £ idents of nT n J C i L l E l l e n t h e Greeley assembly were Doke 918 12tn Ave. : introduced and seated on the 7:30 p.m. Soroptinnst Club, s j de ]j nes business meeting and election A , the " elose of lhe rilua ii stic of oificers. cerenionv Mrs Johnsrn pave 7:30 p.m. C. Bers Auxiliary,, a timelv message and Mrs Horoscope Forecast KM Carroll Righter MONDAY, MAY 18 GENERAL TENDENCIES: A-'get [home or in business world and:is important, especially credit .-'get the right results. Doing'and civic affairs. Find the new good day to check your war-j whatever, is vital to have better drobe. Discard the outmoded i health is wise. Steer clear of and replace with articles that strangers today, enhance your appearance. Don't TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) appliances that make your work more efficient. Get ahead faster in your career. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. niiivt-i'.v- J V M * «j/f».wiuuivt,. *^v.. v i n v y i v w i j \nj/i. 6v.' LU iiicij *iu/ . .. waste the day when there are!This is your day for relaxation 20 ' " y° u dwo1 .' so many activities requiringiand forgetting all i--i;^;,, ,,,,.. fmri your personal attention. Put off recreation until the evening. on the "ab" 0 "ut; idealistic, you find you can and develop considerably. , i everyday cares. Dress festively igiw and develop c o n s i e r a y . and go out to the recreation! Get into activities that rea ly anil go out that you like. Try not to spend too much money, though. I" you. now for . , | (hat trip you want to take soon. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. ( (C) 1967 by Chicago Tribune-N.Y. News Synd.) Q GEMINI (May 21 to June 21); - n a v e ' m a d e prom i ses Spend the morning making your } t b k t tod ^. Don - t home more_charmmg;: hen plan ^ h ju / (o / mlt [or s o m e entertainment there. leave (hem just ,, , ., . ,. , ,, recreation. Show that you are Make it more streamlined. Be , han h a p p y * , o do .careful of those you invite into,'T' L k TM lial)|)y 'Vour home so there will be no whal(ner maltes ! , . , ,, , luarrelu j PISCES (Feb. 20 (o Mar. 20) ^^^L^^^^^^^ icir name, witn aouoie spacing ° ""·- 6" u "- i"«v ""'"o ^ «.. L. ni ., n i j,,),. .,,,., u, nvpl . r n i" ·' "."----a- -- . ·-, between lines, all the way from the tray,, and then when they ^ Glh 'TI1S l^S'l^ the top of the tape to the hot- "'ere browned, slipped the coldj j om handle back into the slot and When I went to mark (heir'Amoved from the oven. It was things, I simply cut off a name so easy and didn't even need and ironed it on each item. ' a hot pad. Works fine and doesn't come! Jane off when laundered. '· ; Mrs. R. J. Holleni Letter of Laugnter : Dear Heloise: And folks, when the time : Thc greatest labor saving comes to remove the iron-on device I have around my house tape, just iron it again with a 's my husband! He mops the hoi iron and remove Ihe tape floors. Happily Married 8 p.m. Harold ( H u c k ) Ilenslev VFW Post. 4334. Ault. COLD BEER TO GO 7 DAYS A WEEK MCDONALD'S Superette 1001 E. 18th St. |Dear Heloise: j When 1 first put shelf paper j in my cabinets I measure them I and write down the sizes. 1500 Glh Ave. : Mrs Theodore E. Heinz, sang 7:30 p.m. 3R's Club, regular,.. Ho ld Thou My Hand. Dear monthly meeting. JLord." On behalf of Ihe assembly, Mrs. Kenneth Cooper presented Mrs. Johnscn with a 8 p.m. Poudrc Valley Lodge: t . an( | lc ]}(Mcr and cand i e T h c j No. 12, 100F. Odd Fellows closing ceremony adjourned the: Hall, 7lh Street and 9th| meeting. I Avenue. ' A reception in honor of Mrs. I 8 p.m. Recovery Inc. Our, Johnscn was held in the lower! Savior's American Lutheran;! c m p I e , with Mrs. Ross! Church, 1800 21st Ave. · Adainson and Mrs. Cooper! 8 p.m. La Leche League., presiding at the refreshment i Mrs. Sharon Schmidt. 152-1'table. Mrs. Otis Axsom, Mrs.! llth Ave. Program: "The Art Otto Dvorak and Mrs. Heinz, of Breastfeeding and Over-;were in charge of the! coming Difficulties." [decorations. ; | Members are reminded toj Add a little paprika to pack-lbring material, ribbons andi Then when I change the paper'aged fine dry bread crumbs t h a t i y a i n for the benevolent project all I have to do is find my i you are using to coat chicken or to the 2 p.m. meeting May 22' memo with the measurement's!fish. at the temple. | j and cut the paper accordingly. ," ~ " ' ! This makes changing the Methodist Sisterhood Has Rcfiular Meeting \ COUPLES Under 35 paper a pleasure . . . Almost! Mrs. P. Fedelej The Sisterhood Class of the.May 11. with 10 members; IFirst United Methodist Church!present lo report 11 calls on Copyright, 1970, King |had its monthly get-together in shutins. : Features Syndicate, inc. '.Ihe church parlor on Monday/ jvj rs , c. E. Kberly led Hie' opening prayer and Mrs. Oraj Doty gave the devotionals based on Corinthians I and a poem iy Grace .Xoel Crowell. Several members contributed ·eadings and poems to make up the program. will begin j luncheoni at noon in Fellowship Hall. | SEMINAR "The A-B-C's of Financial Planning" covering SAVINGS LIFE INSURANCE MEDICAL INSURANCE MUTUAL FUNDS and how to fit them all together for a Satisfactory LIFETIME Program Time: 7:30 p.m. Place: Cache National Bank (east door) Date: May 21 -- Thursday ·ROOD AND PETERSON Financial Planning Department For Reservations, Call 352-2623 or Mail Reservation Form FLOOD PETFRSON FINANCIAL PLANNING DEPT. P.O. Box 627, Greeley, Colo. 80631 Please reserve two seats for Financial Planning Seminar at CNB May 21, for Mr. Mrs Name Address Phone Number Bridge News Announcement The Greeley Kvenmg Duplicate Bridge Club will have an open pairs championship at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the !: Greeley Country Club. There w i l l be extra master points and refreshments will be served. Evening Club Winners in regular bridge play of the Greeley Evening Duplicate Bridge Club May 11 were Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Merrick, first; Mrs. William Agan, Mrs. J. F. Poertner, and Mrs. W. J. Herter and Mrs. K. K. Wagner, lied for second and third; W. J. Herter and E. E. Wagner, fourth: Gene Lynch and Bruce Preslon, fifth. Afternoon Play Winners in Greeley Afternoon Bridge Club play May C were Mrs. II. II. Burroughs and Mrs. C. C. Hunter, first; Mrs. R. P. Culverwell and Mrs. Floyd Oliver, second; Mrs. Sam Freeman and Mrs. C. A. Wheeler, third. University Play An open pairs championship Win hold for Hie University!! of Northern Colorado bridge play May 8 and winners were Gary Fabschutz and Burton' Liskey. Irophy winners: Gene Lynch and Fred Weniger, second: Mr. and Mrs. Paul I Hesse, third; John Johns andi John Lindlierg, fourth; Steve! Khrich and Miss Diannel Josephson. fiflh; Gordon Mcr-|i rick and Mrs. J. Stover, sixth. \Vlioii you are pro-cooking chicken giblets to use in gravy, count on cookinf; them for at j least half an hour. By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: "Drop in" guests have no legitimate complaint if they are ignored in favor of the idiot box. "Drop ins" are persons whom we never invite because almost anything the boob tube has to offer is preferable to their company. I wish you would say a few words about people who invite you over--coaxing even, so that after several invitations you finally give in, so as not to be stigmatized as an "unfriendly" neighbor. And then, when the invited guest shows up at a prearranged time, the host or hostess has the television on--and loud! Even so. the guest is not permitted to concentrate on the program because conversation must go on. despite the blaring emanating from the unwatched. but raucous, box. Well-mannered persons would appreciate your comment on this. As for me, I've solved the problem. (Sign me) UNFRIENDLY BOOR DEAR BOOR: Of all the reasons for accepting an invitation, not wanting to be "stigmatized as an unfriendly neighbor" is the poorest -- for after havinp accepted, good manners demand that you reciprocate. And why get on that kind of merry-go-round with persons you'd never invite to your homo because you feel that "almost any offering from lhe boob tube is preferable lo their company?" DEAR ABBY: I am being called a "poor sport" because I refuse to go along with the following deal: My husband (I'll call him "Paul") and I go around with a couple I will call "Bill and Angle." Paul digs Angle and Angic digs Paul. Bill digs me. but 1 don't dig Bill. Paul and Angle and Bill say I am a "poor sport"--Hint it's three against one and I'm spoiling their fun. Angie keeps tcllng me that Bill is really p.rcal. and if I tried this wife swapping deal just once I might like it. I just can't sec it. What is your 0'iinion? ONE MAN WOMAN DEAR WOMAN: I can't see it either. Ask Annie what she wants with your husband if hers is so "great." DEAR ABBY: This jazz about women heiiu: upgraded lo the same status as men is, lo me, a most atlrac'ivc idea. If we go all Ihe way with it. Let the girls work in lhe longing industry, topnina out spar trees. Let thorn fish the Opnd Rank" in mutwm'nr. Let Ihem work the high sleel in bridge-building. Let them prow the ulcers and have Ihe heart attacks, and forego all Ihe courtesies one man would ml give lo another. Above all, make them subject to ihe draft: put Ihem into infantry combat (raining. .Send Ihem to the swamps and the stcani'tig jungles of Viet Nam, and let them play tag with Charley. Let them coddle and take rare of Ihe men, who can Ihen show Ihem the same lack of appreciation they dish out. Maybe then they would quit vibrating on their abstracts and become human. CARL CONFIDENTIAL TO " TO DYE OR NOT TO DYE": If you want my opinion, yes. I've seen many women who look "prettier" with gray hair. But none who look "younger" with it. What's your problem? You'll feel better if you got it off your chest. Write to ABBY, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Calif. 90069. For a personal reply enclose stamped, addressed envelope. you Ihen can be more cooperative, which results mutual understanding. Make the contacts that bring you the data you want. Take it easy in the evening. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) j Eliminate financial tension in ,. · · - , , , · with them. Some situation · ! arises that can help to create more success for you. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY . . . he or she will be one of those youngsters who cannot he happy unless Ihe sur- the favor of financial experts. Avoid the gaudy in the evening. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Know what it is (hat you most, and then make here, as well as medicine and law. Be sure to give every opportunity to go to college and I j teach (he right tenets early. f} rin p | Sports and music are important I here, too. the! " Tlle Stsrs im P e1 ' tne S' Ao not good friends lo a notable party vou are invited to in thei , ,, ,,,, , - , , 'evening. Be charming ! eom Pf.' . TM' al ,'"" , make , ° f _ ' , 6 'your life is largely up to vou! LIBRA (Sept. 23 lo Ocl. 22) l Carro ,, Righlcr's Individual i Be sure to attend to personal i Forccasl f or your sign for June chores early. Then go out wilh| i s now rcadv For your copy male and have a delightful time' s e n d your birthdate and $1 to ,at some new place that appeals: c a r r o 11 Righter Forecast ·lo you both. Be careful on the f; , TL , k , v Tribune. Box 629 . I road. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Making new contacts is quite easy today and much c;.-n be .accomplished later through i |their good auspices. Then be' ; w i l h congcnials f o r the ·recreation you mutually enjoy. ;Be kind and thoughtful with mate in the evening. ! SAGITTARIUS iXov. 22 to Pec. 211 IIandlin,u all llmse iiulside affairs in the morning vClub; ;Annual Lunclipoi r iCoiieliules Var ! ;Hollywood, Calif. 90028. (c) 1970. McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) For Graduation Accutroif World's Most Accurate Wrist Timepiece - The Fortnightly Musical Club iconcluded iis curratl year of iactivily with the annual sprint: luncheon on May 0. at the home of Mrs. Horace Atkinson. The program, in keeping with .the c e n t e n n i a l theme, recognized and honored past president-; of iln 1 club. Mrs. R o b e r t Benson, program DATE AND DM "Q" 1175. chairman for 19G9-70 was in T . , , . I'll-irui- nf tlin oFlnrnnf.,, ,,-itl, TllC Acculrl n "lOVCmenl dOES not dc- ( h . i i R e of lhe afternoon, w i t h pend on a ba | ance whcc| | nstud an .assistance from other members.- electronic-powered tuning (oik keeps 1 The first meeting of the new precise lime through vibrations. In fact, ivear will be Sepl 30. a' the : B "'TM Guarantees monthly accuracy to i'home of Mrs. I, C. Molander' : W l l h l n ' mmule ' f l i n Ksles Park. 1 Mrs. Benson will serve as, !prc?"idcnt for '.he aiming year. ', ACCUTRON^ by BULOVA : To get your money's worth i 'out of nail polish, keep it i n 1 I the refrigerator, and it will b e ' ".tjond to the List drop." j Weiss Jewelers, Inc. Your D l n m o n d Store 819 Tenth St. tWe will adfmt tlmpVrrplne to this tfll^r. ance, il necessary. Guarantee Is for one year. GREELEY SUMMER DAY CAMP AUTO GLASS For All Cars A M Glass "Meaningful Summer Fun in a Wholesome Atmosphere" Provide your child with a well-rounded, fun filled summer. Activities include Red Cross swimming lessons, bowling, skating, crafts, team sports, movies, games, special field trips . . . 5 acre campus in the country . . . staffed by professional educators . . . state licensed . . . door to door transportation. CAMP IS FILLING FAST! I,asl clay for enrollment -- June 1 Boys and Girls - Ages 5-12 Enrollment Limited -- Act Now June 15 - Aug. 21 ... 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Enrollment 2 to 10 Weeks Directors: George and David Broughton FREE BROCHURE - 3S3-6762 Ph. .°53-62.18 .

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