Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 16, 1967 · Page 11
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 11

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1967
Page 11
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. Frid.v. Astrological Forecast By Carroll Ri«ltU r Carroll Righttr ( J K N E H A i . T E N D E N C I E S : A day and e v e n i n g lu m a k e sure that you are completed coup, erative in your relation* w i t h all others, so make \\ spociul point lu lilen to w h a t they h*ve to say a n d t h e n t r y lo pul into effect s o m e course t h a i can brine you in a g r e a t e r a c - :nrd w i t h ihi'm A smile easily dissolves » h a t could he harsh u p p u s i l i o n . A R I E S : (Mar. ~\ In Apr. IS) Ku-ryniu- seems In he in a ndd mmiil in. day. so he sure ymi ainlrnl y n u r lemper o t h e r w i s e I h e r e could be m a n y a r g u m e n t s , m u c h (rouble. Soul he I h e m as w e l l . Give s u p p o r t to those w h o are in need. TAURl'S: (Apr. 20 lo May 20) Add the bric-a-brac, etc., t h a t will m a k e your abode, office, etc.. more i n v i t i n g as well as efficient, c o m f o r t a b l e , lie s u r you f i n i s h dull duties quickly. Then you have lime for the so. cial, and recreational t h a t pleases. G E M I M : (.May 21 to J u n e 21) Assist those who are y o u r good f r i e n d s in w h a t e v e r is i m p o r - tant lo ( h e m and you gain their cooperation for your own projects. A h e l p i n g hand lo some worthy young person could he greatly appreciated. Be wise. MOON C H I L D R E N : (June 22 to J u l y 21) Make y o u r home m o r e c o m f o r t a b l e and beautiful t h a n it has been in t h e days past and improve h a r m o n y there. You need good allies to assist you w i t h p r o b l e m a t i c a l A Swift Smoothie "PRINTED PATTER?* CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbcffer affairs A-k fur ihi-ir advii-e. LEO: (July 22 t AUK. ·!) I 'incenlrato on haw In bf really operative in your daily «urk;Kflsiirac mechanism lhal could he must helpful. Take all ladurs iniu tnnsidrraliun. Vuu are probably duinK just ubnul one-half of what \iiii ;iro callable of. V I R G O : (AUK. 22 lo Sepl. 22) .No« l h a l y o u r honu- and ultife are in fine order, p l a n how lo increase o u r i n c o m e i n t e l l i R e n l l y . First KJ-I rid of u n n e c - essary expenses. Gel experl lo Bive you some wonderful new idea, and he sure of delaits Ihereof. l.lim.V: (Sepl. 2S lo On. 22) Kiideavur tu be d i p l o m i i t i c w i l h others i n f u r t h e r i n g y o u r i d e n ^ instead of being o v e r l y d y n a m i c w i l h t h e m . Some delay is also necessary. Use l h a l special c h a r m y o u h a v e and d e l i g h t everyone. SC'Olil'lO: (Oct. 23 lu N o v . 21) There are ccrlain p e r p l e x i ties t h a t seem lo h a v e you buffaloed, h u l earnest s l u d y clarifies them. The evening is nut so trond fur r o m a n t i c love. Mate i in a s o m e w h a t nervous, angry mood. Ite k i n d . SAHITTAKIL'S: ( N o v . 22 lo Dec. 21) If you are in any « a y d e m a n d i n g w i t h good pals, you c a n l u r n t h e m away f r o m y o u . so use d i p l o m a c y , kindness. A w a i t a b e t t e r day lo ask for favors. Avoid the social. This rould really disappoint now. CAl'RlCOHN:(Dec. 2 2 l o J a n . 20)lt may be necessary to do some angling in y o u r w o r k or civic duties. Make the righl impressions on h i g h e r - u p s t h a t prove you are an A-l citizen. Do not take any chances where y o u r credit is concerned. AQUARIUS: (Jan. 21 lo Keb. 19) It would be wise lo s l u d y some new system t h o r o u g h l y before you put it i n t o o p e r a t i o n ' i n y o u r own business affairs, lie very f a m i l i a r with il. H i g h e r - u p can be very irritated, but dou't take harsh remarks personally. 1'ISCES: (Feb. 20 lo .Mar. 20) Some i n l u i t i v c urge could cer- lainly take you i n t o the realm of real t r o u b l e if you f o l l o w I h r o u g h on it. Follow good judgment. Consult w i l h t r u s t e d f r i e n d before you come to any- serious decisions. IF YOUR CHILD IS HORN TODAY . . . he. or she, w i l l have such a w o n d e r f u l persona l i t y (hat others will want lo spoil your progeny early in life. Teach early that whatever is personally earned is most appreciated and is lasting. Also teach to keep promises m e t i c u - lously, and be as efficient as possible at all times. Profession r e q u i r i n g precision is fine. ' "The StarsTmpel,'fh'ey do hot compel." What you make of your life is largely up to YOU: Carroll Righter's I n d i v i d u a l Forecast for your sign for July is now ready. For your copy send your b i r t h d a t e and SI.00 lo Ctrroll Righler Forecast (name of newspaper), Box 1921, Hollywood 28, California. 4fc zz 47 46 53 Zb 45 51 ST feo 59 ss 44 ZO 40 SO 14 41 s^ KJ u Jo SS CHIEF TOG CHASfcP JACK K*SIT AM- PM M3AW AWP PIPrVf A M6L£ out ·*v-«--V-^V--\T/~N^-^^ -i IT ISN'T THE PACT / i THAT i fwi TIME -\ ftec me THAT J UK-ft? IT l6Mt fveu N fl DtCK IKBI.T ^ EVW PIT Of MV STOMACH. HORIZONTAL 1. Guided 46 Clay 50. Truck 51. Mine entrance 52. Railings 56. Allowance for waste 57. Ardor 58. Negative 59. Hebrew measure 60. Dispatched 61. Child's plaything VERTICAL 1. Resin 2. Epoch 3. Loss of lank 4. Irritates 5. Biblical name 6. Seaweed 7. Irish poet 8. Contaminate 9. Medicinal plant Answer to yesterday's puzzle. ArtrifellmeolioIatloD: 21 mlnuttf. (© 1967, King Features Synd.. Inc.) fe-to 10.Tears 11. Throw 16. Place 20. Printer's measures 21. Defeat 22. Singing voice 23. Polish 27. Month 29. Threatening 30. Legal claim 31. Sea eagle 33. American statesman 35. Precious jewel 38. Chinese dynasty 40. Scholar 43. Cheats 45. Knock 46. Roman statesman 47. First man 4 8. Title of respect 49, Auction 53. Sped 54. Also 55. Swine's pen MV SUPERINTENDENT HAD GO TO THE STATE CAPITAL ON AN ERRAND AND I WAS IN BED WITH A BAD COLO N.THERES CONNIVANCE SOMEWHERE? -WHEN I SAWTHEVWRD POLICE "ON THE SPACE COUPE- MARY WORTH I SUPPOSE t SHOULD 8t TELLING THIS TO THi HAN5W5,A\W. WORTH!Bill I'M HOT SURE BOTH MV COUSiM CCNN'i. / I 6 , RLS ANt IHt MJMIWl Wt / MR.MOWOt! MAYt 1 SHOULD START 6V SHOv-'ING YOU THIS AOVttTISMtHT -WHICH I\l PUBLISHED IM BUZ SAWYER Today's Almanac By United Press International Today is Friday, June 16, the 167th day of 1967 with 198 to follow. The moon is between its first quarter and full stage. The morning star is Saturn. The evening js^fg are Venus, Merciiry/Mars and' Jupiter.' Borh*'on this day in 191V) was American soprano Helen Traubel. On this day in hislory: In 1871, the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine was set up in New York City by Dr. Walter Fleming. In 1933, President Roosevelt signed the National Industrial Recovery Act. In 1955, riots broke out in Buenos Aires as the Argentine Navy tried unsuccessfully to oust Premier Juan Peron. -. In 1963, Russia put its first woman into space, Valentina Tereshkova. A thought for the day: Plato once said: "Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable." I AREN'T YOU EVEN 1 ENGAGED? BlQNDIt EVERY- ·?/ EUT WHAT YwELL, I f,WE THE MISTAKE O F ) THIHS'S | }l HAPPENED?J INTRODUCING HERTOARICH I · ^ -^\ OIL TYCOON WHO OWNS A Js~^ ; \l \^ ACKT - HE ^ T !7~ : \/ Avl! I MY TIME. y^WElVOf V AFTER ' AiLTWHM.'JAILOUR P1AMKIHG, *-»V TOO, Hatlo's Theyll Do It Every Time « It's a great year for designs that are most figure flattering. For example, this skimmer has an ingenious angle on narrowing, smoothing the waist. Choose hi or low neck. Printed Pattern 4813: Jr. Miss Sizes 9. 11. 13. 15, 17. Size 13 takes 214 yds. 35-ln. FIFTY CENTS in coins for each p a t t e r n -- add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care of Idaho Free Press Pattern uept.. 243 West 171U St.. Xew York, X.Y. 10011. P r i n t N A M E , A D D R E S S with ZIP, SIZE and STYLE N U M B E R . Summer's Fashions are a .TOY FOR ALL SIZES! See 115 styles, 2 tree hat patterns, fabrics, accessories in new Spring-Summer Pattern Catalog. Gift Coupon for free pattern in Catalog. Send 50t 3^m, .^^T» ./B/ THE TIME TWEY ENCLOSE HER PORCH THE /AAGAZINES WILL SAY WOP RWEL- TMAT V INS \5 STAKES ''Ss* STYLE THEIR CLAIM NO OTHER MOUSE WRECKERS WILL CROSS THEIR CLUTTER. LINE AT LAST!' IT'S ABOUT TIME! you WERE SUPPOSED TO START OUR ) VERY BUSY, JOB A MONTH V LAW-VOiyRE THE ONLY CARPENTER VvORK THOSE GUVS DO IS MAKE HORSES THEY LEAVE AROUND TO SHOW THEY MIGHT COME BACK- LUCKY WE CAW DO IT AT ALL-HERE'S OUR STUFF WE'LL BE READY ANY DAY MOW-- MAXIMS BOOK ON WHEN THE LOCAL REMCC6LINS RAJAHS WILL DRIVE THE LAST.MAIL--- YOU SIMPLY PULLTVOS PIN AMD A SPECIAL SAO INI^UATES THE REX MORGAN M.D. ' AND, JUNE--TELL HIM THAT I CAN'T SPEND MORE THAN A FEW MINUTES MTH HIM.' NANCY DONALD DUCK LOUIE B5ATV DEWEX WHAT'S ME AT THE P.K5T / CHECKERS. } THING you ^ MUST DO TO BE CHEATED; JA GOOD LOSER?, BEETLE BAILEY THE FLINTSTONES PEBBLES... I WANT TO TAKE THAT MALLEr . AWAY FKOtA HER 'j WAIT A MINUTE··· I 6OTTA HUMCH SHE MIGHT BE... WVIAT'S OTTER 6PACE CAUEP, PUTO? Trie THEH CHEMOSWfiM, TUB tCMOSPHERE, Td£ MEfOSPHfiifE, AMP RMALLV THS EXOSPHERB, OB OUTER SPACE THB '6 A 50WER C WP! "AWRE HERETDHAVEPWNOAWTTERKM ! I'LL 60 SPEAK TO

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