Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 16, 1970 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
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Saturday, May 16, 1970
Page 6
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Page 6 GREELEY TRIBUNE Sal., May 16, 1970 Woodstock Handling Referendum Put DENVER (AP) - A proposed referendum on the handling of the Woodstock Nation crisis on the University of Denver campus this week by DU Chanchel- lor Maurice Mitchell was postponed Friday, but DU faculty members were unable to set a new date. The ragtag village was demolished Monday and again on Wednesday, by Denver policemen who were aided by Colorado National Guardsmen the S("(ind time, in maintaining order. There were no mass confrontations. Three boys were arrested by police last night when they unrolled sleeping bwgs at the edge of the si'.° of the shanty village. Officers said the boys had violated an injunction issued by the culty memlpers Friday, Mitch T suffered a bruised back. Both Off and shacks removed and criticized a statement he made earlier this week when he reportedly said, "I've made some of my best decisions by going against their (the faculty's) wishes." Appearing before some -150 fa- ell said the statement was made in jest and j.ilded: "If you have misinterpreted my remark, I owe you an apology. I have great respect for this faculty." Meanwhile, students, faculty Four Injured In 2 Traffic Accidents Four persons were injured in two of tnree traffic accidents reported Saturday by the Highway Patrol. David J. Hernandez, Milliken, was treated at Weld County Hospital for head lacerations and contusions, Martinez, also and Ronald of Milliken, In The Courts DISTRICT COURT Man Convicted on Hay Theft A jury in District Court here Friday afternoon returned a verdict finding Earl Servin, 30, Rt. 2, Brighton, guilty of a theft charge filed against him in connection with the theft of 215 bales of hay worth about $150 last Nov. 21. Judge Donald A. Carpenter, who trial presided of the defendant 10 at the two-day case, gave the (lays to file a were passengers in a 19liG con-]motion for a new trial, vertible driven by Guadalupe] John Bernard Mcrscal. 25, of Oballe, also of Milliken, which Denver, Servin's co-defendant, ran off a county road one mile south of Windsor, Patrolman G a r y Spradling, reported. members and administrators at| Dam ge to the vehicle was ?40U, the Iliff School of Theology, which adjoins the CU campus, Friday voted not to invite residents of the Woodstock community to build any shacks on their campus. Dr. Jamison Jones, Iliff pres- , ident, said he called the meet- District Court. The three were taken to Juvenile Hall, then released with or- ,, . t l o , v u l c uulmlllg uu ders to report today to police]the campus. He said the reports Spradling said. Oballe was not injured. testified during the trial that he and Servin had stolen the hay from the farm of Sam Barclay about two miles east and one mile south of Platteville. Heather Marie Kotx, 7, was! However, treated for bruises by a Fort Lupton physician, after a 1053 sedan driven by Jeannette L. Kotz of Roggen, ran off Colorado 152 one mile east of Fort Merseal, under headquarters. - ing following reports that Wood- up on ,' , Mrs ;, Kot J ? lso wras ·-J stock members were building onif r · , b / tlle P nvslclan for said thp rpnnrf 0 ! b r u i s e s - Damage to the vehicle cross-examination, admitted that he had been promised immunity from prosecution if h e j testified for the people. Barclay leslitied that the morning after the theft, he had followed the tracks of a vehicle from his hay stack to Servin's Jessie Bennett Services Set Recitation of the Rosary for Mrs. Jessie C. Bennett will be held at 8 p.m. Sunday at the Macy Allnutt Mortuary. Mass of the Resurrection will be at 11 a.m. Monday in St. Mary's Catholic Church, with interment in Linn Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Bennett, who lived at 1323 15th Ave., died Thursday afternoon at Weld County General Hospital. She was born Feb. 2, 1890, in Zanesvillc, Ohio, and was married to Herbert Alden Bennett April 29, 1915, in Colorado Springs. Surviving are her husband, Herbert Alden Bennett; two sons, Herbert Alden Bennett Jr. of Denver and Elmer Francis Bennett of Washington, D.C.; two grandchildren and one greatgrandchild. were unfounded. . iwas $400, the"llighway Patrollhome in the Brighton area. Hospital Dismissals Dismissed from Weld County General Hospital on Friday May Friday's f a c u l t y meeting| The shantytown was built., DU came after the development of students said, as a protest sym- a campus controversy over Mit- bol against the war in Southeast chell's decision to remove the shantytown with the help of the National Guard. The faculty said the chancellor should have consulted them before deciding to have the tents Asia, racism in the United States, military involvement and ROTC programs on college campuses. In all, 46 persons were arrested during the crisis. A one-car county road accident on northeast aiofficc. of Sheriff's Sgt. Tony Onorato ~ 15: Donald Lauring, 3015 131h ' I S t . ; Paula Gonzales, 1305 2nd Susan Findlater, 2100 10th Linda Eichhcim, Nunn; Gilcrest resulted in $300 damage and Deputy Sheriff Maurice .. , to a 1961 station wagon driven Hubbs of the Sheriff's sub-S a n d r a Propp Windsor; by Eudella Camarillo of Plalte-'slalion at Fort Lupton testified I' 101 TM 5 H .? rd ', sR ° n ° n 3 ' st , Ave ' : ville, Patrolman John Wands!they also had followed t| le Jonathan Herdt, 500 31st Me.; reported. Wands said the tracks of the vehicle from Bar- Carol Bartholomew, Rt. 4; Dana vehicle was westbound and ran off the road into a ditch. Nixon Nominates 1st Women Generals in U.S. By FRED S. HOFFMAN IP Military Writer WASHINGTON (AP) --President Nixnn has nominated the Skeptical She said she had left her office during the afternoon "because I had to get my uniform fixed." named and "they are paving the way for others to follow." clay's farm to Servin's place. However, Servin and another witness for the defense testified Servin had been home playing cards on the night of the alleged jury received Frail, 2(i()l E. 18th St.; Bell Nunn, 2235 5lh St.; Mrs. Mrs. theft. The returned its verdict at 4:10 p.m. daughter John Herbst. 224 13th St.; Charles Martin, 2417 10th Ave.; Mrs. DeWayne Adolph, 1931 llth Ave.; John Henncy, 2935 llth Ave.; Frank Moody, Eaton; 11:40 a.m. Friday and'Mrs- John Rodriquez and Members of Bruce Conner, Maxine Dahmer of Eaton, Patricia Louise Dalton. 2951 the jury were 1714 llth St.; Autobcc, Eaton; 1020 A Mrs. St.; Larry David only other thing the drive for women's liberation, said, "let's not talk about that." '"I surprise, was, "My goodness.'' i She said she regarded her Dieterle, 1129 10th St.; Mrs. Florine Dimmitt, 618 21st St.; Mrs. Lydia Jepsen. La Salle; Ave.: Willie Da'.iderl nfManics Galvin Jr.: Ml 10th St.; 'Gregory Billings, Keenesburg. James W. Fisk, 1820 R e s e r v o i r Rd.; Elton Illingworlh of Evans; Ruth N. Kinney, 1805 21st. St. Kd.; Betty E. Peterson, 1H05 14th Ave.; , , s. e sa se r e g a r e er, p r i n r W4 ird VP . F l i TM 1 Col. Hoisington's Pentagon of- promotion as "recognition for V ,,, N w ,rl %TM i^lh Avr.'i S u t t l e ' A u l L a son ' 'or of 1ST ! " e -- » f «-' jubi-: service." j'c^JJ '^ vm ^ ^ W B -, Weld Cot, .^I'ZwACchief.oldarenorteriM^^r" 8 1 0 1 1 ' S 51 ' C "-| lO.h Ave, and Paul Youn,;, IPlSj"-"" 1 "; _ _ first two women generals in the history forces, day. The Pentagon said Col. Eliza: beth P. Hoisingfon, director the Women's Army Corps, Col. Anna Mae Hays, chief the Army Nurse Corps, have')'TM' been selected by the President!' for promotion to the temporary rank of brigadier general. Congress authorized general' officer rank for women three a icn , lllllulus ,, KSf SpH 0 r" '" "'"^''"'^"^"""dvanLln^icalion'on'tl Croix dc Guer « with Silverjjud 8 e Koy'M. Briggs in 'District, ^ e Hn^SranaHve^ : ^^ ° ! thc - w ? mcn C °'° nels ^-^-^"^ ;M ^,H C TM rt " Cre ' The 5 '° Ul " was ' Stork Express Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde on Friday, County General male come in ti and "they ;i f nc " 1 " i IS dO. | 17 ,|, ,\ vc i her career, Col. Hoisington; William L. West, deputy Born to Mr. Eslala, HI. 2. and Mrs. Luco daughter, on served in Europe during World. district attorney, prosecuted thcJFridav. Mav 15, at Weld County ~ ' ' ' ' I are kissing me." | War If, later went to Japan and:case. Mike F. Morrissey of then has had a variety of; Denver was counsel for Servin. Youth Put on Probation A Greeley boy, 14, was decreed a juvenile delinquent by The WAC chief wears, among ! other decorations, the French General Hospital. Born to Dr. and Mrs. Donald Allely, 17 Dos Hios, a daughter, on Friday, May 15, at Weld General Hospital. Newton. Kan., enlisted in Br ° nZe Sfar " She is Barbara, Calif. Wo I d W a r U v= s Arm^i "l" « ' " ^ ^ 7"TM*^ Auxiliary Corps in 1942 and was f^-* 6 alway ?- g ° tlcn ° Ur due commissioned a year later. She'; became airector August 1966. Col. Hays, N.Y., also entered World War nura Ihe becanTchiefTlhe Col. Hoisington said more and| Her decoralions Army Nurse Corps in Septcm- TM re women colone ' s are being; Legion of Merit. iP lace(1 T ' Born to Mr. and Mrs. Romero !Alvarez, 221 10th St., a daugh- Her official address is Santa! Judge Briggs found the boy i cr ,,n Saturday, May 16. at ;had bem habitually truant from;\v c ld County General Hospital. Israelis, Egyptians Duel Over Suez Canal By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Israeli and Egyptian warplanes fought new battles over the Suez Canal today and the Israelis said they shot down two more Egyptian jets. This brought to seven the number of Egyptian warplanes the Israelis claim to have brought down in three days of action and to 98 the number downed since the 1967 Middle East war. The latest dogfight erupted when a number of Egyptian aircraft attempted to attack Israeli forces dug in on the southern sector of the 102-mile waterway, the Israeli command in Tel Aviv announced. It said both Egyptian planes plunged to earth on the Egyptian side and one airman was seen parachuting. The Israelis described the downed planes as Soviet-made MlG17s, the type of jet the Communist side used in the Korean War. Thousands of Israeli and Egyptian troops are entrenched on both sides of the canal, closed to maritime traffic for three years. Both sides have reported »rtil- lery and small-arms fire on the ground and aerial activity overhead. Six-Hour Raid troop encampments, gun emplacements a n d ammunition dumps around Gabasat Cam El- shat and ttie Tongue of Port Tewfik. The nine Israeli casualties were reported farther north along the canal. Woman Killtd In Amman, A Jordanian army spokesman announced today that one Jordanian woman was killed, one person was injured, and a house was destroyed by heavy Israeli artillery fire Friday night. He said ground fire hit the border villages of Wadi Daboss and Deirabisad for the second time in 24 hours. The Israeli command said an army patrol killed an armed Arab near Khan Yunis in the occupied Gaza Strip after 'he refused to answer questions. It also reported that s e v e n Arab school children and two adults at a school near Gaza City were wounded when a grenade was tossed at two Israeli soldiers. An Associated Press correspondent reported from the southern Lebanon village of Kfar Chouba that peasants were abandoning their homes as Arab guerrillas returned to their camps among the boulder- strewn hills and olive groves. As the villagers staged an exodus away from the embattled The Israelis sent (heir planes across the canal for six hoursjarea," hundreds' of" guerriiias during the night to hit Egyptian came back to lheir bases afler being chased away by a 22-hour Israeli armored assault Tuesday. military targets on the west bank. The Egyptians claim their heavy artillery Friday night hit troop encampments, gun emplacements and arms stores. The Israelis shot down two MIG17s and a MIG21 on Friday during a day of aerial and artillery clashes along the canal. Nine Israeli soldiers were wounded in Friday's ground action, the Israeli command re-j ported. In Cairo, the Egyptian command said its Lebanon's interior minister, Kamal Jumblatl, has denied that any regular Syrian troops are in Lebanon. But guerrillas from the Syrian organization called Saika were in evidence in southern Lebanon, speaking Arabic will) a distinctive accent. jLady, There's Dog on up on Israeli positions along the southern sector of the canal Fri- YoU f ROOT day night, while its antiaircraft! guns thwarted intruding Israeli! pQNTIAC Mich (AP) planes. An Egyptian military spokesman said a 90-minute artillery barrage ignited fires in Israeli Revised Rules (Continued From Page One) owner or occupant has made special arrangements with the! wcYe bci , |f , e| . ue , , 0 B ' utch ,., ow Mrs. Neil Kcmper says she's tired of hearing, "Lady, do you know there's a dog on the roof?" It's been four years now since the family's half-poodle, Butch started "roof-sitting" at their Pontiac home, and the Kempers report they're still getitng visits from the Htiimme Society and the police. "People call them, thinking S.O.S. Th» following wfety r»- mlndtri »rt provided by tht Cltlzent Action Council for Siiftty. S L E E P SLEEPINESS O F F S E T S The drowsy driver is courting death. He should pull off the road in some safe spot for a short nap or slop for an eyeopener of coffee somewhere. Stock Market Closing Prices NEW YORK (AP)Kalser Al 3311,)- Ii New YorkKnncolt 4a-%+ 214 Slock ExclHUWoKeiT Me 74 + M ·losing jiriccs: Kralt 35 1 .-.!-- -in Close Cne.KresRC 38Vi » \dmlral n Lib Men 6?i+ U Mean Al 2U1+ '.t Llllmi 19«i--Us Mlicd Ch 18U+ Vi l.ekhd Air 1R1+ .i Mlied Sir 2214+ Vi I.unc S c 19'.«+ '.i Allis Chal IB -- 1 IJine s f 13',' + Vt Mcoa 5BH. + IW I-VO Crp 4T.+ H \m Hess 21 H- Ti Macj- 26'i+l ,ra Airlin 25W+1V4 Mad FlI 1714+1 ,m Brnds 32T4+ ii Msnvx 26% . \m Udcst 21'' : H-l'/4 Martbn 23 +H ( j \m Can 4U 1 4 + l : i4 Marcor in 44W + l i: Am Cj-SB WH-- '/« Martin 13?i+ MW Am Cyan 27if.-M'/ii McDon D lti'.4+ Ti ,m ELP 25',l+ V. Merck °0',«+1 .Mel Cl 34'/*+lMi Minn Mn 90 +1'4 Am Mlrs 7'i Mobil Oil 41','i+ " m Smelt 27 + »i Monsan 31 +'.i ill Std 31Vi+ Vi Monl Dill 20-li m Tl-T 4C»1 + 1 Mnnl Pw ai'4 + i j \miex 1806+ T« Mt Fuel s 2(1^«+ Vs Anacond 25 -- V, Ml SI tl 31'.»+ U Armco Stl 22%+! Nat Cash 56 +21-4 Armour 42'- - ',; Nat Dist 15M..+1 \tl liieh 50=.+ ivi Nat Gyp 18%- '* \tlas Corp 2!. Xvon I'll 145 Beat Kds 28 Beech Air 10" !ell How 3:i [Ji-ndi Beth Hoeing Solse Cas 55 + 1 Stl » + 20 + Nat Lead 22 + ·"» +3'.; Niac nip 15H + 'iNwst Air 18'-.+ '4 i+ 3 i Nwt Ban 26'.^. - '4 + '4 Occid Pel !»»«+ li Irist 51 My .k 12Tit+ Er 19 + ludd Co JO'ii- Burl Ind 35?;+ 3url Nor a-l'-a+l Burchs 122U+: .II 10'.» Castle Ck 22'/i-Cater Tr 34»1-- Cclan Cp Olio Crp 15 V i - s'i Omark In 13',i i, Outbd Mr 15»4 [Si, Owens 111 43 I., I'ac GEI 2SW-- », 11 I'ac Pivl. 18'.i+ '.i ; I'ac T4-T 17T1-- U I K Pan Am 8Tj«+ 3j ?, I'arko Da 18U+ »l i,t Pcnn Con 15-k+ }ii !li I'enn Dix 14.i-- 14 Penney 43 1 «+2 l ii I/-'. Pepsi Co 42-li^- tt "i Pfizer 92 t-2 Phclps D 48'i-- 11 lRi+ ! Cessna A 14'.i:+l CFI Stl Ches Ohio rhrysler Ccrro Cp 21'fc-f »i Phil Mor 30-1, i- Polrd 7511+5 I'roet fia 96H+4S;, 191.1 Pun S Col 20 + 'i 50U+ i PUK S PI 28^11+ "i 23?*.+ »fc Pullmn 39 + V4 Cities Svc 3-vj+Hi RCA r'.i-f ij, Coca Cola 70K+ K Repb Stl 32',.+ 'a Cole Pal 361*-- =fc Rcyn Ml 29^-- U Rcyn Tob 36H Roy Dut 32%-- li Safcwy 24W+1 St Joe mn 27 Culo Inlst Colu Gas 2 + Coml Solv 25^-i- Comsat .lu +3 Con Edls 25Vi_ i; SI Resls 30H Con Food 30'-+ -onl Alri 91J.+ Com Can (14Vi+ com on :onl I) Cowles Sa Fc Ind 24 Schcnly 2Ui+ =1 Schrinc 51 + l»i SUM Cp 14 -- Ii Fjilrch C 1-lrcslnf Kooil Favvir 15i+ liTfxlrr, --- · Sou Co 2P4+ afc St Oil In 38 « Slude Wrt 40 i Swill Co 26 Tcldyn IfiJ " Tenncco i Texncn ^ Tex G si Insl T i+ * +P rd Mol JUi Fur McKs s 41 Thikol Tlmkcn administrative authority to use, do we exp ] ain he , ikcs H the number of plastic or paper; ( |, e rnof ber 19G7. Col. H'lisington is a graduate! of the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. Cnl. Hays received: her nurses' training in Allentown, Pa., her nursing education degree from Columbia Uni-; versity, and a master's degree; from Cailiulic University. ] The circus The two were included in a Monday -- a list of 82 Army colonels selected!|| la i some for promotion to one-star rank. ' Circus Will Come To Town Monday comes to lownjHing Wild Animal Circus living testimonyjbe brought to Greeley by I that time, his tinucd to June 17. ! Hearing Continued j The delinquency hearing of ail; 18-year-old Firestone boy was' continued by Judge Briggs toi Sept. 30 as being in the youth's; best interest t h a t there he no; finding in his case at this time. The boy was accused in the d e l i n q u e n c y petition filprl the Good Mission against him of having forged about SAKUJ.N ( A P ) - A U.S. For- nrcl Air Control pilot directed !a series of tactical air strikes fin Pa containers that may be put out^"n;|; e "' ni . st Umc Mrs jumper Ic'"""TM ^'t for collection on one day. The: came homp from S i 10|)| , in ,, andlSCr" *i"''' contractor is not required Hound him there, she climbed up|TM »'"V." £ + pick up any item weighing m: [0 rescue Mm thinking he was 'Hrcyho,'" 14..;+ excess of 70 pounds. |too scared to get down himself. nS'nTM, TM;t "Special handling of certain ,, within an hour , ]e was r ighl!»* s |je J^+ i t'n I'aclf : l.'nlroynl i Unit Air Unit Cp 1'n Frit + i 3Hi+ »i 34 +214 52 +iai _ . , ,., back up there again, "Dead animals, automnbile iC! ,|| s bodies, large volume of leaves! ' ' in fall aiul winter, trees and! tree limbs that fall as result: |_ QW SllC IT- Hnnywl . . . . Idnlid rw 271-; IiliMl Has 12 + 111 Com '-H'i-1 | I H M of s Col. Havs learned about heri good things "° nl "tJG;ede7i^^ "f " ickp , (1 u " ^pH^jyJOn Highway Jobs : i'^ 1 -'-'- ' ' · "-W, and Sandra." lal Knock |; tl ,' 1 '' .. . . . , , ' through special arrangements to: v " ""a"" I J 7 ^ u u a All the glamour that never! jaid its sight conservation nomination from a newsman j changes for* children of all agesjprogram. after she had left her office for ! w jn 'b e presented at two per- There'll be the pungent odor defraud Kenneth · L. Towns. s(orms up items:' i Inl Han Inl Nick Inl Pap Inl TT 311' i 30' -H 39 + 11U-- ' . US Inri ' I S Ply 22'i-lU US Smlt 27 +314 US Steel 34 -( 'i i Varian 16'4-f *i War Lam 59 + 'i Was Wat 18'',+ ftj, Wsln Air 111,+ 14 i Wn Uanc 31^4 Wn Un 38 + U i Wi'stR Kl fi2i4 + Pi · «'·/ + !', . Whilr Mir 16li--1'i W l w l h I9=M-21i i Xenix Rfl'i-M'i ^ Zenith 2H i h+l L .Sales 14.570 000 the day. iformances at Island Grove She seemed skeptical, saying, p ar 'iV 4:]5 p m and 8 p m I II have to call somebody and · - -- find out." of sawdust, popcorn and cotton candy, and lumberin u All District Six schools will!elephants swaying around the be dismissed at noon and 1 p.m. | ring carrying their glittering ·»^^^«----u««a»«oTor the big circus parade thatjcargo of seijuined ladies. Deaths and Funenls I wi " wind down !1 " 1 Avenue ! You'll also see wild animals,!" "*""""*" ·"··· j Cambodia, described the enemy ' I beginning at 1:30 p.m. Gronping'aerialists, acrobats, jugglers.: ATHENS. Greece i AP) - An- fi»n position as a classic .50-cali- k area will be 9th Avenue andjclowns, wire-walkers, aerial'othor tomb conlainin" lhe' D e r s ' tc - Discovered in Marathon Plain mamese .50-cahber antiaircraft| b e made b the city, i gun site and blew up an armsi construction Debris Excluded cache, the Air Force said 1-n-j .. Collslruc(iori Debris . Debris \° i] y- ] from new construction j The pilot, Capt. Charles C. remodeling will not be jBuncie of Colorado Springs. I u p by the refuse K'olo., flying over an area 48:^contractor. Debris from old ash- j miles west of Pleiku just inside pj( S| an d small remodeling jobs,! NKW VCIIIK (\pm.ila Con 5»i+ '4 Itarc-s 4»,+ l.d or DFN'VFR C A P l A Hnliirnc UL,1\\LIV ( A f ! -- A LIOI01CS, Colo, firm, Nielsons. Inc., was | A"i«riTMn stock Ex-Fronuer the apparent low bidder fon ' Vll, nitlfic nf u-nt-lr nn l i ^ / 2 nines 01 w o i h on u. i ' Arroji-t U+ 1 -- ' i. Kaiser In ... + a . MJdw Fnl 11"+ H + 1. Scrry 15U+1 1 U Syntx 2fi'v-- *'t Tcchnco 10^1i+ U RDRM5QN 15th Street, and the parade willjballets, bareback riders and an travel north to 5th Street, thenjold time blaring circus band, west to 14lh Avenue and into The circus will start setting west lo 14lh Avenue and into' Island Grove Park. beautiful girls, ·' graves of soldiers who fell fight-! ......... " Il had tni ' ce on tllc ing alongside the Athenians^TM 1 "" 1 al (-·animal points," he against the Persians in the his-isaid. "They usually mount the 70 pounds, and these will be picked tion contractor. There'll be c o l o r f u l costumes, exoticlGrove Park, and Don Bennett, animals and breath-taking pcr-jchairman nf the circus event up tents and oilier parapher- toric battle of Marathon almostiS 11 " 5 in llle center of these rings " nalia Sunday afternoon in lslan(l!2,500 years unearthed by | for the Suburban Linns Club, The tomb is said to be that of formances. P I I , . ft , !. . ' I 11U I I 1 I I I U IX SiUU UJ UU 111(11 U l i . - . · , Sponsored by Lions Club, .invites everyone to come on out s | avc - who r 0 u«ht wilh Athens a c l l n n ' TM lch The Carson Barnes K i v e i a n d watch. ; u j s ' o n l v 100 v a r d s f m m one g° od ,, becal ,' se , , ,, , ., 'discovered earlier this month! O I l e s IIlc ' sho ° l al - " e sald ' B A I H I I f l y r l f t f. R i i i r d of l.'iin 3nl A v n . H l l s l i ; i n i l nl' ^]rs. c'lrai-r; l l a i n l . F i i l h p r of Mr?. Mm'i.'in .liiycdx of L a r a m i p . \Vyo.. Clyclo .1. P.airci of M a r l i n c z . Calif., Floyd Bairti of Berkley. Mifli.. W a l l e r R a i r d nf B a l d w i n P a r k , CHlif., Donald L. Bail'd. Bohhy C!. PJ.iird. Mrs. r h » r 1 c n R H f - r l i s l . C h a r l e s Haircl, Miss B P I t y Haird. and J o h n Baird a l l ol ( S r c p l f y . Brolhor ol l l n n i n l Uaird of Dpnvr-r a n d Mrs. M a r y Kinnoniiui of sacrnnipiim. I ploded an experimental ;.-tomic bomb which France will put into has beeni a n c l can usually fire at you as Greek ardieolo-|y° 11 collle across of pickup: gists in the Marathon Plain. 'T On one of the runs the .50- icaliber site was knocked out of makes me I'm one of feel the France Sets off Experimental Atomic Device at Pacific Site which was said to conlain the; skeletons of young Plalaean snl-j diers wlio fouglit wilh the Athe-i nians in the decisive battle ofi 4!1!) B.C. which ended in triumph! I for the Athenians. i n The discoveries are consid-;oi Congressional Scoreboard CTON (AP - The st .,t,, s IrKiMallon this week: ercd here amonrr Hie most im-' '^"''i""' 1 ' 1 '"' pnwrani extension-Consres- L I L U I I L I L d l l l U I I L , l i l t Illll.M 1111 s i on! ,] ; u .(i nn compleleil. r.-tlif. Also H i i r v i v o d by Iti p r . n i K l i - h i h l r c i i ;iiul ^ ires HI::!" ; .Mniulay J'|-"in A i h i i n s m i . M c i n o r i n l ' I . I l l l l M - l l l l ' l l l . S l I l l H C l , r i a l C i i i - i l i ' i i s . PARIS ( A P ) - France ex-to lead to definition of the H-p 0 r lant in the past century. | i«...k nomine company curb, passed i . . . . - , ., _ ., . . _, . , ; i Prof. Spvridon Marinatos. in- 1 """'" i device of low power at its Pacif- production. She alrea-dy has air-i s _ c( .t or iynenl of anliciuities |ic test site Friday, opening its.craft and missile-carried A-.,.^ the lom b of the slaves was I197U atomic lest program. ;bombs in production. ;' in |ho s n m p wc | Hl , esc| . ve d C!) n- The Defense Ministry an- .France refused to sign the nu-. f j i ( ( m as ,,,.,, nf , hc ]] al;u , an lcst__ban_ jreaty_underj s o l ( | i m foun( , in lhc w(!slcl . n i n n u n m | here Ihn blast was se ' MACY A L L N U T T M O R T U A R I E S . . J i i f f "over the lagoon" at Muru- «'^|i Ihe United States, Britain:;,,,,;,,,; (lf ,, ,-.,-, 2(i mil ^.^'ll^ 1 ,^"!' 81 TM' 1 ' 0 northeast of Athens. ' iroa atoll, probably suspended · from a balloon. · Authorised sources said Hor ± w»k mat'he test i ics, tin. 1 fourth in the 'would include a maximum end all atomic testing except for; J underground shots which ..,,,, Jmally produce no fallout. .Florida Students Krnce carried out four at-! Register as Lobby "jj'mosphcric and 13 underground 1 -Hi- ail curbs--Congressional ac- i coiiiiilt-li-il. Tiinu'rc-ssinnal reorenni7:ilion--I, com- Iti-i-. :iiine C.inliot -P.-issed Senate, l i n i r l.nw ii-viM(in--Passed Si-nale. :it-iloi.-il Ciillt-m' ii-foni|.-Passed Hni coinlary school aid--Con- Kli'iiii'iilJi i'ay raises for postal :ind foilr-rnl om- ]il( Ciinnrt'sj-ioun] iiction romplftod. V't'iiT.'ins t-iliicntinn ticnclits -- Cassotl hotii hmiHj's and a\\;iitinc cnmiiromisf. Votinil rinhts-- Passed both houses and a w n i l i n q nmiprnmisc. Welfare rpvismn-- I'jissod House. blasts, inching testing of: TALLAHASSKIO, Kla. ( A I M --! P.F:N\KTT jnii.T l.'ifh A v n n i i f - . I l p r l i i ^ r l A l i l r - n .MnlhiT ol' H"rl)iT r.fnin-M. .Ir. nf I'li-n M l n i ^ r Kr;i!ii-is Hi i W : i s h i i i K l i ! i . l.l". , i Fn,»v , v : device exploded Fnday may ,have been a trigger device for Alilon L'^I- ;nid nfl l uf lirx-iln- A group of college students who move its sa v moderates are losing con- site to the South Pacific, itml "n campuses have rcgis- ! lcre(l as lobbyists--under the in- Gunlcss ilials us -- wi ' |n tne lf)7n Flor ''da Miss UNO linn nl' ihi- S i n i i l i i y ;il l i n d l l l . J N i s . r i T l i n n 11 -.I'" : ni. f r n i n S I . M a r y ' s C ; i l l n i ! i i C l i i i n - l i . h n . - r u n - i l l L i n n f ; r - i \ r C i - i M i ' l r r y . (Continued from Page One) j Albuquerque. He is considered France h?.-s carried out tests LONDON" ( A P ) -- Despite an 1 Their immediate objective: jone of the region's blossoming in the South Pacific, at Mururoa 1 increase of violent crime, most ; To try and convince lawmakers'radio stars and already has and Fangataufa atolls, since Rriiish police still don't want tn'lhey must allow citizens to dc-^itlracfcd a wide audience in l!)(i(i. when there were six carry firearms. Arming police, cicle in 1070 on whether to lower; Denver. and bitumi- thp rnfusp rnllcc · NEW YORK (AP) - New York Slock Exchange closing in- Sons Co., Dcn-jdex: ver, was apparent low bidder!Market up 61 cents for 11 miles of Colo. 92 west of|lndex 42.13 up 0.76 Inr-alinn or noint i S a P i n c r n ' Quiring grading, Industrial 43.80 up 0.88 locauon or POini. struclur( , Si stabili .,j ngi and bi , u .|Transportation 30.01 up 0.58 The firm bid:Utility! up 0.23 "In areas where collections are made from the street, the bags or containers shall be within five feet of the curb at a spot approved by the administrative authority minous paving. $453,416. Pioneer Construction Co.. ·Pueblo, bid $193,584 for work on |4Vi miles of Colo. 12 from La northeasterly, and Sterling officer). In areas where a block j H;lv " n S , c ?" l"^ Cofllin ^., was has a throuch alley the bacs apparent low bldder for blluml ' y ' at the alley at a spot approved r ' , 0 " u by the city administrative! bt . erm g authority. P r °J eet "Exceptions will be made only when an additional charge is made for the additional service. In no case shall collectors be required to open -rrS'cori gates or enter buildings to;»kia collect the refuse. Provision for Exclusion "Exclusions: |)\', "Property owners desiring an^ exclusion from municipal refuse l.i,i,, n collection service shall obtain a permit from the director finance. The director of finance!, 1 ,'! 1 .'. 11 shall issue a card which can be posted on the premises to notify the collectors of such exclusion. "Eligibility for collection: "The following shall be! eligible for the municipal refuse! collection service: [ "One-family residences, one- family residences in cluster ownership, muliple-family residences up to five units, mobile home courts up to five units, individual merchants with living ) I " 1S '«TM ,.r bld $72 ' 345 r , for llle STOCKS IN THE SPOTLIGHT NKW YORK t A P i Sales, dosinK prire nnd npt chance of the liltccn most active stocks traded on the NY Stock Kx- nv«iy ) "c,,, ,, KyFChk Del 01; Gull Oil . 265.100 2l5.tlOO ... ...128.600 12B.1I10 ...122,000 121.500 ..ll:t,90l) 111,1(10 no;ioo 107.200 .. 107.200 Finance 55.27 up 0.54 CIIICACO ( A P ) - Future* trailinB on tin- Chirago Mercantile Exehance Fri. ilay: Prev. Open Hlgli Low close Cloi* LIVE BEEF CATTLE .lun .10.15 30.;iO .10.07 SO 53 3020 Aus 30.32 .10 50 30.27 .10.45 30 35 Ocl 20.05 30.15 25.02 .1(1 10 23 95 Ucc 2S.70 b29.77 59.52 29.65 29 80 Ki'O 29.75 25.75 29.65 23.75 29 75 Apr 29.75 29 75 29.75 29.75 29.75 .Tun -- 830.00 330.00 Sales: .lune 1,220; Aug 1.509; Oct 277; Dec 1M: Feh 13: April 10; June'71. 0. FROZEN r O R K B E L L I E S May .11.90 -12.35 11.15 42.12 41 65 Jul -11.25 41.5(1 40.B5 41.45 41 12 AuC .19.05 39.20 .18.55 39 10 39 00 Pel) 34.HO .15.07 34.50 34 80 34 80 Mar 34.60 34.50 34.60 34.M D35.75 Sales: May 590; .Inly 5.1BR: AUR · 449- Kcli 33H; .March 13. Open intercsl: May 1.125: July R 7 2 2 - AlIC 5.41(1: Kch 875; March 171. b-llid; a--Otfrreil; n-Noiuinal. NKW YORK (AP) -- Dow Joi Averages: cs Stock Inilus. Trail. Ulils i 65 High Low Clou N.C. Wlfl.M 705.58 680.37 702.2;! +17.« 1-I5.M HMO 1-11.78 M7.fiB + .1.20 102.S5 KM 2!) 101.09 103.IS + o.« S t o c k s 22S.M 231.83 22-1.3.1 110.43 H- 4.70 Tran.*aelinn.i in Mocks uped in averages. Industrials 1.1M.WI Transportation .141^100 Ulililics 167.400 S5 Storks 1,613,500 r iiin^Ki'siir- blasts. These were followed by the "periodical Police Review the voting age from 21 to IR. | The five judges will interview! quarters on the premises when three explosions each in 1067.contended would lead lo "Rim Such a move they say. might I. h n contestants Saturday,located on a residential route, mid lOStf. |; m " ;inrl increased ji)it-loiing|be a release valve for r.inipus'fvi-ning , dino w i l h Ihem.'anci vacant lots upon special The current series is pxppclod by criminals. Itcnsions. j prior to the pageant. I arrangements." Local Market (Corrected to May U Pinto Beans $0.75 Oats _ 2,20 Wheat _._- 1.12 Barley 2.00 ·t I-!, I KANSAS CITY ( A I M - Wheat 116 ears; - - »i U lower lo V, hieh.-r: No. 2 hard and -Hi dark Hard IJHM: No. 3., ni -- Pfil No. 2 red wheat 1.3!)-1.40i.j n; No. 3, Corn 86 cars; UnchanKi-d to 10 lower) No. 2 uhlle 1.55-1.70 n: No. 3. l.ra-l.nn n; Nn. 2 yellow fc mixed l.nii/ 4 -l.32: No. 3. 1 30V.i-l.31 n. Oats 4 ears; UndiniiKed: No. 2 \\hlt* (il5-Ti-7fiVi n: No. 3, 64 : !i-7.y/« n. Milo maize l.!»7-l.!in Ilyc 3n ; !i-!.0!i n llarlcy 90-na n Soyheans 2.55"/-2.72'-i n. Sacked shorts 39.00-30.75 Wheat lulures closed from »i higher. WHEAT FUTURES: Op«n High Low May 1.37 1.371,", I.36V July 1.30'/i 1.3ni.^, 130'.* 13014 Sept 1.32'i 1.3274 1.3JV4 1 32H Pec 1.35-lt 1.35% 1.3M4 1.35% March i 31 wnr In Clou NEW YORK (API -- Potato futures: Maine closed 3 cents lower to 2 cent* higher. Sales 247 contracts. High Low Clou £ - ' · - I May 2.MI . 2.05 2.51 3.50 3.« .1.4S

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