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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 2

Nampa, Idaho
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Wednesday, February 25, 1976
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Thelfcho fnt Press I The News-Tribune. Wednesday, February 25,1976 ^^^^ -- j , » x«i uai j £j, 15 J O -- £ Gem State joins Miranda case Robert Anthony Williams. lerpretalion of Ihe Miranda well said ihey feel lhe ap- of courl. .,,,.. ,. - u plication of the Miranda vs. Kidwell application of the Miranda Arizona ruling is loo restrictive Washington D ruling which established I h e " ' . . . » · · Kidwel! said il is the of the attorneys general who have joined the case lhat "the Miranda case was never meant, pressures used by police were subtle and "il should likewise be unquestioned lhal this is not by any strelch of Ihe imagination a By MirgarM Biilty BOISE (UPI i - Idaho has joined as a friend of Ihe court in a case seeking a more flexible v ,,^, a ,, L ., lne ., llra noa vs MOWWI on a visil lo . . . . ,. -, '· ^" ' ast week in our opinion, to go this far, to case in which a false confession police us- in rf^liTM"uT.h"TM T , / ^ d 'f lhe t ' ase wilh U S ' exclude this lype of evidence." has been exlorted from an in- sSspecied erimi who kL h T °"Fl * ? '"^ Geneial Edward H "^ ' il is allowed lo stand nocent person." suspected cnmi- who «now Ihe system and know Levi. urging Justice Deoarl- ,,,, s iri,ilv ii u . n ,,M h* a hin. They also argue that a sue.,,,,...,,. cessful relrial of the cass would "The main thing in this case nals Twenn m, B o i l · ' he ' r r ' ehl '° havc an a " orne V m " nl lo J°in ft. He said Lev! told " ' nca " s presenl during 1 u «lioning by him Ihey would consider it · Inc., and Ihe National District confession of guilt. Allorneys Association, Inc.. have joined in Ihe amici curiae sexual assault and murder of 10' filing before Ihe U. S. Supreme 'Courl in ihe case of Iowa Warden I.ou V Brewer vs. that makes il very desirable derance to law enforcement." "If this case is reversed, il would lie Ihe major criminal law pronouncement by the U. 1)0 difficult if nol impossible because of Ihe time lapse since the 1968 murder, thai Ihere is 0 , - -- r Kidwell also said repeal of- c , vi(t(m:e "/ ^ facl ' ial B uiU but . a ^ ela .. Po * ers '" ;ually look lhe police lo lhe fender lake advantage of lhe lf mosl of the evld = ncc ls e *- ,,,.,,. . - - - - -- -- ·· ""j uvjuauiv urunouiiieiiii'iii iv Williams is accused of the from the law enforcement point Supreme Court in'a .viiai.-.» ! ^ n ...^o»ti« 's Ihe fact lhal Ihe suspect ae- 1968. His allorneys body. II is lhal type of conclucl c '! m ! cd ' Llpon rclrial '' would * (Idaho news briefs 1 are Irving to use a strict in- lhal'lhe lower courts have said time suspect waives his rightsfo d ' fficu ! ( ln establish legal guill should not be allowed in courl. They are Irving lo say il was done when he was nol sufficiently aware lhal he mighl not have counsel present when lie - vo " d a TM« doubt, interrogated by police or nol lo In addition, they said Ihe make a confession "so whal conduct of the authorities in Ihe Miranda was attempting lo do case was nol in any way op- have lo" ishow Ihe police Ihe has not come about in actual pressivc. The parlies argue lhal WASHINGTON i UPI i - Sen. Frank Church's campaign manager denies lhat Church has 'picked Idaho City as the site to announce his candidacy for the D e m o c r a t i c presidential nomination. The l.ewiston Morning Tri- splitting Ihe property into one" hune said Tuesday that Church plans to make his formal announcement in the old south- burial place) property by warranty deeds lo "They are attempting lo get il themselves. thrown oul of courl. saying he briefs point nut lhat the accused county Assessor Bruce Mar- mighl nol have been aware of led police to the place where the kus said Ihe parceling starled in ihe fact lhal he was in- late December but has in- criminating himself by Inking creased considerably the past them lo where lie hid Ihe body." two weeks Hesaidlhedceds are practice.' The parlies to Ihe case in Ihe child was buried and where he hart disposed of her clothing. Th'.'V contend lhat She onlv Williams was advised of his righls on three occasions and had consulted with two attorneys, that there was a "comnlele lack ol any sort of wilful or concerted misbehavior on the part of the police." acre lots. A spokesman for several farmers said Ihe action in no way was an attempl lo Iry to western Idaho mining city ihe third week of March Campaign defeat ihe ordinance or avoid Manager Carl P Burke "fir- Pay opinion issued HOISE (L'Ph - The Idaho whal it is designed lo do. He said alll "TM' general's office has ihe farmers will continue far- advised Lincoln County lhat ming their land but lhat Ihey are sheriffs depulies. working on an "can receive from the county advised by the Association of mly" denied ihe decision has been Wide. ......._ "H will only to decided a week concerned aboul how the'new annual salary basis, should not before Senator Church an- ordinance will affect the future '"" P 8 ' 1 ' t ' !ilra wncn ' ne . v are of their properly and of required agricultural land in Canyon County. office said it would b" i,p- BOISE it'PIi - Two men propriale for the commission lo wearing nylon slockings over their faces robbed Ihe Bi-Lo Markel on Warm Springs Avenue of an undisclosed general's office. In his idler lo the commisson, compensate for this service," High said. Adkins asked whether a deputy Commissioners also nounces." Burke said. Don Walkins. a press aide lo Church, said the senator feels inclined lo announce in Idaho but he also said lhat Church has not as yet picked a site CALDWELL. Idaho tl'Pli - Intermounlain Gas Co. is ex- u.loring (he possibility of an aTMo"nt of money at gunpoint underground natural gas slor- Tuls(i; y ni ght. $7.50 per night tabout 12 hours! Idaho Cities lo establish for sleeping in Ihe Courthouse escrow account in case Ilieyarc to work additional when there are prisoners in the required lo pav hack wages for shifts as jail guards. jail in addition lo his regular overtime worked. The Idaho attorney general's salary." Adkins asked if Ihe pay would he in violation of Ihe minimum wage-hour law. He also asked if county deputies, receiving small salaries, can work part time for a city where there is no contract ·uljusl sheriff's deputus salaries to compensate (or Ihe extra work. An opinion issued by the attorney general in 1975 said the Idaho Constitution prohibits a between the county and cily for age facility west of Caldwell This was the second holdup of counly officer from receiving law enforcement services. .. , adviser for (he gas company. · David Hawk natural resource lhe supermarket in the past payment beyond his authorized · · · · · - - salary for services rendered in his official capacity. Deputies have complained lo lhe commissioners lhal they are LEWISTON. Idaho(UPIi-A compelled to work nine hours of Wisconsin man died and his J ail B uard iul ' in addition lo days and manager Rod said Western Geophysical Co.. Miner said he thought il was the Denver, is conducting Seismic work ° r lne samo mc » lesls on and around lhe J. R Simplol food processing planl fur Intermountain. -- - ·; He said work has been under brother was injured Tuesday regular shuts. The deputies Way for three weeks lo deter- afternoon when the (ruck iii questioned whether they could niine if il is feasible lo have an which Ihey were riding wenl oul bc compelled lo work additional underground storage facilty in of conlrol on a curve between Lewislon and Orofino. William T. Kcilv. 40. Shulls- Pipeline for coal sketched BOISE lUPD - Norlhwesl Pipeline Corp., a Sail bike City- Assistant Attorney General David High replied lhat counly officials and deputies "receive fixed annual salaries as full compensation for any services based firm, has proposed"nin'ini; tnnv at-i* rnnniv-Arl tn nnffnrn* ~- i: :.| . . . , . . . . Ihe Caldwell area He said il would operate like the Inter- shifts for a flat fee of $7.50 for extra jail duty shift. The countv commission re- mounlain tacitly north of berg. Wise., died at the scene of 1'"I 1 'I Lincoln County \ampa bul would be under- the accident, midway between ''rosecutor Howard Adkins to ground. CALDWELL.. Idaho iUPH ,. l ,, eftecl of a proposed. subdivision ordinance on their land, a number of Canyon County farmers are dividing their- Lewislon and Orofino. on U. S. 12. His brother, Robert Patrick Kelly. 40. Dubuque. Iowa, was injur^qLJJpberlj.w^s.lh^.dr.ive^ 01 lne venicte. Slate police said the dealh raised Idaho's traffic loll for lhe vear lo 18 guidance on (he they are required lo perform as part of Iheir official duties or which they in fad do perform while acting in an official capacity." "The depuly sheriff would be acting in an official capacity when guarding the counly prisoners. Thus, he should not be paid additionally for this service. It would be appropriate. Silver City residents may get land titles question from the state attorney however, to adjust his salary lo McClure seeks phosphate talks WASHINGTON 1UPII -Sen. James McClure has asked Interior Secretary Thomas Kleppe to prepare a draft en- study a formal draft document." he said He noted that delays have been asked for in Ihe submission 1863 near (he booming silver mines. Ihe miners did not obtain title to the approximately 50 acres in lhe town. In 1963. Ihe about southeastern liurcau of Land Management phosphate lands. notified owners of the 63 In a Idler to Kleppe. McClure vironmental impact statement of a draft environmental impact and seek full public discussion statement. Idaho BOISE i UPI i - Residents of historic Silver Cily finally may get litle to their homes. When lhe Owyhee County buildings left in Ihe lown that urged he proceed in preparing a public review necessary before mining town was eslablished in they were trespassing nn federal broad-based statement lo en- the preparation of Ihe final ' an d sure the protection of the en- Building owners attempted to vironmenl and identify any resolve ihe problem by filing development which un- ur.der lhe Slate Townsitc Act in necessarily or unacceptably Third District Court, asking the would damage or destroy the ledcral land be set aside and natural environment. "Thai does nol mean that we must now delay, for as much as two years, going ahead on ihe environment] impacl s t a t e - ment." McClure said. NFO to hear from director CALDWELI. - National NFO Director Kenion Bailey. Kar- miiiglon. Maine, w ill be featured speaker at an organizational meeting Thursday, at 8 p.m. .11 lhe' Sand Hollow C'ommumtv Ha|l. According lo District No. 1 Nf'O President [ion Harl. New Plymouth. Bailey has helped lo organize milk. meal, potatoes and grain programs no« operating in [he new Kngland area. Bailey will speak on the importance of unity among farmers against forces they canjiol see. Hart said. All farmers have been invited lo a'tlend More information can be obtained by calling Wanda Morrison. S8S-2S03. A review then he granted lo building owners Slate HLM Director William Mallirws said his agency will survey Ihe community (his spring in preparation for turning economy, coupled with an opine town's land over lo its portunity In develop jobs in residents. Dul he said Ihe survey is only He also called for the submission of thai statement lo "rigorous public review." "Our need for phosphate fertilizers to serve our farm Noon stock quotations liquid coal through Idaho lo a proposed generating plant near Boardman, Ore. Darrcll H. McKay, vice presidenl of the company, said Northwest would like lo pipe the coal through Hoisc- so il could serve Idaho Power Company's proposed Pioneer coal-fired plant. "Of course," he said, "thai would depend on many Ihings. "First, we would have to secure the right of eminent domain. T*heu the proper permits would have lobe issued and approved. And then. Idaho Power would have to build Ihe Pioneer Plant, or'one like il." McKay said Northwest has two proposals for underground pipelines lo carry Ihe liquid coal. One. hcsaid, would begin near Gillette. Wyo.. and run near Hock Springs. Wyo.. Monlpelier. Soda Springs. Hurley and Boise and Ihcn veer nnrthvvesl lo the Columbia River. The other line also would begin near Gillette but would run across central Idaho, more or less in a direcl line lo Hoard- man. Roheil Brown, an Idaho Power spokesman, said his company was aware of Ihe proposal Inil could not common! until pipeline plans were more complete. At the statehouse Senators hold bill By Robert Van Buskirk BOISE i UPI i -- Opponents of land use planning lost another round in Ihe Idaho Legislature today. By voice vote, the Senate Local Government and Taxation Committee agreed to hold in committee a llouse- passeri bill which opponents of the measure said would "virtually gut" land use planning. The bill requires ;i property owner's consent in writing lo be included in present or future land-life plans. Urging that the basic land use hill adnptett last year lc given "a (air trial," Sen. Jack Tacke. D-Collonwood. moved that the committee hold Ihe bill until a suit filed by the Idaho County Commissioners testing the constitutional of Ihe measure approved a year ago be decided. Tacke said the House hill "guts and lacks Ihe heart oul of the legislation enacted last year." He said Ihe biisic land use bill adopted was "a good bill" passed in Ihe interest of the people for Ihe "protection anil preservation of their land." "Let's give il a lair trial." he said. Sen. Holier! Saxvik. D-Rurley, said the legislature-should "decease and desist and see whal we have." referring lo Ihe basic bill Saxvik called the House bill "a rush, unique departure ol what was established lasl year by a majority vole of both houses." Sen. Claud Judd. D-Orofino, said Ihe farmers in his area were not in favor of upsetting the bill that was passed by Ihe 1975 legislature and urged that there be more study into the matter. But Sen.' Dane Watkins. R-Idaho Falls, asked that the House measure be sent lo the floor without recommendation. He said Ihe "people who own property are concerned with the direction the slate is going." Tacke then made his substitute motion, which the committee approved. The committee action came after more than one hour and 15 minutes of discussion before a packed crowd of some 125 persons, primarily persons interested in seeing the House measure sent lo ihe -Senate floor for a vole. Hep. Dan Emery. D-Boise. one of Ihe sponsors of the bill, opened the discussion, saying it would return Ihe righls to the land owner. "Many don't want lo live in a box buill by the government." Emery said. "They want lo do things themselves." He said his bill would allow the people to decide if (hoy wanled zoning and planning. Moratorium scored [SOISE (UPI) A proposed moratorium on water diversion from the Snake River between Upper Salmon Falls Dam and the backwaters of Brownlee Reservoir drew opposition from water users and potential developers Tuesday night. This moratorium, sought by Ihe Water Resource Hoard, would be in effect until the board adopts its slate water plan and in no case could expire before June 1. 1977. Sen. John Peavey, R-Huperl. is sponsoring the hill, arguing lhal full development of land by pumping from the Snake will nearly dry up Ihe river. He said lhal would curtail drastically the generation of electricity at dams downstream anil that the cosl of pumping would increase Ihree-fold if power comes from coal-fired plants Keith Higginson. director of the Department of Water Resources, said his agency has applications for more than the current flow of the system. William Fields. Grand View, said it is lime lo quit wasting things including Snake River water. "I can't see where Ihe hydro dams helped the river." he said, adding he was willing to pay Ihe extra cosl of coal-fired power. Doli Obee, Boise, said the League of Women Voters favors the moratorium. "We find the idea of jeopardizing existing hydro facilities through losses of flow to hi- most improper." she said. Gas fax hike favored BOISE (UPI) -- A consensus appeared Tuesday lo be developing -- at least in the House -- on ii way lo finance a requested S8.6 million increase in highway con- slruclinn next year. Transportation Chairman John 0. Sessions. R-Driggs. informed the. legislative leadership lhal House members in party caucus seemed to favor a gasoline tax increase oul of the 12 proposals (hey considered Monday. He said registration fees and removing Law Enforcement from the highway fund ran right behind (he gasoline tax increases in popularity. Therefore, he said, bills are being prepared lo combine a one cent per gallon gas lax increase with a percentage increase in registralion fees and lo boos! registration fees by $10.20 and remove ihe motor vehicle fund from the highway fund and funding Law Enforcement with one- third of the increase and Ihe balance going to slale highways. Obscenity bills charted HOISE - New obscenity and moral nuisance statutes for Idaho are scheduled for third reading in the House Thursday after Ihe Judiciary and Rules Commillee vnles narrowly in favor of moving thorn onto lhe lleor without recommendation. The statutes, drafted by the Idaho Allorney General's office and backed by liov. Cecil Anrtrus. redefine obscene in very specific terms lo meet requirements of Supreme Courl rulings. Senior Deputy Attorne) General Gordon Nielson explained Ihe high courl "changed Ihe ground rules" on defining obscenity after Idaho enacted a criminal obscenity law. Thai law was the one under which the Top Theatre in Caldwell. which shows triple-X rated movies, was prosecuted and found innocent by a Canyon County jury. The House Judiciary and Rules' Committee considered Ihe new slalules Monday. Rep. Ralph Gines. R-Nampa, made a motion that they bc put oul onto the floor with a do-pass recommendation but il failed for lack of a second. Rep. Maurice Clements. R-Nampa, (hen made a motion, seconded by Gines lo move Ihe bills out without recommendation. The molion passed 4-3 Gines and Rep. Ed Rice, R-Boise. will sponsor Ihe bills on lhe floor Idaho, underscores the need lo carefully evaluate all of (he part of the process. He said lhe factors and lo do so in a timely BI.M must develop an environ- manner." McClure said. menial analysis and may have to develop an environmental impact statement. "The opportunity for careful assessment of all environmental considerations by the public has In addition, he said. Silver been compromised by piece Cily has been designated an meal reporls in lhe press, prior area of significant historical value and Ihe land transfer will have lo he approved by a historical review committee. Aflcr (he federal process is lo the issuance of a complete drafl KIS. "I am disturbed thai Ihe orderly environmental impacl statement process has been completed it will be up lo lhe rtisrupled through Ihe release of state courl lo decide how the preliminary drafl (lain among land is divided building owners the select few before the general public has had an opportunity to Ballet exceptional CALUWEI.I. - linllel West. Onslad uerc the featured an. exceptional company of performers during the fifth and performers, seilled securely s i x t h variations Roth are mlo lhe hearts of Canyon Counly polished dancers who did nol culture lovers during a highly disappoint Iheir audience, professional presentation of Afler a shorl intermission, the classical ballel Tuesday night Sail Lake Cily troupe returned for Ihe Caldwell Fine Ar! Scries at Jewell Audilorium on Ihe College of Idaho campus. The first segment of the program. "Pas DeDix."opened STOCK QUOTATIONS FURNISHED THROUGH KDWARDD.JONKSaml COMPANY OF CALDWELI. 'These figures do not represent actual transactions. They are intended as a guide lo the approximate price range i DOWJONKSAVERAGES Industrials 99,1.07-. -18 Transposition 208.5C-.2:) IHililies 8R.-tl-.26 Composite 3IH.OG LISTED:STOCKS .Albcrtsons 2.1'« American Telephone 5V 2 Bethlehem -if,',, Boeing 25 1 ! Boise Cascade 3U :l , Chrysler 171., Champion Home Builders (i 1 .. Exxon 8I)'« Flcetwood IS"', General Molors Gf n , lUolio Power 28' i IBM 2GO', Kennecoll ,w f Kil 5 ' , Morrison-Knudsen 2.Vj Occidental Petroleum IS'» Phillips Petroleum sii-'-. Portland (!on.Klecl. IR'i RCA y,i-, 11.11. Robertson Reynolds Tobacco Sears Veterinary school siting divides area legislators with a light, almost frivolous wilh their rendition of "Knoxville: Summer of 1915." Com- plet'. 1 wilh costuming from the early 1900s, Ihe audience was taken back in time lo a small town, where Ihey shared in the program. "Grand Pas De Deux from Don (juixole." Suzanne Krlon and Rnicc CMnVell. both excellent dancers, gave a strong, proud performance. An evenly malched team, the!.e Si.Oil»fCalifornia dancers gave Ihe mosl exciting. Union Oil energetic performance of the Union Klecl, cvoniiiK Union Pacific In the finnl segment of lhe Weslinghoiise program. "Irish Fantasy." Winrcgago 2IP , 67 '·,, 72\ 30\ 43',. 77', 17'x 8'.. dance by I^onore Maez who life and loss of a family. Clark Rave a delightful performance Reid dancing the parl of the of a difficult dance filled with son. gave an extremely sensitive very fast-moving, intricate and moving performance of a steps. In the fourth variation of "Pas !)e Dix" a former Caldwell LOCAL OVER T1IK COUNTfCR QUOTKS Ask 37 residenl. Tenley Taylor, gave a polished performance, along wilh her partner Cheryl Veafjer. Victoria Morgan and Michael young boy becoming a fledgling man as he learns lodeal wilh lhe grief of losing his father Michele While also deserves mention for her superior portrayal o( Ihe boy's molher. In the next segment of lhe Cynthia Young and Clark Reid (lanced the age-old lale of Jove and courtship. The remainder of Hid the dar.ce was j celebralion of First Security Bank 35 life and lhe sexes. Idaho First Mat. Hank H4'_. M 2 li.illel West, combining lhe Inlcrmountain Gas 1.3 1 .. 14 grace and precision of MUTt.'AI, FUNDS movement that makes up (he Bid Ask classical art form of h.illel. truly Col. Inc. Fund 8.49 9.28 offered area residcnls a rare Inv Co. of America 13.88 IS.17 and delightful feast of Ihebcsl in Key. [) 4 Bon Kd. 7.98 8.75 ifancc. I'litnarn fir. Fd. 10.55 11.53 -- B»th(i»rrtn*r Putnam Inv. Pd. 7.97 8.71 'Continuedfrom Pagcl) sides and would like lo leave it up to lhe state board because it would be "more objective than all Ihe Canyon County legislators who have diffcrenl locations and interests." "I am terribly upset that (he veterinary medical clinic mighl be moved lo Nampa. We worked loo hard last year to gel this in Caldwell. II would bc a terrible mistake for the slale hoard lo move it lo lhe Nampa site at this lale stage " said Hep. Dorothy Reynolds. D-Caldwell. Slie added making such a move "could jeopardize the entire program and available federal funding." She said the Caldwell sile's close proximily lo Ihe College of Idaho for library and bousing facilities' were slili valid reasons for keeping the veterinary school Ihere. Rep ('. I, "Hutch" Oiler, H-Calriwell. is "definitely againsl moving Ihe station from t'aldv;ell lo Nampa. We already have a sizeable capita] expenditure in land nnd buildings at Caldwell and there is adequate land to build the neivlj-wanled ve( school on." If Ihe vel school is buill. "il is important lhal the facility is extremely close lo lhe College of Idaho, which can accommodate it and is compatible." Oiler added il will cosl addilional money to relocate lhe agricullural station, which would also create a problem at ISSII. He said lhe reason farmwork for Iho residents was phased mil is nol necessarily because of a lower level of residents. '"ITiose residents who rlid work on lhe farm had a meaningful cxisience. not just silting around learning lo tie their shoes and button their buttons." He added Ihen lhal federal governmcnl came in wilh minimum wage laws and other requircmenis and forced the institution nol lo use residents in farming "f still think il would he of value lo allow those people to perform some meaningful function " Kchomg 0;ier's comments was Rep. Maurice Clements H- Nampa, whocrilicized federal governmcnl for "jumping' into lhe picture and making il impossible for ISSII In provide a farm facility as a means of gainful employment and menial and physical therapy. "Now we have lo appropriale money lo devise ways lo rfcep the residenis busy," he said. "Between lhe federal government and constant change in philosophy and emphasis in management of ISSH, Ihe land out there is nol bcinz used, (.lemenls said. The whole malller should look rest of us w H-Nampa. veterinary medicine clinic in the long range," he said rm frr *' am h p minimum wage requir«n«., lhal was good " rw)uirenletlls .- !?ovcri '"enl and 'deslroyinK something

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