Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 1, 1975 · Page 6
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 6

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1975
Page 6
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;i Tl "-' · s **-'ln'"no. Saturday. February 1.1975- o Ann Landers Ten ways to break up a marriage: I'KTKU IIOVl.K. Ml. stars as Joe (lallo. ami l''rp(l Williamson plays Ihc part of a cohort in crimp in thr slory of onp cf HIP country's most By action of President flamlioyanl mnlislpi s. "Crazy Jnc." a world . Irlrrisinn |irrnilrrr on Ihc Alic Siiiiilav Night )l«\ie l-'tlt.'!. French TV changed Hy Aline Mnsby PAUIS iU! J H - A lelevision program on the environmental effects of Krance's new nuclear power plants? Out of (he question--before Jan. G. On thai dale the government- run French lelevision system was thrown out by President V'alcry Giscard d'Eslaing. who has been breaking one tradition after another in France. As' of Jan 6 radio and television were broken into seven competing companies, still governmenl-subsidized but what the French call "privately run." The biggest upheaval came when Giscard d'Estaing announced television no lunger ·was the offiqal "Voice of France." as Charles fe Gaulle and Georges Pompidou had claimed. From now on TV journalists were like olher journalists, he said. 'Before, everything was polilici'l news, foreign or economic." said one executive in the channel one news room. "Now that's finished. "N'o mailer whal the subject --social mores, sports, anything --we can Ireat il as serious news. The Ihings thai go on in daily life are important now. nol just politics. It's a liberalisation of subjects. "Por example, before we just never would have considered doing anything on the controversy over (he government program to build unclear power pianls. Now we could." The result was noticeable the day (he new system slarled in a news show thai devoted less lime lo politics and more lo a Soviets report profits decline MOSCOW ( U P I ) - Profits are dropping on Soviet stale farms, the Communist party newspaper Pravda said Friday. The newspaper said expenditures were outstripping production and reserves were not being used properly. The newspaper urged farm managers lo start "careful monthly analyses of performance. "Some leaders and specialists from collective and Soviet farms do not pay 'proper attention to the indices of profitability," Pravda said. "According to figures of recent years, the level of profitability of agricultural enterprises is still low and getting even lower, though production has grown and more money is accumulated." Focusing on the Byelorussian republic. Pravda said in 1970 farmers gat 19 kopecks profil for each ruble spenl and in 1974 only 13 kopecks. Total profit levels fell from 34.7 per cent in 1971 lo 23.5 per cent in 1974. couple who left their baby to die of cold and hunger. Furthermore, TV news shows now have a single anchor man "in Ihe style of Waller Cronkile," one newsman said -instead of several newscasters. And in another move loward a freer TV. the government decreed lhal Ihc tnirtl channel launch a "free tribunal" show- where any speaker including opposition politicians can have his say. Now interviews wilh government ministers are billed as having "embarrassing, penetrating questions." The new look in news is one of many changes in France's TV revolution. The Ihree channels adopted names lo replace the old numbers. Television Francaise I, Antenne 2 and France Region 3 (the third channel specialized in regional shows i. The four most popular programs survived : "Dossiers of the Screen" ifilm will) roundtable commentary afterward on its subject). "The Theater Tonight" (play filmed actually in the theater). Cine Cluh ink! classic films including silenis) and "Today Madame" (round table afternoon discussion of women with doctors, writers, elc.) Some long-criticized programs slill are on the home screens, including loo many talk shows that better belong on radio, or belter yet. in oblivion. Filmed advertising arrived in 1970 and will remain in (he new formal, wilh cals meowing in French as they wolf their pet food and householders proclaiming the merits of floor wax and soap (he same as their colleagues on Madison Avenue. Dear Ann Landers; Kvcry once in n while you rerun a column bceause someone asks foril. I am no I only asking- bul pleading. II was tin- column on "How To Break Up A Marriage." It was one of your bust-arid I need il NOW.-Cliff- Hanger Dear Cliff: Here il is, with my compliments: 11) When a son or daughter lets you know (hey plan to he married, show open hostility to Ihc person of his or her choice. After all, marriage means less love and aitcntion (or parents and Ihcy have a righl to resent il. 12) Kxpccl your m a r r i e d children (o spend every Sunday and holiday at your home. Ac'l hurl if they have other plans. 13) If your married children have problems wilti iheir mates, encourage them to come home, no mailer what. Listen attentively (o all (heir complaints Poinloiil additional faults which may have gone unobserved Remember, a drop of water at a lime can wear away a rock-if you keep al il long enough. (·1) If your married children are having financial problems, rush in with the checkbook. If you are having f i n a n c i a l problems yourself, borrow, if necessary, in order to help them, but let them know they will never have to do without anything so long ..; you are around. (51 If a married child lias a drinking problem, keep telling him his mate drove him lo it. II will make him feel heller. Everyone needs someone la blame. Smothers Brothers censored By Frank S. Swcrllow NEW YORK ( U P ! ) - The Smothers Brothers, who spit in CBS' Eye during (he late 1960s over censorship, a p p a r e n t l y have ruffled the feathers of NBC's Peacock. Two words were eased out of last Monday's show. A spokesman for NBC-TV said the n e t w o r k ' s blue pencil d i v i s i o n , (he s t a n d a r d s and practices department, garbled two words of Tommy Smothers' patter wilh the audience while he was singing "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore." The spokesman declined lo disclose the offending words, bul he said Ihey did not meet the standards of NBC programming. Both Tommy and Dick Smothers declined lo comment on the incident. Last Monday's show, which was video-taped almost two weeks ago, was (he t h i r d program of Ibe season. The network spokesman said there were no other incidents of censorship for the s a l i r i c a l show. One skit on Ihc premiere was deleted al the request of the performers. Livestock, Produce CHICAGO (UP!) -- Chicago Mercantile Exchange closing price range: Open High Low Close Sales Live Cattle Jan. 36.25 36.40 35.50 35.60-.50 958 Apr 37.50 37.50 36.50 36.65-.50 3424 Jun 37.90 37.90 37.00 37.10-37.00 1743 Aug 38.00 38.00 37.15 37.15-.20 204 Oct 37.60 37.60 36.95a 36.95a 77 Dec 37.75 37.80 37.15 37,15a 47 Frozen Pork Bellies Feb 65.90 65.92 64.65 54.8M5.10 1564 Mar 65.90 66.05 64.82 6485-65.15 1302 May 67.00 67.10 65.77 65.80-66.00 828 Jul 67.25 67.70 66.40-.50b 383 Aug 66.10 66.30 65.20 65.20 86 Feb 66.00 66.25 66.00 66.00a 8 JOUET, III. ( U P t ) - Livestock: Callle 3,200; trade moderale; steers 50 lower, heifers 25-50 lower; choice and prime steers 36.25-37.50; choice 35.25-37.50; good and choice $3.00-35.25; good 28.0033.00; high choice heifers 36.00; low lo average choice 34.00-35.50; good and choice 31.00-34.00. [logs 1,000; Irade active; barrows and gilts 25-50 lower; no 1-2 200-230 Ib .40.2540.75; no 1-3 200-250 Ih 39.75-10.25; no 2-3 250-260 Ib 39.25-39.75. POKTLAND ( U P 11 - Cash grain. coast delivery basis: 30-day 60-day White- wheat 4.08 4.12 Soft while 4.08 4.11 AXN - C SbplraFilm R g^^S TIMES, 1:15-4:45-8:15 - P L U S - COLUUS^ PCUjRTS *.~~, MaggieSmtth "imothy Bottoms m^iAUWJJ PAKULA PfoduCbw toveandfen i~" AND THEWHOtE DAMNTH1HO Times, 2:50-6:20-9:50 HELD OVER A Sun Internationa] Productions Rfttoasa The life and Times of GRIZZIY ADAMS ctftxbyotjiB' Gr-^-* 1 -" IM Tru* itory of man ixlltd n MM wlld*m*t( *nd how to iMnttlo surylv* fail moving · acliort packed! i f THE SECRET OF Ttt P FREE ELECTRIC M-CAR HEATERS IN COLOR GATES OPEN 6:45, SHOW AT 7:15 INDS TONIGHT T D "THE RESORT GIRLS" ptus "THE OFFICE GIRLSTM STARTS SUNDAY F O R T H E S A K E O F Y O U R S A N I T Y , I'llAY [ T I S N ' T T U R F , ! "HOUSE THAT VANISHED" nus "APARTMENT on the 13th FLOOR" FREE ELECTRIC HI-CAR HEATERS 459-J792 GATES OPEN 6:45, SHOW AT 7:15 till If your married child gels an opportunity for advancement which takes him lo another city, tell him family is mure important lhan money and if lie leaves, Clod will punish him for not obeying the cqmmandment, "Honor Ihy father and thy mother." (7) If (here are giandchildren, smother them with gifts. If the parents objed, tell them to keep out of il. After all, grandchildren are to spoil. Sneak money lo the kids, secretly if you have lo. They'll love you for il. (8) Whenever your married son and daughter visil with their children, make a point of how thin and tired the kids look. (id across Hie message that you don't have a very high opinion of the way your beloved grandchildren are being cared for. I n t i m a t e thai Ihc- mother's neglect is delrimental to Ihe health of the youngsters. Ask repealed!) \iliul they cat and why il is lhal Ihey have so many colds. 19) If your son has a bullon off his shirt or if his shirt isn't ironed as well as ynu used lo do it when he lived at home, say something. Also mention the hole in his sock or Ihe spol on his coat. II could fan Ihc flame of self-pity and start the final fight lhal will end up in the divorce court. 110) If your married child has a difference of opinion with his mate, gel into the act and give them both a sample of your wisdom born of years of experience. Whal do i'HKY know? You've lived! If you talk loud enough, maj-be you can l u i n a hassle and break up the from coast lo eoasl are sure lo minor argument' inlo a major marriage. The divorce lawvers love vou lor il. Plus temptuous co-hit R i l t d m - U n d e r l i n i l i i k i l t t d TOIM:L\KM\ Doors open at 5:30 454-1731 Dear Poiion. ll you would be of- Fe-'ded by a til^i ol a «»ual notun your palroiage il nol so'icired. The Managmeni NOW SHOWING AT 2 THEATRES! SORflY- NO PASSES.' A, , I n itie year 1843. J o n n Safer, j, toy of 13, w i t h Ins trottier; and sisters i n c l u d i n g an i n f a n t set off on one of the mosl i n c r e d i b l e j o u r n e y s in . . I . rr*, . . f I American history. I his is a true account or r h e i r |, a z arJous 2000 m i l e t r e k along t h e l e p e n d a r y Oregon I rail in p u r s u i t of a dream. PrateHSot "WHJfii MMD F£fiH GROWS" FrwiljPfestst Seven Alone Slairing DEWEY MRTIN ALDO W - ANN ROLLINGS DUN SMITH and [STEWART PE1 EJp^Jo Fx-.iw:. HVlM.«;(yi -rt!^!,J«i Ki'j-vi kyxjy.t PnAxer MBit fiXH * SwcMi|t,llH.W»ai-aMMIli[CT»»l to*c-l'txia)HO. : KI TO CW . ».,, b , KSIIJ 0 u . KARCHERPIX TIMES-1:00-3:00-5:00.7:00-9:00 PtfESE.Y77.VG DWAYNE FRIEND u Mr. Gospel Guitar" A LONG WITH 'The Friends'" Crusade Team Internationally Known No. I Gospel Guitarist and Award W i n n i n g Song Writer. Winner of the Dove Award 2 Years in Succession. The Mosl Inspiring Effective Evangelist in the United States and Canada. Dwnyne and "The Friends" Are Featured Weekly On Their Television Broadcast "Meet A Friend" Dwayne Has Sung With REX H U M B A R D Cathedral of Tomorrow^ H A P P Y G O O D M A N F A M I L Y , BLACKWOOD BROTHERS. NAMPA CHRISTIAN HIGH AUDITORIUM February 2 HiruU 4 9at7:30P.m. JEWETT CHAPEL AUDITORIUM ONE NIGHT ONLY February 7 at 7:30 PJ. "M ADMISSION EVERYONE WELCOME

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