Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 4, 1962 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 1962
Page 3
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Tiwft, Dte. 4. mz GREELEY TBIBUNE Pag. S Ways to Prevent Holiday Shoplifting Given by Chief Police Chid Earl Towning has | presence of persun in store »u- »ent a lelter to liretlev mer- ctants and busimsynen on van te ivoid holiday thievery. In th» letter. Chief 'lowouig ·tales that the crowded holiday ilwppiag period offers increased «pf»rtunjties for thieves, check forgers and shoplifters, but that 'MS" due to pilfering can be prevented by taking adequate security measures. The police chief offered several suggestions To prevent shoplifting, Chief Towning advised that an adequate f»l« force be maintained during rush period! and especially during lunch and supper hours. Sales personnel and store managers should watch out for loiterers. particularly those with large empty bags. If a loiterer is acting ·uspiciously. the Police Department should be called. Displays of merchandise should not be placed in the immediate vicinity of exits where thieves can "snatch and run " Cm in Cnhinf Ch*ekt UrftJ Chief Towning advised that in check transactions extreme caution should be used in cashing checks for strangers. The endorser should be known or ample proof of authenticity should be given. He advised merchants to beware of "paid by check" trans- a c t i o n s involving substantia amounts where (tie purchaser takes UK goods or asks for a sizable amount of change on overpayment Merchants should insist that all checks be endorsed in the Goodson-Todman 'Entertainment' Shows Popular ·y CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK (API-Mark Good- ton of the packaging firm o Goodson and Todman. is firmly dedicated to the proposition that most people watch television to be entertained. It is i premise which the firm has found to be financially rewar Ing. Goodson · Todman game shows, all seven of them, currently occupy a record 16'i hours each week on two networks am hive built what the trade newspaper, "Variety." estimates as a f8.00u.000 operation. At the moment, the shows are "I've Got a Secret," "What's My Line." "To Tell the Truth" an "Ptiswwd on CBS" and "The Prlct Is Right," "PUy Vour Hunch" and "Say When" on KBC. On Dec. 31, still another audience participation show will be unvcilw on NBC when "Maich Came" has iU premiere. Does the public really have an insatiable appetite for watching other people play games or win prizes? "Well, peonle seem to like 'What's My Line?' and 'I've Got 8 o£crti snd The Price Is Kijzh year after year," said Mark Good- «on. "And the game and panel ihows have proved to be popular with the day-time audiences ton. "Match Game" involves two teams of three persons each ion a celebrity, of course! who male up words for points. Even Good »on, who presided over its ere lion admits it Is almost impossib to explain. "But you can play it in yoi own living room." he added. "An it can be a pretty interesting gam bling game as well ns being a easy or sophisticated as you wn to make it." CBS' "Fair Exchange." ns o pcctcd. will get the axe just be fore Christmas. The cancellntio means a rejiigglinfj of Thursd; and Friday night CBS shows. "Tl Alfred Hitchcock Hour" move back a day into the "Fair E change" spot, while "The Nurses will be shoved back to Thursdn evenings 10-11 p.m. hour, final out of competition with NB( "Dr, Kildare." An hour-long ve «ion of "Twilight Zone" will tak its place. Meanwhile. "K.iir exchange will be given another chance provided it eun luid a wny shrink to half-hour si/.e. CBS sa it made » firm offer to pick u the show agnin in a shorter forn urty. lerchants should uk thtm- ves, "If this check u fufjet worthless, can 1 local* the asser and recover my money?" 1st that a person presenting a vernment check identify him- . If as the person entitled to the i*rlr 1 lnvnlifM* CrW* CMM Before extending credit, the rchant or businessman ihould eiligalt the financial rapon- ility of the person. In his letter ' lief Towning said beware of ged Social Security, motor ve. le, draft registration, factory entificatkm or other identifka- on cards. Check physical de- ription on I. D. card against rson presenting it. He further stated that the orig- nal sales slip should be demanded the return of all goods for rend. Beware of fraudulent targes against legitimate credit KcounU. Intra CreutitiMH Extra precautions Chief Town- g urged were: Avoid accumulation A cash in cess of needs. Do not total it in blic view. Make frequent deposits during e banking hours. Do not send e man if two can be tent. Avoid large night deposits. L'«e good safe for valuables, not es or "(ire boxes." Never leave cessive amounts of caib in a epository. Have safes lighted d exposed to view of patrolmen. safe cannot be readily seen by atrolmen, let them know where t is located. Do not open a safe or any purpose while strangers e present. Close the outer door the store before putting valu- les in the safe. Chief Towning also explained raw a merchant or businessman could cooperate with the police epartment. All known cases ol uplifting or other lirt-enie* nuld be reported to police iromptly. He also asked that the erchanl or businessman cooper- e in prosecutions. Proper records and serial numbers of registered merchandise lould be kept to assist police in leir investigailon of larcenies. a crime is committed, things nuld be left alone. Do not han- e articles which might contain ingerprinU or tool marks. Do not obliterate fingerprints, tire marks or other suspicious traces wt may be left around the placet of entry and exit in ui area Uut h« been burgUrittd. One further mrd of caution was to be cure Uul anyone representing himself as a member of the Police Department properly identifies himself. Any phone call received at home from anyone claiming lo be a police officer and asks a merchant or businessman to come to his store or office must be verified by calling the 'oiice Department. HiariRf AM Christmas Sptcial For tomtone SPECIAL wht nttdi henrlng hllp. With eich hmrlng lid fltttd in the month of Dicembtr, 1962 wt will glvt rtllt 6 Months Supply of Batteries All aldl Preterlptlon flttid to audiometric analysis. 8«t our behlnd-thl-t«r. body type, and lyegliii modeli. COME IN, CALL Oft W R I T E Hearing Aid Servici Co., IRC, 1008 9fh Art. Grecley, Colorado 1 Ph. 352-0440 1 1 FIRE SALE Girls' Panties 1(1(1% Acetate 29c *. 4/1.00 1.AUIBS* PANTIES 39c . 3/1.00 : Boys' Jickeli i With /.iu Off Hood ! Si/.r (i In Ifi 1 I^K- C OO JVL-, 0.00 i Boys' Jackits I'ANTIK SUP SET Ke K . 1 AA l.iMI Ka. I.VW l,ndies' nnd Children's H()i:SK SI.UM'KRS Size 3 lo 7 With Horn) 3.44 SAVK «»73/0 Udies' NYI.ON 1IOSK 33'a-50% i 7.!Ci ! lk).vs' SWEAT SHIRTS 5 Si;.* S.|(l-12-U-)fi ! On » Salr K». « Men's -i With Hood . 1.00 2.88 OM Ssftwuy Store ALLEN'S inth SI. ZALE OF CHRISTMJf GIFT VALU 12 exquisite diamonds, brilliant cuts ind, in UK told bridal Ml. COQC pint No Hon., Do« CARAT OF DIAMONDS TOTAL WEIGHT §j\ y° ur choice V $2.25 W! v . \ Ma»n.fictnt n«* faritjal u II l«.lu... 12 d.amondi. 141 J/ ·°" 1 - Americt's Iir°,est jewetes brinj you America's vst ticitinj holiday vilii«! New jitl-jivini mefchindist at !m*r-than-em prices...plut budget trail! TAX $2.25 WEEKLY . Pftncau rin| with 15 «i*monds 10 diamond* in bnd» fid iroom in rich 14K gold. «uo. 14K llorantine (aid. IT 25 Wnkiy $99 19 Monthly $99 L»dy t Elfin ttituf#t t? 22 j«*n! Hamilton hn M 42 dumondi in ZZ-itwe! *n« di«m«n« v H ,«««lv. diamond*. UK gold c»«. Hamilton. UK. « o id cast T»*« A Y«*r *JiC ' $425 0 a CULTURED P E A R L P E N D A N T S . . . NEW UK COLD TIE TACS hind- »m»rt new variety ol %tyl«. f.ft box»d. lomely styled, wide selection '° !a """YO'UR c-IoicE 1 1VM tou " CHO ' CE $3.95 $1.88 EXCLUSIVE 1I-JEWEL ELGIN WATCHES H i n r J i o m i 1 J j|*«| ^ '"".:,',"',,",''" your $ i* 1 "!',""" 1 "" choice 58-PIECE FINE IMPORTED CHINA 88 oVimTM "!. v i". °'.i.d"'p"Mr. °c'»V»! JUST . bnwl. ttttrnt'. cnvfrrd *i'£*f bc PLUS 3 EXTRA CUPS of 3 patterns 1Z ALE'S " U h, C "w»' "Vfyf 1 , ""'' ' '"" Crlt ·' O**" 1 *"* t"t»l «MutiM simplicity ot thii lint 5 ttrikin« d.amondt In m«n'l »«ilh| in UK told bridal pi.r, wt, s ht in ladiei' UK w.tjainj d'.imond in UK *)ld. rin« ol rich UK fold. 7 diamonds. ring. S o.amandt. 4^jlC/\ fi/\/l ludltt Tarm, $249 $249 * 45 ° '* "'"" * 2 °° \Vhiteheartpendantout- New -Galaxic" dumond Diamond tic lacs \tt m Lady\ 2 diamond syn- Man's ? diamond tenu- x;,'U B ,r'° nd ' Brts..* 11 ".!^ s " r rrc^c,$7.95 ^·; 0 ^ ihs Tiq t oS ^dS,, 10 ^ 11 "" 1 "" .«.»-.«, $99 M.,.^^*,.n., ,, , , , , * .i*-* $19.95 :K CO OC 'Il««lr»ti0rn «nlr|id to O.79 ihow dell.l SPECIAL WATCH VALUES! , . iattc calendar, e .on fa,nd. . Boy's 7~fewel Bailor. Lady's 2 diamond Ba- waler-renstant". itain- lor. 17 jewels, matching less back. *Q QC expansion band. 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