Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 27, 1961 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, October 27, 1961
Page 16
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16 GUEELEY TRIUNE Friday, Ocl. 27, 1961 USS Constellation Joins Fleet Friday Barricades Are Erected forWork On Greeley Bldg. Fish Forecasting Has \ Become A Science, Cronin NEW YORK (AP)-- Now don't! Oysters, in the Norlh ami niiJ- Work of removing a lin ami t cxcUcdi bul fjs i, forccastinglAllantic and Chesapeake Bay: wood cornice al the lop ot thei 1]ns 1)Wom( , a scicncc . I "Extremely poor." 57-fool high Grcclcy Building has; u . s rc |i ab i c on | y to a cerlain! He said the forecasts are built hccn started by the Carney Con- ,| cgrcCj | 10W cver. Like listening to : on a number of variable factors, slriK-lion Co. The cornice will rw.. t i 1( , vvca n icr forecasts \xlore plan-including current, walcr tempera- replaced with brick. , u - n g a WC ckend picnic. llurc, water salinily conlenl, Street barricades with pcdcstri- .. An j,, cxac i science," was the'spawning rates in known hatching crau'^con^ fCTl ^'way Dr. L. E. Cronin, dircclor oflarcas, hatching rales, pollution NEW YORK (AP--The shadowlchusells-boin descendant of whal- that once cloaked lhe USS Con-'ing ship captains. slellalion Friday turns lo splendor. The 75,000-lon carrier, five city She joins Ihe fleet. blocks long nnd 25 stories high Born In travail, the mighty air- from keel to mast, stands al her in a festival of pomp, parade and'awcsomc mass of gray sleel. . flying banners. Her soaring superstructure, and .for the shipboard ceremonies. And New York City, which mourned the death and fire that With her official coinmissioning-.sprawllng winged decks lower slio becomes Ihe monarch o( the over nearby vessels like a gigan- Navy, the biggest warship in the lie bird over her brood, line.' Her flight deck--1,047 (eel long Top naval officers, and civilian'and 252 feel wide--stretches more dignilaries, were to be on hand than four acres in size, Us four powerful catapults, which Ixwsl lhe planes aloft, could hurl a big automobile five miles through the raked the ship while under con- air. struction, is going all-out lo salulcl The hangar deck below has a her triumph. capacity ot about 100 planes, and Flashy Times Square has lieen four elevators combined can hoist renamed "Constellation Square,"ia dozen planes at a lime lo lhe and a tootling ticker-lajw parade flight deck in 35 seconds. up Broadway (his morning marks. the debut of the giant vessel. ' \ i / ' J The city is adopting her as its, YY i n Q S O T flagship. [ j II was last Dec. 19. at Rrooklyn.f^^tQ ^j^f* i r t I* Navy Yard, thai with the sr,ip|^-Cia J C l I J I nearly complete, fire erupted inj a flood of spilled fuel oil on the| ship's hangar deck, rampaging' been ercctedli]' on both 8th St. and 8lh Ave. In O f n, c University of Maryland, de- front of the portions ot the builil-jscribed it Thursday, ing where (he cornice will be re-| n c likened it lo weather fore- Still another variable which must be taken inlo consideration for such fish as cod and haddock, moved. (casting and told delegates of (he lie said, was the presence of a Miltord Sears, foreman for lhe|Atlanlic Stales Marine Fisheries fleet of Soviet trawlers fishing off company, said these were put up Commission that fish forecasters the New England coast. lo protect Ihe public. He added often will have to do as weather Afler all the that, if a ' ' '""" J '''" J '~' ' l '" J cornice li sidewalk variables arc he said, piece of Ihe tin in (he|fo rccnslcrs do--|ualify prcdiclionsjweighed and evaluated, he said lappencd lo fall lo Hie wil1 ' "probably." |they arc assessed against the pre ,, ,,.,, without the barricades,] The fish forecasters, seeking to diclions of "wise old heads" in I could decapitate a person. sll Pl'ly commercial and sports the commercial and sport fishing , .. ,, , .,,. i fishermen with beforehand know- industries. A chimney on the buildmg also , ( ; . s lo be taken down and a cornice m ° m ^ r , ,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,«,,,,, ,,,. _ , c Rocky bays U.S. Must Test N Arms at the lop of the office of the through the vast inlcrior. Steel melted. Decks buckled. The fire raged for more than 12 hours. Fifty civilian workmen, Bond Election By I OLA BRANCH WINDSOR -- Windsor Schoo District will hold an election in November in connection will Irapped in the maze of compart- p];ins for ano( |, er ncw scnoo l build ments, perished from flame and smoke. But Ihe marred ship is ncw again--restored, refurbished and bustling with bluejackets. "She's the world's greatest," says her proud skipper, Capt. Thomas J. Walker, 47, a Massa- 4 at GHS Honored for Test Scores Four seniors at Greeley High members of the commission. Dr. Cronin gave the delegates a cou- Greeley Booster will be removed. p]( , o( 6 , 011g . rangc f * rc( , asts , or Scars said 10 men including him-: ncs t year. self are employed on Ihe project. | Lcsters, Maine only: "Good." He estimated it would take about a week lo remove Ihe cornice portion on Ihe north side of the building and possibly another week lo|' take down the cornice portion o: the west part. The chimney and: TM ...,,.-..,....,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,, ing of nuclear weapons, regardles Greeley Booster work wil, be done EMSABETHfLLE Kalanga Tshombe Orders IniTroop Withdrawal MIAMI, Fla. (API--The Unilc States must resume full-scale lesl aftenvards. Lloyd Carney, owner of the con slruclion firm, said the streeli' barricades would be kept up only while the exterior work on ^ wn i--iiuMuum iiiuiae IMIUJIIUUI - , . . , . Friday demanded Ihe withdrawal- orful . m0 "^ l °J' ° ck Weld County Real Estate Transfers Revenue itamp» on real estate Irnnifert ir« t tht rate ot $1.10 per thousand. ilock 2, lioggen, llev. $.55. Jin) Eichenberger to Ivan D. hupe and Ruby M. Shupe, Lot 6 'oilywood. Greeley, Hev. $G.CO. Adam Fiechlncr and Irene Khruschev Ends Reds Party Congress By Assailing West By RE1NHOLD C. EN5Z Ilion to West Dcrlin of their mlli^ MOSCOW (AP -- Premier Itary freight, spies and saboteurs." Khrushchev asserted Friday thel What Do Tlwy Talc. Ut For? Western powers are threatening "Who do these gcnllmen tako war over Berlin at a time whenjus for?" he demanded. Do they the United Slates "is faced with actually believe that they can do the arduous task" of overtaking anything they want and that they the Soviet Union in Hie sphere of can make us act against our vita · interests, against the interests of Ocrob«r 15 Carl Flaxer to Carl Flaxerjnd ;--Berlin ,, a time whenjus for?" he · amucl H. Gordon, Lots 4 and 5, ,, _ VMeA ^^ ,, js faccd wilh aclua i|y believe that they can do nuclear weapons. Asserting he wants only peace, world peace and security?" Khrushchev told the 22nd session _____ ..... -- . threatening war," Khrush- 'iechlner to Maurice Hubbs, part l J )f " 1 |]^'"'^ )-v |gj""' C o I ^ rn " u[ " 1 'j^ t ""p ;lr iyicliev said, "they want to make us I Section 32-3-66, Kev. $16.50. | e e s s the sgvM Union will not perpetuate the right ot the United "· . . . Victor R. Nottingham and Edith 'Jollingham lo Arthur B. Gaw-j horp and Laura Jayne Gawthorp, lart of Lot 1, Block 3, Houston Icighls Third Addilion, Greeley icv. $4.93. Bob Reese Molors Inc. to Virgil . Mason and Edna M. Mason, part of Lot 809. Black 8, Glenmere, Greeley, Rev. $28.60. Ben Wertz and Iowa Werlz to James C. Giggy and Nancy J. iiggy. Lots 6-9, Block 13, Clark and Hill Second Addition to Kersey, Rev. $.55. Robert D. Walker lo Jearl Yager and Alice Yager, Part of Section 10-5-65, Rev. $ 55. congeess the idefi-! Once more Khrushchev said the (soviet Union was forced to re- try to dictate ils will to other na: States, Britain and France, to oc- tions. But he said the situation itrcupy West Berlin." Berlin cannot continue "'Ktmishchev said President Kcn-lsume the testing of nuclear weap- ncdy spoke of the need of over- ons "in the face of direct threats taking the Soviet Union, whilo'and the danger of a war. 1 Soviet scientists are do;ng everything to reduce the harmful effects of the tests to a minimum. taking Secretary of Stale Dean Rusk persists in calling for a "position ! of strength policy." looks as if the right handout he said the Western powers told the final speech- the atmosphere, bi iion of the Soviet Com-'lives of millions of did not know what the left was doing," he making session of lh inunist party congress. Khrushchev declared the Western powers "want us to insure, |like traffic police, the transporta- ot the central Congolese forces fTM ssion - Gov ' feller "To assure from Katanga territory before ° lalks TM»' thc Leo- ng- At a meeting of the Windsor Board of Education, held in the jffice of Supt. George E. Tozcr, ,Ionday night, four rcpresenla- ivcs of bonding companies were present to consider the bonds for he proposed $150,000 school build- ng lo be built in Windsor. Bocttcher and 1 Company of Den- ·er was named the fiscal agent unlil lhe election, scheduled Nov. w e e . building Is being done and that the P°! dvl1 1 government. 8 6 1 School have been honored their high performance on the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test given lasl spring. The students are-. James Anderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arvid W. Anderson of 2132 5th Ave.; Dave Armstrong, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Armstrong o[ 1210 23rd Ave. Ct.; Tamara Lynch, daugh tcr of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lynch; and Sandra Terry, daugh tcr of Mr. ann Mrs. Warren Ter ry of 2530 Highland Dr. Each student who is endorsed · by his school received a formal lellcr of commendation signed by his principal and the president of [lie National Merit Scholarship Corporation. . Robert Turner, principal of Greeley High School announced Ihe names of Ihe winning seniors Friday. John M. Stalnaker, president of Ihe NMSC stated: "In recognition of their excellent performance on the National Merit Sclwlarship Qualifying Test, nearly 25,000 students tlnoughoiit the United Slates are lieing awarded letters of commendation. "White these bright youngsters tiid not reach the status of semi' finalists in the 1961-62 Merit Pro gram, they are so capable thai we wish to single them out for special attention. The semifinal-! isls and commended studenls together constitute less than 2 per cent ot all high school seniors, and this certainly signifies noteworthy achievement." To increase the opportunities ol ' these studenls lo obtain financial assistance if they need it, the ' Merit Corporation sends the names, Iwme addresses, and test scores of all commended students to the two colleges they indicate! as their preferred choices at the time they took the qualifying test Earlier three students from Clreeley High School were named as semifinalisls. They were Ter- Boetlcher and Company. Oilier representatives at the meeting vere James Cushner, reprcsenl- ng the Cluttenden, Padesta and Company; Norman Mclntosh and lames Cushner, representing the Clutlenden, Padesta and Com- any; Gene Hufford, representing he George K. Baum and Company, and Walter Imhoff repre- ienling the Hansen Imhoff and Sandford Company. Claude Nash of Greeley, architect was present. The meeting lasted until 1 a.m. The election will be held from 7 firm woulud remove them as soon as possible. A meeting is lo be held Tuesday in regard lo what work will be done inside the building, it was!" learned. j The Carney Co. obtained a build-,, ing permit last week for replacing the cornice on the Greeley Building. Estimated cost of Ihe work was given in the permit at $2,000. The permit said additional permits would he taken out later for other work on Ihe building. For the past two weeks, small groups of Congolese troops have been raiding inside Katanga's ockc- fc declared loday. I (he sufficiency of; Fallout's Role in Cancer Might Be Known in 10 Years north and western frontiers, de- our own weapons in the face of Ihe recent Soviet tests," he said, "We are now clearly compelled lo conduct our own nuclear tests." Rockefeller's remarks were in NEW YORK (API-Is the radiation-bearing fallout from Soviet nuclear tesls powerful enough to cause cancer? lead meanwhile lo the sudden and complete annihilation of the human race," added Dr. Thomas ;Carlile who took office Friday. If it is, it will be evident inj "We do know that in the lasl "Mr. Khrushchev's grandchildren|lO to 20 years there has been a 'threaten not only to contaminate but to lake the people." . In Washington Stale Deparment press officer Lincoln While ridiculed as "preposterous" the claim hat Russia , hod to resume nuclear testing because of actions if the Western powers. "The history of the Berlin situation speaks for itself," White said. "The world knows that Ihe Berlin crisis is of Khrushchev's own making." Khrushchev said speeches by guesls from abroad before the congress "reflect the great'unity of the ranks of Ihe world Communist movement." »£,, a.m. to 7 p.m. in the high schoo community room. Boulder Merchant F. L. White Dies DENVER (AP) Fred L. Vhite, 82, former Boulder merchant, died Friday at the home of iis son, William W. White, head of a Denver public relations firm. A heart attack apparently caused his death. While was re- eased from a hospital several days ago. Plastic Balloon Trip Across U.S. Said Successful BEDFORD, Mass. (AP)-Air ''orce scientists termed the cross- ountry trip of a huge plastic bal- oon " e x t r e m e l y successful,' Thursday after they released ils myload over the Atlantic Ocean The Air Force Cambridge He search Center Laboratory sail the paykad was released upo: electronic command from here a 3:25 p.m. when the balloon wa 122,000 feet above the ocean bout 170 miles northeast of Cap Cod. No recovery atlempl wa made. Thomas J. Danaher, project oi ficer of the laboratory at Han scorn Field, said the experimen was "extremely successful for lh time the balloon stayed aloft." It was the largest plastic balloo ever launched successfully, Dan aher said. Filled with helium ussans Set Off N-Device n Arctic WASHINGTON (AP) - Russia }i off another nuclear blast at s arctic testing station Friday, la speech prepared for delivery to rn lhe national convention of Sigma Delia Chi, national journalism fraternity. Atmospheric Tefts The tests Rockefeller proposed rould be conducted in the atmosphere. The Republican governor, wlwse bomb shelter proposals have es- and all children Ihrougliout the world" in the next 10 years, the ncw president of the American Cancer Society said Friday. The premier told the congress hat such support confirmed "once cer in children and in deformed more that all the Marxist-Leninist sharp rise in the incidence of can- births," Dr. Carlile said in a statement released lo newsmen at the "This predication is based on close of the society's annual meet- Ihe assumption that the Soviet Un-:ing. ion's present madness does not! "The unprecedented fallout occasioned by the Soviet Union's irresponsible testing of weapons tablished him as a leading spokesman on the defense phase of nuclear danger, offered a program From Colorado Road Fatalities ie Atomic Energy Commission f or taking the offensive in global nnouiiced. icompetilion for military suprcm- H was the 25lh announced bylacy. ie commission ' since the Rus- ans resumed testing Sept. 1. --. , tliers are reported to have beenlLJeOth elected but not announced. The newest explosion, in the lovaya Zemlya arctic testing rea, was "in the low to intermediate yield range," the AECJ DENVER (AP) - The Colorado aid. That would indicate a blast' o) dropp( , d lhe namc 0 [ orce equivalent to between M.OOO Jan)e5 G W[t( ,_ 62 of Gol(1cn Fri . day from the list of highway fatalities for this year. Walsh died in a Iwspital here Oct. 17, two days after his automobile went out of control on the Gross Dam road in Boulder TOKYO (AP)-Hadioaclive fall- County. The patrol said an autop- out from Ihe Oct. a Soviet supcr-]sy showed Walsh died of a hemor- jomb explosion began reaching Charles Lott is Elected Secretary Of Colo. Insurors Charles f/ott of Greeley was elected 1 secretary of the Colorado Insurers Association during the association's recent convention in Colorado Springs. He will serve his term as sec' relary of the organization during 1952. The Colorado Insurors Association is an association of independent, professional insurance agents and 50,000 tons of TNT. Fallout Hits Japan Thursday Japan late Thursday, the Central Meteorological Observatory nounced Friday. rhage not attributable to the acci and is dedicated lo promoling and preserving the American agency system. Seven Children Drink Floor DeWaxer Thurs. MALVERN, Pa. (AP) -- Seven could very well present a degree of exposure beyond critical limits 'or safety," he staled. Carlilc is chief of radiology at :he Virginia Mason Hospital Seattle and past president of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and of the Washington State Radiological Society. He succeeds Dr. John W. Cline ot San Francisco as head of the cancer society. Chief dangers ot fallout to those persons alive now are cancer o: he bone and cancer of the blood 'orming and lymph tissue, more commonly called leukemia, he ex Gained. For children as yet un aorn, there is the danger of muta Lion. "Mutations usually show them selves in spontaneous abortions stillborn children, mental and physical cripples of many descriptions, and, perhaps once in a mil- parties approve and support the -eninisl policy of our party,"-the soviet news agency Tass reported. Khrushchev said Ihe attention of he congress is concentrated-on he new 20-year party program ^signed to build a Communist ociety that will outstrip the Western industrial nations. lion cases, a super-human," Car- Hie said, dent. This left the fatality loll at 376, children became Thursday eight more than in 1060. He was born in Boulder Dec. 29, 1878 nnd was a 1001 graduate of the University of Colorado. He was a member of the first pledge class of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity at the university. For many years White was president of lhe White-Davis Furniture Co. in Boulder, founded by his father, William White, a pi- ioneer merchant. He was 8 former president of ' the Boulder Rotary Club and was ' active hi Republican politics. He moved to Denver in 1935 and was ' employed by a department slore ' u n t i l 1959. - Services will be in Boulder. The e lime has not yet been set. gas, tne tianoon was zm icet in diameter and 434 feet long. It was launched from Chico, Calif., Tuesday morning. About noon the balloon, which had stalled over Ohio Wednesday night, passed over Provincelown and out o sea. Every half-hour while it was aloft-- normally above 120,000 feet --the 2,000-pound payload of me- eorological instruments sent back data on wind velocity, temperature and pressure. There were reports that the balloon was seen northeast of Greeley between 6:30 and 7 a.m. j Wednesday. tGod Is Not Necessarily JjAlways on the West's Side Bethlehem Steel Corp. Chairman Urges Confidence NEW YORK (AP)^Con(idence. Strikes in lhe auto industry, sus-j Time oixl again businessmen pending needs of steel's biggest after drinking floor de-waxer mistakenly served to them as apple cider at a Halloween party. The children, ranging in age from 6 lo 8, were treated at Bryn Mawr Hospital and released. Hos- pilal officials said there would be no lasting effect. v\rs. Katherinc Heinxe Dies at Nursing Home Mrs. Kalherine Hcinze, 76, of 523 Elm St., Windsor, died Wednesday at the Weld Counly Nurs- ng Home afler a two-year illness. She was born April 30. 1885, in Russia. The former Katherine ome back to the word, usually peaking of the lack of it, to ex- ilain why things are nol going as rell as llicy should be. And Arthur B. Homer a husky, ig-fisled engineer, did Thursday. He is chairman of the Eelhle- lem Steel Corp., lhe nation's second biggest steelmaker, and he was Idling newsmen why Belhle- single consumer, made the third quarter a "little disappointing." The question of a steel price ise "is still before us" and will be determined on "market conditions and competion," ralher than on the basis of presidential hold- the-line pleas. Larger profits are needed to In the Courts Municipal Court Virginia A. Mackenzie, 1881 35th Ave., speeding, $10. Doris E. Weber, Keenesburg, careless driving, $15. Gordon A. Carter, Sterling, signal light, $15. Marilyn Kay Olander, 1207 4th St., careless driving, fine suspend J l l l g i i c n a j u c j i I T I I / jjvn*". · o ~ j j rf 1 , 1 July · September earnings support adcqualc research and Jed for traffic school. were $33,943,023, and not higher. "People do not have confidence, plant improvement activity on' jjmmie L. McKinzIe, 2441 24tli Klauser, she went with her par-- ., ents to Argentina before moving !o Wilson, Kan., and later to Denver. About 12 years ago, she ana* her husband moved to Windsor. Her husband died May 20. Survivors include three daugh Explanation Of Aid To Red Nations Needed HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) - Hep. 3ob Casey, Houston Democrat, .old the final "indignation" rally lere Thursday night "a stale ot emergency exists when our tax money is being spent to train a potential enemy." He also told 400 persons in the Music Hall over a long. distance telephone hookup with Washington that the Defense-Department' an- ilary aid lo Communist nations "have been confined to Yugoslav- "It's time the people know everything," he said. "I want to know about aid to any Communist nation. I'm get- 'ting pretty suspicious of the so- called neutrals." The rally was concluded with a talk by Frank McGchee, Dallas, chairman of the National In- dignalion Convention, which began in Dallas after Yugoslav fliers were found tb be'training in Texas air base. lers, Mrs. Carl G. Meyer Windsor, Mrs. Marion Swan .which Bethlehem spent S1.33 bil- for all the reasons that you know lion in the last 10 years, yielding as well as I, that we're going for-!increased productivity and effi- ward," he said. "People are sortjciency. St. Rd., speeding, fine suspended for traffic school. I 11 ell ill- aniui/i. - , . Nathan Frank Frazicr. 2601 itth Chape^^ujwr St., meter violations, $29. Rocket Fired 90 Miles High WASHINGTON' (AV) -- A re- jsearch rocket was fired 90 miles *""" high from the civilian space agen- '?"' cy's Wallops Island, Va., test sla- ueorge Heinze or Denver; nine ^ ear ,/ Frid j n a slu(J cf grandchildren and 21 great grand- ^^ ^.^ ^ iemnfr ^ m children. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday from Richard's Windsor, and Mrs. Clarence McKanna of Lakewood; a si George Heinze of Denver; nine warn, ne sam. ruuyu: me OVLV v.v.^j. --, · T _,,I.CA,, of waiting, marking time." I Industrywide sleel production for! Lonny W. Bryant, 134 Jackson. Homer said international ten- J1981 probably will fall a few mil-l meter violations, ?21 sions. the "domestic situation" and^on tons short of 1%0's mark of! John E, Giistafson, Rl I, open- at the Brighton Cemetery at Brighton. the attitude of government were 90.3 million tons. among Ihe reasons. :-- -- · WASHINGTON (AP)-A prom-llhe West's side, Dr. Bennett said: j "Al! together, they have created! _ . · ry Winograd, Donald Adcock and incnt ir 0 | cs ( an t sa jf Friday that|"H is our temptation to assumeia lack of confidence that has! | WQ A r f l G M C f l n Phil Le Cuyer. jwhile "we are opposed to com-;that, because our opponents are slowed things up," Homer said, jmunism as a faith and as an atheists, God must be ing door into traffic, $10. Effort May Be Made to Double State School Aid ideology and as a political sys- Confidence, strong in (he late| side, and lo overlook the extcnl|summer, subsided markedly abouti Opera in East Berlin Thurs. By GENE KRAMER The sisters are studying French BERLIN (AP)- Two attractive;i n Paris and came to Germany and ( e m p e r t u r e in the ionosphere. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Firemen Extinguish Two Blazes Thursday A weed fire in a vacant lot at 1026 B SI. was extinguished by firemen about 11:50 a.m. Thursday. The lot is owned by A. L. Scott. Firemen said the fire was due either to careless smoking or tern," it is a "covert idolatry" to to which communism itself is aimSd-September, al least in the assume that God is always on the i judgment upon the sins and fail-|steel business, he said, but seems; West's side in the cold war. ures of the middle class world, lo lie making a comeback, bright-' The Rev. John C. Bcnnell, dean,upon the Christian world. of the faculty of the Union Theo-. "The very atheism of commu-jnest six months. DENVER (AP) -- The Colorado logical Seminary, New York City.jnism is a judgment upon the; What chased it away? ;a little red car for a night at lhe Education Association is consider-made his comments in a speech churches which for so long were| "It could have been President opera. They got out only min- A _. r i n , n on ..., rnml ,nt M r- ; Parts and Trinitv Eoiscona' nual conference of-unconcerncd about the victims of Kennedy's letter," joked Homer, nites before Soviet tanks lumberedhibils American government per Farls^ and lrimty_ tpjscop_a [ters breezed into East Berlin^n tour i s ( Si (fc c y W ere not involved · official U.S. ban which pro- children playing wilh matches. Later, at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, the firemen were called to the alley between 8th and 9th Aves. and 10th and llth Sis. where a trash barrel fire near Milt's Auto ing a request to seek legislation if or Ihe 34th annual conference ofunconcerncd about the victims of Kennedy's letter," joked Homer,jutes before almost doubling the state's'annualithe Catholic Association for Intcr-jthe industrial revolution and early.smiling broadly. He referred to a'into position near lhe $40 million school aid program, national Peace. [capitalism and which have iisual-jpresidcnlial appeal to slcclmcn.jopera house. A member of lhe teachers' un- Speaking of possible successily been ornaments of lhe slatuSjdated Sept. 7, to hold lhe line on! "What a panic," gi Comrminisljsonnel from p ro d uc ing identifica- Church was endangering a build- 'tion at the ' ""* """ : m " ' ' ~ ion, Rep. Wayne Knox, D-Denver, warned that asking for the legislation means "you are going to against communism, the semin-!quo, no matter how unjust it haslprices despite a then impend ing IB arbor, 19, ary dean said: "The fact that the been." rise in employment costs. giggled Maryjman border guards. surprised at all the " We Are Now Wrecking A '53 Buick '53 Pontiac '51 CMC 2-ton Truck '54 Dodge '56 Chevrolet '56 Dodge '51 Cadillac Blackies P uaris 312 l l f h Ave. EL 2-3122 .border fuss on their return to the United States is a status quoj Dr. Bennelt added: "The lemp- The chairman, in an expansive (U.S. checkpoint Thursday night. have to tell your representatives.nation, fearful of radical changejtalion to turn the cold war inU^mood, explained what Bethlehenv Mary and her sister Nancy, 22, that you oppose cutting state tax: and influenced by a large bodyja holy crusade is ever with usjhas been doing lo shore up profit from Joliet, III,, went into the C5 ·· :.of opinion that is still committed and in so far as we yield to it margins, including "what our boys|Communist zone to catch a per- '·As a legislator. I have to askjto an uncritical capitalistic ideolo-we make impossible the tolerable'call our austerily drive." formance of Handel's "Ezio." p how do we pay for expanded!gy is one of the grealesl obslaclesjand humaneness which must yet "Now we have to use paperJThcy got salutes from the Eastl school aid," Knox to!d the asso- ! to Ihe success of the Free World : come inlo international relations towels (instead of cloth) and that;Berlin police who waved them on c j at j OJ1 ' ,in upholding its own against com! it there is to be a future for man- sort of thing." he said. alter they showed t'teir passports.; Anyway, Bethlehem's third quar- "Friendly, not antagonistic at Bennett differed with those tcr earnings amounted to 71 centslall. Nice and sort of fun," Nancy who would rule out coexistence a common share, covering the.recalled in describing the Commu- The proposal, one of se\eral un- rnunism. der consideration, will be acted, "The utterly self-defeating char- uron Dec. 1 at the CEA's Dele-;acler of the intransigent forms Jin Ihis country is amazing to con- gate A s s e m b l y in Coloradolof conservative anticommunism Springs. , Anolher proposal calls for in-ilemplale.' creasing the level of slate aid to| Dr. Bennelt said that "as a assign a graduate class unit a'Protcstant" he hoped the encycli- value of $8,000, instead of the pres-jcal of Pope John XgHI on July 14 with communism. "Their view of [company's regular quarterly divi-'ni«t police. the cold war," he said, "will al- dend of 60 cents for lhe first time] And the girls had a wonderful most certainly lead to hot warjsince the spring of 10«--which has-time at the opera, they said. The and to the nuclear calaslrophe which will add to the victims of of accumulated cash, actual prof-;shorlly after they left for the tyranny scores and perhaps hun- cnt $5,200. 'about wealthy nations helping dreds of millions of new victims." Still'others would call on lhc;backward nations "will help to' stale to pay full costs of school jchange the American mind at this bus programs and lie sales ratiojpoint." Dr. Bennett was ordaincl lo the School Foundation Program;a Congregationalism been paid without interruption out:Soviet tanks didn't puH up until JOHANNESBURG -- South Africa's visitors included trade mis- its notwithstanding. (Western zone. Newsmen al lhe In the January-March quarter, jborder gave them their first word earnings dipped lo $7,971,692, or of how close they came to getting only H cents a share. They rose|caught in a traffic jam. fo $25,996,185 in Ihe.second quar-; It was their second sightseeing u..inTM. . UL..,..U.« - - D--O [sions from Italy and Japan who ter. In the third quarter of lSuO,.foray into the Communist zone of al iwnerTe'ntof the value oTbotii: in'sUtlng that it should not be,represented SOOvexporlmg compa- Ihey were $12,136.106. jthe day. The first trip over was 'urban an3 rural property. 'assumed that God is alwayi on|nies. '* - | Homer made these other points: |to buy lickeU, the Bucket . . Feeds 5-7 Hungry Folks! HARRY'S DRIVIN /

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