Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 18, 1972 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 18, 1972
Page 18
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P I N N E D FOR SERVICE - Mrs. 0. S. Herdman (center) is being "pinned" by Mrs. Sam Andersen of Ault For distinguished service with the Colorado Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases (TBHD) Association from which she is retiring. Pictured with Mrs. Andersen, member of the North Cen- tral Advisory Board and director at large, and ittrs. Herdman, who has held many offices, is Mrs. Brian Lindquisl of Loveland, program director of the North.Central Region of Colorado TBHD Association. (Tribune pho- lo by Rose Mary Koob) 24 YEARS ON ROUTE CHICAGO HEIGHTS, 111. (AP) - Although blind, Gene Thibideau, 48, has walked his newspaper route every morning for 24 years delivering papers to 92 homes in Holbrook. A slope in the street and a sewer caver are clues that his measured steps are taking him along his route. There is no guide dog or human friend to lead him. Thibideau lost his sight in an accident .when he was 1. He learned to be .self-sufficient in tJie Illinois School for the.Vis- ually Handicapped in Jacksonville, 111. Mrs. 0. S. Herdinau Retires After 24 Years Will) TBRD Mark 25th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Herman Small- ·ood of La Salle were honored n their silver wedding anni- ersary Friday evening, April , at their home. Hosting the event was their .aughter, Christine, assisted by ler maternal grandparents, Mr. md Mrs. Lloyd Meeker of Jersey. Pal Meeker and Herman Smallwood, son of the late Mr. ind Mrs. Perry Smallwood of .ucerne, were married in SI. 'rancis, Kan., April li, 1947, ollowing his discharge from the Uniled Stales Navy. Their only ~hild is Christine. T h e Smallwoods u n t i l ecently resided in Greeley, moving into their new home in Salle in December. Mrs. Smallwood was born and ·aiseri in Greeley and was graduated from the Greelej ligh School. Smallwood was born in Missouri moving to Lucerne as a small boy. He is employed as' driver for McDoy Distributing: Co. of Greeley. Both Mr. and Mrs. Smallwood ire active members of the Evans VKW Post and Auxiliary. Mrs. 0. S. Herdman, 1714 Reservoir Road, received a special citation from the Colorado 1 Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association when she-retired from the board after 24 years of service wilh the organization. Recipient of the distinguished service pin, Mrs. Herdman began in 1943 on the local level. She became representative director of the Norlh Central Area Colorado TBRD Associa- linn serving for 15 years. Shi also served as secreatry of tin Stale Board of the organization one term. For a time she was presiden of (he Weld County Are? Association before it evolvec nto the regional district. She the "If you care enough, g i v e Ihem C a m p u s Shoes." S SHOES 911 Uth St. the regional district. twice chairman of iTiies., April 18, 1972 GREEI.fiY (Colo.) TIUBUNE 19 Social Calendar SfiASSBELL 1403 llth Avenue Decorative Accessories and Services Shades Are In! An old favorite for light control, shades can be decorative too. Your choice of fabric with lining, laminated fabric, vinyls, Woven Woods. Styled as roll-ups, Romans or Austrians. NEW FROM JOANNAWESTERN: Press on (no iron) laminated shade kit 14.95 Daily 10 to 5 Saturday 9:30 to 11:30 Christmas Seal Campaign in Weld County and treasurer of ihe Weld Counly Unit. Mrs. Herdman was serving on ]\K board and active in additional fund raising activities to provide Weld Counly General Hospital an admission X-ray survey machine through TBRD. Al the age of six, Mrs. Herdman came to Greeley from Ohio and went through the Greeley elementary and high school system. She has lour children, nine grandchildren and one great- grandchild. She began her work wilh the iTB society by helping compile m a i l i n g lists for Christmas Seals on the local level. This compiling is now computerized and has been (he last five' years. Besides caring for her family Mrs. l l e r r t m a n has been especially active in church work, was the first woman elder of the! F i r s t United Presbyterian! Church, and served in this |capacity three different times. |Shc is a member of the League of Women Voters, Chapter CR, P.E.O. Sisterhood, Child Conservation Group, Tourist Club and a former member of Ihe ! Graphic Club, Mother-Daughter Ilanquel Planned Final plans for a mother- daughter banquet were made at Ihe Thursday night meeting of the Ladies Group of the Calvary Baptist Church at the home of Mrs. Don Langmacher. The banquet is set for "6:30 p.m. May 5 at Ihe American Legion Ebony Room. The regular April meeting was opened byMrs. Sam Weber reading the 100th Psalm. Roll call was answered by members reciting their favorite scripture verse. Mrs. Shirley Southard won the door prize. The next meeting will be a t | the home of Mrs. Lloyd Krtegeri on May 11. Wafer-Slim Shape PASADENA, Calif. ( A P ) _ A student of American Indian behavior and psychology seeks In change his name from James Anthony Monroe to Anthony! {Monroe Whilebear. Monroe, a 42-year-old Alhambra resident, said in his Superior Court Pelilion that the name Whitcbcar--which was h i s Indian grandmother's name--would be of great help to him in his work among I n - dians. Blouse Clean Up! PANT TOPS Polyester crepe · Cotton shirts · Sizes 30 to 38 NOW $1 SWEATERS · Colored orlon · Coat styles · S-M-L NOW GOLFER PANTS · Knee length ·Sizes 8 thru 20 Reg. $JF $8 NOW d BLOUSES · Cotton · Nylon NOW $2 PLASTIC RAIN COATS ·S-M-L Reg. QOc 1.25 NOW ALL SALES FINAL · NO L A Y A W A Y S 914 Ninth Avenue By Abigail Van Buren |c im kr CWciM Tr1k««-N. Y. Nm 5t«, Inc.] DEAR ABBY: Someone wanted to know why some people come into a restaurant and sit at a dirty table when there are clean tables they could just as easily sit at. Well, I'm a waitress, and I think 1 know. · t Some folks like to have a table lhal is NOT near the rest rooms. [And some w a n t one NEAR the rest rooms.] · Some like to sit near the music. [Others sit as far away from the music as they can get.l · They don't want to be near Ihe kitchen. [Too noisy and too much hustling and bustling of the help.l · Some like to sit where (hey can watch the door to see who comes in. · Some want a table where they can be seen. · Others prefer an out-of-the-way table where they're less conspicuous. · Some like to sit near the window so they can look out. · Some like to sit where they can keep their eye on the clock. · Some like to sit near the exit in case of [ire. I'm sure there are other reasons, but I've got to go now because I'm on duty and must clear a cerlain table. It's the favorite with many customers because Lit you'll forgive me for bragging], it's my station. LOVE, LOIS DEAR LOIS: It's easy to understand why customers like you. Thinks for writing. DEAR ABBY: I( after years of hard work, your husband finally had an opportunity to do what he has always .wanted to do: to run his own business and be his own boss, but it meant that you would have to leave your lifelong friends and part of your family, and your lovely, comfortable home and move to another stale where you knew no one and would have to practically start nil over again, vhat would you do? WONDERING DEAR WONDERING: Are you kidding? I would go with him and never look back. And I have dune it three limes! DEAR ABBY: My husband prefers long hair, so I let mine grow long. Recently, 1 decided to get a little trimmed off the ends to get a permanent. I called a beauty shop and made nn appointment. The owner of Ihe shop told the operator what 1 wanted done, and then I told the operator t h a t I wanted only a lillle Irimmcd off the ends. ' I then took off my glasses so they wouldn't, be in Hie way. The operator then proceeded to chop off my h a i r , and it e'nded up VERY short. I was upset, but said nothing, thinking if the end result looked nice it would be all right. When I tried to tell the operator what style I wanted (or my hair, she said they didn't do that there, and then she gave mo an awful, childish hairdo. When I complained tn the owner, all she said was, "I'm sorry." What recourse dn 1 have? Can nn operator in a beauty shop just chop off hair without any responsibility to the customer? I'd appreciate any help you can give me. LOOKS AWFUL DEAR LOOKS: Customers have been known to sue beauty parlors for damages. But In order (o collect, Ilic customer must prove lhal the hns suffered a financial los.s, physical pain, or disfigurement, or mental anguish RS n result of their services. This will be difficult for you In cstab- - l i s h , unless your husband culs off your allowance because .you've cut off your hair. DEAR ABBY: Put this on your list of reasons why people come into a restaurant and sit at a dirty table. They know the waitress will have lo come and clear ll off immediately, and that's when they nab her fast to take their ordersl FORMER WAITRESS Wlul's your problem? YcVII feel belter if you f t l it off jwr cheit. Write (o ABBY, Box ft7M, L»i Angeles, Cai. ·*·· F*r » pcrMial reply eicloif stamped, addressed mvefepc. For Akby'f new b*»4W, "What TeeB-Agers Want U *MW," fdri tl U A»by. B«x Witt, Loi Aigeles, Cal. MM*. Thursday, April 20 9:30 a.m. First Presbyterian Women's Association, Circle 8 in the Reception Koonv, Circle 9 ai the home of Miss Gladys Groves, 1422 12th St. 9:30 a.m. Our Savior'sl ALCW Rebecca Circle at the' home of Mrs. Andrew Jacobson,, 2325 25th Sf Road. 1 p.m. Senior Citizens Club, Recreation Center. 1 p.m. First Congregational Women's Society, Group 4, Church Lounge. Hostesses, Mines. Tracy Peppers, Robert Cooper. M. M. Carpenter and W. V. Gentry. 1:30 p.m. Lampas Sorority, Mri. Edward Sears, 1502 mh St. Program by Mrs. Leslie K. Grimes. 1:30 a.m. Our saviors ALCW Rachel Gircle at the home of Mrs. Elmer Foss, La Salle. 1:30 p.m. First Presbyterian Women's Association Circle at Ihe home of Airs. John Burns, 1521) Oth Ave.; Circle 4 ill the home of Mrs. li. T. Vance. 3310 W. -llh St.; Circle li at the home of Mrs. Edwin Snnsnm, 2537 Mill Avc. Courl; Cirde ^ al the home of Mrs. Ear] Hanshew. MOl 20lh St. 2 p.m. Valley View Com- New York University has an ninnity Club al the borne of'enrollment of 42,363 students. Mrs. Cliff Stradloy. - B r ' l n 'i Mother's D a y presents. . . . 2 p.m. immanucl Lutheran' Church Women LOW Circle 5 at Ihe home of Mrs A l y i n Mosbo, 1330 27th SI. . ' · ' ' fi p.m. Weight Watchers, third floor of The Denver. .: 7:30 p.m. Licensed Practiv cal Nurses meeting al Kenton Nursing Home, 850 27lh Ave. 7:30 p.m. Greeley Teen Club, regular meeting, Moose Lodge. 7:30 p.m. First Presbyterian Women's Association Circles 1 2 at Ihe church reception room. 7:30 p.m. Our Savior's ALCW Tabilha Circle at the home of Mrs. Lawrence Hcrlszke west of Greeley. 7:45 p.m. Greeley City Pan- hellcnic Club, home of Mrs. Ed Pitlock, 1DI7 15th Ave. Installation of officers. Program: Slides antl t a l k by ex- c h a n g e student from Thailand. 8 p.m. Independent Order of Foresters, Cache la Poudre Court No. 133G, Highland Hills Beauty Academy, 5310 W. 20lh St., Greeley. Try thinking of as an extra Sanitone We'll keep your winter rlolhos safe in our vault---and rnlurn thorn to you it) tiic Isll, drycleanod Hie Sanitone way. Call lorlay lor an extra closet. S.'iinlonc -- Two Locations -2800 10th St. 1214 9th Are. Wilshirc Downtown 352-8521 352-3210 Shed all coals and emerge in the sunshine in a wafer-slim i shape dramatized by sun-burst darts at Ihe waist. Ideal for city-travel knits. Prinlcd Pattern 4723: New Half 10V/, 12'//, H',4, 1(514, JC'/i. Sixe H'/z (bust 37) lakes Zli yards 45-inch. Sevcniy-five cents for each patlcrn--add 25 cents for each patlein for Kir mail and .special h a n d l i n g . Send to Anne Aflams, (Greeley Tribune 3fi.j), Pallorn Dcpt., 2« West 17lh St., New ,York, N.Y. 101111. Print name. address wilh zip, si/e and style inunihiT. Free spring fashion offer -choose une p a t t e r n free from new Spring-Summer Catalog. ! A I I sixes! Send 50 cents. fnslant Sewing Book -- till, j l i l , sew modern w a y . SI. Instant Fashion Book -- what- J t o - w e a r answers. $1. DOGS ATTEND CLASS KVANSTON, III. ( A P ) - 1 Northwestern University IIHS [ t a k e n to t h e presence of dogs in · classrooms. I "It's good to see the kids relaxed about something," sail! Bergen Evans, professor of English. Evans, who owned a black cocker s p a n i e l fnr 18 ye.m, said most of the dogs sit peacefully beside t h e i r masters and rarely cause more than a few moments' d i s t u r b a n c e . DIVORCES I N C R E A S E PRETORIA, South A f r i c a (AP) -- Official slalislics shrr.v divorces among South A f r i c a n whiles increased from 1,323 in 19GO (o 7,748 10 years later. The w h i l e population is now about 3.8 million. D O N ' T LEAVE THEIR SAFETY TO C H A N C E ! In l l t o n c x l ( h i r t y seconds, a h a p p y , ( r u s t i n g l i t t l e c h i l d w i l l heroine ( h o v i c t i m of OIK; of the most c n i i l c m p l i h l r i - r i i i i i i i i i l s i n cnir s o c i e t y . , . l f m c h i l d niolc..sli:r. I t h f t p p c n s ovcry day In c h i l d r e n e v e r y w h e r e . The most I r s i g i r ; CHSOS »r! ihe onc.s yon rond i i h u i i l i n (lie m:ws|)H|icr. li Is H i K x i i l t j i - n . b i l . l n i i i l i ' K l i i l l m i · l l i . i t I* r l n i m . H M : i l l ;mil Ion i-;t\i\y s l n ' l l ' i l I n HI.- mm fniiiicij "TIM-: riiu.n MOI.KKT- K i t " II Klic.'ws Hi. ii]i]iml;inr- "f Hilllllx'ilinr .ij.irminu- ll.i- . hll'lrl-n'TK. II iilxo ri-vKilH Imw n unit- i-M-r i Mm irllnN |iriiKr;iin -;n In- mirccimtiilly anil sjiMy lullKllI In mil chll.ircn II IK :i f i l m llii.l i!in|ili;i»l7.f Unit muni i riiui-M uiiiiliiHl rhilrlr«-n IIAVK, IIKKX I'JIKVB.STKII . . . IK I hi- nullK»ICrs- INII! ln-i-n t;.!:;:til i « - r l j i l t i krxlr |ir'-i'iiilMnns. Thl* rilin IK nvailnlilf KIIKK OK rll.UU;!-; I" nrimril/iilliiris i" 1lil* roimmilt- i l l - l l . r s l . d . V l l m 1,1 I l l l - i r I M I ! I I l 1 l l T B . I I l l i l l l i v i - n i y i n i n u l r - s nl r i l i K M l t i r nil'l i m i k p s ;i KMOI] *liort [ t n i K t i n n nr a m.njor p;irt fit ft [ . i n t e r ] r n : r n r i i . Arr-TiiKr'inriiis /fir iisin^ iliic film may lie niriiln by K-l.'plioiifiiK :r,l! m:! . . ' · ' I l l ' ' S l - I T O I l i ' l l l k " I V I I B I T l ' i l l n d I " l l M P · ·Klip w i l l i HiK | i r i l i l ( n i . H V a m*l4!i!ii'iwn« l i i f . k l ' - t w r i l l i ' i i f o r yoiinKsU-rs. A n i l l ( HQRM50N H. ROSS A D A M S O N REED P. ADAMSON G n E E L E Y , C O L O R A D O

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