Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 24, 1951 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1951
Page 3
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TU»»UT E-/thing,- April 24,\ 1951 LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS PAGETHREr Extension Club Women To Observe National.Home Demonstration Week Extension-women in Dona Ana County will observe National Home Demonstration Week, April 29-May 5, along with Extension women throughput New Mexico and the nation. Each year one .week Is set aside to honor outstanding club members and to show and tell to the public the work which Is being done through, these organizations, i:! Kxtt^iision' Chilw · ; ' l In Liona Ah'a coumy twelve extension clubs, composed of approximately 300:womon, will take part in t h e - lictlvlUes .planned by the program' committee of which Airs. J.. A. Griffin is chairman. Others tm the planning committee are Mesdames Nelson Clayshulte, Jr., E. A. Gammon, Roy Gage, and A. R. Tunnell. 'Participation by all club member. 1 -: will be encouraged by the club president,"* who are: Mrs. Alonzo Apoduca, Las Amigas; Mrs. A. R. Tunell, Dona Ana-Hill; Mrs. J. A. Brubaker, Garfield; Mrs. Hurry Cochran, A. U. C.; Mrn. VV. R. Du- prlest, Picacho; Mrs. AugUKtin Gonzales, San Miguel.; Mrs. C. G. JcH.see. Hatch; Mrs. L. B. Crudity, Vado; Mrs. Fontninc Porter, Sal- cm; Mrs. C. V. Fields, Brazlto: Mrs. J. T. Ferguson, H. H. Brook; Mrs. Margaret Franlz, Neighborhood. Signs llcing Made Small signs arc being made by club members which say,-"An Extension Club Member Lives Hero" to be placed at each of the'mem- bers' homes. An all-county tea will be held in Hatch.with Hatch.-Salem and Gin-fluid Clubs a.s hostess. Each club will present a part ,on .the 'program. At this time contributions will be taken from the clubs for "Pennies for Kriendship". Tins money is for the Associated Country Women of the World, whose specific aim is to foster understanding nnd good relationships among rural women from all over the world. A raclio program will be presented by the Qarfiold Extension Club on Wednesday, May 2 at 7:15 a m. over Station KOBE. Appearing on the program will he: Mrwlnmcs Roy Gage, Paul While, Bertha Bulril. Hilda Carmit-lmnl, B. L. Ken nedy and Joe Medinger. GOOD EVENING Pleasant Listening K O B E 1450 On Your Dial . TONIGHT -- TUES. Tips On Buying Bridge Club Names Toitme,y.. Winners Winners in the Duplicate Hriilge tournament Monday night were: first, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Gwaltney; second Mr. nnd Mrs. C. W. Mclntosh. A tournament played Siuylay nf- lernoon w i t h the Doming club at the Elks lodge, resulted in a total score of 741 for Las Cruces and 715 for Deming. . Games were played In two sections and winners were ; Section A: first, Jo P. E. Brown and \V. K! Cleghorn; second, Mr. and Mrs. J. 1 C. Chit Lick; -Mr. and Mrs. Rickman; Mrs. C. L. Gamly. and Miss Genevieve Riley. Section B: first. -Mrs. Marshall nnd Mrs. Phillips, Demi'ng; second Mrs. Hugh Gardner and Miss Evelyn Smith. High scorers in the tournament play were: firs I Jlrs. Mai-shall and -Mra Phillips; second Mrs. Hugh Gardner Smith. and Miss Evelyn 5:00* 5:30 0:00* 0:15* 0:30 0:45 G:50 G:n5* Evening Buyers Guide .Losiii back and listen * Straight Arrow Sky King * Gabriel. Hnaltcr * Foulton lywis, .Tr. Let's Walt?. . . UP News' Sport Cant * Bill Henry nnd tho ' 7:00 Civil Defense Program 7:15 Concert Miniature 7:25 Eddy Arnold 7:;[0*-- s Mysterious Traveler 8:00 Alo for Leisure 8:15** I Love A Mystery S:30 Count of Monte Cristo 9:00 UP News 0:13** Mutual Newsreel 0:30 Starlight Concert 9:55** M u t u a l Reports thc News 30:00 Sign O f f . 1 TOMORROW -- WED. A. M. G:00 UP. News G:05 KI Corririo Mcxicano ^'7:00** Robert Hurleigh 7:15 Form Family 7:30 IJ"P News . . . . . . . i 7:4... Trading- Post · . fl:00 - Cecil Brown 8:15 Gatlier Round, Kids 8:25 News 8:30 Morning Buyers Guide U :00 Morning Devot H:15 Three Suns 0:25 News 9:30 Queen for a Day 10:00 .Jackpot Jamboree 10:25 News 10:30 FQCL.I- Fun for Everyone lOHfl LighLci-usl Doughboys 11:00 Ccdric Foster l l : l f Vincent Lopex 11:-15 Tony Fontaine Game of the Day K Q B E Your Trlondly Sl.ltinn A MUTUAL NKTWORK noitiH MAitnis Home. Oemnnstni! (·'Tips on Buying" is JL weekly column, written to encourage foot! Choppers to seek better quality in the products which they buy. I Cabling- Cabbage is back on the plentiful foods list «t prices thut are slightly higher than they were in April last year. Nevertheless, its one of the bra buys in fresh vegetables at most New Mexico Markets. .Mtisfjird Fnmily Cabbage, ;i fleshy-leaved member of the mustard family, came to America from the rocky shores of Europe. Centuries of cultivation have developed forms that are very different from ordinary cabbage. Among these, kale. Icohl-rabi, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are well-known to most homemakers. Rut none of these lias gained the popularity of cabbage, which lias become one of most important vegetable crops in 'America. rccoiiomicn] and versatile, cab- ba go comes to the table raw or cooked in a variety of dishes--for salads, a main dish, or a.s a cooked vegetable. Served raw, cabbage is an excellent .source of v i t a m i n C. It is ;roupcd with citrus fruits and to- imloes in Group II 'of the 'Basic ' ' Round Table Has Guest Speakers . The April meeting of the Las Cruce.s Pan American Round Table was hold in the home of Mrs. William Waldrip with Mrs. i"). Urn mil as co-hustftss. Mis. Elyie ChilLon intiodncod the guest :;-eakir, Prof. Kodolfn Escobar of tiie Agricultural school at Juarez, who spokn on t h e Primitive Races of Northern Mexico. Dr. Frank Amador, of Caracas, Venezuela, a special guest, spoke on Venezuela. Mis. A n a b f t l Duisbcrg presided over the business meeting. The f o l l o w i n g 1 committee chairmen were announced: Mrs. IX K. Rou'e. Pan American Relations; Mrs. Josephine Sullivan, transportation; Mrs. J. II. Guinn. parliamentarian. Mrs. Chilion reported that the September meeting will be held al the home of Mrs. Frank Amador with the members of the El Paso Round Table as guests. Teachers' Group Hears Address By John Sieiner Spanish Club To Present Program The Spanish club of Union High Solipol will present . "Kosinn. es · fraeil" a plav, in by Mar- An address by John l. Slclncr. j UnM , s|cn . a _- , u g p . m y^.^ April 27. The {students secretary of the New Mexico Educational association and former U. S. Civilian chief of education and cultural relations in Wuertburg. Germany, highlighted the annual banquet of the Las Cruces teachers association last n'E ]lt - . . . . '· ' The banqutt wtis held in the main (lining room, Milton Hull on tch New Mexico AM campus. Guest Speaker Drawing : o n his r-year background (from 10-lfi to 19501 in Germany, Mr. Stciner chose "Let the Debate. Roil" as his topic. Noting that Herbert Hoover's recent address had done much to i planning this program in "gocd" Spanish to provide an inspiration to o t h e r . s t u dents as well as the adult Spantsh- Kpeaking public. H is seldom Hint pcuplu of this area have an opportunity to hear literary Spanish. Olga Padilla'aml Ruben Alvarez will play the leading roles with Dolores Carbajiil, Jon Rivas, Miir- glrct Mann, Victor Martinez, and Mike M a d r i d , ' i n the supporting cast. Virginia Sanchez will be prompter and. Gene Priestley will bn m charge of publicity. In addition lo the play the Spanish club will present a program 01 3pftnii;h and Mexicon dunces and songs by Emma «Iuyne:i, Hermila Carnnjul, Irta Ortega, Nonlc P:iclo. eGnevluvc TrnjiUo. Roiiolf n-edam Arcport convention was n ria G. de Prieto. the international "Tho greatest asset \ve A m e n - : v cans have." he said, "is oiir per- | .somil freedom. European life, is ' ^ iTgiiliited from the lime yuu get i:p in tho morning u n t i l you go to bed." "If there ifi anything my five years brought lu me," he add 1 .;*!, "it is an appreciation of Lhc: aimumt of freedom we have here." Noting that the world hnd grown much smaller, he Haul European nations must join together in greater unity if they lire lo ward Tho proceeds will go to i h e aiulio- siial uids iumi of me high school _.ul the outKirie reading book fund of the Rpimii.h department. Governor Mechsm Is To Be Speaker Here For Two Civic Clubs HEY KIDS! WIN FREE THEATRE TICKETS IN COLORING CONTES! C-ov. Kdwin L. Mechem will be the guest speaker for a joint meeting of thc Las Cruces Kiwanis and Rntiu-y clubs here Wednesday off aggression. He suid Russia can i noon. eat away these separate nations, I Governor Mechem. who is spend- but would think more deeply be- ing Tuesday in Washington. plans fore attacking a unified Europe.. to leave there early Wednesday Mr Steiner briefly advocated 1 morning and arrive in El J'asn thc idenl of u "United Slai« «f!'shortlv a f t e r S o'clock UVdnea- Europe." Guests Introiliiccii Mrs. Marion F. Bawden presided and introduced the following guests: Mr. ami Mrs. John D. Sieiner, guest speaker; Mr. and Mrs. C. J. .Smith, Mr. and Mrs. u international '·"·'· - ile bv Mrs M a - ' L|CO 1 - Val(It!S - .members of the mu- " " " ' ninpul Board of Education; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bamert, Mr. ;ni'I Mrs. G. I./. Guthric, Mr. and Mrs. P. Thorpe, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. members of the Union day morninp. President LeRoy Lcibrand of the Kiwanis club and President John Davis uf the Rotary c l u b , have rounded pleas for a f u l l attendance of the club memberships. The Kiwanis club, which usually meets on Thursday, is meet- wit h the Rotary club Wednesday and will not hold a meeting Thursday noon. , w A play, sponsored by the Senior . j'Hcl;:e. a p a y , s . c;:e. a Girl Scouts, will be presented at | high board of education. 2:30 p. in. and again at 7:30 p. m.. I Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hoark, nnd Thursday, April 26, at Hadley H a l l , j Mr., and Mrs. B. V. Durbftville, of' ..... -- - . iiatoea in Group II of the 'Basic ·-. Miss John Julia, McMtuiun, e ·---thfi vitamin C group. In a'dclf- ! cation chairman, will be in cha lion to vitamin C, cabbage contains desirable amounts of the B vitamins, vitamin A. and some minerals. I Ion- To SrfM Kor quality, select cabbage that is rea.'jonnbly solid, hard or firm, nnd heavy for its size. Look for rlosely trimmed stems and few outer or wrapper leaves to minimize ihe percentage of waste. The defects of cabbage are easily delected--worm injury, decay, yellowing of Ihe leaves, and burst heads are thc most common. Cabbage that is but slightly affected by any of Ihest- conditions can often be trimmed nnd utilized to advantage. Sometimes cabbage has the outer leaves separated from the stem end the leaves are held in place The public 25 cents. it The Las Cruces H t a f c College Branch of t h e A. A. U. W. will meet at 7:30 j). m. Wednesday night in the. home of Anabolic Gray, just anros 1 ? from Dr. Evans, near Old Mcsilla. ·- Miss John Julia, McMahun, edu- · 8 c of the program. There will be an election of officers. staff; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shierloh, maintenance. Nurse Harriet Statson; Mrs. Pearl Crosscll. Anthony, state president of Delta I Gamma Society. I (J. H. Conlec introduced prin- I c i p a l s of the various schools, whu i in turn introduced their f a c u l t y I and. guests. .Mother Of Yi-ur Candida!.: Since 1810. the American farmer has increased his investment in tools and machinery about 900 pel- cent. only by the natural folding over the head. Such cabbage is often strong in flavor and coarse in texture. Conserve food value as well as quality by storing cabbage in a . covered container or in a plastic j bag in the refrigerator. A maximum of ihe vitamin C in cabbage can be retained by avoiding exposure of cabbage to air UK well as thc warm temperature of the room. Mrs. Clara B. Willhmi, a teach- · who is retiring a f t e r 27 years. and way noi pioseni on jicnoun'.. of illness, w;is rocommondrd as a candidate for slate Mother of the Yesir. and ffivcn a piece of luggage as a g i f t . A vocal duct was offered by Mr. and Mrs. David Scott. They were accompanied by Mrs. Truman Hall ul the pinno. Violin selections \vt-n. -played by William Cramer. There were more than MO guest* nnd members present. Join the Spring Travel Parade- by Greyhound air-conditioned bus! Short trips, long trips, on bus- incss or p l e a s u r e -- G r e y h o u n d offers you frequent service nnd low fares everywhere! · , SEE HOW YOU SAVE! Kansas City. Mo $18JU» Salt iJiUi- City $2U5 MinnrRpollK $Sfi.S5 Chicago S25.-IO Detroit. . . . " . ' . . . . . . Stf' e Pittsburgh , S? N. V. City :. Si Sai-t J0% on Round-Trip Ticktti : TortiiKiis Trading 1'ost Thnim Sfi GREYHOUND ^·^···^·····BTMTM^^^^TM Time To IhlnkAbpui The Graduate . PORTABLE- -TYPEWRITERS . PEN AND PENCIL SETS . DICTIONARIES hnd hundreds of othur useful gifts at the Prichard Book Stationery Co. 302 N Main Phone 318-W Save money on gas aStudebaker Cash in on Studebaker's streamlining! No excess bulk! lu No waste of power! "· ·- *«f" ~" ~~ "^?' 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Now all this is Rone . . . yes. now that J have been takinK 11ADACOL, I feel wonderful. T pet lots of Kood, sound sleep, have 'a f i n e appetite and just lots of energy. T can eat any kind of food now and it dncHil'l bother me n bit. J just can'l bcfiin to thank HAD- ACOL." F. r. Ilialaa, Itttt 71/1. lltnittun, '/V'.viis, says nb'jut liis lit- tli; KUII: "Lc-c wns vct-y wc:ik and run-down find just didn't want to cat at all. We hoard about 1IADA- COI. and derided that wus w h a t Lee ncfiliid. A f t e r he started t n k - ini; U A O A C O L I i i s n p p e l i l o picUwl up rislit away, l i e started Rainini! weijjlit nnd eats real well now, and lias been fnelinn l ^ a l i;nod. HADACOL has been iinod for Leo and I ht-artily rocoinmoiid it to everyone." HADACOI. has helped many children puffer-inn weak, r u n down conditions when due lo de- fid;ndus of V i t a m i n s II,. II,. Niacin anil Iron. If your child is p u n y nnd run-down duo to nuch tlefiriencio;i, H A l J A C O f , can help. 1IADACOI. is recommended .by m a n y doctors. lllr/innl KriiWH. .1118 ,H»r/irW Boml, T.alfiln I t . ()/iii: "I am an; apprentice pharmacist and; I goi to the University of Toledo. Going to school nnd working u q u l i n:UO Rets pretty ttresomr.- t J Vas Bettinc tired and run-down kerp-, ini; pace with all I had to (I". Uc-» infi married and having a family, I am compelled lo work alter school. I work in a pharmacy hern in Toledo. A f t e r selling HADA- COL here in tho store, 1 decided I'd try it You have no idea how much it has picked me up. I'm telling you t r u t h f u l l y . 11AOA- COL is Ihe answer lo all my tiredness from sitting up late al nlcl" doing homework after 1 eiun 1 ' home from work. Already I liavu won iWlomcrs on IIADACOLi ' am 31 and a vclert.ii of World War 11." .....' HADACOL CAN HELP YOU . . . DAVENPORT-TEARNAN MOTOR CO., INC. 620 N. Main PhonG 846 ... If your system lacks these usst'iUi;tl plunicnts, you will be n m n z o t l M the w o n d e r f u l 'results IIADACOL can brinK you, us it has to thmisamlu of other fino folks who suffered a rloficiciicv of V i t a m i n s B,, H,, Niacin nnd Iron, whirn HADACOL contains. ' HADACOL is I h n t womlorful now prcpnrntinn --promising blcssc-d ruliof for your imlini'sllnn. Ktomoc)) dialurbanci-'S (HII*, h f a r t b u r n , sour "iis- jnjis" n f t e r mcftln), ns well 113 that Kcitornl rundown condition, nnd annuyinfl nolics niul finlnit. if due to a lack «if Vitamins Bi, B,, Iron and Niacin in your system. Don't R(I IhroiiKh l i t u BiifforinR w i t h conditions caust-d by such deficiencies when rehet may bo nit close ut hand as the nearest drugstore for siiffrnsrs fruin these lU-ficionoii-s. Huy HADA- C01. Uxiay. Trial si/e bottle only $1.25. Urfta f a m i l y economy si/e. $3.50. Kefusc aw*»tHu*«- Tnere's only one Inn: niul [;unulne HADACOU Sold on a 'strict moni'y-bnck uuiirantcc--yp feel Krcat n f t e r Ihe first, few.lxiUles you \tJ or your money will bo refunded. 3 -.·w · .-I'K*

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