Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 25, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1951
Page 2
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LAS :CRUCES (N; M.) SON-MEWS' Average 0. S. Families In Better Position To Purchase New Home Than In Past Years, Expert Says THE ACTION has a brick veneer and a low pitched roof with wide overhanging ·.caves that give it an air of slurdiness. The floor slab is poured on a gravel f i l l and the utility room replaces the basement for healing u n i t , laundry and general storage. Attaching the garage under a continuous roof adds to the rambling appearance. All rooms open into the bedroom hall for free movement, and it-is also possible to reach the front door, by-passing the living room. Closet space, one for linen in the hall, coal closets In bedrooms and storage closet and cabinet in u t i l i t y room. A double compartment sink is centnl- ly located between stove on left and refrigerator on right. There is also a snack bar and d i n i n g spate in kitchen. Overall dimensions arc 52 feel, H inches by 26 feel, II inches. Floor area is 1,040 and cubage 12,200 cubic feet. Kor further i n f o r m a t i o n about THE ACTION write the Small House Planning Bureau, St. Cloud, Minn. Teen-Ager Prizes Rooms For Herself As Pleasant Gift \Vondeting- w h a t to give your trt'ii-iigr d a u g h t e r for her birthday, jjimlimiion or similar orcn- HOII? Well, hifi-c'H a practical ldin ami iini- that is hound to go over bin. M a k e It a loom of her very mvn, oil" 1 Hint Is designed to her Iir.-:')ii[ililv mid imetlh and Unit will jii'ivi- JIH a study, living room if. i-t]tinlly apprnpriato fot n town- »;;*· buy. J i i h t In* sure to give it the n^lit riiiiju'iilin' 1 II your home lias an unused fil- Hr, i h e addition nf nn nttractlve. I'intii m two r u n be made with l i t t l e HIM:;. Tin; Ullli: Wliu ff\wn .··ti'-h a piojcs'l would be a major u m l c i i u k i n u - Modern building nn- it'iliihi. however. liav(! changed all (hal. I n t i u i o r wallw and ceilings now run be put up quickly and nt tiinik'hl ruHl, Cunvrit A t t i c CotiMtloiitifj thot an. attic can b f . converted into cheerful nnd lomloi ttibk' living rjiiartcrH, the iipjice is i u r toy valuable. |o bL 1 loll u.i'a iiii'ic fiitch-all for oiiiln and ends. .More and MMK Ameilcun litinitiefj arc ttrtlvlni; at Unit ron- riiwlon HH u ifcult of their acqualn- tanrr with (.·conoiniuU .naterialu l u r I'liil.slilng InU'i'loju. IN'unilnciit among tlR'tii! nnilnii- 11 Is ait. 1 v n r l u U H Ininilating' boanl d o p o i n t l v u product N. They t:oiu« in.thu Co i ni of large nhouU, plaukit m(rl tiU:K nnd cuti bt tip|ilixl quickly uyer attic MI f torn .ami .iupplu- intniiiry fianiliig. Their vluu»l «|- pcAI* IB enhanced by the piiltecns ii Trolley K i l l s t h e y h u m . Seorrs (it a t l n i r t l v c signs ran lie wnrlfd oul. Soundproof Hoard An the name implies. in:u1ntiiif j bonrd has t h e r m a l i n H U l n t i o n viiluo. i [\() \\ u r (% ^Q Moi'((i f e a t u r e especially i m p o r t a n t .'or. " ,,,,,»,,.·· .n.l wln.o'r ,,,,, t In an I YOKOIIO.MA. Jnp-,n. April little room. I t cniiics prwli'ronited number (if pk'iiimig colors, ifiim; n i a t i ' i l i i l builds, insul- nil h"ii Iniito n thi* hi-d i just nlroV i;p(l hook Open M t l y b u i l t fin a high M:} tin- i-lnping spin-n in r n novH i-or ml. Tin- butt, !i h t i x f p i i n g ·an be pnsli-'il purl \v,\y n witn «iw. In t h e .vnll I height in n leceii- - i/l'i Ninety-eight persons lo'liiy when n dangling powci turned an old-style wooden i 2'l died l»' EVENIHG Pleasant Listening K O B E '· H50 On Your Dial :| TONIGHT - WED. i'. M. · · '· ; ' ' B-OO" 6:50 G'.bli 8:00 CtJfi* 6;JO 7:00 7:if» 7:25 7:';iO S:00 Slln- 8:30 D:00 nilfi 0130 Mnrk Viclof U! 1 Ni'W.i' ,' . KyiiHon l/;wln, Jr. LCI'B Wiillf ; . UP Nw« !i|iiirix l.'iui '- · ' J1I1I Htnrj 1 Nl'U's Sf-rtivnrlf I n l i l u n int: Cm plant; luilckkniiclt.-) extend In the ceiling tin cillH-T HIilc of t h e tied. On -mi; nidi- tin.- Mhc.vmj; if; flush -igiiimd the end wiill. On tin- -.tlhor, ;hu upper l u i i r of t i n - Hht'lf facing .n hinged anil can be lowered in JiaUis a drop-leg t y p e w r i t e r table. Th'inlt.'i to tills in rang emeu t, there In nn daytime evMi-nre, 'if the dll ill f u n c t i o n of I he room. When It Iff t i m e Lo i " t i i * - , lliu bed IH merely pulled nut to i t s lull W i d t h . The fiitiin llHt'll 1 [a t a s t e f u l l y di'c- orali'd by t h e insulating hiuti'd 'plnnhti which finish the walln .md celling. Kinl waits. Inwer side wall.'! nml p a i U l U i n s in* 1 made .if plunks in a pleii.-jlng !jnn)[ rthafli 1 . laid hori- /.onlially. The upper ^loplny \viilln im: of l i i M u b i l l i i i ; Iniiml plunk in a l i g h t l e f l r i ' t l n f ; o f r - W h i t f . M p p l i e d veiitu-iilly. W J i i t e plant; aliio makes the ri'llhiK. "Whether It is n teen-ager'H mom a nur.Hery. n playroom or .'i den U n i t the f u t i l i t y needs, the v'xtra space needed umially ciin be in an unused ;tUlc. Modern infi inatt'ilulti wilt do t l i w - r v i inp jo!) »t n budget pvict*. Rich. Ditch h Rnhlwr Storage. j A U H U l t N , Me., April .2fi I Anii-ili'c Oobeil IK digging nut hit) | H.-h dltiMi. i Two years nj,'o Ijt 1 , leveled off o Kttlly hy 'u.iinj; niliber rompiiMltiim I liniaps n» fill. · . ' i ' Nmv It's worth 5^80 11 ton and i he'H alii'fltly t u r n e d up Iwu f i v l f t h t curtniidH, . ! Alltn in id Oilier inhatieliif,' .',:. I Clillloii Komi A luAtlraueti Co. inlo a hl.izim; Tuncral pyre.. l-'ifty-ninc othri-K wore injured. .Seven of the! dead wuro Ainei'l- t;tin soldier:;. Their names were w i t h h e l d . Japanese .SOUI-CPH said bodien of ·10 WOJIHJII iind ei);ht ehildri'ii W«T« tuiiuiif, the 98 uharred corpsr. 1 ; 1 piilli.-d from (he .smouldering coiich. Pollt-e Hiiiti the fire Btarted :is the I'lertric iiiihurhfin train pulled , ( . j i n t n Siiluiriigirho (itatlon. j. , i I'li.sKen^ei'H itcreimicd in I error ',,,. j . i H they trletl to force lliiilr way to s a f e t y tlirongli the car's nurrow wlndown. Kin iiH*. 1 ; o,ui(^tly tlic t r a i n ' s fintl car after an Micetr..- power v/irt' (nuchc'd the roof. The mrond ear was partly bui'iied before police sUoppud the fire. The oporalor WIIK killed before IK- could open the dmr ['or the bur- rified paHHriij;er:i. WASIMNGTONi A p r i l . 23 \l\ f A pliin tu Jiiove 1*0,000 .fod't-nil em'r ployes to \V:ishiii}'lon's siiburba IIH protection n j ; a i n n L jtfisihli: atomic n t l a c l t comeK up for a seimle vote today. The "dispersal hill" winld n decentralize itf.OOQ other ijov- mcnt cinploye.:i to permanent icej in other cities. The avcragu family in the Unit- ad States is in a pOKitJon today to afford bettor hoiiBjng than It .w«s [jrior to World War II, rnported .be National Ansodfl.tlan of Home Builders. : Its income hfl« incrensod more rapidly than cither itH coal.of Jiv- the coat of huildlng, leaving it with more purchaKlnR pdwei- nvatlable for Hhfjltci" t h a n ' i t hud in 1030. the'organization snld. Moreover; thla Imprnvempnt.-has been jfrc.iteat among families, in the lower pint of the Income scale, with the result that many'morc of thcae families can now enter the market for better housing than the last prewar year, according- to Frank W. Cortright, N A H B r : x- ucutive vice president. · - · i Ounersldp Increase CoitrlKht pointed out that facts arc at test fid by'the, extraordinary increase In hoinn ownership in the period between the last two Cftn- KUKOS -· from 41 per c e n t - t o 53 per rent of all occupied nonfarm housing- They arc 'ftirthei' home out by an examination of Information now available on changes in' Income, living coats,-and building cost during; the same period, he aided. The rest of the xiatemonl follows: · . . / . · · ; . Family income, by all available means of measurement, has shown i spectacular increase during the lost decade. The Bureau of the Census, for example, estimates .hat the median iconic of non- farm families whose sole income is from wages or salaries increased from $1,431 in i l l M ' t o §3.077 in 340 -- a gain of 150 per cent. During the same period, the cost of building a house, according to the 20-clty index of E. H. Eocckh Associates, went up 108 percent. This more rapid increase in income over building cost means that the median family can afford at least 20 per cent more IOUHC In 1040 than it ·,could, in 830. Actually, the situation is j better than these figures indicate. I For one thing, the cost of living, j as measured : by ,the Consumers' ] Price Index of (he Bureau of L a - ' bor statlctics, went up only about 70 per cent during the decride, indicating that the median family had a very substantial margin for Improving its standard ofji living, including housing. Anolher point is tlioOifinc .d'e-, creased eost of horrowing mortgage mone.y over .the. decade, has given UK; buyer-: some, adftU'p$U* advantage over'.. what 'Jie hatl itf 1030. Tills applies especially*; W mllios of veterans. Not only has tins median income risen between 1030 and 1B4D, hut the distribution of the gain is such ihitt many more families had the* jneans to enter the market for better housing at the end of the decade than ha-a l- u en true at the beginning. In 1030, about 71 per cent of these'wage-earning famalles earned less than $2,000 a year; in 1940, only about 15 per cent were in' this class. In 1030, only 10 per rent of these fatnalies earned $3,000 or more a year; in 1949, the number had risen to nearly 62 per cent. Only 2 per cent of the 1930 families earned $5,000 or more; .while by 19-19, about 21 per cent had reached this class. Poys' Ranch Is Aided By'Gifis Of GraiivStock" , HELEN, Apnl 23 (Special) -New Mexico Boy's Ranch is earning of new friends every day. The Plying BR last weak rccelv- tl 0,000 pounds of grain, donated liy friends fit ClovLs. And there s still morfi on hand n(. Clovis for he same purpose... W. H. Duckworth -headed up ;i ·adio campaign.ip solicit the grain, instated by "piHe Thoinun. father ol Troy Thomas, one of the'boys at the Ranch.'. . Among the donors were Tim Bailey, R^L.'Douglas. C. V. Bridges, Let Hanoi, Harry Willis/TVH. Ray, Ned Hoiik, '(mayor ,of Clovis). Another indication of improved ncome and buying power can be found in the BLS records of average weekly earnings among production workers in manufacturlnj ndustries. From 1089 through 3049 the earnings of these workers-increased fiom less than $24 to nearly .555 for the average week a gain of 130 p'er cent. After allowing for increases in taxes, the Five, in spendable income stil was 128 per cent for a worker with 3 dependents. (These figures refere, of course, only to the income of an individual worker am do not take into account the tota fnmily earnings.) The Bureau of Labor Statistics, has also computed these figures in terms of 1930 dollars in ordei to snow the real increase in wha these earnings will buy. It found that, even taking into account the increase in prices as well as the increase in taxes, the average manufacturing worker with 3 dependents could buy more than 1/3 more goods, · including better housing; in 1949 t h a n he could in 1939 (again not including other earning members of the family). These gains continued through 1050. While the final figures are not yet remly, a preliminary cal- LAMBING -TIME . LIVINGSTON? Mont. -- iff)-- Si^c carloads, of »Teias' sjmep:headed for Kennewlck, .Vt'jjshinsrton, paused here recently. 'A ; few. days later '12 cars moved out. The sheep arc lambing, railroad officials' explained. " ; Goodman Office Supply Co., Dr. I. D. Johnson, H. O. Don-is, Gland Thomas, Bill Wiley, John Moore, Dick Lancy, the Farmers Coop and the Curry County Grain Co. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schulmoi- 3tcr. Albuquerque, The Schulmcl- stcr Farm has made a gift of a ninc-onth old Holnteln bull- calf to Boys Ranch. This gift was given to meet the urgent need of meat for the buys. i culatlon filiow, 1 )' that- weekly Darn- ings on the,average were "up" 148 per cent from 1939,' and,' for the worker with 3 dependents after paying taxes,' up' '142 per. cent. After allowing for price increases as well as taxes, the average earnings for a worker with 3 dependents for 1950 as a whole were 40 per cent higher than in 1»49 -- , an increase of 6 per cenlage points! in a single year. It may be noted that workers in ordinance industries were nt the end of 1900 generally earning about 8 per cent more than the average manufacturing worker. . BL S U R E I TKere .ii,sop»'kind 6 "insurance ' ihit will | cover a "hold hirm :;less" clauu in your COLLINS Ins. Agency 108 N. Church St. ,''..'. FHOIflB- «.-'.' NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAY, APRIL 28ih, FOR INVENTORY'"" Your indulgence will be appreciated. VALLEY PRODUCTS PHONE 99 A LIFT FOR LIFE! NO OTHER DRINK PICKS YOU UP LIKE DR. PEPPER IT ISA GOOD RULE. WHEN J DRIVING AN AUTOMOBILE; HOT TO TAKE EVERY GREW] LIGHT FOR GRAFTED: Purity its X ood Bread Ertily AJ-iiold Fnnitl.v Tlicnlrr KnlBinM Kcronncli! 1 Uivr A Mystory HIcMcn Tniih UP W'ws M u t u n l Newiirrl Klnrllijlil t'om:cil 10:00 Si«n Off ·TbMonnow: -- THURS. A, M. i UP Niiwj Kl · Con Itlu Mtslrann Rolirrt'lluilclfili News 1V1I Vour N«l|ihhnr Mointri!? Nnws TraillrtK Piwt Cc-oil Hi^wn (lattii'r Round Kills 0:00 6:05 7:00 7:iS" 7:30 J:iS S';bO 8:.10 Morning nityrrn tlnldp !i:DO Morning llcvrttlonal Il;]5 Muslr of Ilic Tmplm »:J5 Nrws 8:30* r Quonn for a Pay 10:(iO Jackpot Janiboir* 1'0;8S Nrw« 10:10 rnci«. jihil Pun fic ;V. t Kvrryfiiif . ]0:(S Until Pony rri'«cnl« 11:00 Cmlrlc Fouler 1J:1D* l.iiiicJiPon wltli Ijippy. 1JJ30 , U. P, Nrwx H(«6 Stan Unntk S|wru VIPWH 12iOO NVw Yorlt v«' Hosthn K O B E :?' Vonr Kricn.lly Hlntlon AtTllJATK · DYEMAMIC I M P P E S S l O N ' S »,Y-Quick Service C L i - A M ^ a "Hmmmm . . . a real work of a r t . Suit Cleaned and Pressed by the Quick Service Cleaners.' Ono nf tho big secrets of success is · n · froth', \VQll groomed appearance! Make sure Imit every garment you wonr is spotless . . . faultlessly pressed every tlav of the yenr. Send your clothes regularly to us! QUICK SERVICE CLEANERS 131 No. Water' P h j r u - Real Estate^ Loan* . Imjn-oved City i'roperty t'nrnw -- Kiuichni . First National Bank Bldg. Phono 270 or -1305 I N S U H A N C E FIRE -- LIABILITY-- PROPERTY DAMAGE WINDSTORM,-- HAIL -- AtiTQMOpILE' -- BUILDING ' ' CONTENTS.--PERSONAL PROPERTY . ' LOANS PERSONAL - CpLLATERAL - COMMERCIAL STATE FINANCE CO., INC. 117 E»i Grlggi . Phone 968 HERE IT IS--TROUBLE MAKER- THIEF-POTENTIAL KILLER! Here's «xactiy what a worn m u f f l e r will do 16 YOUR c»r. It will develop* "back pressure" that causes engine trouble »nd robs Y.OU of presclous gnsbllho. It will let poisonous vapors Into the car that inny result In serious consequences for you and your loved ones. 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Uf to tiwfrftgalhni in t-wry ten with Tontlt-O-,Matii*.6wrdriie! trt£ ponvr and ptrftrtnancf kait nufdf tin name Mercury famous a//6W the Mrld, ' AlERCVRY~tht car with tfif £, f/CiVf^ }'^i' · rt of any car hi America for MESILLA MOTOR COMPANY 600 N. MAIN PHONE 203

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