Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 12, 1957 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1957
Page 8
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Pace 8 GREEhEY TJUHIJXE Wednesday. June 12, 1937 150 at Flag Day Services Apprnximitrly IV) atlrndrc) Ihr I'las Day prucram Snnrlay in Cror Icy F.Iks hall under Ihr amr'trs "' C.rrdry« li«lcf. HMualMir Kla: Day rmrr« hy nffirrrs of Ihr lodcr inchnlcd introluction liy .1 Stanlo Smith; imoralion liy Doral Miller, chaplain; hi.tury (.1 thr r'lac hy James W. Maxry anil ii-«ponr liy Dr. Kenneth K. I'rrry. In a paceant runnectril «ilh the hl-tory nl the Klas. Maxry w a s «i.i»trl hy a croup uf Kur'l""''' Sii.tits frnm Troup Wfl, anil M.Sst. .lark Mox. I'SAK, and I). S. Wrick-, MMI. I'. S. N a \ y . in *n arl.ln-", inlilled. "Idi-oloC- ir.-il Kail mil". Dr. Sam C. Calrs, i h a i r m a n uf cradtiatr studies. I'olnrado S t a t e Oiliest 1 , tmllini-il mrlhii-U and i.bjedhes of com- ruinistir idcolnairs in their "hrain- \iahm:" Ircr.nlqurs. He urseil the danger of contaminated ideas s directed acain't the ideah. Ira clitiuns and our American w a y "( lile. and Ihe need tn meet it wilh mental mtccrily. sanity and cuur- "Thf Slar Spanslfi Dinner", "This I« My Country", "Plfdje nf Allrciancr". The service ton- eluded »ilh Ihf sinsinj; of "God llles« Amrrira", lei] by Ihf chorus. Thf commiltff in charge included Jimn II. Shrllnn, Terry Odle, Kred W. Werner and J. \V. No 2 Stomachs Shaped Alike Pierce riEJICK-Mn. lslrr lsh rn- Alfalfa Weevil Damage General Weld County Itcal Kslalc Transfers R e v e n u e .timpt on real e» tale tran.lers are at the rate of S1-10 per thousand If strips . . . but how long hit H been since you heard an) one ura the term 'funny papers'? That comedian Jonathan Winters tells about the two boppers who were tirowjing through TiUany'i. : tertiined her bridge cluh at her A salesman brought out a tray of home Kriday afternoon. Cuesti watches but they shook their », r( - M ri . Virgil fireen, llri. Pless . H ,, B nvi heads. Then he heij up a diamond'Kerr and Mrs. Harry Bradbury. ' ring the size ot a golf ball, and winning scores were received by NKVY YOHK * -- Things a col- asked, "Ho* about thi ' umnist might neier know if he wife?" . . . "Crazy rna... . _ . _ . .,,,,,,...,,..,,,,,,.,. . ,_, ,, ... i. . .1. didn't open his mail: one of Ihe bopperi, 'Til bring her- .... . . .. A ., ,. ;in fields generally throughout the That (not including the holes in around in the morning and we "»'c I'nillipi »ere their son and'""J' 1 '' Rock 'n R(K' lo PulpH The Weld County extension office. ni for'your Mri^Ad'flinV'TurnrV." MrV.'jVmri j"ports that it has had immeroui man." .aid ,. riddy ,,,,, Mrl . Bradbury. *'*"«' "' """ f ^ u ^5 v. "to ' daughter in law, Mr. and Mrs John ^ , your head) you have about 2.VXJ,- swap!" 000 pores in your body, or some Thai Hobert w- 1-ewis nys, 10 I.LJM.^. ,,,· . ft _. ti:i. ft , n j nnhi"" 1 ' " tv fv *' ""'* '" """··· --- 3.WIO to the square inch . . . Ihe , husband, if, yeUimony." ', ' ,, ' r vUl iince lhoe fi '. ldi lhil h ' V ' next lime you \isit your doctor. That the Hold Kdison here now "«""· |ljwl rrpor ( f j containing Ihe wee ask him lo count your pores-then provides a fret lady-in-waiting for t-'allera at the Phillips home .Sun-, v i|, lre , t por\td to be heavily you'll know whether nature short- bridal guests planning June wed- d »y evening were Mr. and Mrs. J. .infested. changed you. dings ... and among Ihe itemi the J - PoIosVy of '.reeley and thriri A roo d ,.,,,,)[ on ln( . presence That while somebody has already bridal as.islant will carry ii a hot- houseguesta. Mr. and Mrs. Tedj,,f the pest is to note if there is ti|i(.nl you otf that no two finger- tie of smelling tails. Wedell of I.os Angeles. | an y damage on the tips of the prints are identical, you probably That a mule deprived of frxxl Visitors at the home of Mr. and plants since weevils will eat the ilidn't know that no t w o slomachs will die in about a day. (But it Mrs. Vermin Baiamonle Sunday af- topmost leaves first. Another check to llobert II. Sebastian, l/it 4. lrr (n aped exact!) alike. Rut they ,,,,·( | n ,,. (hat when two moles ternoon were her brothers-in law is to iweep a hat across the tops Winder's Second Addition to the , ure ao ] IIO k ,1^, | rom ((,,. out- meet during a long hard winter,and sillers, Mr. and Mrs. C'harlesjof plants and efcfok if the sweep of (Jrcrley. Subject to Died iide.) their favorite greeting is "Hullo, Warner and children of Ault. Mr. i has gathered up any of the weevils i. $1*0. That if lou want to tie difftrent lawn time no tee.") and Mrs. Bill I.emonds and family ;The insect is a imall green worm | Willmr W. Martin and Jean A. | rom j c)ljr mislibor, take up Bud- That a male peacock has mure of Nunn and her brother and sis- less than a fourth-inch long. Martin to frban J. Vehr, Arch dhism . . . there are only 60,000 than 200 fealhers in its fan. (This ter in law. Mr. and Mrs. Ardell j There are two recommended til-hop of Drntrr. Part of l»t« 7 Huddhisti in Ihe IJniled Stales . . . ilem may not intere«t ou, but it I.eaf and children. All went to [control measures. One is to cut and 8 Blk. 1, Cranford. in Ihe City or one out of every 2.MO persons, is a matter of v i t a l concern to a ' Black Hollow recreation grounds, the alfalfa if the field is fairly near of Crecley. Hrv. 12.1.63. That in ISW there were only [our lady peacock looking for a cool for the evening. cutting lime and then spray the J. F. llaney and Cura K. llaney aulomohiles registered in this roun- boy friend on a hot d a y . ) Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cox and stubble left behind. H the crop is Juno 10 Leonard Amei and flowena Ames City uf Trust of Las Aujftes, known hi show buiineu 11 "Little Richard," slid VICTORIA. B. C. * - Rock 'nJTuesday he p!«ni to quH Sept. II roll tinier Richard Pennimin, B.I to become an evangelist. Improve Your Home With A General Credit Loan! still some two weeks away from lo treat to M. K. Whicker and Donna try . . no wonder they called That it was Thomas Garble who C,ary of Rnscburg. Ore., jpent the Whicker. l/its I, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6. 7, f. 'era "The (iay" . . . no observed, "No man who has once weekend at the home of Mr. and;cutting time it is better 9. 10. 11. and 23, 21, 25. 26. 27. 21. parking worries. heartily and wholly laughed can Mrs. Klmer Huitt. She is Mrs. (the alfalfa in the field. 29. .10, ill, and 32. Illk. 4, Has- Thai Americans now spend more, be altogether irreciaimahly bad." Huitt's sister. I The extension office recommends linmck and Gale's Addition to Ihe than J2.SO.OOO.OHO annually on »pe ,-,-. Town of Ault. Ilev. 19.X. cial baby fiKids. (By Ihe way v.hy The (ireelcy Klk» Chorus wilh Kdward K. Craig and Mary B. doesn't someone develop a special j^gr) Marvin George as director and j ra , K to II Rulheford and food designed to improve teen- Dale Djkms as pianist, furni-hed! Mabel llulherford. Ut 22. Blk. agvrs?). the musical program, including i;jn in Craig, Archer, Koehler That actress Sophia I//ren, . - and Tr.iry's Subdivision nf Blk. 177 Italy's leading entrant for .,ex- in Ihe Town of Kvans. Hcv. bomb honors, defines her beau Karl II. Schwarz and Ccnrvieic :idcal as -- "A good, intelligent an:f Sunday a family picnic at the! u s i "8 Heptachlor on the growing DVM Degree' at CSU tnwn park was held in their honor. I In addition to the above mentioned I there were Master Sergeant and .Mrs. James Ftaney and son* of Milt il r h u r . rtu i-i ('olnrado Springs, Mr. and Hoy HretM of Nunn, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs . h«M Kenneth Melvin Goddard, son nf. I:rnp , t j) r , cs c [ Ault, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. I). R. Goddard.! raryl n u j t t , n d daughters of hay as a spray. The stubble field treatment recommended is tpray of Dieldrin, Heptachlor, Aldrin. Toxaphene, Chlordane, DDT, TDK or Methoxychlor. Mrs. day. Edwin I.esh and I.ynn Sun- A picnic dinner on Iht lawn , , . . . , ho.l i M M T i ' t *'., , ' nn ," 1 ,''" 1 "''n. M] I! 1 ,: ' ' ' Miiit-r. in Ti-» r;.»T.l t,r i:ii n,«iri'i N" I' 1 ". I r.*.1n. \\l-l f'Minty. niimi:i.« v irn.'..ui,.'i' . . s , \ -. ' . ·· , n ,| |). Marie Hansen. I/it 13, Blk. ,.. in, Karr's Second Addition to the , i ' f (_-,,.. ,,( creelev. Ilev. $11.55. :',. Arthur I.. Schatroth and Alice J. »"i ; schafruth to Billy J. 1-anning and " " ' i M a n l v n M. I.anning. U.t 1. Blk. S". if, Farr's Fourth Addition to Ihe 'J'i- City uf Greeley. Subject to Deed uf Trust. Ilev. $133. ',. Donald S Peterson to \\estview «,. Bml UK i \\' ^; ' Gre.ley. No rev. i..i.- \ V e s i v i e w Builders Corporation .'\'r l» l" llr '·· Turner and Jeane M. «. mk. s. we,tvie« A,I e dty of Greeley. Itev. much hot air in an hour?). That Ihr first king and quren r*tr tclfvisfd were George VI and Queen r^izabrth of England . . . '. on June 10, 1939 at the New York Wnrld'i fair . . . a reader hai atked u* which sultan was firtt to Second Try Is Success Mr. and Mrs. Dwight ftwaltnty and children of Hrreford wert guests of her parents, Mr. and - lwu B.' take his entire harem skin diving C;A\ FRANCISCO . . . «orry, our expert on royalty inagby, 60, of Sacramento w a s i says he has to pa«s up (his one.' popped from jumping off Golden ,. .. .: ,, ,_. « nil, i T 1 "' 1TM *'" hlvf 'P rnl mnre Cate Bridse a week ago. No one ml.lers (orporalion Ixit 6 B k. 3 , hln w JIf j( |, V e ,, rt hi , , rrond fffnrt . coast .U,ew Addition to the til) of ,,, he ,,, . . . or ,,,,,.,,, M year,,, n^frt , Pir chers recovered hi. if you count the time spend das;-.body on the Golden Gate's north dreaming while on the job. Turner. ( i.,.,, n | 0 t That thi* ii no cnlicum of com- shore. Awning keep your home up to 20* eool- «r WITHOUT operating txpenit. Call KoolVent TODAYI Phone 4711. Ault. M Srhwan to James K. Picketl \not too )oung man" . . . a descrip- 2:,2S Fifteenth street, received his r.reeley, Mr. and Mrs. Guy B r e e s ' w a j in celebration of Ihe birthdayt and Thelma T. I'ickett. \fl 6, Blk. '"'n that fils us exactly . . . «· degree of Doctor of Veterinary , n( i family, M r . an d Mrs. Edwin'of Mrs. Gwallney and her mother. Medicine Kriday at the cnmmrnre-, Kiolko^ki and family and Mr. and | In Ihe evening all were supper ment program of Colorado State Mrs. Will Bjorklund. guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin University. ! Mr , Bur | ,, uil , ,,,,, thildren of d 1 "'') Lesh oa Dr. Coddard will intern at Angel Canon Clty , pfn , from ^riiy Memorial Animal hospital in Bos- unti , s , tur(1jj . ,, tnf H U JU home. Ion, Mass., for IS months. He was shf c , mf ,,, Rpt )nfir two , on , wh o a graduate from C.reeley High i hld , prnt , Wffk w . lth their srlnd . school in 1931. parents. 3 Kairarres Addition lo Ihe City^'P' 'or the firtt two adjectiies. of Crt-elev Subject to Deed o f ' That joii breathe more than 23.- T t It v J I 9 000 times daily and inhale 4M cubic ! Donald I.. Brung.rd and Naomi '"' '·' '"· "'" »·»"«" '!" ·"; - Bruncard I- Curtis 0. Hansen «« blowhard exhale twice that A R T H R I T I S SUFFERERS! OFFER SAME DAT RELIEF! 100 Tablets $2.49 COOK'S SELF-SERVICE DRUGS -- 804 8th Avt. Don't postpone bom* repalra-- It may mean icreater eioenai later. Set Dick today! Ixiini made promptly for any reaion- able purpose--medical experuH, · uto repairs, emergencies, etc. Loans up to JISOO or Men Dick Mcrttnson ... 24 Monthi to Payl Loans Mad. to Farmer, and Resident, of Nearby Town. Ph. 968 ... 725 T«nth It. Creclty, Colorado cr i i i n m m Concrete highways give continuous service You pay two ways» hen a non-concrete road is closed for patching or resurfacing. Costly maintenance eats up funds that could be better used for new road construction. And you lose the use of the road under repair. The use of concrete on key routes, such as the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, will provide roads that can be expected to five 50 and more years of service with lowest possible maintenance cost. ·»,.**· ·-' 2^' ' ', , **. · * l TM 1 ^ii^t-- P O R T L A N D C E M E N T ASSOCIATION 721 Boston Building, Denver 2, Colorado A -«*««sl ^j««io'i«- » "-p«»« 3 · i i n a t t i l In \ V * M M A H K r. WATnors. Jnn» i, 1", 11. 1Z. 11. H. MITMI. Ill- K T A T K Of lIlMHtAlPil, In t h * :.: i: si n It*. »«-n1 I'.uu. K T : K I rAi:i, r. i.rt:. Jennie Anderson to George W. . Hicks, l^it 3, HIV. 3, ot Anderson's ^ ' Clrnmere Addition lo the City of Cm-ley. Hev. $3 30. 1 William I.. Sutton lo Neal J.,.,. llolub and Hubert W. Jelinek. l^".;."" nl ,. 1. 2. 3. Blk. 7. Second Addition to ,,",'£ *; M ' Wilhire Sut«livision. Rev. $S 25. Marie llechlholdt to Richard W. Wil«nn and.or Ixirraine Laura Wil- 1 »nn. !.r.i !!. filk. !5, T«wn of Wind- f,'^,';^',^,,'^,', «i.r. Hev. $3 M. Give him a gift that says "Thanks, Dad" every day in the year. Give him a lounge chair from our large and complete stock. .f Jtilv. f ' »1 nl» ".",'."' ".,..l'"i'l.J^ niiii'i: IIII.'/.KII. Oklahoma Governor Asks Congress for Proteclion U.S. Oil L I F E T 1 M E Guoronfeed MUFFLERS yry INTERNATIONAL PASTS MUFFLER is wxondH fondly gvaranlfffd for tht LIFE of fht vehklt on «.hkh it CANYON', Wvo. 1*1 --Oklahoma Cov. Raymond Gary Tuesday called upon Concress to take some fft action to prolrrt the domestic oil In a speech to the Interstate Oil Compact Oinmioion. Gary did nnl specifically mention any desired legi-lalion. but pointetl out that some Ka^lern manufarturin firms are protected by hijh la ids on imported competitive gr-Kls. Gary said that oil imports were increasing rapidly "causing some s t a t e s to curtail oil production." He said a cooperati\e effort of Watch Dad rush home to the real comfort of this reclining chair after a rough day. The built- in foot rest rises smoothly under his legs as he leans back, giving him complete healthful relaxation. Covered in durable plastic and long wearing fabric. Blackies A u t o Parts iind (Jlas 11th Av«. Phont [4-Passenger Airplane Approved for Fish-Game Dr'AVKI! f -- The Slalr ( A Fih Ilrpl »a aulhonie.l Tuesday In purcha-e a new four pas- sencer Beerhcrafl Ilonania air- plan, fur $27.U.S. Stale Pin-chasing Atenl l.acy I,. \VilVin-on announced the ap- pro\al altrr Ihe ("tame ft Conimi.*ion g a \ e its authorization. t The plane will br purchased from ! Mountain Stales Aviation Co. ' a l l o w e d the department ill.227 on Ihr trade in of Ihe 1M t s ; 4 air.-ralt il nnw o w n s . The Ce sna's oncinal ro*t uj rnrr Brake, Light and 1 tlLlL ni -L" n DldCKIcS .infi 11th Avr. Muffler Inspection Urine Your Car In Today! New and Used Auto Parts and Glass Phonf U2t · AMMONIUM NITRATE * AMMONIUM SULPHATE ·UREA Custom Side Dressing MOTHER -- don't worry about Dad soiling this chair. You can wash it with soap and water. H e a v y cloth supported back plastic with foam rubber over springs. Another marvelous gift for Dad. Famous "Berk-lok" that Locks In Any Position by Berkiine. Chair and matching ottoman (ottoman not shown) . Another Berkiine Berkiine Swivel Rocker and Ottoman (Ottoman Not Shown) Chair and Ottoman Combination Swivel Chair and Rocker. High back, 5'/2 inch foam rubber reversible cushion. Covered in a decorator fabric. Neutral color. Solid foam rubber "Berk-lok" or Swivel Rocker in choice of colors. The finest Rocker *· have to offer. Chair end Ottoman -- 95 -W- SIR H l h U . Phone 2910 Sensational in beauty and comfort. Locks in dcsir:d position. Foam rubbtr over springs for years of wear. Excellent cover in beige or brown. Chair and Ottoman .. . 99.95 119 iuli»1 t» nl» t h » m · l l n w m t . r * In j f' w l l h l n ·!* minlh« rrttn -.1.1 itil« rr Flirt rUlm. "Ill · 1"'- , A l . Mlll.r r.4 Illnnrr lltnrn.). l I j w 111 I V r o l t A ^ A llnlMInc , T » l » r ^ " n » H H t ; ! ) 2*. J u n a I. 11. 1*. U k 7 . \ R U C K E R S Fret Delivery OPEN FRIDAY EVEN'.NGS Phon» 100 1028 8th Ave. We can't show all the lovely gifts we hove for Dad on this page. Stop in and see our tremendous selection of comfortable chairs-of every type. Smokers, Reading Lamps, Lawn Chairs. USE YOUR CREDIT

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