Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 12, 1957 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1957
Page 7
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Tornadoes Are Seen from Ohio Through Kansas By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tornadoei and other violent' , volt * Ie windstorms itruck parti of the| mid-continent Tueiday, causing · extensive damage.' A windstorm described as i "iraall tornado" battered t he smill community of Centersburg, near Mount Vernon, Ohio. It ripped the top from t grain ele- flvt mflti leutt it Livruct, Kaa., cauiiai eitenilti dimi|t. polict laid. Then wn no report of casualties. Stil another winditorm, arcom- panted by a driving rain, inept Ihroujh Robinion la touthern Illinois. One newsman reported at Irait minor damaie to almoit every itruetur* In the town of 6,500. Two women were ilightly Injured. Power cablet were mapped by ill the windstorms, leaving hi(h Stock Prices Soar to High for This Year NEW market YORK or -- The itoek Carson Corporal Held as 2-Year-Old Stepson Is Found Badly Beaten COLORADO Sr.lINGS OPI - IV lire arrested Army Cpl. Samurl Stewart, 23, Monday after hit 3 vere ihock. Towning New Head of NPOA another in a Reports of funnel i me In rapidly at dusk icross wide »ren of the Midwest. Tor- nidic clouds, hail and winds of nearly 70 m.p.h. were reported it Creston, Iowa, earlier. An afternoon riin ind wind- President i He wis liken to Ft. Carson Hospi Eisenhower'i itomich upset. |t»'_. Will Street lourcei attributed! the advance to a resurgence of confidence. Local Communities Must Bear Principal Cost ot Mental Health Programs I:.XVKK -R-Cc!ur».lo'i Board (Continued from Page. 1) | ot Il(llllh '· "»'*'»« cl " r ^ '**' ..*»...., _, - ------ , - ....... - - i rommunitici thit they muit bear year-old itepson wai found bruised oi Indunapolis; Iowa, Traffic Safe- . DrjnciD ,| colt and iwollen and in a »tate of s e - l l y Officer William l l i c a m a n of mpntyl , h f j u h Dro| I V a l r ; Kansai, NPOA representitive 0. Bijne of Io.lee City; _ . _ . , t-- , , .*iuiiu«j, · ui/fiEi* · *** "» · »·.« Crime Laboratory Tfrh- ; rd| dfvr4opfd by ,, , dvi , or y 'atrolman A r t h u r T. l J n - j m f n | , , h( . im , counci i lnd rafm . Wednndiv, JUKI 12. 19S7 GHEELBY THIBUXE Pi|« T eiemplary dimifes and in additional 140,000 for pain and iuf- ferm«. Padlock Thwarts Ihiel f -- A new Police Chief I. B. Bruce s i M ' Frank younj Michirl Oene Keifer appar-1 Illmoli, rebound from Mondiy'i! ently had been beaten with a belt. nician Pa dermin of Chicago; New Mexico, DL'RANC.O of carryinf o n , thwarted burclars' a t t e m p t s to mental health projram.. ''teal »ume e»p'ni\e loudipeak- , The board, at a meeting late inj equipment in the public ad- y; Monday, adopted a let of itand- dren booth at the Duranjo rodeo ~ " · ' {rounds durins the r.iiht. But fnder»henff C. r.omei laid || el m, p f pt.'i the enli-rprisins b u r f l a n did thrir Chile'i roit-oMivinf hit dropped for the firit time In yean, Ean- tiigo learns. E3E3-H--m*START» TONIGHT STRANGER AT MY BOOR Stirring MacOonald Clrty PLUS su(f . Bruff iiid the soldier Special Deputy Grady I.uca, of m f n l l l ht ,,, h d l v i , i o n best to m a k e their imt a pleasant was C l a j t o n ; and Texas, Major Harry .. Not onjy m u » t a p r o gr»m be one. K m p l y n.-er can« ind tm« of The posting of a new huh for turned over to officiali at Ft. C a r - I F . Ibboltson of Dallas, u h o is p r o - ' . ' . , . ' . _ i _ i i · » ! _ _ _ · ! . - _ _ _ - » · - _ i u * 5 I U son, where he is stationed. charges have been filed. ilorm iwept throuih Springfield, vator. uprooted treei and cut a If"TM.."" f ] f .""""H",i"·n,".",'t«rmI mlio pith of deitruction two-blocki' lhe Illmo " " lte tjp ' u1 ' The llorm ' ' ' the year followed three weeks of wide in the town'i tiny business district. No mjuriei were re ported. A twitter struck with wind gusts up to 80 m.p.h. came in the wake of an early i morning tornado that missed the farm home ^'P 1 ,' 01 J5 uiM . lr * *". lb ? u ! . fisht high reaction since the previous; wai eitabJiihed May 20. Aside from the fact that t h e ! President wai reported h a r k at his desk in the White House the general run of buiinesi ind economic newi- wai good. The rally wai the beit in neirlv Court Ruling Halts SACB to inj into allfK**d Communiit infil- board of directors at t h e hoard's i j c a j ripped dGivn power liars and dam aged sorn^ homes. No injuries £^"^ ,, The Weather Bureau explained F n r f y lM he ,, w no ,i sn , O f , n ' i r v « Activities Control Board hear |Uiat the windstorms were let offi e c o n o m ic recession had the m a r i by a cool front moving acrou l h « k f , m l d e , biEBPT i d v l n c f . . .,, J r , . ,, . , , i Northern Plains and the M i s s i s s i p - i K f y , toc k, advanced as much °' Mines, Mill and Smelter \ \ o r k - m e r . Pi Valley. I,, j po^,, or more . Selected is-|«« ·'" Baited Tuesday by 1*0; To. Heavy rains and high wmds|, U M r a a d e m u c n v tf tr ,.,;,,, - ·-- - -belted Wichita. Kan. A itrong gust IT,,, riw w t l pr , c ti cl lly unani- pushed a iheriffi patrol car o f f ) m o u | , 0 j, r ,, tn nt j at 8rou ps ,,.-,,, upon a realisti'c appraisal pork "d beans indicated they No vo»t marshal! of the military police of Mt £» ,,,,. statement ilid, "but picnicked in thr booth after fail- at Denier. ilocal c o m m u n i t y participation a n d : i n s to t a k e iume loot. The new officers were nominated r t j§ fs , rnli ,i. Community - -by the convention 1 ! n o m m a t m s ,, in|ncill , u pport m u s t not only committee and elected by u n i m - ! ^ d , m o n , t r , t f d at the outset, out mous vote of debates a t t e n d i n g fon , lnuo .j, c o m m u n i t y participa-1 the business session. They «ere;, j o n jn , upport f o r the clinic and I sworn in immediately by retiring r( ., Jlf() rro{rjim , mu ,t be reason- president Post. | j b , ,, lurfd ." The delegates il«o srlutrd F . x - j f n e ^-^ ,t a temer.t says that a celsior Sprints, Mo., as the site n l i ( l | H . t j m p m f n ,,i h,,| trl clinic can ihe association'* 1'r.s con\entmn. | hf . O p f r a trd for appronmalcly Hales for the 19.S8 convention are j 300ll0 , V M r -rhj, wou ij include s t a f f i n g by a p s y c h i a t r i s t I elm- THE H A R D E R THEY FALL Starring Humphrey Begirt PLUS COMEDY Gatel Open C:4J Shew at 1.00 Highway 14 ^ --Acrosi \ from Country IJ Club , f t hy lh( . orc , n i,,lion's ! DM ISO II K.OOO W.lli a road near that southern Kansas city. One observer at Wichita clocked the wind at 70 m.p.h., con lidered storm force by the Weather Bureau. U. S. Jane Moves to Top After two yean at a runner-up, Jane went to the top ai the most popular name for girl babies in Britain in 1933. Runneri up were two old favorites. Mary and Elizabeth. John continued to be the popular choice for boys, followed by David, Richard and Charles. Oddities of 1915: Airt, Beausire, Dobbin, Lestoq, Westo, Agrcta, Azalea. Jessamy, Pnina and Zilla. were concerned. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks rote SI 90 to beating the previous high . - , ., .... psychologist and a p s j c h i a - itration of the International Union first meeting of the coming sum- , TJC , on ,i worker but does not include rent, utilities or other ex- wnine. in a brief speech t h a n k - p f n , f s obstacles -- one of them a w e e V - j i n c Ihe delegates for r l r c l i n c him ,. T(lf m , x j m u m to which the [old ruling of the V. S. Supreme president, said the NPOA w a s « : s t a i c Health Dept. can participate Court. . :"fme. cood, growinc' 'organization i j n (tlcn - . . The ruling referred to w a s the which now his 4.000 members. He court'! decision t h a t the govern- added it was his hope the member- _ ment should have made confidcn-1 ship could be increased to 8.0"0 by ijo'ooop'opulation." of tial FBI reports available to de- 'convention time next year. the trial of A suggestion m a t c h e s in the or- , r r o jram'is one-sixth of the total, or JS.ono. Generally ac- mnal health clinic is needed per of 60 stocks rose SI 90 to JIM 20 menl »"TMu'a "" c "'·" t: «,·«""""· f n i p ruum nr incira-ru ,., B.O.M i,j ijooOOpopulatlon." beating the previous high of '»' FBI "P orts »v»ilabr» to de-Convention time next year. . $183.10. The induitrial component;'"" attorneyi in the trial o A susgestion mitches in the or- 1 ;J | w j|L U, v D a |p r rose $350 to a new 1657 high- the'Clinton Jencks, onetime official of cinuation's a n n u a l pistol shoot he ACCIQcni WIIll nay DdlCl rails rose $1.30; and the utilitiei!"" mine mill union. Jencks was confined in the f u t u r e to practical j - , .. . m f l f l f l f l rose 20 cent* j convicted several yean ago on police matches was made by Police L3US6S j U I I IOT ^ I 4 U , U U U T R I N I D A D , Colo. -- A suit Based on the rise in the aver-!charges of filing a false non C o m - , Officer Robert Bales of Hrceley. age the quoted value of stocki I m u n i i t affidavit with the N a t i o n - ; » h o acted as statistical officer for listed on the New York Stock F.i-!»l '-'""· Rflalior.. Board. ; , h e shoot hold in connection w i t h , , The Supreme Court overturned the convention here. | [or 'I* 0 000 »" " lra '" "'·'"" Jencks' conviction and sent t h e ; R a t e s said he was m a k i n g the Court Tuesday agauut two ranch case back to the lower courts, as-!, U S E e «tion at the request of t h e : operator!, John and J u a n i l a Jille sertlng that defense attorneys in a captains of about f i x e of the pistol," '."'"" , '" *. C B-'« crirainil case have a right to in- | f a m s w h i c h competed in the shoot. "·' D *!'' r ^ pti "· , *: .... sprct confidential reports in their here. I " *· **"? ° ! * C K , Jilor efforts to impeach testimony of I He said these individual* desired !"* '"'.. on bchU ol h " m '"° r FBI informants, such as those who i |o have the use of target guns' 1 0 "' * t l u f appeared ai witnesses a g a i n s t ! which result in expert m a r V s m e n · _,_,,,,;,," J 'Ce former FBI ,»dercoveri£tor«^^^ lhc " Bth Op " lt0 " agents have testified for the g o v - j j s they did here" banned in match- California Company was drilling 'ernment in the current SACB hear-! t! in the future. Tuesday at 8270 feet in ill King'ings in a government attempt to 1 Bates added matches desired b change rose an estimated $2,330,000,000. Reports from IVillinn J\l * hay baler was .« *f nezlicence on STARTS TODAY!! ·WHO WINS ·vf Tllt . .,,:_,.. , h .. . ?, ,.TM ^ '*' ihirt caushl ot lhf TM ! i ott ,rm vvas ^ the rollers, breakine I j j r i n g the boy'i hind ind the pbintilf charcrd. I He a.-ki-d $10,000 to cover past [ a n d f u t u r e medical expense, S.'A- (KiO in a c t u a l d a m a g e s , $10.000 in No. 1 well in the Pierce field in [prove that the mine-mill union hai the protestins individuals »«'i[ h l r m , n d co ilar bone and in SESW 22-S-66. Ground elevation , been Communist infiltrated. N a - . o n e s the averace police officer or of this well ii 5057 and kb is S072. I than Witt, mine-mill attorney, de-i peace officer could compete in The same company was drilling minded Tuesday to see the confi- J n d have a chance of w i n n i n g . at 7820 in its Gcib No. I in t h e ' d e n t i a l reports the informants had Abrams. c h a i r m a n of the assoria- Pierce field in NWSE 23 8W. filed wilh the FBI. !tion'« shoot commillee, replied In the New Windsor field the; The second obstacle to ari?e there w a s *ome merit in the com.- company'i Windsor Reservoir t! Tuesday, and which caused t h e i P | j i n t voiced by Bates and t h a t Canal company'i No. 1 was drilling presiding board membrrs, Francii the ihoot would be chanced next at M57 feet. Location is S'i NF.NE A. Cherry, to recess the hoarinss I J f a r to iaclude more practical 34.7.57. i until June II, was a c h a r f e by police matches. T«ai Company has leases in the 1 Witt that one FBI informer had [ The d e l e g a t e s u n a n i m o u s l y ! tensive geophysical work in town- ] committed perjury when he t e s - j adopted a motion the secretary' be i ships 8 and 9 range 65, northeast tified *e\eral weeks ago. Witt de- instructed to draw up a resolution of Pierce and east of Nunn. minded the calling of a m i s t r i a l . | expressing a "rousing vote" of Texas company has leases in the } The mistrial motion made by |thanks to the people of Greeley for area and also further to the east j Witt pertained to the testimony o f j i h e "fine convention" provided for along Coal Creek where its leases jBellarmino Duran. who served as (the association here. | extend down to the Cornish area, [ a n FBI undercover agent in Den- A new 157 Smith Wesson Mac- C a l i f o r n i a Corornny w»s|ver. Duran named a number of rmm revolver cf.'ered pumping the load oil out of its officials and employei of the mine! Mary Andre No. ^ in SF.SE 22 8-6S. mill union who, he laid, had been ! There are rumors that M t M ! known by him to be Communist!. Transportation company will ita-| Among those named was Miss lion at Pierce the group of drivers' Elayne Goldstein, a union research which is employed in the oil haul assistant employed in Denver, who from the Pierce and Black Hollow | fields to Frontier refinery at Cheyenne. has helped Witt at the hearings. Witt quoted the transcript of Duran'i testimony as stating that The Greeley Tnbune is informed,he hid known Miss Goldstein as by a reliable but not official Den-|« Communist because he had it- ver wurce that Shell Oil company's i "nded a party^meeting with her second granite test in Weld County j "early in 1951. will be located two miles, due south of Keota townsite and that rig will move in before the end of June. Ijnd in the vicinity is owned by United States, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Duell and Mrs. Malissa Compton. in a drawing of members who had attended all three business sessions of the convention was won bv C. II. "Chet" Dodson of Fort Collins, representative of the George Cake Co., which sells equipment for law enforcement officials. "TO CATCH A THIET- with Carey Grant *nii Gr.ct Kelly " T E E N A G E C H I M E WAVE' with Tcmmy CeeV and M o l l l c McCirt Alto a Color C«roo« In GREELEY! July34 NIGHT »HCW, JULY Jrd. 7:» p.". Aflir.w l«3w, July «t». Z:00 P-TM- · M . I « L » « J Paradl · C«feM«'«"l · f l r e w e r k . · Cat »»iti N»* AdmlllU"--11*0 tl M.OO TtekHi new .« aaH «t ««· CMmb.r ef C t m m i r e . .ffice. 1111 Itn Avt"u«, G r t t l t y . Celeraa». Army Deserter and Fake Movie Magnate Gels 10 Year Term Max Timmons Is DeMolay Deputy LOSCMONT * -- The Colorido DeMolay wound up itj four-day convention here Tuesday with the lection and installation of John Goeti of Fort Morgan as master councillor. Goeti, a junior at the I'niver- HONOLULU uf -- An Army deserter who posed is a Hollywood movie producer during a m o n t h - ' s i t y of Colorado, formerly « a s long ipree at Waikiki was ien-'deputy mister councilor. to 10 yein a t i Elected to succeed him in that ,office was Maz Timmons of G r a n d ar.d spree fenced Tuesdiy hird labor. The general court-martial eon- Junction, former treasurer convicted Ross T. Earlywine, 21, [past councilor for District 9 a soldier from Cleveland, Tei., on! Dm Hale, Denver, was named seven charges, including forgery state lenior councilor; Boh Hal-. and desertion. He pleaded guilty!Sterling, junior councilor; Bnh to all charges. [Mike Bennson, Alamosa, trea'ur- Honolulu police arrested him er. April 21 after Uie Waikiki celebra-, Mrs. Dale Blumberg. Delia, was lion, which he financed with,elected president of the Colorado forged checks. I DeMolay Circle M o n d a y . This Week's BREAKFAST S-P-E-C-I-A-L-- Quarter Pound HAM STKAK with KANCH-FKKSH KGfiS Served with Hash Hrown Potatoes, Toast, Jelly, and Chase and Sanborn Coffee (All U Want) Plenty of spice and everything nice in this hilarious comedy about two men and Ava ... shipwrecked on ·» *4»««»·+ telMnrJ I M-G-M presents Features Tod»y At 1 :SO in that tpicy «tage comedy in BLUSHING color! The I4ttleHat GREELEY Youth for Christ Presents Hope of the World Broadcast Team Whose Music and Testimony Will Challenge You!! at OUR NEW LOCATION Greeley Community Building Tlh SI. and 10th A v r n u t at 7:45 SATURDAY, JUNE 15 KVEHYOXE INVITED -- K H E E The Nation'* Idlest In Modern Theatres HARRY'S DINER Murphv in JOK WTTERFLY · West N i n t h St. ,Clo«ed Tuesdays) Open 6:00 a.m MONSTER OF All TERROR-MONSTERSI MILES 0(1 BARRY- FRENCH Features lit 7:5n.5:»fl.8:SO JOHN · * * HOPPER · TAYLOR E x t r a ! . . . HUGS IUJNNY , . . , . , . "All ((aha IHIN^Y" ·"'"· '''I 6:0' 7.-, r n f i r fiin fhilrlren 20r

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