Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 4, 1962 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 1962
Page 2
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PtSeJ_GREELEY TRIBUNE Tees, College Track Athletes Banned From Open Events DETROIT (AP) - The AAU'* and ridiculow for the AAU to rule action m declaring a large group ineligible fine young men merely of athletes ineligible for comoet- for rurmino m ir^-k «, ineligible for competing in unsanctioned meets met with resounding criticism today from track country. officials or running in track competition conducted by the nation's high schools and colleges." said Walter across the Byers, executive director of the The athletes were found ioeligi- a l»n- ble for future American open and International competition including the Olympics, the AAU nounced Monday. U was the first hard bknr struck in the AAU's bitter struggle with the U.S. Track and Field Federation for control of the sport. Until the AAU's move at its annual convention that wound up here Sunday, the battle had been fought mostly with words for 2(i years. Col. Don Hull, the AAU's exec- stive secretary, said the athletes were declared ineligible because they competed in meets that included both collegians and non- collegians. In such open meets, the AAU claims it has sole power of sanction. "It Is completely unreasonable Monogrammed Gifts ·ONOOtlMMINO · ·Nl BAT SIIVICI 10 iMk Ma.H.1, NCAA, which supports the Feder- Trophy Bid Bow! ANNAPOLIS. Md. !AP - The ircctor of athletics at the Naval Academy, Ctpt William S. Btuik. ficially rejected Monday night a id to the Trophy Bowl game in Vashington, D. C. Busik made it clear that Navy ould not accept any bowl bids after completing its seaaon with 5-5 record. Earlier, Texas Christian Uni"The international rules do not equire this. This is an internal decision of the AAU as reflected by its belated action and iU accompanying offer of reinstatement through the district AAU committees." The AAU held out an offer that all effected athletes may appeal o their AAU district associations. Three meets were involve*!--at Cnoxville, Tenn., Oct. 28; at iouston early last month, and at Columbus, Ohio, Nov. n. "They can'i do this to good American college kids," taid Larry Snyder. Ohio SUte track coach and host at the Columbus "This (AAU) a a group that has grasped power and Is trying to hold onto it by this action. They will go to any means, even to destroying American track and 'ield to retain this power." Snyder coached the U.S. track team in the 1960 Olympics. The long verbal slugfest between the AAU and Federation- group consisting mainly track coaches--has jeopardize! U.S. chances in the 1964 Olympic Games at Tokyo. A coalition involving the AAU federation and other track group was proposed last month at a New York meeting called by Atty Gen. Robert Kennedy. The AAU at its convention, endorsed a coalition plan, but federation off! cials immediately charged it wa. not the same as the one agreei on in New York. ersity withdrew from considers- KM for a berth in the Gotham Jowl, but laid H had high hopes f meeting Nav;- in a Trophy owl match. TCU Athletic Director L. R. Dutch) Mayoer removed the ehool from the prospective list f the Gotham Sow) at noon. He said at that lime that prospects of a Trophy Bowl game with avy were excellent, pointing oui that the Pentagon already had iven approval if Navy wished to Ehrlich Water Service J, Ranch- play. Busik dashed any such hopes with his announcement. The Middies, M for the season season play Saturday with a crushing S4- ictory over Army. TCU, «-4 for aoxim TOKYO - Carlo, (Mil of Niw York knocked onl Japan'i Tfruo Xouka In 2:31 ol UM (ill* round to rttaU hie werU lllhtweiaht boxinf durapionihip. MADRAS. ladla -- A Mral«hl art vk tory by Antonio Paiafox lot Mexico ot U a 14 tat «ver lirila In Ihi Divl Cup Interum* fioal before darkneja hall ed tka battle betwen Meito's Ij duna and India's Ramanalhan Krlahi NEW YORK - Funk CroeaUl New total of York Yaatet oxci i*t Joan (inlte former major Itafue catcher, filed alit bl Federal Court to atop amendmenta to th baseball players' pension plan. "OUR AGENCY ALSO WRITES": LAWYERS PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE H«v« you conildered the Pottlble Lltbllltlei which you may face In the performance of profewlonil tervicn? Sec: Don R. Franks, Imuranc* T COLUHMIM-- TEN PINS The scores: Classic Center 2. ampus Pharmacy 1; Brawn's 2, reeley BMg. Supply 1; Helm's Beauty Salon 2, Greeley Shrine lub 1, VFW 2121 2, Gambles 1. Top team series: VFW 2121 658. Top individual series: Lorraine orbes455. Top team game: VFW 631. Top individual games: VirginU asset! 113. 'ay Elevator 1; Hinklt's Ready Ma4.Sk M Market 0. Top team series: Ehrlich Waer Service 2M9. Top individual lartin 576. campaign and third in the 937. Southwest Conference, tripped Southern Methodist 14-9 in iU fi lale. Ragan Moves Up Notch on Winnings DUNEDIN, Fla. (AP) - Dave lagan, winner of the West Palm Beach Open last week, moved up \ notch in the list of top ten Pro- ctsional Golf Association mone; winners. His 12,800 prize money put him n eighth position with a total o 136,327. He has now won two mers U4, Al's TV ournaments and finished in the op five nine times, according tc igures released by PGA head quarters. Jack Nicklaus also swapped 2529. 'laces with idle Bill Casper b winning $730 at West Palm Beach, te moved into third place with who has (81,448 earnings. He also was idle las week. Racing BALTIMORE - MM. Fetrao, the aaika'i leadiai jocUr. lnciMad Ua wUr Mri for tlie year In 3M when he rod hre« wlnuen lncludln« Towaen (HI e W U e Councilor purta it Plm'leo. ,.cmiuiY mu. N. J. - Fndt siip (lU.fO) amlved a foul clakit to R the feabin at Garden state. Up "N" Atoms 1; Splashers 1. Rock "N" Rotlumi Anchor Buckets 1, Pinbusten 1. Top team series: WoodspiHtei 830. Top individual tenes: Al Fisner The WINDSOR scores: Ted Nieters American Legion Lieser's )rug 4, Bill's Carter Service 0; series: Duane Top team game: Lieser's Drug Top Individual game: Harry laus 222. COLUMBINE MAJOR The scores: Columbine Bowl 3, 'eld County Bank 0; Gregory's ir Men 2. 7th Ave. Shamrock 1; iibbs Clothing 3, Macys 0; Wid- maler Chev 2, McArthur-Wheeler Top team »eriej: Columbine Bowl 2935. Top individual series: Gene ost 658. Top team game: Columbine Jowl 990. Top individual game: Ed Heiser 264. COLUMflNE The scores: Reese Gear Jam Colum une 4, Steele's Groc. 0; Torrej 5ros. 3, Tenncco I; Jones Sport ng Goods 1, Western TV. 3. Top team series: Western TV Top individual series: G. Wick and, 581. Top team game: Al's TV, 917 Top individual game: C. Ster There were no changes in the ling, 236 status of leading money winner Arnold Palmer, COUMMINE The scores: Columbine Cue and Cushion 3, Pepsi Cola 0; Gray eal's Jewelry 3, Team No. S 0 Auto Alignment 5, Columbine Bowl 0; Seventh Avenue Shamrock 2, Bennett Cleaners 1; Moore Realty 2, Team No. 8 1. Top team series: Columbine Cue and Cushion 2788. individual series: Jac Top team game: Columbine Cu game: Jac KBENME KTCLERS The scores: Woodspbtters 'urkey Teens I; Poodle Splashers ! Pa Setters 0; Stars and Strikes salon 4, Gordon's Foods 0; Jones 279. Top team game: Special Spwb- rs457. Top individual games: Al Fish: and Alfonso Rodrlquez !«. MON. AFT. LADIES The scores: Farmers Union 2. lary's 1: Austin and Austin 1. leo's Beauty Shop 2: Ramblers Columbine Bowl 2; VFW 3, and T Dist. 0: Caper Club 1. Columbine Snack Bar 2; Meadow jrold I, Johnson's Town and Coun- ry 1. Top team series: Austin and ustin 1789. Top individual series: Mildred ?humacher 531. Top team game: Columbine lowl 662. Top individual game: Madlyc arson 200. GRERLEYETTE The scores: Columbine 4, Steelcs Kalyp 4, Joslins 0; Campus Jeauty Salon 3, A and M Glass 1; arm Air Service 3, Heberlein Mfg. 1. Top team series: Kalyn Beauty salon 2322. Top individual series: Julie ramwell 493. Top team game: Kalyn 830. Top Individual game: Julie ramwell 1*0. INDUSTRIAL The scares: Repp's Inc. 3, Mel': Barber Shop 1; Kobel H Jc P 1 ^ntury Radio 3; N. Colo. Sav ngs 2, Greeley Electric 2; Gree ey Bldg. Supply 4, Wicklaod Mo ors 0; AF-ROTC t, Monarch 2 J. Colo. Laundry 4, Harry's Driv in 0. Top team series: Greeley Bldg Supply, 2616. Top individual series: Chet rtarch, 576. Top team game: Greeley Bldg Supply, W2. Top individual games: Elmer Gilkspie, 206. TCLASS1C- CUSSK MIXED The scores: 1U Lyu Beaut sporting Goods 3':, ufien Han are '.i: Bob's Linoleum 3. Grot Icy Til el; Bill's Mobil 3, Saflter 1: Greeley Paint UK 3, Standard Oil 1; Gree- ey Locker I Meat 2, Anders* fediatn-2. Top team series: Ka Lyn Kit Top individual teriet: Mta . Samuels ITS. Women -- ) .aiseday 5«5. Top team game: Greeley Led erTW. Top individual gamn: Men -. Samuels 254. Women -- J asseday 223. LUCKY STRIKER The scores: Equitable Life )ieter!e Contractor 1: Qualii Concrete Products 3, Chau 0 j. I: Frito-Lay 3, Safeway ·H Cement 3, Rocky llounta Brokerage 1: Gordons Food Stores 2, Wilshire Enco Service 2; Don Jostron 2, Flohrs Interior De rating 2. Top team series: Rocky Mou tain Brokerage 1649. Top individual series: LaVai Dieterle 505. Top team game: A-H Ceme jOl. Top individual game: LaVai Dieterle 209. teffic Coast .eague To Get lame Change SEATTIE AP - TW PKJfi Cotst Baseball League may bt iven a new name now that Dalis-Fort Worth. Denver and Oklahoma Cky have beca added to it D«w«y SOTUM, league pr«ii dent, said Monday a possible name change was one of the gem n UN agwda he a inttiig U alt Late City Dec. 15 and 1«- Soruiaw uid the KL woiaM be ormaBx diuorxd as MI eight earn loop, dropping Vancouver . C., and reconstituted as a 10- eam league at the meeting. The new line-up was decided upon at the recent baseball eon ventta ii Rochester, N. Y. Alto on the Salt Lake City agenda are the Khedule, membership of the league's two divisions and projected ivies with the International League at the end o( the season. FRIDAY SEVEN MIXED The scores: Weld DHIA 2, Doug as Roofing J; Fred's Machi Shop , NHFQ 0; Val Apartme 0, Franks Seed Store 4; Monfi Feed Lot 0, Shupe fc Yost Bird's Liquor Store 2, C. N Carpenter 2; NHPQ Engineers Campus Pharmacy 1. High team series: Franks Sec Store 1M1. High learn game: Franks Scec Slorc 609. High men's scries: John Hal SX. High women's scries: Coro Marklcy 453. High men's game: Ken Ma ley an. High women's game: Geori iBevsrlin 173. . CJS.SO) acored a half lenfth the Aivrr Valler pra M lay lhadnf CURLEE SURELY!! You'll want to give the brand he buys for himself-from his FAVORITE S T O R E . New arrivals in a host of smart patterns and colors. Curlee famous fabrics -- sizes for all in shorts, regulars and longs. Stop in today. Mexico Takes Lead In Davis Cup Play Mexico Nips Denver U. 63-52 ALBUQUERQUE. N.M. (API- New Mexico held off a wild sec end half rush by Denver Monda night to score its second conseci live victory of the season. 63-52. New Mexico is now 2-0 for the new season while Denver is 0-3. New Mexico led 37-32 at the ha and it was 43-43 with 14 minute eft in the game before New M» co pulled away. Denver closed the gap to 56-5 with three minutes to play befor New Mexico's final winning surge Lobo center Ira Harge. with 21 Mints, led all scorers while Denver forward Tim Veiie had 17. Harge. a «-fout-8 junior, als commanded the backboards, ta! Ing down 14 rebounds. Roger Paluska had 13 poin P and Ted Oglesby had 10 for th Pkmwrs. Joe McKay w»s second hit scorer for the Loboe with 15. NHL By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS MtniUy'i Rttuftt No games scheduled TWcy'i Gwim No games scheduled WtdntMby'i Gam,, Montreal at Toronto Detroit «t New York Boston at Chicago Basketball Scores r THt AUOCIATIO HUM ·AST DuqutMe «. Kent SUU M Narthvatcn 17. PHt*ur|k M Penn SUte 77, Lehifk · Colby M. Maine U SOUTH N.C. SUIe M, Oerrooa · Georgia M. CiUdci 7J Ga. Tech M, FnnaB 7* («t La. College K, Tulane 71 LSU 71. New Orkaw Uycta « MiMtetippi 74, Ark. A*M M Tenneaee 71, Rice to Florida U. Jackwovillc II (I «t MIDWaHT CiBrinnati tl. Virginia 41 Ohio State M. St Louii N Loyola Chicago lie, N. Dakota W Drake 17. Indiana 7t Marouette r. Wake Ftrat 71 Minnesota 73, Kama* XaU · Purdue 73. Detroit 72 1 Miswuri n, Montana M SOUTHWEST Arizona 51, Wisconsin 41 Oklahoma City 77, TCU M New Mexico 13, Dover U Arkansas M, Kanitt B Houston M, Nebraska II FAR WEST Stanford II. Utah M Colorado 79. Wichita 6S (1 «0 Idaho IS. Long Beach M Nevada 78, Weber 82 Alaska Wildlife Adventure Movie To Be Shown Here The Weld County risk and Wildlife Assa and the PlatU Valley Pawnees Archery Club will sponsor a movie, "Thompfon'i Alaskan Island Adventure," Mt Monday and Tuesday at Gmtrjr High School. Darrcll Thompsoi, noted Alaska hunter, will be bert to preteot his program. Starting time each night Is 7:11 Thompson will present photographs of tb* ilmost exthwt musk-ox on Nunivak Island. He will describe Island flshinf and bear hunting, lit will show the Lake George ice break up aod the walnu 01 Round Island. F . L t ^ R F F N C r CLIFTON SI HOME SERVICE K26006 Curlee SUITS, 55.00 to 75.00 TOPCOATS 45.00 to 75.00 IF IN DOUBT GIVE A IN OUR NEW PERMANENT LOCATION, 814 8th St. FOR A CURLEE SUIT--TOPCOAT--SPORTCOAT ugE y()UR CONVEN , ENT CHARGE ACCOUNT MADRAS, India (AP) - Rafael Osuna of Mexico wrapped up his delayed match with India's Ra- manathan Krishman 'fires, and gave his country a 2-0 lead in the Osuna won IMS, 2-«, 7-5, H, M. Krishnan won the fourth set, which was resumed at 6-6, after being called by darkness on Monday. But the young catlike Mexican overpowered his veteran rival in the deciding set. Antonio Palotox of Mexico had given his country a 1-0 lead with a straight sel victory over 20- year-old Joydeep Mukerjea in the opening match Monday. Arizona State College Trips Adams St. 74-62 FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) - Arizona State College won its second straight game of the new basketball season Monday night by defeating Western State College of I Gunnison, Colo., 74-62. ' ASC's 5-foot-9 guard Chuck Stevens was top scorer with 18 points I with Dave Boyd next al 17. Roy J Molera hit 14 points for the vie| tors, while Bill Boyd got 11. 1 Top men for Western Slate [ were John Hrovat and Ronald An' dcrson, both with 10 points. The I winners led 32-27 si halftinte. | \ Fighh ! By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 5 TOKYO-Worid Champion Ca J los Ortiz, 134%, New York 1 knocked out Tcru Kosaka, 13 1 Japan 5. lightweight title. I PARIS - Jean Josselin, 1« · France, defeated Angel Card ! 133. Cuba, 10. J LOUISVILLE, Ky.-James Elli I 167, LouUville, dcfeiitcd L«ro | Green, 178, Kansas City. 10. I TV Trouble? Ph. 352-2240 Day* 1 Nights 11 and iiHMlayft jff 3 Repair any AC or DC 9 Transistor Radio I lNCi TV fervid Elmtr Barker, Owner 435 Hlh Ave. ftril* Dltpiteh l«rvk« The doubles, with Mexico need- g only a victory to corn the ght to challenge Australia for le coveted trophy, also was teduled for today. !toh State Trips utler, 80-74 INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Utah late hit 8 oMU first U tries om the field in the second half d rode the momentum to an 10-74 basketball victory over Butr Monday night. All five Aggie starters scored In oublc figures, topped by IB-point \ fforts from Phil Johnson and y lark Hawcn. Gerry Williams hit for Butler. The lead changed U times in e first half. Butler edged io ront 41-40 on the first basket in re second half, but Utah Slate xploded with 10 straight points. The -foot-5 Johnson had three oak during the spree. Utah State led 78-62 with two ninutcs to go, but a ^point out- mrst by Butler whittled the leac to four points before the Aggies dded two final free throws in the os ing seconds. FOOTIALL CHICAGO -- HcUmin Trophy winn« '·try n»k*r of Oregon Stiw wu M- «ctcd l7 the IM Aneelat Kami u No. l ck in the Natlonn, rouilwir Lw«i» rMl. JACKSON VI LUC, Fin. - HorldJ ic- rpttd an Invltitlon tn me*l Ptrm Btnte n the Ghtnr Itawl on Utc. 38. WOTItT, Or CONTRACTOR'S SKTTI.KMHXT Notl*'*) In li*rpl)* K'vi' ' h a t on l h « 2Slh day of I^^femlitr, t?63 f«m:f,.,fnt wlUi C H f f , r l T vVfiI!« ConplriH'lton (.'oniimnv, A u 1 !, Oilo. will ho inotlo i-y Hie B l n t f of Oilorfltln for ttiff \\xti tntl li^nofit of tli.* .inm« Hiid Klnh DP- {!trim':nt At Tujnvcr, Cnlyi-iti n. nr nnrt on uri-onnt nf thft dop- t r H c L «if Die Haiti t n i f f o M W h l t « ( ' ' j i i f l t n i c t l f t n f'timpnny for (' n- itni!:tlon of d, Ctrhe I»J. Pouilri) tace«rav5 known UK 1'rojcct N'o. PS3 Klt!inl«M! itt Poiidrc I'nndx loiirlrtc I ' n l t .-mil tVuit K n y pcr- fn\, r'M.iir'.nerflilp, AHHorlnA »n «r r o r p f r ; i t l ( n i w l i n hiiw nn u n n n i ' l clnlrn n ^ n l n n t tlio nalrl C l i f f f t r d W h i t e O j n M m r U ' i n ''onipanv f": itr on n r r - o i i r i t of i , t « f u r n ' c h l n i r of lah'.r. m f t i » r l n l n . t p » m hire, x'.iflirtianrc. priiv|nl'iii,i. (itovn- fT *T f t l i T HU|ililt/-H \mr cr .·oninimM by Mich '''iiilrjii'tur m n n y of l i l n KUl»'')iHtri-1.irft in n nhin'1 \\\f p**rrfjnn:inrp of rn work. tn*v at » n y t i m e up \n n m I n c l n - l l i i K . -iild Hnii- i.f p n r l i f l n n l K f M l c m c . i t (in ftdltl 2 B l h 'luv nf lr.;*inhpr. 1Pfi2, Hlo » vcr'lfifri · f f t t l - U K ' t l t r . f I||P l i n i l l l l U t «tl|f H i l t H t i ) i ! i i « l i i t i m r - n i i n t r.f m i c h r !l 111 W l l l l Ul«! f o l d t i l t l ' i i ; t l t t l » R t n l Kl"li f i i n i i n l « f i | f i n , P f i i v r r . C; n- rRt|r,. PAiluri! t,n n,t. , w r t *t R t n i m R!:l :-'- f l l " ssi' h f i n t r i r . / » n l |irl'ir lo mirji f l n n l r p ) t l c m * ' t n w i l l rc- l l : \ 0 HID U t i i l r nf ''olnrn- '.. ( l i f l i i P t t n i U ' - i i . K M '..fflclnt-. Mf '-rrf l l n l . l l i t y («.r «ii( ii " , .Hhtuinrii '·iftlnt. STATK OK C f i M i K A D u K'.r tlir !'»« «ui1 t l r n f t f l t f .f foltirsd.! Curtif mn\ K]«h **:immlit«.on A t ] t f i \ \ f T . riilWiu n . H n r r v n. W;mi1wiin(. IKriTit.r f l y C u v V. M-M r . U i i i l n r f p M : « n » H * r Th« i!t«»!cr 1 - a l l y T r t l i . i n * ' h e r 4 ! 1, 11(tj BIG SHOWING LIST 4- f SMALL PROBLEM WITH AN HFC SHOPPER'S LOAN VdZZ / This season, add one more name, "Shop*! per's Loan," to the top of your big holM day shopping list-and money will no longer be a problem. You'll have plenty of cash to buy just the right gift for every name on your list.,. at any store you please. 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